Bebop did nothing wrong

bebop did nothing wrong

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i still watch cops every chance i get, the reboot is p good.
yeah they got bought out or something and were changed to "Esquire channel", no clue what it's about but it's nothing I know. it went out like a year or two ago

Bebop, Alice, you two are fuckers.

I am the resistance now.



While we are at it lets give sci and aeris the modship too.

hey guys

Thanks, do you have a new board i can post in?

heya neko
cute pic

I dont even own my own board anymore lmao

I think Ian does

koko is cute in every pic she's in

This betrayal will never be forgotten.
Bebop? more like Bebopidickt Arnold.

*rub belly*

Autism as admin, whatd we expect

why are you touching me

We must leave this board soon
too much tyranny


Make a new board called /tech support/

Make Ikt admin

and the default spoiler image will be his massive dick

How tragic... I own other, more interesting realms, like that special hole in your subconscious where the shadow spiders live.


This is like treating cancer with ricin.

Let us go, then. My keyboard yearns for release and my thumbs have grown sore from this phoneposting.

Can't leave exposed loli bellies unrubbed.

Link em.

Change your name to dicks4hands

It would make me giggle a bit

I cannot be silenced.
Bebop and Alice know I am onto them.
They know I know about Alicegate. And the pedoring.

Megumin is Garbage tho

what's up?

I'm not a loli tho

Seriously guise Alice2 is a moderator for our board.

Do you understand what that means? S/he has control over us.


May I get a "please"?




We never wanted Alice in charge. Now we are FORCED to have it. We need to get vocal. We need to FIGHT.
Against enemies foreign AND domestic.
Bebop, you coward.

not muuch playing this naruto game but super tired

you jusr rubbed a boy's tummy
how gay do you feel rn?

the worst enemy is one that is homegrown

Create the board, scoot. I will follow you through any number of fresh hells, as you have always known.

I don't understand what Bebop gets in return.

Bard if you want to actually know what I get out of this then you can ask me.


He is getting some of that BBQ puss

This is like the WebM of that 8-year-old boy being stuck on a spaceship with that pedophile.

the naruto games were fun as fuck before they started doing that shitty ass ninja storm free roam battle shit
why are fighting games so shit nowadays

Why dont we just all shit talk Alice and doxx him?

Eventually he's bound to break

I mean, Erin did

We just gotta maximum bully

Why stress out about it when we can have fun with it?
Its like fucking 50 vs 1
Calm down guys we got this

Viva la revolution

We might even get him/her to kill himself lmao
Okay maybe that's too mean lol

do that with tsuchi instead

We should hack and doxxx alice and bebop.
This is war.
We have a sacred right to topple these tyrants.
We've done it before.
We'll do it again.
Badfox, Kuus, alice. All vanquished.

yaaa i remember playing one a long time ago on the ps2 and it was really fun. the one im playing now is called ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst. its kinda meh

This is why you're banned from her chat. You're one sick fucker and I would have banned you from it too. It's a shame people put up with you and would actually dislike having you gone.
I miss how you used to be, I'm not sure what poisoned your mind but you have changed. Truly saddens me.

Ah the pedo bebop, PEDOP, has taken a sinister turn

Talking about alice chat oppression in such a positive manner can only show his poisoned mind.
Been indoctrinated by alice.

There is literally no difference between any of the 4 ninja storm games other than the number of characters

What a thirsty dummy!

I mean I miss how you were too Scoots but I've heard you're under some sort of pressure and that this is just a coping mechanism of yours so I'll put up with you for the most part. There are some things I will not allow anyone to say about me though.

wouldn't doubt it :|
I'm gonna go lay down and get some sleep. I gotta wake up early(~5hours)

He thinks it gives him power... what a cuck.

Youve been private chatting with grim too much
that is his neolithic mind at work.

Nigga this has literally always been scoots stop trying to force this meme that people are changing

Jodan jodan ^W^

But I've always been like this.
You swear like I've always been a saint all my years of shitposting lol

Honestly if you made a new board I'll be right there with you.

I will not let Alice2 have any type of control over me.

He is flailing. He is being deluded by alice

I am going for a walk, and to make breakfast. There is much thinking to do. A reprieve is coming.
AliceTyranny will not stand.

