I miss you. I miss you, every day and every night

I miss you. I miss you, every day and every night.

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what a sad op




Majora's mask is such a nice game.

Rolled 7 (1d20)Rolling to see how many times I make the poster below me cum.

nat 1 means 0


*moons in the distance*
scary tbh

too little too late


Hopefully Trump does not send Grim back to Tajikistan

I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

Hm it seems to have broken the start a little. That is weird.

it gets so much bigger when it's the final say urghhhh

the whole game just has this looming undertone, it's great

may or may not have fapped to deku princess

Rolled 11 (1d20)

Lewd as fuck.

I haven't even started yet!

This is such an uneventful evening.

You sure are helping it


It's wednesday. Go lose a few game of League and go to bed.

story of how i became roofless

f e e l i e s r e q u i r e h e e l i e s


that's true, I loved playing it.

wait what

oh my




Bed. Rest on this and appreciate it, even though you won't hear it.

Casper is still at your place? God damn it he needs his mom.

Noone wants to play with me and the last two games I played both had an afk.
I also got a low priority because I didn't ban, the new client is aids.
Weekdays mean nothing to me whatsoever.

kasper did you really need those power tools

Oh, and here is to healsluts!
for looking after my MASSIVE health bar

now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down

this hurts

I saw you play with Subtle so that's just not true :3
And just do fill, I know where you are at on the ranked ladder and it makes little difference what role you play from gold-plat and onwards. Perhaps shifting slightly once you reach plat3.

I miss a lot of things. Alcohol is not one of them currently.


That was yesterday, I think he got mad at me because I was doing a piss poor job at lee.
Neru has an assignment and noone else really plays on euw. Idk, soloq feels like it's taking a lot more energy than duo..

I was also thinking OW but even that is pretty empty-ish

Cast Curaga!

Do you grimm eclipse?

speaking of such , i can't wait till they complete pit people

Actually getting it today.
Kept getting sidetracked cause of things like RE7.

lmk, Tokai and I play.

I have what you need

But Subtle is no better than a platinum player!
Like anyone else in gold. It's normal, expected and can often be outcarried later. I pick Zyra as support and build just a sighstone, rushing straight to 100% AP right after. Nothing else works, top performance as jungle or ADC just doesn't work.

why can't drink?
seeing your flag and you saying that makes me miss things ;_;



Subtle is actually pretty great but mostly only on Jinx, he has this thing where gets ticked off and starts fucking up and picking things he lost to.
I am actually somewhat okay normally but I kept getting lagspikes. pathetic excuse but like, pic related.

Do either of you play Ruby?


On occasion.

I main Weiss, usually.

Is that a Winrate of 0?

how do i see that?

Lolking I think


When I started the series, Weiss seemed incredibly annoying. She is now sort of adorable despite how she is.

Oh its only 2 games tho
Didn't see that the first time cuz only looked at graph

I know exactly what you want and desire

He's just fine, him and I lost like 5 games in a row as botlane duo in season 5.
Lee Sin is a meme hero and you should pick legit broken shit like Zac if you really want to jungle


4 games now 0% still and the kda went to shit too after the last game/
I'll drop that champion entirely and stick to more reliable picks, he's complete garbage late anyway.

I know, I never really play lee, I mained rek'sai hard since release and think I have around 200k points on her but she fell off since they fucked up jungle yet again, I stick to shyvana/sion and nocturne and ww lately.

I don't get where t his meme came from


Kinda sad they reworked WW. I liked his previous kit.

Mike Pence once supported the use of federal funding to treat people "seeking to change their sexual behavior."

Rumors and memes went out that he supported shock therapy.

Basically shock the gay out of people.

Macro play is better anyways
Although it can be fun to play mechanically intensive champions

why are you into lolishit

bbl dinnar

Eh well I mean I knew that, I just don't get how they spun it to be like that and how people actually believe that crap.


You mean do nothing and do nothing some more?
I watched Dom kill people with him without using his hands.

Yasuo jungle ftw

huh... strange
i can't seem to find that hexagon thingy anywhere.

I'm intoxicated and I chose randomly
I got a lot of other shit but probs wont b back before you're done eatin

Im fine with yasuo anywhere as long as hes sub mastery 5

If you had to pick
Would you fuck a tranny or a loli?


no i meant he was a retard-safe pick. you ulted somone and the team could follow up.
it also worked fine as a peel, killing off an assassin who would usually remove your brainless ADC/midlaner etc. While you were a indestructable wall that granted a pretty decent attack speed increase

I only get off to loli.

that comes with being a shota

I feel terrible about loving that champion but I just do.
His playerbase completely ruins him though.

But everything he did someone else did better it just required more skill for other people to do it better.
This was literally the champion Ian mained when he started to play league and I think it was also his prime.


atleast luka is cute

That's odd, I can't see it on your account or Grim's either, maybe ranked inactivity?

who provides a 2.5 seconds point and click instant CC? followed up with a high AS fucker that stayed on you till your team (WHO LOL?) helped you or you were forced away by it?

