non-cyclic thread

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now i feel like making it one


at least...




Trump announces North Korea to be a nuclear test site.


Soto, don't be a whore.

I never sleep.

Luka no one cares about you

Just kill yourself already



Cylic thread here

they have good intentions too it seems

i promised it to the holo posting user though so dont worry

Seems like it will only invite more spam when people see it's ok.
We did just ban Socks for spamming and he was doing just text posts. Not sure if we should be splitting hairs.

You should sleep

Maybe that's why you're grumpy all the time


as long as it doesn't disrupt thread tradition ;~;
and is separate from normal threads and is only temporary...

Need to run to my old temp agency.
Back in 15.



< 3

that's what the cylical thread is for and nothing else. socks seemed to go on quoting many random things, though i'm not sure many understood/got what they were saying even half the time

'thread tradition' should mean i cause chaos here from time to time, right? maybe fuck with the css and add shitty word filters and remove IDs
eh oh wait it's about what people want now and not 'tradition'

user i hope you stick around to post in the current thread too though

sounds extremist... :|

what do you do


extremist? i mean that was the norm for YEARS
it honestly kills me when people talk about that stuff as if it never happened

Or it could just be that you're on and off a dick to me and I get sick of it sometimes.

I'm all for shitty word filters Bebop

That shit sounds like so much fun

huuh why


Add shitty music randomly for no reason so we can all post :stopsound: like the good ol' days.


keep things the norm.

because that's how i'm treated.

Still seems like a questionable idea, but eh.

The point he's making is that your idea of the norm, and "thread tradition", is wrong.

Well yeah, sometimes I feel like teasing you and its just cause I like it when you get sassy with me.

But apparently you dont like being teased and I can't give you the dick to cheer you up so I'm sorta stuck and dont know what to do

Doushio fam

owh don't worry.
treatment won't always be.. good.
but it's gonna be another time.

I wish Soto still teased me.
The orgasms just aren't as good anymore.

I don't mind teasing, but you tend to get overbearing with it and just go full bully with it.

feel free to send me ideas to do, i could do them weekly or some shit idk

i'm not sure you can do that with just css alone, i wish i could edit html/js to fuck shit up but the site owners are nofun


if it gets bad i can just kill it and sit here banning/deleting posts again for hours

brb meeting


Change Squash to cool guy Squash.

thread tradition is not crazy and wacky.
it's the same peaceful threads each day.
no weirdness on an endless thread that doesn't remember posts and disappears into the void.

what is?

some things.... just don't feel natural ya kno? feel me?


what is good router

Filter He/Him/His and She/Her/Hers to Xe/Xem/Xyr

Just for the humour of it.

Filter every poster's name to "faggot"

Filter pronouns to Bark Barks and Barkself.

moved to tomorrow


no way, I need my butt virginity

filter "anime" to "art"

i mean i know what you mean but since i was the one doing it all and power fell into my hands again it just seems like the natural would be to do what i said i would if it came into my hands

thoroughly triggered already

I'm sure I can do that with css but I think doing that would get me in trouble with the site admins, I can change the default Anonymous to anything tho

But Squash your time already passed
I move from poster to poster

A "flavor of the week" shitposting lifestyle, if you will


Like I've been trying to be nice to you and I certainly have been or at least I feel like I have but you get mad over the slightest things.
Like chill out man, learn to laugh a bit.
I'm not even your bf to be treating you that nice lmao

Oh shit I'm super down

I'll hit you up some ideas on steam or discord. Which ever you prefer

I dont even bully you

oh also just to add, the only way people could see old threads on Holla Forums was through the few archives that would save them

i think cartoons would be better

I thought we were on fullchan, not forum number 5463.


Fuck the site Admins Bebop

Also filter Luka to Hobo

It would be more fitting lmao


Basically, if you know it bothers them in a bad way, and you do it to bother them, you're probably bullying.

Like this shit

You have generally been a lot better recently though, so thank you for that, at least.

