Hey now, you're an all star

hey now, you're an all star

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Get the show on.

Or was it game on.

all star, get your game on, go play.

hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid.


I might as well be asleep if i'm in bed.


You skipped lines.

Shreking kill yourself.

I don't smash mouths.

well what if you move your mattress blanket pillow and sheets to somewhere else instead

then it wont be bed

WOW whiskers

Maybe ban will like this rendition

This has done the impossible.
It's actually worse than Smash Mouth.

smash my mouth uguu

Smash mouth seems like the kind of music Guy Fieri listens to while eating something really messy and moaning about how good it is.

I prefer this version lol

Its awful

surprisingly apt description of smash mouth.

Then whats the point ?


I-I don't know what that means.


Guy Fieri and the lead singer look alike in that "fat white trash" way.

Cool tat braj did you do it yourself

Not on point with the references.

I tried.

Thats probably why I think about it when I see or hear him.

dont stomp on my broken dreams

it will make the challenge harder since you will be exhausted from moving your bed

And the same shitty, cheap plastic sunglasses.

I refuse.

just ram it right in there.

I always forget guy fieri is even a thing and every time I do it's like a little burst of happiness in my brain because I remember that someone so absurd exists and it makes me smile. and I actually like the guy.

Your references get out of control. Everybody knows that.


Don't tread on me

well did you have anything in mind since you ddint like my ideas

that show diners drive ins and dives is rather entertaining. and his absurdity only makes it more so.

You've hit rock bottom.
Seek help.

right, this is the tipping point for me. the fact that I've enjoyed a sub par television program.

youd think life would stop beating you once you play dead but no it never stops

That is not quite the line either.

*judges you white trashily*

My first?


I have those generic ray ban ones everyone has.

and then like some other multicolor ones for fighting cancer


Lets roleplay as underage ponies

I'll assume you meant fist, and no, clearly I'm talking about your cock. keep up, goggles.




I do not believe this.

You've hit rock bottom
Seek help

The chronic alcoholism was rock bottom.
The shitty meme show is just breaking through the floor.

I have Ray-Ban aviators like literally everyone else.

i have

I know what the line was.. I use it. Honest.

I just don't know what the whiskers one is.

wow you're cool

Literally everyone owns Ray-Ban aviators.

"Chronic alcoholism" is redundant.

Did it work?

neets dont
they own kamina glasses instead

No one here does.

You probably look like a tool in those.

its a work in progress

that bad lip reading guy is better at this kinda thing.

you will never be forgiven. this is going in the top ten anime betrayals for sure.

I liked that show back when I was still a kid living in my parent's house. older kid, to be sure, but that's when I watched it. it was a fun thing to watch with the family. a lot of shitty shows are more enjoyable with a group.

I live in the UK why would I ever need sunglasses


chronic shitposting

I own exactly zero pairs of sunglasses.

I don't think I've ever heard of him.

pretty funny youtube channel. I don't really watch it though, I already have way too much shit to watch.

Can I come to your intervention?

NEETs need to be gassed anyways.

Literally everyone owns a pair of them, the same as Converse's.

My parents watch either golf, shitty CBS shows, or Food Network constantly.
Even with them, I won't actively watch TV with them.

Oh right, you live in a depressing grey country.


Well if you like it then its probably trash.


see your own bottom reply.

The people in Texas are fashionably challenged.

I have wayfarers.

Can you leave my name out?


yeah probably.

I'm gonna put it front and center.

what country should we start with?
gross, this isn't elementary school/junior high


I just put on a movie of some sort, something they haven't seen and probably won't like to broaden their horizons.

It's not just Texas.
It's pretty much a global thing.
Aviators by sales are the most popular sunglasses type ever.

The plastic Ferris Bueller shades?

It's just one of those things: everyone owns a pair somewhere, whether they bought it or it's a relic of their past.

This one had me giggling like a little bitch.


Yeah and I bet your cargo shorts are too.

The ones he wears on the box art, I think

well if you want to I guess

that sounds horrifying. if I were your parents I'd have you aborted.

childish humor tends to entertain children, yes.

