My phone cant keep up

my phone cant keep up

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watcha up to if ur on yer phone?

nice morning lineup hopefully this thread doesnt go to shit later! :)

Respectfully, it's already at shit.

I'm lyin'


its a furry discord, knot for you~
I am going to drink a little more then pass out soon

But Ikt you have the best cheekbones to cum on

Like I've jacked it to your pics before


Omg hi kaybe

God I want to shoot you dead in the street right now.

I can even post!

thats harsh...and untrue! thread can be much worse. rn it is just fine. get a couple v high level posters it will be gr8...get a couple bottom tier posters it's ruined. youre in limbo

Heyo there Grimace.

nobody has

But, why?

How's everything with you buddy?

good start!

wow your phone looks cool
is it water proof?

why am i awake still

It's a Motorola Droid/Milestone from 2009 or something so no

keyboard tho

I mean, I agree that it was substantially worse before I got here, but I can only bear so much of this burden.

Because jealousy is best resolved by way of rash violence. I've read enough Shakespeare to know that much is true.

Could always be worse. Waiting until I'm tired enough to get some sleep. What are you doing today?

back to zero...

i cant use it to jerk it in the shower

I wouldn't want to use it as daily driver, everything is balls slow.

If it ever got a hardware update with modern speedy fast stuff though I would. Not even bothered by the smol display

is that u manako

that is true kaybe you put in a lot of work here. ppl rly appreciate it tho, that is ur reward

i wish manaka were's me instead, sci

I got plans to see the doc and finalize my move. It's all happening so fast aaaaa

I'm totally a furry ^W^

No but I'm pretty sure there are a few people on there that wouldn't want me in there lmao

Why is your hair curly tho?

Aren't Viet people usually straight haired?

oh, its just sci

95% of them have no idea you exist, so stop thinking so high of yourself~

get one of those modern waterpoof phones

or tablets so you can put your dick on your waifu

i don't have curly hair

le rip me!

The obsession with screen real estate is frustrating to no end.

If only appreciation could put me in a place of terrible political power. Maybe one day.

Moving out? Well that's... really big actually. Sounds exciting. Is the doctor going to make sure you don't have a stress heart attack?

get fucked nurd

can i hav hug before bed



At least I'm not a Nezi lookalike lmao

It looks curly or wavy
Unless you styled it to look like that

do you actually want that?

but why !

is this board something like 2011 4chan?
am I gonna see a lanced jack or that faggot klonies again?

I'm new, please spoonfeed me on that, thank you.

but I have a 5.5" display phone

would not mind it being twice as thicc with a slide out keyboard though

but i have flat stereotype azn hair

this is the old anime circlejerk ppl and some furry runoff

In a superficial kind of way, sure.

It's sort of like that I guess. Who the heck are lanced jack and klonies?

Jack posts here.




You're like spot on dude
There's no Alice here though

expand on that

cus ur a shitlord

at least I get LAID!!!!!!!!

Lemme see

do u rly believe that?

You mean YAF?

oh fuck, my estimation of cancer levels is 7/10
still acceptable levels, guess I'll lurk
have a cute gril

no thanks

The CAT phone is pretty thicc... that thermal camera is super neat.

It would be fun if you could reap all the benefits and ignore all the drawbacks and also go back to not doing it in an hour when it got boring.

join us anonymous

y...yeah I do >////

Who else do you expect to be here?

Thank for cute.

Thicc is only acceptable with ridiculous battery or keyboards!

i have a galaxy s6 which is the model thats not waterproof while the s5 and s7 are ..
i was originally gonna get the s5, but my dad was like, "dont get the old model, I have the money to get you the newer one!"

yeah officialpower is not as fun it seems in that way, what you want is a huge amount of unofficial power like cult of personality around you

like whoa

It's nice to have something rugged and waterproof too. My phone would have been destroyed a dozen times over without an Otterbox. I have no idea how people live with bare phones, I would go insane. The S5 is waterproof too, which is super, super nice. I underestimated how nice that feature really is. It's really nice.

Cults of personality are strange, I don't want that at all.

time to upgrade!

Proud members of the Post-Anime-Girls-And-Jerk-Off club.

Not lurking is SIN and DEGENERATE. All degenerates must DIE.

I just wanna see how ugly your hair is :3

the contract ends next year tho
plus i dont like bothering my parents with my wants.

i like to lead a lifestyle with minimal impact

whaaaaaaat????thats odd. secretly i want it more than anything

lurking a circlejerk is the biggest waste of time ever i only open thread if i intend to participate amd that is the correct way

I dunno if that's what he went by
The autistic guy who stuttered a lot and asked about your day

Those were some dark days

Lmao is your family poor?

I don't think it was ever much of a secret.

