New one. creative op posts are for suckers

new one. creative op posts are for suckers.

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sure smells gay in here already

The falcons. Fuck Georgia!!!!
Lol cowboys bottled it

More like Overweight, amiright?

always sniffing me. pervert.

ha, gottem

Animal Planet has a Puppy Bowl. I bet my mom's going to watch it.

Sleeping didn't help, Cuppers. I'm still VERY angry!

You gonna watch it? Its been going a few years now :3

just need more time I guess. time fixes everything, more or less.

my nose is just very sensitive.
your gay odor just happens to be strong.

Why'd Tense have to come back? And why'd he have to turn into a fuckboi over the years?

I mean, tokai is used to being smothered in the pungent odour of faggotry.


I'm not going to get into this. I've learned long ago that I need to stay out of this kind of shit, because I'm usually friends with everyone involved and don't want to be caught in the middle choosing sides.

Should I keep playing Civ V or play Tropico 4?

raspberry does not smell faggy

noo that's not true!
I'll sniff only my strawberry hair now.

you are just so very gay

Maybe, but it gets kinda boring after a while, you know?


of course it depends how good the widow is

if they aren't getting any picks it's better to have them switch

definitely worth a shot though

I'm okay
gonna take a shower and then head to a super bowl party ^^

taking my cake I made with my gma to a party ~

got to talk to my cool aunt for a while today too on the phone, so that was nice

how about you?



True... now if it were kittens... how are your fur babies?

I wasn't tryna bring you into this. Sorry if I came off as doing so. I was 80% joking. I'll still love ya no matter what you think or believe.

I'm very manly, *sips beer*

fruits are healthy and cool!

You're a shit poster pony fag. Now act like it.

Cute! That sounds like a nice day. I'm doing alright. Just getting a few things done around the house.

They're in trouble for getting on the kitchen cabinet and destroying a new loaf of bread. They didn't eat it. They just tore it all to hell. So they're grounded to only being inside at night and in the laundry room.

oh, alright. well good. it'll be alright. just give yourself time to feel better.

can't make me.



don't bully, you're literally a girl!
and girls are way gayer

...but being on Trump's side isn't an option, though. You need to show 100% pure allegiance to him.

play meet n fuck

how long before the party?

I hat u.


Haven't played that in YEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRSSSS

trump is a buffoon. luckily for him, many of those most vocal against him are even bigger ones, so when it comes time to mock something, they are the ones who get my attention more often than not.

pretty sure you're the girl, girl.

i never played it

Hahahahaha little shits
Im missing my cat
I wonder what he is doing right now
Your kitties are so energetic XD


Either way, someone is getting bullied to submission on either game.


*looks in pants*


Get nerfed kiddo

I agree. At least Trump doesn't pretend to be a people pleaser.

You play it. Play all of them on Newgrounds


Give him pets when you get home for me, please. Maybe he behaved himself, unlike mine! They've been little bastards ever since we put them on better food. I'm thinking of switching back! (jk)


Trump is just wiping his arse with the constitution
Gj america

post sausage.


Hahaha too much energy
Not enough birdos
They're as wild as you Texas hun

just how you like it

wow way to be a bigoted piece of shit, tokai. girls can have penises, it's current year + 1.

I don't really care what trump pretends or doesn't pretend to be. he's too stupid to lie effectively, and he's actually doing what he said he'd do, which is the reason people voted for him in the first place. love him or hate him, at least the dude is keeping his campaign promises. 45 presidents and we finally get one that does what he said he'd do. what a time to be alive.

go eat a chew toy, ugly


can't nerf the all powerful

I knooow
but how do I see it then

don't worry about it. girls aren't meant to think anyway.

bring it, slut

This is real life now.

Plus, I always wanted to have my own island.


who the heck is that



but I think

Did you see the Trump Tracker? An entire website dedicating to keeping track of all his promises and whether or not he fulfills them. This should be an obligatory thing for every president and government official.


whoare you

do i know this character

Sci so desperate

well stop it.

well he's definitely setting a precedent for actually doing what the fuck you promised. hopefully that keeps up after his 4 or 8 years. in the past people just assume they won't do a damn thing they said, and for some reason we all decided that was acceptable.

you are a feg

eh, cant be fucked with vidya atm tbh fam

I'm the straightest woman here.

what do I do when not thinking

hey maybe i wanna make a friend! whats so wrong with that?