Its funny you say that when I'm more of an adult than you yet i'm many years younger.

yes that is a pretty true thing you just said.

What makes you an adult?

Those are just comfy.
And it's not like pants are ever needed here.

Yeah, I have/had a pair of just black ones.
I think I've had at least a dozen different types of Ray-Bans over the years since being a kid.
I think the only pairs I had that weren't were Oakley's that I had during baseball seasons.

My parents for some reason like me doing that, I'm not really sure why either.
Like anytime we meet up to go out to eat or anything I've always been the one to pick the place and it's usually something they've never had and think they'll hate and end up liking.
Same with movies/shows.

I'm above 18.


tsuchi-chan sugoiiii

But if that's the only criteria then Cupcake would be more of an adult

Well, EXCUSE ME for being functional around people.

I have no further points to make.

I'm sorry Darwin

If you say so.



Hipsters kind of ruined Wayfarers.

you're excused.

Most people will suffer such ailment.

What is the story behind this file name?

You have said all of this actually I'm just regurgitating with my thumb in the back of my throat

Did not!

I mean, to be fair, he does have a point. most adults feel the need to point out that they are more adult than other adults.

Here you go:

Erikson. Erik H. and Joan M. (1997) The Life Cycle Completed: Extended Version. New York: W. W. Norton

They probably made that years ago so I have no idea.

Stop that.

Or feel the need to call others children and then be passive aggressive about it.

I was hoping you'd say that.
I've never owned them before honestly.

I simply call things like I see them. I attach no stigma to the idea of being childish.

You crippled, anti-social little shit

Pretty much anytime I'm in the really boring new suburban it place to live, it's pretty much everyone at pretentious places with Wayfarers in the summer.
So it's kind of ruined them for anyone to me.

Kind of shocking, really.
It's not really something of hyperbole either. The majority of people have owned or own both of those at some point.

I have my doubts.


I never even noticed it until you pointed it out.

You told her NEVER to post it again on 12/17/16.

I don't and I'm more adult than all other bajillion people on this earth na na na na na xP

What do I do with this stuff?

Stop what?

don't remember it

I hadn't owned aviators either up till Christmas when someone gifted me them. Maybe it's just because I live in the middle of nowhere



You read it and your question will be answered instead of asking someone who is unwilling to help you, or alternatively a fucking dumbass.

Nothing, just nod and pretend.

This is why you have me. ;)

He knows

That is because.... Dogs can smell cancer.

What would I ever do without you ?

Go back to ripping off mob dealers.

Even the rednecks in the midwest still wore them where I've been through.
Blame MacArthur for making them popular.

free country

oh gosh, insult me more please, I'm so close...

damn dude, you fucking showed me hardcore.


this dog can be annoying as fuck sometimes. like when my mom goes to bed he leaves her room, and then cries at her because he can't jump up. and when I have him I have to make sure this fucker doesn't cry at my mom's door constantly and wake her up.

If they don't wanna get ripped off they should stop being such easy targets.

It weirds me out that people call the mid west the mid west, like when I first heard people say that I thought they meant like northern california/oregon but apparently it's a lot of eastern places. Old timey stuff I guess.
Who is MacArthur?

I am not so interested in an answer. I was just being a cunt
Is the book a good read anyway?

Yeah I can do that

Are you bad at clapping back insults?

I can banter just fine when the mood strikes me.

It's the middle of America vertically and west of the established east of the time. It's a relative term.

General MacArthur who made aviators in vogue after his images during WW2.

Accrue more money so I can move in with you rent-free.

Do NOT do that again.


Yes. I am not sure what happened but turns out if I refresh the page there is a chance of either my trip being back or being gone again.
It confuses me. Alcohol has yet to fix this confusion.
How are you doing?

I need to buy some cool looking painting for my place first.

I don't want to sleep
Last night I dreamed that someone I'd rather not think about found where I work and showed up just to bother me

Take all the drugs and stay up forever.
Alternatively, it'll make you sleep forever.
Either or.


An infallible indicator of true adulthood.

