Itt we summon luka

itt we summon luka

ill start

*lobster subway sandwiches*

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I am a cute Internet lesbian who will buy you things.



I'll pay you for lewds

buy me things






By that logic I'm always posting anime asses


If Christ was involved, Fish would thankfully be a smoldering pile of ash.
Barring divine intervention, the best we can hope for is Mike Pence and a few hundred thousand volts.

Why am I in that list.



The people who ctrl+F there names.

Fucking hell.



I only used the notifier while it was working.

you're slipping, faggot. is dead.

Didn't that break?


I hope your 'tard wrangler stops pushing your wheelchair while crossing a busy road.



they're not supposed to know it even exists. Hush up.

I miss Erin.


rip Erin

cup when will you play with me

Sorry, Master.

yeah cup
moogs got overwatch

I never used it so I would know.

Thank god I never cared that much.

I ask him to literally every time we cross the street and the fucker keeps making excuses

"I don't wanna have your death on my hands"

"they'll fire me..."

wah wah fuckin' wah. pussy.

Allow me the pleasure of driving a spear through your spleen once I'm at a computer that can run Rust

I didn't use it either. Or any of Erin's scripts.

when I feel like playing with you again.


Fucking Mormons can't even die correctly.
This is bullshit.


In ancient times, men built wonders, laid claim to the stars and sought to better themselves for the good of all. But we are much wiser now.

god forbid you gave half a fuck even

Are you sufficiently entertained?

Why do you do this

This still looks like a menstrual reference/joke/symbolism.


none of us want to die because when we get to heaven we have to be around nothing but other mormons.

I do what I can because I must.


On the other hand, you have become a productive member of society.

I liked being able to just type "grim" randomly and get your attention though.

When we pull the heavenly bodies to earth is when we ascend

You can still do it, just via pm






May your weapon be guarded against malfunction,
As your soul is guarded from impurity.
The Machine God watches over you.
Unleash the weapons of war.
Unleash the Deathdealer.





Still works ^~^

Not as fun

It's just grating.


I have an old friend that moved to Salt Lake City and they perpetually complain about Mormons there and how it's the most shallow niceness. They always equate it to Stepford wives/smilers.

You must realize, too, that you are no longer in control of the snowball.



if you do it in a fast thread I might miss it if its unlinked

gotta do with what we have my man



I know how frame narratives work. We're just having fun making the most terrifying one reificant.

You're a 0/10


Nuuuuu >///

bring the ancient knowledge that makes the frail minded insane forth


I always want what I can't have though.

You forgot to add the 1 in front of that zero.


It is spreading, quite rapidly in fact.

salt lake city is absolutely stunning in how beautiful it is. have some relatives there.

that is a pretty accurate description of how the people act for the most part. my uncle is a super cool dude and a fair amount of his insane number of kids are as well, but his wife is such a cunt. seriously, every time I visit she has some new condescending thing to say to me within about five minutes of entering the house.

This meme is truly garbage.

imma give you a squish and a headpat

only if they whip it out suddenly

what would you call that
greed or lust or covetousness


This is hilarious. It sounds a lot like one of it, too.

This place is nothing but shit memes, all the more reason to post it again.


tfw no Grim squish headpats

You had your chance.

what? not good enough?

you get a hug filled with legitimate brotherly love

Do you have any of the weird polygamous side of Mormons in your family or just the bit odd ones?


he quite enjoys the tranny killing meme i assure you

You blew it.





ok ill ruffle your hair too

thats gotta do it

mostly just the odd ones. honestly not sure if you're just memeing or truly unaware, but there isn't a single actual branch of the church that allows polygamy. I mean, I'm sure there are people who still do it but it's not sanctioned by the church over 150 years ago? loooong time now. there was that offshoot, I think they were called the FLDS? fundamentalist latter day saints. but they were a splinter and had to live in like, the border area between utah and colorado where they could get away with all kinds of shit. might be wrong about the name. this was like 5-6 years ago that they were in the news I think.

Nope nope nope*pepper sprays*

we spend our entire lives chasing our dreams

by the time we achieve them our opportunities to enjoy life are severely limited

make due with what you have and enjoy life while you are still full of it

[citation needed]

r u d e

pretty generous don'tcha think?





I'm pretty sure I already am.



realtalk tho
you kon and soto are my #realniggas from the west coast

good stuff
sometimes I have to take a step back from it all and catch myself


Yeah, that's the one with the guy in federal prison for like dozens of statutory rape charges for fucking girls as young as like 8.

