Modding Alice


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That fucking gif lol




I posted that meme in the discord hours ago
git gud


I keep forgetting thats a thing people use


Half of the news keeps mentioning Ivanka Trump wanting to fuck Trudeau.

It's pronounced "ara ara" you fucking noob

maybe not if you rely on F2 rightclick

get with the times old man


The real news is Trudeau is a pussy and Trump is strong.

You can tell by his handshake.


Our leader is better looking than your leader


I wonder if that canadanon made that card for me..

I don't even know what the fuck a Trump handshake is supposed to be.
It's like a great grandfather with Parkinson's just spazzing out and unable to coordinate muscle control.

This Valentine's Day, find someone who looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau.

That was probably 10x.

Thanks to /a/ I have a Kanna and Satania folder
Also a Gabriel one but it's kinda small

Start calling me ouji-san

Trump trying to cross breed and gain power in Canada

Smart man

I have one of those

Maybe. Who knows.




soto spotted

I tried

This is what an insecure leader looks like @1:00

*bothers soto*

nani kore



But the reaction images and memes make it so funny tho

Besides shitposting on /a/ is as good as Holla Forums imo

u wot m8

It's cringeworthy because he's obviously trying to seem strong and imposing.

But he comes across as a dick with a small dick.

Oh yeah Subtle and Wish and you other people who have shit taste

New Game is getting a second season

For the record, oobles shitposts more than me.


Wow, way to throw her under the bus.

Goggles can't even ollie lmfao

I rarely post here as it is anyways.

Wow thanks I literally never heard that before thanks wow



nani kore

Don't shittalk my daughter.

Alice isn't a mod anymore
There is no need to hide my dear child

Did you just give up?


Also this fucking Gab

You were the guys saying Australians shitpost a lot.

My wheels are too big. I don't use the small ones.

I'm just kidding.


i hate you a lot.

ausrralis are chroni hsitpstoer

Oh yeah you missed all the drama
Bebop made Alice a mod
Shit was lolz

Also no spoilers you fucking nerd I havent seen that ep yet

excuses, excuses

Brian is best AUS.

Have you ever seen someone undergoing TENS therapy?
It's like that.

So much for not feeling like drinking, huh?

Oh, rip.

Gab-chan is being so cute.


It's harder with big wheels.


sleep nig

Go marry Brian.

I want to go swimming in Brian's chest.


but my name's Emma

He knows we'd have to fight for BRIAN's hand.

He fears me.




BRIAN is the Skeleton Queen.

I was gonna check it out but then people started responding to me and Im not just gonna stop replying cause that's mean

lol choose one

You literally just pop a bit harder

mff was missing you
send him a message or something


It's also totally predictable of a guy like him to try something like that.



Pop yourself, you loser. It's hard.

Who're you?

If you're older than 14, you should stop trying to skateboard.

I-It's not like I have a soft spot for cats or anything

Yeah, I said hi earlier.

Spuds MacKenzie.

you'll just be mean if I say

Goggles is 15

Old habits die hard

I wanted a good nyan though, but you never get one

10x then.

That was my guess.



that's good
how are ya


10x was my first guess breh

what if its menma?
but she isnt so sociable

you ask me every time I post

Soto, that's not how you hold a cat.

He's posted for like 5 years so he's older than that.

This is my 4th year of posting.


Fuck I'm so salty

I'm so tired dude I just wanna sleep for 38 hours.

How you doin'?

same pmuch
getting less and less sleep

ill be ok after wed tho

Some people you can't just give attention when you're an e-girl.

I ask anyone if I'm not sure.

At least I can ollie

Yeah Seiren fuckin fell harder than Goggles trying to ollie on his skateboard

Masamune has been aight so far

Fuck you Konosuba has been enjoyable

Chaos Child has been intense

GabDrop has been okay, havent really laughed much since the coffee ep maybe Im building up a tolerance

Akibastrip has been getting meh lately

I know Im forgetting a few more but if Im forgetting them that means Im not really enjoying them


You're too mexican to skateboard.

you pls

all part of my master plan~

It's okay. You don't have to worry about that.


h-hi i'm n e-grill
buy me games n stuff

What happens Wednesday?

Kanna-chan the anime.
Yuri NTR

but im the girl here

Step your game up.

But poor mexicans are pretty damn good at skating

since they cant afford cars or bikes and such

I have only 1h of work that day ahaaa





step y-your game up.

What the heck? Why?

Holy shit. My internet is shit.

Your reign of terror must end.


I'm appreciating it tho
gonna catch up on all those lost zzzzzzzz's

Why would I want someone to buy me something on the internet when I could just buy it myself?

