Take me down to the paradise city

take me down to the paradise city
where the grass is green and there's anime tiddies

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no problem my beautiful baby child

i am ooble

Imight have some junk but itis not like I have to wade through it to get to the door

I have seen houses like that

Oh I legit remember you.
Can't believe you own a blanket.
So cute.


i cant handle all the wubs

whose momy r u




My favorite.

Fucking dropped

As in there is actual trash obstructing your path or just stuff lying around everywhere?

make cup threads great agen

What up

I have seen both

Your body is forfeit.

i own many blankets
heres my new one


Must be a normal sight in Norway~

Your body is forfeit.



fat geeragff cute and cubbly

What is so nice Trace?


I was trying to be mean.

all wub

Its rape you idiot.

Master got it.

Anime ti-..
You know

nothing much. watching always sunny and saving pokemon stuff off this tumblr someone linked to me earlier. you?

It means you don't drop the thread.
The thread holds you and keeps you here. The gay embraces you, not the other way round


spread the wub


Was a fun party. Played a bit of vidya and bored now.

I am mean because I care.

*spreads something*

boredom sets in real fast. should do something about that. gonna drink later?

butt or vagina


sorry, was cooking
you know that broken one? it works after all :3

Oh, fair enough.
Carry on then.

I might as well drink now.

Looks comfy as fuck.
Get all of them and make a fort.


That's what you make of it :p

her name is Geraldine

i might

yes nice

cheers. I'll be joining in a couple hours. letting my food settle first.


I didn't get any Sprite.

I guess I'll get rum and cokes.

Are they not though?

Good man, Trace, good man.

im lewd Xp

wat did u feed Geraldine



Real deal is better though.

I don't want happiness.

Not so great on their own

i want a google pixel

*head pat* good girl

death and misery?

You can't stop me dropping it from my heart.

How can I be willing if you've already raped the will out of me?

You're getting dis penis tho

i have a peewee!!

bad children

a feminine one

can i get head pats too? >.


Because you instantly excepted it.



*pet pet*


no its veri big and long

the best i can do is wubbs


rum and cokes are delicious. got a 12 pack of vanilla cokes for...I have no idea why I got them, honestly. I barely ever drink soda. but I've been mixing it with vodka and nnnng it's sogood.



Rum in coke is gross

Just drink it out of the bottle or in a shot so you don't have to taste that crap any longer than you need to.

im out rn

probably very cute so its okay girls can have penises too


Ahah, this chick partied in college.

i wanna rub a soft loli skin until its pink and warm

I did no such thing.
You're already forcing your will on my body, you don't need to force it on my mind too.

Normally I'd agree, but coke is pretty good at masking it.


Well good.

i don't want to go to jail


Is it not? Problem is you do not find much of it here.

What else do they need in Subtle's opinion?

The mind is the most important part of the body.

you get drunk slower though

its not worth it imo

Not like it would do me any good on this site. Preference would be near to me personally.

have some rubdubs

if you must, you can resort to legal lolis

Do you live in the desert?

I once drank so much my body gave up before my mind did and I passed out on the floor in a puddle of vomit.

It was a party though.

Gave up drinking. ;-;

You're a body

Nonono, you misunderstand.

You start pouring coke into your glass after you're already shitfaced, and need to maintain said drunkenness.

Titties titties everywhere and not a thing to motorboat.

No one likes a quitter.

yeah but howd u know if ur body gave up before your mind and not at the same time

it's very tasty you shut up.

see above

what the fuck it tastes good how did this turn into such a thing

at this point it feels like it's just a meme

is that a bamboozle



Yeah but like
You've got the one thing suitable for mixing whiskey and/or rum into

And you're mixing in fucking vodka

It just ain't right.

A body ^^

Whenever i'm shit faced I don't care what it tastes like.

I'm a very greedy and bad drunk

some legal lolis are fine

how can a loli be legal to thoroughly pat

well, my dad came round first, then there was bathroom, then my landlords shit taste in cookers saved me from setting my face on fire with burning oil

just dont tell



it tastes amaaaaazing.

I like vodka you bully.




Wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that one.

was that lewd? that sounded lewd.

Yeah but it's more a matter of practicality. Giving you something at the right alcohol level to just keep drinking.

drunk nezumi when

And this is why you're a woman.

Sounds nice.

I'm bed.

Solid strategy.


thank you

k i sleep den

next friday would be the soonest I can manage

How could it possibly.

