Venezuelan tank plow through crowds as 2-month protest continues

The Vanguard is coming!


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inb4 Holla Forums shows up to meme and jizz all over it


so tankies do you support the venezuelan national guard sending in the tanks to put down the kulaks, er, protestors?

I also found this

All the sinner US pupets fighting the socialist takeover of the wolrd should just be shot. IDK why Maduro is holding back.

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No, you fuck of annarkiddy.

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Finally, communism is achieved.

webm of video?

I don't know how to extract it.


it sounds a lot better than Armored Vehiclies

Tank you, and see you, either in hell or in communism

It is also nothing like how the USSR tankied.

This is why the working class will kill us in the event of an actual revolution

is this supposed to be from the muh 100 million meme or something

the reasons are pretty obvious. Imperialist media does not care if puppet states treat their people like shit.

but really killing the working class when they riot against capitalists is bad, hopefully we can agree on that

Wow communism achieved.

Source: Your ass.

What do you want them to call it? Small tracked armoured fighting vehicle?

nothing wrong with killing working class counter revs
it's not like they are some holy cows

tho in Venezuela it just another Color revolution or whatever


Not a tank, frankly doesn't look like a crowd, and given only three people were injured I'm seriously questioning the accuracy of "plowed" too.
At this point i almost doubt it was even caracas it happened in.

select one

NBC also called it a "tank" and said it was up against "nothing more than sticks and stones" when it's clearly on fire.

Fuck off tankie. Venezuela is not a fucking shining example of a socialist utopia, it's a monument to the failure of authoritarian socialism.

Who is the Vanguard there? It's Fascists against SocDem.

Sure. I don't really care who is killing Fascists. Every "protestor" dead is one less Fascist real Socialists will have to deal afterwards.

It's like you consider majority of Soviet population to be non-human. Oh, wait. You do.

Hello, reddit.

Its critical that leftist hold power until they can sort the economy out.

hello triggered wouldbe oil tycoon

Is there a bigger cognitive dissonance?

Why is Holla Forums okay with workers being oppressed by big state government?

Never change /leftycuck/😆

Because people seem incapable of moving beyond their "red flags = socialism" phase.

It's a monument to being an underdeveloped petro-state in a global economy flush with natural resource exploitation atm.

No ideology is behind it.