New subway special, 3.50 for a 6inch

New subway special, 3.50 for a 6inch

Get that shit Luka

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Flip Flappers, Girlish Number, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Get some rat poison on it too.

I think it's safe to call what you have for luka an unhealthy obsession

I memed Boo out of here.
I helped meme Fish out.
I can meme Luka out.

I can give you more for less!

All of these sound kawaii.

Why pay 3.50$ for a 6inch when I can get a foot long for 5$?

Lukas been here since 05/07 buddy

Many have tried. All have failed.

A footlong is 7 or 8 here

Also don't think you were the major reason why the others left

Cause it wasn't

why pay for 6 inch when you can get ~8 for free?

And when this place dies they will die with it.

It depends on what you're getting.
My order usually comes to something like 9$ because I habitually get a bottle of water whenever I buy fast food.


Their website won't give me prices so I can't actually be sure if 9$ is accurate, but it feels right.

areyou looking for sister meow folder too


Now that's what I call edgy.

will draw for plastic korra

if you really don't have 20$ for it I'll buy it for you, early x-mas present

Hi world good night


how to become chuun

ur uatism

Anyone who doesn't want to be a chuuni must be some kind of mega autist.


Ido not feel like dumping it to complete randos thoughhhh

I will wait.

Pedophile who is possibly also Jewish detected.

Why are all these bee movie youtube memes forced on my feed

Google has decided that you are into this. Google intends to rule your internet experience.

Because of how Youtube's changed their algorithm.

the nutshack except its we are number one with bees and harambe

but it's being forced on like, everyone.

now I've got oodles of Noodle

Oh yeah that too.

I should start making low effort overmemed videos for easy internet moneyz


how do you become a kike

Where? Youtube recommends I watch a lot of weeb shit and one interview with larry david. Oh if I scroll down there is one bee movie thing. It says its the entire bee movie only every time they say bee it speeds up.

it's kind of an automatic function.
have you ever been on youtube?

Entire bee movie except no bees/speed up
We are number one but loads of various shit.
And I'm just watching Bricky lately and nothing else.

It isn't as if they push random videos into your feed.

There is an algorithm, and it does factor in what you tend to watch.

It just tries to push smaller channels that you may not know more now.

Not me.
I have a bunch of game OSTs, FFXV, Minecraft, and Pokemon shoved into my feed.

I clear everything so that it does not do that.


Botnet trying to brainwash the people.


Who's here?

Sound off~


And you haven't posted it yet, why?
it's not very good, its just random screencaps from the look of it.


Please let me post.

oh neat, it worked
hi guys

starting to feel like bed

Yeah, kinda rubbish.

starting to feel bad



buy me like a whore grim

You actually chained to 4XX?

I'm sorry but I only have budget to buy 1 poster a gift

and its probably gonna be soto or guero

with shiny charm

neither of them are pretty like i am

it's not about beauty

it's about what they've done for me and how I feel about them because of our friendship

also they're both pedophiles

grim buy me the new 3 d s and the new pokemon !

so everyone is a pedophile now


soto fucks underage girls and maybe traps

and isn't the other one the loli freak

Grim buy me Ana.

maybe that's guro

grim i'm going to post shemale samus until you give me what i want

damn oh well
i still

here it comes

guero - pedo how??

soto yeah you're right

I try to overlook him as a shitty human

ill buy you a hug


are you getting mixed up with ui

pretty sure he's into loli man

O hey I have the opposite problem.

smug overload

neru enough of that pls


I named him Lao Shan, Rin

He has a Jolly nature but intimidate instead of moxie

still good

what do u want

I dont think so

I do know that there is beef between you two though

figure it out


there can only be more

I'll take it!

I'm going to have fun trying to breed a shiny contrary Mareanie and Cutiefly.

but it's super weird and gross why do u do this

that's news to me

for it to never stop.

aha is it uncanny for you

hard to believe my darling neru would get with a furry

Hallo Rin. I am here just to test if this works, and it does, but I have to say goodbye to my pretty flag.
Now I am off to sleep.
Have a nice day!

I have the budget but that's about it.

yes! how did u know?


you should talk to him


yes hello I am your best friend buy me things

Ido not think they have tails even


i would rather take a paintmixer to my eyesockets

Don't leave me.

