Ban me you cowardly cunt

ban me you cowardly cunt.

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Corn seed is actually a vegetable, a grain, and a fruit. Corn seed is a vegetable because it is harvested for eating. (Usually sweet corn when grain is harvested at the milk stage.) Corn seed is a grain because it is a dry seed of a grass species. (Usually field corn when harvested after the grain is relatively dry.) Corn seed is a fruit because that is the botanical definition. More details follow. Corn (Zea mays) is sometimes called a vegetable grain. Corn is a monocotyledon with only one seed leaf like grasses. The easily identified "grains" (or cereal plants/grasses) such as wheat, oats, and barley are also monocots. A grain is defined as the harvested dry seeds or fruit of a cereal grass, or the term can refer to the cereal grasses collectively. Field corn that is harvested when the seeds are dry would thus be considered a grain. Sweet corn when harvested before maturity is usually considered a vegetable. It is grown to be eaten fresh as a tender vegetable rather than as a dried grain suitable for grinding into flour or meal. A vegetable is defined as a plant cultivated for an edible part or parts such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or seeds/fruit. If you want to be very precise, all cereal grains could be called vegetables, but by convention we separate the cereal grains from the rest of the "vegetables" such as peas, lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, etc.

It's up there if you want

Stop. You're not suppose to be the savage one.

If I post pics of Alice irl will I get banned?

Kef wants to see them

FUck me I'm never getting Dva skin

it's like kicking a stuffed animal. nothing will happen but it's weirdly cathartic.


Does it make you feel like a bigger man to prey on the weak?

H-he he XD

it's only 3000 coins, what are you, poor?

Also, I'm pretty sure Cupcakes gets off on the opposite of feeling like the bigger man, just sayin

Eva was totally the original Alice.

I don't want to look through the full archive... Just got off work, wanna be a useless fuck before I go to bed.

I seriously can't respect Nintendo for that design decision. Yes, the pro controller has a proper D-Pad but for fucks sake, that's how much more money for this overhyped Nvidia Shield clone?


The original Alice loved fucking dogs so I assume they're the same person as Eva

I dont play enough overwatch to get that shit

Bebop made alice a mod apparently


could u tldr why corn is and rice isnt?

do you get disgraceful looks by your elders

wai are you accusating me of wanting to see pics

I barely touched that chili paste and now I'm dying

Never again

ikr? It's not like they had to design to console to hold the controllers. Just make them both separate portable things. I'm pretty sure most people can handle that.

I was being sarcastic.


Take the time to read it or fuck off #trademarked

i skimmed it and now im even more confused. is corn supposed to be wheat fruit and veggie?

Is this a fucking Erio creation?

H-how h-horendous! Remember mgd used to talk like that

It is everything and nothing.

Nope, this predates him.


St-stop bringing up the e-echoes of the past! >///

Hey clobbers? I think, how goes

Okay, which Alice tho? There's like 40 of 'em last I checked... And also why?

I mean... That's what Nvidia did... But whatever. Post SNES Nintendo, amirite?

I'm not gonna buy one of those things until someone figures out how to install Android onto it (and seeing as how it's got the guts of a Shield and runs Nintendo's shit OS, someone will figure out how to crack the bootloader and run Android), so whatever.

You got it. And you are?

It goes! Living life, as usual.

Fuck man I don't know I haven't kept track of that shit

I just showed up here like a month ago and started memeing at people

It's edgy enough to be his.


He learned from the best.

Its just me the shitcunt


fukken shitcunts

Ayyyy, i heard you sell insurance now? Like it?

Shut up Aussie scum

Fite me m8

we multiply now

Nah, I don't sell it. I investigate the people that try to use their insurance to fix their shit

Oh, neat! Obviously get alot of people tryig to cheat insurance?

Do you like sprout from the ground or something?

Too many fukkin aussie shitcunts now.

Nigga, I trusted you.

we bud off each other

This was never my fucking job I just wanted the memes

Yeah. I work in non-standard insurance too, which is basically what poor and shady people get so they try to scam us more than others

Wait can you be smoked then?