I was awake, but I couldn't move
I was paralytic


Goddamn it Cup

Wow what a fag
It's like he has a life or something

Gotta get yourself out there Trace! Find some motorboatable tiddies. Also never put me in the position that I have to say those words so weird like again.

Fair point!

I demand a lullaby

Only I may hm.

Mostly niggers around these parts. No good bars around for picking anyone up either.

Quite the rare thing you not enjoying being in a position I put you in.

Why do I need to get drunk so soon huh ?


that is tyrannical. you can't monopolize hms.

Sadly this position while slightly uncomfortable, like normal, is however lacking in the bodily contact that usually makes it so enjoyable.

better finish what you started hoe~

I always listen to this before going to bed, speaking of which, nini

I can withhold them to increase their value.

Truly unfortunate.

You don't, really.
I dunno, you don't strike me as the type that much better drunk.

ur a fgt

I don't need to be bored to sleep

huh ?

why don't people enjoy rum and coke here?


I do


it would taste even better with vanilla coke too

ye boi

bed though

goodnight snarflords

I don't even know.
Better as in more enjoyable, I guess.


I don't think anyone else puts any value to them tbh

thank you!

goodnight tokai.

You're the one that monopolized them in my favor, Cup.


How do we survive this short time in between romps?

Who does not like it?

You would be surprised.

What do you suggest.

I have played myself.
damn it.



not yet! if I start now it'll be too hard to get drunk because I still have a belly full of spaghetti.

I had that yesterday.

medler needs to eat a dik

these buffs are needed

Who wants to shoot me?


it's good stuff. love it. easy to make.

Making the sauce is the best part.

Your're welcome

Prove it, nerd.


squiddy here has been giving me shit because I'm lazy and just use store bought.


I can't do it today though.

I like all tiddies.

As long as they're attached to a girl with big tiddies.

Well, I use an alternative to 100% scratch to mostly scratch if I'm lazy.

c-c-cooking is fun...

It is, yes.

I can see you don't cook very well and/or do not enjoy cooking, from your online stutter.

More romps, obviously.



tiddies are gros. perv.

I just open a jar and pour it on. it's great.

None near.

I generally need to add a few things to make it tolerable.

I have the best spoilers tbh

if I'm feeling extra fancy I pop it in the microwave for a bit first so it's nice and hot.


what draws heat better? unventilated metal or air?

eww big ttites are nasty

Hey guys! No hard feelings that you banned me, and I'm sorry I made last night so rough for you all. My avatar actually sustained brain damage during the combat, and may be dying. I did it for you, and I did it for free. I love you all.

its lit

on a scale of 1-10 how bad do you want to smack me right now

are you evading bans again

unless a week is a lot shorter than I thought, I think he is.

Fairly low, seeing that you would enjoy it. I need to cook you an actual meal.

I like all tiddies.

As long as they're attached to a girl with no tiddies.

No, I only got banned for 24 hrs. Socks got banned for a week.

now we're talkin'

yeah that would be nice. I like when people cook for me. because I don't have to cook.

are you not socks4hands?

arent you the same person . .

I'll only smack you when you say dumb shit about mixing vodka with the wrong things.

vodka mixes well with many things.


Ouch, Trace babe.

I agreed to no such thing.

trip looks different tbh

Last time any of them posted, it was from the same IP with the same trip.

What a LIKELY excuse


Vodka mixes well with my dick

Since he's saying shit about "Avatars" he's clearly severely autistic and in need of gassing.


To be fair, lame is as lame do.

I am right here.

so what do you all think about the totally unjust banning of this guy who was ban evading after being banned for ban evading? man moogs is a tyrant amirite?

wholeheartedly agree

You are, yes. You've no suggestion of what to do to alleviate said boredom.

You just sound like Scoot when he's trying to start shit.

So, just like Scoot.

yeah but. I'm not gonna ever know that.

how do you know what ip he was using?

You make such things difficult when you take them seriously.

Was sex not an answer? I mean that or just drink more, best is a mixture or just the latter.


I don't take anything seriously ever, foo

what kinda things can you cook?

I can make pasta dishes like lasagna, bake things like cornbread or muffins, I can grill well...

sreep well

*motorboats ur ass*

You've not brought it up, I've much more alcohol.

*Fake seriously

Most anything.

u ryrer not beded


i showered thoroughly first

Oh, you know.
Just the fact that we have a display that changes by IP.