I was going to say Contrary Lurantis, but then I changed it without changing ability.


lmao well shit


a regenerator mareanie sounds pretty badass
it has a nice shiny tinge to it as well

I'm gonna go for a sandyghast next


tails just get in the way all the tim eitherway

Regenerator Toxapex is just evil.

they are used for balance and an extra appendage

when i grow up i want to become a loli


I wouldn't even know what to get you anyway.


hehe funny gays and transes

Actually I have Neru.

have you ever had a dream where you fucked a loli and woken up from it then broke a bunch of stuff because of it?

I don't want Neru
you keep him

if you had like 400 tails would you have godlike balance

[many meme arrows] him

If you had 400 tails you'd probably need 400 tails.

No but I have had a dream where I kind of dominated someone in every way possible

I felt really disgusting when I woke up

I don't break shit (anymore) because I'm not an angry retard (anymore)


i had that dream a couple of weeks ago where i fucked a dead cat with a strapon

dumb dismissive grim i'll show u luka neru and blood-chan are all girls you'll see

The last thing Grim broke was Scarlet's butt hymen.

Not exactly up for grabs.

I take it that the person was pretty undesirable.


It was a stranger, she was pretty, but a huge bitch

I do remember the moment when I exactly broke her constitution

it was pretty ghastly, she walked over and wrapped herself around me and wouldn't let go for a solid hour it seemed

I can't wait

we never met
it was a meme



Sci, I'm never going to look at you like you think Ikarous looked at you if you don't at least pretend I'm funny.

I don't see how this information would have altered that post in the least.

unique passives do not stack


sara was underage?



lol i'll get over it u were just a passing fancy

is your skirt wet


Bet you missed me

As long as you're admitting it.

N-no !

lost that one


that was just a joke u dip my love is eternal also u are hilarious

It's just a hug !


just look at us together
we're the best

especially me

Can I file a restraining order on him?

Who's memeing?

just close out of animus bbbbbbbro

your wet skirt

(i know u wont)

which makes you gag more rin x sci or rin x eva

loco x anyone :^)

spoilers x cupcake is the most gag-inducing

My skirt actually isn't wet, though.

dont lie

are u wearing a skirt

when did you hit puberty holy shit

im a hairy boy below the neck

Rin xrin makes me vomit diarrhea

thats a lot of hair holy fuck

but still my legs were damn fine when the internet convinced me i was gay for like three months and i shaved them

now i gotta go talk to me abwayloh who is visiting out of nowhere he's been a real thorn in my side for a year and now i kind of hate him byebye

yea im a real man! heh

Avatarfags are the missing link
mystery solved

Piss off jack




You can't just re-cuck yourselves

Too late
Its happening
Just wait
The lords are going to kys themselves and throw it out

Yatta :3

I'm googling this
Can't be happening

I'm in a 'throw all communists out of helicopters' mood today

Wow its true
This is just childish as fuck

Gtfo bard



You know whats gonna happen IF you want to get back right?
Ya know we will dump ALL of the kebabs in Britain, aye? Be ready lads

They are doing this to themselves
dont worry
they want it

I love kebab

Time to breaku my Raspberry Pi's Raspbian!

You mean the chaos emeralds???

man i just wanted to find a jontron gif . _.

Why would you want anything from that ridiculous faggot?

I wasnt ready for this, google


The ploughin' cucks oi
We take EU monies and give nothing back in return
This is how its done

21:54 - Sabsodrel Mandrogel: I told Scoots I'm trying to get you two to wrestle
21:54 - Sabsodrel Mandrogel: Gladiator style!
21:54 - Sabsodrel Mandrogel: greased up and naked :3

you wanna explain this shit to me scoots

I am just happy here in Heartland Small town Predominatntly white midwest america center of the country

aw man

good night ya folk

Protect your privilige boi

Heard you were chatting shit to Sabrina like I wouldn't hear.

nana mega gummy

Bout to ask the doc for viagra

Medicaid covers that right?

god bless the u esss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Die fish

Got a hookup tomorrow too, been seven fucking months since I've fucked anyone

Hope you get aids and a blood clot


Chat shit get hit

lmao at 'men' who can't get their dick up without sex drugs

Send her my way Ill give her what you cant


should be ಠ‿ಠ.png

Quintessentially British

No sharing private messages or I'll post those assless chaps photos you sent me! You know who you are!

Look no need to drop doxx ffs

sorry mom

Galaxy dropping the jack

Dad's got hoes for days.



I thought you deleted those

This gave me the best laugh all month.

This shit is so chill

It'd be my BGM tbh fam

VN brings me back


He reads them for the articles.

Wow is this a VN with a high school smoking scene?

Never seen that before.