I meant in a word filter.

what else would you like to know?
i'm just a regular average person that doesn't do much besides post.

but cyclic is scary to me.... posts delete after a mere 750 posts..... the top post vanishes forever... :|
...also it would mean no new OP's ever.... :c
no historical threads dating back a month....
just some thread... may as well degrade into a chat room at that point.

scary stuff.

filter urself scrub

how do I comfy more

Either works, I'm usually on both daily

as in the css change for each name/trip would be what does it, i know they dont give a fuck about calling each other faggots

lol nothnx i already have it bad enough with themm

oh, i'll write it down as a possibility

i mean that is several hours worth of posts at the current rate we have. i'm not forcing anyone to use it, i just like the idea of a separate thread for folder/image dumps

is this not basically just a giant public chat room that anyone can join?

what's uncomfy?

friday is my funday


i sincerely doubt socks will post his spam there as opposed to here given he hasnt really listened to anybody asking him to stop with the spam to begin with

my feet are cold

hide them in blanket and socks?

this is exactly what i thought too and why i hadn't unbanned them. i trust your judgement and had seen some of it first hand before so i dont mind making them wait a week to post(im sure they can think of a legitimate appeal but nobody does those anymore..)

Those eyes though

Poor lil guy

Its not like there are things that bother you that you like, ya know?
Besides posting one little picture isn't even bad, you're just overreacting.

If I really wanted to be an asshole I'd post nothing but lewd vampire pics
Now that'd really piss you off wouldn't it?

No probs man, I'm just being nice in hopes for a better relationship. Not just with you but with everyone else just taking baby steps ya know?


I still need to wash sock but I want to lay down

Sit cross-legged.

just voicing my concerns, things that concern me.
scare me.

Bully me, Soto-chan.

I didn't even start www

he probably could.

a dumping thread is a fine idea if it's used enough

Things that trigger me a good WiFi AC + Gigabit router recommendations.

use other socks?

its not helping

but I want the long black ones

But I'm straight tho

Cuddle with somebody under sheets.

they are dirty?

Thermal paste

(X) Doubt

any board/thread suggestions should be sent to me on steam or discord, i'm actually gonna go lay down and try to get some sleep
discord name/id is Bebop#0489 if you need it

I knoooow

i hope it will be.

just get the most expensive one that promises 1300mbps speeds and has like 5 antennas!

I'd consider giving a legit appeal but I don't do stuff worth getting banned over. :^)

Well, there are some.
I'm a bit of a sub so being embarrassed sometimes is okay.
And I've seen you try, but you usually pick things from 4 years ago without any idea of their accuracy.

traps are gay
post futas instead

but rin is busy


If it's objectively gay if she has a penis,
and it's objectively straight if she has a vagina...

What's a Futa? Gay? Straight?


im aiming for ~€50


toobad it is not friday but monday



cuddle myself?


blankets are ok

monday ish ok?

wear wet socks
its the best





but that sounds like cuddle masturbating

but not enough

g r o s s

There is a special place in hell for this.


did i do the baiting thing right

I already masturbated hardcore to sleep faster so I can't.


but... pastrys?

why not?


still cold


but i'm heading out for bwakafast~♥

wear moar!

Oh really? I never would've guessed! Haha

Oh the unibrow thing was just cause I didn't have anything to pick on you so I would just always bring that up but it sorta seemed to rustle your jimmies

Sometimes I'd imagine you in the bathroom checking to see if you have any hairs growing while you pluck them out and get mad at me then just mumble to your self "This'll show him"

Pretty adorable tbh
I even jacked it dreamed about that sorta thing once but there was way more to the story
Pretty hilarious

But qt pale skinned thin bois tho

I swear on my fishes life






*double hufs*


Dont you lmao me motherfucker

That's my shtick

haircut time tomorrow

noo I gotta wash and stuff.

also choked too hard

lmao no

Tfw is not banana harvest season

wait what?

aww... :c




What's for breakfast?

wow gas urself homo

Choked on what?

lmao autistic shrieking

kind of want a version of this with ainsley harriott

Man I used to be such a playa


Yo ikt real talk would you fuck one of these?

Should i dick pic the day before my birthday for cp memes

I'd do it if she were a bit smaller scale and life size





Technically cp but any feasible court would waive it

Don't let Yachi hear about it :^)


socks are being washed
imma shower

.. I don't choke.
not me.
pssh never

Because he'll be a pompous cunt about it and hold it over your head while saying you're merely interpreting it as asshole behavior

You choked on a cock did you

Why would he call himself an asshole

Oh you

This is what breakfasts are made of

Nuh uh, that's what unhealthies are made of

Oh shit its spooky

You're enes friend

And also something about Canadian police shit

Fucking moose town lmao

Dude upgrade tory cup noodles to bowl noodles

No idea what that third line's about but alrighty cap'n
Yeah I used to talk to that nerd a lot, now I just have him rotting in my discord

kogasa is the worst 2hu

apply for a better avatar fag

Aren't you that fag with the shitty trope for a trip

I don't even have a trip nigga. Get a better 2hu.

