Diamondine coatings of snow, a blanket of tiny mirrors of electric blues and pristine whites...


Diamondine coatings of snow, a blanket of tiny mirrors of electric blues and pristine whites, fall on the pastoral grasses and stained concrete alike. Once the clouds have gone, and even the breeze dares not disturb the holy silence, the moonlight transforms the sullen stillness into a radiant playground for those who know when to look. Maybe a lonely glance; maybe a lover's embrace; maybe just a caught breath on the way home from the store; in these moments the heavy dark opens, allowing a glimpse into the sacred. All of us have our chance in those moments to be our better selves, the selves we know we can be even though we fall short.

It's time to do the right thing.

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erin u are a disgrace

u sicken me

Wow, fucking dox.

Cut my life into pieces

Dont sweat it, ive sent it anyhow. Just sell it and hopefully you'll make decent bank on it. Just pay back the basic 30 whenever you can if you dont make what you reckon you could have.

ty black betty famalam

erin is a worthless crack whore

im scared what do i do here

Make that bank like Bandai


fuck off already u garbage

No bleeding

Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm, bleeding


oh, my tibia server earned it's first dollar yesterday c:

it is official, my video game server is worth paying for ^^

just follow me


This is my last resort

Make money money

i dont particularly dislike you why hostility??
(@[email protected])

im getting bad vibes from that idea. what are your intents

u are annoying

o god stop posting that

makes me feel like if i wrote a pay to play mobile game it would make loads compared to a freemium game server for a game kinda forgotten in the western world

i could say the same

but i hate erin

Why not do it? You never know.

so why are you posting tribute memes to my OC

no bad vibes


it wont work



I can smell a ban coming.

are those your cuts :((

im not convinced but yagami is cute

Hey I don't stink !

who is yamagi?

erin is fucking poor lmao


Memeing hard or hardly memeing ?


oh you mean this lady?
i jus call her blondie

shes a cute but rin is my favorite
shes too young to be a lady!!

i still have some of the more graphic ones, make more

will keep you unfiltered if you deliver


this rin?

i hope you dont do that anymore!

thats a rin
shes like a young mommmy

you can see all the fat in this one

like in a surgery

5:03 AM - ΓἶცɦᏖ: also tell erin i say "filter me faggot"

mostly i don't atm

so he's not going to make more angel memes

are you okay?
doesnt the sight of your own blood make you squeamish?

i'm fine, it doesn't

is your physical state fine

yes lol

someone tell this dude i'm okay

♥ i love kou x rin


what's good my dude~

yo yo


no internet last night so that was pretty laem
was out from like midnight til like 7 a.m
spent yesterday waiting for my friend to hit me up at 6 but he ditched out so i wasted my day off just waiting and im kinda bummed about that stuck working the next two days :/
What are you up to tonight?

Yo yo yippie yo yippie ye


may i ask if you still do those things to yourself?

thats lewd (//o.o)

i guess not :(

Tell me your actual name.

aw shit, what a dick :/ where were you out?

me, got to go meet a guy about a doggo, other than that chill and coffee and hashish

occasionally, not as bad tho, i don't have any scapels. i have one knife and like a week ago i tried to kill myself being stupid but it wouldn't break the skin, i'm pretty safe atm

not rly.

Key anime

it loving happy relationship~

I'm going to bed now

bye bye bye bye

so who are ya user

oh well I was just lying around in my room but the internet went out :3

good luck w/ the doggos later orin
I could go for a pupper or two myself

i go by kef
or feku

stay not stupid :D

i like when she spoons chicken soop

mind boggling

nevermind user i know now
but who told you?

oh, sorry, i misread as you were out that long, not the net ^^;

tyty c: i have plenty doggos, i just have to square up on some previous doggos

sure thing boss

Mind bottling



tbh who lives in the sea if you have lungs

stupid idea

sea snakes, whales, dolphins, all those water doggo things, all retarded

i guess its not really chicken soop but yeah porridge

oh my gosh~
that is sooo adorable...
make me want to start watching that anime

I would love a pet water dogger

be careful if you do
there is 100% more pantsu


I wonder what water doggo tastes like

a seal is a water dogger they make barks


kef put a name on

the water lion doggo has whiskers that feel everything

i watching a thing where they can balance a ball on their nose in the dark cause their whiskers feel the air around the ball move so they don't need to see it

who told you about this place?

