Who's hyped about aot s2

who's hyped about aot s2

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google.ca/search?q=percentage of homeless with mental illness&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=TOJ2WIaeJuyf0wKcs5DQDw



god damn rite

It's no problem, just keep me posted, yeah?

I think I'mma run to Timmy's for something, maybe.

No one important.


the fuck is that

Giant naked babies eat humanity.

oh shit, attack on titan season 2

I read some of the (ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLY TRANSLATED) manga after season one, looking forwards to s2

It's basically the creepy baby ending of every drakengard game.

Attack on Titan fam

whats s2 about? i read the manga and it gets into the titans origins n stuff.

is it the same?

no problem

notice FASTER


Literally "run"? :3


i actually thought it was going to be interesting until the whiny protagonist stereotype turned out to not really be dead

thought it was an amazing subversion of expectations in anime...

but then it stopped being that

I thought that too, the part where you think the protagonist would be kill from the off. Would have been an interesting angle.
But overall I would say its pretty top notch.
My opinion is law

Well, if I literally run, I'm not gonnan literally run back.

Probably just walk it and enjoy a bit of music.

xcom is available on humble for $12

most likely

I havent touched the manga
anime is so good I dont wanna ruin the sheer awesomeness of it

make it more noticeable next time then


pineapple smirnoff vodka is the foulest ass I have ever tasted

worse than captain morgan white rum

Later you dinks,

gibe nee nee

Donuts inc?



yeah it's p cool

i dont care for the transforming shit at all.

I'd take one now, but I honestly just don't have any arts I know I want done.

I was, and am, curious for rates for an idea of how much it'll be.

That wasn't the plan but holy shit I could go for some now.

nini memelord
enjoy your rest in dreammemeland


now thats too much

wow you're bad at this :^)

Then do it ^^

SnK has always and will always be trash.

All anime is trash.

We'll see how I feel when I get there.



hiss hiss


why the black hair?

it's matt
i wasnt rlly trying to get accuracy here ok

patrician as fuck taste




my nigga


what the fuck is she doing

whats it mean


I know
it must be super foreign to you

gomen, I thought she was trying to lift it, didn't realize it was moved


undocking a payload from a reuseable vessel. the payload made a soft landing on minmus within a mile or two of my surface station. this thing


i like underground slash semi-underground artists with a billion pseudonyms for side projects nobody listens to but me. im the coolest.


thats some good shit

be whatever you want to be

id totally work if acquisition of a job wasnt so socially demanding and anxiety triggering



How does Los Angeles to Europe for $70 sound?

For a limited time, WOW Air is offering that one-way fare on flights from LAX to Stockholm, Copenhagen,Bristol, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Yo Subtle where do you live, Im gonna go visit you


thanks for putting me down even tho my intentions are sound

schooltime bye

Save your money

i can only imagine how shitty and cramped that tin can would be for like what...6 hours?

well we do have plans to colonize mars irl so

it's my favorite game to blog about

I want to pat that snek on the head and hold her hand and then kiss her gently and after marry her and impregnate her and raise snek babies with her in a cottage out by the sea


its starting to turn me on now


thanks i will

But I want to hang out with you irl
Imma book my flight rn
gimme your address :^)

The catch is that only one way trips are on special

roundtrip are still regular price like 220


What's wrong with jerking off? When most people think they're having sex all they're doing is using the other person to jerk off anyway.

it'd be a lot bigger than a 70 dollar flight to europe. you kinda need more room if youre gonna spend like months in the same place. tho plans have been around for decades

thats still not super bad

because pussy feels like your clammy rough palms

Holy fuck, it's like that meme is seeing straight into my soul


I felt pretty nice after dunking a hard boss with a hammer to the skull to finish them off in Bloodborne

it's such a great game

the point completely zoomed over your head
are you also underaged trash

that shit is super close though

Good point

But just cause someone can't get laid doesn't make them sub human.



What was the point?
I'm not under age, I just have severe autismal disorder

Yeah its pretty great

Too bad Subtle hates me

I'd go to say hi to Amy or qt or Scoots tho

Oh shit, it'd be cool af to drop by and say hi to Casper and Erin and do coke with them

Hate to break it to you but that girl has a penis

okay bye

btw lemme blog @ u cuz i am confirmed for a job whenever the hire next round of peeps

dont go i love you


The point is he's being a passive aggressive bitch and not trying to get over his anxiety over getting a job in the first place

put that nigga out on the street with $20 in his pocket

watch how fast he hustles up a job


fatfucks like you ruin a country

If you eat 2 whole pizzas by yourself don't bitch about why you aren't cute or in shape

You're the reason why you're so fucked up

why not have 2 slices

give 2 to your mom

save the rest for tomorrow

I just thought everyone hated me and I didn't want to make everyone feel bad by being here

my only regret is i wont be able to fritter away as much time which u kno i love to do

dont worry about it, everyone hates me and i still stick around

What part of save your money is hard to understand

just listen to your obscure meme music while at work or otw to work

no biggie

subtle in sum kinda mood...