I wish Desu were here so he could post autistic /JP/ copypasta

or you could take a shit on the board
Besides, I took Kogasa because at the time of doing so I was one of those fags who identified with a character, and had a big jumble of fuck in my head

saved though

I think Soto is a genuinely


or the trip could give me garbled shit, that's cool

Rin wants to talk privately on steam

brb ;)



Time to figure out how this shit works again, god damn it

i don't even know if I have rin on steam

Tfw wanna brush teeth, but don't want semen on brush

Rinse mouth out, or use tongue to scrape it off your teeth and swallow the rest!

Don't talk to me you gay

It's not worth having me on steam, tbqh.

The only reason to is that I have 455 games on steam, and that isn't even a lot.

did you just


Did i just?

It's also good for your hair

Like most people here didn't

Why what?

Eat your own cum.

No comment.

Why is it not worth having you on Steam?


That number made me woozy

I washed
what's my reward




this is good

Eat your own cum.

You are good.


ii ko~


what is that language?

yeah i had to
was in a rush and didnt have time to clean it

my sister needed to get ready in the bathroom



You are good.

Well, congrats I suppose.

a good what

i guess.
is it a good thing? i havent done it in a while

You're inherently good!

A good Tokai.

Do you think about what other people think when they know you're in there for so long?

ive been doing it for years since my early teens
they probably already know and i dont care at this point

its become natural

oh thank you!

Why steam when Discord or Skype or any multitude of other things?

Anyone I know with a number worth getting woozy about easily dwarfs my measly 455.

I'm poor, humor me

Let us see if this works.


Most of mine are off Humble Bundle, from gifts, or from giveaways. :^)


As in Johnny Flowers?

No. The flag is too European for that poster.

Just got back from cybering Rin



did he hurt you?
are you okay? where did he touch you?

Aww shit fam we're Eskimo brothers now

fishin' in the same hole boooooi

I didn't know Johnny's flag so.

They basically triple-teamed me with Tokai.

Fucking rip ur dick

don't worry I used a cyber condom. 99% effective at preventing cyber stds and cyber pregnancies.

Thank goodness!

I used my 「anime bully」 attack

atleast there was a beacon of light in such a dire situation

I hate using them though, it just doesn't feel the cyber same.


When are WE gonna go fishing bae?
That's the real question

Rin's a clean boi

Besides I pulled out so he wouldn't get pregnant


any time you want soto-kuuuun~

also have you seen "the league?"
if not, watch that shit. it's fucking hilarious. like always sunny but instead of a bar as the framing device it's fantasy football.


Can I pay you to verbally berate me in private

What if I hug them and pat their head and tell them they're very cute after?

Back to hell with you~

well then it's fine I guess. I hear tell some people even like bullying. but surely no one here is that degenerate.

why would you want that faggot

Phew! That'd be trouble, I'd have to come here regularly then

Because it's you, no homo

haven't you already started coming back regularly? I've seen you here for like 3-4 days now.

Oh my~

Ill be sure to check it out
I was watching A Series of Unfortunate Events with my imouto the other day and fell asleep and when I woke up she was like cuddling right next to me sharing the same blanket. It was so adorable, though I had to leave so I covered her with another blanket and left. Kinda sucks I dont see her that often now.

Have you been watching the new ep of always sunny?
Its pretty lolz

Fair enough...

I'm hungry but dunno what to make x.x;

that's cute as hell, man. I watched that over a couple days just this week, it was fucking awesome. loved how they are doing it. can't wait for more.

I just finished season 11, nearly died laughing. gotta see if I can find season 12 somewhere to easily watch. I don't much like pirating tv shows.

I'm the one who likes being bullied btw

make something easy, duh. pasta or even better, something you can just pop in the microwave.

Absolutely disgusting and shameless
Pasta is like every other day here and I'm getting tired of making it. I'll see if we've anything microwavableeeeee

I know right? it's horrible

I have made pasta for my last three meals. I get like that. when I am enjoying eating something I end up eating it over and over until I want something else. but my rotation over the last few months has been incredibly small. mostly chili and cheese tortillas.

But I can't make you. :^)

cupcakes are easy to make.

