90% of animus posters died

90% of animus posters died

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Thank goodness.

Its just an alternative pony thread now.

Pony outcasts

I hate horsefuckers

posting with darwins cuck crew is cancer

Thank Darwin

tfw not dead



Better fix that



(◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

Sorry but (´・◡・`) Subtle

i have ingested cooked dinner, and now im full


I want to go swimming in Satanichia.


Did you watch 4?

emi, wanna buy my SSK?


I supposed I'd let Satanya swim in me since she really wanted to go.

30 bucks tops :^)

add a 0 and a £ sign and were good






How are you going to observe black history month this year?



the bf is rather partial to watermelon and fried chicken


Might watch Denzel's movie or something.

this ever happend to you?

I am going to observe black history month by screaming like a chimp

Thanks Satania

Can't open it

as lovely as this keyboard is im gonna have to shove it up on ebay soon ;_;






I wanted a Satania hug though!

Speaking about 'Never Relax', there is this company that I've applied to called Creative Access for runner jobs; turns out they strictly do not hire whiteys.

This pains the kokoro



Not allowed

Kanna head pats.


Kanna tasty food

Kanna nap.

sue them

Over what?
That shit company to decide the law on that.

I'mma just throw CVs all over the place, see what weird job I get this time.

daily reminder that cuddling with your bros is NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But... you just posted that pic of Stamper and Oney, who have the gayest bromance on the internet...

It isn't helping your reminder, guro.

that's not oney, it's his irish goofball of a friend Niall
b-bromance isn't gay
don't spread lies scanner


Question for thread,
If you had to choose between these two guys, who would you fuck?

Chris or Stamper?

They're all buttbois in Sleepycabin!
i do fuckn love them tho

Stamper is one of the two men I would kiss on the mouth and not regret it
full homo

i don't know about you

but i'm feeling 22


I would if I could but I can't so I shan't.


No, we aren't gay. We just don't fuck around.


Yesterday I learned that Kizu no Honkai is softcore porn

All it literally is Toradora but with extra NTR

I still watched it with my friends though

It gets pretty lewd tbh

Stamper best boi.

Do you just travel around the US just to bully posters?

I'll stop "spamming" but I need you whores off my cock.

Do the civilians suspect anything?

That's the goal fam


wut? All i saw was something about not gay and then I just wanted to post muh new webm i got.


How old is Subtle?

Sup Toilet Monster!


Who's askin?

Shut it down!

Arizona is worse state.


I thought you were like 19 for some reason

It's because I live here.


Why would you want to swim in this?


One reason could be 'Semen demon'

This must be a rhetorical question

lol that was Ghostie and my other friends room (Manny, Brandon, Nathan)

We were getting fucked up in a different room party in a different hotel that night

Memeing hard with the Adios and White Russians


Slightly less shit.



I think so.

I wish I wasn't so drunk and could've operated a camera correctly though

Motherfucker, I want some fucking cheeeeese.

Thank God medicaid pays for me to get my shitty teeth fixed :^)

it's my b-day, hence the reference


Satania a shit tho

Well of course they're gonna fix your teeth.
Your ability to suck cocks is what pays the bills

I assumed as much.

Odd your Birthday is in the same month as mine.


Objectively wrong.

happy birthday, one step closer to the grave

what day is your birthday?

His girlfriend walked in on us last time and it got awkward so I had to go

That's not a correct way to use the word "objectively"


You and your roommate buggered each other whilst he had a girlfriend?

Wow, you both a healslut AND you NTR the fuck out of everything.

You're getting the month, that's all.

My friends said I looked like a Mexican with cancer when I put a hat on

You are not a way to use the word "objectively", subjectively objective opinions would stat


I don't live with them, we were fucking in his girlfriends dorm room

We've had a threescore before so everything's on the up and up

yall some degenerate ass niggers tbh


Sounds like you're jealous tbh

I just got stunlocked into a gameover and I'm super sour about it and don't even want to play but I'll probably start playing again in a few minutes.


€50 tops

kinda am tbh, me and the bf havent had anyone round to share our bed with since we had to lend his fam the couch

€50 tops

nice linking

Pretty much yeah, I'm cooking ramen and I'm high on drugs.

still together

how do you do it?

Buy me a ticket to bongland?

How much do I have to pay you to bone you, NEET Megu?

Like, I like fucking guys now but still don't see myself having a real relationship with one ever

anything good?

for the SSK?

i dont have that kind of money for myself, let alone anyone else

blowjobs and autism


Girls dont fuck guys tho

is one of you the dom?

It's obviously not him

This is how fags look like

How many straight white males are even left on this board? 2?