Call it a hunch.

looks like it was just


I was skimming

also sorry for not replying to your post the other day

I missed it

you need to link me for these things sometimes

woah that's sumthin

prime time to rub soft pink warm skinns

everything is fake.

I didn't realize he'd posted earlier in this very thread. if that's what you're implying. I super don't care enough to scroll up and check.

i ate way 2much shawarma
send help

its cool
was gonna say my seemingly dead £21 model m suddenly just werked when i tried it again

ur sumthin

Now I want spaghetti.

im not shota

*sends more*

fake news

Cupcake, I said the last time any of them posted.

As in yesterday or whenever the fuck.

When they literally went between O-whatever the fuck, and Socks4Hands.

Without even changing their trip.

Or proxying to hid their IP.

any tender skin will do

It depends on what your goal is.

very nice

maybe there's some loose wiring or something

alternate information*

You're not gonna bait me into getting drunk.

Tell me a good game to play.

so get some!

stop it. ur being rude.

ooooh. okay. gotcha.

No supplies. Tacos will have to do.

I just did.

dont be rood

im gonna sleep before i get a hindering sized boner bye

hehe nini

tacos are good too

stahp it.

You did, yes.


2 cupcakes?

don't make it gross you fag.


boy taco

i swear to god

Spoiler's pone is actually kinda attractive.



im gonna buy a few bits in and bolt mod it after i get it clean


bolt mod?!


use the uguu tripcode you faget. after all the effort I put in to get someone else to fix it.

Hm hm hm.

rin no


aww yiss



More butts.


Just played Journey and had one of the better gaming experiences in quite some time.

I more meant as human pone.

no. now tell me I'm pretty.

what about butts?


pls rin
be a good daughter

kill yourself my dude


I require them.

tell. me. I'm. pretty.

you know, swap the plastic rivets for 8mm m2 screws and nuts to make it even sturdier and more valuable

now spread those cheeks further, i want to punch my tongue up your boy uterus

edit the audio to say OwO

look at my friends baby birbs


I have a thing for redheads, okay?

you're pretty gay


yes butts are nice

holy fuck that's lewd

we need to go lewder

Indeed they are.

indespitably so

my goal?


thaaaank you. was that really so hard?

how about we 69

butts are especially fun to squeeze and play with :3

They are, yes.

so got get some? pop on down to the butt store.

None here.

Butt store is in the ass end of nowhere.

that was clever. well done.

that might work

Still want 'em though. Alas.

surely there are other ways to acquire some?

Google is so far away.

So lets get this party rolling! Now that I am back with more coke for the rum.

A drinking party.

Who doesn't have a thing for redheads?

I feel like it's as close as the next tab, actually.

redheads are indeed the best.

Hey, you're biased.

I don't keep tabs open of things I masturbate to.

With sex. Tons of it.


Doubtful you meet my requirements for a sexual partner.

how so?

that's silly. how do you go back to right where you were when you come back later?

Did someone say redheads.

Where is your the congregation. I will attend.

Do Lostalgia?

No need to come back if I finish.

Doubtful too but you disregard the size of party I can throw together.

Gabe the dog died last night.

it's not a church of redheads.

you only masturbate once? ever?

He's been in the bathroom an awful long time.

Dislike large gatherings.

I rarely go back to the same material.

There should be one. I want to be the pastor.

Pastors aren't allowed to join in on the orgies.


does not work for me

Your hair being red you fgt

Life just isn't worth living anymore

"It is safe"


I had no intention. I am pure.

Cup is a blonde haired pink princess.

shut up

buy pit people and play it with me


It's a sad day.

Picky. That is easy as fuck too, how big is too large for you?
For me I would say roughly ten or so inches.


you'd run out eventually, wouldn't you?

little young to be a pastor don't you think?

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? since when is it red?

I guess it only shows text if it finds something then


Never. I have the will and holiness to be a hallowed member of God's gathering. Why not start a church? Besides I get to diddle children which is 100% what I enjoy doing trust me.

I have no idea what that is but it sounds awful

Are you saying you've been lying to me all this time?


Dislike large gatherings because they suck up my food and beer.

Not with the Internet.

Keep your panties on.

Seems that way.

You'd figure the blatantly obvious "LOST" would count, but I guess since it's that obvious they just pass it.



you make some good points, but I just don't think it's going to go over well.

I never lie.

no, and no.


new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

Buy it and play it with me anyways.

If your goal is to be gross, then your spoilers are the best.

There's always new material, Cup.

And damn.