Despite being not sanctioned by the state and no agency of government recognizing it, there's still plenty of more fundamental groups that practice it in its legal form: polyamory. Nothing forbids you from living with multiple women all of which are bearing your children, you're just married to one. The LDS church has consistently tried cleaning it up but it still happens ranging from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

it just realized that spears are fucking garbage why would you come at me with that

That should be "church" instead of "state" there.




I think I did it with kaybe too

he is a true savage of the wilds

so fearsome

I wanna have dinner w/you and your life partner one day

get married already sheesh

Not in this Empire!

Catch yourself from what? wasting your life ?

I am scared of commitment

yeah. well they try cleaning up all kinds of degenerate behavior and look how that's turning out. I mean I was literally living with two other guys and with them both at the same time, and that wasn't even the slightest grey area okay because it wasn't a straight thing. I'm basically a monster.


I'm sorry, but my trigger was pulled today.

I wouldnt say wasting, more like ignoring the beauties of the present, like stepping back to sniff the roses and shit

aw why

for what purpose

I'm a shit

Stop ignoring the beauty of a nice boy cock.


Hey I wasn't saying to fix that, just highlighting it being missing

I don't really remember who did the report on it either but our government at state and federal levels does track those groups because most are heavily welfare dependent if it's one dude working and eight housewives. So it's usually lumped under welfare fraud if it's ever prosecuted.

I think the estimates for total people involved across the southwest, not just individual families, were like 50,000 last I remember.

You pitiful thing

They're feminine penises he's sucking, you bigot.


you are very caring
sometimes neurotic
but that can be remedied

yikes. I had no idea it was so prevalent. looking into it to get yourself a group of sister wives, eh?

Who're you supposed to be?


I honestly don't know what you're going on about anymore.

Stop speaking in riddles you fucking slut.

a stalker.


I'm not a nonbeliever. What I believe in believes in me.

Oh boy, I hope it has a bow on it.

Hey I only sent you one lewd snap and you know it turned you on.

If I were your parents, I would've taken away all your music years ago.

A man betrayed by the country he loves.

Sounds annoying.

You should know that self-confidence is not my strong suit, Grim

You're one of my favorites, Jack!

That's not even riddle-like
Come on now


my parents, my father in particular, is responsible for almost all of my musical taste.

[maximum disapproval]

Pretty sure this "hidden" guy is Sci

It was just one of those things I remembering both watching and personally looking up since it's ultimately the government restricting a religion for all intents and purposes.

I have no issues with polygamy being rightfully barred but it's just amusing to see since it's never objected to nor ever attempted to be defended by external groups.


Kanra or Sci

Thats how Trump jerks off.

world's a funny place

he has no reason to hide his identity

Im thinking kanra

I know but maybe screaming at you might instill some


Are you not losing confidence in yourself? Roll a D20 to determine your current self confidence out of 20!

Rolled 16 (1d20)
time to let a psuedorandom dice roll determine my self image

Did you know that the pony thread has a poster named: Socksrcool? You two should totally connect.

My brothers heavily shaped mine. I was a huge metal head growing up, but now I've settled down to less heavy rock and classic rock.

Nice, it's falling.

well there you go, hidden. the civilians really don't suspect a thing.

Pretty accurate

I'm gonna beat you out of the fear of being wrong anyways.

I wanna punch Karanana in the face.

good taste.

me too
except I just wanna squeeze his cheeks untli he tears up

Oh, so you know


I just wanna make him realize how small and powerless he actually is.

I love that this is such a shitwreck of a trainshow that it's no longer about any of us.

of course I know. I know everything, at all times. I made him that tripcode because the one he was using at first was disgusting.

oh, he knows

Excellent. All goes according to plan.

Video games have shaped my taste too. Sometimes it's good to just listen to instrumentals and let your imagination run wild, you know.

Link pls? I should give him my trip.

I'll hammer it in.

I've been talking to plenty of civillians. They all seem to know in Arizona.

Pretty sure that's why he has meltdowns constantly about no one worshiping him.

Who does?

video game music is rarely appealing to me outside of video games.

I, personally, speaking for myself, do not require any worship.


I have to sleep, have a good one bud

I've hammered nails with books before, scrub. I'll bust your balls before you crack my nut.

I'm sure you can relate.

Kanra. Nobody you should know.

Probably a pony, then.

He's not on right now. I'll let you know if I see him around.

But the ace attorney soundtrack,'s so heroic. Gives me a boost of confidence.