You're like the leave no trace rule at national parks personified.

yall suck

i dont think so
our house is decent sized, i can consume a lot of electricity because solar panels keep up with it, and they have bbqs and parties like every other weekend

whats that
sounds kakkoii

you dont know nothin'...

Dude you're such a weeb

I already had my EKG. Nerves of steel anyway.

Just making sure im up to date on my vaccinations

You're a giant nigger faggot.

your point? master of traps fucker of little girls

(i pay grim to post propaganda for me)

excuse me


good morning

good morning

do you even have money to throw at people on the internet

wwww is secretly someone from alice chat




What is a national park?


Good idea. I'm certainly not. You'll have to throw up pictures of the new place sometime.

bad hair life

nah the money i have around is for cigarettes and soft drinks only

if sf tries to rape Ian I'm going to string them up by their fuckin nips

You're so kind

yesss excellent

is it worse to be obese or to smoke a pack a day?

Dont be such a weeb

Practice on pretending to be a normie
Or else you're gonna embarrass your family being socially retarded and dropping your spaghetti everywhere you guys go

idk i dont have any near me

nah im just worthless and despise wasting

depends on how obese and how heavy a smoker

There is literally nothing wrong with drowning your family, your coworkers or every other person near you with spaghetti.

that might just like that though.

Just sections of land the government decided not to mess up. And you're not supposed to mess them up either with your bullcrud.

We'll see. See your doc if you're overdue! It's super important. I was holding it off by a couple of years. I'm getting a gym membership too

healthy grom incoming

Considerate and modest?

pack a day vs 50lbs overweight



in that case my guess is smoking then
in my case it's a little of both which means im safe from any ill effects

My mom is a little strange on that sort of thing, not worth the arguing. Finally ready to build the body Squash always knew you could have?

Never come back.



I'm the same as you

Why dont you let it grow out kinda longish? Then tame your hair and style it

Get with the times fam

Its most likely happening AX


You can stop smoking in a week or less
You can't stop being obese

Your family will ask themselves where they went wrong

i dont go anywhere with them :)

sure, but its really uncomforting to describe myself in such a highly manner

dont tell me she's all antivaxx

squash likes barras right

I'll be losing weight so probably not



food is p addicting ngl
both take willpower but its financially easier to quit smoking rip

le what

Finally, this board is free of all degenerates.

Not if I'll ask them that, first!

gotta go do irl shit now

have a good one

nice ram


She sort of is.

He does. He'll patiently wait for you to thin out, get fit, then get HUGE and MIDDLE AGED and be the perfect human specimen in his eyes.

Bruh you haven't seen me

Appreciate yourself :3

is this lloyd

no it's not

It is. Don't ruin my illusion, now, or I'll have to absolutely holocaust this board with no survivors.

Please do. Please, please do that.

Youre just being antisocial now

You should never be like that around your parents
That's fucked up

Yeah that is true

I just stop eating for a while and your body gets used to it
Kinda annoying hearing your stomach grumble often but water and exercise shuts it up

It takes a lot more than a week to stop being obese

Lmao that's true

I use my OP3 naked, can't stand the feel of a case. It's so slippery though, I'm always almost dropping it.

Yeah I've seen that one pic of you with Casper

Oh and your massive dick too

Admit that you are all degenerates and ask me to holocaust you then.

The 420 one?

You looked blazed

Soto, Hand Holding Nimrods is basically not worth watching so far.

I would be too nervous. I'm bad with not dropping stuff. It would be done for in a week.

I'm glad the picture could convey how much of a massive dick he is.

I mean, I thought I just did.

Aww, what a shame

I'm all out of stuff to watch, well other than Gabriel Dropout later today

What made you say its not worth?

I wasn't.


The trick is to never use it!


Fucking liar

The animation feels really awkward and the story is probably exactly what you expect.

Oh, if he doesn't hold her hand enough she'll just straight up die.

But then how would I listen to terrible music in the car? The radio? Absurd.

you mean the one at some weebcon here and there's some black dude and stuff?

H-hello, Emily.
How are you today?

did you like my drawing

It's cute.

like this

Worried about presentations and the final things for mah internship.

How's Rin?

how's you?

Oh man this sounds like the anime my friend showed me when I was super drunk the other day

I just remember the colors were really vivid and like he throws some chick on the floor and her tits didn't know physics

It was bad, it might be that same one.

Lmao that sounds so cheesy

How was DnD?

You were dressed all spiffy and like bro hugging Casper

That was you, right?

Good old cassette tapes


Like this.

Just waking up.

Just waking up, yourself?

Yeah, it probably is.
Because the first episode of this one had no idea what the fuck physics was.

It gets a little better in the second episode, so I'll give it a third just in case, but I don't really have high hopes.