I bet, i remember reading a article here where someone burried there ute in a backyard and they found it 20 years later

dude strayans lmao



Gonna get it in the down under.

Knew it.

Uhh, its like a pickup truck but smaller, its short for utility vehicle, more an aussie thing

Then don't go acting like it is, ya fuck!

Confirmed legit aussie.

Utes are what happen when you take a small car, and make it into a smaller and slightly useless pickup truck... Only without the beefy suspension and functionality... Remember the El Camino? Kinda like that.

stop being mean to the aussie shitcunts. theyre cool.
hi squid

I just told you what happened while you weren't there
I didn't act like shit

Oh yeah, shit like that happens

We had a class today where our Special Investigator unit taught us about internet searching, it was hilarious because it was all so simple. They literally had to teach people what Tineye was when I've been using that shit for years, they didn't know how to use operators in Google searches either



Leaked photo of Goggles

"You can pull exif data from photos"


I think El Caminos are kinda rad

If you're trashy




They cant dox for shit!

Excuse me for not instantly recognizing you user and without distinguishable filenames

Nah, we have access to a ton of fucking databases in insurance

We just can't use them for personal use, so they try to teach the simple stuff for morons

Yeah my name won't stick for some reason and I'm too lazy to get up and hop on my comp

Grinding Titan Fall shit is so arduous.

You've also changed your syntax

Stop capitalizing correctly and punctuating you loser

Okay well you're still an aussie shitcunt. That at least hasn't changed in the last 10 seconds

Yeah, it's a weird nice in the Aussie (And NZ?) market that I'll never exactly understand.

They can make for some interesting project cars, especially if you do LS motor swaps and other extensive modifications, but their practicality is still nonexistant.

Kinda like everything Mini has ever produced.

Yo, what the fuck happened to your Discord server?

Blame my phone for auto correcting everything.

Also that poll is insanely biased

Because >she

Actually, I take that back. The Mini Countryman is a solid daily driver in like... Every way possible.

I got rid of it.
I just use Oobles now.

You mean niche? And yes, every kind of car can be specialized, the nice thing about older cars is that they're mostly fundamentally different


Alice is going to be the new Swedish Fish


Holy shit you're right.
That bitch is old as shit

How old is Alice anyways?
Id imagine him to be like in his late 20's or early 30's


Lol Anekichan is dead, RIP

At least 40 by this point lmao

Assuming they were all at least 18 at the time, Alice and friends are 24+ now

Which is older than me

Oh, the glory and folly of youth

It would've been funnier if Alice at least posted

At least someone would get banned that way

I have Ban's server, but thats about it as far as animus servers goes.

Shhhh, I posted that one from my phone while sitting on the shitter. Autocorrect is retarded.

Old cars, especially ones circa 1960-1970, can either be really awesome, or a huge pain in the ass to modify or rebuild though. My dad used to own a 1962 Ford F100 pickup a long time ago, we swapped in the engine from a wrecked '03 Mustang (4.7L V8) and got it running on what I think was an AEM ECU. Shit was nice until the chassis started rusting really bad one winter season...

Be real with me here, how old are you now anyways?

M-maybe she has~

When did I even have you there?
I don't even know you.

I'm by no means an engineer, but I absorb quite a bit being in the auto industry

I am 23. 24 in October.

I was a lil youngun when I first saw the Alice threads

Back when I didn't have a laptop or a computer just my shitty phone and couldn't even into Namesync on Holla Forums and when IRC was a thing, and MSN was where things got steamy.


Phone posting is hard

I was everyone always ;)

Wait... Those mustangs had 4.6L V8 motors... Where the fuck did I get 4.7 from.

My Discord is Chirunobyl#3020, I have too many god damn names I know.

Old, kinda rusty when we bought it truck + rainy fucking winter season = rip money spent on motor swap.

Okay, I dunno why I though you were like around my age (19, 20 in October)

I still don't recall having you there.

I wasn't really active on there tbh.