Find me thicc girls

you're the gayest dog.

what you're told, duh.

okay okay ill try



Hope he sets up those fag camps soon too. You are a very sick individual. You need help.


lmao i downloaded the hootie and the blowfish of the same name by mistake thinking it was this

Cupcake needs electricity therapy

yay I love drink
what now

hey what the heck this guys not talking to me

I know. I'm depraved. my lifestyle is a choice and I should be fixed~

get off my leg, pup

drink more. that's all for now.


You had one job.

Eww. I regret everything.

Mike "men who like cock get the shock" Pence.

I love you and just can't help getting it on your leg.

disgusting. I'm gonna have you fixed.

Why do you want to see my penis so badly?

You may be on to something. I haven't seen any kills lying around lately.

Mike "Choke the twink in the kitchen sink" Pence


no pls

can I have music

is it spoilers or something? i thought he was canadian.

then control yourself.

yeah of course. go for it.

Would you do me a favour, in exchange for pets on your behalf will you play with those monsters later? Make em huff

Hey, don't be sad.

Yeah, the United States has never had an honest president before, ever.

I'll chase them through the yard with the hose!


Make me.

it was pretty obvious hyperbole. the early ones I hear were pretty great. shame they were all dirty slave owners which means all the good things they did means absolutely nothing.

also, hello there, overly sensitive girl.


Hahaha it rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again

who is this fella

Ignore him.


gonna take you to the vet park, get in the car, boy.

I'll come visit you every day after your sessions so we can do a "test" to see if there are any sudden relapses.

No president has ever killed any innocent civilians too. Remember that.

It's not just going to be the vet is it?

Abraham Lincoln. Ronald Reagan. FDR. Theodore Roosevelt.

A ponyfag named Gamenerd.

can I have wine too



GN? What a fag

no, no. I wouldn't do that to you. we're going to the vet park to get you fixed some exercise.

It destroys my groceries and gets the hose up its butt!

Look! Kitties!

how does this joker already know not to talk to me? ppl are talking about me. creepy!


thank you test, I wasn't aware that decent people have been president before, because everything I ever say should be taken very seriously, as we all know I'm a very serious person.

that just sounds like you want to do gay things.

don't give me that look. get in the car.

i wonder if cupcake is so flagrantly irl... sad!


filthy images and videos.

Little bastards
Yay kitty march


He's here more than you think.

Trump is not decent, honest, or comparable to any of these people.

All of his best laid plans will go down in flames. I can't wait to see our relations with every country crumble, along with every penny we've made in foreign direct investment.

He's a real life business carrot who overestimates himself enough that other people jump on his hype train.

Noooooope, got a whole collection of squishy butts. I'm protected.

It's not gay if the prostates don't touch.

What is the best meat?

...go on...


ooh a lurker. rare!

you asked a poor question

i dont wanna go to school i just wanna break the rules

duuu dudu duu

oh my gosh what?


the rules get more lenient every time a new closeted person gets their hands on the rulebook it seems

no singing.

Those poor puppies! I hope they mauled mall Santa!

Yeah! β™₯




*hymns loudly*


How you doin on the day of the sarcastabowl, bae?

This reminds me
Tomorrow after work is an anime say.
Inalso need more kpop and jpop in my life.

With pleasure~

These are scientific findings that have been known for the past 600 years. You just keep getting fooled by the influence of crooked Hillary and lying Ted!


I'm a poor mind. ;w;


do you mean *hums?

someone needs to parental control your photoshop.

the only person I want to hear rules from is daddy pence. he's got an electrifying personality.


Yeah, pass.

uhm no
learn english


hey cupcake tell your friend i'm safe :)

Finish Undertale.

you're out of control. a madman.

what a weird thing to do

I will play more laaaater. I dun wanna right now. watching stuff. sunday is watching a bunch of stuff day.

just a little lower

I never walked back after finding Asriel.

*Mad dog

you're a weird thing to do

I'm ok. Just not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, ya know?

What about sodie pop?


I fucking KNEW IT

mad bitch.

on this we agree. no_bra cleavage&pid=42

one down one left


*one right from the left


did you tell him

n-no that's not the way it goes



shhhhh. no tears

too late. get agreed with, kid.

hey hey hey hey hey

Ye work is death incarnate.
Even when with good friends doing fun stuff, it gets to that point. Funny how that works.


You could have just SAVED OUTSIDE THE BARRIER ROOM, walked back and RELOADED at the barrier. But instead you saved at every save point along the way.

The TV is too loud
My feet hurt
I wish I was at home playing Witcher 3


I finished my drink

drink another.

How are you today?

