[X] Wash the NEET

[X] Wash the NEET
[X] Feed the NEET
[ ] Love the NEET
[X] Cover the NEET in butter
[ ] Pet the NEET
[X] Cut the NEET in small bite size portions
[ ] Care for the NEET
[X] Cook the NEET
[X] Have dinner party with the NEET as the main course

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I God I actually posted a song about fucking subtle in the ass

That happened

Just kill me

Always having to repost.

We will just find out by making your life into a reality show.

cannibalism is not okay

That's pretty grim ;-;

why neighbours terror doin a friogen?

Saying he lives below me and can hear me walk about and I should get carpets.

It'd be a whooooooole lot of me workin'. :P

Wassa madder?

That makes me sad. You gotta take of them, Beebo.

Scuisin' for a bruisin', ya squishy punk.


Fuck em

It's newsprint. They'll all have faded in a year or two.

feed me milk and pet me

Suckle my breast.

I only got semi skimmed.

milk doesnt come from there

dont skim me

Suckle my almonds.

Don't worry, they're activated.

Cannot be any worse than the Kardashians.

almond milk?

Time to get skimmed.

Oh look people still post here.








"It is just arcade."
The continuing excuse for every bad Overwatch player now in arcade.

At least they don't sit in the base for no reason.

Well. It isn't ranked.

Dat pub life tho

Fair point. Got funny though, we played the same people the next match and since they were on the other team we stomped them.
Made them leave.

The massive cancer that it is in that game.

its called defending

And crossdressing

Bad Loco! Everything gets put on the fridge with a magnet! EVERYTHING!

I'mma get implants so I have a big Kardashian butt.

What'd I do?!

Who is your fave dota hero?

Don't look at me.


It was pretty good for how inebriated you were!

Or wait for something to get to the flag and use their D.Va nuke on them.


*blows a spit bubble*

It's mostly drawings of naked people.



What are you up to today darlin?

didn't post a pic or webm of you plugging boipussy.

it is the easiest way to play bastion or symmetra


You give the world too much credit.

I love being a big, dumb, tanky support.

If there is an incentive to win, a reward, then it matters to win.
I could accept the whole I am getting better with this hero or just in general by training in arcade or qp essentially. That is still a shit thing to do to the players that have to be on your team however it at least is a valid excuse.
The problem is they do not even try so there is no way they are using it to get better.

Then we would know for sure that you were the one catching!

Thanks bae.

Playing Mercy but mostly only using the gun.

I'd take a Mercy who only uses their sidearm over a Mercy who stays on their laser and barely uses it.

Have you tried Pit Lord? He's like undying, but, y'know, good.

Yeah, but Underlord requires, y'know, teamwork.

If we are still talking about who I think we are, they only used their sidearm.
From what they said at least.

eh I get it.
I just dont find it constructive to get myself in a tizzy over another player's form/ability.
just me.

"vile girth"

Yeah me too





It's gonna be yuge!

Work work work. The usual. You?

Ok. I have to hand it to you. That's hilarious.

Maybe we Brokebacked!

Dota has the girthest of heroes.

How are those Jhin games going, Master?

That is why I come here, it helps to vent frustrations.
Like I told Rin, the person I was with and I went on to then slam our failure of team when we got put on the opposite team next match. So it is not like it bothers me to some huge amount. I just like to voice my displeasure and opinions.

Sounds hot, wanna go to the mountains?

I haven't actually played league in a while, but if I did, they would probably go bad since I'm bad

Subtle can I call you master too

I thought the whole purpose of playing videogames was to have fun.
If you're having fun, who gives a shit how you're accomplishing it?

I want to play with you and be victim to your vexation.

Dying. Heh. just been chilling mostly. Work been chill?

Um.. no

The purpose is to GET ELO!!!!

eh its fine


J-Just the two of us?

Hah what a fag.

Perhaps with someone else if we want to win.


Where's Neru ;;

She's posted a PotG webm where she was on her heal gun and was barely healing anything at all.

If we're indeed talking about the same person.

Oh, was that from the same game? Cause if so their explanation of what they did and the potg do not fit together.

Oh, we do not want to win, then.

Will you let me bury my head in it and suffocate.

True. I also like support axe.