I live in Southern California, we don't have humidity. It takes years and years for things to rust out, unless you live right on the coast

Also, I'm young at heart :3

Huh. Odd.
I only invited people I knew though. That's where I'm lost.

That's just rude
I'll cry

lol Phoenix AZ, what the fuck is humidity?
But for real though, when my dad did that build, it was already pretty rusted out but something about that one late 04/early 05 rainy winter we had just kinda accelerated it. I was pretty young at the time, so I don't really remember the specifics. Just remember having to send it to a junker when when it got really bad, and that was some time late 2005 or early 06...

I miss that truck...

Okay, now I'm just outright concerned.

squid never acknowledges me anymore

I can't wait for next Tuesday, I get to deny this dumb bitch her fake claim ;)

Again, I am not mechanically inclined so... yeah...

Why concerned?





Go to bed.

I didn't mean "I'm young at heart" to be "I'm attracted to children" like that image implies

Everything about that screams justification for pedophiles

Or ephebophiles.

Whew what a shitty day, how is everyone anyways


who evena re you m8m8m8m8m8m8m8

Y-You really think so?

Someone posted the link here. I was on the voice channel like once.
Dunno what else to tell you.

And because you posted that image, I can now officially say you're a huge catfish. Enjoy your salad Carl.

Because Michael Jackson and creepy uncles...
I don't want to explain the creepy uncles bit...

Oh for fucks sake...


That's interesting.

Anyways I'm off to bed.
I expect you all to be functioning members of society when I wake up.

No, you fucking weirdo

/me shrugs

I didn't think I was creepy but idk

what are these memes

Why would you lie to me like this? How would you feel if I did something similar to you?



Oh, yeah...

I made 105 plat in warframe selling crap I don't want
One guy overpaid for a mod and and I undercharged for a riven
The circle continues

Oh shit Ian you're agefluid too?!

daggy, just a shit cunt really

I'd feel like it was normal because you've always lied to me.

can u buy maiming strike yet

Something something Louise

Something something agreement


No, my uncle was creepy... That just had potential to become creepy once someone looked at it from a certain angle...

They come from a small niche in the old communities that played BFBC2 and BF3, and a Canadian-American named Spencer.


Well okay then, uh... fuck that guy then?


Internet is being fucky, get off my back.

Who is Canaan?

Other than that, I have been a paragon of honesty.

Why would I want memeing strike
The slide attack for polearms is so slow when I could just run around being a halberd blender



The death.

Are you jewing poor innocents?

I will eternally irrationally dislike those games

Is it time for the purge already? My body is ready.

The guy wanted to pay me 50p for a syndicate Aug


Cute girls dont play Warframe

They clean, cook, and provide you with a moist hole at the end of the day

You're doing it all wrong

I would advice against that.

Some forgettable faggot from a time before the great 4chan purge.
I stole bards old Yui folder and played it off like it was nothing.

Because you're madcuzbad? I mean, bushmonsters and jet pilots are pure cheese and all, but if you know how to have fun and not be a scrub then it's all good.

it's so late x.x

But I made money
Now I can afford to have nice warframes

my status stick of doom is a polearm with 5% crit chance and i need crits to proc my naramon invis

Not literally.

No, I'm mad because I miss when the series was fucking good and BC2 was SHIT

Mm, yeah, mhmmm
I recognize some of these words


Buy nice clothes instead of spending it on games.

That's what I do

are they licking your dick on the otherside

Not a huge fan of Bard, so good on you.

Carry me into the abyss, SD.

Maybe some day.