According to Alice;

"Everyone changes, and if you are not useful to me that means YOU changed and are a worse person"

Literally from the alice manual.

Pleas save us, Scoot.

We aren't moving boards you niggers

Fuck that its too much work and also the replies are gonna look like

and that shit triggers me


Who cares? It's better than being controlled by that tranny and that inbred retard.

ok as long as ur a qt


See what I posted earlier

We can't take mod powers away from Alice but we could make Alice ragequit.

You guys are taking the wrong approach to this, use your brains you baka

Man, I'm actually laughing right now.

Do you how many times Alice2 badmouthed your dumb ass in her chat? You are fucking idiot.


that's for you to decide not me

Is that towards me, Bard, or Scoots?

Pls clarify
Thanks fam

A cute then.

B-But I wanna bully a trap

Its so much fun and I get my rocks off to it too

you really think so? .///.

I mean how much of an inbred retard does Bebop have to be to wake up in the morning and say "I'm going to make ALICE FUCKING 2 mod of the board"

"H-hey maybe she'll notice me"

"M-maybe she'll even WITNESS ME"

Alice2 is a diagnosed narcissist, she loves the attention even if it's negative attention.

1-3. Witcher 3
4-6. Dorifuto

Rolled 5 (1d6)Whoop

Rolled 2 (1d6)oh man im too lazy for that rn
yo is this some kinda boku no pico clone

Scoots or bard can you post the dog fucking Alice screenshot logs?

I need it

That was towards Bebop.


Watch and report back desu

Time to cut up some more Nilfgaardians.

lmao you're doing gods work

do you have that email of Alice like quitting or like ranting about some bullshit?

Non showed me that shit a long time ago lmao

I don't have the connection you do anymore.

See you.

I don't buy it.

but im busy watching GOOD anime

They're smoking and drinking in the bathroom, the absolute MADMEN

I come back and see that alice is a backstabbing shitter as promised by me


thank god for cygwin

Nigga we're outside

Can't you see my friend Manny's mangled unconscious body on the floor?

I'll ask Kon tomorrow

It was supposed to be private or someshit

Who's butt is that

I'm a throwback. I'm a human. I'm energized by the fire of liberty. I am setting fires everywhere.

Shit dude, I thought half of you were standing in a bathtub or something.

I thought Manny's unconcious body was a towel over the side of said bathtub.

I like to EAT. I like to have CHILDREN.


Have some water Christopher
I'm cutting you off

I'm not drinking. I have a funeral to go to today. I'm just tired cause I haven't slept.

That sucks fam. You should probably get some rest.

Oh its today?

Damn dude at least try to take a nap
What time is it?

Eh. I don't have to drive anywhere, so I guess that just puts me in the mood to stay up.

It starts in 3 and a half hours. I'm not sure how long it's going on.

Oh well, cawfee for you

Gween tea


>>>Holla Forums ?
More like


let's all go to reddit

are you ill too?

I think this is the part where TP would say "Suspicious timing".

No, but if I was I probably wouldn't do a cyber cough.

We were just fucking, like.

How is that suspicious?

Last time i said that, the guy said, "No, if she weighed at least 50 pounds more than maybe."

*cyber pukes*

I can only imagine guero being the one saying this.

Very suspicious. :thinking:

That's my fetish.

*is grossed out in cyber*

Did I miss something ?

My favorite part of last night was when Alice unironically cyber *actioned* to let us know what tone they're speaking in.


You're literally never here.

If you DIDN'T miss something it would be a surprise.

This makes me want to die

That's why it was kind of an indirect way to ask what happened lately.

It was a battle of egotists between Murder and Alice bragging about how cool and not pathetic their lives are.

Fascinating stuff.

Alice2 is a mod here now.

Alice2 is a mod here now.


*hands 1911*
just do it



bump eh?

Suffer with me. It makes it easier.


huh? :\

just helping you out with a ton of bumps.

ur mp4 is adorable~

thanks :) ?


lol a koala

brown =)

muh trademark IRL.


ALICE And bebop are tyrants



i noticed



I don't know what I should feel about that.