You mean all those cute animezzzzzzzz haHAA

f-free stuff

Oh shit I forgot

Dude the teacher finally got the onii-chan dick and was just like I FUCKED YOUR BROTHER FAM
Shit was cray

maid dragon has been alright I guess, Kanna-chan isnt the cutest girl tbh
This guy is

Did you see the newest always sunny?

my name isn't emma

no. I haven't seen any of season 12 yet. gotta torrent that shit sometime.

wish what's a good new anime pls

Gary Jules?

More like Garbage Jules amirite?

Maybe you should just have a sense of shame.

ur mom, lol

Hi Emma.

I d-do have one. that's w-why my humiliation f-fetish is so strong.

Mac finally comes out of the closet for a 2 dollar sticker

and stays out

Oh btw Spoilers

Asking people on the internet for gifts seems like the opposite of a sense of shame.

I fucking flipped my bed when she was like "Yo I fucked your onii-chan"

Kanna-chan and Weeb-kun are the only redeeming qualities of the series tbh


now it's just a question of when he'll go back in.

I-I didn't ask. she v-volunteered and I linked h-her the wishlist to call her bluff, and e-ended up with a nice skirt.





Hi Feku

I'm only 8 episodes behind now!

Chaos Child

Now help me decide if I should have fish and chips or subway for lunch/dinner?

I love when you talk dirty to me.

I'm sure that was it.

That may be the saddest wishlist.
It doesn't have constant affirmations you're a girl on it.

t-thankfully I couldn't g-give less of a damn what you t-think, so it k-kinda doesn't matter

pls buy

fish and chips. all the way.

:( I'm sorry.

thanks fam


Ive been lagging it with my weeb-kun folder

I was watching it with my friends and dude we were like shouting and shit. It was pure fucking mayhem, we always seem to be at the end of every KnH ep

That seriously has been a good series now that I think about it but maybe cause me and my friends watch it as a group and get drunk together which makes it more hype

Sorta like what we did with erased and prison school

just wait till you see it
It warmed my heart seeing it
And he aint going back in either, like that was the whole point of the episode.

No money.

that's the idea, yup

Your opinion of yourself is so low that no one else's could possibly be lower.

What a disgrace to fake internet girls you are.

Miss any of the year of the cock skins?

at least you're not being a little slut

You've made me the happiest boy in my room.


This guy is like my spirit animal dude

t-that's just the way I-I like it.

I bought the few I didn't get, with the exception of mei's white legendary. I already had the red one and like it better anyway so I didn't feel the need to get it. I needed to buy winston, zen, junk and symm. 7500 coins down the drain uuugh

oh and another 750 for the mercy highlight intro. but yeah, I got everything I wanted from this event except for a single player icon but I'm done grinding those stupid boxes to try and get it.

all the butt stuff.

10x stop playing games

gimme my card

Card games blow ass.

I saw someone get triggered over "spirit animal" on fb

they freaked out whe. Someone used it jokingly th way you did just noww

sit on my face

it's not valentines yet tho xD

how degenerate.

Which icon was that?

lunamari. like a really happy upside down looking peach thing. I got pachilanturn though so I'll live with that.

got lots of good icons to choose from, I'll survive.

time for neeĀ²

bye people I like

bye people I don't like

bye people idgaf about


My Dad literally drinks a tall can and falls asleep on the couch watching Nat Geo

I wake him up and tell him to go lie down cause sleeping on the couch will probs hurt his neck, he tells me he's awake then watches TV for like a minute then falls asleep again lmao

Dudes getting old

Bebop and Alice say bye too

my dad does that a lot too when we watch stuff together. he starts nodding off and if I ask him "hey are you asleep?" he's just like "no, no I'm not" and then nods off again.

nini person who will never be a mod

Ah. Well maybe next time.
It is weird that it ends falling on my birthday. I wonder if it is going to be the same way next year or if we will get a little later one for valentines.




That's fb though

I shitpost on there harder than on here at times and boy you should see the type of shit I run into

LOL those old dad feels man
Its hilarious how he offers me a tall can and tells me it might be a bit too much for me

I forgot my dad doesnt know my drinking is as heavy as Fish


that was a typo >.>

I still have time!!!

probably gonna get repeat events every year so people can get the boxes again in case they missed things. at the very least I see summer games, winter and halloween things every year.

happy birthday!

would it still be a typo if I agreed to do it?

my dad doesn't drink, he knows I do but I try not to let on how much because he would worry. my mother freaked out months ago because she thought I was trying to drink myself to death.

which was accurate, but still. she had no reason to worry like that.


yeah's fun.