It's fun though!
If you don't mind aram I could ask emma

You can play with the intention to win but still have fun by using whatever the hell you feel like to the best you can, like picking Ana to just sleep dart people and teabag them. Or Sombra to just keep hacking and teleporting away. Or Junkrat/Pharah and just never stop spamming everywhere, all the time, especially with your concussion mine/rocket. You're being intentionally annoying but it's still somewhat advantageous to the team.


What did she mean by this?

I find any of those options acceptable.

Wh-what are we gonna do on the mountain? :P

It was until a little bit ago. Now rush rush rush.

Ok, but use your tongue while you're down there. When I feel it stop, I'll know it's time to get up.

Same game?
As the one they threw? Doubtful.


Forgive me. I am a little slow on the uptake today.

It has green slime on it.

G-geez. That made me smile.

♥ It's ok, Duber. I'm just bein' a dweeb.

Good! Smile some more. ♥


Hot things. Like make spicy as heck chili.

That is what I meant, they said in the thrown ranked game all they did was shoot as Mercy. I mean really it does not matter both ways of playing Mercy are not at all helpful.
Only somewhat healing or just using the sidearm.

You've a knack for being adorable.
Hm. I'm tempted to wath/attempt to watch Fantastic Beasts or the latest Bourne Movie... Which? Or both?
I should both right?
Psh. Are you finding your feet a little better at work?

I think I've used up all my smiles today.

Sorry for talking about myself so much. I'm just in an awful place right now. How are you?

Fantastic Bournes and How to Find Them

Then I am waiting on a reply from her :x

loco my one and only!

My perspective's biased, since I only play Mercy, so only using the sidearm means they're at least doing something.

Only somewhat vaguely healing would mean they aren't even doing that much, since I have a thing for full health bars.

That's pretty neat

what do i even wear?

I asked Neru just in case.


Smart cas!

Hopefully not coffee.


She said gimme 10 mins and sure

I vomit at least once a week.

so a suit but without the blazer?


Pastel floral print summer dress with straw bonnet (+ribbon and daisy) and flats

Accessorise with oversized shades and bracelets. Remember to accent one side for assymettry.

Yeah, I think that would be appropriate

Something flannel, skinny jeans, and a shitty beanie. Also, gauge your ears and talk about how everything mainstream is shit and how you were born in the wrong generation.

i hope you are feeling wonderful dear!

Better to be overdressed than under. First impressions count. You want to look serious.

Same, but my gall bladder is failing me.

whats worse is its a bloody web dev job too

figured as much. would you say a suit sans blazer is suitable? i do have a navy blue vneck sweater i could put on top, but i dont know if thats appropriate.

Scratch that. Go dressed as Punished Snake.

So you just gag and look like you're getting face fucked by a ghost?

ahhh im gonna hire some great singers to serenade you! the best!

Punished Trump

That sounds like a good option.

Why aren't there full hijab skins for Pharah and Ana so they're properly Sharia?

a n i s e milk~


Crocs /w white socks
Cargo pants
MLP T-shirt
Trench coat
Fedora /w feather

And then bile goes everywhere. The end.

Business casual and slacks

The sidearm is as useful in most scenarios as Genji throwing long distance spread shots. Barring that you only play against retards that stand still.
You would be better off damage boosting someone else in that time.
Unless you are the last one alive in which case it really matters little what you do. Survival would still be better than trying to one man as Mercy.

Get on!!

backless sweater


Oh, yeah, okay, I see.

I bet that feels amazing.


which server are you nogs on

We are playing ARAM, though.



oh carry on then

ban and subtle! my best friends in the world! i hope you days were excellent!

You just do not want to play with me, huh?

neru, sweetness, you are looking gorgeous!


aram is bakas
not even reddit meme mode

Ana and Zen are far better to mix damage and healing.

It's Sci

Ofc it's bakas you have to play something other than lulu :3


? ? ?

The way you'd expect a slurry of acid and mucus flying up you throat to feel. So amazing.

y e s
tummy's are godlike okay

koume tummy

where is that scamp loco? brilliant boy!


That's not what I'm arguing.




How about using your big girl words instead of pouting and hoping people will ask.

oh wow hypnotized

These are getting far too lewd.
I would bury my tongue in that navel tho

Welp, I am off to have a smoke and get some food



That's bullying.


1, 2 - More Fire Emblem
3 - Skyrim
4, 5 - Tales of Berseria
6 - Animu

Right, I forgot about the victim complex.

Enjoy Gabriel Dragon Explosions!

Rolled 2 (1d6)Forgot the die.