DnD was fun. I'm beginning to think I'm going to level again before we finish this dungeon, and if I do I basically get an army.

ooooh comfy wake up Rin

Can I hop in for the body warmth

Might as well check it out later today

I'm sure I've seen worse

Wow someone's too OP
You need to get nerf'd lmao

I'm pretty excited I'm going to a con in like 4 more days
Kinda sad I'm selling my Kaneda cosplay tho ;~;


I returned from amsterdam already.
though I got a google hangout meeting in an hour or so.

but now I'm just colouring and covered in blankets.


true tho

party in bed???

I guess.
If it's alright with Tokai... .///.

Well, I will be going on Level 19.
And I'll be losing my 5th Manifester level, so it's kind of a big deal that I get a lot out of it.

Why selling, tho?>

well okai, you're a dutchfriendo
so you get one hug

Jesus Christ fam
Sounds like you guys have had some time invested in it
Sounds like loads of fun tbh

Well it doesn't fit me anymore
I was gonna keep it but then a friend asked me if I would sell it to him since he loves the cosplay and it fits him so might as well.
Its going to still be used so it makes me feel better, I'm also getting 100 out of it so there's that

I asked my little brother if he wanted it since it fit him but he said no cause he thinks dressing up as an anime character is "weird" lol

Lemme hug Rin too

lol no


lol no

tell rin to no call me hypersex

Ugh, its you

Well, you asked for it.

The Holocaust begins...


The dutch have forsaken me

its the big boy

is that your kb


And we have a one coming maybe a week after we finish this one too.

Well, at least it'll still get used.

Just wait.
One day he'll say "That's weird."
The next he'll be saying "Onii-san, I just blew half my money on anime figs..."

But you are.

Comfy is best.


cato please leave

Are you even big irl?

Maybe your butt is but that's about it

Isn't it cute and fuzzy? :3



do you sometimes wake up at 3am or something and realize this and be extra comfy to sleep another 3 hours more?



Pour some gasoline on it

I have no idea if my butt is big



holo is a slut


this disappoints me
im going to go draw a bath now to feel good

you brought this on yourself

no one can save you now


Sometimes I'll wake up three or four times throughout the night.

waterproof phone eh

post flatter horos


what do I draw now


Sounds like you're quite the DnD enthusiast, Rin
A thread DnD one shot would be pretty lolz

Yeah, so there's that.

I wouldn't put it past him to develop a bad anime habit like mine but honestly he's really tame with his anime, maybe cause I give him lectures on how liking anime too much is kinda bad and stuff like that so he sorta finds a balance
If anything he'll end up like Emma and be a huge closet weeb and never buy mercy cause my brother is kind of a Jew
He has 500 dollars saved up but won't spend any of it on himself

I hate that aspect about him tbh

oh no that's too much

Especially if it's 05:52 which is too long to get out of bed but too short for a good nap


I'll try

i wish
then i could fall asleep after releasing without accidentally dropping it in the water

ive done that many times now but i always jolt up and dry it off before its too bad





But my fuzzy cummies will die!

It pros isn't then
If I recall you're a twig


these ones look deformed

rin what is the size of my butt

but she's all hd

my legs are thick

Get an otterbox or something so you don't get worried

stfu nigger, I'm trying my best here




I seriously hope you don't do this.





i barely use my phone for anything else
not wurf

besides somehow i always jolt up before it barely dips in the water

you dont have to post that fast
besides how can you say youre trying if you arent posting lewds

worse than hitler

whats the point of a flat character not displaying flatness

Fucking kill yourself, Lielie.

Well yeah, that's pretty normal for a guy

Its just cum

Calm down

wai u always antagonize me
i dont want to het u

butt. size.

I got it because of lifelong cycling


I'm gonna double the PPH of this board and this will completely ruin it. Can't wait.





God damn Canadians


Horo shouldn't be flat.
She isn't flat.

Bigger than mine. ;~;


dont make me call my lackey on you


But what about mobile funposting?




What's with the influx of spammers?




shes best flat if shes nekked

i only do that in the bathroom and in my bed

it's one person retard


Anime girls is just par for the course, and this community has had worse spam than holo pics.

It's squeezable so it's good enough

*comforting head kiss*

We've had like 3 different ones this week.
I know you don't have a lot powering that little brain of yours, but you can do better.

Here have a picture of my friend

Just dont tell her ;)


Literally the worst kind of autist.

kk ima go draw a bath now

pls no bulli


I just got here today. And for the record, I did nothing wrong.


Flat is justice, but there is nothing wrong with good ol' oppai.





Eh, I'll just report for spam and filter.
Good luck and shit.


Kys Ikt



It stops being justice when you're making everything flat because "HUR ONLI FLT GULS."

Holo isn't a flat.
So she shouldn't be made flat.











post a character that isn't shit pls

why are you spamming so much?

