Gamergate was never about ethics

That's their cry, that's their narrative they push, that their "movement" was about video gaming reviews and reporting be cleaned up.

If that was their cause why did it not start earlier? Gaming magazines were paid advertisement shills since the early 80s, even before Nintendo Power existed. It was the same going into the 90s when sites like IGN went online. Reviews were bought with free copies of the games or purchased ad space. Only the big name games with the money backing them got the real hype.

Remember 2007 when Jeff Gerstmann was fired for giving Kane & Lynch a low score? The game's publisher took offense because they had paid his employers big bucks to advertise the game and expected a positive review in exchange.

Gamergate has been about white Christian conservatives angry that people do not lead Christian lifestyles. That is all it has ever been about. It "started" when Zoe Quinn dumped her boyfriend and he cried on social media. Bad actor Adam Baldwin read his tears and decided to compare this woman dumping her boyfriend to Richard Nixon, coining the term "gamergate" because she was an indie game dev, and there were mass accusations she had given favors for a good review.

Need I remind you that such had been the norm for decades and despite the Gerstmann firing being big news, these cuntservatives didn't pretend to care until a woman left the kitchen. Many GG supporters aren't gamers, or they played one video game once. REAL long-time gamers, such as myself(owned the Atari 7800 and NE when they were new) spit on this shit because we know it's garbage.

This is a movement backed heavily by Holla Forums. Why else are all the supporters conservative shitbags such as Milo? The Holla Forums board owner is full Holla Forums and bans anyone who doesn't parrot GG's narrative of lies.

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I think most of the people part of Gamergate genuinely believe(d) (is it still happening? probably not) that it was about ethics, but that certainly isn't how it was started and it was absolutely being molded/spearheaded by people with a very specific political agenda.

Because there was no purge of anyone who mentioned it and lies about threats.

The left wing of GG was all about corporate meddling in gaming journalism. It's a pity is was so fucking tiny in comparison to the reactionary faggots who jumped on to the bandwagon.

a thread died for this OP

Wut's John Casey doing there?

Gamergate has been dead for two years and everyone but a few deluded faggots have moved on. Shit thread, go back to reddit.

Holy shit 2014 is here again damn. Okay so uh I was one of those completely politically alliterate retards from Holla Forums who got involved with all of that and the entire thing was that I'd spent years bitching about the state of the gaming industry on Holla Forums with everyone else there so it seemed like a logical step that if people were getting mad about video games in an organized manner that you'd want to join in. Of course, it didn't end up that way for obvious reasons (nobody should ever 'team up' with Holla Forums) but at its core I think a lot of the gamergate people felt similarly where it was just an evolution of threads where you point out that gaming journalism and AAA games and all of it was shit.
Of course, now that I'm not quite as politically illiterate I can see that it was in essence a fight between people who were used to having their culture turned into a commodity (alienated nerds) and people who wanted to have their culture turned to commodity (alienated nerds with a particular love for intersectional theory). Pretty fucked up from that perspective tbh
Polite sage for not super useful thread.

It seems largely just mutual sperging over bullshit that doesn't matter from everyone who cared about it in any way shape or form

I'm not in gamergate anymore but I was there long enough to see this screed posted at least five times.

Nice blogpost and narrative. Too bad it's all bullshit. gg was a consumer revolt/board revolt caused by the hubris and hotpockets of 4cuck admins and Holla Forums only subverted gamerghey after it was already mostly dead. Before that, they just loudly claimed it was theirs like they've been doing since Spike Jones called them out on it in song in the 40s.

Ethics are a spook.

This week on Dumb Shit That Liberals Just Can't Let Go Of

who still cares

Thousands of permatriggered snowflakes. GG has taken up rent free residency in their minds and will remain there until the day they die.


If the Gamergate would have never existed, Donald Trump would have never be in the White House.

This is what Americlaps actually believe.



I was hoping that it would kill game journalism as a career entirely but instead people thought writing emails to advertisers who didn't give a shit would actually work lol

And that totally had nothing to do with it being off-topic and annoying right??
I didn't come here with you GG faggots, hell Holla Forumsharbor and the dumb shit Holla Forums believes about moot was encouraged by oldfags playing along to convince fappening newfags to fuck off to Holla Forums
I came here after Hiro the Holla Forums enabler showed up, Jap faggot did the same thing with Holla Forums type groups when he ran Japanese sites
Basically if you believe even a part of the GG narrative you should be put down like a human vegetable

