Kill me senpai

Kill me senpai

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The key to a successful poly relationship is not being selfish
And I'm like bruh almost everyone is selfish
I feel like their relationship is going to crash and burn, its such a shame too cause all three of them are all of our close friends so if they break up then they're gonna fuck the group up.
It can't be helped I guess


Truly a modern Odyssey

its not a problem

god damn frogs

he will not divide us reeeeeeeeee


I voted 4 trump

My friend group was a mistake anyway
A social experiment in cliqueing that just kept acquiring more and more social outcasts and abominations
Fukken one person had to change dorms twice because her mom hates her former roommate, and she comes bitching about it to the group and I'm just thinking "I'm glad your roommate doesn't have to put up with your shit anymore"
If this crashes and burns all my friendships to the ground, so be it

Play with yourself


who are you


why the fuck do people do this? has protesting become trendy or some shit?


I miss my old highshool friends group

they accepted me for teh weird weaboo loser i am

but now I dont see thm much anymore ;`:


colbert is gonna get sucked into fishes giant smelly ass


anti-fa is literally a domestic terrorist organization that gets a free pass because "muh progressiveness"

yes obviously postesting is the new fad


You've got a perfectly functional dick don't you

I spent senior year hanging out with freshmen and lesbians

hop on the band wagon and start protesting about postesting

can't wait for these dumbass anti-fa people get arrested on mass for inciting riots, destruction of public property, assault, destruction of private property, and conspiracy to commit all of the above.


i spent sophomore year hanging out with drug dealers and dropped out start of junior year

thats why u need to do it your self and blame it on them

I'd rather they be arrested en masse
If they were arrested on mass that might be a bit disruptive to Catholics

Tru, butt stuff is pretty A+
You don't have any toys?

Who the fuck are you

right, I forgot how2english
not yet

I really should get some

I can't even find anything around the house that you be fun to play with and immediately put in the garbage afterwards

thats a banner

check these dubs


maybe a lil more covert than that lol

okay maybe just a snow plow

at 88 miles per hour

maybe break into the oppositions homes and graffiti it in propaganda

I don't even know why all my idiot friends seem to have toys but the twinky bitch boi is definitely into exactly what you'd expect

Yeah but who the fuck are you

hey baby

Do I know you?

blocking traffic is literally illegal

we should stop playing nice and arrest these fucking retards on the god damn spot

tear gas and pepper spray fucking all of em

probably not fam, sorry.

So who the fuck are you

sounds like manaka tbh

Chitown. I knew that looked familiar.

I've been teaching my best friend how to play guitar for the past 2 years but we've pnly just recently got to the theory and he really enjoys it

If I didn't have to teach him this stuff I just wouldn't be inspired to learn it myself

loud noises disclaimer

pic relatted it's me

rap is for people with no musical taste tbh

dont think im playin boy
no we dont use hands boy

it's socks4hands

Can't lurk any 8ch thread without it seeming like Holla Forums has flooded over into every thread.


oh right I forgot about that schizoposter

I dont kno no sockedboy. I can fuck yo momma

what's that suppposed to mean

we're not allowed to have any political views?

american poltical culture makes me want to move to fucking japan

no refugees

no social justice

no yellow lives matter

anime PUSSY


glorious nippon is like that because they shun people like you

it's a crime to be a fatass in japan

they fine you for it

check these Trips

the sad part I know that this is actually true

wow i did nothing for the entire first month of 17


that's why i SAID IT

whats it like to be fat anyways? i never actively try to watch my weight or anything i just end up not gaining much

people can have political views. They don't have to be different. They don't have to be the same. Some people like myself just go off and find something else to do when it gets turned into Holla Forums though.

Some people can like mushrooms and Broccoli and vice versa. Making it a mushroom thread will turn away the broccoli people and so on.

becuase u have been bread to have a 2high metabolism. u gone die when the internet blows out from all this cancer

that's mean, feku.

lolwat. whats the contrast between mushrooms and broccoli

if im bread can i eat myself?

It's the example i'm using. I like broccoli but hate mushrooms. I'm just saying I don't wanna be in a mushroom thread. I also don't wanna force people to be in a broccoli thread because they'll either bring up their filthy mushrooms in the convo or just not wanna be there and leave or both.

like this?

glorious america shun people like you

Hows your day going Vy?

oh i guess i understand. although i really like mushrooms and broccoli. i prefer my shrooms in a hotpot tho, and broccoli would die in a hotpot so the only way to eat them together would be to cook them seperately

You should probably work on being able to eat yourself yes.

not like this right?

something rather.

i forgot to mention it was supposed to be metaphor for Holla Forums in non-Holla Forums threads. Not the best metaphor i guess.

