Severe autism, read at your own risk

I just want to rant because I am extremely angry and I just puked from the stress and I just need to say this and I am perfectly fine if I get banned for offtopic but since this involves a tiny bit of law-making, economy, military, diplomacy and so on, I think it might be a bit political as well.

So basically, I think I also have a political belief now, and I want to talk with someone about it, and pol is too retarded and you cant really talk about incorrect things over there so I write here instead. I am still figuring out how to keep it short.
Basically there really does exist.. a class that is being exploited, and that should overthrow everyone else because that is in its interest, but it is not a mouth breathing manual laborers, it is an extremely narrow type of worker.

So let me start with short before-story or however that is called in English. I go out about 5 times a year. The rest of time I study for my university around 12 hours every day, and I sleep, that's it, no time for anything else.
I am attending prestigious mathematics university but I picked a lot of computer and electronics courses because I consider them much more important and relevant to the industry and condensed matter physics, ionized laser and plasma physics, and also nanotube physics (its a part of physics where you study tubes, made out of graphite, basically you make custom molecules out of these tubes, and they get all sorts of weird properties, like superconductivity) because I believe that these things are the future of all manufacturing industries, optics, material sciences and chemistry, and also electronic engineering.
Oh and I hate absolutely every single second of it all, but I am from eastern Europe, born to a poor family where no one attended university before (one exception), where there are no safety nets, where I honestly believe I would end up starving or serving organized crime because jobs do not exist, where welfare is science fiction, and where you quickly learn you arent entitled to anything but hard work, not even human rights, and then you hope something comes out of it.
I've learned a few foreign languages, published 3 works so far in academic/scientific journals, and one of them was good enough to travel a bit and talk about it. I am 24 years old now.

Anyway, I have met a lot of people, and I became really angry and bitter in the process, and I absolutely intend to do something about it or die in the process. I feel like I have a lot to gain and almost nothing to lose, and since I consider suicide a lot I actually feel a bit happy thinking about it because it all either ends or it gets much better.

I will continue in the next post because I feel like I broke a character limit. No more personal shit either, nobody cares, I'll go straight to politics of it.

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Dude get involved in organising it will stem your despair and give you something meaningful to do if nothing else

Pls read

Any labourer who works for a wage is exploited. You will be no exception once you enter the workforce.

Trying to get my prediction of what you're going to say in before your next post. You think scientists are more exploited than the average worker. As a STEMfag myself, I agree. The working class is full of spooked idiots who are just as bad as the bourgeoisie. There's a thread a few pages down full of people talking shit about the very idea that facts exist, and many of these same people are socially authoritarian tankie scum (or tankies who think they're anarchists). This kind of shit is why I've become disillusioned with the left and with people in general.


the best thing we can do in this world is start a family but i dream for the day when all men are my brothers

This is bs. Everybody from former USSR countries went to universities.
Immigrants on my country from former USSR countries working as baker's, cleaning staff, construction, waiters etc ALL have diplomas in engineering, medicine, physics, etc.

Goddamn I knew this shit would happen, thats why I was trying to stop that retarded cunt from posting his stupidity.
Don't become a positivist, even if the temptation is there.

facts don't exist, as a scientist you should know this. What was facts 100 years ago are certainly not facts now. Ever here of phlogiston? phlogiston was facts until it wasn't facts


Kill yourself.

You have no idea how science works or what facts are. As so many postmodernist faggots here like to say, read a book.

Most didn't.

this is just a repetition of your first point but with thrown in ad hominem.

Define what a fact is for me

Guess you are already a lost cause. Shame.
Positivism is the most ideological of ideologies, I hope one day you'll return to rational scepticism.


A fact is a proposition that remains true regardless of what anyone believes. Too many people across the entire political spectrum don't seem to understand that.

Ok, so I said I met a lot of people all over the place, from all kinds of jobs and politics, and before that I was apolitical and poor, that's it. I got payed (paid?) from uni to study, no small feat where I am from (tho I was by far not the only one, it happens to people if they win competitions and maintain grades).

I met some fishermen once, they had a big boat, and they went fishing. I went with them a few times, I had some free time. I made them a sonar (or however you call the thing that uses ultrasound to detect things) with a small screen, to detect fish. No need for bait anymore, it was cheap too, they payed for it and were thankful.
Anyway, it's the first time I realized that you can automate manual labor, almost all of it.
Next thing, in Germany, I saw factories that made things, and warehouses that stored things, and assembly places that put them together. All without manual laborers.

I met an accountant. I made a computer program for him. No scientific software, I used a simple c that can ran on anything, it basically does your taxes for you, and it cut his worktime by something like 90%, I even made it user friendly so he can run the program for different types of job.
I also met a man that worked in some sort of medicine laboratory, analyzing things with microscope. This is eastern Europe mind you. Anyway microscope could take pictures, I made a software that recognized colors and shapes, was more accurate than his work ever was, he said he will name his first kid after me….

I met lawyers, politicians, lawyers (basically 80% politicians and 20% lawyers) and so on. Artists too. They revealed to me that their jobs are all bullshit. 1+1 could be 2 or 3 or 4 or 123123 in their world. It is all bullshit, connections, loopholes, more connections, etc.