They started it off with black jokes which was hilarious

I torrented the 12th season off kickass a while back
Too bad you live so far away
I'd just go over with my tower and we could drink and marathon S12 lol

that would be awesome. if you left now you'd probably make it in time to do that and get a little sex in before I have to start my new job.

That wouldn't be you.
That'd be some poor imitation.

You should see a domtor about it before you become a problem too

No canned food, wound up using luncheon meat in a sandwich... I'll get fat ; A ;



I don't know where the groups are on Discord!

also idk these names on Discord

Your name makes me think of Squigewell or whatever, and that makes me think of a rude twat, and that makes me nostalgic

kinda like having this particular problem

nah you'll be fine. just make sure not to eat bread too often. fatty.

imitation cupcakes sound gross.


Fuck that I'd rather go when we both have a whole day or even a weekend off so we can get really turnt and laugh at Always Sunny then maybe get a bit sweaty and lewd

I wonder how long a bus ride would take over there

: I mean they're not afraid to put clown make up on and just be themselves and not give a shit what people think about them i respect that not a juggalo but down with the clown i like icp mainly the reason that they bring good memories of me and my bestfriends he was a juggalo but hella chill he would blast icp alot lol but he liked other bands to got him into metal and punk god do i miss my best friend wish he never moved man sorry i got way off topic


So I can't make you.


Not fat! Though I guess the fact that I'm posting here might lead people to assume that :^)



I am not he

When you learn to cook.

And since you mentioned groups, discord.gg/8vG4E is my shitpit of a server


how upsetting. you poor thing.

you should go ahead and look into that. would be a fun weekend for sure.

I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. what the hell am I doing here?

it was just a joke anyway. I don't really care about that shit anyway. on the internet we're all beautiful.


ziggy is literally in call with you right now you colossal faget.

The trick to not getting fat is a good diet, exercise regularly, and kissing boys who dress like girls in the mouth.

Trust me

Why do you think I have this nice body desu me?


Is it because they're all succubi (male) and stealing all your energy through your lips?

Rin's Shitpit is the best worst shitpit.

[shrug emoji that I can't be assed to google]

Might as well meet your family too


Who doesn't have their own discord server here?

I feel like they'd genuinely like you. but they like almost everyone they meet so...


isnt your skin pasty and your hair falling off tho

six months ago when I came back I still had one that I used for overwatch but I deleted it shorty after. I don't have my own.


Most likely

They also suck on my penis and white goo comes out!


Maximum MAGA


I'm getting overwhelmed with stuff to keep track of right now, so if anyone needs me, my discord is up there somewhere and my skype is sp00kifier

your english typing is pretty perfect.

You still had one
good enough for me

Why not senpai
Bad accents are enjoyable

a byproduct of threads?

My very Dutch accent doesn't show in text!


I bet it's cute.

I think the only people who have heard me are Floop and Haikus and then there was another person I forgot.


This is more of a reason to do it

its wet and shit out here


Its wet and shit in here

Talking about when you mount cup?

you should voice chat in rin's discord sometime. you could hear my voice too.

If I accidentally get my hands on a headset thing



Man, I get along with almost everyone
That's what I love about my charisma and social skills

I surprisingly got along very well with Ian's parents
They looked really strict though

Not really haven't you seen all the pics I'm constantly posting?


Lemme hear your dutch accent

I swear I won't jack off to how cute you mispronounce things like how I did with Manaka

cupcake confirmed for bacon for hair

Dry off then.

tokai took some artistic liberties.

my parents are chill as hell and love the gays so you'll be very popular.

n e v e r

wet pics of u wen

Probably never.


Oh come on

I'll only laugh a lot

howbout dry pics


I'll just not buy a mic to not deal with this.

oh soto...honey...


That's dry though

Just buy a like
$5 usb desk mic

You're too busy creating discord servers irl you fucking normie

That won't fix the humidity

I will willingly believe he is not

I don't have $5.

proceeds to buy another $100 keyboard

Those already exist.

At least put clothes on then you savage.

buy a gimmick keyboard with a built in microphone

whats considered a usb mic anyways
all the mics i see plug into the 3.5mm jack

why cant wet pics exist


There will only be very loud clacking.

Wait, this is probably also true with a desk mic or something.

Any mic that plugs into a usb port, this isn't hard.

That would be breaking the rules.

but whats so bad about that anyways
ive had trash mics that plug into the jacks

in private

a mic with a USB plug
very few $5 microphones would be USB instead of 3.5mm so i don't know why I said it

That would involve getting out of bed though

To be fair that's probably true with both

reminds me though

Who is jack

Do you actually have those thin framed squared glasses irl?

