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*trys to send* >_<
aparently its possible as seeing as cali got monsoon recently...


luka are you filtering me?

I can hear myself in my new mic when I talk.

Kill me

Groping is not too bad.

Go to sleep.

Do not care for the first or third and the second if true is not new here.

So. yes?

I don't know what to say.

You give off a vibe that makes people want to sexually harass you

Sabrina's a gril and no one sexually harasses her even though she's kawaii

luka do you think you will ever stop using the canadian gov to live for free?

you know like get a job or something


a what?


oh hey i thought you filtered me

send pics

no comment.




Yeah I kind of figured you'd probably like it

-gropes your butt-

its okay to live for free
thats just being smarter than the masses

Good call

The press would turn your words against you

what did i do to make you almost do it


What the heck does that even mean though?

Here is a pic.

How low energy do you have to be to be content with just staying at home and playing LoL forever though



the borderline porn.



For you it will cost something though.

i mean stocking posts like once every three months when he falls off his own personal wagon

that's pretty



So why don't you filter Loodz then?

Wait, whaaaaaat? They did? All that dry, compacted earth...I bet the flooding was a joy to deal with.

Billings, Montana of all places. Beats the heck outta me.

And ohmygosh, I just saw video of Molly White freaking out. It's priceless. I interviewed her once, and I was like, "Yep. She's from Belton alright!"

♥ Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our threads. ♥


sabrina do you think luka is a girl?

Your energy says "sexually harass me" I guess

Why don't you tell me why so many people sexually harass you

Have a press conference and bully them all like Trump

It already happened

I don't know what semen has been on your face

What? I make no commitments to abstaining from alcohol and you're the one who's too beta to post on this anime picture chat board when you're not drunk

le projecting


yeah it was all wet and mud water running down all their precious clean cement pavement down the hills.

so there's hope for your side yet :)
maybe this year'll be rainy year.

floods ._.


I've never seen you before, are you new?

Me and Luka are both girls !

HOLY FUCK MALICIOUS MANAKA GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just had to google this.
Holy shit. Asking if they're going after Christian or Jewish terrorists and then that? DoD recognizes quite a few Jewish and Christian groups both domestically and abroad as terrorists. It's like they just want to be offended.

Stop being so lame.

Like zero semens. Jeez.
You wish.

Invoke the Black Lion and beast them all

Why are you drinking soy milk with your alcohol

There's apparently 13,000 episodes of Days, holy cow.

I've seen like 4 of them :3

I think only MFF does it and that's cause Pritty doesn't post anymore.

Oh and Darwin, but that's cause I'm an underaged boy


i recently reintroduced plant protein into my diet

that manaka tho

i almost lost it

hounestly i only bullied manaka that second time because grim REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to fuck him


manaka would be cool if he ignored the creeps like grim

but i guarantee he is already chatting


you are not friends

Everyone's a girl until proven guilty in a court of law!

Well, we got billions of gallons dumped on us last year, so maybe I should be careful what I wish for. Drainage in this city is awful. I'm lucky to live and work on a hill.

I just rode in on a turnip truck. Swindle me!

Molly reeeeaaaaally hates Muslims. It's not even a moderately cautious attitude in reacton to legit Islamic terror. It's righteous indignation. And she's one of those far-right women who wants to prove she's one of the guys.

I watched during summer vacation as a kid. I like to think watching a demon-possessed Marlena throw Steffano from a third-story window in the mid-90's made me the person I am today.

Lame as heck.

I am.


All jokes aside i'm happy you havent left us, but at the same time upset because no words from you.

do you think i have feminine tendencies




hashtag thread pol

Watching that made you a sweetheart? Hm, I'm not so sure about that :3

I don't even know what to call that attitude. Like the Ben Carson's, Michele Bachmann's and Milo Yannawhatever's of the world: I'm black/gay/female and I'm a Republican/conservative therefor there's no discrimination against those groups because I'm of that group.

hi i'm back from work

pls bully me

i bet you don't even work that hard

Welcome back, c- blowjob queen.

But you know I love ya, right?

Well, you are pretty sassy.

It really drove home just unpredictable life is, and how sometimes we have to embrace insecurity and ride the tides of change.

Or somethin' like that.

