Free black car ride to all fascist!

Free black car ride to all fascist!

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Wtf why haven't I thought of this first? This will be a pretty good meimei for sure.

pls explain

NKVD get you in the night and take you away in black cars.

And no, you deal with pinochet memes by pointing out how retarded pinochet was.

I'd rather offer them a free cigarette and a blindfold, but I guess we can all have our preferred methods to the same ends.

protect what? gulag?
'peoples' commissars were worse than any aristocracy before, no one was equal under the godless reds, some could kill 10 people and get a warning, some look the wrong way someone else in a gulag and receive shanking to death, sanctified by the state's official not giving a shit policy

guess im happy to be from russia, we will never again do this kind of shit while western kekolds doom themselves
i mean today we are ruled by siloviks (literally 'strongmen' (but funny enough could also be translated by rapists)) but at least putin made it much more standardized:
nothing really changed, strong still rule the weak, but at least you dont end up beaten to death because you payed a wrong bribe, at least now we know exactly how much, our overlords are now much more formal and standardized, they still put bags over your head but this time you know exactly why

That doesn't sound as ominious


more like free flying car rides for facsists

Christ on the cross

The helicopter meme is funny because of the extravagence over that which could be dealt with a high velocity chunk of lead. Helicopters are fucking expensive to run and maintain; no sane person would waste those resources on faceless commie rats.

This is too real however.

bad thread, bad humour



We'll right-wingers claim to love the outdoors so they should have a good time.

Do you need a safe space or something? And p.s. Pinochet really did throw people out of helicopters


Gulag is better

Actually puts them to productive social work

Totalitarian statist detected.

Free Katyn for all fascists

just explaining maymays to you humorless autists

black volga?

I second this. Both are good, we can incorporate it like "free black car ride for fascists, it comes with a blindfold and cigarette" something like that idk

I wouldn't mind something to trump the le ebin helicopter meme, if only because that meme is honestly shit all by itself. But copying a shitty meme isn't a good way to do it.

Now this is a step in the right direction. Beating the world record for High Jump While Inside Vehicle. But still too close to helicopter ride, I think.

It's just sounds like a free Uber X ride