We put similar stuff into /leftytrash/ general right now, and people don't even want that thread here so why aren't you getting pissy now eh?
Face it GG was E-celev faggotry from start to finish and retards on all ends of the political spectrum apparently convinced themselves otherwise. It was also the story of dumbasses 14 year olds realising that "review" was euphemism for "advertisement" in all entertainment industries up until YouTube & Blogs became popular

What about the part when the gaming industry was completely senile and publishers allowed its trade media to attack the industry? This would be like the big three automakers allowing car magazines to shit talk about them, rather then buying them out to shut them down like big three car makers regularly do when the auto trade media steps out of line. Yet the massive video game publishers (EA is about the size of Ford Motors) just sat on its ass while the press was attacking the gaming industry instead of using its money to make these SJW idiots understand how capitalism works.

You had publishers that are normally very porkie forget they are evil capitalism when SJWs attacked them. Coupled with SJWs not doing consumers or workers any favors.

Imagine being this delusional demagogue

stale bogeyman is stale

Why don't those filthy sinners understand that game "journalists" coordinating their efforts on secret channels is not something one should be upset about?

Then give me a better explanation instead to act smug-ass like you do right now!

because real consumer movements are never popular.

end of story

a half of Holla Forums couldn't vote and the other half didn't bother voting lmfao

People still care about Gamergate? That's simply amazing and not in a good way.

His stance on trade was more attractive to people in the Rust Belt. That's the full explanation.

Spot the newfag.

So gamergate died two weeks after it started?

gamergate was a joke from the beginning, sorry guys

Whats more cancerous video games or anime?

How dare moot try to ban activism bullshit!
Your garbage movements/raids are exactly what fucking killed 4chan.


There were rumours but no proof. No central point or figure on which to focus investigation. The journalists kept quiet because any dirt on them was private knowledge, NOT public awareness. That all changed when Eron got sick of his slut GF slutting about for favours and connections. Once a link was established between journalists and corruption, more links were discovered. Op, it is as if you never really paid any attention to the problem. Quinn's sexual activities shone light on HOW the journalists were able to keep their corruption under wraps. The GJP list exposed the complicity between rival publications in order to force a narrative.

Wrong again. You are complaining about Holla Forums's involvement. Take a seat. You may learn something here. After gamergate threads were banned by compromised mods on 4/v/, 4/pol/ offered themselves as a sanctuary board for discussions due tho the censorship imposed by the 4/v/ mods. 4/pol/ also offered their services to dig for more connections. Poole then tried to shut down ALL gamergate discussion due to gamergate financially hurting the prospects of a 4chan sale to Gawker Media. Gawker used a honeypot GF on Poole to aweeten the deal. She cheated on him, gamergate continued to happen on Holla Forums and Poole lost his shit and ended up saying that #gamergate was too big for 4chan. The gamers interested in #gamergate then flocked to Holla Forums because the administrator allowed open discussion of the many issues surrounding gamergate. Many on 4/pol/ moved to Holla Forums due to the censorship of any discussion.

Your ignorance is showing again. Milo was the first of ANY journalist to approach 4/v/ and asked for their side of the story. Leftist media asked the corrupt journalists what #gamergate was about. What do you think the corrupt journalists would say? "Hurr durr #gamergate is a protest to our corrupt activities"? You are an idiot if you think the journalists would throw themselves under the bus. The corrupt journalists formed a consensus to say #gamergate was a hate campaign and fed this misinformation to the media. Misinformation that you clearly swallowed due to wanton ignorance.

The board owner bans people for spouting their ignorance on the matters concerning #gamergate and the fact that you consider the "narrative" lies only exposes, once again, your ignorance on the subject material.

The journalists moulded a false narrative that was propagated by corrupt Wikipedia sysadmins which then lead to the widespread (and misinformed) belief that gamergate was a hate movement by the MSM that you believe.

Holy fuck, this is what newfags seriously believe.
Also nice sage, faggot.

Aww. Did I hurt your fee fees with my experience of the #gamergate issue? Are you upset that I corrected your ignorance? Or are you simply a SA goon trying to defend your best friend Quinn because she cried on a forum board? Help me out here. What are your motivations for spreading bullshit?

I'll do you one better and show that Poole himself banned GG threads too.

>Regarding a perceived lack of free speech/censorship – many seem to misinterpret my advocating for anonymous communication and highlighting that it allows people to share things they otherwise wouldn't be comfortable with on other platforms as "you can say and do anything on 4chan," which simply isn't the case. We've had rules and moderators since the site was founded *11 years ago*, and I've only reinforced this statement over the years, a la:

Activism and raids have been banned since ever, but you'd know that if you weren't a bunch of fucking newfags.

you just proved that there isnt a conspiracy behind the deletion of that shit, congrats

can i get a quick rundown on gamergate? I completely missed that whole thing


Feel free to ask this GooberGlutton any questions, comrades. It's clear OP has been severely hurt by something or someone. I trust the rest of you aren't nearly as brachiovaginal about this.