From what I hear, that Milo guy's not alt-right enough for the alt-right anymore. Maybe he got too famous. It's like college kids abandoning REM after 'Out of Time'.

God, I'm old.


Is this like just asking to be spanked or do you want legit bullying? One is more fun.


so, yes?

Still better.

nah, it's because you're female. and not 400 pounds. and not a 199% bitch. I do talk to emily but she's so caught up in her own life, she don't talk to people that she don't see in person much anymore.

honestly eva why are you doing this


Canadian Nerd.

i love you

also, i harass another one here. I beat her up all the time time too.

I do now

eva why not admit that you are spoilers

you seem to be hanging on to spoilers

that's cool bro

You take that back, nerd.

I don't even pretend to understand the alt-right. Almost all data seems to place them as 14-35 underemployed or unemployed white dudes.
So I can't even begin to see how they're claiming they're discriminated upon when they outright do nothing.

Yeah, no kidding. If I tried to predict even just the last few days of my life I would have been wildly wrong, and let's be real here, I haven't even done all that much.

Did you link the wrong person?

Make me.


oh yeah

never let up with manaka

manaka is trash

I will tell on you.

No. I don't find you repulsive and I find 199% bitch repulsive.

By the way, did your candy supply ever get replenished? I meant to ask.

They're forced to see black storm troopers. It's basically waterboarding.


manaka tries to extort money from people who thinks he is cute (grim)

I'm at least 300% bitch.

The teacher.

Big changes lately for you too, huh? They sure sneak up on you. I feel like a completely different person than I was two weeks ago.

None here.

I know you wanna be super pute but you aren't that bad. I'm not planning on testing you either though.

BTW, that webm of me i made to harass another person with, not you specifically.

manaka can you please fuck off

we don't want what you are scamming

well.. sadly no, but i'm consuming granola to substitute candies!

dang that's pretty good bullyin' mister

I mean you can bully a little just don't be intentionally callous and hurtful

teasing > personal attacks

I pride myself in being a dick.

manaka sure grim likes you and would spend millions

but grim is a fucking idiot and you are a spam

Yeah well you are still lame.

I meant the other option was more fun.

I'm not even opposed to traditional conservatives, people that don't really get swept up with social changes and tend to just keep it anchored in a sense of "what's the cost". What you usually think of as your usual generational differences of "I don't agree but I respect your ability to disagree". But anything alt-right and even Trump's base is just regressivism and using the same tactics they abhor every "special snowflake" for: by perpetually complaining about being a victim and using no definable metric to say they're victimized.

sorry i need a timeout

i got triggerd


Something like that, yeah.

I can't even believe that January is almost over, it doesn't feel like 4 weeks have passed since New Years at all.

I didn't even watch it.

I win!

Nothing to win.

manaka is a piece of shit though

a real USER

there is a reason that asshole left

how about your dick

aren't you like 17?

Would you think less of me if I had Amazon drone life a crate of Twix bars to Manaka's house?

Monica, have you ever had a Twix?

I have no sympathy for anyone who plays the victim, left or right. I respect conservatives who worry government is growing too intrusive and throwing money down the toilet, but you're spot-on with the alt-right analysis. They're just arguing with their mirror image, the rabid SJW.

I hope nothing terrible happened. :(



please go back to lewd

Feku's alright


im past the phase where i talk with my dick

you shoulds follow him

Because it's Manaka, or because you don't like Twix?

I'd be okay with going that way

i mean subtle came frome a thread that obsessed over fucking that girl from kickass

like thats all they did

all day

Would certainly help me sleep.

What about it?

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine :3

Things that may seem terrible initially might not be that bad a year down the line. If anything it'll make me a stronger person, right?

I am aware of this

it's one of your many few traits

well I discussed both options in my last reply so I still don't know which one you are referring to.
actual bullymode or just spanking stuff?


here is subtle during kickass:

i really want to fuck chole

how big is it if you stuck a ruler in

Oh boy

They both see any constructive criticism as somehow inherently against them, that anti-discrimination is anti-them. There's plenty of legitimate criticisms for (modern) feminists that are anti-male and whatever you call the mix bag of racial movements that have aspects that are anti-white. But by and large, most of their base and push is just equality. But any criticism of the unsavory aspects of those groups just tends to get lumped as either sexist or racist.