I met racists and right wingers, that think that whites or their cultures are these magical creatures or things that cant do wrong, are the essence of all beauty and importance, are practically holy, and we must do our all to protect them.
I met leftists too who were equally full of shit, saying how the system is unfair therefore nothing is your fault in this life, ever, personal responsibility does not exist, you are entitled to infinite resources and infinite rights and infinite everything and all men came from the same cloning facility so all inequality is unfair all the time every time..
They are all full of shit.

Basically what I am getting is, is that only technically-scientifically literate people are needed in our society. And everyone else isnt.
They are the only ones that are honest.

What does manual labor consider a success in this life? Winning the lottery, aka paying the stupidity tax, for the rest of his life.
What does a white collar scientifically/technically illiterate person considers success in this life? Scamming and stealing and abusing loopholes. Now this requires a much higher intellect, but is still essentially rotten and not self-sustainable, it needs others to support it.

Now what does a scientifically/technically literate person considers a success in this life? Curing a disease, putting men in space, mining asteroids, using drones to get to what we call 'precious' metals, not at all precious in space…

I will make just one more post from personal experience, to illustrate this.

More or less yes.

anchor pls

Aren't you the guy that constantly goes on tirades about "moral decency"? Of course someone like you would hate facts, because they prove that you're just a cunt trying to lord over others with moral panics that don't hold up under rational inquiry.

i do not think he is being that harsh my friend

So you came up with Randianism yourself?

A case of mistaken identity, I'm personally a moral nihilist. On that note, I don't hate facts.

You don't have to meet them to know that. Regardless, there are still scientists who aren't honest, or who are irrational about something or other because of purely personal reasons, and their views on whatever subject that is go against all the scientific standards they exercise in other areas.

I'm not saying we should disregard empirical evidence, just that we shouldn't hold it to be 100% infallible because it rarely if ever is

The faces of autism

Someone with your flag, then. Maybe you should find him and bust his spooks since you're apparently from the same country.

The only problem that arises when you live by empirical evidence is that sometimes you get someone who claims to have empirical evidence that they don't actually have. And sometimes those people have control of the media and the public consciousness.

I think there's room in society for non-scientists, but there's no room for spooks, and the most ardent supporters of spooks are also the most ardent detractors of logical reasoning.

This guy is quite unpleasant. Manual labor people are apparently retarded. White collar people who aren't tech literate are all dishonest and corrupt. The only people who contribute value are some nerds working at fucking Space X or something.

The person seems to be equating the surplus value that people produce with their value as human beings.

Can someone try to cure this guy of his spooks?

Damn, you were so close, too.

and that's why every stemfag thread ever is retarded

The OP is absolutely chock full of spooks. Disregarding most of humanity as retards or parasites has nothing to do with logical reasoning. STEM people tend to throw in their pet buzzwords like "rational" or "logical reasoning" without any context, but simply as a marker of their own skill at math and disdain for social sciences. It makes you look stupid

nigga is u srs?

Ok so previous post was about some working people I met. But that's not it. I met students much more, and from that, that made me angry more than everything else, that made me want to… do things.

I said before, I study around 12 hours a day, I read 50 pages long proofs of various lemmas or hypothesis or conjectures or axiomatic statements, or I practice solving equations and problems, or I write things that get sent to labs where people do things and I get papers back with results confirming or destroying everything I said.
This pays for my meals, and housing, and my desk, and computer, and everything else. I even make extra money now, but it is laughably small money for what I do, or so I think, because if I had opportunity to get into financing (you need connections or money to get into that here) I would probably be making 100 times more (not even joking right now) for 100000 times less rigorous work (again, no joke now either).

Ok, now back to students I met. I met all kinds of students, of history, who knew less history than me that read those things out of fun, or while in public transport, or by watching documentaries. I knew more flags than 'international studies' students (whatever that shit even is, hobby degrees dont exist where I'm from). I knew more basic economy than some economy students (I definitely knew their game theory and math better than them). I knew art students who never heard of some classical artists. And our elementary and highschool made us read more classical novels and discuss them, than some literature students.

I met pro-left and pro-capitalist students preaching me their buzzwords, but they are all retards because the most prestigious Soviet anything was their academy and scientific works (that are apolitical), and private sector and fortune 500 too is dominated by tech people (general electric, google, ibm, toshiba, you name it) all ran by apolitical engineers/scientists.

Basically this all made me angry because they all make money, and drink, and have sex, and have girls in classes, and can get their doctorates ALL WHILE BEING DRUNK THE WHOLE PROCESS.

I said I puked from stress but google suicide rates for tech/hard science students. Puking is nothing, fainting on exam is normal, only poor students go into these sciences (you need money for other studies) and it is extremely hard and failure gets you removed from program (unless you can pay to stay, but you cant pay to pass, and being poor means you cant pay therefore you only get a single chance or miserable life).

final tl;dr
Ok so basically it is all unfair and there needs to be a revolution of poor scientists. I mean it is already happening, kinda, those who make it through it all have 6 digit paychecks but the stress until you get there is insane, and suicide rate is very high.
It is unfair that scientists run the army (military industrial complex, pentagon, and half of the army generals everywhere have math/physics degrees), the private sector (all most profitable businesses are stem), the public sector (all tax funded things that actually do things and are effective are just science institutions..) and so on.

