Hand me the sweet release of death, senpai!

Hand me the sweet release of death, senpai!

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im a pureblood asian

Probably less scary more just creepy, famalamadingdong

It followed me home and now its making threads of its own.


I think I want to die enough as is.

I've made like two and they were both when somebody asked.
I'm too lazy to keep track myself

iIf post ends in number everyone die

o no


Also I don't actually have a problem with Soto but I do think hes fuckin weird.

The numbers change nothing.

Ty test, but I'm not reposting.


The fact that I didn't follow you did you faggot.


the old gypsy woman was right


You followed me.

No you're not

But Ian, drunk cooking is so much fun.
You just have to be careful not to get too turnt or else you'll just end up fucking everything up.

I'm pretty used to drinking while I cook, since it usually takes like an hour or two or more depending on the dish I just drink some beers while prepping and by the time the food is done I'm pretty shrekt and I get to enjoy the food.

We should get together and grill some steaks or I can make you some godly butter garlic shrimp scampi I know
That shit is godly

dont tell me im not what i am

are you just jealous that your blood is filthier

My taste buds just kinda go to shit when I drink so

Idk what I'd even make, I just throw things together. My parents always had a ton of spices and whatnot so I'd just experiment with shit

This is Holla Forums Ban

I dont know what you were expecting

Normal people? lmao

You have no proof

Post a pic and then I will believe


Even here you're somehow weirder than most of the others.

Hey, there's normal people here. As normal as Grim is straight.

i'll cut you m8

Make sure its only across the street this time.

I just want some attention.




Who doesn't just throw their clean clothes in the closet floor in a convenient "clean pile" of clothes as opposed to the dirty one right next to it?

Only if you rescind your comments.

Rolled 2 (1d2)1- Gatorade
2- Water
3- Water
4- Cawfea
5- Jk I'm not drinking cawfea at 21:20.

sorry i dont avatar as myself. if you want me to get a pic of my blood that might be possible. im not self harm, but im pretty edgy

Maybe cause I'm kind of a normie yet a weeb at the same time?

I dont know dude

Maybe you're just overreacting

wow it's like you actually want to sleep or something



its only 16:20, and who the fuck drinks gatorade

That's a big no no when you wear dress shirts unless you enjoy ironing everyday


I could be


What are you, gay?

oh shit guys its 4:20

Then you're not just getting attention, you're also getting the ambulance bill.


hi :3

Whatever this avatar is is awful.


No if you go down the road I'll just die and not have to pay shit.

Then again maybe I just act like a weeb and meet up with posters so I can drug them and then rape them

Ian still hangs out with me cause he actually enjoys it

Or maybe Im just a nice guy irl who enjoys socializing and drinking.

Who knows
Up to you to find out :^)

It really is.

Not gonna click it. Sorry.

Oh yeah, all the drugged up rape is totally my thing

The threat here was calling the ambulance, not going down the road.


Maybe Ban just doesn't like spics
I dont blame him lol

My autism won't allow me to do that

I could just prevent all that from happening if I just hang them in my closet and that's what I shall do

Soto drugged and raped me the one time we low-key met up.
He also threatened to rape me again, and possibly even murder me if I told anyone about it.

It's the only reason to explicitly hang out with Soto.


Rin you still came and got your happy stuff all over my thigh

Consider us even

You joke, but I bet all your stuff is neatly folded and categorized.


sounds fun tbh

The only thing I fold are pants because they take way too long to get unwrinkled in the dryer. I don't even fold underwear or socks, just throw them in a drawer, unlike the rest that just sit in a basket until I wear them.

Ian just enjoys rape.



You probably swallowed for him.

Post-modern bounce house.

I'm genuinely surprised. I kinda imagined you as a neat and tidy person. Maybe even someone with mild OCD. I don't mean that in a bad way though.

I am cleanly disorganized.
I keep everything clean but not necessarily neat. Some things I'm particular about but as a whole, as long as it's clean, I don't mind. The major exception is my car. I do not like anything just being thrown in the trunk or back seat.

how does that make me a pussy

Large vagina boy.



I'll stick it in your vagina in a second.

Uuuugh. I'm the same way, but I rarely ever drive. My mom drives all over creation to go shopping and whatnot and leaves cups and bags and stuff in my car. It drives me insane when I do drive it because I used to keep it spotless when I first got it.