For the alt-white, you're just called a cuck if you present any actual data that there's no white discrimination in a white majority country while they complain that they didn't get into college or a job because minorities or women were hired over them.


For clarity, I'm not saying all are. I'm just saying people that are modern feminists and happen to be outright anti-male.

train by day joe rogan podcast by night, all day

Bigger than the ruler.

what if the ruler is bigger than your height shortie

No her mamimi images


I'm probably taller than you.

Make me faget


I thought Subtle was from ks/b/

Right! ♥

You sure it wasn't "cholos"?

I gotcha. There are feminists who just want to see equal opportunities for everyone, and then there are harpies who make creepy videos about "manspreading" for Buzzfeed.

are you tall?

naww they dont sell twix, only snickers

tricky jews


What was your change like? If you don't mind me asking...

Good? Bad?


wait really?

he was from the chloe threads with echo

2 for 1


oh darwin was being an asshole

so youre calling me short?!??
is that a racist joke

The funny thing is I have very clear biases and dislike for certain groups but am one of the most egalitarian type of people for simple pragmatism: active discrimination and fostering any "us vs them" of your own population will always be counterproductive to both industry and society as a whole. When you remove as much as possible so that there's equal footing, everyone will typically work harder since there's fair competition.

I was not.


Darwin's always an asshole though

it felt like a pretty aggressive pretentious post

Hey, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you said ur probably taller than me then said u werent tall

Yeah, you would want to.


How tall are you?

is it weird that i want to have a fluid party with wish and darwin


Very odd.

71 inches

Where did you get all your mamimi pics?


Snickers are good too. How about Whatchamacallits? Ya gotta have Whatchamacallits.

A mixed bag, really. Someone I admire and adore decided to leave our company, and I didn't know that he recommended to the higher-ups that I take his place. So I lost a friend and mentor, but found out how much he trusted and respected me after he'd gone. But I can't convince myself that I deserve to fill his post, even though everyone else is gung-ho about it.

Sorry for the blog.

A respectable point of view. I admire people who work to make that fairness a reality and make sure it stays that way, but there's always someone who wants to exact revenge rather than just let progress happen.

I capped them.

besidse you can domineer me more easily now

we do have toblerone whachamacallits!

hi anna



for the record i have love for both of you but wish beats me

Where is the Fish option?

i don't feel very bullied

fuckin disappointed in all of u

Awh, hopefully he's able to go off and do something incredible or really enjoyable for him ^^

Honestly though, he's probably right about you deserving it and being able to do it. I know it can be a bit nerve-wracking having to fill in for someone you held in such high regard but you'll do just fine, I'm sure of it!

Not a problem, is there a subscribe button somewhere? :3

If you're Asian howcome you're still shit at osu??????


you'd be able to sleep with my corpse on the ground?

What does that question even mean?

Is her name really Erin ?

It'll have to be done outside then.

Goodnight, Cup.

Thanks for doing so I guess. I've been meaning to do the same with the 720p rip for years but I'm too fucking lazy. I mostly get mine from geocities pages.


she said it was

i trust sabrina

my equipment broke and i quit forever :D

Make a strawpoll about me now.

*pinpoints that aspect of yourself with which your most insecure, then exploits it for cheap humor at your expense

I guess we're both alpha born, so being badass winners is our cross to bare.

'Fraid so.

Heh heh, gooood. Gooood.

She is my favorite out of all my waifus.



What else ya got? Nerds? You have Nerds, right?

Hey same man.

Buy new equipment

You can't quit w forever.

Yeah yeah, of course! Though you're way more badass than I'll ever be.

Sabs-chan, what's an alpha born?

Stop talking about me.

something tells me i made a huge mistake

but i think my hands are diseased and they sweat a shit ton whenever i play

The other Erin has ruined that name for me.

That's just because you're beta af.

Wish will never wipe her sweaty hands on your face....

no its some sort of disorder or something
it kinda sucks because once my anxiety sets them off they dont stop

im sweating rn cuz my dog borked rly loud

To me she's more like the friend I wish I had had in high school honestly.

I think it's like we have an extra bone in our ear or something. Tells us when a storm's coming.

Uh oh. How so?

Girls don't sweat!!