Why when you can have UNLIMITED POWER
I went 40 minutes solo on Draco with a garbage nidus build with zenurik focus

He chose to get ripped off

I didn't spend money on warframe
People paid me for things I found while playing the game
And plat can only be acquired with real money so someone somewhere literally just paid me to play video games

So you WERE jewing him!


i already maxed out my zenurik school so im doing naramon for going infinite on melee only

cuz invis=stealth and x8 multiplier with infinite scaling gas procs means kill everything and no be killed

Holy shit
Sounds like you're a huge turbonerd at that game

That's good you didn't spend money on it at least

Of course

A Ram and Rem job on the back and a double blowjob on the front

Its great

Dude, Bad Company 2 was amazing. Sure, the multiplayer was basic at best and all, but it made one-on-one engagements a primary focus (something BF3, 4 and 1 seem to lack in some level or another) and it wasn't a clusterfuck of grips and other redundant weapon attachments...
Oh, and the Campaign was great too. Something I can't even say for BF1.
Never played any pre-Frostbite BF games though, so can't really make the comparison there.

You can thank Nymph for that, actually. The gay little canuck gave me the shit when I was just a newfag.

How's you?

Until you abused M60 and magnum rounds in multiplayer, ha.

He goy'd himself

Eh makes sense

I'm not a turbonerd I'm just autistic enough to farm extra mods in case I need them

BC 2 was just call of duty on slightly bigger maps, honestly.
It's really just that it changed it and there hasn't been anything like the old BF2 since, and there really couldn't be in today's environments


Tired as heck and pretty deep into the shots tonight. About to go to bed.
How about you?


wut did you sell for overpriced anyways
one time i came to the game after a break and sold an ember prime bp for only 100p

im still in pain to this day ;(

Some dude paid me 50p for Regenerative Molt

What have you drank?
I'm like half a liter whiskey deep.

I meant to append to this that it was just me being a fag and disliking things that are different but that was the intent.

You goy enabled him

did he know he was overpaying?

Or cheesing from a helicopter with the minigun because lol where's your Stinger/Javelin Missile, faggot!

Yeah, if you're one of those plebs that only plays Conquest. The maps were designed for the Rush game mode and they play out well in that. CoD never had any kind of Attack/Defend kind of thing, and if it ever tried to it would still just become more TDM lobbies anyways. TF2 did though and to some degree it was executed fairly well, but that's it's own little shit niche that nobody cares about anymore because Blizzard and thicc Chinese girl everyone drools over. But that's getting off topic.


A canuck who didn't survive the purge, sadly. He just kinda fucked off and did his own thing. I have him on Steam but he got VAC'ed like the douche he is.

Is eating a meal a day healthy?

i do it all the time and im not dead


Probably not
He advertised in trade chat wanting to buy energy siphon 15p regenerative molt 50p and I was like yo fammo I got your back

I more meant in the way the actual movement and shooting and shit worked than the gameplay loop of sprint-shoot-reload-repeat in an aimless circle.

I dunno
things were different

lol I do too

It keeps me thin and I ain't a weak ass bitch but I wonder if that shit is bad for you like long term

You know full well it's not.

Also a great way to feel like shit.

Some stuff my sister bought. Forgot the name too lazy to get up and check.
Spoilers is outtie. Night SD.

What a fag, getting VACed.

Oh god you all are keeping the posters that "leave" in some containment facility like SCPs.
I knew it.

But like I've always been used to eating 2 times a day since I work graveyard

One is typically a large meal then I usually run off coffee and cigarettes (lol now I know that ain't healthy) till I get home like 12 hrs later and eat a small meal or something light before I go to bed.
I still drink plenty of water inbetween meals.

I've been doing this for like 4 years now
My body is just used to it now

I was reading some articles that it isn't necessarily bad to eat once a day

Struggling to keep my eyes open. I'm calling it a night. I'll be back... Whenever...

Yeah, not like I give a shit about CS:GO anymore though.

help i chugged my water bottle to pee in it earlier and now i gotta pee again

i shouldve hopped on that as well
i like to do energy siphon alerts to have extra copy for newbies

did u also sell him an energy siphon?

just binge the shit out of food once a day and youll be g. this also works for cigarettes. smoke a pack in an hour and ull be g.

Ah well, g'night Spoils.

Binging on food like an idiot is a horrible idea.
I still make sure I eat a healthy portion, not too much or too little.

Also I dont smoke as much cigarettes as I used to cause 1) they are way more expensive now and 2) that's not good for you.