Our most productive oil wells are running dry. There is less and less arable land. And more and more mouths to feed every year.
Technically and scientifically literate individuals have the capacity to make Earth paradise, instead of approaching 10 billion, a world of few million people, all willing to work, all given an opportunity, all civilized, all living happily, pursuing meaningful AND relevant work, with all retarded shit automated.
Such individuals and no one but such individuals have the capacity to achieve this, and also depopulate entitled and exploiting and ungrateful, undeserving dirty masses.


Disregarding most of humanity as retards or parasites is what anyone looking at the evidence objectively would do.

We're reaching levels of resentment that shouldn't even be possible…

Most scientists I've met were very balanced, nuanced people. You might be the technological genius you claim to be, but you're on the emotional level of a 5 year old.


Hello Howard.

This is highly pure ideology, folks. Archive this post as one of the best board results in the observation of high purity ideology.

I get what you're saying, and I know science can be incredibly stressful. You shouldn't begrudge them their lifestyle, though. You should want it to be an option for everyone.

There would be a hell of a lot less work with full automation. I'd probably work 2-3 hours a week at most.

Basically, I think the problem you're having is with people who don't understand what scientists go through. You don't feel appreciated for your work, but in a world with better people, you'd get all the appreciation you want.

Hmm I wonder what we could do about this. Oh I know lets kill all the 'unwashed masses', after all they are the reason why people including scientists need to work unreasonably long and demanding hours.

Hmm I wonder how we could get a more educated, civilised population who can work for the common good and betterment of humanity instead of slaving away for money, being limited by politicall solvable economic concerns.

Unless you are a Holla Forums style essentialist, everything you want out of society can be achieved by removal of wage labour and profit motive.

You're right someone should save this post. If not for nothing else to save this beautiful mind for posterity. I mean look at this.

This is why technocratic social democracy is one of the most frightening ideologies. People who have high thoughts of themselves organizing society top down. This ideology can be seen in Sweden from the 20s to the 70s-

The Swedish social scientist Alva Myrdal is a good example of this. She writes papers where she basically outlines who should be sterilized and who shouldn't.

TBH the US scientific community has a lot of assholes in it because they subscribe to American spooks. I imagine it's better elsewhere, but I can't say for sure.

You're pathetic

How do you mean?

What does that mean? I am serious, I met people who did their degrees while being drunk for the whole time of studying for their degree (fine not really, but please understand what I want to stress) and I am still not even considered for doctoral assignment, and I can take a picture of a stack of notebooks taller than me, where I practiced just pure math, let's not even get into other things I did (like writing code, I admit, this was extremely enjoyable repetitive bullshit that we used for resting, jokes, playing games while compilers ran, having fun).

Which would all be fine, if we all got paid (payed?) accordingly.
BUT THESE PEOPLE GET MORE MONEY THAN I DO. In what world is this fair?
And yes I realized that they are on daddy money that will run out when they are 30, and that I will be getting paid 6 digits by the time I am 30. I mentioned I am 24 somewhere I think.

But the thing is, the stress is unbelievable, the rigor is not something that can be explained to people who never went past highschool math, and even with the out-of-this-world tier academic rigor and standards, 99% of the papers that we write are wrong, even if by small margin of error…..

And what happens to us when we do not become professors/engineers? What happens when we go to call centers, or selling fast food? With what we know?
Fucking hell, suicide is the only rational thing to do.

No for real I would be fine with sweeping the streets. I would also love to take care of animals somewhere.

Is that what is happening here? I can't tell.

Capitalism isn't about fairness, friend. The whole point and "efficency" of capitalism is that there is absolutely no moral dimension to economy. That's why people who own stuff (capitalists, who are basically rentiers) earn far more than people who work.

Woah, man


Really Awesome!!

Uh oh! Well, there's where you're wrong. I'll give an example to illustrate.

> Zhuangzi replied, “Have you never seen a wildcat or a weasel? There it lies, crouching and low, till the wanderer approaches; east and west it leaps about, avoiding neither what is high nor what is low, till it is caught in a trap, or dies in a net. Again there is the yak, so large that it is like a cloud hanging in the sky. It is large indeed, but it cannot catch mice. You, Sir, have a large tree and are troubled because it is of no use – why do you not plant it in a tract where there is nothing else, or in a wide and barren wild? There you might saunter idly by its side, or in the enjoyment of untroubled ease sleep beneath it. Neither bill nor axe would shorten its existence; there would be nothing to injure it. What is there in its uselessness to cause you distress?”

Useless things have their use. You just aren't keen enough to see it. Notice, I say keen and not clever. You're mighty clever and knowledgeable, that's great. But it's gone to your head. You feel entitled.

You need to focus on yourself and your work. But not in an egotistic way. Stop giving so much importance on other people's problems. You think making the sonar is great, however now in a generation, they will forget the method by which to find and catch the fish. What was first a gain is now a loss. There are unforeseen consequences of helping people that you have to look out for. Now all of those people you helped might have 'an easier time', but they have lost their own willpower and self-reliance. Contemplate these things.

Dude you need to get a hold of yourself.

You're not entitled to the fruits of your work. Let it go. You're only entitled to the work itself.

You're only entitled to the work itself.

You're only entitled to the work itself.

Not the fruits.

Just the work.

Just work to the best of your ability and let it go afterwards. Give up the results, and just work.