pic related its me

i'm sure the anime's got cuteness to make up for that~

That's so adorable
I saw one where this llady told it to make sounds and it made sounds and whistled and stuff
they are like peoples

who are you
i just lurked a little back when it was still /aneki/


you have hot feet

also has trash tier lolis

The answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is 42
The question is How many roads must a man walk down?

anminals are mostly all smarter than we give them credit for

thank you.

you were giving me the willies but that's much better.

so you didn't talk with sci and say some girl told you about this place earlier?

fucking die i knew about this place before you i just used you as a cover up

blondie and wifey make up for everything tho

i own this place faggot
who told you

so kef has just been watching us for years...?

or is kef sci

or blood chan

Kef is cripple chan

i thought you did something productive with your life already

i cant be bc those are two seperate IDs look for yourself

kef is kef
i've known him for a few years now

wait you arent bc?

are we being raided

not really i just do it from time to time


me too

*pets nicely*

wait so it was supposed to be her? she left a little while ago again saying she'd never come back

i mean he posted on ksb for a little and like barely in animu threads. maybe for like a month on aneki
he's been one of the dozen silent lurkers


who are you and what is ksb


oh one of those weirdos

katawa shoujo(disabled girls), a visual novel created by four leaf studios(a group from 4chan, hence the name)

speak for yourself


>.< meanie

idk what that is and unless im interpreting something wrong ive never posted there

an observer

he knows everything about all of us but we for the most part don't know he exists


I guess I'm the resident bully


i guess that's one way to look at "Lurkers"

if ur my hanako
i'm ur lily

if that gives me a title sure, but otherwise no im just a passerby

hell yeah you are how else do you retaliate for being unpopular and cringey


Couldn't tell you
I'm the most popular and best person here

im not a lurker the most i do is post as user like once a year

Does that mean I have to take care and do everything for you?

cool will you be my buddy

bard is a mean billy joe armstrong

bard is pretty cool when post with yui
but tomoko is scurry

i don't know anything about you
Maybe in the future

you helix rocket the enemys away from me
and i heal you and dmg boost you.

sounds much nicer when i put it like this?

for real bard is cool and cute and worth a million

Sleep is Death

darn i dont have a million


i still dont know who you are
and i dont know many people for years

She's sleeping/waking up !
Nothing else is happening !!

not yet at least

maybe hang on for a discount

Lillie is not for fug you frickin' pervo.

this is a lie

p sure you did both

there are easily a dozen of them i know

if you know me pm me

It was nice before

what was?

I speak only truths.

metal dick

ive called you a faggot on multiple occasions in here and you havent noticed?

not in anyway, totally made for lewd

Nuh, you're just a pervo who thinks everything is made for lewd.


lillie is pretty cute
i hope they make good hentai for her soon

Lillie is not for fug, darn it!

You guys are pervos.

shes asking for it with that dress
look at those thighs

for fug

My post b4

You sound like a rapist.



nice find'

what are your reasons for liking lillie


so what? not like I'm not a bad enough person already, pervert seems like a plus really

ye, most of these I found when saving mallow stuff weirdly figured I'd post them cause rin is probably saving them, the perv

and I'm out of extra lillie pics

She's cute, and she was a real sweetheart, and I really liked how she developed as a character.

Not in this case, really.

You realize I've already been through every image with her tag on Gelbooru?
like, as of yesterday morning.


shes definitely cute and she is developing in some places too

wew I was just saving random things while going through mallow stuff and here you were saying I was the perv

I've spent too much time caring for and looking after kids, because you guys are actually starting to disgust me.


Not worth arguing over anymore.

i hope i'm not bad?

yeah I know jokes about 2d lewdness are totally rad arguments lol

you are allowed the right to be disgusted, but that wont change me
besides dont compare cute 2d to icky 3d

Are you trying to suggest that an 11 year old character is for sex?

what are you even going on about, i said nothing of the sort at all.

wow just... wow

Then I wasn't talking about you.