This is too much.
The credits is showing me the pictures that I saved. ;~;

fkn plebs

Well Interpersonal Relationship girl tries to act like an adult and is always trying to do things adults do or something like that

You also take ecstasy with a loli too
Shits cash

Its okay to cry.

But does she do anal ?

Good because, especially with that last campfire scene, it's just too much.


/pat pat

Everything will be okay.

Who does that ^^;

Teenager's game, actually.

Thank you, Daddy.

Buncha naked hoes like this?
Totally a kid's game, ammirite?

You can always go on a trip with the Black Veiled Brides and fight monsters again if you want.

Just off the record, though, I'd totally bone 7 Shivas.

42 shivas await you In paradise.

You couldn't handle that.


Why is that girl like trying to be so edgy?


I just botched a landing in the airship and got a game over.

*blogs about video games*

You're right, we should just let threads be dead.

I'll let them die if you die with me.

I'll shoot you if you shoot me.


You'll just make me shoot first and then you won't shoot me back.

Only one way to find out.

Pull the trigger

You first.

*pulls trigger*


Welp. Got my first full time pay. Its a good day.

Kill yourself, fish.




What have you been saving up for?

Its already lunch break and i only work 4 days this week.

Rent and bills. Fixing my car and then shoving as much as i can into savings to move out to NC with Luke.

is that good news

Very. I plan to relax for once.

Room mates?


Yeah something like that.

Why are tou up already

Squash and luke are gonna fuck

iunno i cant stay asleep

Fuck buddies.

gimme the hat

No shit.

Going to be awake in 4 hours?

A bit more

plan to



Maybe. Its a long way off at any rate.

Luke as in Monsterkitten ?

when did that happen ?

I talk with Luke a lot an he never said anything.

See above. In the works. We dont really say much about it.

That's kind of sweet. I'm sure you'll be able to save up.

I hope so. Singular living sucks.


Drink yourself to death.

I'm gonna pester him about it.

Pls. I don't need to hear that right now >~>

I feel bad for Luke.

I should be so lucky.

Eh. There is little to say.


Get a dog (:V)

I will pay for it if you do.

I had a dog. I don't want another one.

Rude much ?

Seems that way


Gibe 100£ then to cover my bill

If it doesnt happen i plan to just head back to alabama.

I o ly have American money.

Yeah well :L

If I get some Internet on my pc again in still waiting for you to stream

Ill be getting a capture card sometime soon.

Bitch, google conversion rates.
Its sbout $25



Fuck that.

Sup bitch

Hey you.

Didn't you decide on using an emulation?

Whats in alabama ?


I miss it.


Snuffles and some friends i made. The whole state is nice.

I wanna go back to my home state just because the food in California sucks.

You have my deepest condolences. Should you end up dying as a result of your living arrangement, will you bequeath me your electronics?

Wow, that sounds nds grim as fuck

I have never been there. Dont come to iowa. It sucks for food.

I was pretty happy there.

Nevermind. I just would rather you saved up for moving out over a capture card

Im an almost-Iowan kek

Its only 100 bucks.

The nohomo state


Plus i should get a ton back on taxes with how much i put to take out.

being comfy
water u doin

hey gogs
how's it going?

you can have my hard drives and my league account but you cant change the name

Oh its so gay near birmingham.

On lunch break. Just got paid. It has been a good day.

Good enough.

That's like 150 in dollary-doos

Not good. How about you?

Its about one days work before taxes for me.

How weird, its the same for our Birmingham.

Does that make you work more or less?

Might be related.

that sounds nice

search the drives for gems

aw.. i'm sorry
i am pretty okay i guess, this semester is so close to being done so my life should be back on track soon

It does not affect me. I will see most of the taxed money soon as i have little to be taxed on.

For the most part. You should instal dark souls 1 and join me this weekend.

And they said segregation is dead. But now it's just the gays in the US South.

Youll make it in one peice.

How much tax do you pay?

Almost as gay as Manchester.

P much.

30% of my income is taxed. I usually see most of it after returns. I am hoping to see a decent chunk this year. I might be iver estimating the 30% though. I cant recall what i put this time.

this is possible

just depends how much studying i actually do cuz i have an exam on saturday and then another on monday


i am glad to see you have phone internet again though; do you know when your main net will be back?

Anyhow back to work.

We can find another time if need be.


No.. Atleast now I will feel less anxious about this. I remember I felt like I was going to cry when I finally got my phone data back.

Is there a state income tax for where you're at?
That's generally where most of the deductions that give you money back after filing taxes comes from.