Why even live?
Thanks! It is weird having a birthday on valentines day. Makes me feel bad for those born on christmas.

I can only imagine..

I don't know how you to answer this

any holiday would be a bit weird. at least yours isn't a literal day of remembrance for the worst terror attack on US soil. or whatever.
doing anything special?

they confirmed they will not be doing a valentines day event, unfortunately. I guess because it's so close to this last one. nor an easter one. but they did say they have some really exciting and unexpected events planned for the future so I'm not too fussed.

am cupcake

oooohh cupcake!!

hi hi hi

I mean, to be fair, what could they even do for valentines day skins, beyond generic sexy outfits they probably don't want to do or slapping hearts on everything?

sexy dva

It is a tuesday this year so nothing more than drinking all day tomorrow. However maybe something on the weekend with some friends.
How have you been?

protoss is hard to play

silly. hello 10x. how've you been?

yeah true. I think they aren't going with too many obvious ones, just winter and halloween as the "duh you need those" type of events.

fun fun, hope you have a good time.

I've been fine, thanks. just busy with work and mostly doing overwatch in my spare time because of this event. gonna take a break from it for a little while now that the event is finally over, play other stuff and catch up on shows.

She's a fugly Korean.
There's no way to pretty up that pig.

That is good. What shows do you need to catch up on?

Sounds pretty crazy
What did your mom even do anyways?

shut your white supremacy mouth up

Random is hard.


soo siillllyy, and I'm so good right now!! thanks for askingg

how's your nite been?

then zerg them!

all of them ;_;

1/3d of your games are free

oh she just kept going on about how she was totally cool about me drinking but oh my gosh you're not gonna drink that whole bottle in one day are you? how much do you typically drink? you're not trying to kill yourself with alcohol right?

lovely to hear.

it's been alright. just about to go play a game until bedtime I think.

Netflix and chill for weeks then. That sounds like a lot of watching!

That's so cute.
How do you even respond to a question like that?

sounds fun, I played vidya all day today pretty much

I'm going bed now myself, nini


I want to kms for actually understanding what you said lmao

she's a worrier alright. I just told her what she wanted to hear. sweet sweet lies.

I have way too many things to watch. life is so hard...

nini, 10x.

sleep tight.

its okay to be a weeb know other languages

Damn, I know that must be annoying to you but I find it adorable af just cause I've never really experienced that lmao
If I ever did I'd probs hate it lol

Hopefully you aren't as depressed now and try to drink yourself to death
You should stick to being a huge slut and cutting your hair :^)

Cupcake, you won't marry anyone.

But do you not like it hard? Winky face.

That is simply not true, and you know it.

You've been drinking less lately, right?

Yo no hablo nippon

He drinks as much as the pope is Catholic.

I will never cut my hair you jealous slut.

gosh I hope not

do ho ho

yup. I drink hard two days a week, don't really drink at all sunday-thursday. I mean, if I felt like it I would, but I don't usually. I had a single pineapple cider tonight with dinner, it was lovely. but yeah, the hard drinking 5 days a week is over when I have a job.

anyway, see you all tomorrow. gonna go play games until bedtime. goodnight.


Fine, then you will get married.

I hope you lose every game.

i dont speak mexican what

It means he'll suck your dick for $5.

Espanol wakarimasen

is anyone here drunk because im drunk

terran is so bust



All races are busted if you throw your army away.

You walked into that one. Night Cups.

yeah but hes like 3k miles away
good deal tho

ahhh sodesuka

A little. Gonna go more out with it tomorrow night.

cool then i can get even drunker and people can ask me to posts pictures of my penis, it will be great

Like throwing 24 zerglings away for nothing.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't want your ching chong ding dong.


I can't even remember who said "ching chong ding dong" and who it was about.

Darwin, how are you doing lately?


idk man its p nice

itis not my fault terran has busted scvs and buildings that shoot

Bebop is gonna go to prison for seeing it.

buildings should only be shooting at you in side scrolling shoot em ups

no bullying me master

I made a joke about ikt's real name being Vietcong Dong.

Don't remember ching chong ding dong.


I have not been unwell. I hope you are experiencing more positive emotions.

Zerglings are a dime a dozen.

I have been. Things are looking better, even if they aren't what other people might want from me.

I just want to be happy, ya know

imma send him a picture of it the day before i turn 18

Awful meme. You can only call Subtle this.

I am sure there is someone here who will.


This somewhat sounds like when someone here begins transitioning.

into protoss attack airunits