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No one would say that.

It's a hypothetical

Why wouldn't they, though? You just said you're popular with the anime girls

I was making a comedy.


switching between inputs and going back to RGB makes it say "no input signal". what the shit fucking cunt mother fuck

I thought it was both

It is generally pretty easy to get the anime girls to like you

But I guess maybe not if you're a subby boy

rifk drink

I'm not a subby boy.



oh, i forgot I took the ram out, I'm a retard





Let's just pretend Fish didn't say anything

Then it's all perfect

I am

I think this post has been sufficiently memed at


Sufficiently memed?
No such thing


why can't i fucking post god dammit

this website is utter fucking garbage
when are we moving


wow 4 peopel???? ♥
woah 64 threaders voted!

fuck yeah, now if I could just figure out why my screen in tinted blue

too many drugs


It's like when you hate your school but your family doesn't give a fuck

I'm not watching that

all it does is malfunction and barely works
it's annoying and makes posting rather tedious

it's a song

music videos were fucking weird as shit in the 90s

Your cuteness makes posting tedious
I can't focus

i'm not cute

We already talked about this

that pic is cute
i want her

well this is annoying

no matter what I do this shit is still blue

I don't even know who she is actually

it's hard

try another monitor

actually, it's teal. the issue is that my monitor isn't applying red at all. I'm gonna go try the other one.

Is that not Shana?

she is pretty tho

Do you nignogs have a discord to shitpost in?

different monitor and... same thing. alright, next idea is maybe it's the VGA cable?

Please let it be that and not the graphics card

don't make me rape you

I think Squash has one but I have not bothered to even attempt to ask him about that.
The group seems rather picky about people they allow in.

too many fragmented 'private' discords with their personal circles of exclusivity
making them all spread out and dead

How rude!

I don't know who that is, So I'm not going to bother

its the cable


das my waifu

compooper is fix

i play witcher 2 now

stuck with one monitor until new cable


what an oddly specific error to have at such coincidental timing.

Mine now bumhole

U aint even posting her :^)

i have the better folder


ive seen the issue in the past on some old monitors i used to work with
something inside the cable either frays one of the color cord or a color pin is damaged

simple fix really... just use another newer cable.



Don't be a dick, be a dude!







i miss threds

rip Holla Forums



she look cute

I'm literally cancer


OW is REALLY pushing it to try make me buy loot boxes

i want loot boxes ;~;

Hopefully it'll kill you off.


looks like someone doesn't know the definition of benign


Wow, how dead.

rip Holla Forums

rip luka


Wanna OW?

I would all those girls except the left one.

How are you?


She'd probably be able to deal with it and said you weren't hard enough.

hello dicklings


give me like 10 minutes :)


You'll have to resort to more direct methods, then.

Hey, you're the only one with a dickling here, m8.

Why so warm?

Does that mean I have a ling dick or carry a dickling also known as a baby boy

I think I was implying that your dick was only of -ling status.

I don't understand

where's the genitals expert

Hello I am the expert of genitals what is it you desire?

stove oven is cooking.

yes hello

what is exactly a dickling??

A tiny dick

That's enough to warm your whole house?

thank you mr expert!

now where exactly is a vargooba located??

right here.

that's just fish.
very raw fish.


Those would be?

henlo nek
hello you STINKY NEKO
go lick a can ugly

Back of the knee, maybe?

Liberal application of the palm of your hand.

I felt there but there's nothing
you lied to me

maybe you just don't have a vagibbly


pssh ridiculous
how is that even possible

Someone stole your vorgable
go shiddible it back

you heard me me

how do I do that

post more delicious brownies

am I the only person here that jacks off to the idea of fucking your ex with a comically large dick?


Kick 'em in the dick.

my heart

Good idea.

*kicks you*

that one is such a gem

reminds me of nico

not love live nico right

All my ideas are good.

*stabs you in the back of the knee*


that's the only one

Nico Nico-nii!
Anata no Heart ni Nico Nico-nii,
Egao todokeru Yazawa Nico Nico,
Nico-nii te oboeteru Love Nico!


hat you

I swear to god

but wai?


Right as I gave you back your vagina
what a rip

hat nic nic

if I kiss you will you shut up

rip again!

oh god who put an ifunny mark there.