Do you have any idea about what percentage of people that are homeless are homeless because they have mental illnesses?
google.ca/search?q=percentage of homeless with mental illness&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=TOJ2WIaeJuyf0wKcs5DQDw

Jesus christ how? Just eating one whole does that.

I'm a big guy

i hope i can do that while working that would be cash money but if not oh well ya know

have you been diagnosed by a licensed doctor
you still have your parents to support you

show them you're willing to overcome obstacles and become independent, they'll cheer you on even more

that said if you're in your lower teens you still have room to be a kid, but don't stunt yourself like a cockmunch

We should be friends since everyone else hates us

LOL that pic

Do you have Alex as a friend on fb too or just see me comment on his meme shit?

But what if I want to spend my money and say hi to you?

Just look at him

Self explanitory
Its like a hybrid between Shrek and Kirby

once you get your first check youll be a very happy camper

the comment stuff

utter agreement!

And take pics of me and post 'em every other day


wutt u talkin bout boy i got chex b4 it aint no thang

Sorry what?
I'm older than 18.

Is this advice for the guy you were talking to before?

And what do you mean stunt yourself?

life is nothing but distractions from the fact that we will die someday

yeah it was for him
stunt yourself meaning mope in your own tears and not try to actively change your situation

chex you worked for?

might as well kill yourself now, eh

Why does everyone think I'm going to do this?

Jeez, Im not that much of an asshole
I only post pics of myself or Ian occasionally but he's cool with it and I would never post shit people didnt want on the internet
Come on, Im not that much of an asshole

Pretty funny shit
Most of my fb stuff is just memes now lol

good to know you have some decent taste in some areas.



What do friends do?
Talk about cool stuff they like?
Okay, what video games, tv shows, anime, movies, books, and stuff have you been playing/watching/reading?
How is your your mum?
Are you having any problems that maybe I could comfort you about or help you think up solutions for?

Seems you want me to cook like I was.

what are friends


good thing I'm not drinking tonight

Vodka doesn't count right?

I'm pretty much aware that I'm going to die one day constantly.

I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want some bullshit death.

I either want to die old surrounded by my wife and my children and my grand children, or I want to die for a cause I believe in.
Anything else is fucking bullshit.

But I've got to sort a bunch of shit out first before I can be in positions to die in either of those ways.

I gave up on it because it was so ass

Holla Forums how many times do you poop a day?

3 or 4?


Hombre don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more

Vampires don't poop though ???



Fucking lol

Do you poop every other day?

But Canadian trannys do

Who the fuck keeps track of this?
Why do you care?

I poop every morning like an hour after I wake up and before I go out since I never use public restrooms

I shit like once a day, unless I drink loads of coffee then 2 times a day

s-shut up.

anyway. going to bed. nini thread.

Night bud.



lol theres so much snow and wind that a few building collapsed today
theyre saying the big fedex building we have here is probably going to tonight too cuz high winds
walls flexing inward and roofs cracking

They do and it looks like tomato soup.

Grindea is actually pretty fun.

Halo2 run is over, and now the question is if I still wanna run to Timmy's or if I just wanna >>>/sleep/

about 2/3 a poop a day


Sometimes I almost feel like the only reason anyone talks to me on steam is to try and get into my pants.

Why do I feel lonely after not having felt lonely for years since I came here?
Fucking emotions are garbage.
How to kill loneliness without human contact(because it's impossible, or at least positive human contact is impossible, and negative human contact just makes everything worse)?


I'm am sleepy

Man I am on a criminal streak of missing every vaguely interesting game this gdq

Let them into your pants then.

I don't talk to you on steam but I'd still like to get in your pants

The answer to that one should be fairly self-evident.

So sleep.

It was fun.


who even are you ?

I will pass on this


Can't sleep

I don't even know anymore

How sad

I'm a turboslut. I'll try to fuck anybody I find cute

Isn't it a generic as fuck old JRPG that's deliberately grindy?

Because the only reason people talk to you on steam is they want to get into your pants.
Find more people who crave your cock less.