7 - tuck me in


found it on some weird website

I am not sure what exactly you are trying to say but I figured it was which of those two styles of Mercy is worse.
Both are equally as bad.

Enjoy gem

I just watched Kono Suba 5.

Just have Akiba Strippers left for what came out today.

You can't roll a 7 on a 6 sided die!!!!111

That's exactly what I was saying, but it was more of a "If you're going to be bad at Mercy, one of those contributes more than the other."


tuck me in anyway
ill go brush

Rolled 3 (1d6)1 - Witcher
2 - Animus
3 - MCM
4 - Other YouTube crap
5 - Witcher
6 - idk go take a warm shower

I haven't yet! Too busy with Witcher :3

Izzat other show good?

MCM it is :3

Fair enough.
Just seems like the same level of pain in the butt for the rest of the team, so I do not really differ the two in my own mind.

Akiba's Trip?

I've been enjoying it.

Youjo Senki?

Fucking yes.

Yeah, but if there's a dedicated Mercy on the team as well, then the sidearm only shitty at least isn't screwing you out of healing.




So wait, do you mostly only play Mercy? I know this is a bit of a subject alteration but the way you were talking about seeing the full health bars made me wonder.


Wait which



Wait, what?

Yeah I am going to completely honest, I somehow read that entire thing before and missed that part entirely.
My eyes have failed me. Gotta drink bleach now.

How many/much drugs/alcohol a day do you consume?

Which hentai do you recommend

at least 3

He injected a whole alcohol.

It happens.

Some people here would flagrantly deny having misread it.

I don't hentai, so Akiba's Trip.

Thanks :3

a ten bag every two days and maybe enough alcohol to kill a baby elephant over the weekend, butI don't like boozing anymore.

Seems too low.

Straight into his dick vein.

I'm gonna be totally honest, I can never comprehend what you're saying or why you're saying it.

My brother just rolled up with some Napa Cabbage from our garden

I like to feast and sleep.

I was retarded before the alcoholism and the drugs.

Someone decide for me now, Girls only in Sacred Stones hard, or should I actually use units for their stats?

God I wish that were me.

You want me to pump your cock full of booze?

Yeah, probably cause most people here are smarter than me so the pride thing kicks in. Thanks to not being too bright I have grown to experience no problems with admitting I have some really fucking dense moments.
Cannot always be right. However it would be nice if I was. lol

You grow vegetables yourselves?

The first. Whatever it is.

You deplorables need Allah.

Oh yeah, daddy.

Fair enough.
Like, you know how there's the trying to hard to be crazy on the internet people like that Socks dude?
You're just incoherent, like you just on somewhere on the spectrum.

Don't do that.
Your smol body couldn't handle that amount of alcohol.
You'd die.


Fair dues.

The first is a challenge run where you're only allowed to use female units. It locks you out of a few amazing classes, IIRC, and half your party will have sub-par growth rates, so it starts out a bit harder.

But with a bit of luck, you'll end up getting really strong and be able to just steamroll the game.

I could use Myrrh but Myrrh's basically useless since, unless you exploit glitches, she can only use her dragonstone which can't be repaired.

We've always done that like ever since I was a kid, its a nice life lesson on nurturing your plants and after a couple of months you get to see how much they've grown and then you eat them

Its great.

Depression/anxiety maybe?
I dunno. Horrid things tend to make one horrid.


can i be on the spectrum

That's like my family only we had rabbits

Everyone is on the spectrum, that's why it's a spectrum

No pansies allowed.

Poetic, huh?

Then yeah do it thee harder way. Just beast mode the entire game regardless of how hard it is.

That is quite neat. Good for you and your family.
Totally would try doing that if I trusted the people that could come by and fuck with the garden.


You have the 'tism already.

That isn't hard.

Even if Eirika isn't as strong as her VASTLY superior brother, Ephraim, she is still one of the lords that doesn't have fucking rubbish stat growths. coughcoughroycoughcough

She's just a slightly heavier Myrmadon, which means she'll hit and crit more.

And you don't get a second female unit until three or four chapters in, which means she gets a lot of early EXP.

Oh.... Well is it at least a fun way of doing it?

I enjoy it.

Most of my favourites are the girls so I don't miss out a lot, but you have to make more annoying choices.

Like, I usually end up making Amelia a Great Knight now instead of a Paladin.