I had no idea I was being filmed! Please delete this!

God bless my OCD

My mother is like the non-gross form of hoarder where they just keep shit they don't need and never will and put it everywhere.
I cannot understand why anyone does that.

fite me

Part of me wonders if you're even this OCD about all of your gay Taiwanese comic porn.

I just clean whatever mess of the house I made to give me something to do over the weekend.

Yes ?

You won't fucking do it.

It's like the inverse of "feminine penis" and equally awful.

I don't see the relation.


Looking good!

My mom hoards stuff too. It got to be so bad when I was a kid that I couldn't go in my own room 'cause it was full of her stuff. She's not as bad now that she lives with me and knows I'll throw things away, but it still happens. I tolerate a little bit of it to keep her happy.


new chair is comfy :3

I said vagina boy no boy vagina.

Its totally different.

I'm back



My grandma has legit OCD and growing up with her she would hit me if I didn't follow her crazy OCD rules and it honestly sucks but at the same time I thank her cause I am so organized and clean then I kinda hate it cause I can't relax if shit is all messy

It has its ups and downs.
It makes me seem like less of a degenerate at least

Well good.

I don't really know the specifics of your circumstances and that's not me trying to inquire about them either. That said, I would be unable to control my impulses to throw everything away if they lived with me.

I need to sell or give away some of my clothes
I have way too much

My closet is fucking packed

cuz y

I pick my battles, and once in a while I kinda purge stuff I know she hasn't noticed in a while.The only things I can't purge are Christmas stuff 'cause she remembers every single item. It's insane.

I bet there's a decent charity nearby you could donate them to. :D

Holy shit I didn't see that bottle

cuz reasons

Oh shit Freeman is in the background


Nigga I'll give it to people I know
What has charity ever done for me?


wanna try it out? ^^

Just conveniently set fire to them in the middle of the yard that may or may not have kerosene added to it.
Blame some youngster in the neighborhood.

Why not

Who's the guy that looks like he's about to take you to pound town?

Busy with work.


aww ok

how was your day today?

That's Daniel

Ore no stando da

At least he was gentle to you.

Dealt with a customer from a year ago I'd rather I haven't.


Fine! Geez!

Gotta just burn it all down. Take the insurance money. Run.

heads or tails



oh right



gimme bepo

no. you


Holy fuck I just beat Lady Maria on my first try

Or I can send them to you and you can like sniff them and fap to it

That would be nice.

What did I win ?

You should've seen how spooked Manny was when we were playing RE7

A new overlord

Who is it ?

This is slander.

He's kind of a bitch lol

I literally just rushed into Lady Maria because I want her clothes for my female character

Have you ever done butt stuff before ?

Things are being worked out and I'm not sure they wish to have it be known.

Don't act like you haven't put things up your butt you fag.

Wth tell us

They will do that on their own


Ok as long as they do it eventually

rip sorry

was really tired from staying up too late, but I'm doing well

Ah. I was up last night due to friends birthday party.

Should sleep soon.

Flipping a coin on things like this is great.

I can't believe tsuchi removed me.... :(

Sup thread



how was that?

When Nezi calls you an attention whore, you know it's bad.

what kind of fucking name is oobles

:(...... lonely sadface................

Guero lemme see your gfs dick

Okay just tell me in secret.


Went to 'Hotto Potto' for dinner. Was interesting, but all around too expensive for me to make my own food. It's on Semoran near the executive airport.


It's so uncalled for when it's so expected.

How will anybody live without being able to talk to tsuchi


Dont be mean


hmmm, never been there

did it taste good at least?
I really wanna try some japanese restaurant in the area called Sapporo Ramen

I'm just waiting


Not really. I don't like most Chinese or Japanese food, so I'm not the best judge.

How even

I'm just a terrible human being.

Fair, fair


Can confirm

Asahi Black > Sapporo Import (not Premium, that's garbage) > Asahi Super Dry > Kirin Ichiban



thats gay



You already know

So is your face


Hello, pot.
Meet kettle.

Tsuchi is gay
Soto is gay
All of you are gay

I'm the only not gay here

idk why I'm here even what


You're gay too, Fag. q:^)


oh :(


I don't though.

Enough. No more one word replies Tracer, alright?


I don't know if you're legitimately bothered by anything or not.
Either way, ask Guero. I've removed him countless times.


sad sadface


Echo :^)

lmao nerds


I have slept for 3 hours in the last 2 and a half days don't judge me.