I should've checked the folder

literally ripped

what if i was nico nico

Je s'appelle Nico Nico.

it's fine I've always wanted to be a beyblade

??? iunno
hat u

looks like it's time for you to receive an official nickname


you would have no choice but to love me
or else i'd cry and make you look bad

you think im not mean enough to make a little girl cry

no because you're the little girl, tokai



Nico Nico Noiiiiii

no u



brb food

that's it.
your new name is irri

derived from irritant

*plays you spin me right round baby right round*

you're the mean one here!

is that a pro reapy?


Hime-sama girl is looking to be best.

But Braids is definitely going to be a genki girl.

It's spelt Iris, thank you very much.

It had taken me a while but I finally made my profile look pretty sugoi.

This is an acceptable meme

What profile?

I'm a little angle how could i be mean?

Pretty sure that song's about picking someone up.



ruka wat do i watch after gits sac

Looks gay
It's just a long ass stream of images in blackness, senpai

the gits movies

Feels good.

but idont wanna watch amovie
i want to watch aseries

it's core to the series
it important

Aren't you supposed to watch the movies first?

Images are gay though
Steam ain't no imageboard



isnt there a sac 2 i can watch or something

yes you can watch sac 2 if you'd like


will it interfere with the sequencing or can i just watch it?

no it will not interfere


Isn't SAC literally a sequel to the movie?
At least the first one

you can't pick your own nickname!
that's not how this works

what is your favo me-me

you called me a lil girl


hi squid its pretty late

I can't call you a boy
Angels never lie

I woke up like three hours ago

not really, no.

My fucking life

thanks luka
now i can enjoy food while watching gud stuffs

but muh ree-lease order

not important ^ ^

enjoy best anime

wow thats aweird time

i dont think its the best

there you go being mean again!!

oh that is a quality meme


all anime has some gud

SAC, SAC2, then Solid State Society if you care that much about order.

The rest can be done in any order.

Do Arize before the other movies though, since it's set before the manga and the other movies are based on it.



I was quite the tire

For varying values of "quoting"


but anime like cowboy bebop and gits

maybe arize after the movies... so they can appreciate story over the drastic art style change?
it will be just like watching one of them prequil thingys that usual come after.

why dont you reply to me to tell me that :(
ive been lacking rin (you)s lately

roll roll roll

ooh i should watch bebop so i can talk to bebop about bebop

yeah, but my initiating you into gits, prepares you for bebop anime then movie

I really wanna do the lay in bed and watch anime meme

you dont need to take credit when i already give it to you

Because, with 0 seconds spend on google, I can easily find this.
In 2013, a new iteration of the series titled Ghost in the Shell: Arise premiered, tackling an original look at the Ghost in the Shell world, set before the original manga.

Because people were being autists about the ordering when I can spend no time on Google to have it.

That is a pretty enjoyable meme

i'm not trying to take credit

it can be handled more smoothly afterwards


what do I watch though

The point, Theseius, is watching what happens first, before what happens second.

I did the same thing with Haruhi, and other series.

i just wanted something to converse about :((

ooh ooh i did the fma one
i wish they fleshed out the og fma like they did with brotherhood

Demi-chan wa Kataritai

not to me. imho

oooh u should watch seitokai yakuindomo cuz it has your name innit and its kinda funny in a lewd way

watch fma:b then? then the fma movies?

nichijou is cute goodness
biyori is loveableness

theres movies? i already saw both the series ones

Depends on the mood you're in, I guess.
Nichijou is pretty damn great and good for bed comfy times!

Then it's a good thing that your honest opinion literally has no bearing on this, because your opinion isn't going to change how you watch things in chronological order.

ya there's fma movies

i don't care about that nerdy chrono stuff
i don't care about air order either
i just go with the flow of best feeling stuff.

Then don't try to criticize chronological ordering because "Hur I don't use it."

i wasn't tho. ._.

Air order is usually best.
There's few things more disappointing than twists in the original being ruined by watching later prequels first.

It does depend on the series though.

this first episode is pretty bad ass!!!

of sac 2 ?

Then you'd do movies, into SAC, into Arise.

at least ur gif is cute

Which I believe is what I suggested earlier.

The movie works best as a stand along thing anyway, I would think.

Actually, wasn't it only the first movie that came before SAC?

yup much better than season 1

thanks :)

I cam eback

theyve learned soo much from season 1!

sometimes your gifs are soo cute they make me smile.



okay I'm downloading first ep of demi chan and when watching im downloading all nichijou.

also yryr was full of lewd jokes so I need a bit of variation

I believe there were two, then Stand Alone got OVA recaps, and a movie.