Kinda funny how easy that is to figure out, right?

oh great it's another whining about 2d stuff only this time the one claiming it had posted nude images of said character before anyone but then again this place is the image of logic. I'm going to go to bed this is just retarded

I sure hope so


...sorry for even asking. way to bite.. wow.


*pat pat pat* don't let bullies get you down luka

at least you're around...


the salaryman is real

Nice :3

Subtle ! Step on me with your feets !!

I actually really like the song.

Of course, so do I ^^


Anyone here play osu?

The soundtrack for the game in general is really great.

And they actually start the credits with the conversation from the start of the game, when that song plays the first time.

How are you holding up?


I love when things do that, my favourite anime did it too

It feels like it gives it a satisfying sense of closure.

How long have you been playing? It seems pretty hard to me.

I have played it at least 10 times.

Kind of hope I can get my car started again so I don't have to walk to the utilities office in the cold.


Is FFXVI gonna be a thing?

About a year
I still is hard for me, but there's always gonna be hard/impossible things no matter how good you are

As far as I know, it hasn't been announce, but after playing FFXV I bloody hope so.

That is not much

How hard are the songs you can play now
I've been playing about a month and I am just starting to play songs at about 3.5 stars

I can FC 4.5 and pass 5+


Apocalypse Noctis might be one of the most grand themes in the entire game.

Hey old war dog.

Grandest is a word, I probably should have used it.



That's what testing calls me.

I don't really have a nick name for you so I'm appropriating his.

That's pretty cool, I hope I can get there in a year

When someone uses one that everyone else has already used and the think it was clever. I giggle.

I can pass 4star songs without dying. Does that count?
I'm more of an o2mania person tho.


The only nickname I have for anyone here really is Gilligan's.

Yes, since I can't do that
That's pretty impressive for so few plays

That image just makes me sad since the highest pp I've gotten on one song is 34

Acc and FC is key, you'll get there

I can beat one song with 99.9% accuracy, because I just habitually sing along with it, and most of the notes are timed to the syllables.

My biggest problem is when I get close to an FC I start shaking really bad and then I miss notes

I'm really bad at the songs that time the notes on the vocals, the ones that focus on the drums are the ones I do best on

Well, to be fair, it's a lot different when you're actively singing along.

This song, for the record.

get rekt nerd

Goggles, don't leave me.
You're the only thing holding me here.

I imagine it probably helps
Though at the same time, I wouldn't be able to focus on singing and playing at the same time

I love that
Maybe it'll help if you turn off the combo and scoreboard so you can't see

The few songs I'm comfortable sing while doing other things I don't even thing about anymore.

I just kinda end up singing along with it.

Try this anyway

Damnit now I'm singing Ar Tonelico again.

Nah I can always tell when I haven't missed a note
Also I was just this close to getting my new best score, 98% on a 3.4 star song, but I missed one note and lost combo

I guess I don't have any anime songs that I know that well

That's actually the song I just played, but a different beatmap of it

I have this on my phone but it is just titled "1" and all this time I thought it was a fate OST.

Video game actually, and a lot of them I only got good at because I was learning the language used in the games for shits and giggles.

Now you can rename it properly, "EXEC_Cosmoflips/." KOKIA's the one who sung it.

Who sang it.

Either way
I could do it if it was rock or metal songs
I don't listen to much that's in the game normally

I only do it for some soundtracks, honestly.

You can probably find some rock or metal tracks to try to do.

There are some that I don't mind too much, but I don't care for the beatmaps for most of them

Why even life?

what gamemode do you play

I'm starting to think I should listen to more Florence + the Machine.