Being beta is a disorder.


one beatmap drenched my table



i'm so lost right now

Actually whenever there's a storm coming my knee always starts to hurt :3


I'll wash my hands then rub them all over your face, sure.

Yeah, Ninamori too.


anything thats longer than 30s


uh this

So all of them?

Damn, you're autistic.


uh this

thats what this one psychiatrist told me


Is that you?

They deserve a raise.

hi SD

No. That is me.

Don't think about it.

If you're ever lost in the desert, fallow your knee to find hidden underground water pockets. The knee knows.

It's not lol

Gnomes? Nope you've got the wrong person buddy

'Sup Teeps?

But who are you, Darwin?


i love it when you bully me

Oh well then.

Ah, alright.

I'm ready

the girls are making fun of me>

Just like real life!


You surely must be lying.

How comes?

real q for wish and sabrina

do you two like each other?

Am not.

my boner is fucking raging

Thankfully I'm Canadian and I don't believe in deserts!

I love it when you die.

*does the thing I said I would do*

Yeah, she's a delight to chat with.

Do you have any proof to back up these claims?

being like not trip 4s

You will believe me and not question me further.

She seems like a cool muchacha.

The important thing is that they believe in you.

Reach for the stars.

that is nice to read

thank you for your pleasant reply to my q

Why not?
I thought you were like top-tier.

How about no?

i want to be closer with you

wishy is trill

you would love her

*ghosts fly out of my body*

I kur...

But they're so high and I'm so short! Will I ever be able to reach them?


Bite my shiny metal ass

Well, too bad.

goodnight tracer. sleep well.

I am replying to this from incognito mode because I have no idea how you are filtered when your tripcode is NOT on my filter list

what the fuck is this shit

I'm at the bottom of an ocean rn, come join me.

kurwa cyka blyat

That's no fun, why do you do this?

*becomes huge and eats a car*


gojira-san ohisashiburi desu ne

I got bored and I wanted to see what the Mamimi poster wanted.

I love all you guys.

Hm. Maybe not, but the stretching will leave you limber and spry so you can easily evade predators.

It detected my merciless bullying and assumed you'd want to blacklist me.

rank your love

do love me more than wishy

ur such a qt
tell me more about yourself


Mamimi poster?
I don't know if you mean that FLCL poster or Damami, but Damami surely hasn't been around in a year or so on.

The former.

I remember the good old days where I didn't need to stretch before doing anything.

Now I'll get shin splits from walking for half an hour without stretching ;~;

I have an autobiography that you can purchase for $7,999.

I missed you, Godzlla-san.

Well then, no clue who they are.
Unless they're a reject from the waifu threads in Holla Forums, but no clue if they have one claiming Mamimi.

I JUST WANTED TO TRICK HIM INTO THINKING I AM GNOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rawr X3


can i torrent it anywhere




But why would you do such an evil thing?

Hi Des I mean Feku

rawr x3

Absolutely not.

Why? Do you want me to?

Those were the days...

holy shit

stop coming onto me

To see what happened.

sure go for it

how was your week :D
ive been accused of being you only once this week

can i get it from the source?

well I just cleared all my filters and your posts show now but I checked thoroughly, your trip wasn't on the list

stupid website
now I'm wondering if I've been missing your replies/posts for a long time .-.

But why do you want to see what happened, if you're trying to see what will happen?

nezi why would you ever be so insecure to filture

like it's just baits

here is my impression of nezi

hey i'm nezi


Because it already happened.

My boss at work finally acknowledged that I was right... again

Other than that, I am thinking of buying a new watch, but I am not quite sure what I want. Bout to head to sleep soonish

Well, you never know what will happen next.

nezi you are maybe the most self-interest asshole i have seen in years

Come to think of it, I did say hi a few days back and you didn't reply, but I didn't see any posts from you afterward and just assumed you went to chase some Columbian drug lords in a bowrider or clean your gutters or somethin'.

#1both of ya
#2seriously, you're both neat

Hey, that's not funny. My uncle died of acute CIA.

thats cool. watches are high class
I hope you have a good sleep! :)

what were we ranking

you are impossible

Vous avez de la chance canadienne. J'ai trouvé une fille russe à harceler en ce moment.


aaaand refiltered

sorry dear :x

how have you been?

lol nice

Forget it, Teep. It's Chinatown.