I could easily be mistaken, though.

there was more pew pew than season 1 ep 1 so that was cool

i like to save most of my gifs so they stay special

i'm nomming on tasty custard pastry~


Im dying

season one important! it lay ground work for s2

"can't turn that down"

stop dying then genius

i guess
but s2 so cool

It's snowing pretty hard.
I hope work gets called off so I can be a lazy shit.

s2 keep watching then~ ♥

Shame more adulting cannot be snowed off.

Subtoe, should we play Boy's Love 2 today if SD's available?


Save me, Scoots.
I just want to play OW and KH.


I got tkd 5.30-8.30pm but after that sure

Time to perform the Snow dance.

Master has forbidden it.

You're mine after TKD.


Mommy will kill you fucks if you make it snow up here.




but im talking to you



If SD can't join we can play Grindea, or cyber or something.

Daddy forbade you?

Play Grindea or.. what did you just say?


yup thats you

Watch anime or something?


hi hi

hi there

morn morn

Oh, yeah. That would be nice.
I need some tea, I'm seeing things

Get people for a call.
I crave company.

How's you today?

I need to go through that and cap horrible Cinderella.

Also finish capping Vampchan because I'm lazy.

maybe I shouldn't go? i feel like it would be a pain in the ass all appointment long

I have work soon.

I'm ok, sleepy, but ok. I have work until 5 today.

You have four-and-a-bit hours :3

What's up?

Poor squish

Neru can better pinpoint why I hate characters than I do

What did she say about it?

boop beep

neru is super pretty?

Okazaki is literally Kirito

"Ijust disliked that he was involved in pretty much everything
like mary sue"

But who can explain why you like shitty characters like Kotori?

Reminds me of you


Any plans for after that, or just sleep?


Kirito is literally god.

"[literally any female character] is such a mary sue" - literally every single person from Holla Forums and Holla Forums

kotori is not bad
her spirit power lets the mc restore all his cummies in this one doujin i was reading


But who can explain why you like shitty people like me?

Not really. Probably will play OW with Guero then go to bed. Then get up to work again. etc.

That is literally the only way SAO makes sense.
Kirito is literally god and the entire series is just him fucking with reality out of boredom.

Mommy and Daddy
Sitting in a tree


maybe someday...

I feel like I've had this conversation before.
But nah I think I told you what the deal with kotori was as well, I dig her smug lollipop expressions.
I liked her before I even watched the show, I never really got to know her well as I've dropped it after about 5 eps.

Mommy and Daddy
Sitting in a bush
Trying to make a baby
push push push

Mommy and Daddy,
Sitting in a car.
Are they naked?
Yes they are.


Yeah, the series is pretty garbage, I have no idea how it got two seasons.

I'll be good, sorry.

People love garbage I guess.
Tons of people praise love live and I was never feeling it either.

the only complaint I have on this shorter hair is the jap bob cut look it easily falls into

But hey you beat me to it with her so there was something you liked too.

But idol culture is actually good though :^)

Dancing on top of onii-chan to wake him up.


B-but my plot..

Sky high avatar criteria right there.


why autism



yes autism

What avatars did I use?

fine taaa trying out image editing stuffs

Chronologically since I started like, kud, kotori, nico then it's blank.
I recall you mentioning you thought nico's personality was similar to yours, guessing kud was just a cute factor but dancing on top of onii chan to wake him up by far takes the cake.

I know there's at least Noel and Ayu too.



draw cute pics for us!

I knew I was forgetting something, I guess it's because I never knew their names, I just memorized ayu as the ugu girl

My Mediafire says Astarotte, Chino, and Chiyo too.

I stopped posting her pretty quickly too after picking up Kud.

How do you even forget what you used to post

I dunno, I suppose I just never really cared

ahaaa Iam not very good at that

You never gave me your top 5

Aqua is kind of competing hard for least desirable personality with Lightning in this game.

what wil u maek instead?
cute lulu edits?

Uchouten Kazoku
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Cardcaptor Sakura
Higashi no Eden

removing stuff like really obstructive watermarks and stuffs

Higashi no Eden huh
Did not expect that.

have you started making any edits yet?

nothing too huge

Eh, they could have probably developed Saki more but it was probably the strongest series from that year.

make huge ones!

