So, what are you reading camaradas?
my favorite writer is this reactionary blind fuck, he's amazing but sometimes his ideological bs gets unbearable.
fun fact: Stalin took the nickname Jobs from a book, and autistically asked everyone to call him like that

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Koba , not Jobs.
fuck autoincorrect

I'm reading Bordiga tbh

I'm reading althusser but I have two books by that wonderful bastard on my desk right now.

i need to read st augustines confessions but it looks very dry

Fanon, The Wretched of The Earth

But my favourite book is Debt:The First 5000 Years, By David Graeber.

Fun Fact, Sailors invented the stike

I was going to make a thread on this but I saw this thread

Why is there math books here?

Currently reading The Next Revolution

Reading Capital now, next is the Bread Book. After that maybe State and Revolution, then Next Revolutions. I'm trying to balance out my Marx/Marxist/Leninist readings with anarchist ones since I don't really know where I stand yet.

Whenever I get bored of reading whatever I'm currently reading I dip into Zizek's Intro to Lacan to break things up. I have almost no experience with psychoanalysis so I'm starting from basics.

I'm reading My Twisted World atm, gonna try to finish it tonight and start Ecology of Freedom. I got 30 pages into Ecology and haven't found anything contentious yet.

I would honestly read Mutual Aid before the bread book

Yeah? Why is that? It came first right? Is it just that the Conquest of Bread builds off of the ideas in Mutual Aid?

mathematics is used by Cockshot et al. to create a system of economic planning, so if you want to understand it or have your own ideas, you should read up, especially about linear programming
otherwise, you can get by just by reading theory alone.

Currently reading Dead Generations by the Chuang collective on the history of modern China from the beginning of its proletarian class until its current predicament, which I'm almost done with. Gonna read a Postone book on Marx's Capital afterwards.

What does Koba mean?



Terry Eagleton's new book. There's a part early on where he fucking eviscerates Deleuzians. It's wonderful.

Currently reading JV Stalin's collected works
Bukharin Imperialism and World Economy
Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-42

been reading this fat motherfucker. epic about the eastern front. written by esteemed soviet journalist valisy grossman. too woke for publication in SU. highly recommended.

I am currently reading the Prince by Machiavelli. Nigga knew how the world worked comrades. He knew man.

never seen this before

I just finished A Thousand Plateau's, and I'm fucking done with this "post-structuralist" hack permanently.