Burn their house down.
That will solve the problem.

Please don't pick on me Darwin-senpai....

I just want something to make my room look cool....


Then you gotta clap back and show the bullies you ain't to be trifled with
Grab em by the nutz

Be a cunt? I'm going to take up yours and Wish's mantle.
Read it to me :3

I'm cool I'm just listening to music like usual but I thought I'd have fallen asleep by now. What you drinking?


What kind of embellishments?

I've got a monster and piles of traxodone
Who wants a heart seizure

I don't know where he lives anymore

We set the high mark, which I am afraid you will never approach.

No. You hate my voice.

Ah, just as I figured then. Weird.

I thought there was some designer or something lol wtf, yeah I know the dude

Just scream "WAKE ME UP" while downing them and I'm sure everything will end up hunky-dory.

Please use small words so I can understand....

I wish I was smart like you.....

Finished the rum, just finishing getting a fair bit into vodka. Got some juice randomly to mix with it.
I am starting to believe I have a problem. A decent one but one still.

Burn him down if he ever showed up? Which he likely will not.

What shit are ya gonna hang on the fuckin' walls?

If I use my limit breaker nothing is impossible
I hate your voice? What bullshit is this

Hang the trophies of all the sluts you have slain

Is that what she's like?

but I like being bullied.

It'll be just the scrotums of young men that are now girls.

That is my excuse not to do it.

I'll probably play games and take a trazodone later
I am hungry though...

There's not much I could do of he showed up...

What is?

That makes it even better

Right now I have a big ass picture of Bob Marley on my wall.

Its "lit"

I don't really know what else I want so any kind of suggestion is nice.

Do not use weeaboo shit.

I put all of my trophies in a box in my garage.

Go make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

That mental image now disturbs me and I need to drink it away.

Sure there is. It ranges from telling him off to kicking him in the cunt.

Give me a picture of your avatars feet.

I forgot
You should find people who are actually good at it then

You talk about this high mark you set but I'm not seeing it with this shit


I retired.

surprisingly difficult to find, if you can believe it.

Woe is you.
Have all of my pity.

Your favorite.

Its going on the ceiling above my bed.

You're not that old yet. Most people can't do that till their 60's now.

But I found leftover pork tenderloin in my fridge

How can I tell him off for shit he did sixteen years ago if I didn't do it while we were in high school

your sincerity is appreciated in these troubling times.

Pork is terrible cold or if reheated in the microwave so you have to use the oven at least.

ty np

What kind of trophies do you have?

You've seen much worse, don't be such a girl

:3 nothinggg

"Fuck you. you are a cunt".
Seems pretty simple.

This is the first one I found.

Shitposting is a career that fizzles out fast.

Using these images is to the point of outright annoying me and yet I persist.
I should probably seek an evaluation.

Worse than a mental image of someone just nailing scrotums to their wall?
Not really.

I played pretty much everything other than hockey and lacrosse.

Its mostly swimming and soccer stuff.

I don't even like pork but I'm so tired right now I don't give a fuck because it will go well with the bread I rescued

I was a Defensive lineman in football once xd

Pork is delicious.
Fuck you, you dirty kike.

Sleeping with one does not make you one.

But that's how I greet my friends

Pork and beef hurt my stomach so I don't eat a lot of them

I can, really.
Shit is ruff.

Are you concerned about becoming an alcoholic?

You should teach me properly and we will build a legacy
Make its ephemeral nature less so

It would be pretty weird to have sex with someone in middle school.

Don't be a pansy.

But everyone wanted to in middle school

I do not want to bother. I am trying to learn Blink Stalker micro instead.

I hate anons!

I've seen images of posters that are worse than that.

Why didn't you continue any of it?

By that do you mean the majority of the trannies?


we had a lot of pregnant mexican girls

I currently coach a swimteam and teach swim lessons / life guard

I kinda do

What is that?

Yeah I stopped having sex before I got to middle school and didn't try again until college
Middle and high school are just bad times to be having sex

My body is not very good at food

Lacrosse got me laughed at and brain damaged

Its just looks retarded to me honestly.