What's stopping you?

nunya bizness

I hate my fucking car.
Why did I do the SR20 swap?
Why are alternators so damn expensive?

How is everyone doing today?

I was gonna make a poo in the loo joke but I sorta lost where I was going with it

It reminds me of what I would imagine a Zelda game is like.


give me a name or something

Its a curse

This is a bad thing.

I've never been here before, I'm a stranger

yea bro

at least they talk to you :((((

whatup home boweh

Mmm, mhmm, I recognize some of these words.
This is why I never want to actually need to own a car.

Tired and just woke up after falling asleep completely accidentally. How are you, car troubles aside?

You've never played a Zelda game? I mean don't get me wrong I think they're mostly overrated but still.

But its a common theme here of that not being true.

Tell me your story.

Just pretend to be a girl.

Never played one.

I've seen people play them but I kinda missed the golden age of it I think.

i dont think theyll believe me man

See, the problem is that the golden age seems to always be exactly the one from when the person you ask first really started playing videogames. I maintain the series is mostly held up on nostalgia and pretty shit otherwise.

So I guess you're not missing too much.

It's your own fault for being so cute I guess

Blame your genetics

You gotta be tricky.

Yeah but this Grindea game is pretty fun and multiplayer.

Yeah they must love me for my buff arms.

Like I said, car problems.
I just fixed a major power steering leak in the thing, and now the alternator is taking the piss and isn't generating power right when I'm driving.
Was having all sorts of weird side-effects from it, including the windshield wiper motors going too fast for some reason, and the audio cutting out and popping in my car's audio system (I hope my head unit and speakers are okay ;_;)

And because I had the Japanese SR20DET motor swapped in to replace the USDM KA24DE, it's making finding a replacement rather difficult and expensive.

How old are you? And what part of Australia do you live in?
The car issues kinda ruined today tbh. Kept me from going into work today, which sucks because I need the extra hours this week.

im not tricky

you do this all yourself?


Ew, fun.
What would the multiplayer even be in a game like that? Co-op?

21 and Melbourne. I mean I probably will need to eventually. But for now public transport is sufficing. Unless I eventually move to a colder, bigger city, which I'd like to eventually.

Damn, sounds like a hell of a rip.

I was alone a lot as a kid, playing video games by myself.
My favourite one when I was 11 or so was Kingdom Hearts.
I always did pretty well in school until I got to junior high, when my mental illnesses activated and made me unable to do anything but lie in bed.
I've worked in the Oil sands, but my depression is severe and I end up always nearly killing myself.
Right now I'm getting NEET bux from the government and seeing a psychologist, she's really smart and a really good person, and she's funny, and insightful and she's really kind.
I like very few anime, but I like Gundam, Gurren Lagann, Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Baccano, Anohana, Psycho Pass, the Vision of Escaflowne, and other stuff.
For Videos games I'm into Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Morrowind, Half life, Mass Effect 1 and sort of 2, Chrono Trigger, plus other stuff.

For music I like metal of most kinds, rock of most kinds, electronic, and classical, as well as post classical or whatever it's called.

What else should I say?

What's your story?

So when we hitting up Sushi Town?

whatever i dont need anybody im a lone wolf :''')

I like A Link to the Past, OoT, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Minish Cap, Oracle of Ages/Seaons, and Skyward Sword was okay.

A lot of small maintenance stuff I do myself, but as far as big projects goes, like swapping the motor out, and then rebuilding it that one time I blew it up being a dipshit, I leave that up to the professionals. There's a shop not too far from where my father works that does engine rebuilds and the guys there were willing to do the swap and then the rebuild for me.

I should be able to install the part myself tbh, but just getting one is going to cost me quite a bit.

Yeah, it's not REALLY a necessity there. When I lived in Chicago, I never drove downtown. Always took the train and just walked or rode a skateboard around town. It's not worth it to own a car in a crowded city like that.

brb Konosuba with the little brother

pls respond

See Melbourne does have a pretty large endless suburban sprawl where it is useful, we're not really that crowded. But most of my dealings have been close enough to the center where trains and melbourne's practically unique tram network have more than sufficed.

But yeah, living in big cities, and living in not america, both make owning a car less necessary than otherwise.


call him a fag

Are you in love with your psych?

i didnt have any kind of car work in my upbringing so it's a mystery to me. v envious ur a cool fella im not that.

how sweet!

I've never played it so I wouldn't know.

I meant your internet/thread history.

Like how did you find this place ?

I've never been before.

I'm a lonelier wolf.