What, the furry porn?


well at least you have something i suppose


Something is better than nothing. Although it feels like everyone and everything just feels a little distant. Maybe it's just me

i'm not sure what your data limit is but you could tether your phone to your computer if you wanted

Computer would eat that up like strawberries.

everyone listen to happy music

I am beginning to have second thoughts about this.

well you could turn everything off except the browser and maybe discord, would at least feel a bit better than phone

nice filename

The computer will always find a way. It has sneaky updates and what not.

Thanks. That one is not the worst I have ever seen.

i love that image

I can't see what that image is unless I open the browser. I can't risk using more data x_x


Loli-loving degenerate.




i love that

hi im here and im queer and ready to drink some fucking dick


Hi, Guero.


*drinks the last of the dicks before obles can get any*

hi DADDY ready to make soem FUCK

hi goggls nice to see ya tonight how are you

hey bard


wait thats gay

I don't fucking have A DICK because i'm a GIRL !

that's some bullshit

hey oobles

Why u no link me ;~:

This is me irl

wanna see my vagina ?



Hi monsterkitten w what are you up to t 2nite?


no thats not u guero already blew ur cover


He doesn't even know what I look like.


u dont even know what i look like nerd

d-don't be disgusted d-d-daddy.................... i dont have an arby's sandwich............................................................ >///////////

That's even grosser.

Okay this is me


nice hair NERD


A true goon.


its ok i still think ur cool

Thanks mom.

I kind of just glossed over it because of the "daddy uguu" shit.

ugh why are drug dealers so unreliable

Something something Black people something something

:3c u make me proud son

that's entirely fair

something something quoting luka saying they 'dont like black people' etc etc

ugh like i would ever buy anything illegal from a black person



Or just like, not buy drugs.

it's because they're high

tfw i know that feel

it's ok tho i got some drugs everyone calm down

thank god.

God bless the taxpayers supporting whoever's drug use.

isn't gilgamesh an ex meth head or some shit? what's his issue with what is most likely weed?

I've never done anything other than pot in high school.

Probably referring to the meth spider thing.

so..... you...... you just look like that naturally? oh
I'm sorry


Being average weight really is a crime.

yeah that was about your weight, not your looks

haha okay methspider

This dungeon's starting to get on my nerves.

what's going on?

new phone who dis

Chuby is best though.

Blueberries: not even once.

Average is best. It's easiest to get clothes that fit perfectly since most everything is tailored for that.

Chubby is good for cuddles and slipping under their jacket with them when its cold.

Pitoss Ruins or whatever the fuck its called.

It's all platforming, and while it's super generous, and the controls aren't horrible for it, it's just starting to really wear me out.



Since every girl I've been with has been shorter and smaller than me, I can say that's not really a concern for me.



oooh I don't know what that is lol

that's cause internet girls aren't real so of course they are smaller if they don't exist :^)

That's nice, Eva.

Secret bonus dungeon in FFXV.

i-i-i-I WISH U DIDNT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!

Is there at least decent endgame/postgame content for XV?
XIII was absolutely shitty about its.

you know if I wasn't so sure that you spend way too much time online to have had a real girlfriend, the fact that you act like a little bitch even when you're hiding behind anonymity online sort of seals the deal

yeah have not played that yet! I'm sure you'll get through it though

Also, X.
Because fuck doing Blitzball and lightning dodges for hours.
That's not fun.

Enjoy flirting all day with Cupcake, I guess. Have fun with that.

wew you actually tried, shame it's still the lamest thing yet. even tp when drunk is better than you, you are literally the most beta bitch of animus minus sci. I imagine your ex girlfriends are actually the women working the register at mcdonalds that happened to smile at you so your chris chan looking ass thought they wanted to fuck lol

The fact you even try this hard is honestly funny.


The game being open world kinda opened me up to having nearly everything done before ending the game, and Pitoss is the first post-game thing I've done, so I don't know how the other bonus dungeons are.

It's just getting a bit grating, but I don't find it unenjoyable.

You can bid on monsters if you want, but that's not explicitly end game.

I'm just going to pull a pokemon and drop 10mil on it all at once to just buy everything I want from it outright.

one on right side

Every time someone has an argument with Spoliers he just ends up calling them retarded and acting like hes won.












What a god.

Yeah, there's usually the "bonus dungeons" for highest tier items/summons/whatever that are more symbols of "yay you did it" than actually useful in all games.
Some of the core games have been outright awful.
The remakes of any of I-VI have had great bonus stuff.

I'm really eh right now. How about you?