"I'm Soto. I don't do things if they are bad for my health!" "Injecting marijuanas is healthy, because its greens."

i only do that food thing once in a while if my sleep schedule is really wack. I go for 2 decent meals a day otherwise.

I'm trying to be healthy now

Sounds funny I know but I needed to calm down or else I'd end up like Erin

I haven't smoked in like 2 weeks D:
I need weed injections stat tbh

finally home sheesh

but how are you supposed to prove your manliness and pull a tooth out?

if you havent smoked in 2 weeks youd be a pansy to start again.
Are weed injections a thing? Is it like a THC extract or were u joking.

ima say they where joking.

You're so cute

you never know man
people blend that shit with butter and bakem

sure do

Edibles hit you like a truck

Its great.

So far I've smoked, vaped, ate, and drank weed. Not even kidding

I've also had THC lolipops, jolly ranchers, sour belts, and gummy bears
I suppose those are considered eating but they are so much more enjoyable than eating a dry ass weed brownie or cookie

i mainly dab these days, but i still enjoy a good bong. edibles are good but i'm usually working and when i get home i'm up for a whole 4 hours more, so bit of a waste.

dont edibles have a different high compared to inhaling? people have told me it feels different and they prefer smoking

weather is so fuckin shit right now i don't think it's summer

i've noticed i have no tolerance to edibles, but if i smoke i need much more.

Most of the country's in a heat wave right now you fucking mong
where even are you?

Perth, west coast best coast! it's frigging pouring atm, 17c in fucking February?

its winter u upside down kook :)

is it just way more potent or is it totally different?

Fucking perthfags
get off my internet

Honestly its pretty much the same.
Edibles take like an hour to kick in so it might sneak up on you and some people dont like that and freak out but people like it cause you dont cough or feel bad at all ya know?
Smoking will obviously make you cough cause its smoke but its more of like taking a shot of alcohol approach, yeah it sorta hurts you a bit if you're new at it but you feel the effects right away rather than waiting a whole hour

Dabbing is great cause it fucking gets you up there with a fat ass rip

Shit will have you coughing like a nigger and watery eyed but its so worth

i think it's because the body absorbs? if thats the right word? it differently, so the normal tolerance you build from smoking a lot frequently is null.


me we blast and vac purge our own, get some really nice blonde shatter

shatter > crumble


Also a cigarette after a bong hit or a dab is one of the best feelings in the world

sounds like a good way to get more highs if you ever build tolerance

has soto ever stuck a pill up his ass tho

something something metabolize

oath, i used to "spin" when i was a derro 15 year old, mix baccy and weed and cone but i've switched to vaping now

soto is this you?


smoking is for fags

hi neko

I used to get the spins so bad when I would smoke a cigarette after drinking a lot when I was like 18 or 19.
Ah those were the days

I never have tbh

I dont know why people even make suppositories, its so much easier to take pills orally

I used to pop pills like crazy back in the day
Like pop 5 and swallow them dry with no water. I didn't play no games lmao

Yeah nigga

My name won't stay put on this shitty app

how's it going squid?

i remember a friend power yacking all over my wall having a ciggy after a drinking session.. uhh what it was like to be 15 sup brother, all been good

It's going okay
how u

oh, i forgot to ask you devil where you from

tired and freezing
i just wanna get warm

fyg yo

wow, that was meant to be rug up.

Sup man

How ya been dude?