No, it's probably that she's the first person to ever show me real kindness and let me open up to her who I really am.
It's transference or whatever they call it. It's not love, just infatuation, it's nothing important and will go away pretty quickly probably.

frankly i dont see how that is possible

Having a psych sounds nice

Was that your whole purpose of your plan here?
Try to get others to play it with you?

I started off playing Runescape when I was 10 or so, and then I went to Newgrounds, and then I found out about 4chan when I was 14 or something, and then I lurked for years, then I came here in the first exodus

lucky, my psych was a complete bitch

Look at me and then you'll understand.

Yeah pretty much.

Go to bed.

He wants you alone with him as "Sexual Healing" plays.

Have you always gone by that name ?

Yeah she's really nice.

That's sad, but mine is really wonderful

The multiplayer in Grindea is, in fact, Co-op.


i dont believe you

Nope, I never really went by any particular name.


On the other hand, you Aussies can get cars shipped over from Japan so easily. Grey market import laws here in the US are bullshit.
Because of that, my dream car is going to be illegal to import and get registered until 2024-2026ish. Not fun.

Honestly, I grew up around cars. Though, not these little Japanese tuner cars and stuff, mostly big V8's and AMERICAN MUSCLE FUCK YEAH. WHAT THE FUCK IS FORCED INDUCTION?! SUPERCHARGING IS FOR PUSSIES!!!
But still. It influenced me quite a bit, even if I did end up going a different route.

It's, what, 3 there?

Show me your steam.

You should.

i dont know what to say you got me way out of my element friendo

okay then i believe you

Rin ordering Subtle around is like Subtle is now Rin's Desu.

or rin's subtle's desu

Shame approximately literally nobody owns it. Hell even I'd only heard of it once or twice.

Wow what a fag.

Makes sense, I guess.

True. Hell, nips also drive on the correct side of the road, so we wouldn't need to go through that whole ordeal, too. I know very little of car culture here though besides a general awareness of bogans obsessing over Ford v Holden

What's your "dream car" exactly?

But you've heard of it.

Buy it

I've heard of everything

I lack the money to go buying games I may or may not play much that aren't on sale

My cruller got smooshed.
So did my normal doughnut.

I'm really paranoid about people finding out who I am, sorry.

Not that I really have anything to hide.
I'd be find with someone telling my mom what fetishes I have or something, it's just Monster Girls and stuff.
And then I don't prefer traps but I will if they really act, talk, think, and look like girls.

Alright, have you ever known anyone that ever uses Plasma(animal)?

its only like 10 dollars.

You are like Canadian Adachi

I'll start sending you crying vocaroos if you don't >>>/sleep/

Yeah, kinda figured.

Here in the US, if a vehicle is legally able to be imported, it doesn't matter if it's right hand drive or left hand drive. There is no law requiring conversion to LHD or anything, which is nice. I'll give you this, right hand drive cars feel a lot more natural to drive around than any domestic American left hand drive car.

Pic related. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, preferably in red. I've had a hard-on for this thing since I first unlocked it in the original Need for Speed Underground when I was a kid.
The R32's are legal for import now, but I've never cared for those, or the R33's either.

Like from Persona 4 or whatever?
The guy that always talks about how women are bitches and whores?

I don't think that women are bitches and whores though.
Just around 50% of them are bitches and whores.


Staying up all night just for that

Nah some other poster

He's endearingly autismo and for some reason really paranoid about people here finding out who he is

He was also one of the ones that thought BC was totally a girl and he loved him.
So it kind of puts him in Sci tier.

Aw man
I feel for some ppl

Do you even like sushi?

Literally no reason for you to be worried about me finding out who you are IRL.

I don't care enough to look and it wouldn't change anything.

I've never known anyone who used that.

thats kinda demeaning

Finally I can watch mononoke in peace, christ that was painful.

I just had that stuff about not putting personal information online when I was a kid drilled into my head and I can't ever stop being paranoid about it.

Also yeah, I do have autism.
It ain't cool.

I enjoy it but I never really go out of my way for it.

Its probably different now that I can drink though.

The trials you must endure are truly arduous.

It's like $15, and that's $15 USD, and I'm mostly broke.

That said I do enjoy videogames and playing them with people...

I mean, sure, it might be legal to drive a right hand drive car, but you still need to drive it on the right. Which probably isn't a good idea for any period of time.

Fair enough.
You best paint it black and drive around blasting forboding opera music, telling people that grip is superior.


I made an edgy lightning ninja.

Why couldn't you before?

I'm not sure steam counts as personal information.
Besides that was more as a kid where people would track you down and rape you otherwise. I mean probably not but maybe.