Busy busy! I haven't been able to come here and bug you guys all week. If that hug was for me, then thank you!

no i want to see your fucking list

But I don't have a list.

i need to calm down

Post your list, PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sabrina why do you coddle scootaloo as much as you do

do you realize he is a specially child?

i meant special

like retarded

can't wait to be on TPs list !


He makes me laugh and does sweet things for his mom and pop.

i can't even remember what the constraints of my list were

Create a new one.

god i wish that could be me

my bros


sub tier


sup tier 3

like that dude

brad would be my bros stat tbh

Wow, i have been forgotten


You can remove me from that list now.

murder you are trash and in fact no one likes you

you were never invited here

you are cancer


why so busy? work?

You're forgettable.


murder is one of those board jumpers

welp they had enough of me

better move on to the next board

murder came from fucking ksb

I do that too.

want me to keep going?

Yeah, might as well.

I made this hugbox a lot more fun. Admit it!

Yeah you weren't thinking that when you sucked up to me as I acted nice to you you drugged out, depressed fuck

TP seems to have fond memories

Nah, I just go where it is active. It is slow here most of the time

You do know I posted before that, right? Most people know this

eh you ruined it


I'm gonna make you one of the emergency contacts on my insurance card.

1) Mom
2) TP
3) Cousin Robin

Yup yup. We had a shakeup, so I've been doing two jobs all week. It's going to be a tricky month or so. More hugs please.

I am the only one enabling you, you nigger.



is cousin robin dtf?


please watch the n-bombs

this is a family board

Pffffttt. Literally no one would be posting on this stupid Holla Forums board if it were not for me. Hell, when I came back from my first hiatus, there were only 5 active posters. Some nice drama brought that up a bit.


hi bard

You need to be invited to come here?


literally 100 percent of people here forget about you

She's a licensed dental assistant, if that's what you're asking.

I'd not bother feeding whatever's happening over there

Considering everyone I have talked to that is in this current thread has replied to me, obviously you are retarded

I think that is how they stopped Boo from coming

Why else would anyone want to come here?

I like to feel included.
I was totally invited here anyway.

is she hella depressed?

I thought that was Neko.

sure go with that

I certainly wasn't invited, I just barged in and started posting at people I recognized

lol neko gets so pissed when i talk about liquid neko

and then he OPs on 4chan



Only tongues are depressed at Dr. Dudewhick's Smile Trials.

tfw bard ignores you after constantly spreading his cheeks for you

We are so alike, I can see how you would be confused.

I lied I wasn't invited either. No one here even likes me anyway.

it's a long story brad

hopefully you can get some time off soon .-.

what kinda work do you do? I can't remember

teww me

You are both negroes.

You take that back right now.

i need to get in that shit

i hate dentists so much tho

You ought to have chosen your words more carefully.

it's nice when the tier 2 druggies cannot complete sentences

If your first name doesn't start with swedish and last name start with fish, you should be ok then. should

choose your company wisely dar

I compile and edit news reports for clusters of radio stations, and I do production and imaging work for some too.

You have a particular ire for the dental profession, or you just don't like having work done?

Wait, I don't get it.



I like you already

We've got time

They dont.. but i tasted nerds, a friend gave some from me. really liked it. she then sent one big box for me, i think it's called rainbownerds?

I take that back I get it now.

they always say it will not hurt

and it always does

and i'm done

my teeth are hella sensitive




lol, i accidentally read that as rainbowners

remember that dude manaka

he was a fucking user

you have sissy slut teeth


My dude

there was never a manaka post that didn't involve him asking or telling someone else to do something

manaka is trash



N-no dentist sama...mm-my teeth are so sensitive there..u-uwa~



Boutta brush your teeth for you BOI

Ah, one the variety boxes. Hey, what about Pez? Did you know those were invented to help people stop smoking?

I don't know why Nerds were invented. Probably an accidental discovery while trying to make some sort of weapon against the Vietnamese.