I don't even know if it's Ruby or Blake.


cute ruby x pretty weiss
spoilers posted it! so it must be ruby since that her avatar!

lol it eats human candy

Ecks Dee

Dere naked

weird pic! >_<


I'd normally be furios at that but you fuckers are
Its like modding the mold growing on the wall

Bloody ploughin' dropbears m8

The r and w



I dont know how to spell those characters names


which character?

do you have lots?

Srsly tho
Anyone ever attacked this place? Anyone banned over anything but petty drama?
Not even I can get pissed off at alice modding this shithole and thats something

The naked ones

fek says they're naked here

someones naked? ;~;

That's kind of adorable.
Like most of your pics, seriously, I don't where you find all that.

I wish.

KEK i had to look that up. Australian

nah, just a few more i think.

To be honest, I don't really care who mods this place as long as they aren't biased.

Yup you posted naked

Fuck off spic


i ask nice people
and i google cute looking things

i don't wish.



i didn't tho...


But you did post naked girls

Alice is the most delusional git I know so we'll see about that. What I don't understand is why she would even care about this dead cesspit. Makes no sense

Dropbears are still better than abos too

Again, nuclear holocaust when


Sounds fair.
But naked people are generally nice to look at. I wish I had more opportunities to see naked people (women preferably, and by preferably I mean exclusively)

This pic scares me.

That's the joke.jpg

I think its got something to do with her being banned last night when she made her usual thread on Holla Forums but maybe it was planned longer before that. I don't know, I don't come here often enough.




i don't wish.
i like cute clothes instead, and pretty hair, and fancy glasses.

why is windows so shitty?

Maybe there will be backup threads here? Interesting. A truly fitting end for this place

Looks like you bois got exactly what you deserved for long years of constant shitposting.
You carry the sin of being a horsefucker too so especially you

Attack on T itan


i like windows 7
win 10 is bad! argh...

There are too many flags here

Why no

ive got an ext4 partition mounted via doxbox, and i need some files off it that contain invalid characters which makes windows shit the bed whenever it so much as looks at them.

install the character font pack so it work.
Mod windows into a working computer!

because it wrong

maybe make an extra partition or split the ext4 partition into two, that way you can have an NTFS for file transfer between the two OS's.

Is it okay if the pretty clothes are revealing, or misplaced ? Like, the panties around the ankles or things like that ?

Cause they got a monopoly and don't need to make efforts to have customers.

Windows 10 is okay when your computer has been made for Windows 10, not when it has been force-installed and your drivers don't match and your computer starts lagging like shit and you get blue screens and- holy shit this shit has been wearing me off.

its a colon, it cant

filesystem doesnt matter, these are characters windows flat out doesnt allow in filenames

shits annoying

win 10 con trolls u now...
they scan ur computer and stuffs.. :c
and it have ugly app market built into its core :\

pretty clothes have to be cute! no... not like that.

install a colon...

they are appalled that you are complaining and not going out and buying another newer and better pc and thereby a fresh copy of Win 10 that will definitely work.

Eh, I really doubt people will go here instead.

Not wrong to be naked

Save us from our sins!!!!!!!

FUCK Trudeau

Eh, same. This is why I don't understand. Why?

is it wrong to butter your dick

ur wrong! hmph

if only NDP guy jack layton was still alive... ;~;
he woulda made canada great again... # hash tag too soon #hash tag died too young...


I don't have 10 anymore anyway, I had to make a total reset of my PC.

But, clothes can be cute AND sexy. And the contrast is awesome.

My gaming laptop is only 5 years old and I just got a PS4, now's not the time to buy pointless stuff.

is all time greatest in universe!
it compatable with all the things!

but... if only it not lewd.

Ask Bebop. He's the mastermind in this.

But weren't you naked when you came out the vagina

We need a hero like Jack to make threads great again. ALICEGATE needs stopping

Talking about an attention whore means they win.

I am reading my bible, looking for hope.
But all I see is judgement, the holy mother's nope.


That's why they are angry. They want your money.


Gonna ask both.

Anyone with the "democracy" in it is considered pretty bad.

Make your own opposition, I'd rather watch you all assimilate.