You want to see a better world? Just make it, just try to make it with your ability. Fuck everyone else. Just try and see if it works, it's the best you or anyone can do.

really gets the neurons firing m8

I used to think negatively of these people, but then I started gaining more and more experience of just how completely irrational most people are. I'm starting to think there should be an academic exam as a prerequisite for obtaining adult rights. That would certainly be more fair than assigning rights based on age to people who lack the intellectual capacity to handle them, while at the same time robbing them from young people who rightfully deserve them. The opinion of a teenage genius is much more valuable than the opinion of some middle-aged /r/the_donald retard. We'd have a society that's both more free and more meritocratic.

Society up until this point has been maintained by a collective effort. The economy that allows scientists to do research is maintained by the labor of non-scientists, but the non-scientists are becoming both increasingly unnecessary for this purpose and increasingly annoying.

You know there is this one guy whose catch phrase was

=From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs=

Sounds pretty good doesn't it?

I study philosophy, today in a lecture the professor told us the etymology of the word "school". It comes from the Latin "schola", which means learning, but also means leisure, or doing nothing. So back in the time of antiquity they equated doing nothing, to studying.

You were in school when you had free time and were doing what you felt like. You, on the other hand, are treating yourself as a robot, programming yourself so that you can become a better instrument for money and such.

You should take a page out of the book of the old Greeks, try to study something that is pleasurable, and try to find the inherent value in studying.

It means that you're resentfull; that your ideology stems from people having succes and enjoyment that you find yourself more deserving of. If you are more deserving of it or not, is not point. It is that the resentment from your feelings regarding this shape your ideology. This is a pathetic, childish attitude to have.

Do your own thing instead of comparing yourself to others. Why should you be bothered by the thought that some rich kid is drinking and fucking when you are doing research, why should his enjoyment determine your passion?

Said labor is still what allowed op to make something of himself in the long run. So what allows him to look down on others?

What part of OBJECTIVE FUCKING FACT do you not understand, retard? You want an example of the majority being idiots? Look no further than the fucking topic of this board. Socialism has made great strides recently, but only because the capitalists have grown so depraved that it's becoming increasingly hard to deny what they are. If people were smart, things would never have gotten this far out of hand. We wouldn't be at risk of imminent climatological breakdown because we would have done something about the problem ahead of time. But we couldn't, we didn't, and now we're probably all going to die because the majority wouldn't pull their heads out of their asses until we reached a point where it's probably too late to fix anything.

Fucking end yourself, you stupid goddamn nigger.

No, its just that the system isnt as broken as the left claims, and 'free' market isnt nearly as free as the right claims.

But bedrock of both, and of everything else, the entire service industry, and the private sector, and essentially everything, are unimaginably hard working scientific institutions, that make everything possible, but are themselves not rich enough if they do not abandon public sector for private.
So they do.
So the process of studying hard science becomes incredibly stressful, unforgiving, and near impossible.
And studying anything else is off limits to poor people.
Besides, take a shithole such as.. Monte Negro or Bosnia or Albania or.. Macedonia. Or Moldova, no just take Moldova.
Become a lawyer in Moldova. Cross the street, and the law changes, because there is a different judge in that street..
But become a scientist, and the same math works in India, and in Sri Lanka, and in Estonia, and on Jupiter.

This makes life hell for anyone wanting a normal life, much less so to westerners but still, it is in their interest too what I am proposing.
You know you are right when you are proposing separatism. Fruits of scientific labor should go to scientific institutions. This way, they do not have to go into private sector. This way, studying science becomes much more public, much less stressful, much less insane.

This way, a normal life for everyone who is willing to do a normal work.
No more non-science degrees you can graduate while being drunk the whole time because you are rich for the rich, no more good-for-nothing tier manual jobs you can train a monkey to do either.

Just a normal life, to anyone willing to do normal work…

Well this is exactly what's wrong with the technocratic top down nonsense. The technocrats organizing the system of course value the traits they themselves posses, i.e the ability to complete some academic test. And the people who dont conform to the values of the technocratic elite are appearently to become infants in society in perpetuity.

Why dont go full on German and kill all the weird looking people while you're at it?

If I was a technocratic elite Id get rid of idiots like you

Wow, objectivity…! maddd science bro, chilling :^)

Somebody's scared that he's too stupid to pass the adulthood test.

What if merit equals technocratic values?

Isnt the whole private sector dominated by technocrats? Are not all defense contractors, and really whole defense sector dominated by technocrats? Arent these technocrats also winning in the courts and special interest lobby places as well? Isnt our entire culture dominated by.. youtube and facebook and that kind of bullshit right now anyway?
Let's not even go into who dominates scientific institutions.

Maybe technocracy = meritocracy.
If left on a deserted island, everyone would basically die. Or live in shit.
But put these technocrats over there… they would end up building bridges, tools for hunting, eventually use drones for fishing and farming.
And they would not need anyone else, while everyone else would need them not to die.

How about a normal life for no work, and a better-than-normal life for normal work? Technology can make that possible, but only if the tards are gone.

STEMcels are the best

Nooo.. Read Aldous Huxley's Island!

Basically my favorite book. Sort of made me more anarchistic. Very beautiful read


Ant people tinkering? Do you mean scientific research? That's going to be the only work humans still do soon enough.

We have robots for that. Anyone capable of passing an adulthood test would understand something so basic.