I can only eat mushrooms in ragu green pepper and mushroom spaghetti sauce. You can hate something but if you mix it in the right dish, you can nearly eat ass and it will be great.


u smoke redgee, thats that shit that i don't like

it's going... shunny?

i knew what u were getting at
i like being aloof

hey i didnt mean it like that! i was just making a joke about our president :)

so watcha up to this late at night?

eating ass is great


liveleak is a fun place to watch people almost be excited that they're right next to a catastrophic explosion

you know whats also great? derailing ur threads.
and smoking them backwoods

ive never tried it but id like to

is this sox?

i can pretty much guarantee i am not the faggot u think i am

okay, but are you socks?


the threads seem friendlier at these hours

its kinda empty tho huh :P

maybe some hater drove them away

the friendly ones are the minority...

i remember when the big homies used to shit on me

and i remember when i got OG'd by the OG's

r u being sarcastic or r u being real? cause i wanted here hours ago

wasn't here*

are you the minority?

tfw battlefield servers are down

u any good at shooters?

yes that is soks


oh hmmmm I am OKAY at them
Shooters like red dead revolver that are linear were what I enjoyed bak in the day

stuff like Gun or Black
but then the halo days came and cowaduty became big and I had fun with those but I got super bored after I put in thousands of hours you know
I mean i was okay but now im probably not so great at them

i've been playing battlefield 1 since it came out though and it certainy has a learning curve

I rather enjoy it

maybe not the best but certainly not terrible

what about youself?

i never said anything was wrong


i played a little cod of duty. only a few hundred, most because im a faggot. I probably suck at bo3 now too cause its been a few months XD
i played battlefield till i gave up at level 10, lol. my favorite game was uncharted 2 on ps3

you know these days it's really hard not to hate black people in america


Battlefield 1 reallly has almost zero incentive to play

I just really enjoy the aesthetic of it

Can't say I ever got too far in any of the unchartedsss. A friend of mine had one that I would watch him play sometimes but it seemed a bit too mmmm
Platformer ish for my likinguu

yo embed broken

there's 2 videos on the page, figured it would act funny

ye, and the guns are fucked up so its more fun. it would be better if everybody only had muskets and where like dealing with civilians too

im board
gib utube videos


i hate niggers, loud sound disclaimer

allah akbar





Nice cock mister!

checkem u wana see it?

wat cock

thanks bby


heres a better one

why are people calling this a ban on muslims

it's literally about countries not religion

I need to stop Holla Forumsing all over

time to go back to vidya

economic """""refugees""""" deserve no refugee status

they call it a ban on muslims because everyone hates them

it would be like a "holocaust" for the scum of the earth

people that are for shariah law are either retarded, brainwashed, or terrorists

as in, theres going to be a holocaust for islam

jerusalem and
mecca now.
i'm excited

Kill me.

someone get the popcorn and the blunts

who is velo?

organized religion is a cancer upon humanity

there's nothing wrong with religion, it's perfectly reasonable to be afraid of death and to try and find some explanation for something we can't grasp

but once your religion dominates your life and gives you arbitrary rules to follow with the threat of eternal damnation it's no longer something natural, it's people believing things other people believe because they want to feel like they're correct and when everyone around you belives something you're likely to believe what they're believing

which is why organized religion is literally cancer

why not round them up and nuke a million of them at once for ez

we could make it more efficient though, the power costs for that would be astronomical

maybe ovens?

jews tbh

we need a modern day Hitler for muslims to take care of our problem and give us the moral high ground by fighting him

use them as fuel

itis not muslims that is the problem it is jews and the american military industrial complex

sovereign nation couldn't do that but an independant organization wouldn't cause WWIII

dirty bomb. maybe purchase powerplant waste from north korea?

--scratch they don't have nuclear power
maybe iran?

:D maybe super lo demand because of "sanctions?"

🤔Should🤔 I 📚study💊💡 for 🙏Mr. Regular's😘 📕English📖 Cock position✊🍆💦 exam💯 or 😱Mr. Roman's😎 🎶Music🎹 Clit erature 📝quiz😑?

Thats what the holocaust was though. The holocaust wasn't just jews.


it probably wont just be brown ppl lets be real



hai animu


what is that thing where you suddenly hear a high pitched beep in one ear and it fades away

If I kill you, can I use the body after, Squiddy?

I vote for myself to become Modern Hitler, will you vote for me too?

It means you're either getting fucking old or that you're listening to loud things too much.

uncalled for

probably blasted wit alot of electrons from like a satalite

Does any Holla Forums poster play any Turn Based Strategy games here? Like Civ V or Endless Legend?

i said i played pokemon yesterday but u didnt respond

But I dunno how to play co-operatively or against you on a 3DS.