Just the regular osu one, I didn't like any of the other modes

you said you play around 3.5 right?
when you say that do you mean fc or pass

Most 3.5 I can only pass, the ones I practiced a bit more I can fc or almost fc

Just enjoy playing, find songs you like, don't get too hung-up on stars or PP for the moment

I'm too competitive for that
The reason I've played so much is because I'm addicted to becoming better
It kind of kills my wrist though

dont be me and spend 3 years on and off spamming ez pp farm maps
this playstyle gave me the wrong mindset and i wasnt really playing to improve
heh im still shit now and i cant be bothered to get better

I think I should be fine, I will grind out better scores on songs sometimes but I usually end up getting frustrated and then I just play songs that I think are too hard and try to pass them which I think is good practice

who the fuck

ur all fucking gay
goodmorning gays

its best to get into the habit of practicing accuracy and being able to read the maps
speed comes with time



How important would you say a tablet is to playing
Do you think a mouse is fine?

who r u

where r u from

see above

But I mostly like girls !

Yes it's fine
#2 player in the world uses mouse
mouse can everything

r u saying u suck dick sometimes

Just look at grim and ooble fucking gaying shit up

not important at all personally i use tablet but its cuz my mouse has shit surface area
if people tell you otherwise search Angelsim

No one important, posted here a few times a couple months back

Good to know because I tried to switch to tablet and I sucked really bad with it

I mean.

I have a boyfriend.

ima kef
i hail from the US of america

completely passed over my head
he doesnt post anymore :C

with the same name?

how did you come across this shithole wonderful place to make friends

I like the mouse better, but my dpi is super high, which is why when I start shaking it throws me off so much
I can cover the whole screen in about an inch of table space

This is a better picture for my last post.

idk anymopre

Yup, and when I say a few times I really mean very few, I have not been here often

idk anymore

how did you come across us

He's been really busy.
He said he should come around again soon.

I need to send that nigga some snaps

Oh shit what are you doing

also if you really want to get into tablet(since you have one anyways) its only hard to get used to at the start
i recommend playing with lower dpi because inch is not enough for you to get a feel of circles and not good for improving
it might be tiring although probably better results

3 years ago i found this place
today i was bored and remembered about this place

I remember seeing a couple people from here a while back, and I knew about the threads that this place was derived from. I used to not be into anime though so I never said anything, and about a year ago I became a gigantic weeb so I decided to drop in. Also because I like using reaction images sometimes



I wouldnt be friends with grim, feku.
I am sure you will have seen them in action

You could.

I should probably text more than I do, honestly.


It would be pretty hard to lower it at this point, I'd probably have to practice my way up from 2.5 star songs again
I'm not particularly good at large mouse movements

fucking shadow lurkers

3.3k dpi
I feel like I'm pretty accurate when I'm not shaking though

theres this girl I like and she sends me good morning texts

and I dont even do the same

ur lit

And hello to you to sir

I wont be in a minute. Going to go finish up my placements in a bit. Shit is terrible atm. Rip me.

id say its for the best
although you could just start over on tablet if you want to
tablet just feels consistent for me

ill have you know the only time i visited was to call bebop a faggot every once in a while

but how do you know that nigga

got work?

I had someone I used to do that to.

Then I realized it was probably annoying so I stopped.

it gets annoying but it means a lot when you think about it

When I tried it I ended up making the playable area on the tablet pretty tiny as well
Also I kept lifting the pen to high so it would stop registering

how do i know hes a faggot? its a given
if ur referring to him
from erio chat


no not today

god help us all

naisu naisu

Wazzap with it jenga bo benga lou bega

the tablet is probably easir to adjust to since its not as bulky as the mouse
although i dont recommend, you could play with the pen on the surface of the tablet
if you press f10 in game it turns off the clicks

you cant escape erio

its true

I suppose so.

Maybe I'll start doing it to Tokai.

He'll check his texts once a month and be like "Why do I have 31 messages from Rin?"

ya it's a lazy day today

english you english mongoloid

I'll give it another shot at some point
It's just sad to go back a step

when i first got tablet i think it took 2 days to get used to it

kill me



Just trying to fit in with the resta tha foo's


ach caps

Why do all the "new" people use the same characters as all the "old" people?

almost all the images are smug

God, guys, why do people have similar tastes for characters.

Only one person should ever like a character.

Yes, but having the same images as a separate community simply raises suspension, and we've had it happen numerous times.

No need to be combative, Rin.

Chuuni > *

Stop eating my images, Holla Forums.
I have been a good dog today. I don't deserve this.