Rest well.

We're still deciding what to do with this world, but the solar system is likely staying intact. It is finely tuned.

most of the things I get linked are nice, but what I mean is I never actively pursue video game music outside of the game, minus a few notable exceptions like a few of the boss songs from undertale I listened to about a million times after playing.

well you already know my opinion on people going anonymous. you're all just feeding into it if he is only doing it for attention. it's always amusing to me how much people care.

I do use the steel samurai ringtone nick uses for my own phone. have been for years.

It is merely a flesh wound.


You both have basically told me who it is.

You fag, you compromised me! Now how is the mission going to continue?

You could take a shit with that song playing and it would still feel like you're saving the world.

well I did no such thing, it's not my fault he can't go five seconds without bringing up AA.


I did it in front of his girlfriend too.

Why do you shit post so hard in your free time ?

it was pretty fucking heroic.

you compromise yourself with your insatiable lust for the ace attorney series.

I hate you aaaaaaaaalllllllllll!
...and I don't bring up AA every 5 secs!

It allows me to practice for the real battles, and encrypts my mind.

If he has a girlfriend, why would he pursue you?

This is all just a fucking training mission for me, you fools.

okay, you're right. it's more like every 6 seconds.

Soundtrack music, be it vidya, anime, whatever is generally useful as background music. Great for helping you focus on something else, studying, whatever. Same is true of most other instrumental music, but soundtrack stuff is readily available and again, something you're already used to.

Beyond that listening to it is mostly dumb

Get good, I guess.

You know you love me, really. Sorry you got caught in the crossfire.

It's funny to hit on him.
I am not trying to fuck him.

I generally use movie soundtracks for that. I can't even count how many books I've read with the lord of the rings soundtrack playing in the background.

For the record, none of the pain my meatsuit has experienced even registers compared to the pain it has experienced in the past.

Yeah, exactly, that sounds like it'd be good for it. Hell, I really should rewatch those movies, it's been too long.

Personally I'm guilty of overusing the Zeta Gundam soundtrack. It's just really damn good in the role.

This ship is wrekt.

sounds like something some kind of faggot nerd would say...

oh it's squiddy. checks out.

Not really a real reason.

Then you don't understand what I represent at all.

You fucked up, Cup.
It was handed to you on a platter but you just took the canned response.

Hey, you know what? It's cool. I was hiding a secret identity with a secret identity. I'm still the all controlling power behind the curtains of this playpen.

No, you are not.

okay socks4hands

I noticed, idiot. You think I'm clueless?



Its nothing

You guys don't realize that he's the fucking puppet master yet? This is still Ghost in the Shell, but he's never going to be allowed to reproduce because he's a twisted little sapling that needs to wither.

None of us are... Not anymore.


I have already reproduced.


Don't talk about their vestigial HRT penis like that.

Behold: Our masterpiece!

I like taking the easy way out

look at all those (you)s

I'm getting very mixed messages here...

Why reproduce? Nothing will be better than the original.

It's a Socks4Hands quote.

I'm more laughing at you.

That much is obvious.

He says dumb shit like that all the time.

That probably applies to S4H's vestigial post-HRT penis since Bebop was the one who invited him here.

Your plot to secretly overthrow me has failed. And stop treating me like an attention whore! I did this for the lols.

Is it 2006 again?


Oh, sorry, I meant lulz.

well I knew that, but the instant assumption from everyone here always for anything anyone does ever forever no matter what is that you're doing it for attention and you're a big boy, I don't need to stick up for you.

Then I meant 2009

For the kek?

That's right. It's you who needs my protection. Now pay your protection fee.

Close enough.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Praise Kek.


We were never plotting to overthrow you, merely to toss you into the pit with the rest of us!


I'll pay you exactly what you deserve. nothing.


Shiiiiieeeet. Why'd I have to use a trip in the first place?

Then you'll pay with various body fluids.

I expected a date.
You have failed me.

you can have all the pee you want you sicko.

Sorry but hes MY boyfriend.

You have some nerve.

Damn skippy. We've got a date tomorrow and its gonna be literally lit!

Yo, what am I like on the other side? Hilariously retarded?

She* and no I meant a date as in a year.
Plus Test is Gilgamesh's wife.

I don't like your cut of jib.

I'll be flying black sails on your mast.

Test asked me out though.

Oh, he's in the thread now. Go on, say something to him:

I really have no idea for kek. It started in WoW an eternity ago, but it's only gotten really popular lately because of Holla Forums memes and the Trump election.