Yes :^)

qt is such a sub

I'd make him my bitch tbh

Pride is good for hookups and nothing else


am i a degenerate too

Happy Birthday.



nigger who even are you?

from what i hear pride is good for cheap drinks, getting aids, and getting your dick sucked by people who have boyfriends they wont tell you about til after youve cucked him in his own home.

youre the good kind

Been sitting in the chair numb for like half an hour

I just wanna get home and play more Witcher

his bf might somehow be more of a bitch

I am putting words together to make nonsense.

Doesn't seem possible

ask squash, hell tell you

I like the idea of being walked in on as long as the guy doesn't stop

you want people to watch you being fucked?

I am noticing.
Solid effort, 7/10.

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist


post nudes

We've gone over this

Happy Birthday.

how are you anyway?

your lack of provided nudes indicates your assertion is false

I swear to God the novacain is gonna wear off by the time the dentist gets to me

are you actually friends with anyone here?

how would he know? :3c

squash fucking hates sword

QT, you're playing with fire and threatening to make me lose my lunch.

Subtle Ian rin



*puts gps tracking in your lunch so u wont evur lose it*



-hugs the luka-

hiding in my room to play vidya because i'm feeling antisocial :~D

clearly not detestable in the ways that make him undateable

Thank you, that really helps my self esteem.

Total biiscuit TB tubrculosis tracer boy t pain Tracer bullet

also said happy b day to u

anything good?

i think squash would sooner sit on a chainsaw

yes thank you

i only play the one game cuz im lame

I got tons of snacks for bday so I'm snackin out

r u rich?

often the insufferable are the most loveable


i cant be fucked with videogames, might go read in a bit


what's that gotta do with anything

what kinda stuff do you read? like what genre

Makes sense

politics and philosophy generally, currently working my way through lockes second treatise on government

are you smart?

not as much as id like to be



good attitude

Always happy to help. I'm good with nonsense.

grom help, i accidentally matlab


Nuclear holocaust when

nice ^^
I don't care for politics but philosophy can be interesting

half of the politics stuff tho is just how to conduct yourself in a manner more befitting of your aims

Luka so nice by filling the lonely threads

I'm gonna be getting my first copy in a couple of months

very soon or never


your birthday
thats wat ._.

i thought agent stuff wouldnt involve matlab, but when i arrived to the lecture matlab was on a previously covered slide ;_;


My name keeps falling off

yutub it

I should learn LaTeX

would help so much in preparing reports

figured as much

you should
that said, i should learn common lisp, but i still havent gotten off my arse to learn it proper

Wow what's that supposed to mean



I don't see the connection between my b-day and my finances

can you explain please?


you get stuff on b day


I am not sure I know your name.

I converted my sister completely into liking my music.

Got her singing along and everything.


race war when tho

corruption when

Echo echo echo echoooo echoooooo

Deus Vult

Happened already.



Oh, thanks Test. I am guessing he is not new then?

wat ._.


gas the muslims

This man is a fucking wizard.




Might as well give her the dick too

I linked the wrong person.

There are an odd amount of not new people that I am just meeting now after like nearly a year of posting.

I got some snacks

that's about it

I specifically even asked for no gifts





You've probably talked to him and didn't realized it.


How old is she?


"There are still black people walking this earth that were slaves in America. They are probably like 90 but still." Words of Wisdom from Tana Mongeau.
Math is not her strong suit.
Though to be fair, neither is common sense.

His flag seems new to what I am used to but I guess I could have just not paid close attention.
How is your day treating you?

He used to post with a UK flag, and for a while he had no flag.

I didn't sleep last night and I want to die.

Oh my, she's almost legal now

You'll never have a perfect meal.

Why did you not sleep, Test? Seriously I feel shit enough when I only get a few hours of it.
Zero of it would be a pain in the ass.

oh.... alright.

get more.

/pat pat

appropriating this for my own use thanks.

Couldn't sleep. Simple as that.

That was 3 hours ago, I don't think he's still here.

Faggot Princess - Today at 4:19 PM
why was this in my trip search? i can't remember
Tokai - Today at 4:20 PM
shouldn't drink so much then

he's still around.

Try to get some then, you nerd. It is really bad for you not to get any.



Some other gay discord?

Soon, probably.



Other than that has it been a nice day?

People pay money for this.

This is real life now.

Thankfully autism isn't contagious.

I've been at school all day.

What a world

you sure?

I've got school the day after.

The answer is clearly no then.

Pat me to sleep. ;w;

*pat pat*


As opposed to the numerous hetero Discords associated with this place?


No, as opposed to the more mainstream gay discords.

godamn hipster gays

It happened in mine.

So, you know.
Only the gayest, most autistic discord.


Goddamn that talking adam's apple from youtube.
No one will ever be as bad as him.