So basically, spook-filled retards who will pass all sorts of socially repressive policies that aren't based on science because their feels tell them to. No thanks.

waaaaaaaaaah why are other people smarter than I am, waaaaaaaaaah it's not fair that I failed calculus, waaaaaaaaaah

I think you mean STEMchads, loser. Go get me some coffee. Oh wait, I have a robot for that. Eat shit.

I made the mistake of reasoning with these people as if they were normal human beings willing to listen in good fate. But op literally just used the plot to Atlas shrugged as an argument. I can feel myself becoming more autistic by the minute


To entertain your idiotic problem, what makes you think knowing shit about calculus, geometry, math, physics, chemistry (which I love) have to do with being adult (which you didn't define)?

Furthermore, what obligation do people have to study this shit if they are attracted to philosophy, art, music, politics, history? You guys are just autists with delusions about being gods among sheep. Actually talk to someone you ignorant fool.

Im pretty sure the mechanism of chopping wood cant simply be automated. How could a robot know what wood is good wood?

I debunked their theories so they ran away. Those STEM nerds need people to cut wood

I accept your concession. Have fun getting your job taken by the Baxter robot.

Understanding the problems facing the world necessitates a minimum amount of knowledge. Solving those problems requires a lot more. Of course, people can know a lot about one thing and hardly anything about anything else, but that's not the point. Being an adult according to my definition means having that minimum knowledge requirement. If you have it when you're 13, you're an adult at 13. If you don't have it when you're 25, you're still a kid.

None. They just need to stop interfering with the lives of the people who do by placing ludicrous and onerous restrictions on them while devaluing their work.

Say that to my drones.

By some people's definition, I'm talking to several someones right now. Unfortunately, many of those I've talked to don't even meet the requirements to be called "someone" because they don't demonstrate any kind of higher thinking.

Computer vision enabling it to distinguish between different types of trees and wood. Identifying any given item is possible through machine learning algorithms similar to those of Google captcha. You just provide the computer with some sample data to compare against.

I did it, I beat technocracy.


this is the best timeline

If you can build a robot to do your job, you can build a robot to provide for and protect you. Someone with those skills will never be one of the "filthy, stupid masses" as you put it.


the thread itself isn't that bad, it's just that the amount of P U R E I D E O L O G Y is insanely high.

I claim that if these STEMfriends would look carefully and try to see the forest from the trees they'd become comrades in no time at all, though perhaps the 'working poor' fetishism in the left that is often displayed on this board puts them off too much.


So we live in Ancapistan, now?

taking a light hand with /liberty/ and Holla Forumsyp tier STEMfags is a bad decision. These people, if given the chance would gas billions. They're as much of a problem as Sharia Law and Fascists.

this is psychopathic, its not misguided its a level of depravity and willingness to sink into evil thinking that characterizes psychopathology. Definitely not something to roll your eyes at. If you have an argument, especially that deals with this gnostic positivist lunacy, then by all means share with the sperg.

Frankly, I'd rather live in Ancapistan than the authoritarian, spook-filled society most of the socialist movement seems to want. A good socialist society is perfectly possible, but not with these morons.


OOps, was meant for

Are you talking about us? That can't be right.

The crux of OP's posts are mostly crying about unfair nature of the economy. Should they manage to see their ideology, they'd realise that capitalism will never give them what they want, no matter how many of the 'unwashed' they gulag.
Then again they might be essentialist, either unaware or unwilling to admit their ideology, in which case they are worthless for a rational political movement.

disgusting and disgraceful, you're an abomination to the caucasian race user

Reminder that OP would do this to you, your family, and most of your friends.

The crux of their post is that they dehumanize anyone who isn't a STEMcel and they think facts are things out there in the world. They simulataneously are probably radical empiricists and think that everything in existence, including the metaphysical origins of existence itself can be elucidated by studying matter. They're a fucking retard, i thought you had some refutation of positivism that would make them think philosophically for two seconds.

yo how is this shit not 100% trivial and useless
not like anyone can build an ai and test this, not like anyone can test anything in your discussion, not like there's anything remotely useful or functional or operational or to do or good in talking like this for ever

nah its just that everyone wants food, right? everyone wants to eat, right? ok so you want food.. so what's the best, cheapest, easiest way to get it? robots
let's say someone builds an automated system that does surgery, you just lie on the bed and the system has processors that calculate the best way to fix you, and also has auto-updated memory of all medical journals and patient histories that no living doctor long out of school can remember
well as you can see, all these food growers and doctors become unwanted now, because they too want stuff, stuff that you want

nobody wants to gas people because lol psychopath, it is perfectly rational and natural to want to exist, to be alive, to secure resources and territory for yourself.. you can argue that not wanting to gas the existential competition is psychopathic

You don't want people to get gassed? Tell them to stop banning gay marriage. Tell them to stop shrieking like fucking soccer moms when people smoke weed. Tell them to stop redefining rape to include any sexual act done by someone 18 years and one day old with someone who's 17 years and 364 days old. Stop telling people what movies we can watch, what games we can play and what books we can read.

It's really very, very simple and easy, yet most people just refuse to do it for some reason or another. I can't imagine why. It takes much less energy to not be a control-freak cunt than it does to be one. We can't afford to take a light hand with authoritarian moralists. Anyone who does any of the above needs to be utterly crushed. We will not tolerate this irrationality in our new society. Any view which isn't based on science cannot and will not be allowed to have any sort of power. Too many innocents have suffered already because people were too fucking stupid to not act like shitheads.