Story of your life.

It's just hockey really

Can't argue with that

I knew a lot of pregnant white girls
Many of them watched 16 & Pregnant

Isn't middle school for like 10-12 year olds?

I thought that was obvious

Oh, neat, how old are they?

But you run around like a retard with a stick.

Thats what they get for having sex with black guys.

Single moms incoming !


Middle school is for 12-14 year olds

"Fuck you, you fag".

A little but no sense in stopping now. Going to get sleep though so night Lloyd!

Honestly depending on where you live it is less and less weird than you would imagine.
However we did not have the choice of football until high school so I figured you meant it. America is a fair bit more football oriented.



You are clearly just jealous of their WOMANLY BODIES.

I can't even say that jokingly. It honestly repulses me.

We are talking about sports and sex you fucking aboriginal

Hey, fuck you.

You love me though!

Actually white girls I knew didn't like the black guys and those guys were mostly busy rotating through sports
But I appreciate the compliment

Nice so it's like competitive swimming I gather?

Suppose 14 was the first time I messed around with a girl too but you're right, it wasn't anything to remember.
High school was the best.

And you CAN'T drink that away.

Is this Bebop? At least post an avatar so I have a chance

Night night Spoilers

It's hockey on grass
But not field hockey that's retarded

I also greet friends in this manner

Yeah my life is a tragicomedy
I mean like
A lot of visibly trans women are terrible and gross people and most trans people become attention whores
How does that make it harder to mock them?


I must of missed the compliment part.

We don't compete yet but we might start next year.

They can hopefully drink themselves away.
Hopefully on bleach.

We were speaking exclusively about the ones here.
I know a few in person and they're decent people that doesn't bother me.

Pfff I didn't get any closer to a girl than kissing a few until I was like 19

Makes sense


Play baseball and then get your teeth knocked out like a real man.

I can't open YouTube

Yes you must *have
But that's okay I still feel kimochi >//<
Impregnating white girls and gettin outta dodge does that to you

My phone is dying I'll be back after I eat

I mean, I'm not a terribly "manly" person
And I was always trash at baseball

So is it like a mens only team or how does that work competitively?

You have been hoping so for years, it still hasn't happened and you are still hopeful?

But that's probably because you're introvert. I was a horny fuck back then almost as I am now.

Then I have no idea


i mean i didnt wanna post ava you baka

This is fun?

Just describe it to me pls omg

Don't crush my dreams.
I dream they'll kill themselves and all will be right in the world.
Don't take that from me.

annnnnnd goodbye.

Its boring as fuck anyways.

Any sport that you can eat food in while playing is boring.

Is this BC?

Y-yeah, naturally they will.

I don't wanna dox myself.

When it comes to emphasis you'd put it on the vowel rather than the consonant

You fucking Scandinigger.


I will NOT.

I always suspected your korean background.

I wish you didn't hate me ;~;

Does MC still play?

Good point

There's barely any of them here, might be better for your heart to move here.
Supports and encourages drinking as well.

Yeah but you're filthy commies.


I do not think so.

I would get deported.

You are the one doing the hating.

omg you baka


I will keep it secret from Mr Trump.

It would be very easy.

Who do you watch?

We are?


what's up buttercup

Most of the US thinks all of Europe is directly communist at this point and it's not even being ironic anymore either.

INnoVation, ByuN, ByuL, and Stats.

I am full of love and bubbles

Listening to the Migos and catching up on some thangs
It's lit
What are you up to?

why can you see through her clothes in that one? this pleases me


laying in bed tryig to stay awake

Goodnight to sleepy Americans.

Ohh I remember Innovation.

M'kayyy no more questions

Huh, well I don't feel all that communist.

It's supposed to have that effect!

Is going to sleep bad? You need beauty rest. How do you stay up

It honestly makes me lose faith in humanity.

It's early morning in America

Your waifu is shit.

it's bad cause i woke up and fell back asleep like 3 times

are u thicc?

gnightu goggles

it is? o.o
where do i find one like that irl

I lose faith in humanity every time you post

Somebody once told me

I take great solace in the fact that the next four years will utterly suck for you.