It's slower, and, IIRC, doesn't hit as hard, but it's a lot tankier, which helps a lot since you get a lot of squish squish besides her.


but what is business casual?

thanks fam


Then I will keep my answer, do it that way.

Well our shit is in our backyard and its safe back there
We even grew weed once

Not gonna lie, Rabbit is fucking delicious but when I saw how my grandma killed and skinned a rabbit it made me really sad

Then again I was a huge softie back then

Usually you'd want to make her a General, so she gets great shield, a skill that makes her JUST NOT FUCKING CARE ABOUT WHAT'S HITTING HER 20% of the time.

I go paladink because I'm rubbish at the game and like to hit harder.


Not really dressed up completely but presentable. Jeans/khakis and collared shirt or a dress shirt, potentially with the sleeves neatly rolled up, and sometimes dress shoes but nothing too informal.

Can I marry into your family?

Is this that jrpg you mentioned before?

I can't be THAT bad, right?
Socks is legit insane, he once told he trapped his nemesis' soul in a pitbull terrier.


Got an interview this quickly while still in education?

He's not really insane. He just does that internet edgelord thing of just spewing whatever nonsense constantly for whatever reason that's too autistic to comprehend. It's just text diarrhea.

You're just incoherent, like there's logic in it to you but it doesn't make sense to someone else. As in there's reasons for what you say and why you say it, they're just not really discernible.

Oh my

the jeans kind of sounds like a bit of a no go for me tbh fam

yup, i got given the details from uni, got in contact, filled out their stubbed solution test, then they arranged an interview. its been about 3 weeks in all i think.

Depends on the context, really. Super formal jobs to begin with just have business casually mean ditching a tie. Less formal jobs have it mean not wearing the usual slacks.

Tales of B something.

Oh you're finished with uni now? :3

Tales of Berseria.
No, this is Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.

i just dont like the idea of going to work in jeans, it seems entirely inappropriate to me

nope, still got a semester and the bulk of my final year project left to do

im gonna have to really step up my game tbh

Oh! Okay that explains a fair bit.

I can't fucking summon my waifu

I'm already here


so, like, an internship?

It might be an American thing.
Business casual in office settings means pretty much anything that still looks presentable/fashionable and appropriate.
A lot of times it's jeans, dress shoes, a dress shirt and potentially a tie or blazer depending on the person. Shirt is still always tucked in regardless.

kinda, but not really. more like a part time job

gilg do/did you have/had an office job

turn into a dragon then

What if you waifu is (You)?


Part-time uni too then I suppose?

Still some sense to nonsense!

full time in name only, 3 hours a fucking day tops still

I'm gay for myself?


ah plenty of job time! :3

good luck tomorrow!

Kinda miss posting Spike.

Technically yes but I rarely have to go in to do anything. If I do show up, it's usually in cargo pants, Converse, and some button up shirt untucked and with the sleeves rolled up. It's also not a super formal office and the owner usually has on shorts and work boots. It doesn't really pay well but it's easy to accommodate school with.

It's just too tryhard.

Who isn't gay for themselves?

i read something about songs of subtle getting fucked in the ass. where

What, me?

Until you reminded me I had forgotten that I had used the avatar at one point.

Is it cheating to use the only thief I've gotten to pop these chests even though he's male?

You acquiesced to Aeris's demands like a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are Christopher, that is. I can never tell.

is masturbation gay ?

thanks, heres hoping it all goes well

Kinda miss Christina Grimmie

No, that retarded Socks dude.

Only if the balls touch.
Which they always are.


That was me

It was just a quickie

I can't help being a pacifist at heart.

Who the fuck is Christopher

Why would it be?!


You said you were edgy.

Some asshole.

Because I'm only supposed to use female units in this "challenge."

I forgot how easy FE8 is.

It's an act to hide my gentle, conscientious nature.

i keep falling asleep when i shouldnt need to sleep
am i depressed?

Quit stealing my webms you nigger

I dunno...
That shit is too crazy even for me.

You should kill yourself regardless.

I can't stop crying.

Cash me outside, how bow dah

guess i'm gay

FE is garbage btw

Kanra will come back soon.

kazuma is my waifu

I want to go swimming in Lulu.


Cash Me Outside girl is my waifu

I thought you were already aware of that fact.

It's like the shitty parts of a VN (terrible plot, horrible characters that are just to jerk off to) without even subpar H-scenes to redeem it for 30 minutes.