OP and everyone like them would do 1000x worse than anything that the Nazis or Japanese did to people.

lol >>>/liberty/

/liberty/ posting? You obviously didn't read what I wrote. Good job demonstrating that I'm smarter than you.

I'm not a capitalist, though.

Some people can only memorize, but not draw any new conclusions from the information they have. You, however, judging by your lack of reading comprehension, seem to be able to do neither.

I do take pleasure in my work. I'm taking pleasure in laughing at your dumb faggot loser ass right now.

Of course science needs a philosophical foundation, but the majority of those who currently practice philosophy have no qualifications to pontificate on philosophy, or anything else.

I'd argue that most "art critics" aren't very good at what they claim to do, and are often driven more by politics than anything else. I have a great deal of appreciation for art, but it's not a skill that you need a special, rigorous education to be good at. Managing a society, on the other hand, is.

It's just some ideological posts on an imageboard, no need to get so undialectical about it.

Positivism is already self-refuting, and any cursory glance at the philosophy of science, (social) epistemology or simply the history of science makes that quite clear.

I thought we got over this in the 17th century…

What happens if the full social liberalism you support leads to negative consequences? Do we limit negative freedoms to achieve a benefit (however that is defined) or do we still maximise social liberalism for the sake if ideology?


Thanks for proving to everyone that everything he said is justified. People like you would do things worse than anything the STEMfags in here want to do.

t. George W. Bush

Calm down, friend. I'm simply trying to find out where the limits of the ideology lie.

your brand of autism is near indistinguishable from Holla Forums and /liberty/'s. There is also a /liberty/ faggot posting alongside you
no you're a technocratic """""socialist"""" whatever that is, basically nerd kingdom mitigated by AI ministers I suppose
wow, the midget sets up a 2 ft hurdle and thinks its an Olympic gold medalist. Who would have thought
the majority of ant people in STEM aren't qualified to practice useful science and produce unreproducible garbage, including in the harder natural sciences. The lot of you are eaters, your toys that allow porky and the military to exploit the rest of us are disgusting, I take no pleasure in using smart phones or eating McFood, seriously you have no idea how bad most technology is for the world and our minds. VR is going to be the worst thing to ever happen to the species
I would normally just laugh at a statement this stupid, but I realize you're an ignorant mental child so I'll just ignore the fact that most of the greatest artists were trained from a young age and had to work as apprentices in print-making shops and were often trained in academies by masters for a decade before they went out to find patrons.
I've never seen or read about a good governor who actually governed. All the best governors do nothing, leave the people to their own devices and everyone is happy and stays out of each other's way. You sound like a divisive, power hungry maniac. I sincerely hope you find peace before you lose your mind.

is there even any popular media that glorifies just a pure engineer stemfag? i feel like i am the only one that didnt see it, that it is a super hyper popular and everyone knows about it, because angry stem god ubermensch ruling the sheep seems like such a popular stereotype these days, someone has to be exploiting it
for years now
and i am the only one now knowing about it, and it feels like i dont know what the bread is, or what a bible is

randroids dont count, its more of a rags to riches ubermensch businessman thing instead of the pure engineer one, its more of a /liberty/ than /stem/ if that board even exists
racial ubermensch is Holla Forums, but where is the pure scientist/engineer ubermensch stereotypical thing??

i'm going to laugh to the grave when the AI domesticates you people and takes everything we had as a species from us, because we're weak and pathetic enough to think that our culture is some boon and that late stage capitalist anesthetizing crap like hentai isn't worth obliterating.

technocracy? the worst kind, where engineers should also rule because they are so wicked smart that they will make the objectively true rational fact-based analysis that leads to the best result

Rick from Rick and Morty is a magical Science God who can do anything and looks at non-scientific minded people as basically toys. So there's that show, and there's plenty of instances in Star Trek and other nerd shit where non-logical or non-scientific people are looked at as basically animals. Nerds aren't very charismatic its hard to make compelling fiction about them without straying into the realm of action and fantasy.

wait you asked for popular media
sage for fail

*laugh track plays*


yeah but that is a comedy, gotta have that serious spark to work, hitlers or randroids dont try to be a comedy

no one ever heard of technocracy, i bet that there isnt 5 people alive that.. do technocracy, doesnt fit the popular

that show is around 1 or 2/10, that cant be it, i mean i didnt watch that crap but that and bill nye the science guy and all others do not have that fanaticism spark all other turbonerd movements seem to have, they dont really have enough of blood in their eyes as they talk about themselves like ubermensch racists and ubermensch ancaps have

moviebob is that you?

Rick and Morty is fantasy fulfillment for "Science Rulez" STEM fags and shitlibs who "FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE". Science does whatever you want, its magic, look it summons aliens and wacky apocalyptic situations. the world can end and it means nothing! because we can build a new one! Totally insane, fits the STEMcels well I think.

