SJW Liberal attacks Zizek

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Bad OP tbh

Not one mention of the 'working class' in that article, just LGBT, POC etc. No mention that a third of Fillion's voters intend to vote for the "fascist" Le Pen. Which seems like a bigger story than attacking those who will abstain.

Plus she thinks a semi-Marxist intellectual like Zizek will have it cushy under fascism lol

Usual garbage from a Novara Media affiliate

not gonna read through liberal horseshit right now, but here is the archive so you don't have to give them clicks


I'm continually amazed at how hard people try to misunderstand this position. An anticapitalist says: Yes the far-right candidate is bad, but the neolibs gave birth to the far right candidate and we just keep unconditionally supporting those fuckers at our own expense
and every liberal just responds: OH SO YOU LIKE FASCISM THEN.
antifascism, in all its forms but in its lib form especially, is a disease that stokes the flames of fascism.

Eh, he might. It's only hard-liner Hitler fanboys that hate commies. Other crypto-fascist nationalists are more likely to ask them for help.

more like cuckmagazine

we shouldn't read the liberal piece as a response to sniffman, but rather the inverse.

The more liberal pieces we read, the more favorably we look on the Molotov-Ribbentrop.

I wondered if the name is supposed to allude to that? In the same way that liberal Jews on Twitter now put the three elipses around their own names to prove something.

Idk, Mussolini and Franco also liked to mow down commies, not too good of odds for us

The right-wing populists can only dream of having somebody as politically competent as Mussolini or Franco.

Accelerationism is retarded, it only moves the window of discourse further right. Trump made the idea of mass deportation of innocent people and borderline racist nativism acceptable to the general public. And while he will not fulfill those promises it means that future politicians will be able to make use of that rhetoric and actual racist politicians will emerge. Same thing will happen to France if Le Pen gets elected.

He will just get a pension.

"I don't think a man should die of hunger because he has been my opponent. If he was a base opponent, then off to the concentration camp with him ! But if he's not a swindler, I let him go free, and I see that he has enough to live on. That's how I helped Noske and many others. On my return from Italy, I even increased their pensions, saying to myself: "God be praised, thanks to these people we've been rid of the aristocratic riff-raff that's still ruining Italy." Barring errors on my part, their pension is at present eight hundred marks a month.
What I couldn't allow, though, was that they should make some financial arrangement in my favour—as Severing, for example, offered to do more than once. I would seem to have bought them. In the case of one of them, I know what he has said about us: "On the path towards Socialism, the results surpass all we had dreamed of." Thaelmann himself is very well treated in his concentration camp. He has a little house to himself. Torgler has been set free. He's peacefully busy with a work on Socialism in the nineteenth century. I'm convinced he was responsible for the burning of the Reichstag, but I can't prove it. Personally, I have nothing against him. Besides, he has completely calmed down. A pity I didn't meet the man ten years earlier! By nature, he's an intelligent fellow. That's why it's crazy of Spain to persecute genuine Falangists. Thank God, I've always avoided persecuting my enemies." - Hitler




I distinctly remember Thälmann (and many other Socialists) being arrested in 1933 and not surviving it. So let's not take Hitler's word for it.

As for Zizek - I'll agree that he'll get cushy job under Fascist regime.

Macron is the actual Accelerationist choice though

There's a certain truth to this same with Clinton and Obama. Who better to carry out the fondest dreams of finance capital then the leadership of the center and the radical center who are all things to all people, and bland/inoffensive to the vast majority?

We know for a fact that centrists empower fascists though.

Well there was a better accelerationist argument for Trump since we all knew he was going to carry out neoliberal economic policies, however if Le Penn actually at least attempts to be a nationalist socdem that isn't accelerationist at all.

Who could forget this extremely funny, topical and razor sharp satire site from the dying days of Gawker

I almost feel bad for these people tbh

Yep. It's Macron that promises austerity, deregulation and cuts in taxation for business.

Thaelmann survived until 1944, so it couldn't have been that horrible.

And the more you read tankie autism and Holla Forums, the more favorably you look upon Posadism. blocks Tor
use wayback machine next time

I've read some Primo Levi books, concentration camps were pretty comfy actually.