Well, maybe I've got a date with somebody you guys don't even know! That'd be a welcome respite.

How the election was won:

Hush Bui


Scrub, I run the Diamond Dogs and the Jewel Society. You can't do shit to me in person.


Oh well. This has been a grand disappointment.
I blame Fish.

Honestly both choices are about the same.

Life is a prison that you cant escape.

Put the skirt back on.

Only in death does duty end.


Oh right, you know our relationship.

I wasn't even TRYING for quads. Get wrekt.

You just hit the reset button and come back as a nig.

hey buddy. you just blow in from stupid town?

It's Corrupted Blood level now.


It is really easy to know the definition and detail of nothing, yes.

It'll just make me retreat :(

Not you.
You've destroyed enough table clothes trying to re-purpose them as skirts.

At least you're admitting to knowing nothing now.

That's Luka levels of slow responses.

Knowing you know nothing is the first step to knowing everything.

Not actually true. You have no idea how I work.

I know nothing but yet I am.

spank me for it and shove uncooked spaghetti up my urethra daddy uguuu

I had to pay my rent with my landlady

She always drags conversations on forever

You don't realize that my telling you that you had won was part of an elaborate ruse?

To be honest, despite your quite clear misreading of something that could not be taken in that way, it is not like I have ever argued that I am smart.
So really you are just seeming to fail on two accounts there. One of a horrible attempt to take words another way and the other in stating something that has been pointed out as the obvious.

Exactly! We should talk in person some time. I think you need some answers, and a good hug, and maybe some mdma.

It's very rude to bully.

Like I took it off.

The riddle was placed by I choose not to read it.

I was making a fat joke.

Just how bizarre is your living situation currently?

wow that's so meen

Calm down.

Not really at all, my landlady is just a crazy cat lady

I don't know whether to be confused or aroused.
Or both.

Test tells me he loves me in private all the time and you couldn't possibly have any knowledge of that.

Take the first step my child. Its nice over here in the good guy side.

I am a rude drunk though only tipsy. The bullying just gets more pointless from here.

Let us be clear: If I am locked in this life, having killed nobody, hurt nobody, and been a good person, then I'll remain here till each and every one of you has literally eaten shit. That is not going to be the case, however.

On the bright side, you're more passable than Swedish Fish.

On the downside, that's not really a compliment.

We really are the good guys.

this would be super hurtful if I cared about your opinion

The clearest of waters are the least trustworthy.

Isn't it like a boarding house arrangement?

Knowledge is power. Guard it well.

I know. He doesn't understand that i'm just trying to help him.

No lol

I pay almost $800 a month for this house

Holy fuck, Nick and Miggy don't have any idea about the entities I've been in contact with or what I've given them because they're both fucking athiests or something...

Honestly though, fuck Nick and Miggy.

You're such a badass at this point that I'm sure he has trouble realizing.

How is hurtful at all?
All I'm said was you weren't rock bottom.

It wasn't neither complimentary nor insulting.

You kept saying you have roommates and people using the same internet connection and her cats wandering into your room.
That doesn't seem self contained.

They're such smug bastards, and they know what's going on and refuse to talk about it while gaslighting me irl...

My girth can be very intimidating at times.

Why are you humoring him?

There are 4 people living here w/ the same connection

The cats wander but not often


tsuchi come on man stop with the stinging nettles that are your words. my poor heart can't take much more.

Because of reasons...

You shouldn't have to take that.

Hes the only other one here who knows whats really going on.

Remember one of my themes:

I just hit a brown note, I think.



We're actually friends. We just play around a little bit some times because shit's so fucked we'd be like Grim otherwise.



You are never truly "woke" from your dreams.





I'm not critiquing or anything.
I just didn't know what the specifics were and you said "house" so I'm not really sure how it's renting a house if everything is connected.
I assumed it's like a house with the bedrooms rented out which I think is just called a boarding house.

It was a statement of ambivalence.

People have to work for a living.

I see you and your Sock brother are hitting it off quite well.

Will you still love me anyways ?

I'm not perfect :(

your fancy words have no power here, demon.

You're enjoying some fine Merino socks, are you not? You, too, have surrendered to the sock army.

I just can't quit you.

It's a house with bedrooms rented out. That's California yo

I'll just resort to calling you a faggot then.


Please listen to this song.

the drug in me is you

It will be.



Look, I was the result of testing cognitive dissonance in humans. They didn't realize I wasn't human.