If I reloaded it would be like I didn't talk to him.

sneak off to the bathroom and take dick pics

Flowey remembers everything regardless of whether it's been saved. He only forgets things if you do a true reset.

now you know how i feel. use it on me.

you are ruining my day!

I hope we leave at like halftime

b-but I might get tipsy

Got lots of Hex lewds tho.

I got a diet bepsi, u sodiepop??

But that wasn't Flowey.

that's the idea.


i didnt know fish was underaged???? what????

And the couch is all taken so I'm in this really uncomfortable chair


well okaii
Ill drink wine from the bottle cause im cool like that

wait what

cupcake i believed in you!

I'm 20 dude

good girl

I believe in people's inevitably destructive lustfulness.

Hex maniac best maniac though.

That was insensitive. I'm sorry.

Just water for me today. But it's tasty water!

I believe if I knew where I was going I'd lose my way.

You know
Call me weird
Ive always enjoyed water

Everyone here is like in their late 30s mid 40s

Dont lose your way 🎢

i'm 50


so what? youre too fake mentally ill to talk to some old normies? sad!

why is 3 Euro wine so good??

weird tits

im 19

huh? no. use the gun on me.

Oh god yes.

not. just me.

I'm 12 and what is this?

I was the one that meme was made about. Not lying.

Alright, had to go over some issues regarding a friend again last night. Kind of shit but things are things.

It meant at the superbowl party

4chan miracle

I just like saying my age


anatomy is hard.


and sabs is in her mid 50's and does GILF pr0ns

Fokin' hoomies.

It's the best! I need to make a pitcher with cucumber juice. Get it super cold and it's awesome.


I'm sorry. I hope your friend is ok.

ye tru

Like in the other guys
The cucumber gives it... a certain je n'ais c'est MWAH
πŸ₯’ πŸ’‹ 🍼

How absolutely patrician.

did you not even make it 6 seconds in?

yes. or post butt

I made it a minute ten.

Well it is more that is it not a friend anymore, honestly I think they are fine physically.

i dont know what to tell you.


Why aren't you watching the super bowl?

Wew hand egg

cuz blood-chan's gone

9/11 get

But I am Nii sama.

No she's not

:3 good

Atleast it isnt christina aguilera
She fukked up

w/e, to me she is.

Football is gay and stupid.

Is Mommy here?
Don't go outside.

The super bowl: where you can hear shitty female singers suck at singing the national anthem

The guy did really good though

no bully omg

(T) / F contact sports are gay

Contact sports are inherently hetero

Sci is afraid of taking a hit


yeah thats also true.

except from dicks.


George bush snr looks like skeletor

well he is

We got a metric ass load of snow up here.


Pomf. So what are we going to do during the sarcastabowl Nii sama?

And brady has the power

I was really looking forward to that water!


Can't work it out, huh? I'm sorry to hear that, but hopefully you can both move on. I've lost plentyof friends in the past decade. Now I'm down to a few close, trusted ones.

rip saddam

Hahahha oooooh I thought you said "bad cop/bad cop"


cry and eat food

Nope, they decided on that. So it is what it is.
Sorry you had to go through so much too, Sabs. Hopefully you never have to again.


not just gay

stupid gay

Julio a faggot

There is no reason to cry. Especially since I do not car who wins.

Get fucking rekt


who is this strong qt


am for other reasons but only inside. Idc who wins either, I just like a good game

wtf happened to you. faggot!

"It's Colombian drug lords!"
"Where Are You Getting That From?"

That's sugar! I'm sweet!

It's life. It shows you who your real friends are.

Are you quoting tlc????



Yeah, I rather drink than cry over things.

That it does, regardless of how shitty it is.

ohey if bloodchans not gone you should bring her here.


Would drink if I had anything :c

If all you're going to talk about is blood-chan then this can be the end of our conversation.

Don't want no scrubs.

Sweet, sugary sugar!


Want me a left eye fam
Gotta not waterfall

Now's your chance, Bebop.

Get stuff.

*hugs* Are you watching the sacastabowl?

Do it bebo

So tense

I already told you

I don't wanna miss the game now though! I'm sure I'll be fine
also that's a reaaallly good pic


lol no im not you just made me think of her


that fucking commercial


You can't call me Terry. When we're in the office, it's Captain.

Naw. I don't into sportball. I get bored, and the commercials are never funny these days.


Terry tate?


Taba Toot.

Hey, that ain't a bunny!

Baba booey
Kali ma

Hit 'em with the Heinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Beanz meanz heinz

Utz Means Nutz



Yay! Gimme more bunnies or you'll get some o' this!

Sabs, call me horrible, so I can use that as evidence against people who say I'm good people.