Those trigger me so much

lol what are you poor or something?

How'd you like my Subtle impersonation? Lmao

Yeah that's sorta true in a way

Only instead of Discord I use FB
And thats all my irl friends and people I know at cons

it was spot on, actually

I think thats still breaking the rules though.

i'm coming in then.

Switch to this youtube.com/watch?v=hK2cnxXauls


a hungry man living in a poverty ridden second world country

send nudes

i dont need one

This is illegal

We've been over this
it's too decadent for any one man to handle

Soto, love...
I have myopia.

Glasses like that won't do shit for me.

But you can use it as a weapon if they SWAT you.

I have no nudes

I am the law

I wanna see your glass

You are lawless

send lewds

I question the efficacy of melee weaponry against a swat team.

hey squid
how are you feeling at the moment

A real rebel.

I am pure

It actively deflects bullets with sound waves.

do you have hobbies?

Stop this

Somebody needs to lock you up

fine. but how about some real conversation?

Fekku has hobbies

Holy shit I lol'd pretty hard
Too bad he isn't here so he could laugh at it too

But I'm a weeaboo :3

You dont mic while in game or skype in group or voice on discord?

Then again you sorta need to have friends in order to be able to do that lmao

Poor ikt

well I have astigmatism and also am nearsighted
I can only choose thick framed glasses cause my lens are like fucking bulletproof
They weight a bit too but I'm used to it

he's always here.


I'm a hermit that lives in the woods and has no hobbies.

That will never happen.

Fucking nerd is probs drinking tea and watching anime while wolfing down a whole pack of biscuits

No shush you

That's what the electronic clicker thing is for

Those don't exist on the internet
don't lie to me

normies can be weeaboos
You're just a different colour of normie

a whole pack? she's gonna get faaaaaaat



im just tryna make friends ;_;

what you do in day to day life?

cmon squid
i even toned down the sexual harassment for this

gay stuff

Why not?
Somebody would just need to set up a trap with the bait of some razorblades

Do you have hobbies?

What are you up to anyway, fgt?

I wouldn't know what to talk about

do you need help ungaying

i spend most of my days playing select few vidya and watching youtube videos or anime

Like I need extra razorblades

What are you dumb ?


I'm struggling to believe you could ever be satisfied

Someone buy me eggs

Uh, reading stuff on reddit and checking back here. hbu

same except no games

Can I be asian spring roll colored kind of normie?


I miss Uno, Uno was my British lover who would always Skype with me and do lewd stuff and show me her favorite kind of biscuits and stuff.
We usually just gossip and share embarrassing stories about our youth.

I wish Subtle would be more like that but he distances himself from me
Lmao I dont blame him


It just takes a little bit of hard work.

do you have any hobbies?

not your interest?


Oh shit just realized I have pics of my dick on this phone

I dont even remember taking them

woah its true

he is always here

see I told you she was always here

With what?

Nah I have plenty but I just don't feel like.

Sounds gay.
Would be cooking breakfast but we're out of shit
dunno what to even do with my life anymore

Might play some vidya

What, believing or being satisfied?

But of fried spring rolls, not ricepaper rolls like you posted.

I play way too many videogames.

is it cuz responsibilities and no time

what are some of your favorites?

Who doesn't have dick pics though ?

both ?


Who even are you?

U got lucky punk


why are you being scary and calling me punk ;_;


No but seriously we are really good friends

He rarely posts now cause he's being srs with uni and he's in a really good one too.
(Better than yours lmao rekt fkn nerd) Good on him though
I really should try to see if hes online again

I miss him

That's what happens when you dont have irl friends

You being autistic





I usually never do cause I'm kinda self conscious about mine I guess

what vidya!

stress can't feel like i can relax



I already knew that

yes I know. that's why I am also always here.

You probably sent people your butt instead.

Yet you beat off in a TC


Is that booth really trying to shill money out of people for unoriginal art?


is that anxiety? i have that when i deal with society

And I don't envy him, that's really tough

More deep, often obscurer older games. Freespace 2, original Deus Ex, etc.


I honestly do not know
Only been playing small little games lately
I'd be open to suggestions

Too bad, Spic :^)

honestly though they're pretty different food

M-My vagina.