Is everything you do edgy?

I read that as "edgy lightning nipples".

Busy throwing games

A lot of it is.

Close enough.


Don't be sorry, I have a tendency to go on these rants about car or tech stuff that most people don't understand.

I was about to say how good that looks, but then I realize that there's no Unagi there. Get some Unagi. It's amazing. Trust me.

It has its advantages and disadvantages. And if I really wanted to (and I never would do this to an R34 because it's fucking sacrilegious) I could have it shipped out to the Czech Republic and have it converted to LHD. I mean, I never would, but still.
From my Canadian friends who drive JDM imports (their import ban is 15 years, not 25), they all tell me you just kind of get used to it, so whatever. Not worried.

You should not do this instead


Why me?
Also christ these are bad even for these things

Oh well.
Seems like it'd be pretty fucky but whatever.

But muh initial D memes

Because its great and I enjoy it.

I know, I fucked up.

It totally is, especially if you've never driven RHD before, but again you just kind of get used to it.

Stop enjoying it then
remove edge

Try not to do that next time.

Then I would just be really gay again though.

I mean that seems to be most people here anyway.

is it morning for anyone?

Ffoof brshua nana bie

You stopped being really gay?

It's morning in that I woke up not too long ago.
Does that count?

I assume 'just' was the key word there.

I'm not from here though.

In comparison to before, yes.

I'd be okay with this.


I didn't notice at all!

why though ?

You didn't know me before.

I'm not sure coming from the other thread is a mark in your favour when it comes to being gay.

Being gay would be all his has left.


He has*
Fuck you it was obvious what I meant.

I've actually been your stalker for a long time now.

Has his ever had more?

Konosuba 2 was kinda meh, but hey its the first episode gotta give it some time

Me and my brother lol'd at Gabriel Dropout

Raphiel best girl


Because I'm into that.

Be a normal person and watch like Always Sunny or Game of Thrones with your siblings, not anime.

Sorry I couldn't understand you.

Prove it somehow.

Sounds gay

isnt it like 2pm


I'm watching Konosuba 2 right now, it's really shitty so far. I'm hearing a ton of hype about Maid Dragon though.

Told you Gabriel DropOut was AotS :^)


*proves it somehow*

emma would be a good dom

Oh we funna

Always Sunny tonight at 10 on FX
We're just killing time watching chinese cartoons till then
I busted out the Sailor Jerry (for myself only of course) and some pizza for both of us


Kill me

What are we remembering?


I'm literally the most sub poster here

You lie.

It is. But who the fuck cares?

sub me

Choke me, daddy

I hadn't thought that far ahead...

I posted in the pony threads at least 6 times?

The latest Always Sunny ended 30 minutes ago and is now coming back on for some reason on FXX.

Everyone cares.
We're all deathly afraid of the gays

It's cool to watch good anime with your siblings.
Like Gundam, or LotGH, or Space Dandy, or Gurren Lagann, or Cowboy Bebop, or anything that's not for little girls anyway.


My god.

Yeah but I wasn't in them at the same time as you

Today's yuri releases.


please sit on my face

why did you name a bunch of manly man anime
have some diversity

I'm going to believe you just forgot.


Are you a girl/trap?
Do you want me to do stuff to you?

I didn't do it.

Emma is a super slut.

Everyone hit on her.

She LOVES it.

How not sub at all

I don't remember


I'll let you know as soon as I remember though!

I am female.
No thanks, I have a boyfriend.

Yeah, Konosuba2 first ep was pretty shit. I hope its just setting it up and gets hilarious next episode

My friend told me to watch Gintama since she's a huge fan of it so I might check that out
Whats Maid Dragon about anyways?

The fuck? I hope I didn't miss it

If anything I can torrent it tomorrow
The last episode was pretty hilarious

Always a great way to start off a season with black jokes and musicals

Emma is a Canadian trap

Like Rin

how is it not sub to want you to sit on my face

Cause that's the kind of shit I like.
And the kind of stuff that isn't is really personal shit like Anohana, and sad shit like that. And some romance anime, but that's not the kind of stuff you want to watch with your siblings.
Only a girlfriend or by yourself.

Gabriel Dropout is 6/10 at best.

Guilty until proven innocent.



dude i watched anohana with my sister and we both liked it

but i stopped watching anime with her because she said she preferred the op over the ed

i prefer banana bread

You're a pretty awful stalker then.

Its the other way around.

Kef would you get mad if I hung out with your sis and watched K-dramas with her?