Spice and Wolf was a pretty bland show though

I wasn't much of a fan though the OP was catchy I'll give it that

It was just kinda dumb and I was more focused on other anime that were coming out around that time

Sorry Canadian user but can you spam a cuter character, like Emilia-tan perhaps?



My neighbor tried to get me to watch this shit with her
what the fuck(i'm glad i didn't)

dxd only works if youre really young still and can edge for a whole season at a time

Ah, DxD fam

A classic

She obviously wanted to watch it together then use the ecchiness of the show to sort of give her an excuse to act lewd then you two could've fucked

Way to fuck it up just like everything else you touch

Post that one red rabbit or bunny thing that gets fucked or whatever

i was 15 or 16 and in she was in my japanese class. i think i told you about this already(i didnt know what it was about but i thought watching an anime about kids going to high school while being in highschool was stupid as fuck)

Scroll up.

I want this board to enter an age of renaissance. Therefore, we have to raise PPH to acceptable levels via Bui-tier spamfagging!

Maybe later.




I've never posted a rabbit.


Sounds like this shit is right up your alley lmaooooo

rin nap with me

if you want Bui tier then you should at least post 3/4times per minute, though if you keep that up i'll have to do something about it. i could just make a cylic thread for you if you like

maybe it was a subtle invitation for some netflix and chill type thing.



i think i was 14 when i managed it
i grew up too much by the time the third season released

cmon soto you know im getting old and you are just priming me for when i become legal

im not falling for your tricks

b-but I want to shit up genuine discussion





I know some furry did though

Cupcake? I dunno it was a red bunny and I fapped furiously to it
I think that was my first ever furry fap

You're doing gods work

If only you could spam faster though
But I guess you're still a Noob at this





This guy?





at the time i didn't know it was that even though she was showing signs, just goes to show how oblivious/stupid i am when girls throw themselves at me(i didnt find out what the anime was about till like 2years later lmao)

i've never watched it and don't really plan to

but like thats actual spam and as i said that will make me have to do something. people dont seem to like it :/

read my name and you'll soon realize i do this a lot :^)





harvesting animes from 2ch and posting here.

luckily it's only satire and real ones aren't like that.

Well yeah, who else is gonna pump you full of warm milk?

Nah man like it was a girl rabbit she was all red and from a comic

This was wayyyyy back btw

oh btw she's my fucking neighbor and kept saying i should come over to her house and watch it. also that i should be her japanese tutor because i was best in class(not that hard when youre trying to actually learn a language for real reasons)

I can't recall then.

I physically laughed out loud

Ah man, you got me with that one

the closest i get is from girls that friendzone me.


the spammers gone.

She probs had a huge crush on you
Awww man, you should've gave her the dick

Does she still live there?

Also my bad I bullied a lil too much there lmao

I'm still getting better. You're gonna see the fruits of my spamming real soon lads!

There is literally nothing wrong with spamming holo pictures in a thread over and over until people like it.


l o l









As much as I'm wont to agree, that's a double standard.

So it should still be bannable, because it is still spam.




i mean thats what happens to me but after i go full retard. my thoughts are that they go after me because im a retard with girls but think im actually just tryna be hard to get, like nah lmao im just straight stupid a lot of the time


thats another thing, i knew she had one BUT NOTHING CLICKED IN MY HEAD
she movedalso i was a fuck boy and would skate up and down my street all the time with my shirt off when her hot friend would stay over

gonna have to ask you to stop tho. want a cylic thread or nah? if you keep it up it isn't my fault if something happens

i also think that they i did this to them. how do cure autism

I'm not spamming the catalog. Enjoy the korbo more, pleb.


Just ban them, Bebo.

lol i remmeber that
do you still do that? fuckboy?

skate with shirt off? all the time at the skate park when im there yeah. also go running in the canyon and end up taking it off cuz too much sweat, though im not the only one and nobody seems to give a fuck

its not autism to friendzone

Sure faggot. No lewds though, or I continue.

Then there's the problem that if you are too easy to get, they'll lose interest. I turned down too many chances in the past that I wish I wouldn't have. Even small opportunities, unknowingly.

3mins is my new DD time

if you say so

if you make a new thread i'll make it one

that is my main problem with online shit but i guess thats fine cuz nobody seems to take it as serious as i'd like, which is good i guess. better to not get caught up on things that probably won't go through

making it right now

on a side note, check the front page

hi user?

oh no... the spammer is back.

unless you wanted to smash


eh this one seems to actually be a person who doesn't seem to actually want to cause too much harm. if their end goal is to make this board have a high pph possibly in hopes of new people coming then i'm all good with it. also a cylic thread here seems nice

nicely done

at least they're a human this time!

nah i never even recognized it as something like that


new thread

new thread

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Rin's asleep

Post vampires