Woops forget the blank link I accidentally hit send again

Fuckin phone

But yeah, have you met with him before?


Well that's more of a video not a pic besides you could only see the tip cause the table was covering most of it
I was also drunk af

Ah good times

Oh come on that shits embarrassing
Dont make me cringe again

Yeah lmao
Its fucked up but they're doing it and making cash too

Lol wut

No, i'm a girl and I have a dick.

is your vagina an innie or an outie?

Yeah, the feeling only goes away after I finish tests and shit but it's creeping up again.

Witcher 3

I need a cheeky wank.

No we never really spoke I just remember stuff

huh i dont really know much about that

i guess ill just sexually harass you once in a while

are there test approaching?

That tinychat was pretty gross.

I got a presentation tomorrow.

Vagina's don't have dick pics

Bleh, I need to play through the first two first but I keep not doing that because reasons

that's gay

Yeah I like Vietnamese food more than Chinese

It goes a lil something like
Japanese > Vietnamese > Korean > Taiwanese/OG Chinese > Americanized Chinese food

I dunno man
I dont have it saved and kinda wish no one else saved it too

Wow you're so rude to people from your same country.

I think it was Me elma Kon and someone else fapping

I think Ariel was cutting on cam

Have you ever seen a large clit?

Its just a little penis


Well I didn't have a chance

I just like Thai Basil on everything

And I love Fish sauce and Hoisin sauce too

I bet my mom had an affair with a Vietnamese guy then had me

It would sorta make sense tbh

I know. I've seen it.

I want to finish a thing so that nagging feeling can go away also

and pirate watch dogs 2

Oh yeah I forgot about you and your DnD nerds

Though would you consider them close friends?

Wait, what?

A chance to what? Fuck them?
What would you need a chance for?

Great times lmao

I'd fuck a cat

Talk to them

Honestly, in my experience the vietnamese do the best chinese food.

Not a big fan of nip stuff though, vietnamese to my knowledge is just chinese with pho and more coriander, and I don't even know of any korean food other than memebarbeque.

Personally I'm more a fan of like, cantonese chinese food than mandarin shit though, from my experience.

This sounds like something from my japanese animes

How is that even possible?

If you see someone you can talk to them
lol its not like you're physically unable to talk to them

I just meant talk as in typing

Soto 2017

Well, one of them has been a close friend since I entered highschool, and I've known another since well before that.

youll feel good after tho right?

Just google "large clit" and hit images.

i did it like 30 seconds ago and found a video of some lady with a clit bigger than most dicks.

yo soto whats your favorite condiment to put on pho

i like that spicy oil thing

If I get a pass yes lmao

im scared now

I find that any Mexican food that has a lady done in a mural style logo is probably going to taste good.

me too ;;

Ikt what do you put in your pho?

Yeah man their fried rice and those sandwiches with pork, lettuce, pickled carrots, some white turnip of some sort are fucking fire fam


Dude nip food is the best, I can eat raw fish for days
Halibut and Toro are the shit, oh and oysters on the half shell
Yellowtail, Albacore, and Unagi are mid tier
Salmon is garbage

I've had lots of Koreans noodle soups, though I gotta say kimchi soup is so good
MemeBBQ is still good too

All you gotta do is click and type
Socializing isn't rocket science


lmao Ironically the begining of this post is all about fish

Also oh okay so yeah they are pretty close friends, sorta like my friend Manny and a couple others I've know them since middle school
The rest I've know from working at ROSS
Known them all for about 6 years now

That red chili paste that looks like siracha but is better and toss some jalapeños in there
Also add a lil bit of fish sauce and a good amount of Hoisin sauce
Gotta have it well measured out so its still spicy af but you also get dat sweetness from the hoisin

Also put Basil and bean sprouts up the ass in it too

Guatemalan food > Mexican food

Fite me

It's all the same.


You're right (:

you dont understand how hard that triggered me just now lmao

hoisin is that oyster sauce thing right?
i like breaking down the basil a shit ton and eating it after i finish the main dish

what drink makes you sleep faster?


Google Pepián

If you could cook that for me Squash I'll fucking marry you

It's all rice and tacos.


I don't finish nearly enough games. It's kinda hell.

I mean, I could, but why would I go do that? It's gay.

I feel like there's some fuckery going on with some of these.
I think the one biggest than most dicks is a literal hermaphrodite.