This triggers me, that is not how you train a baby swimming

Subs don't sit on faces

Yeah, thought to be fair, the first season wasn't exactly as amazing as everyone seems to think it was.

Maid Dragon is about some lady to saves a dragon who then becomes her maid.

Still better than any score Slovakia has gotten :^)

I don't have my old shit anymore but I totally downloaded that giant image pack!!!

cake is a totally different matter
and id be more comfortable if youd wait til shes 20

What's up?

Fuck I forgot how goddamn amazing Mastodon is

just sit there
you dont have to do anything else
use my face as a chair

Are you sure ?

You mean the "pony archive" ?

That is just straight up false.

But really it was kinda cringy
I can see it getting better but the humor was a bit...eh...

You should be more afraid of drop bears than anything else.


Brb growing my beard out.

hi buddy


But subs are the chair

Probably not?

I know it had picture of Soto's dick cancer and Nymph in it too.

As if.

But you have shit taste, though.

Yes because i actually worked as a amateur swimming trainer for awhile.


chairs are usually stackable

Alright, this loneliness and sadness is fucking stupid, and I think the only way to get rid of it is to brutalize myself and face to bloodshed.
So if you all don't mind give me some horror games and movies please.
No gore shit though, that just makes me sad seeing people get hurt that didn't deserve it.

HOw goes?


Close enough.

Please do so post haste

just stack yourself on top of me

wtf how am i supposed to scare you without a little gore

Nu-uh the opposite, I have refined taste.
You just watched so many shows that your standards deteriorated and even mediocre things look great compared to all the horridity you went through.
I'm still pure.

I don't know what you're talking about then.

A wsi or what ?

Its not.

Gay drop bears

ty freindo

Why do you all post as anime girls?
Are you girls?
Cause using anime girls as representatives makes me think of you as girls.
If you don't want to be thought of as a girl let me know that you're not a girl.

overcome with fatigue but if I sleep Ill just be stuck awake all night
was hoping to go see my best friend tonight but he decided to pass up and thats no prroblem
I usualyl see him just about every night anyways

kinda boring one
hopefully my guitar comes tomorro

whow are yo/u

I'm not scared of gore.
But I'm alright as long as gore isn't the main focus and it's just incidental.

pic related im a big sex man

i have a vagina

Talking to a guy about a guitar next pay day actually. Just got home.


Oh yeah! That's what we were remembering!

We were trying to remember a time where Ban wasn't gay, but it didn't exist.

Top 5, go.

It was just a giant folder of images with people in it or something

S-show me...

Alright you're a dude.
Why do you use anime girls though.

So a bunch of nudes then ?

whats your cup size

its whyfoo
did you try it?

thats cool I never knew you were into guitars
what sort of guitar are you intereste di ngetting

Is this complaining that it's all you've done, then?

They're all fags

The beard isn't growing fast enough.


Gay Drop Bears, ridden into battle by Redback Spiders!

You probably wouldn't like the Mortal Kombat series then. Especially not MKX/MKXL. That one is pretty damn brutal.


because anime boys are gay

Oh, never had a waifu.


why not
have you tried watching anime before

dat booty

Nah, consensual violence is fine with me.
I just meant I don't like gore where it's just someone being tortured like in Saw or Hostel or whatever.

I post a anime boy tho

The only nudes I remember were a bunch of Umbra and Prof dick pics plus Soto cancer dick.

There were probably more though, yeah.



Just something to start learning.

I can't understand you again.

Water Safety Instructor.

I just assumed you got certified by the redcross or something.

I've strangely never seen Umbras dick before.

Well thats cool how much are you hoping to spend on a start? If you ever have any questsions about it Id love to help out a bit

is it normal to cough more with a vape than cigarettes?

Not sure
Kaiji > Nichijou > Stein's gate > Jojo > haven't finished mononoke yet but kinda tempted to put it in for having use of the art with the story superior to anything I've seen so far.

It's tricky though you're asking for top 5 out of about 12 or 15 I've seen total. of course it will seem shit to you

Yeah I've watched anime.
And I want to fuck a lot of anime babes, but I don't feel love for them or anything.


This is why I live in the city

idk how to read sizes but I know A cup is my favorite

bump dat booty
hehe get it?
you know?
like keijo?

pick one you especially want to fuck

It was alright, I feel like Season 2 is just gonna try too hard to be funny
Though I could be wrong, I hope Im wrong lol

Nice grammar there Ems

I'm downloading, lets see how this goes


Holy shit she's young, so you guys are like a year or two apart?