That is not healthy

Keep it up

Hey, fuck you.
Don't listen to Colbs.
Sleep never.

Pinning down a guy who looks like a girl and then kissing his neck and collarbone while he reaches in your pants and you start taking off his clothes and then make him start sucking you off while you pull his hair and ask him if he likes it while he just nods with his mouth full and murmurs out a "mhmm" then you shove him off you and turn him around and thrust it in him and start biting his neck again while you make him beg for your cum till he finally begs enough you pump him full of cum isn't gay

I didn't say he shouldn't do it

but he really shouldn't


it is

ya u fukn gay

says the boy who loves bumbum

Well, you're still a faggot and smell like piss.

I'll cry


No, it's not, wasn't by choice.

I'll be sleeping in 2 hours like a baby.

But I'll di-
You asshole.

Shut up Subtle you're more in denial than Grim and Lenko combined

Nigga tell me when you find Narnia in that closet you're locked in

no matter how dom you are or how girly he is, it is gay

dude what
soto that's so gay

Nice line how long have you been sitting on that one ^^'

This is the part where I type smug text emoticons to show that was my goal all along.

Well would you look at that, someone says a lot of gay shit and elma pops up.

That is the joke.




I take multiple two hour naps or try to

oh you too?

pls no


too late nerdo I've already started

How's it been?

I hope your wiener gets ripped off the next time you stick it in the vacuum.

Today's yuri releases.


But Subtle has never been overly subtle about his homosexual tendencies.

Not all that fair to compare him to those two.

You devils spawn you..

Everything would be a lot easier if it didn't collide with work.

Beyond that. not too bad, you?

firefug is so laggy

I might start playing overwatch again and i'm gonna play nothing but Hanzo and record the people who get upset.

Doesn't mean you should do it

Why'd you do that, dummy?

Not too bad considering I guess.

o ok gl butt

do u speak from personal experience

Thought that was Darwing


I'm Christ himself, sent to clean the world.


Everything has been more consistent than my sleeping schedule. Gym, work, come home and play games. How have you been?

Time management. Simple as that.

I literally just came up with it

Pretty good though, right?

I dont want to be mean to you or whatever but you trigger me sometimes

ecks dee

Did you forget who I am

Its not gay if you enjoyed it :^)

Expect less than nothing.

A bit, yeah I guess. Soto :stopgay:.

tis not gay to enjoy a good tale, but the enactors are


firefox is fucked

from what I've seen since I started playing again nobody even cares anymore because it's so common

I'm okay.


I just remember the scene from Scary Movie.


I have the Hanzo that was raised by wolves.



I miss Merry.

Does everyone want me dead now

Wasn't intentional, I had to stay up all day one of those days for work, after that I couldn't sleep and now I had to as well but I'll have some time to nap in the car soon.

I can try to force my body to sleep when it doesn't feel like it but I have only so many sedatives..

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I have it but I choose not to use it.

It's not like you could do anything to help, so I shan't bore you.


I'm just trying to get him comfortable with his sexuality


He's already in there so why not just get comfortable with it? Nigga just gets pissed at me instead lmao

This is what happens when you try to be nice

Try looking at less blue light before you want to sleep. Works wonders.

Sometimes the best help is just listening and not necessarily doing anything. Albeit if you ask I could give you my two cents.


the characters are starting to add up

It's just getting used to feelsy stuff regarding relationship.

I don't think he's actually gay though I think he's more James Franco kinda gay.

Time and effort.

thnkx mt

so does every other tryhard hanzo
it's shit

All his other skins are shit.

No shit.

It's like this weird spirit link though. Hard to describe other than "helpless"

I wanna fuck Carrot.

No need to snap fam. But it's as if you already have it under control.

Kill yourself.

What do you mean? The second part.

just use his default
or one of his blues


he sounds like a kid tho


Okay, what?

Why dont you just filter me?

That would solve all your problems

Or pray the gay away

Oh okay, so like comfortable enough to kiss a guy and touch a dick but not gay enough to fuck a trap

That's fine

It may or may have not been based off a true story :3

Alright that's enough for today.
Time to pack it up boys


I meant that you know what to do. You know what the situation is like and how it makes you feel. Shouldn't be difficult for you to tackle whatever comes at you.

if I ever learn to draw Imight make a poppytroll looloo morry and sistercat crossover


NO those are worse the dog head one.