Luka's pussy probably smells like heaven

bed nana

Shota is not my cup of tea because their dicks are so small

Im a human so i adhere to stereotypes
I automatically expect nothing of all yasuos until proven otherwise



argh... exclusive ranked stat junk
ok... thanks anyways for looking.

Btw, you can have multiples of a character in a game, so.

Well he did have his time when he was getting permabanned because that horrid ult had like what, 50 sec cd ? I think it was 2 seasons ago or one and a half

I usually get terrified when I see a yasuo, more so on my team rather than on the enemy team, he's not hard to deal with but everyone has a tendency to fuck up hard on him and he's a camp candy.

You dislike ranked?

Im convinced yasuos on my team kudzu get lucky if they're fed. They usually have like 15 kills and 15 deaths, and they do the dumbest shit and sometimes get away with it

ranked anxiety + i hardly play alone anymore.
even though for some reason MM puts me in better teams when i usually solo q, winning more often/easier games.
personal dilemmas

You can? I had zero idea.
That is a plus.

back from dinner

what did I miss?

I have rranki anxieties too. I dealt with it by playing for fun and muting any shred of negativity

Idk if this works for you too tho. Idk if it even works for me cuz i only played like 20 ranked games

Nnnnnh.... so comfy....

rip saddam

You have been sold to me.

nah mine is different.

Ignore everyone and play things you like

how may I serve you today, master?


i need them

to win.

Ignore everyone and play ez op shit

Just like every night. Lewd things.
Plus do the dishes.

Luka is the best Garen I've ever seen.

Kinda tempted to take the based windman to ranked now

again with this ranked anxiety, it's just a game ffs

Luka must be great at being a manly man

Do it. You probably play on a different server than me so im fine with it


garen just spins

and wins

i like lulu

everything a game

But she looks scary
Play cute champions like garen and Warwick


ur backwrads

I play on like 4 different servers but mainly euw and na


they lift

out played

Hehe being backwards is funny

You probably actually play the game and i don't so im fine with it

Im not into that. I'm gonna need some anime tiddies to fap now

I already did the dishes.

What kind of lewd things would you like?

this is on you




LOL tell me how it goes

I lied. I need to fap to pettanko characters

boy champs have it sooo ez with most op kits

gg :c




holy fuck tracer please this is a christian board

so I'll start with light kissing and work my way towards heavy petting?

*With the lights out

Sorry, forgot that bit.

Syndra just presses R and kills someone.

some girls from work invited me over to watch Moana with them

should I go or should I no



Don't. They're only comfortable being around you because they think you're gay.

And so forth. Yeeeees.


better than sitting at home alone

some reason i've never been able to do that on syndra

i do all the things
but they always live and not die
and i die because they focus me down...
syndra sooo weak...
all i can do at best is shove them away
her stun shove range is soo bad and short...

that's better...

-kiss kiss-

You need to have more balls.

Just play Ahri luka

He already has two.

Yes yes.

needs two more

cant... CDR isn't strong enough
only 4-5 can be cast at best...
even that isn't enough to kill the enemy...

i do.

Apart from the two Licky puts on his face?


Those are just crotch boobs.

wow that syndra sooo ancient.







Tranny anatomy is mysterious.


Its the same thing as a pony.




How clean semen from sponge?????

Just put "feminine" or "boi" in front of anything male and it becomes female, obvs.

new meta!

Culture clash. Accept the mystery.


woof woof
moar! pls

Yeah that did not go so well.

You brought it upon yourself.

Not true I was peer pressured.

Of Ruby?


Just how easily are you convinced to so such things?

this one is my favorite

A good choice for faves.

Depends on the amount of alcohol in my system.

Mere surmise, sir.

*pets* good doggy! ^ ^

Shut up Echo

i like the colorful ones

"I'm not teacher, I'm toy af" - Casper


What did he mean by this?


I wish this artist did more of her.

Colored art is far better objectively.

Now I am not sure if you are talking about tranny balls or boobs.

I'm sure you'd like anything with collars and leashes.

That's a little rude.


i mean the ones with vibrant colors like that
its very satisfying to look it it and it gives me a sense of warmth

You're a little rude!


maybe google or pixiv of gelbooru wil show u similar lookin pics?

How even


i like chokers

You were bad-mouthing my best friend Subtle

What a fucking shock.

why are u swearing?

I wasn't saying anything inaccurate.

No reason not to.

it makes u sound angry about stuff tho... :\

Whoopty fucking doo.

Yeah, but say sorry.


You are not wrong.

Oh? If I have more I am sure they will get posted. I just do not have as good an eye for such things.

I have gone through almost all his stuff already.


What for
I even complimented him
And he declared me his bf

Attempt not to be.