Everybody already lost by default in avatarfag threads then.

That's just nature tho

ever heard of the Dutch Free Democratic Party?

they want to ban homosexuals and hate jews.

not even kidding

I can't believe you were an alicecuck all along.
I am the resistance.

mine is good ;~;



Scoots is our savior

our Che
our Qaddafi

don't worry the leader got arrested.
he wanted to get rid of the king and that's a no go.

Sounds like a plan.

kings still exist?


Yeah, our's is William-Alexander of Orange.
King of the Netherlands.

Canada still has the Queen of the UK.

Try it yourself. Lets see how far YOU go

Promoting Interculturalism and an intercultural understanding of Canada


None of the shameless mongrels answer, useless as usual

It happened to you too so ur also gross

i wanna be royalty!


what's all that supposed to mean? ._.

Are you of noble blood?


It means that they are incompetent daydreaming naive liberal wanna-be commie try-hard all talk fools.

...actually ya
i heard about it long time ago as kid a tiny bit. i think i am ;~;
but not a rich noble... i just have good blood.

we arent the badguys! not evil!

Not bad by intention but cause bad being so unaware and gullible.
Politics was not meant for charade of that magnitude. Fools nobody

Lewd is good. And beautiful.

So why does Xbox suck compared to Playstation ?

go claim your ancestry?

It okay wveryone gross

that i don't know. I never owned a console except when super nintendos came out. Some people might disagree though but I'd let them argue that.

bernie can still win right

get rekt

are you trying to fool me?




What makes a console good is simple: exclusives.
Until recently the Playstation 4 was already 10 times better than the Xbox One. Then Scalebound, one of the 3 viable Xbox exclusives got cancelled, and mirosoft keeps on porting their games on PC, which means they are not exclusives anymore. So now the PS4 is about 20 times better than the Xbox One.

Embrace the lewd Luka.
The leeeeewd....


I stick with PC since it's a 2-in-1 thing. A desktop and console in one. Cheaper for my ass.

I don't have time to hit with you facts right now so maybe next time
Prepare mentally

I understand that. But I tend to move around a lot, so actually a cheap laptop and a console is better and cheaper for me than a gaming desktop. And I can't live without some of those Sony exclusives.

Aaaaaw. Bummer.

why naht

definitely sounds like a fit for you. Laptops are like 2x the cost of a comparable desktop. That's like at least $1000 for something decent.

wat do u hav time for?

phew... safe.

it's not important :P

Still, my current laptop is pretty buggy, so I'll probably have to take it to a technician sooner or later. I hope I won't have to buy a new one.

Yes Luka, you're safe.
But not in my naughty dreams.

owh okai


i had a bad dream today.

*hugs warmly*

But you're supposed to be naked when you take showers

woof woof

It might need a fresh install of win 10. That fixes a lot of problems. Pain in the ass though sometimes.

One thing I helped Emma with is troubleshooting her sound. A friend of hers gave her a CD/DVD with a live version of linux to check the sound and it wasn't working there either. I had her get a new sound card and then back to the anime for her.

b-but what about golden showers?

Cute pic, but do you shower clothed?

Ew I'd rather the pee hit my skin than clothes


Yeah, easier and quicker to fix. Don't have to throw the crap in the washer.

I like doggie more

Gross pic

it's goofy more than alluring. Weird camera angles can do some weird shit.


Who is anonymous American

we legun nao




Ho scanner
How's your conquest going

You mean supervan awesome legion or the faggy legion we have today?


id say something but the first 2 rules are im not supposed to talk about it

the latter

Which conquest?
I forgot all sorts of conquests.
I think I passed out on valium yesterday...

But I do have a job now!

y they always with the duckfais... or the other one with they tongue out


The one where you absorb everyone into your ballsacks

this one bitch in my feed always selfies with her tongue out... but she dont suck dick, trust me ive asked

a little misleading

... I think I should stop smoking so much weed and drinking so much alcohol....


This is real life now.
Can we just end it all now pls?


Yup stop smoking so much alcohol and drinking so much weed


In Australia they have a certain word for that.

This is gonna be the last time I inject marriwanas. sir.

ohoo its a funny because he just reversed it making it seem that he is either high or drunk ohoo

What dream ?