Who are you even talking about ?

Carrot has the same voice actor as Luluco

I am moving up to inspections after training sometime this month or in March. Once the new thing where they increase your pay for what you are able to do I will have a slight raise as well.

Okay, okay.

Birthday coming up soon..

I don't have a problem
And filtering people that aren't spammers isn't something I'd do

I just want her to be happy. Like.. more than anything lol it's stupid and mushy feels. I feel so autistic ugh


I do not understand what you are trying to convey to me.


Embrace it, goober.

exclamation: okay

used to express assent, agreement, or acceptance.


Do not be a smart ass.


embrace your autism


Umm... no?

Goddamnit Elma stop being so clingy.

Then quit being a sassy faggot every time I joke around about you being gay

Grow some bollocks and take a fucking joke

Send help

The only help revy needs is the kind you get in asylums.

You do not give me much to work with.

maybe you should get better taste

You don't mean sassy, you mean sensitive

are we talking about the same things


But I already have better taste than you.



He doesn't give anyone much to work with

That's his thing

He makes you dig deeper with no promise he'll disclose anything

Elma you had one job


I just showed you who I was talking about.

Are you offering? :^)


Just think of all the good that will come from it. You can write an autobiography and sell it to these losers here. :^)

What did he mean by this ?


I will now be ceasing this conversation.

I am not really interested in him so I am not really worried about that.
I have had enough interactions with tread enigmas.

Can you cut to the chase?

I wouldn't go that far lol

but what carrot


I meant you're a fag

those examples hardly looks professional

Sure, I have noodles :3

heads or tails

Nobody here really does. Save for emma maybe, but that's a BIG maybe.



I'm just an observer, I've observed him a lot and established a general pattern so I imparted that information to you

Whatever you choose to do with it is your own business


lol didn't your parents raise you to be tough?

Shit, at least you have yours lmao

You're just gonna get stepped on and taken advantage of if you keep being that sensitive

But who knows maybe you're into that
You are pretty subby
Its your name for fucks sake

you too if you want the same :)

Can I do you?

Go for it

The one on the right looks like RPGM, honestly.

Like one of the ones I've worked with, but I can't quite place it.

Will you tuck me in and put me to bed?


We both know you're LYING. AHHHHHHHHHH


The rabbit is named Carrot.

You've said this a lot.

What do you mean?

The one on the left looks like a really shitty flash game circa 2008

Everyone here is a quitter.

Have I?
I hadn't noticed


come back to discord ;w;

Don't wear it out

Bebop I'm all for Tails

I promise I won't ban anyone but Sci and Socks

She made me quit smoking, does that count?

Your ass has enough stamina.

Try and be more original.

I think people can develop a sensitive personality regardless of how their parents raised them

Well, I need to sleep too

Let's go now, then.


Yes, that's something to be happy about!

I mean there's a wide variety of times stuff like that would show up as low effort games

Would you stop taking soto seriously already.

I can't, I'm awful
What do I call you instead?

I'm more upset about the celebrity deaths in 2017 honestly because they took out my nigga gabe

subtle sensitive because he's fat


Does it? It hasn't been tested

Doubt intensifies.

i was talking about the super buff fighter dude



We can test at AX.

Too fast

"You're just gonna get stepped on" sounds like drunk advice, I think he's srs

Don't know who that is.


Echopls, no bully Elmers.

I mean I'm still a huge softie and pretty sensitive at times but you have to know where and when its okay to be like that

On the internet on an imageboard full of assholes is not a appropriate place to be sensitive

I'm just saying.

We all have our slip up, like I'm sure you remember when I got drunk as shit and went full Sad Boys on you.
Just dont let it happen all the time

Well, I want to go to bed.
But this bwaka is up way later than he should be, and it worries me.

Is it even bullying if I have no idea what he's even talking about?

what is the "foreign" tag on letterbox supposed to mean


that's echo and not emma?

hahaha, literally cannot tell the difference

they're both such pansies

5:30 GO TO BED

kakarot ?

You've already done this.

We've already had this whole conversation once before.


How was I supposed to know that ?

You're coming this year confirmed?


