Why are so many ancaps pedophiles?


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They are pedos before they become ancaps.
They only found an ideology that allows them to be pedos.


Anarchists in general of a pedophilia problem tbh.

It is not only present in ancaps but anarchists at large.

This. And it's far more then you'd think tbh

These are the same fags who shit on commies for wanting to raise kids in a community.

Makes sense.

Can't diddle kiddies if they're communally raised and thus constantly watched over.

i.e. actually cared of, unlike in the current family model where parents often don't give two fucks about their children's sanity and well-being

Can someone do a video in which Frank's face is replaced by the an-cap ball


That doesn't explain it. There are no shortage of right-wing politicians (i.e. Ted Heath, Dennis Hastert) who molested children. The German Green party once had a pro-pedophilia plank in its platform. NAMBLA weren't exactly ancaps ideologically - they used the rhetoric of liberal civil rights groups. There was a pedo party in the Netherlands that's major other plank was free rail travel.

Pedos have historically found a warm welcome in all sorts of ideologies.

What a shitty article. It's just genetic fallacies and bitching.

Yeah one of the reason AnComs poll well here but the flag is pretty rare is because every now and then some faggots will come in and obsess over the age of consent and other typical pedo obsessions and eventually all of the users start getting bullied for it.

Most users in general don't use flags because they don't add much and being flagless is default.

Doesn't explain

No flag is particularly common; I wouldn't say ancom is any rarer than socialist or wildcat. Tankie is really the only common one and they're a minority.

Jokes on you my fetish is the fantasy of being the shota >>>/ss/ >>>/ara/

Tankie is not a minority because the MLs use it, and that's regularly swapping top spot with the AnComs. Syndies are a far smaller group than AnComs too.


Few other political ideologies would outright allow pedophilia in their societies or utopias. From their point of view, just about any society with rules is going to outlaw child molestation so they want to do away with rules altogether, instead of working against the rules within another system.

I think Hoppe is a similar case, he thinks that the nazi social order he seems to admire woudn't be accepted in a civilised society anymore so he seeks to do away with all limits to decency.

Communism will be a pedo-paradise my comrades. All spooks will be eradicated and you can't do anything about it.

Reminder that the age of consent in Germany is 14. By the standards of hysterical amerilards, pedophilia is already legal there.

inb4 this thread is filled with redditors shrieking about how 17-year-olds are innocent little angels. You have to go back.

That means it's legal for 14 year olds to have sex with other 14 year olds.

No, this is wrong. This is not a Romeo-and-Juliette law like in Anglo-Saxon states.

In Germany, it's legal for 21 if you can't prove that some kind of exploitation going on (inexperience is not enough) or if the older person is some kind of superior of the younger person(teacher/care taker).

Additionally, this paragraph concerning the 21 mark is so rarely applied that they don't even have proper and recent statistics on it.

Was about to type this, but you beat me to it. Don't count on him to listen, though. Americans seem to assume that everyone shares their taboos. That's the problem with them. It's not just that they think their culture is magically superior despite being a bunch of donut-gobbling fat fucks who can't find any country they're not currently bombing on a map. They almost can't even conceive that anyone else does things differently, let alone that they might actually be wrong about anything. Even American "progressives" have this problem.

Starting to understand the need for Gulags

Indeed. Arrogant, bigoted busybodies who interfere in personal matters that are none of their business need to be put in gulags immediately.

Wanna know how I know you're an Anglo?

Looks like they left. Guess they got embarrassed into shutting right the hell up. It'd still be fun to hear about the eternal anglo, though.

Being afraid of age of consent discussion is an anglo thing. They also have this undying belief that age of consent is 18 or even 21 in all of the west, which it isn't.

Never understood why guys feel the need to exert sexual ownership over the females in their lives (excluding sexual partners of course.)

Listen to me, I'm not a "pedophile", ok? It's not pedophilia, ACTUALLY, pedophilia is a sexual attraction to children younger than 9. Attraction to children ages 10-19 is EPHEBOPHILIA. I'm sick and tired of trolls popping up everywhere and spreading BLATANT misinformation. Ephebophilia is considered normal and healthy in many countries and cultures. Besides, I'm dressing them up like Ayn Rand before doing it, it isn't really that either since I'm just using 11-year-olds because they have a physique like Ayn Rand's. I do it to get a more authentic experience. But more importantly, the children are consenting to the amount of bitcoin I'm giving them for this so I really don't understand what the problem is. And it's not like they're even aware of what's even happening, I give them quite a bit of London Drugs® Heroin-Plus™ before the act so they're in an opiate nap the whole time, anyway. It's voluntary.

upboated, fellow redditor