I would tell you in private though.

I'm going to be now.

He is probably the best right now because Terran imba.

People being stupid, you mean?

She's thick?

Go take care of your libido first then come back

The world is macaroni

8 years*


ur shit


more liek flat lmao

How's morning?


Being that stupid.

I really cannot see him being a two term president, not even from losing reelection but him getting bored.

You're black.

You cat eating shit.


i wanna iphone 7 +

Try doing some push-ups if you're desperate

I'm also half white so what?


No you don't.

Obama was too and everyone still just called him black so I don't think that really stops them.

Isn't Terran always the favored race? I hate Terran

Still in bed, considering getting out and make coffee! Flat is also good.

That's a common thing for Americans. :^)

They are really fun, though.

All Asian people are the same anyway.

*kamikaze's with a straw hat in a J-20 while shouting Kim Il Sung's name*

y tho

Mmmh! Just had my coffee and stuff is good.

The ones that look like cats eat dogs and the ones that look like dogs eat cats

I would try to disagree just for some sense of nationalism but honestly, it's true.

Folded over 10000000000000 times.


Whoa there, you racist.

obama's skin is a lot darker than mine


For free, I mean.

MMM just scarred me for life.


It was mostly as a response to Americans thinking we're communists here.

Almost. Try again though.


I don't get it

If I wasn't so racist how would you know how deathly pale I am

I want a tablet for free. Because I don't know if I'd use it enough to be worth buying.

I had a Windows tablet for a while but ended up getting it refunded for a vidya card.

oh well
tsuchi is a fucking moron anyways


Sounds good! What do for the day?

I like tsuchi and I'm glad we're friends


Lots of nothing! hbu

Huion H420 is only $30 :3

How dare you have tax policies that favor the majority, Stalin.

I think I'm probably whiter than you are.
Not that I'm bragging.
It's mostly a bad thing.

I don't care?

I think he means like an iPad that you only use when you take a shit, not a drawing one.

persecution.... for not being a normie.

I have issues with investments.

I haven't googled this yet but are you rusing me with a gag?

Well maybe arguing with white trash will wake you up enough

A mix of that and maybe reading some stuff, got a friend coming over for dinner too!

I've enjoyed it a lot so far, means I barely have to work while I study!

Investments? I just got it because I wanted it and got it refunded for 100% the price so I got a GPU. :3

I'll try masturbating.

Why would you want one of those ;;


Ouh, neat stuff!

Still have that deadline to worry about or are you free of everything now?

Also nice boobs.

My political views would mostly fall under moderates on a typical European spectrum so yeah, I'd agree.

I am reluctant to put money into anything and just want to save it.

I don't know either.
I have a tablet and I never use it, even when I'm taking a shit.
I still just use my phone like a normal person.


It's possible, I do know people who are whiter than I am
But I prefer to be as pale as possible

He didn't have any fucking confidence or any sense
He just dressed like a fucking faggot and took a faggot shopping bag with him
Put some goddamn effort into being a degenerate
Fuck, I'll take a friend for a day off to film me and walk around in jeggings and makeup and nobody will probably give a fuck and I live in the south
Granted, I do live in a pretty liberal city with lots of gays but that asshole is just being provocative

I guess it depends on the particular place he lives too.

I'm outright incapable of getting a tan at all.
I just burn.
I'm pasty white and blonde.
God bless being ubermensch.

Yeah, starting it tomorrow and hopefully start writing by thursday or friday. I need it out of my life ASAP

That artist is pretty good yeah but his stuff is behind a Patreon paywall so I'm just waiting for someone to share.

I'm not big on politics, simply doesn't interest me

Unless it's needed, not really.

Let me know how it goes

Not active participation in politics but everyone has their own views of what they want from their governments regardless of personal interest in the topics.

Looks like a larger northern us city
They're notoriously gay

Same though
I think everyone has seen my skin


Maybe exhentai has dumps.