Mm definitely.
Guess your taste isn't that bad after all.

My taste in impeccable.



Hope fish passes in their sleep

What to watch first, Arakawa or fam?
I'll probably need something to go easy on me after I'm done with after story, if I make it all the way through.

neru, may i ask you a question about chessboards in prolog?


Is that character named Emma or does he just have hundreds of picture weirdly named after wish ?


I am pretty sure she named them.

The same way she used to name all of her images "Wish #"



the character is not an emma

It was my avatar and they used to be named "Wish #" but then Echo renamed them or something idk

I renamed it then I renamed it again.


i see

Kinda weird

Oh, it was Echo being a weirdo.

Ridin n da Chevy

Yeah, he's a super weirdo

Lloyd, validate my being here.
There is nobody to talk to.

Actually they all used to be named wish so I renamed them but apparently it was insulting of me to rename her folder so I renamed it back but to emma because wish doesn't like wish anymore idk.

If I rename all my pictures after you will you like me more ?



i want her~

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, sure.

idk how to write prolog tbh

I'll make sure I don't do that then.

do you know the basics?


It's ok
Nobody likes me either uwu
What's up

Buy her

just the general idea I think like backward chaining

Waiting to hear if work is canceled.

Okay good, wish is pretty shit tbh


Snow day?

this app is shitting on itself

you know that arrays and matrices like what we have in other languages arent a thing too, right?

my concern is how to implement a pitch for the agents where no two objects can occupy the same square


Think up some new and clever online alias every few weeks like I do.

A dakimakura or something probably

If all goes well.
I just want time to clean my house.

show me pretty ones

I thought it had lists of some sort

Connoisseur of dripping panties

Fafnir is best girl when she plays not Dark Souls.

What's so dirty about it?
Lots of abandoned women's panties and the like?

I would have pegged you for owning at least one already

kinda, but that wont do, because ive got 30*40 squares that would need to be individually defined

Just messy in general.

Thats kinda gay though.

i want one!

...but i dunno which to get :[

get a dakimaki for maki

I hate cleaning so I reward myself when I do it. Like if I clean all day Saturday I'll get myself a huge meal at Chik-Fil-A. Probably would have gotten that either way though

What's up?

why chik fil a

My reward is an extra 30 min of crying time.

who else?

Get one of Luka.

I have grown tired of other fast foods
Plus I like the shakes

the girls yo ulike

is it cuz chicken

Stop eating fast food, you dingus.

Why are you crying?


havent been able to find a good one :c

i don't know what i want or who to like

When I grow tired of burgers, yes.

Are you going to cook something for me?

You should go to a lumberjack yard
You'll find someone there

There are websites where you make your own, I think.

I don't know where the saw mill in town is.

the ones that make you feel warm inside

its always the chicken isnt it

how do i pick a good daki?

i don't know em till i see em

You can find literally anything on Google maps. Tell me your town and I'LL do the legwork for you.
Not really though.

Guess so.

Look at it

>you will never become a japanese girl


look for em
go to google and type in anime tiddies or something to that extent

my man

Then again Fool has my apartment address.

where to look?
ur smart :)

no, that is lewd

Have you really never done that before? I find that hard to believe


then type cute anime girls

I make cake.

I don't care about this one now as much.
I live alone, but until I live in a large city I want to keep it away from the public.



I've never bought one before so I don't know
But thanks!

Can I eat your ass like a cupcake?

I have this feeling you don't do well in large cities

You're not popular probz

I never leave my house aside from work and food.
What's the inside of a house in a town compared to that in a city?

So you are not hungry at all.

cant find it

aw... i got lost on google and gave up


but why did you search for it?!?!??

I thought you were Lewdz.

put that on your pillows

I need a daki,

I imagine it's a lot louder and less peaceful
I don't know if you can HANDLE that.

Not really I just ate.
I was doing a song though.

You'll get it one day.

Emily daki when?

Me too, or I was getting to it.


i want

i want a dio body pillow

i'm sure. eventually...
for now i just have to wait.

What song were you doing?
I was doing Only by Nicki Minaj

you should get one with big boobies that are warm and snuggly

why not flat and portable

because it might get stains

I can...?

I was setting up for this masterpiece:

I was setting up for this masterpiece:

Big boobs don't stain?

FUCKING Holla Forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Then I send my blessings


oishii desu ne

aha do you have experience with that

oishii desu ne