My mouse is broken and I can't open youtube links like that.

Do you still have an IRL avatar?

I'd guess SplitWit but he's such small fry compared to us.


Lies! Is Trevor still alive?

I'm like Anakin except is was semen instead of lava.

The person I was before is dead and only a crusty shell is left.

He thinks it's funny. I am not serious and he knows it.

We should slurp mad rips some time. I'm not off the dankity for life, just till everything settles out.

And you hate sand.

Wouldn't sand in this metaphor be like skidmarks?

ive lost my fucking mind and theres no fucking time

I really do hate sand though.

how can you deal with sand if you live in the ocean


I share the sentiment.

Avoid it at all costs.

Cool i'm going to bed now.

Tuck me in so I can sleep.

sleep in a bed of sand

I will... when you are not expecting it.

Wow, rape role playing already.....LUCKY ME !

There is infinite time. Do not worry. Just chill! Here, we created a new Spartan Philosopher named "Chill On!"


"The Grey Socks!"


Do Nick and Miggy not realize that they're already dead?

I'm so woke it'd break them lol.

I'm waiting to get tucked.




Nick and Miggy had no fucking clue what they were dealing with. I was listening to The Seer on like day 2 of freshman year.

Sorry, this is spam. I'll stop.

big images
my monitor cant display



Nick and Miggy don't understand that our router is 100% compromised, and I'm glad to leave it that way.

the big ones like >>1625649

oh gay

Trev, you realize that a fragment of me will be here for you forever, but you can come to the flipside with me if you'd like, right?

I am neither Satan nor the Antichrist, and that is a promise.

The only reason that I return to this world every day is to save others.

I was showering.

Run up get dun up, fake mom.

This was us. Your feeble consciousness does not stand a chance. You will be corrupted by chaos.

Who wants to find out what too much trazodone does to a Revy

will it kill a Revy

I took 400mg once and was unable to feel pleasure for three days. I nearly broke my spirit.

I hope not I didn't really take that much
Just more than I was told to
To see what would happen

I have no idea how much I took but finding out would be too much effort

What is your best guess? I really, really hope you do not die.

atleast you hope not

idk what that fancy medication word is and google will probably explain it too hard for my dumbo brain

Please do me a favor and drink a good quantity of water and try to ride it out. If you are legitimately worried, please call 911.

I mean I took 2 when it says take 1
I'm legit not trying to die
I'm just sad and bored and sleeping pills are the best way to explore those feesl

Oh, you're fine!

tfw alcoholic


Of course there's always note ifbim not having enough fun

Just flying solo for a byt

Just go lay down.

I wake up feeling like I got raped whenever I take it...

I'm in bed and I'm oblu wearing a blankry

I mean
Fikkem bitches talking shit was alreadu giveng me rape flashbacks so migjy as well

doesnt seem too bad
maybe youll just get a more intense drowsiness

Get a new hobby.

I'm almost scared to go to sleep these days...

Trazodone fuckss you up like a bus train
In the hospital it felt like bieng burroed under rocks

I'm gonna go put on my sourcer's robe and attempt to buy toothpaste while commenting on how fucked up this timeline is. Wish me luck, please.

Sweet dreams

I had the craziest conversation with a homeless dude who claimed to be a revenant. We swapped war stories and discussed division numbers. When I told him I was in the 25347th (WHICH I MADE UP MONTHS AGO) he immediately knew what I was and what I had done to help.

this sounds like an awful idea

When I take even middling doses of Seroquel I become a psychic bomb. It's amazing.

alcoholism is a hobby?

Wofking out si far


but is a good fuck up or bad one


Ok, heading out on mission. My dental hygiene has been sloppy lately and I have too good a date not to change my ways.

By the looks of it that's of questionable veracity

Wanna see my butt

goodnight all

so do you feel anything yet?

I'm hungry but I'm totally naked

Space travel is boring, eh? This'll liven things up.

This sounds like something you'll regret and thus I should decline.

night fagget

doesnt sound like anythings stopping you there ;)


Whoa, look at you with you fancy "conscience".

I see from the youtube comments that I was beaten to the suckerpunch. Anyways, nice to know that I am, in fact, free.

man you just can't spell things tonight can you

okay gone for real now. had to get some water first.

We did a number on whatever we're fighting tonight. Good work, all.

That one was actually intentional.
To be coon speak.

Although that should probably be spelled "ya" in this case.

can i have a hug? ^^

would you accept my hugs?