I remember getting super sick after smoking a cigar and I was smoking it like it was a cigarette
That shit killed me

The glory days being 18

i was told its more potent or something cuz it attacks ur digestives more closely

I ain't about to shove shit up my ass for a stronger high

That's just fiending at that point lol

ahaha everyone makes that mistake! i've been alright, up and down, can't complain to much.

but ud stick ur dick in dudes cuz ur that desperate

why so cold


because winter is the worst

rug up

Yeah man, shit had me fucked
Same here man
Can't believe its already 2017

Yeah I stick my dick in other butts

But no dicks go in my butt

Simple as that

right, goes so fuckin quick

what does that mean?

rug up
to put on lots of clothes in anticipation of going somewhere bloody freezing.
"I'm off to Scotland for a tour in October" "hrmm, you'd better rug up for that one"

its a tiny ass pill
eventually youll have to stick pills up your ass once the cancer spreads far enough

might as well try to enjoy it

like all those exam things that could go wrong or almost did go wrong
I forgot a question and answered it wrong and filled in the answer on the wrong paper thoughtaht was fine I guess since it was wrong and I realized it was wrong and I started filling it in on another paper correctly when I realized it was wrong like the
question was about what wondertrees were and well it said trær and I thought it meant tiger so I started writing about a tiger but I later realized it was a lotr question like magical trees from lotr not the ents idk what tree it was but
and I forgot tons of stuff on my desk that was not supposed to be there that could get you caught for cheating and I forgot the stuff I needed in my bag like calculators and had to reach down into bag and
when I ate lunch it spilled on my stuff and the person next to me was talking to me like during the exam and I forgot to wear clothes except underwear and I also fell asleep and woke up and just finished but the exam ended 3 hours ago

atleast you didnt accidentally skip the second question in an answering sheet and proceed to fill out the entire paper wrong besides a1

did this once in highschool but dont matter now since i dropped out anyways


that sounds
everything shifted up

better than it being too hot to sleep

still pretty shite once you figure it out because the one time you need to use a number2 pencil its a really old one and the eraser is dried out

just drown yourself in cum.

h-how did you get those p-pictures of the past so easily colbert?

*giggles* It h-has been a long time

this thread is slow ;-;

Gay sex is for FAGGOTS.

that'd be gay

Just dead right now

gay sex is a myth


damn it...

*claps* I need to be entertained

its not gay to do the dicking is it?

no its not like youre touching dicks or anything


r u skype invis?

im hiding from the scary girl

she isn't on?

idk i blocked her first
shes not on? so i can unblock her without her noticing?

when did you last see her? you never message me back you nigger

oh i thought i msged you back but i guess that was just in my head

do it now then? lol

i forget what i said in my hypothetical head situation

so re-read the conversation and reply after? kef pls

I guess getting bukakke'd is totally straight then

i got distracted clicking circles my bad

well if its the same as being drenched in cum then totally

i get it, youre just gonna not give me what i want and drag this out because you hate me

noooo i was playing osuuuuu
now your replies are distracting me from thinking of something to say in response

okay so like look away for a minute or somethinggg


most of the beatmaps i play are 90 seconds but i usually miss and restart a bunch

is that a reassuring way to say its okay to be gay because dicking a dude is considered gay?

rip get good

Dicks + dicks = gay!

you are currently witnessing the investment of gitting gudder

but technically isnt |vagina|=dick cuz vagina=-dick

any mushing of sexual organs should be gay by that logic?

Axel post your oldest Soto image you have

answer back pls wtfff


You're gay.

*dat smile*

Ikt that latest Konosuba ep was so lolz

Just finished watching it

Who knew masochism was so funny

Very yes.

probably this one I saved because of that hello kitty soap


Holy shit dude that's like 2012

Do you have the original pic?
I lost that shit ages ago

Back when I had spiky hair

Jesus christ

whats a bebop doing at this time of night

but i havent smashed my bits anywhere yet
is ikt a virgin?

i dont like how they had their debts settled tho
they got rid of one kind of comedy they could use


im gonna go lay down and sleep but gonna be on skype on phone to demand answers
here have this btw

You already know shits gonna get worse

Just you watch

Or maybe they're just gonna end it this season

Man I'm cringing so hard at that hair and fuzzy moustache

I think my upper lip doesn't raise up as much as it used to

Man its crazy seeing how much you change after 5 years

oh noesss ive been blocked by fourchans!!

i finally fced a map in ages and all i get is +45 ranks
pp inflation is tough on the market these days

im surprised it even got a second season. comedy anime like that seem better as one offs

dang 5 years...