I hate cake tbh
Only 2 I can bear is coffee cake and ice cream cake

Who in their right mind would save a pic of my dick tumor?

If you're hardcore and turn ii onto MAXIMUMOVERVAPE.

75 for the guitar and amp.

nicce price to start out with
I hope you enjoy it

Speaking of saved pictures, how much GBs of pics do you guys have?

she turns 20 sometime this year

I hate cake too. Its too sweet. I like coffee tho because it distracts with some bitter and I eat ice cream cake like its bad icecream

Not really it was just a side job over the summer on the local swim club.

All did was help teaching people under the age of 12


Man I really hated Kaiji.
Why the fuck did he never just kill that old rich faggot?
And why did he keep gambling like a fucking idiot?
Should have just killed all the mammonists.
fucking dumbass.

Stein's Gate was pretty fucking rad though

Never seen Jojo, I always hear about it just never checked it out yet

Oh right, duh.
How did I forget?

I was asking if you not being a fucker was a problem for you.

Now that's just a silly amount, and I thought my pictures folder being 12 gb had way too much random shit.

I don't hoard much

I teach all ages.

I fucking hated Bleach, but Rukia was always sexy as fuck I geuss

Well, fuck. Honestly I'm not a fan of MK series, but that's because I just outright don't care for any characters and their movesets. I love Tekken, and Marvel vs Capcom though.

Wait... That's a guy?

Yeah, the outback seems like a terrifying place...
I feel sorry for you guys.


Huh ?

my porn folder or my webms and shit folder?

Every time you post something I don't have I steal it and grow stronger.

Cool. For how long tho?

Well technically it's a demon that feast on human souls.... that takes the shape of a boy or a woman.

idk what that is i didnt watch bleach
its more about the character personality n stuff

I thought youd know since you told me to focus on that yesterday when i couldnt watch gits

i dont

coming up on my third year

Wasn't Echo originally from Slovenia?

it was jodan about how in keijo they like bump butts n stuff
you know since ur posting it

Oh yeah I keep forgetting you're 17

So 3 years apart, eh?

Me and my older sis are like 4 (almost 5) years apart
So I sorta know how you feel

Though your sis is still young

Years of shitposting and saving silly images will do that to a nigga

Guess I'm the weird one then

That's a decent amount.


Porn is a different folder
I throw all my porn, both 2D and 3D in my Hentai folder


I used to spam it on /oat/ and evade for hours.

There were like 8 images of it in there.

Why do you only watch shit anime?

The number is the measurement around the bottom of your chest in inches.
The letter is the measurement of your chest in inches minus the number.

Yeah, they're like "we sold really well so let's try hard".

Oh oops, I mean "who saves" ^^;


How was any of this shit

I can't figure out how to get the entire pictures folder because Windows 7 Libraries are fucking stupid. So here's my Koume and other misc shitposting avas folder.

You're welcome. I have a lot of these and I don't use most of them.

What anime?

To be fair it's mostly exaggerated for memes sake.

It's mostly just big and hot and empty. Far less terrifying that pretty much any tropical area of the world.

This was your own dumb terminology, you're not too good at keeping up, are you?

who is jodan?

Post it.

I could just get the picture from him myself in like 5 seconds though.

Ah. Yeah nah, I don't understand a fucking thing about waifus.


Weren't you originally from Slovenia?

No, I had a bunch of flags but that was never a one.

You act like I haven't done that too.

I've got like 200 folders or something.

I can't understand this still.

How was any of it not shit?

I just said I deleted all my old shit.

nah i turn 18 before she turns 20 a little under 2 years

i might have dropped out of highschool, but i know enough math to know you cant have a negative measurement in distance


maybe i could use an example

I like the crazy girls that will murder you so i typically waifu those ones

I can't be asked to read everything.

snek best waifu


Maybe I have seen his dick?

I can't remember.

I've seen a lot of the ponies dicks though.

It's joke because Soto memes that I have no chest.

Can you read everything?

I can't come up with anything else to say so im just gonna end this conversation here.

I like shy nerdy girls I guess.
Also I like slightly retarded or autistic girls.
Also girls that like cats and dogs.
And girls that are kind.

Depends on if its part of my safe space or not.

Well nichijou is funny af, kaiji was clever and tense, stein's gate was feels and jojo is combination of all of the above to a degree and generally just pretty chill and I dig the characters.
I explained mononoke pretty well I think.

/pat pat
There there archives.
I'm sure your brain will kick in some time.