I want to go flying in Tanya DegurecHaff .

That meme triggers me so much lol

How's life Chris
Oh yeah my name won't stay put on this shit. Im that one Guatemalan guy

and now to refresh my brain on JavaScript and JSP

I didn't know I was ACTUALLY gay though.

I thought it was all a joke until just now.

I want to go swimming in Pyrrha Nicos. Oh wait....


1 != 1 === true

Grim can explain this.



Wanna come in my crazy cabin in the woods?

muh civic nationalism

what the fuck is even the point of the "===" anyway?

My family is embroiled in stupid levels of drama. There's been a family feud going on years, and now with my grandmother's funeral coming up it's coming to a head.

I'm pretty removed from it all in terms of the facebook bitching and screaming, but I hope to not see my aunt any time soon, as she has made both my mother and sister cry. I'm a bit too angry to put up with her.

This sounds sexual.

*going on for years


The last one before this shit mobile one was even more of a disapointment than Fish lmao

Makes sense

You do have shit tastes lol

How rude
30% of my brain still works, mind you.

I just dont like games, mobile games are even worse.

Totes isn't.
Unless you want it to be

It's to be VERY VERY sure!



Abuse me so i can jack off


Don't make me spank you.

Don't make me spank your balls.

Everyone please watch this, it's important !

God I wish that were me.

I guess that's fair.

Fire Emblem is predominantly not mobile.

Ew fucking gross.
I can't stand breathing... or whispering.

I want to a bronies cabin in the woods once.

He had a boat and shit

aah, type coercion
fuck javascript

The spelling of these names. Jesus.
Are any other different than what you would expect?

my balls are not for slapping


I know that Rin
Come on, I'm not that stupid

I have a brother that likes that series and plays every game
I have borrowed it and tried to get into it but it just isn't my cup of tea

Yeah dude I sorta feel ya

My family sorta separated cause of some arguing so my older sis moved out and took my lil sis and niece with her so its quiet af here
Now its just me my little brother and my grandma

Do you think your aunt will end up going?

I dunno man
I think he just put big words together for his speech and hoped it sounded legit


It's looking like there's going to be two separate funerals.

You're underestimating how bad this spat is. The womenfolk are ready to kill eachother.

How do you mean?

I had to be sure, since you were calling special attention to mobile games.

I'm Redfield.

Crow being Qrow.

dont make me get the slipper


Why tf do they hate each other so much

Not really.

Qrow is the only super weird one, the rest you just have to remember that most aren't english names.

at this rate theyll be for belting

Fair point. Qrow's name is just going to mess with me for a while now.


stay out of this Subtle

Its so weird hearing that name on here

I know a chick irl that legally changed her name to Qrow and dont laugh at me but I didn't know that was the name of that one chick from RWBY

I'm sorry my taste is better than yours :^)

Holy shit thats pretty bad

It must be pretty bad since you're pissed at her and you're like the most neutral guy I know

When my grandma got really sick a few years back they argued a lot about managing her care, and then it got personal. A lot of insults and not inviting each other to holidays and weddings and both sides of the family being convinced the other is trying to steal everything they can from my grandmother's estate.

I mean, my father makes a good point about how my aunt has never given him some things from my great aunt's will that was left to him. But I feel like if there wasn't so much bad blood at this point maybe that could have been sorted by now.


Yeah, sure.

Also, Qrow's a guy. :^)


I'd an old Qrow.
Would you?



hello friends~

sorry missclicked

It's irritating that it's still going on, mostly. It got too personal.


hello nezi

Qrow is the dude in this picture.

Rin having seen examples of your eriting I'd say you've never read a novel yourself a

This was the first great S2 episode.

i liked the lolibath episode



lmao I thought Qrow was a chick
The girl I know is pretty crazy though so I wouldn't put it past her to name herself after a guy from an anime

She feeds me Pho and gives me alcohol so it can't be all bad

Did you cuss her out?

Oh is he really?
Damn, I though that was just some random chick

Then again the Qrow I know is pretty damn weird, but nice

I dont play games tbh
Though I do read Light Novels ya baka
There are so many better things this season than that series, don't get me wrong Im still watching it.