No one was raiding anything and there's no ban on activism through the global rules or Holla Forums's rules.


Oh you seriously are fucking new.

If you are not retarded then you would realize that Quinn and her friends were false flagging the gamergate threads with fake dox in order to get the discussion kicked off of 4chan.
You are either ignorant of the facts or a very bad liar.

Reactionaries can't let go of the past, who knew?

Where were the raids, comrade?

And go ahead, find me your supposed ban on activism. Here are all the rules on the site.

Even Habbo raids were banned, but keep playing dumb, that's all you fags can do.

#notyourshield #gamergate

GG was pure spectacle and if you still (or ever) defend that Holla Forums-ridden shitshow you must be very stupid, "comrade"

That's not what I asked you, harlot. Where were the raids? You have to prove there were raids first. Still can't find that activism ban either? Must be a wonder of the world, huh?

I think the user was saying that there were no raids to begin with. But feel free to offer faked caps to disprove your position.

Surprised no one posted that "political chart" from leddit that "proved" GGers were actually from the liberal left, despite talking all day about how commies are stupid, that they should be killed, helicopters, etc

Oh no, this isn't a defense of GG at all. I'm simply asking two simple questions.

Where were the raids?
Where's the activism ban?

I mean, unless you're all just chasing after something that doesn't exist like you usually do, it should be easy, right?

Nice victim complex you right-wing SJWS lmao

Well the mask fell off quite quickly, "comrade".

Why are you so scared to answer the question?

A Holla Forumstard pretending to be from here and defending GG, this is golden

There is no victim complex, only clarification due to your wanton misappraisal of the situation (which you seem to have perpetuated by thinking that I have a victim complex). Projection, perhaps?

Stop thinking you're talking to a single person lol

Now I'm from Holla Forums? I just want an answer to two simple questions

Your correct with that point.

we the gamers

ethics in gaming journalism guys

real good thread by the way

Is this #gamergate?

How is it yhat gamergate, despite being dead for years, manages to cause so much salt? Ive never seen a different topic bring so many fags out of the woodwork to say "I never cared, look at me get butthurt and argue for hours over something I dont care about"

No one? Again, the rules are right here

No. This is a communist take-over. Now walk with me to this field.

Yeah I wonder why some children still can't let go either.

It's goons. They pretend to not care, but they suck at it. They are part of clique in translations business. Most known from abortion called FE:Fates in Holla Forums circles.

Reminder that cunt Anita would've never been relevant if not for Gamergate.

You don't need to respond to yourself.

Is this #gamergate?

Is this #gamergate?

This is definitely #gamergate.

user please.

oh you should see the salt when someone says gamergate was bad
for a Holla Forums movement it sure has a lot of defenders in this board huh

More #gamergate for the #gamergate thread.

From memory: girl makes a shitty game, people she sleeps with give it rave reviews; cuckolded boyfriend complains on the internet; autists flip their shit and do death threats on girl; media people she slept with and fellow travelers turn a crisis into an opportunity and make a stink about women and gamer culture, coordinated on some kind of chat; people distill it into being either about muh soyy knees, or about ethics in gaem journalism.

But it was always only ever internet gossip and drama.


Saying this as a gamer myself:

Basically a guy posted an unsubstantiated story about his ex-gf cheating on him to Holla Forums and /r9k/ and a Holla Forumsack named InternetAristocrat made some videos about the story and then Adam Baldwin retweeted it

The reason it was tied in with games is because his ex-gf was a game developer and one of the people she apparently slept with was a game journalist, so it turned into a narrative that she slept with him for positive reviews (even though the journalist never reviewed her game) and then the hate bandwagon rolled over some other women

It was the perfect conditions for a movement like this because the gaming community is very homogenous and circlejerky, and they needed an excuse for why critics disagreed with them. Holla Forums saw a golden opportunity there and decided to funnel the outrage towards Anita Sarkeesian, and from there it snowballed into this huge imaginary narrative about how the ess jay dubbalyoos were destroying vidja games by talking about parts of them that they don't like.