I can't imagine it being that easy for me
I'll try to switch again after finals

Because they're good characters probably

i like lillie
especially her body

I am under the impression there only exists 4 animes.

oh yeah stop clicking circles and study

That is very few animes
I could have sworn I'd watched more than that

There's also no need so suspect everyone without giving them some time to be suspect, but we don't care about that either.


ur too white stop

what is the point of this anime

itis so dum

how is the furry universe separated
it feels like there are 3 different dog characters
and the rest are random rejects from wannabe artist

really gay dbz

Plausible deniability.

There is only K-ON, SAO, K-ON, and Lucky Star.

Fur, Scales, Feathers.
Most anything is under those three.

Well, at least there's K-on I guess
I must have dreamed the other ones up

If I judge off his folders alone, then it's probably Nin.
Only Nin doesn't name his folders like that.

None of those characters have been exclusive to Nin so the possibilities remain open.

It must be so.

that's default imgur names

do furries usually just pick one and scorn the others?

No need for that tone fam

This guy knows I'm a real individual

The idea was less any character being exclusive to Nin, and more that Nin's the only one I've known to have all of them.


d-did you just assume my gender

Then it's only fair we have suspicion and faith from either side. At least until one side is proven right.

Those are the only three characters I named images for
Anyway I am just a rando, I dont normally post here

I use this guy to refer to someone of any gender
Same as man, or dude

Fair enough.

I'm guessing you name your caps by familyName[Cap Number]?

WAit no.
Given name.
Sakurako's name actually is Sakurako.

the number is just the order in which I saved the image, be it a cap or not, for those characters
And the name one is just whichever name I remember them by the most

Well now I have nowhere to go with this.

like yo life

You're correct
I'm sorry

I may be stubborn and argumentative, but I'm not immutable.

Ah, I guess that makes more sense in general.
I hadn't seen any fanarts so I just assumed you named them while capping.

I like my filenames

As in I was out of conversation topics for it and you were my only interaction at the moment.

Wow so rude.

As you well should be !!!

Oh, my bad.
Shouldn't have assumed I guess.


I will hope it does not happen again.

Fuck you too.

I'm going to go play some ranked.

It'll happen again, and you'll damn well like it.

Enjoy your games.

Das gay

I didn't cap any sakurako, just saved them from random threads

Also rip me, time for finals stuff
Have fun people


Good luck.

And when you get a chance, can I get your Sakurako folder off you?

It's only twelve images at the moment, I stopped saving as I started that folder, if I get more though I'll gladly share

I suppose that works.
Go do your thing.

Ded community


I think I know that silence person from somewhere.


from where

hel;lloo my son



Either one of the Kroni admirers or from siztras group? I don't recall.


Half tempted to quit through these next placements and just suck it up from there.

Uuugh its so hot

hi mom

how r u



Boxes everywhere.

uzbek american breakfast

I'm so cultured

rip Holla Forums

Neru, link me the cat video again.

im ok

tfw u want to be called mommy in a timmies.......

Ooble is mom tier

she's got it in her personality but I dont think she'd be good with more than one kid at a time

git gud


any plans for the day?

how bout you go suck a dick nezi, you probably starving.

Wow that is pretty judgemental.
i reckon she could handle a tribe

I was going to say something, but I don't remember what.

Oddly enough, I understand what you mean, and agree.

what I meant to say is:
don't give up on yourself

more practice = more owning

you can do it ^^


you're a bad child get in the chair

not much, hbu

my point exactly

shes 2cute tho

you dont even know her fam




You think I dont fam
stop being such an arse
why you in a mood?


I'm fine bubba

what about you

you seem pretty inflammatory lately

I am not, I am simply putting you in your place, get rekt




which walking dead are you watching
I need to catch up too

Shiny Smeargul...

the latest
(sorry luke)

Lord of the rings does cards?

Glenn tho

why sorry luke

Pokemon I want Grim to get me because I am not at end game with the charm.

this is hands down one of the absolutely worst ones

cuz i forgot to tell him
he was gonna watch it with us

good luck =)

just gotta fail my final exam and that's about it


sounds terrible.


90 minutes wasted