What happened?

it's rin's sekrit discord.

prepare to face charges


Sorry was in game.
But yeah all of the below is accurate.

Thanks Chris


I'll counter report u

Nuh, that's not in the name anymore.


huh no that's not possible.
I didn't do anything wrong

♥ cute pic

Be happy you do not know him.


Oh I could not see the post. That explains a fair bit.


oh ok

Test's real name is Christina.


Best girl

I thought you just went by Test? Why does this have to be so confusing?

Always touch.


So I have found out.
I am Spoilers, in case we did not meet before and you did not know.

The theme song of everybody's love of the best girl.

Just let me transition into a male and stop talking about my old name.

I go by Test. But I have a real name, too.

I did not.
Well I saw the name around plenty just didn't know it was you now.
I figured it was someone I knew just under a different name, people do that too much.

You can change your hair but you can't change your chromosomes.

You are the only person I have seen people call by a real name that also admits to it being their name.
So even just with that, it is unique.

So I have been told, multitudes of times. The list of people I have been mistaken for is ever growing.
Added Wish to that list just yesterday, thanks to Soto.

I can think of about 10 peoples' real names off the top of my head. About 6 people I talk to from here regularly prefer to be called by their real name.

She's hard to mistake for anyone else, soto's a tard.
I thought like, oobles maybe, I don't know that many canadians aside from her, Emma, Rin and that one guy nobody likes.

shh sekrit

we'll worry about that later after you've been in jail for a few years.

save it my friend, it's all yours.

I prefer to be called by Martin.

Because I identify as a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, please respect my pronouns.

They are jet, jets, and jetself.

It literally isn't though??

I regularly tell you fucks to invite whomever the fuck, and that they don't even have to be threaders and I'll literally not care.

We're all in a black hole. We believe ourselves to be on Earth, because of reasons? It's a soul trap, and the psychic pain generated from this endless bullshit fuels the demiurge, which probably believes itself to both be God and thinks itself responsible for each and every second that elapses on Earth. It tried making things go well, but got fed up with the micromanaging and decided to let "free will" enter the equation, which is largely bullshit since it, essentially, is both the Id and Superego. Ego death, ultimately, is the death of the personal identity, which the demiurge DESIRES because that way it'll be able to take complete and direct control over your vessel (whatever the fuck it is, we're probably just souls in jars tied to computers or some bullshit). Visualize the Void as a massive spiderweb, with our souls cocooned by Ashiok the Nightmare Weaver and our energy harvested by all of her little disgusting spider babies. You need to bust out of your fucking cocoon, then kill her, then you get to join the party (which is both dank and lit AF).

I know only one and that started today. To be honest I do not think people trust me thanks to the still believing I am someone else.
Kind of gave up on trying to earn the trust too, it has been a wasted effort to befriend the majority of those people.

I have yet to be mistaken for Oobles but assuming I can guess fourth, the other three have all been an assumption at some point by people.
There are still people that believe the latter option.

I respect your right to bomb indiscriminately.

If you still have a trip, or think yourself a mod here, you are not. Drop your trip or die IRL.


I can't go to jail.
jail sucks




Think that's S4H again?

Thanks, that is very kind and mature of you.


Everyone is S4H at this point, silly.

Replies will be a moment, finishing something in a game.


Kyle, Tristan, Carleigh, George, Cup (Who doesn't like his real name being said), Grim (Same as Cup), Ian, Anthony, Maddie, Jackson(Who I don't talk to), Trevor



And what is your first name, Jack?


didn't grim have this very indian name or something

Christopher Robin Hood? Chaotic Good my ass...


I seem to recall Mommy more accepting of being called by name than preferring it.

Can't say anything about the others, though.

Yes, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say it in thread. So I'll just not.


Well it can be hard to guess sometimes

You're mixing names together.

Yes that


I dunno Cuppies' though.

Oh well.

Played Warwick and yiffed at people when I killed them.

someone wanna shoot me yet ?

Come on out back

yey cupcake considers me a freind~
i'm smiling now.

jhin did.


And put you down like a dog?

Your standards are really painfully low.

brok bork

He wasn't able to kill my team though which is why we won.

Sounds about right

I'm gonna invite so many ponies

yeah you'll do a lot of sucking there.

that's a phat ass.

don't be rood.

Get on my level and both love and hate everything with a burning/icy/whatever passion.

is yiff a furry term for something

brok broken

You need to fiffbf ta get to da buvens

you were struggling to kill people
that leona baited you
and that vikor kited you with no hp left.

That's no way to talk to a lady.

You're on your way out at a -6.

huh? speak engrish

You'd befriend a brick wall if you thought it was being attentive to you.

okay bye

I was the tank, Luka.