Me too tbh, I can already imagine all people being held in some unromantic captivity and all the STEM faggots crying after being defeated by their own logic and ideology and then me thinking

nah its too self aware compared to the other two, hitlers and randroids
rick and morty can be taken as a parody without having to use too much of poe's law, meanwhile on the other hand hitlers and randroids are waaaaay too fanatical and serious about their shit

i mean that character that does that shit is drunk the whole time.. imagine hitler or ayyn talking drunk about their shit, doesnt work like that

Self-awareness means nothing. Take the Archie Bunker-phenomenon for example; it was a character meant as a parody, but people unironically liked his demeanour and ideas.

material conditions shape human consciousness, under a society that is based on profit and not merit, where as you said not everyone has the means to education and not everyone has basic life necessities that are a prerequisite for education you cannot have an educated and intelligent society, and socialism (not even talking about communism) is more feasible than your idealized society, especially with the rise of automation as you say. The high scientific progress of the soviet union you mentioned, and which you attributed to being apolitical, is incorrect because all human organization is politics in the most literal sense of the word, as it is the application of policies to society. Soviet science couldn't have flourished as well as it did without the application of socialist economic and social policies. Same goes for developed capitalist societies, as the policies that allowed the accumulation of profit allowed those that own large capital to invest in scientific projects and research, and in a capitalist society science cannot advance without boons of the owners of capital.

If you doubt that a socialist society could bring people to the educational level of which you speak of, take a look at Cuba. They have some of the best educational programs in the world and some of the world's highest literacy rates. They are currently having a crisis of labor because they don't have enough manual laborers, because everyone is finishing colleges and becoming doctors, scientists and engineers. They have so many doctors that they offer medical aid in exchange for resources and products with south america.

As a scientist you should realize what you call for is idealized and not as economically feasible as socialism, which would still drive scientific progress faster than current society.
Also, consider that today's common man is better educated and knows more than some scientists in the past centuries, this could very well be true for you and scientists of today such as you in a few centuries, if we continue (and even exceed) our current rate of scientific progress.

please answer OP, I'd like to have a discussion.

idk i just went to tv tropes site thing, now i am looking at rick and morty in order to see what other shows have other similar scientist main character in order to find one that hates at least 90% of the world population, to see if it fits

there's gotta be something, i just fucking know that there has to be something, the closest thing that comes to mind is adeptus mechanicus from 40k but not even that is quite it

lol the Dwarves from Elder Scrolls are literally engineeringcels who create a giant death bot and then disappear forever into another dimension.

I generally agree with this sentiment. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. You need to stop tarring the good scientists with the same brush as the bad ones.

I was referring to art criticism, not art itself. You don't have to be Steven Spielberg to have an opinion on a movie.

For the most part, yes.

Unfortunately, the reality of the world is that you need some amount of power to stop people from fucking with you, for any reason or no reason at all. The guy (or, more likely, jealous bitch) who laughs at "muh hentai" as though history isn't replete with examples of "degenerate" art being attacked for no good reason, is living proof. And speaking of which:

You sound like a tumblrcunt jealous that 2D girls are better than you. Sorry, sweetcakes, but my killbots don't care how much muh privilege you think I have.

Pick one.

Black Science man
Bill Nye
Elon Musk are the stem heroes

then we have the rational skeptics

Bill Maher
Sam Harris
Chris Hitchens
Richard Dawkins etc etc

lots of whiny youtube idiots also

The ideology in itself is just running as an undercurrent in all culture, advertisement etc. No good art represents it though ofc

Starship troopers is another example of the same. I think the Rick and Morty creators are aware of the ideology they are making fun of

Why are you studying so much? Change from condensed matter to something else. It looks like you fell too hard for the graphene meme.

good post

Cuba is like the followers of the apocalypse from fallout or something

Good post, this is more or less what I was trying to get at here and here.


I actually read Moviebob's twitter with joy. He has the same elitist twang as you do

I make fucking robots. What has MovieBlob ever done to enhance anyone or anything except his BMI?


Bobby thinks he is an ubermensh because of his game criticism and patreon. You think you are an ubermensh because you work with machinery in a soda factory.

See what you just did was prove my point….by your own logic

One of these things is a great deal more important than the other. Stop being disingenuous.

You're right, I shouldn't be so hard on MovieBobby

Post of the day. Thank you, Carl Marks.

I just want you to know that this post is the reason you deserve to be killed by death robots. This, right here.

m8 if the people who populated my engineering classes were in charge of the nation, I would start my trek to Germany first thing tomorrow morning. They almost inevitably veered rightwards, and any claims of being apolitical or neutral amount to "I defend the status quo".

It's nice that you do what you do. If you're not rusing, you really are a much better engineer than most, especially me. But you're making the basic mistake of thinking it's just a matter of getting together, decide the optimal solution, apply it and voila. I'm sorry man, I really wish it were that simple, I really do. But unless you can produce numbers, we have to assume that technocrats are as fallible and corruptible as anyone else. And more importantly, you should never count on the existence of an optimal solution. It may or may not exist, and someone's optimal solution might be completely different from yours based on morality. You can't escape politics, I'm afraid.

One last point: all the STEM people getting shat on, and the appaling situation in your country, is a direct result of capitalist policy. You yourself aren't speaking from some neutral point, distant from it all. Life under capitalism is coloring your ideas. Maybe if you didn't live in a cutthroat capitalist country, you wouldn't be the miserable sadsack you are ow, and wouldn't be advocating for this Randian technocracy. I mean, we're perfectly aware that we have the capability of ending poverty and save the Earth, because that's the whole point of post-industrial leftism to begin with. It follows that our enemies should be yours too. It's no longer a matter of technology, but who gets to decide when and where the technology gets used, and as of right now, it's capitalists, and being STEM or not is irrelevant. You will have to get into politics fight capitalists one way or the other. Sorry.