I miss our smash bros days

sm4sh has made me tr4sh recently

My hair is still long as ever

I mostly just hang out in discord posting memes and such

tfw no weight change, perfecto

Yes ;;

...I can't believe I saved most of what you posted

also I wonder if that one person that goes by stalker still post


cough syrup though

its okay ur still yung
and ur country is amazing


Yeah dude, time flies

Back when smash on the Wii was a thing and I barely started touching alcohol

Is your hair still long holy shit, that's crazy. I remember it was beautiful and long af

I usually shitpost on here but I'm usually out and about doing irl things
I still go to cons get drunk hook up with chicks
Typically Soto stuff

I'm fucking so nostalgic rn seeing all the pictures you're posting
I lost all of those when my Laptop died on me

I built a comp for my hentai and shitposting needs



slowest chug ever

no need to attempt to fool anyone

Least it's better than being at home often
I should move there and hang out with you and Kon, if I ever do

Nice touhou poster of Remilia and Sakuya

Oh damn that sucks, least I got most/some of them, though Stalker should have them all somewhere on his drive most likely

nice comp

got any stories?

can't be any awkward than the closet sex

fun times


I actually sleep with girls and boys

Why limit yourself with just one gender?

Soto would probably be best wingman maybe


in this day and age, its common for people to tease other's sexuality. just go along with it so i can feel satisfied with my internet reputation

I still stay home and catch up on my seasonal anime and get drunk af.
tcs usually never happen anymore

Kon doesn't post here anymore but we still meet up at cons and shit
Its pretty great

Where do you stay at again?
If you do come down we should kick it or go to a con, hopefully you should be old enough to drink now lmao

Actually believe it or not my sex life is pretty normal now
I kinda miss those awkward sex experience just cause they're pretty great party stories lmao

You probably tease cause you want to be the same way but you're reluctant to get infected with the gay

i think im already infected
my asshole needs to submit

I miss the tcs days

fun times

rip Kon

lol I'm 25 years old

It's probably someone else you're thinking of...Scout I think?

reeeeee normie
j/k's that easy to get some now a days?


Oh yeah my bad

I was thinking of Scout

Oh shit you're a year older than me
Well I'm turning 25 this Dec so I'm right behind ya
At least we can hit up a bar now lmao

If you know the right people, I also kinda do drugs occasionally and some chicks will pretty much be on your dick if you give them a bit
Drugs are expensive though lol

Might as well start crossdressing

nice try but your instigation wont have any effect on me. I know you're just trying to influence me to make your prediction correct, but I'm not THAT gay.


I miss elma

heh the good ol crew

you got 10 more months then to catch up to being the same age.

never cared much for bars, probably have a better chance at conventions

video games are indeed expensive (my kind of drugs, kek)

teach me the ways Soto

If you look in the background sotos gramma is pissed

Lol i got a closeup of grams
On my comp i think, thats been edited


Elma was on last night before midnight.

oh sweet

well, shit
I need to stop being nocturnal. thanks


o soto...

ehs an alcohol

I know that feel even when I have yet to have any job


how does a non-working person possibly comprehend this feel?

Heya sams!

...something about dwarfism that makes me chuckle

i know its wrong buy i do it anyway. im a terrible person

Iunno by waking up at the same time everyday when I used to have school so I'm use to it...I guess?

even though it's been 7 years

hey dags, what is up

reasonable explanation... albeit somewhat far removed but plausible

Im meh but k, hoes the new job!

consider gainful employment tho... get that cash money.... bitches love cash money

its good i guess... high stress. coping with it.

hows life on your end


Eh, just keeping on going on, working alot of overtime


thats good right?

also get

soon, maybe
but I'd rather not have a bitch...

damn kind of wish yanderes were legit but not bat-shit crazy

the loyalty

Nigga, you cray cray.