Awe, you two are dating now? How cute :3

maybe other people draw as good as him?

i dunno yet
you haven't let me know about anything.

Yeah, he's pretty abusive though..

Oh yeah? Does he hit you?

No but he's being extremely passive aggresive.

No point in apologizing then.

Just be less shit then



I'm great though, he just needs an outlet.

No point in faking any emotion, either.

ruby's facial structure compliments it

you have other emotions?

Don't be ridiculous.

If anything I could be his outlet though

Not currently.

I declare Tsuchi my bf.

You're all gay.

I declare Ian my bf (best friend)

I am though, ask Darwin

Hey, you wanna be his filter, I'm down.

I hope you get kicked so hard in the testicles that all three explode and you're forced to live out the rest of your years sad, alone, and impotent.

i'm hungry..
i guess i'll fry up some hash browns and sliced chicken hot dogs into it with eggs. with ketchup and mayo.





We're like a married couple already!


And you managed.


It does? I guess if they are pretty good pieces of art, obviously it must.

But Darwin has awful taste.

I ship it.


I pray your head squishes like a ketchup pack under Swedish Fish's colossal weight.


True, he can hit jackpot once in a while though.


I'm glad I don't have dissociative identity disorder

anyway nice to meet you guys I'm john

ketchup and mayo is gross
whats a chicken hotdog

it makes her look sporty and welcoming

I've already forcibly shipped it

I know, dear. Go back to sleep


a hot dog made of chikn instead



May your next bad trip leave you cold.


yuris~ softly

Certainly not with you though :^)

I have work tomorrow you temptress.

keep that shit out of this christian image thread

yuri is puri~

May you also fall in a burning ring of fire


whats the texture of the sausage like?



Gilgamesh lost Test to Ban and then married Test's twin Ytse.
What will happen next time on the Autism and the Animuless!


That is what it is.

And butt is okay too.


I don't want to drink on a work night you bully.

he's an overrated hack.

Ah, your response took so long forgot prior conversation topic.

Shame your impeccable taste in anime is exclusive to anime.


me on the right u in middle
and someone cute on the left

You... you... I don't even have a word for how terrible you are right now

im talking about the kao
why are you talking about butts!!!

Joke's on you.
I'm already in hell.

like all jews tbh

Spookies discord has people posting furry diaper stuff and I don't think its ironic.


Adam Sandler got to where he is by talent alone, not his nose.

I'll drink friday and saturday. heavily.

But you don't know anything else about my taste


im sober




Good point

Cease this memery

Not currently.


I know bits.

don't give me that look...you should be proud of me for not drinking at a bad time...

Your wish to put a collar on me for some reason.


Cause you posted one, nerd.

I hope you get set off to Mormon gay correction camp, you shit.

Such as?

but i didnt post it for butt

Nooses aren't collars.

nnnf...me too. daddy pence is gonna light my faggot ass up like a christmas tree~


I wanna feed rumia pizza


Such as Bard, ARAMSs, thinking gabriel dropout is A grade comedy

me on the left


I wanna feed [REDACTED] deez nuts


FINE you bully I'll drink.

Too late.


That was all that was seen.

You only said collar, I had no idea you were also into choking.


Oh and looking down on Detroit.

oh. well alright. goodnight.




It's cute, not funny.

But Detroit is awful



all my stuf is in the frying pan now~


*slurps noodles*

Nice anime ass

please leg


It was your choice.



False, holding back, I swear this isn't denial.

got a problem with that?



Maybe I do. Maybe I like it when you're more tough and serious in the threads than you are in a private chat.



I act exactly as I please no matter where I am.



cute couple


You were certainly right to put princess in your name, then.



You stole his virginity.

Sup faggot? That icecream was delicious, but you'll never eat my soul. You have been subsumed, not me.

Come play arams

which leg?

How're we doing tonight, Trev?

aram is fun

Shibby wins this tourney.


Also I only have an hour.

The leg.

Its Tina now.

Doesn't matter, I'm gold, every game mode is luck based.

Before what?

bard is my favorite

Wait like everything you own?

Before I get in bed

tell me more!

So soon?

nah, just hash
and meat
and eggs

You walk on it.


11pm, I'm not a degen like you

*wags my tail*

It's called flexible schedule alright.

oh lol. so?

guess so

HA. she wishes.


Sure, sure.

*murrs softly as I feel your hands rubbing my soft coat*


how adorable.

wat is mur?


Its something that furries say and i'm not really sure what it means.

Concentrated gayness.


It's a doggo purr

Finished at last

how dare you


i wouldn't know anything about that.


Shibby won his victory lap. Mat merely won a game of MTG.

The TF2 guy?

Then I used it right.

If I was a dog you would pet me, don't deny it.

I'm tired enough that my eyes are watering.

I should sleep.

i didn't deny
i pet u


mine do to when i yawn

My dog always want me to pet its but because hes to fat to reach it.

sleep forever lmao

Make me murr

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