I don't really have any version of Windows actually. I'm back to Windows 8, but the license is not recognized anymore.


does it start with a C?

a demon was trying to capture me

We got a television star as the President, who has the control of the nuke buttons.

I got Mormons trying to enlist me to their cunt and send me to Niggerland.

And meme magic is now real, like something straight out of 40k.

This planet is madness, I want off ride now.

if you go back to 10 maybe it will recognized? I guess the issue is that they want you to and sometimes force you to upgrade even though all the driver issues you'll have. And performance issues sometimes.

yep. in russian or english.

should try and calm yourself.. maybe a nice bath.
the vapors from some bleach and ammonia should calm your nerves

That sounds sexy. I mean, scary.
I hope it wasn't me.

Win 10 is probably the cause of my problems to begin with. So I'm kind of reluctant to go back to 10.

...the universal sign for a cunt waffle

Who is interested in this game?

This is probably one the reasons to live, right now.

gtg... workshit

I will never be an alicecuck

you get the right drivers for it when it had 10? That could be a cause. SOmetimes there might not be right ones though and sometimes it might not matter.





nah... it was someone

is this girl pretty?

gimme the rest of ur injections just to be sure




Too late, took them all and now I'm gonna impulse buy vidyagames until I'm in debt.

I tried, but somehow I kept getting blue screens and I couldn't boot my comp most of the time. For one period I had to reinstall Windows 10 8 times in 10 days, until the day even that didn't work anymore and I had to return my PC to its factory state. Since then, it works more or less, but I still have issues now and then.

...well that was unecessary mean.


is that iroha?

wai buy wen u can play the fun free ones


I hate Russians and I like my indieshit.

And I love the dulcet tones of Stamper's voice.

Because it implied I'm not a person.

But yeah, dota2 sounds like a fun idea now.
Thanks senpai.



idk what that means, but there are fun free games like

or dota


iroha isshiki?

Lord. Maybe updated drivers would help? I hate it when that Shit happens.

she's pretty
but i like her wife better

Nope no or nope yes ?

I got a lot of other games to complete.
Tropico4 and Disgaea... which will take me years.


huh? whos her wife

no need to buy for years!

Not even a hi from Luka or Adachi.

Why even live?


I approve for Disgaea. It's the most insane grindfest I've ever seen.

Am I a person yes or no ?!

This is intensely satisfying


i didn't say u weren't

Sorry Grim, I tend to forget this id.
How's it going ?

cool. i guess i like you better too compared to a random 2d girl

wat game squid?

That doesn't answer me. Luka, am I a human being ?!

For Honor beta


are you?

Technically yes, but I want to know if you see me as such.


i'll think about it~

...that's depressing.

but isnt that still a new game

its a good thing I promise


ur a reel human bean

wat is?

I'm so glad dammit !

too little too late

its ok

got snowed in yesterday and I have light work today

thinking about what to do for the weekend

how u doin



tfw adachi hasnt acknowledged you

i dont dislike you

Passed my exams, good grades, and got a PS4 Pro. Life is good, I'm just stressed about my paper and my lack of social life.

Nice choice of pic again by the way.

I'm not good with your numerous name IDs.


Nice man! making progress.
Focus on the studies, social life is way cheaper/easier to procure than good grades

w/e i guess you hate me now

yay! *hugs*

put something on, you'll catch a cold


I'm honestly not sure. You know, Asperger and stuff. Plus, my only consequent social relationship right now is with my cousin who is turning into a right extremist retard and it's tiring as hell.

Not really, it's just that I tend to mix everyone here. Sorry.

Cat imitations are kind of TOO cute however. The kind of stuff which makes me feel alone. with no one by my side to meow at me in an affective/romantic way.


i even had some deep talks with you...

better prepared for the harsh winter ^~^

The way a lot of people put labels like that actually prevents them from breaking out of them in a way sometimes


you have me on discord?

i don't worry bout that


imma put a pizza in the oven

imma put a bun in your oven (;

That's very possible, but deep talks are what I consider average conversations. I don't know how to smalltalk. But again, I'm tired as hell and I don't come here often, I'm the first to admit that it doesn't help in term of social connections here.