Yuh, i gues

old habits die very hard

tsundere is my fetish... none of these things about job tho


turns out i tend to hate overtime... they tell me no overtime allowed then when i get roped into it its mandatory... so i get mads about it and am pissy the whole time

isnt mandatory overtime illegal


sama haet working for the man...

lol no... not when its laid out in your hire paperwork and you sign an agreement for mandatory overtime...

or as my co calls it "holdover call"
4 hours required at the end of a shift without notice. signed my life away man

what was in the head of the heat of the moment

Yuh im on flatrate now i dont even get time and ahalf / double time ;-;

the weight of benefits vs wage...and whether i could deal with overtime for those things

ouch... they got me salary non exempt

atleast it will pay when it pays?

ive learned the scrip coverage is absolute shit... so now im just disgruntled because my exorbitant copay cuts into my out of pocket, thus affecting my base pay



end me now pls


no because then you couldn't end me.

...that can be arranged

something about the monotony of this video makes it satisfying

finally a fucking computer

wew lad

cool pic


them puffy cheeks tho

sama i found this old ass pic, were we enemies at one point?

i miss kuu but i guess she's got a life to live.


fuck i dont think so... maybe

lol, i don't think so either, i used to stir alotta shit doe

with a couple exceptions i just try to keep my head down and mind my own fucking business.

dont start nothin wont be nothin... not always on that behavior tho

hehe, tbh samas i think i just copied alot of peoples avatars and made crappy file names, cuz i was the sickest troll kent out /;

but naw you've always been cool to me

...honestly i had a hard time keeping up because fucks would change they id and ava every couple days so id always be asking who the fuck they are.

and i didnt think so... we cool bro. other brother from downunda


This will be my last day of NEETdom, I wanna go out with a bang.

gtg... layts

You aren't.

dal wew

I'm not ... what?

Someone kill me.
I don't want to live to see the day I turn 25.


What's wrong with being 25+?

wai are you mean 2 me

because you treat me like a joke.

its really hard to talk to u like a human tho
im willing to talk to you normally if you put some effort into it too

Why should i bother.

So you develop past a joke, probably.

because we can talk n stuff

be more interesting.

what piques your interest?

This should be good.


not telling. bottom feeders are watching.


am i considered a bottom feeder?



Sorry I don't drive a Tesla, m9


u shuld pm me then

im getting conflicting answers here

feeling alright?

Notice how none of it is her fault, even though she's the one with the ability to fix all of it?

I'm supeeeer tired and busy.
but happy so ehhhh meh?

I have noticed that, yes.


are you hungry?

so the bottom feeders dont hear what you dont want to share

Don't call her on it though or it's bullying.

I lunched good

whatevs.. smh
i'm not the one complaining.

just no more energy left?

Right. It's been this way since before I started posting. Lost cause or something.

I don't remember her being quite this bad about it, but I'm probably wrong.

Who are you?

Who are we all?


I couldn't sleep well, and had a lot to do
so ye

Are you still ill?
If so you should still be committing to rest.

The name says it all, bby.


idk It always seemed to be a thing else I'd ignore posts.

what can you do?

I miss wen u were happyer



Fair enough.


Eddie Redmayne needs to stop being such a handsome man. SMH.

I still feel sick but I needed to go to a meeting..
and I still need to do stuff before tomorrow
i cant rest

do my stuff

Which stuff?

Its funner to say things like that
And i try to shortcut thinga on mobile

Sounds like life is being rough to you



Your nazi loli avatar sucks!


you could say. anyways make me a new thread, while i put some rice in the rice cooker.



It's not Nazi if it's WW1 you bigot.

Just 'cos she's german with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Thats hard im on mobile.

You have a rice cooker? Cool, I like you more now.

Calling the water state department
write two separate practical briefings for the upcoming election event
write a report on the w.h.o.s age-friendly city project.
collect and summarize my notes.
pay medicine bill
make like 3 plannings


Now I can use these (You)'s to build the ultimate (You) Ray.

I'm not a bigot.
I'm retarded.
Clear difference.

Dota time, see ya nerds.

but not impossible.
it's a pretty small rice cooker.

Lots of writing.

New thread.