It probably doesn't help that a lot of my exposure to their food in Hong Kong street food, though. Fuck HK has some food. But yeah, tl;dr all good chinese food comes from HK or Taiwan, rest is shit.

Cilantro is literally the spanish word for coriander you fucking spic. It's coriander in english.

See the thing is I'm just not a fan of fish. I can't stand that "fish" aftertaste. I don't know how anyone else can either, sometimes I feel like I'm mildly allergic to the shit? I don't even known.

Pretty much all of asia has noodle soups that are great though, honestly.

This looks simple to make.
I could try if we ever meet up.

I dont feel like milk today

but aren't those pills

Sense of [email protected]

the feeling of warm milk going down your throat

I'm kinda shocked yo actually looked it up.

i'm having problems staying awake and its only 11 am

Nah, Oyster sauce is another sauce
Hoisin is a really dark thick sweet and kinda salty sauce. I dunno what's it made from tho lol

Never tried the oyster sauce tbh fam

Duck sauce is pretty fire tho



Guatemala is mainly curry and stews
No tacos
Guatemalan tamales are a whole different thing compared to Mexican ones
They're wrapped in banana leaves for starters.

They contain a different masa, pork, beef, Achiote, olives, capers, raisins, prunes (sometimes), red bell pepper, almonds, uhhh lots of spices go in the sauce that's in them too

Guatemala seems to have a thing for toasting spices and blending them with chilies to make sauces or stews

that gives me other feelings


Why are you shocked that I highlighted your text, right clicked, and clicked search google, exactly?

Rip in pips
When's the funeral?

I do feel very accomplished pirating things.

I don't really eat many stews.
Might have to try some with you then.

oh weird
i know the one youre talking about and its pretty similar to the stuff in a bottle my family uses to cook thats labeled oyster sauce

warm milk is the best

jesus squiddy calm down

Am I even gonna get a funeral?

that would be heckin sweet if I did !

do you have a milk addiction

I'd actually cook it for you since I know how to make it

You could make a dessert though while I work on lunch

I wish I could go over there

Out here all Chinese food is shit unless you're in Chinatown in LA
We never go there, just to Little Tokyo

I know lmao
Just joshin with you fam

I dunno man, I like eating girls out and the smell of a girls juices which kinda smells like seafood really gets me going

Though that really doesn't have anything to do with sushi
I just love fish, its low in fat and good for you and tastes great
Fucking nips are geniuses I swear

I'm just memeing
If it's genuinely too much I shall cease

Is there some reason not to funeral?

nope. i like to keep it under check to preserve the feeling of it

cute pic

I want to be burned and kept in a jar after I die.

Can I wear an apron?
And only an apron?

no i actually laughed when i read that
just the wording is great, i haven't heard spic in a hot minute

ohh so it's your special drink


I'm down

Let's just pray there isn't any hot oil near by while your back is turned

That sounds like a bad time lmao

Drink this semen then fag

I generally cook in my underpants so I'm use to it.

That isn't how you flirt.

Yeah, living in a place with lots of asian migrants is real nice for food. Hell, Melbourne just has lots of migrants in general, he get great food from everywhere in the world. And just have high standards in general. It's so nice.

fukken americans

Why wait until you die to burn you?

Good because it's not actually a word we have here and I don't genuinely know how offensive it can be. He's called himself it so I assumed it was fine in such a context.

never yours

he sure is a spic.

you could drink water
its not renowned for its sleeping capabilities, but it will cool your body temperature and make you comfortable

well idk cuz winter

You're a spic

Because I won't feel the pain.

I'm gonna go sleep before I have to leave again


What a fag

I can try keeping cooler yeah
maybe I'm overheated cause blankets

spic is like nigger for mexicans but they're much less offended by it
acceptable banter


Yes I figured
But still

What is nigger for canadians?

President Donald Trump signed executive order 66 formally withdrawing the United States Jedis from service

she went to work
I call canadians syrup niggers
or moose jockies
white people can't be offended tho so WHY EVEN TRY


Oh nice

At least you're sorta used to it
I'm always cooking in my nice clothes but its a good thing since you do everything so neatly and never get yourself dirty

I wasn't trying to flirt but okay lol

Is there a place like that in Australia?

I also like eating out girls cause they really get off to it and is a great thing to jump to after foreplay and gets them wetter than the ocean so my dick could go swimming in their pussy

Pretty much this
I never do really get offended by any term tbh
I get more offended when someone calls me a lightweight though

A place like what?

freestyle of backstroke/