Rin is literally scum

Ruby is bae, some of the art for her too is just amazing. It is strange how a show with Reboot level quality for the first Volume or two has such a level of quality to the fanart.

I may or may not be just watching for the trailers from Marvel and DC. Like a nerd.



Ty, Scoots, but since you're a living meme machine I can't really use this as evidence.

I'm so confused as to what happened to that bunny
Is it dead?

It is okay, people with shit taste like yours can exist too.

Noooo! I can't do that! You're always so nice to me!

Lemme know if anything cool happens!

Yeah yeah! More bunnies! I need 'em to live!

What pokemon is this?

Fufufufufufuufuffu looking forward to a nap tomorrow :3

unfortunately, they freeze up out of fear when getting doused with water. Otherwise, it just looks like a wet rat.

I don't know, but the plants keep getting more sexual

why want to be horrible

Much to nerus delight

Well, drats.

I tried at least, how ya been?


Because I'm posting [literallyHitler].


but that just means you have to be mean to scoots.

I only enjoy watching trailers while at the movie theater. And even then it gets tiresome when every comic movie is the same.

Looks pretty horrifying
I'd just let my bunny be dirty and fluffy so I'd never have to see that

Hence my interest in the name of this vivacious green creature

Bless you, dear Rin


Drown bunnies



Will do, dawg. There was the Guardians of the Galaxy thing.
Was funny enough for a trailer.

Literally every movie is the same as another movie. Do not pretend that is something held only by comic movies.
That is just silly.


I read you only are supposed to fill it up to its butt and go from there. Then only like once a month or so and not very often at all.

I'll believe you if you can tell me how The Blues Brothers is the same as Schindler list.

They both have a beginning, middle and end. Credits. And a director.

I'd let Tsareena and Steenee run a train on me.
Why are these so fuckable

I'll just pass it off to whatever woman happens to be in the house because I'd probably own a bunny if someone else lived with me.

I did not say every movie is the same as every single other movie. Just of their genres.
It is very intellectually dishonest of you to compare complete opposites as some way to prove your point of not every genre having similar movies in the same genre.

Sweet, with such commitment to detail I can say Scoots is Hitler because he's in Europe.



They definitely can be nice. others though will growl at you. i had that happen to me before.

They look awful.

Says tje dig fucker
No kink shame


There was never mention of genres, and leaving such things to assumption lies on your fault. If you say it's because of that lack of foresight to see such an evident subject, then I can go back on my comment on comic book movies all being the same referring to just them being on the same genres, and your repetition of the fact ignorant on your part.

I remember seeing something about bunnies being an animal you don't wanna fuck with
Never heard one growl though sounds rare

You have very different tastes I don't think I can trust your opinion

How is that a kink shame?
I can have opinions.


Wrong, it was about genres the moment you said definitively comic movies. Specifying that this was about genres.
I am not going to play this weird goal post moving dick measuring contest with you. So I am done with this conversation.

gg, no re

IIRC, Grim has a Tsareena folder.

I have a Tsareena card, she's pretty neat.

I wanted to say something more crass but I deleted it. I'm such a grownup now~


What is this character from? And why is it flying with an old rifle?

Of course he does not surprised
That nigga got like 4 closets he's inside of. He probably would not front me that folder though.




Youjo Senki / Saga of Tanya the Evil

Because it's alternate history WW1.

Fair shit.
Doesn't hurt to ask, does it?

Am I not allowed to say something does not personally appeal to me?

Alternate history WW1 with magitech.


Also Grim got the original Tsareena folder from me.


You are literally Hitler, holy shit.

Not something I'd've known about.



No that'd just be a really big closet
Thinking more like 4 closets all right next to each other
One has girl clothes one has fursuits one has traditional Indian garbs and the last guy clothes.
Grim is a rich man.


Not for about 80% of the time.

Ni ni


Oh wait technically it's already monday here


Well with people like you shitting in my cereal like that I can't imagine it's any fun at all.

When was I arguing this?
Don't bring me into this!

You're right
I'm gonna face my fears
Fight for my friends
Ask for a folder

Lemme get that though?

You literally told me you had some catty reply ready.

Well, I don't really like you.

So eh.

It was a while ago, most would have forgotten by now even if they noticed his and my conversation on it.

Thanks, also. Looks like some pretty decent quality animation.

Okay now I cannot get that image out of my head. It is the many layers of hell.
Or an onion. Probably smells nearly the same.

I can do this. Question is though.... Do you want me to update it first or just give you what I gave him?