I would be the best mod cause honestly I wouldn't moderate shit even if people did shit that would be ban worthy


Either everyone got banned or no one got banned

Simple as that
No preferences just straight delete thread and a 3 day time out

Possibly, no clue to be honest, I just felt like it was negative.

Only 6:41 am, plus I'm drinking, you don't have an excuse.

Clearly I am the newest active poster and thus is should fall to me.
What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Quite a bit.

I have to stay up for work
Why the fuck are you drinking on wednesday night



time for bed


I'm not you cunt.

I'm not including you in this because it wouldn't be fair

I will however flip for you

Oh god
It's getting earlier

Well if you're not I'd ask the nazis every time I'd have to do something. q:^)

isnt he the default carrot?


Yes. Exactly.

I don't actually care if you include me or not.

Curiosity begs me ask, why wouldn't it be fair?

Nice meme
Why? There aren't any repercussions

I'll go soon! You should save yourself


hahaha nice meme

Why does everyone think I will ban people the second I become a mod?

All that will do will just get my shit taken away for a shitty laugh
Its honestly not worth

A good amount of the people on here are assholes though

The only repercussions are people taking advantage of you being sensitive
That's pretty bad imo tbh

Well then.
Because I'm being a failure currently.

I curtsy to Yharnam every time I see her

I don't know why

All hail our new overlord.

Thanks, Bebo.

Ah, fair enough.


I linked you, you asswipe.


Subtle, this isn't /lewd/ or /imouto/

I'm sorry we can't be a fluffy hugbox for you

subtle is a fluffy hugbox


I'm not even going to make jokes about your height out of spite.
I'm simply going to say nothing because I'm a bigger man.

probably because she isn't

missed you, buddy

Fight the power.

I'm gonna go ahead and delete my reply I was typing out

You kicked me out of a discord last time you had power over anything.

lmao no, I just like bothering him

i know man i just like bothering you

I remember alice went apeshit wayback when somebody used "they"


who even is that


The fuck?

When was this?
That probably wasn't me
I rarely ever use discord.

Gomen gomen

I was just real talking

The fuck?

When was this?
That probably wasn't me
I rarely ever use discord.

Gomen gomen

I was just real talking

if they arent relevant then i dont care to bow

It was you. You spoke to me on the voice chat. It was early last year I think.

Guess I'll switch it up and post lewds

Some trap

Those were the fucking days man

I'd give it a week tops, she'll probably do relevant things soon enough.

He doesn't even post.
Bebop is just doing whatever his weekly/monthly autism about trying to get someone to acknowledge he's the admin.
It gets him a (You).

Holy shit dude, I can barely remember what happened last week let alone last year

Sounds like you've been holding a grudge or something

Even if I did its just Discord
No one ever uses that shit, its garbage
Get over it fam

i can't believe bebop has made another mod!
oh no! what will happen
oh no how can we survive??? how will we ever carry on with another irrelevant person as a mod ? ???????????


Oh well.

But that's like gender-neutral.

It was just an example of you doing what I said.

You're cucking yourself by not answering

I've banned you enough


I had been thinking about it for months and something finally made me just feel like doing it today. Nothing more than that but you can believe what you want. If I wanted more you's I would have just kept going on and on making people guess even though they can just look at it.

Call her gay and say she weighs like 100lbs. I bet you'll get a kick out of it.

Wow. Alice the retard is now in charge.
Hail our new Führer.


watching dragon ball and have this on second monitor so I missed it, WHOOPS.

I think that was the issue

missed it? if you have such a distraction then why did you respond in less than a minute? lmao

Sometimes it's best to not try and make sense of things.
It's usually disappointing and inane.

god i wish i cared enough

Iwanna hug subtle

The drama this is creating is absolutely mediocre.

Make it post.

I just have discord minimized.

that's the thing, you don't have to lmao

I'm sure you were here the other day when I said I hate that shit and do my best to not involve myself in it.

This had nothing to do with Discord

same tbh

This yes, but what you said before that it does. You said something in discord and I missed it.
stop shit posting and play siege



I missed it.

And wouldn't believe it.

What is the point of this move, in your narrative of not wanting drama?

How's A7X?

Gender neutrality?
That's kind of odd if you ask me.

Who doesn't?

I was talking about the coin flip.
I'm a professional multitasker

Long day from work, just got home with a headache


But why had you been thinking about it?

Why does this non-entity need to be a mod?

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

Should probably take aspirin for that.
Just drinking the night away.