Not even presents for your waifu?

not that great tbh

should I sleep? y/n

I don't even recall to be honest.
That's not an invitation either. I just don't remember.

Yeah suppose so.

Haven't checked, but I was considering a visit anyway!


I was looking for an excuse to post the picture I took after I jumped in a freezing lake

english loli dark_skin

Is voting compulsory like Australia there?

That sounds uncomfortable.

okay nini

I love jumping into cold water
I've gone swimming in a frozen pond before

Definitely post that

I don't usually include the loli tag!

Nope, you can sit comfortably at home and nobody will care.
How can they even make that compulsory? How to check up that every Australian has voted? What the fuck.

This sounds like a good way to get hypothermia.

You just get fined in Australia for not voting.
There's a period of weeks that voting is ongoing so it's not that bad.
I think it's around $500 last I remember someone talking about it.


But you post so much loli.

Try using your other hand

I was way off.
$20 for your first time.
$50 for subsequent ones and up to like $180 after a while.


I never stay in too long
I almost drowned in a waterfall pool because my muscles seized and I lost my breath but I just did my best to make it back to the edge
Why I dove in I don't remember

Why not just get in heated pools in the winter like a normal person?

You could make that money in the time it takes you to vote god damn

Loli is a popular tag so it is often included in other tags I search. 'skirt-lift' is a great example of such.


That's pretty specific.

Compulsory voting is innately a good thing because it more or less forces people to have and present an opinion rather than just feeling perpetual discontent and seeing it as pointless.

At least feign normalcy.

why even live

I am specific

Suppose so yeah

eggs n bacon for bwaka fest

tokai for bakafast

but you can't eat me

Perv :3


I mean look at our elections. Turnout was 55%.

Stop that.

That's fine i just wanna lil taste~

alright, gonna go to bed. goodnight everyone.

Stop that.

Hey I tried to help pimp

I had this talk with both Tokai and Emma all night yesterday, not again!

Pretty terrible yeah

it was 11 when I woke!
but laaazy sunday




Do they suspect a thing?

it is a constant. i tried and nothing changedwait why?


Good niiiiiiiiight
Thanks for carry

Bwuuh. Just accept it!

Oh nice then ^^' Me too.

Lazy nxt week!

post a cuter pic

nom ikt now


Well obviously you didn't cum then

But I have and they didn't understand that ;;

Will this help you masturbate?

nvm 10+ minutes

A cursory google search says your voter turnout is around 85% on your last major vote.

The faux cutesy typing just makes me think you as indistinguishable from Neru.

What were they trying to do?

I wish ;-;



I already came

That Norwegian dude who misspells everything intentionally for whatever autism he has.

No time between exam and next semester?


That fast? Man I do good work

if you look at how long i was gone i think its safe to say i edged but still came

ohh whai doe

no ;-;

calling police

But we're only 6-7 million people too. You're like what, 300 million? Quite a bigger challenge you face.

They just kept calling me a pervert and lewd. That's obvious isn't it? I post porn all day!

Girls can last a long time.

I get impatient

The police have never been able to catch me.

That's hot

Your horrendous typing patterns currently.

Australia is 23 million and makes it work.
The logistic for it wouldn't be too hard.


It'll be okay. Carnavalsvakantie soon-ish?

They're not wrong :^)

how do I stop you then??

buuh whaaaaai

iunnoo, first need to see my final results and see if it's good

Initiate this project

I never said they weren't, the thing was that they denied it when I called them pervs too!!

I'm just gonna stop antagonizing this.

I am far too honest to get involved with politics and am incapable of pandering.

axnious tokai or chill tokai

Tokai is pure.
Emma is bully.

i can too?

Guess the states will never see justice

They are both huge perverts, all it takes is another pervert to see it.


first it was chill cause I thought out all scenarios but now am anxious.

food 4 realsies

Emma is, but Tokai ain't!

Sssh it'll be good!

tyty :3

Asking nicely

I am the purest of the bunch

b-but what if

oh hum.
Can you please not lick me?

Actually maybe it's more cute


no! :3


heeh!! but you said