Usually I just ignore people I don't like. Seems a waste of energy to do otherwise.

y u no lik me tracy chan?

It is fun to use them as a venting outlet.

It was only calling you a fat-furry-loving faggot.
That catty reply in no way attacks your freedom of expression

Yeah but I find a tree and knives, or a cat and knives to be a better outlet.

I feel oppressed.

That is violent.

Neutral is about as low as I go, after that I ignore them.

Most of your choice of porn to post. That and I don't find you that interesting.

It's amazing and super high in my recommendations.


I am a violent man.

Fair enough, I suppose.

I rarely post porn and far less than most of the loli tards here.

I don't really put much effort into my posts here.

Show me in bed.

Common enough to notice you're the only one with that certain selection.

I noticed.


I am taken, my friend.

Seems kind of a shallow reason to disregard someone.


To the list it goes! You did not steer me wrong so far, with two out of three. This new one being the third.
Do not destroy my hopes and dreams. Like volume 3 did to my happiness.

Oh well.

You know it's time to get ready for bed when you start talking to the dog in length

but gaga...

I think, anyway.


I'm not torn up about it.

Though you could abuse me a bit.


I almost didn't finish Volume 3...

You should have been in bed at least two hours ago.


To what part?

i like her outfit


Lost interest.

lol dhiy


It gets hard. Especially when Penny got turned into Quarters.
Now that I am caught up I can say that in my opinion Volume 4 is a decent start for what could be amazing. Tokes was right about the world building problem though.
Firm seven out of ten.

she was all like IM OUT

gaga you homo

I am heart broken.




I have like half my neighborhood in my house right now and they all loved that

At least she did not lip sync.

It is pretty worth it just for the RNJR interactions and all the Weiss solo stuff.
Crow is bae too.

like 8/10 for sure. she needs to tone up a bit but she really went for it tonight

Blake just kind of bouncing for bullshit reasons is a huge turnoff for me, tbqh.


Oh no, there is a reason. Um.... I could tell you it loosely but it doe make sense in a sort of self healing sort of way.
Wait really? With a Q?


Yes, Qrow's name is with a Q.

Anyone wanna OW?

this game tho

finally home

fug football

God no.

I had never seen it actually wrote somewhere. That is surprising.


Make me dinner, Soto.

Somebody please kill me.

only if you gimme a kiss

pats getting btfo lmao



People still do that?

she could get it anytime

Same tbh.

You didn't just sleep for like 18 hours

As if I'd be able to get that far.

Oh no I linked the wrong person

So what is for dinner, Nii chan?

Yup. An odd amount at that.

With dick?

How insensitive.

I have problems getting to sleep.
But then once I sleep this happens
It's the worst of both worlds

Time to sudoku out of shame

tbh nah fampai-chan


Jokes aside, how are you doing?

It was a mistake.

Can I play that game with a gun ?

Strange. You think people would really be into people who can actually sing and do on stage. What happened to all the people who were great and worth seeing?

the cake I made was really popular at the super bowl party I brought it to ^^



How the fuck would you draw numbers with a gun?

Ah, the classic "play it off as a joke" maneuver.
I am in the wake up from a coma mood

Good job
/pat pat

You were a mistake


Shot myself more than once.

Why the fuck are you looking at me?

are you being sarcastic???!

thankies ^^



you started.

You'd have to shoot yourself like a hundred times or some shit

But I didn't mean too

I'm a immune to smaller bullets

Doesn't matter, it happened.

You :3



that face you're giving me looks pretty fishy...

oh okay

wanna date ?

People just care who is trendy and hot at the moment. Honestly.
I do not think it has so much been only for the music for a few years at least.

Coma? I am drinking so I am alright enough.


humor comic porn video

sit down brady

Then make the sick body art on your chest with bullets

Yeah, sure.

You already put a hole in my chest though.

18 hours of sleep

Blow me ?

This is the face I make when I _

Sounds about right

You first.

Tom Brady is like Fish

They should just stop before they fuck it up even more

I'm the edgy mete-memelord

*blows you goodly*

What did you do, down a ton of sleeping pills?

*blows back poorly*

*push the rest of my girth in makes U gag*

*throws up all over the place*

uh oh..

Clean that shit up bitch before I grab my paddle.

oh wow they trying now

You try that I'll smack you so hard your mother mother won't recognize you.

This is a good meme

stay up for like 24 hours?

I don't know what that is

It's a blank to suggest I only have this face.

Wew you mad man.

are you fucking kidding me julio?


I'm breaking up with you if you try and defend yourself.

No meme is good.