And the narrative twisted around itself even further, and soon the essjeydubyas were a shadowy cabal that controlled college campuses, brainwashing thousands of impressionable college students into supporting the suc jos framinuzi agenda to destroy all white men, and that the gators could liberate the video games by digging and swatting and frogposting and filling up doxbins and deepfreezes for the good of the hwite race, so that they could become the UBERMENSCH and SAVE THE VOLK FROM EXTINCTION AT THE HANDS OF πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ESS JEWSπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€.


They do, spreading conspiracy theories about whites and men that makes nazi theories of jews pale in comparison.

Some others saw a golden opportunity for victimhood and faked threats, Brianna Wu is a proven liar.

Vidya gaymes were always trash. It hardly takes feminism to ruin them.

Except that's a lie spread to discredit GG. She got positive coverage. Not reviews.

Gamergate was pure simulation. Trustfund 'game journalists' shilling for their trustfund 'game developer' friend's games who no one played through made up awards and gushing articles that no one read. Like many groups within the new media liberal class, the indie game/media people created a self sustaining, self celebratory spectacle. Their political ideology is geared towards maintaining the spectacle of 'socially relevant' games journalism and hardly stretches beyond that. They are for the most part smug clintonite rad libs.

Meanwhile a generation of 'gamers', came to define their whole identities through consumer ideology. Somewhere in the early 10s, gamers start feeling the sacrosant spectacle of 'Gaming' is being violated by outsiders. The Zoe Quinn incident was just an excuse, to release resentment that had been festering for a long time.

Gamergate was 4th gen non linear warfare. an event shaped by various actors seeking to further their interests in an competitive hypermedia landscape. The 'real victors' are the people who managed to spin successful media careers out of their 'gamergate' involvement.

Imo, 'Gamergate' offers many useful lessons about the nature of the liberal media class. 'gamergate' was universally condemned from the very start, and many journalists still speak of it as if it was a crime comparable to the holocaust or something. leftist critics of liberalism are often said to be 'just like gamergate' and thus irredeemably evil. I like to think of gamergate as a poorly conceived populist uprising against the liberal media class. However, this uprising spawned its own spectacle of reactionary media outlets and personalities, as hollow and self serving as the liberal media spectacle.

The issue has always been corporate scum fucking over the industry and liberal capitalist ideology creating mouthbreathers. Then it became a men v. women or SJW v. gaming or Jew v. Gaming. It's identity politics at its cancerous peak.

Gamergate got big because the people involved,unlike thoses involved with Doritogate, went full retard and tried to
Seriously if the indie clique didn't try use their Internet firends network to censor any discussion about this, it would have been forgotten in two weeks.
That's Streisand effect, nothing more nothing less.

Emailing advertisers is raiding comrade :^)
Off board topic posts are banned. There's no activism board on tetrachan, so all activism is thus banned :^πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€)

Holla Forums has their feelings hurt by this thread. Sorry but GG is an excise for Holla Forums to harass women and Adam Baldwin is a cunt. It was never about video games.

stop telling lies, asshole.

Yeah the white guy losing his job due to it didn't offend you, I guess even you hate your own fellow whites.

GG also likes to pretend censorship in games is new, guess they genuinely never dealt with Nintendo in the 80s or 90s.

Then they ignored Jimquisition being sued by a game company who wanted to silence his negative review, because they were butthurt that he told people to run emulators. Another white guy they let fly under their radar.

oh look, a narrative lie-spouting shit that ignores the Gerstmann firing and sticks to the "Zoe fucked a bunch of guys and Milo is honest" garbage. You do know Milo sucks more cocks a day than Zoe was accused of?

Holla Forums's owner is a lie-supporting shitbag that won't listen to anything that goes against what he wants to hear. Fuck off, you idiot cunt.

and Brutal Doom is fucking garbage too

lest we talk about shit that conservatards can't let go of

You didn't refute the analogy to the Kaga Rebellion.

Milo's a faggot.

Typical hypocrite. Oh and he's one of those "gamers" who spent $100K on game cartridges that he stands in front of every video, and he gets super pissy over emulation- a fancy way of saying "how dare others get these games for free".

and speaking of Anita, you morons really did make that fascist cunt a major figure by giving her attention.

I also want to point out further hypocrisy on the part of pro-GG

That's just shit taste
I want games where the protagonist can rip and tear wantonly because the virtual world has no real life consequences, but if real people did that I'd want them in jail.

Gerstmann himself calls out GG for being what it really is. He'd know- he was fired for not playing along, and where were these assholes then?

Milo is a fraud, Holla Forums's owner is an incompetent Holla Forums jackoff, and emulators > real hardware

Depends on the game

What exactly are you implying here

What's wrong with him?