No waifu best waifu

why are you looking at horse dicks

True. Minus the Kangaroos and shit, it seems kinda similar to the desert wasteland I for whatever reason live in.
Or at least, the desert wasteland surrounding this little urban bubble here.


I used to have quite a few more folders, but those are either lost forever because of my stupidity or stored on old HDD's I still have to attempt data recovery on.


why do you always turn into a crybaby fgt when i make a joke

is it true that you have no chest?
still dont understand chest measurements from your explanation

maybe use an example with your size?

so like danderes?

heres an autistic girl

I think you could maybe have negative measurements if you were dealing with wormholes or something

why can I not find the webm converter I had before

the webm for retards icon looks right but the actual application I used isn't in the folder

I'm so fucking triggered.



I had a bunch more but I deleted them when I quit forever.

*flips ur safety on warmly and lovingly*

Well correct me then.

wait so you arent flat chested?? :((

Konosuba = new SAO? lmao

I'm still gonna watch it though lol
I'm kinda happy there's a good amount of shit to watch this season unlike last season.
Lets just hope I dont drop most of them

I'm just teasing fam, come on man out of everyone one here I think my grammar is the shittiest lmao

Looking back I should have at least taken a pic and saved it before I got it removed, just so years in the future I can be like "Oh shit, I almost forgot I had a tumor on my dick!"

What an adorable name

Still though I feel like I save too much shit

Well at least I have the space for it I guess

Oh you guys are close then
I'm like 4 years apparent from my older sister and 5 years older than my imouto

Seems good

Not even a real desert though for the most part.
Fukken straya.


They're all shit.

I am not, no.

SAO didn't even manage to stay good for a season though :^)

Yeah, I don't drop anything but there are a lot of promising series based off first episodes.

this is annoying I made a bunch of osu webms but didn't think I needed it anymore so I trashed it and now I can't find the same one.

hell I can't find any with a GUI

hook me up wit ur imouto

naho is really an autist tho like literally
im not talking about those bakaaho airhead characters

so like b cup?


y tho

Who knows.

I-I'm sorry... I'm so useless..

Because they're not the best anime of all time Fairy Tail

I'm a bit of a data hoarder, so I just let stuff like that accumulate over time.

Speaking of which, how the fuck am I supposed to pull files off a HDD that uses the old IDE interface? What fucking black magic do I have to do to this thing?

Honestly, I hate my name so much...

Fukken roite, cunt.

Whats wrong with you ?

Normally I wouldn't take this seriously but as of lately I kinda think I should.


you better not be like one of those short girls with big tittays

your name is one of those cool boy names, be proud of it
ill still call you karme tho

Bash its head in with a rock.


Anything and everything!

Hm? Why?

I am not, no.

are you tall and flat chested

I desperately need a new hard drive
Even though I have a bit under 4tb across 4 drives

remove bogans

dont joke...

God is dead

but joke is a form of communication and it makes nonautist that understand it laugh

Because I became convinced that I have generally overestimated your taste.

dont use use it against me... :c

Stop being that.

I am not, no.

T-Teach me?~

pls no bully but I actually enjoyed it up until the fairy bullshit, though I still watched it cause I have no shame and I had the hots for Kiritos sister

SAO 2 seemed cool cause guns and LOL HES A TRAP NOW but dropped it like 5 eps in

I think I might be autistic

You don't drop series? Damn, that's crazy dude
Gonna watch the maid one in a bit
Just gonna go get something to wash this fucking rum with, it fucking burns

She's a year older than you and cuter than you too

She's way out of your league

I'm right there with you man

No one ever calls me Anthony
My family calls me Tony and that shit triggers me cause I hate that name more than Anthony

All my friends call me by my last name "Soto" cause there's 4 Anthony's in our group so it gets confusing
So we go by

I have a 3TB HDD and a 100somethingGB SSD for the OS and such



Pay me.

i only used it against you once this time because you didnt take well to it the other times

ugh what are you

hah look at this guy calling his own sister cute


See, that's exactly the problem though.

That's not how technology works

I do say, I'm terribly sorry old chap.

If your mobo supports it and if you can afford it, get some M.2 SSD's.

One of my close friends gave me the nickname Canaan years ago. I've kinda stuck with it ever since for a few personal reasons.

Yeah, me too. I really only liked the first arc.

Have you seen my MAL, I'm the definition of autism.

I still haven't watched Maid Dragon yet, I have like 4 things to watch and I'm not sure what order I should do.


I'm poor though.

I'm Emma

People made technology and it works on people.

Give me something of equal value.

its okay karme
if anyone calls you that just kick them in the balls

nene emma-chan do you dislike me