They couldn't hit my team and thats my biggest goal.

rip gabe

at least you killed that echo who fail kited at the start
lol but you warded his fail juke and pwned him ez
red smite + E + dd = more survive and life steal and even moar dmg reduction throw in a PD and they cant even touch you.


*maximum smugness*

Bye Gabe

There are no teams... not anymore. We're all on Team 7 now.

The election ended 3 months ago.


And I didn't win.

Tzeench won.


Do it you wont




Why not just like, not die and kill people at the same time tho




For God's sake, give the man a pity you.



More like Anubomb amirite? lmao

That's copyrighted

Thank you.

Who the fuck is the Gremlin in the background?

You faggots don't realize that by trying to live my avatar's life your are forever condeming yourselves to hell?

Kind I may be, mature probably not so much.

Am I wrong to feel this way? I am open for discussion and all but to me it just feels like I tried really hard and got no where, barring a handful.

So it seems.

Not anymore, all IP has been stolen permanently.

hai sox

So how did you end up here

The real question is.

Did his ban expire, or is he evading again?

Sorry, I had a day full of heinous bullshit so I came by to vent. These bitches think that I don't know the games they get up to, but I do. I can smell their stench.

Ban expired.

Why not both?

Ban me again if you want, I can make your lives hell without posting in this thread since I'm already in your minds.


Ian should've never fed him after midnight lol

Pardon my hesitation in accepting it from you.

Post pics of gay spooning.

Check my IP, please. I waited.

About a year ago Ytse was making threads on Holla Forums, then linked the thread to here. So, I followed with.
Really lame backstory but it is how it went.
Even ended up a mod for the better three quarters of my time here, until I quit last month.

Ban socks again for the lulz

Or, if Alice still has too much sand in her cunt about losing a game for once, and can't believe it wasn't Jack who took the win (It was one of us, not anyone you know...) then you can permaban me and I'll be glad of it.

Frankly, I don't care either way, as long as you're toning it down.

I no longer feel any guilt for condemning you to an eternity in my mind.

I'll post less.

It expired.

There are healthier ways to vent.

None at all would be even better.


I don't see why they don't just re-ban him if all he's going to do is spam again.
But I'm assuming they're underage and one of the staff members is trying to end up in their e-pants.

I wasn't about to go cockblock them
That's just rude

Though my friend Manny did find them flirting and then leaving to the room together while drunk so who knows what could've possibly happened :^)

He managed to get even uglier.

What is wrong with that user?

He may not be able to even make a single friend on a gay autistic imageboard.

I don't know what that says about him.

Guy who got banned for spamming comes back and says he's upset and spams.

they talk in gibberish and post spam at anyone
and post too much for their own good in an annoying way.
talking at people, not with them. shoveling what they can out in post form. with no regard.
they can't just calm down... and post nicely with the rest of us. :\

I would? this is new information. I didn't realize I was that desperate for attention.

you are right I won't

Because he has to be unbanned to see if he's just going to spam again.

Who's "them"?
Ian and Ghostie?

Lmao you speak like a goddamn mentally challenged child

You make socks seem normal

It was hilarious seeing super drunk guys try to hit on Ghostie and like get him to go with them and I kinda wanted to be like "Hey bro, she has a dick btw lmao"

There's some thirsty ass niggas out there

You're not desperate for it, just enjoy it in all its forms.


He's either trolling/pretending to be insane for kicks, or legitimately insane.
Or both.

Yeah lol


Who's the Prompto?

He doesn't even look like a girl.
Just how drunk and/or desperate were they?


To be fair, this place is not the easiest for that in ways. However he seems a little more autistic than most.
If not all.

This is why I told Bebop to keep repeat offenders banned for good or much longer.
Either way not my issue anymore in that sense.
How are you doing, Trace?

The gibberish is fine, though off putting, the rest is not so much.

Both are things I do not feel I can support thee idea of. If it is trolling it's like that image of the guy pretending to be retarded, which is slightly sad.


And Cupcake isn't on there because...?


Have you forgotten your own hugbox past?

When I first thought of the idea he was, I guess I failed the execution.

Who're you?

yeah... its off putting.

would luka vote for luka or (you)?

So is having an extreme victim complex to the point of driving everyone who could ever be considered a friend, and then proceeding to blame them for it, but that doesn't stop some people.



so is bullying people

Pretty desperate and shitfaced
I told Ghostie to get off my bed cause I wanted to sleep so he went back to his room and the thirsty drunk guy followed him back to his room

I'm surprised he didn't get raped that night

It was hilarious seeing super drunk guys try to hit on Ghostie and like get him to go with them and I kinda wanted to be like "Hey bro, she has a dick btw lmao"

There's some thirsty ass niggas out there



new thread

There's a new thread, turn your filters off.

There is a new thread