Since you're such a wizkid: I was just painting my house yesterday. Any magic way to automate that or is that just one of the many tedious tasks in life that require as much human effort and concentration as whatever bullshit you do?

I am programmer who got burned out from status quo of my beloved industry. People like you OP is both casualty and significant contributing factor of this shitstorm called modernity. 'Scientific autism' that refuse to interact with real humans gave birth to investment banks, government bailouts, corporate globalism, IYIs, identity politics and polacks.

Now I trained myself as carpenter who also hold degree of culinary art to help my people at commune. I still do programming just for entertainment's sake or when my community need some actual jobs done. No reason to rebrand my brain to autistic frameworks and 10 years old decaying 'project assets' that I have to maintain because CIA niggers cannot allow peasants from having fun and understanding of grand plan.

So please do yourself and world a favor by getting drunk with fishermen or accountant you helped. They will tell you some amazing stories that you will never find in your text books.

Avoid internet for the rest of your life and have fun with your friends.

kys, resentful technocrat pig.

You think people that are getting wasted instead of studying will have a happy life after they graduate? They're filling their ennui with the spectacle without a thought for their future and they'll live horrible wage-slave lives unless they're porky-kin.

Capitalism is systemic exploitation, everyone is getting exploited, and there are professions that are far, far worse than being an exploited shitty-paid STEMfag.

Not OP but's_paradox

Things like chess are easily automated. Things like changing a diaper of a baby or taking care of the elderly who are bed-ridden, those are the things that are not automated.

The point with these STEMfags is
that they are so resentful that they are blind to these things. They spend years making themselves into literal robots, discarding their humanity and joy for life in the process. What is left is envy that they feel when they see somebody enjoy their existence.

They dehumanize themselves as well.

Generally telling the STEMfags to read Alexander Spirkin's Introduction to Philosophy will clear up a lot of
misconceptions. Especially when during their STEM grind of 5 years nobody bothered to dispel any of these misconceptions, leaving them to think ridiculous conclusion like the matter obeys any physical laws, instead of matter moving in patterns which can be observed and a model can be created to approximate this motion.

Good post.

I don't know if your problems can be solved precisely through political reasoning, given the way you feel about the world. I can only suggest to you the following - ask yourself what the point of it all is. Imagine a world in which our mathematical and technological advancement is far ahead of what it is now - emotions, sensations, existence and the like would all be just as they are now. Practice living in the moment, and simply experiencing the moment without worrying about an overarching goal or meaning. Read and listen to some Taoist or Buddhist thought, even if it's only so you can lambast it. Try meditating. If you enjoy these things, maybe try some LSD. I think you'll find yourself much happier and relaxed if you do.

No. You do not deserve even an ounce more than anyone else, so stop working harder than everyone else. I wish you got a bitchslap in your face for all the effort, wagecuck.

Neither do you. Thruthfully those who consider everyone around them to be idiots tend to be particularly dumb outside of their narrow field of abstract mumbo-jumbo.

I know this feel too my friend, we need to execute these post-modernist troglodytes before we get onto the bourgeoisie.

spot on

people who think there is a simple optimal solution for organizing human society are politically illiterates. People, their organization, and relationship are complex matter.

a "job" (usually a fairly specialized task) is way easier to automate than something so nebulous as "provide and protect"
also it's not exceptional to loose a job where you thought yourself irreplaceable to a machine

Op, there are almost none of the people who would take you seriously, cause everyone wants to cruise on their ego. Look at the retarded(and shilly) answers.

Basically, people hate other smarter people. They will do anything to drag you down.

The more i learn and study, the more i understand the useless eaters saying. It's sad, but it's true. What is even more sad that the tptb is fucking same.

I really wish you STEMspergs would fuck off to Mars and die there already

STEMfags 5 years ago:

STEMfags today:
>REEEEEEEE fucking indian poormies are stealing our jobs, I deserve to be paid 200 grand a year for my 3.0 GPA bachelors degree, why the fuck is society so unfair, we need to kill everyone who isn't STEM, fucking liberal arts SJWs caused this somehow ;____;

Considering how the whole Indian "programmer" thing went, I'm not too worried. Indian programmers turned out to be code monkeys that were so bad it cost more to fix their "work" than to pay 'muricans to do it in the first place.

Apparently authoritarian culture is good at making drones and little else, surprise surprise.

Why do you consider Indian culture authoritarian?

I'm studying EE with a specialization in Automation and Management. One day I will abolish labor for all mankind or spend my whole life working towards it.

you should commit suicide unless youre white then you should donate your sperm get some white women pregnant then commit suicide tia

Typical fucking positivist.

Matter does appear to obey physical laws. We just don't know for sure what those laws are. The "laws" we've come up with are close approximations of the real laws and may even be exactly equal, but we only know they are equivalent up to a certain number of significant figures within a certain range of conditions.

I'd be surprised if none of the laws we've come up with are perfectly accurate simply because they work so well and continue to hold up to very high precision under new, previously untested conditions.

Of course saying that would get me lynched here. Anything other than total distrust and dismissal of science is apparently "scientism".