I was hoping Steam games are a thing.
Unless you got the co-op game, Fantasy Life... I'd love to play that with you~


Why is Hex Maniac Best Maniac and Girl?
Like, god damn! @[email protected]


i was just joking about pokemon
i have civ5 but idk how

dizzy gilespie or CP?

play w/ me sometime

I want to hug her and pat her head.

How to play it?
I can teach you~
Me and Bard are great teachers, aren't we Bard?

i wanna fuck and have her give me head

That's step 2

you kinda scare me but ill try

i paid tribute to her last night and i plan to do it again tonight

well if youre there you can make sure bard doesnt do anything fishy i guess

Time to stuff my face with pizza!

hex manian seems lewd as heck


Oh please tell me Step 3, my cock is titantanatically hard right now.

Yeah, I'd be wary of Bard.

what kinda pizza?
i became pizza sensitive and dont judge other countries pizzas anymore since seeing japan pizza

i'm a very diplomatic nation

scan man

You have no idea.

You know she's a Ghost pokemon user, right?

She'd totes read the Necronomicon so she can summon eternal semen demons to use her as an eternal cumdump.

DAMN LEWDEST, with a hint of yandere.

Last time you was begging me to stop fighting you and every single person I saw.

I have no chill for politics.

yup i dont mind games, but bard can be worrying beyond that extent

What I'm trying to get at is ghost pokemon users are always, most definitely sluts.


How so?
Bard is a bitch under my flailing iron fist of equal opportunities?

I was very drunk at the time, Bard, I can't remember many details so I make them up from time to time.

I do remember being at war with everyone but Dags though, because he's on a bitch island in the middle of fucking nowhere.

true. the last time i watched the show i think the one i liked used ghost stuff
or maybe is was psychic idk

we gotta play again god damn
get feku nyan in :3


that seems nice i guess

im not a nyan

shut the FUCK UP you SLUT CAT WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Psychic users are utter nerds.

Want me to start the game soon?
Or are you gonna host?

tfw nobody plays dank games


well idk what im doing

w0wait are we doing this right now?

literally playing battlefield 1 as we speak

Would worms be a dank game?

Don't have to if you don't want to,
I can just get more high/drunk and play Endless by myself.

i like nerds tho



are there heliflops


What do you like to play?
I forgot your name, sorry.

I don't know who would be the most vicious, angry and lewd civ to be on Endless Legend, can anyone help me pick?

why are children card games so intense

I like wobblytetrisgame and starcraft and league and idk if much else

sorry buddy gotta go to work in 8 hours


Is cool, next time when you are comfy. =w=

lol thats the truth. T-03:00

Cheese/Bacon pizza.


Anyway time for more Watch Doggies 2

28 and 6

wow ive never had a fancy pizza like that before :o
i just eats pepperonis or cp
when im feeling fancy i have deluxe

Fucking Cookiezi :3

i like using the title of that beatmap as one of my super edgy lines from time to time

who me?

I can't handle your edge



i cant tell if its edge or chuuni at this point
i used to have a few lines of megumin's incantations memorized

well with that i am going to bed nini neko nyna have a nice day today :3

I love to feast.

waow. you dont get to see this much in animes!!!!

Those places are fucking crazy


at first i thought the free vibrators were cool, but after some thinking they are probably low quality and not meant for long term use

it also made me think of wanting to stick a vibrator in my butthole all day

Forget the sextoys, I'd rent a love hotel just for a place to sleep!

They look so kinky but also comfy!

but japan has pod hotels for that

Are they cheaper and comfier?

they cost like the same as motels i think and you lock yourself in a box

Well... I do like tight spaces but...
if the shit ain't cheap...


i found a video about it
it doesnt seem too bad cuz of the bath


I wouldn;t mind living in a box like that.I got my laptop and my books, they don't take up much space.

tfw random BSOD while watching someone play Resident Evil 7 in the dark



And I thought I saw everything.


the audio bugged out at the same time and i got a staticy effect

this takes skill.
how many hours u practice musicgod

I could show you the world

or something

why though

post right half

Rename this one to "Clever Girl".

thx noranon



when i do it im hypersexual

That's strictly untrue.
You're always a hypersexual.

I don't know anything about Neru's sexual tendencies to know if she's one as well.

fine you can have this victory

ill go wallow in a bath and fap to mai waifu

the n word

Not exactly helping your case.



neko :3


i think i have that victim complex thing

maybe i just like being bullied






nudes! :33

It is only going to get worse


good job everyone

I think I drink and smoke too much, guys

id appreciate it if you used terms that werent derogatory

it doesnt work like that you have to try harder

cookiezi is p gud

You're only good for swallowing semen, you useless slut.

holy shit!!!! if you google osu the first result isnt oregon state university anymore!!
you get Osu!

lmao rip acc 99.81%

don't look at me like that

I mean.
I never used any of them to be an insult, but if that's how you took it, okay.

is 100% acc hard

i think thats probably tru, u guna bait em or u need the job?