I think I'm taking the diagnostic pretty good. I'm not more introvert since I received it, I'm just able to put a name on my hardships. But I still have a long way to go.

And no, I don't even have discord. I know I have you on Steam, and maybe Skype.

I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean you think I'll survive the "meows", or that I'll be able to find someone and not be alone anymore ?


i want video games!

you shouldn't worry so much~
i live a peaceful stress free life!


wat kinda pissa u eatn?

its okay i gave up on you


You just said you had a nightmare with a demon trying to kidnap you.

Aouch... Sorry I was not able to live to your expectations.

ooh i like spinach pizza. especially if you add mushrooms to it

i dont actually have expectations

Yeah and?

that's good. Keep in touch whenever you feel like talking to someone.

which ones? :o
did you try out for honor?

what horrifyingly good taste

i'm new and who is bebop what did he do

i'm new and who is bebop what did he do

sorry for double post

Well, sorry I was so bad that you had to give up on me.

By Steam ? Sure, whenever you want.

Manaka ? New ? That's surprising.

*slams dick on the table*

and i'm different from Indonesianaka
so i'm new

how can someone be so vastly better

cant tell if sarcasm

now ur just being autistic

Time for the surgery? Let me get the cleaver

I legit like mushrooms on everything

*unzips it*

lol ok ill reach out to you

Why US?

no I like my dick

what if i tell you i'm in us

ikr? theyre probably all healthy and the texture is so interesting with the pungent taste

And I'm confused. For a change.

Which is funny because I actually am.

Works for me.

id ask where and why

pungent? I dont think thats the right adj for them
Earthy is a better one dont you think?

better put it away

Okay, I haven't eaten for about 7 hours now. I'll be back later.

but it needs to breathe

Never give in.
Never surrender.

its not funny
if anything ironic

idk english not first language

Geralt why aren't you putting on your shoes and gloves after a shag

or at least your shoes

got to re-equip them each damn time

record them and send to me

I don't know how calling me something that I actually am is ironic in any way.

idk english not first langugea


There were closed betas and stuff

meh, i'm dont like mushrooms

nah... it's just 15gb
and a short beta
and uh... just swords an stuff... i'm not feelin it...

i like stuff like subnautica and rimworld and astroneer and simple survival builing interactive cute simple stuff of relaxing.

i did.
it was scary, i had to force a wakeup to end the dream prematurely.

Same actually.


tfw ikt wont send you vidya porn

oh i c
it was all in good fun tho right

thats fine too. people can have differnt taste

is belgium the place with the clocks

No, that's Swiss




yea i have rich taste buds!

2 lazy 2 repo


are you the one with the super breadsticks

have you tried wasabi

its okay i wasnt actually horny

Do you have any idea of what could have caused this nightmare ? ?

anyone know whether denture tablets will get stains out of keyboard chassis plastic?


that sounds like a great idea

whats your first language? belgish?

nothing about me is cute

I overslept.


French. Belgish doesn't exist.

why arent you from france tho?

too hot...

i hate spicy

it was a simple space adventure and messing with magic and space and creation and dimensions
but one teamate got out of control and turned demon for more power and... stuff.

That's a very good question to which I don't have any answer.


Someone kill Alice.
I can't contest him for the position of thread dog fucker.

That's oddly specific.
And I was more thinking about a real life trauma that could have caused that.


no time to explain, grab a spoon

tis a shame you cant enjoy it. whats your favorite flavors?

are you a russian spy

he isn't from france because we won the battle of Waterloo

Denied. ?

I should do something other than elims vs bots.

It makes me look way better than I am.

i live a chill life.

the only recent trauma, has been... uh... mod drama.


play against squid
theyre supprr op

Play 1v1's
They're so goddamn fun once you start getting good

fucking peacekeepers reeeeeeee

"Mod drama" ?

Shush. I'm not a russian spy.

gummy bears
strawberry new yorker times cheese cake soft mousse
white mozzerella cheese beschemmel
wet spinach
uh... and uh.... hashbrowns eggs an bacon and.... breakfast


youre tryna shush me so you must be a RUSSIAN SPY

wow you like a lot of things! I like hashbrown egg and bacon breakfast too.

try to beat Chiri without cheating!