Only thing I've dropped is Handshakers

Maybe I'm just too normie for you

But this is a full 24 minute episode without OP/ED and no shitty fanservice and deformed DEEN faces, but solid RPG-bashing humor and stuff :3

hi qt

currently assembling a chair :3

my neck and shoulders are super sore though so I wish I had a massage~

how are you doing? ^^

I haven't spoken to her in years. I've seen her about twice in that time frame, for the span of a couple minutes.

stopping up for half an hour then heading to bed

got an interview tomorrow :3


woof woof

hey spoilers!!

Damn dude

It sounds pretty crazy

Oops sorry!

Holy shit

Well at least your family isn't as fucked up as mine
There's always that

Oops I double posted

I srsly need some coffee

Rest in rip.

ooh, congrats! hope it leads to a job for you ~

what kinda work, if you don't mind me asking?

Time for more accidental igni

that grill is not a loli

That comfort food tho

But good cosplay.

I wanna eat comfort food with soto-kun

they shouldve found a loli for that job

I want to eat comfort food in Soto.

greetings friends

I wanna eat soto's intestines

I have a bear bowl, a chicken bowl, and a pig bowl

pick your bowl fam

Kuma-san is my fav
He's so kawaii
The bowls are tiny af tho

hi guero

Also okay, as long as it stays non-lewd!


nothing stays non lewd in my head

oh my bad for neglect
I wanna eat subtle's intestines too!

not legal!

can i eat yours

Have a bowl of Black Bean Paste and some bread with a pipping hot cup of coffee instead (black only)

Can't I just eat you out instead?

henlo nezi
helllo you stinky nezi
hows its goin

web dev

Guys I think Subtle hates me ;~;

You may not

Since when are you interested in Cosplay?

Get out of here fuckin poser

He wants you to eat his asshole like Desu used to.
Be his new Desu.

chicken bowl, duh. burd.

can i pat your head at least ;;

I want to eat subtle's                

everything is legal in imagination!

i dont like eating bean paste in excessive amounts
it makes my inner mouth feel drenched in cum

blocky black cock?

recommend me music pls
no weeb shit, anything else goes


does this count as weeb shit

I will get back up again


Are you the Pretty from like way back?
Dude its been ages
How have you been?

I have yet to post a pic of my burd eating out of the chicken bowl
It would be too cute to handle

I dont eat a lot of it tbh unless there's white rice then I go to town, I only like spread it on some bread and maybe add some kind of sour cream or fresh cheese or butter.

I was too lazy to make some eggs throw that in the bread
tbh I haven't been eating much, maybe I've been stressing out too much

I think all my "if you like traps you're gay, simple as that" comments got to him and he filtered me or just tries to ignore me


k ima go have lewd imaginations in ep 5 now

ive never eaten paste with rice only bread
i feel like rice wouldnt be as gud cuz it breaks apart in your mouth compared to bread

yes, and it also doubles as doodoo

my family is irish american
i know flogging molly

good taste for once tsuchi
my favorite song by them

Fight me.


Potato niggers go and stay go


u cant call it doodoo if u havent finished it
das agens da rools

Potato scum.

I will not bully you.

*knocks you over*

ill knock u up fam

God I wish that were me

You're going full Rin.
It's time to stop.

*stand back down*

Getting knocked up is.. something different

Memes are best when they're run into the ground.

Like Harambe. It wasn't funny until it was overdone.


i didnt even keep it open for two seconds because NEG is shit


No taste. None.

Well here's the thing we first boil black beans then throw em in a blender with a little bit of the water they were boiled in.

Then in another pot we fry up some chopped up onions and garlic then add some salt, smoked paprika, and a couple of other spices. Then we strain the blended beans into the pot and its very watery at this point which is the best way to eat it with rice.

We keep stirring them in med heat till they start thickening

What kind of genre are you feeling up to?
Something relaxing, something upbeat?

Just no metal
That belongs in the garbage





don't matta as long as it's good
upbeat i guess

Start a GoFundMe for a lab grown uterus to truly play out the meme until its end.


Sounds gay enough

idk i never make beans myself
my family arent lowclass slave tier

watch boku no hero academia its rly gud

soto. I'm cupcake


Hah gay.

the anime is ok
the manga was better

I dunno if you like rap
but here a white guy rapping
Was gonna link some jazz or someshit but I feel like you ain't about that life


This is what vapists truly believe.

funny how i've posted it a bunch of times and had it for a few days but never really heard the audio. I don't think I'll listen to that again. KEK


this was alright if not a little generic
feel free to link jazz man, i listen to fucking bossa nova
anything goes for me

enjoy your coal lung you fuckin' jag

Well I feel stupid now

Excuse me while I cover my face with a pillow and hide my embarrassment

We ain't really poor either but its just food we grew up eating and like its what we really like
The fact that its cheap just makes it even better

Case in point my comp is better than yours and I dont even use it to play vidya :^)


Kill me.