My butthole puckered

Is that okay in agreement or okay in unresponse

i wanna curl up in bed and be patted

I'll look at you in whatever tone of voice I want to look at you in.

For plebeians and shitters, yeah.


I don't know, I'm gonna see how this plays out; see if I get the job.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Neither of those make sense in context.

It's an "If it bothers you that much, okay I will stop."


pee pee

don't make me have to get physical

u should drink an entire bottle of whiskey before the interveiw.... like 2 minutes b4 and make it fast as possible

the interveiw i mean

Let's get digital instead.

Pls no, I like money. ;-;

It usually reacts when i get turned on

Doesn't bother me a whole lot. Just winder wut you went out of your way to use those terms

does gta v have nice side missions?

I've got more where that came from, you cumslut.

I don't go out of my way to use them ???

I mean, I guess I looked up the male-specific equivalence to nymphomania, but that was more just general curiosity.

So 80s it hurts.

Though, technically, the word is Saytriasis not Satyromania.

let me play with your digital display rinirin

So... what is better for my empire...
Slavery or making food out of our dead and the flesh of our enemies...

I'mma pick slavery.
Fucken love Endless.

I wish i made more cum so i could swallow bigger loads

I piqued your interest :>?


I have absolutely no idea why you'd take that away from what I said.

You want to swallow large loads?

Oh, don't worry, I could always help you with that.
Be sure to be on your knees first, though!

damn g

You googled for me

I only like my own cum
I-I'm to scared to try other flavors

sorry I'll try not to make it lewd
can't make any promises tho

rin pat
fek pat

Don't flatter yourself, it'd've happened anyway.

Wow pervo.

A good daddy always provides for his gril. >W>

All the better to get you a cat foodbowl with YOUR CUM ON IT!

Sorry, in one of those moods.

😝i need moe blush emotes

Oh well. How was your sleep?


Emily, pat.

It was alright.

But i want loads of steaming fresh cum


pls don't call me that

Better start fapping, Feku.
Be sure to cam too.

Has the snow started melting?

Woah there. That's child porn!!


Well, okay.
Even though I know you like it, because you asked so sweetly, I'll stop.

It did.
Then it got cold and snowed again.

I'm younger, get in my van.

I do not like it !

Yah but isn't it always cold in maple land

Okay. Ima go fap now

Good boy.


Yeah, yeah, just like you don't like being called a good girl.

Y-yeah, sure.

depends how i feel

terrored erryday

At least night two sleeping on a tattoo wasn't so bad.

sleep on the edge of a cliff

Only if you hold my hand while I do it.

I would only do that so i could get close enough to push you off

I'll grab you by the cusp of your shirt collar and pull you down with me in a lovers embrace.
We can kiss while we fall.

That sounds fucking repugnant. Absolutely disgusting.


Kiss me, you disgusting pig.

what's happening


I wallow in my singularity of sadness.

Not much. Listening to Wu-Tang lmao

Whatchu up to?


what song?

i'm not doing much just chilling a little before i fall alseep
listening to some weird shit i found

ugh that really tired me out more than usual the bath water nearly went cold

so like being in a bath? and then the water stops being hot suddenly?

Now it's this one:

I finally made a Pandora account now that I have a computer again^^

Neko, you whore.
You're the only one to talk to right now. Don't you dare leave me hanging here.

oh you like a lotta old school shit don't you?

is it worth it?

then you must only refer to me with cute sweet sobriquets from now on. :3

I mean, I'm old, so...

The computer, or Pandora?

Cause I say yes to both.

I am having vast difficulty connecting you with anything considerably "cute".

i never tried pandora cause youtube has everything already
what's the difference?

fuck you, horriblesubs

It's audio only so it doesn't rekt your data on your phone.

It's personalized channels. Like I've liked every single song so far on my Kesha station. That's a good record compared to suggested vids on YT or regular radio.

you should be able to interpret its meaning if ur a true weeb

lol what anime?



Wait. Why does nobody ever send me memes?



that sounds pretty handy actually
the suggested vids on youtube are atrocious and if you accidentally watch something you don't like you fucked up cause now your suggestions are littered with it

my dad once told me he made a mem on facebook, and it took me something like 10 seconds to realise what the fuck he was talking about


Those are actual subtitles, the guy's just pretty high.

just pretend i'm the little girl in my pics

i dont even