I'm shit though

good night

not taking advice from internet stranger. plus 15 points

clueless about the situation, compromising your own safety. minus 20 points

ill try but eigo not first language

but u beat a veteran


i like food~


1v1s is the only gamemode that isn't cancer, lol.

I use my crossbow to steal kills way more than I probably should.

I beat him one single round out of several games of best of five rounds.

Yeah kinda. I don't think I've actually played a deathmatch at all though. Every time I try it throws connection errors.

Wait, there's a crossbow?

Kill yourself manaka

darn i almost matched you

dont eat too much its unhealthy

u shuld do the vocabulary thingy too

surely you can beat someone who only stomps on bots :)

Is it about Alice2 ? Is it really that bad ?

Okay, that's true, I'm a russian spy and I'm going to report to my superiors that the average american is a Nadako-obsessed weeaboo that doesn't deserve to be nuked. You saved the world. Congrats.

Who ?

Maybe if you took the time to explain the situation, I would've done it.

nah food is good.

im not sure

Peacekeeper's first, and default, Tier 3 feat is a crossbow shot that does a full bar of health, hit stuns, and is also really fast.

Deathmatch can be cancer, you really have to be very specific about your fights.


if you eat to much youll put on weight

By full bar, I mean roughly 1/4 your health.




Yeah, been playing too many duels with no feats.

I want to at least TRY it though, but I can't connect to any games in it at all

who even knows

ooh your number is good
youre pretty smart!!

The system is corrupt.
It was stacked from the start.
Alice and bebop are a Tyrants

No results from matchmaking?

where is my prize money


i wasn't trying.

most of the time
and connection errors the rest of the time

Guess I'll just keep playing duels.
With the occasional MobaMode, because reking the shitters in there is fun.


how do we get rescued


Ah, much better.



beat 42/50
(I thought I did better but there were a couple older movies I may have missed.. but I was sure I didn't miss more than five..)


all they have are tags

nothing else

fuck all mods

I need fewer games with grindable aspects.


you would, slut

for honor beta is fun

tokai mod when


Send tokai to the gulags.

I have a plan.

I do not have the mental capacity to be good at it.

I have it :3

a couple of words in the quiz I learned from Darwin, ngl

it doesnt require it

what does trying mean? using google?

well stay down

are you a super nerd or are you cheat

my sexual activity is not for those


but thats cold

what is it


I was not good at it when I played.

I like to read

I actually recently finished a book written in 1800 last night

then why say you wanna fuck them

How about I fucking stab you you cheating punjab ponce

that has nothing to do with you being retarded

i used 2 read but i got sleepy
whats gud book to not bored and read?

That's rude.

woOaOAoaoaOAh look at this maniac

What book

I read the bible and that was given to us by God when earth was made.

I can't say. Something I am working on in the backgrounds.


2017 years ago.

It was all going well




ok I dont believe this for one second

ill record myself taking it again if you'd like

if I say I want to be heavily violated by justin bieber I'm not gonna try and hunt that down.

but nah fuck as in hat you mods

roger roger


The racial slurs?

It's so kind of you to think I'm stupid.

Yeah you already know the answers now cos you cheated



Andromeda Strain by Crichton

I have some more I want to read by Summer's end hopefully

just a general scifi stint


Stupid is on the far left though
personally I think you'd get something in the middle


just thinking better.

thinking stronger

But I got something else.

beat Chiri at grammar.

Me neither.

I'm bad with names.

Looks like my French is correct by the way. I'll have to try the English one.

Goota go now, bye everyone.


I'm going to call you in the middle of the night and scream words at you to define to confirm your score.

name pls?

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Thats what I heard from a few people.

I am staying down.

Oh look at me im grim I am so smart that i can google

Frankenstein is barely even sci fi. Read Brave New World and 1984 obviously. Don't take advice from kanra. He doesn't know books.


I smell jelly on your posts.

"Nobody can be smarter than me. The weak must fear the strong" - Grim, in this the year of our lord Trump

New thread.

Shit link.

New thread.

I didn't link it, luka did.

That's this thread