*E-rp's killing you*

Is that what gets you off baby


No, it's what releases me from this coil where literally everything is fucked.

cheers m8

Everyone who just mains one OW character is autistic in some way.
Genji/Hanzo mains are just retarded weeaboos.
Mercy mains are just fat faggot dudes that wish they were a girl so they healslut.



Reaper is a true display of skill.

oops I linked Miku trance instead

give roadhog mains an armchair diagnosis daddy


I know you've spent so much time getting cucked by trannies on the internet that you have an eternal seething rageboner for them but most mercy mains are like, actual girls that are just bad at video games.

Playing him without dying of boredom IS pretty skillful.

Reinhardt mains like myself are long-suffering men who want to die and never actually get to play the FUCKING VIDEO GAME

Why do you have an avatar of this

So I'm assuming all Luka plays is Mercy

You're not a genji main?

HE slays all the fucking monkeys though.

me irl

You're new so you wouldn't understand.

I dunno, I have a lot of trouble hitting lucio with him.

Wow don't be rude senpai.

I have more hours on Gengu. I had a few months where I didn't really play him at all. I've only gone back to playing him in the past couple weeks.


I don't think you even know aoi

I mostly play Roadhog, too. We're clearly just fat dudes.

>xD all healers/supports in a game are REAL GIRLS
Easy there, whiteknight.

Reinhardt mains are obvs Napoleon complexes.

I usually go Dad mode or play Pudge when I play OW

i guess its like ramen but healthier

Yeah the point is more that he's who you default to picking you weeb.

They sound gay.

That's pretty clearly not what I was saying, but okay.

I don't know what they look like but I think I would fuck them.

Only acceptable heroes are primarily recon mode Bastion, Soldier, or McCree

Learn to aim you shitters.

You'd fuck anything with a pulse and a cock.

How the fuck are beans like ramen?

Its nowhere near that
Ramen is godly

Except for cup noodles, that shit is garbage

You literally said they're mostly actual girls that play a healer.

i was talking about your stupid childhood comparison not taste

you plebeian. i bet you ate those beans cuz u had to unlike how i ate ramen cuz it tasted gud

I will not fuck Soto.

I didn't play him at all for like THREE MONTHS

You're white lmao

Everyone knows white people can't cook for shit unless they're like those obese country people
Even then white people are shit at making ramen, trust me.

That play mercy, specifically.
Specifically, I said because she's easy to play and they're shit. That's hardly whiteknighting, but okay.

Isn't he Asian, though

what the actual fuck
did you just call me white. im not one of those filthy sunscreen smelling skinned motherfucks.

Well I mean, does it count as fucking him if he's roofie'd you first?

genji or rien?


tbh the obese country people are worse at cooking than somebody who doesn't know how to cook

Your country's idea of good cooking is just completely fucked.


I just started playing him again when you started playing with us.

Clearly you needed to impress me with your mad weeb skills

He wont get the chance.

Draw the weebstick and teleport behind them.

That's very rood

You keep picking him and he's the only offense hero that's even vaguely playable on that ping

Sometimes the truth hurts.

This is why you say you're better without the ult.

You're on such high ping you just want to right click at range and pray, don't you

Why won't you go eat sushi with him?
Just because he said multiple times he'd use the opportunity to date rape you?

Guys I have a feeling Ban doesn't like me lmao





No trust me

My white friend Missy made some fucking godly shit this Thanksgiving.
It was oishii fam, trust me cause I know what good food is cause I can coo good shit too.
Just ask Ian

Wakarimasen fam


What are you again?
Are you a spic?

new thard wehen




I get up close.
It's just a matter of non-explosive projectiles being the things that work flawlessly, and there's only so many of those

nah mate you're fucking both asian and spic at once you can't cook for shit
You just drown everything in chili and coriander and call it a day

I guess I'll make one, if you want.

Joking about stuff like that actually scares people


Who woulda thought? lmao




















Yeah probably

Obviously the answer is to play more Hanzo and make me cry inside.

Pyuko. ;~;7

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