They have sedation dentistry, ya know. You can get knock-out gassed and wake up with over-priced fillings and a confident smile.

if you are lurking manaka

take your WHORE ASS and fucking leave and/or die


Okay, after I get a minccino to breed from Andrew

Pez was around when i was a boy, it has funny goofy head at top of it, it's all i can remember. i couldnt remember the taste. I think i only bought it once.

well if it was a weapon it was effective, i got addicted and would defect to US to get some!

yeah i'm getting the gas next time

Sneak into Cuba, establish an identity, then float over in a barrel. We have to let you stay if you make it.

bard you slut notice me

If you're good, you can pick a toy from the treasure chest!

aren't you underage


god damn beepop and his pedopgilia

huh, that's pretty interesting
mostly local stations?

not fixing that lol


it's what you get when you acknoledge that your leader is pedophile

who even does that

are you guys hella cool with your admin being a dude who jacks to kids?

That sounds like a visual impairment you get from looking directly at an eclipse.

Mostly Austin, but sometimes affiliates in Houston, Tyler, some other markets in Texas. It's been fun, but now I'm moving up to a position where I won't be working unsupervised and at my own pace like I have for years. It's going to be an adjustment.

How have you been though? Got fun stuff going on?

potentially what will your new position look like

i did start sperging a bit

This reminds me of TP but with animus.

hey at least people like me



this asshole never directly replies to me but always seems to have some snarky dingofucking pussy shit to say

fuck off

I'll be reading and editing all sorts of incoming reports on news and traffic, distributing them, assigning peope to features, reporting on how much has come across my desk and its reach...so much more that I'm sure will come up. Plus I'll still have my programming duties 'til they find a replacement. Before, I was really only accountable to one person. I could come and go as I pleased without having to check in with anyone, and I could work from home a lot. Now I'll be a manger. I've never been in charge, so it's really weird.

Hey, it happens.

shoot me please



too long

i trust


I sperged too. You're contagious.

no. with a gun.

i need to cool down a bit

i'm hot

the nerve

I don't have a gun. Wassa madder?


he will not divide us
he will not divide us
he will not divide us
he will not divide us

is that a real law?

What movie was that?

i just dont want to say anything i don't mean

i'm really heated

oh hi SD

top ten songs ever

It was. I think it's kinda up in the air right now.

stop children what's that sound
everybody look what's goin down

Hello again, you didn't reply to me earlier, so what are you drinking?



I love that song.

oh sorry


I knew I had seen it, thanks MFF.

So, what are you drinking tonight?


I never valued your ideas or opinion.

i'm just baiting at this point

I like that delet this meme maybe a little too much so i webm some stuff.


And the sign said "long haired freaky people need not apply".

Boy, Mischa Barton really let herself go.

it's nice that feeling is mutual

my favorite part is how he throws punches at literally anyone who says anything in disagreement near him. in a show of solidarity I'm sure.

Do you really want to?

Whose do you value?

You aren't drinking anymore?

Like most of the time, anything good new stuff that you've found?

not really

but I'm working on making things better


do you know about cocorosie


oh no i am drinking

I've posted a bunch. a lot of lewd stuff.

I don't want to answer that.

What stuff are you drinking then?
I've been trying to get down with this Cognac, but I'm not old enough to be a Cognac-person.

Have you really watched all those animes?

Ah well, it was just a mix of basic human curiosity, and maybe some egotism right there.

w-wait Im shy


Are you certain about that?

I hate to hear you're in a slump, but keep that positive attitude. We're both gonna make it!

Can't say I am. I just clicked your video though.

nupe. I don't really watch anime actually. It's kind of like a lot on the pony threads. Some don't watch the show but they get into the characters.

Lets change the subj- Hey nice touhou.

they are sisters

probably my favorite group

How many through and what brand?

I've never noticed that, but then again I don't know much about the pony posters.
I felt like that you watched them because of Wish due to some of those webms with personalized messages.

Sorry about that, how's you today?

you have 130 replies

you should get a life :^)

none of your business

Phil, create a new thread.

i mean i have watched a few eps of a few things if i recall. When doing webms i have to skim through so i pick up a lot of stuff sometimes.

Why not?
Are you one to drink Foster's?

hold on


They're pretty neat, actually. Thanks for sharing. I'm kinda curious what they're story is, but I'll have to read up on them later. I think I'm going to go plop face-first into bed soon.


I'm not feeling super optimistic about the outcome but at least I'm done sitting around doing nothing about it and being depressed

good luck with work and stuffs :x