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Holla Forums's the bottleneck tho

wow, you NEED to

Not like I can't understand the disgust for women


nvm i forgot to add Foo and that website is crap you cant edit your past shit

sleep bye!



Why does he wear a mask? I've always wondered about that.

I mean, I have it on steam, but so many games that I want are coming out now, and I'm really torn now.


do the elements those target exist in the test? or is it just calling the func empty?

They mocked me because I had someone when they invaded. Straight up added me to say this.

That fuckin' real?
Why would patriarchic men bother with feminism to start with
Let alone infiltrate
lel the fearmongering is real

what a cute doggo

Yeah, I'm learning my lesson haha.
I found two of them in my puush gallery.

We need a wall around threads, too.

ty c:

heh, nice c:

i only really do web stuff and interpreted scripts, actual programming is much harder than scripting. i can use freepascal/lazarus a bit, that's about it


lol hahahahahaha ur so funny

fuck off shitlord
Have fun reading through them.
They're hilarious.


i missed new family guy


Pfft. Thank you.

For what
its not like you won't get walled

vylee isn't skitty right

I got your back fam ;)

na, vylee isn't skitty.

pretty sure skitty is the other texmex

mm thats why I asked

are you from pone

cause he was forever getting accidentally shot and things

Skitty? as in the cute one ?

script kitty


Grim, Ban, Whomever else, did you get your Magearnas yet?

skitty was a hardcore contributor an a reel cool guy to have around


They are tearing into the only group of dudes who wouldn't burn those pretentious cunts at the stake and for what?
-Misanthropy: the projection of the hopelessness of male existence especially with regards to their relationship with nature and the Earth onto womankind."
Hahaha! How do you even find this shit

I do not.

I used to not get a long with him for some reason but now I like him.


i think he was the first person i ever spoke to in a circlejerk on Holla Forums

Someone linked me and found it as hilarious as I did.

scan the code.

Its so retarded not even I can get mad at it
Can't believe its not irony/satire
Got more?

I wasn't asking for help.

Doing either is fun, no

I'm just a friend of Erin

Bold or Calm for it?
I'm gonna guess Bold.

Just check the other "articles" on that blog and their comments.


i think a pascal game i wrote is still on deviantart stash, 2 secs

Does Sun/Moon have no base 100 legendary, ie Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, etc.?

Thanks I guess.

When did you start posting ?

maybe 2011 in these threads? im not sure

it was a day after my birthday though

I'm your senior !

Silvally is basically just a legal Arceus.

most likely c:

i was pony threads first

before that i was an admin of a couple of subchans, and before that just a Holla Forumstard

Yeah, basically. But Arceus was generally meh.

I started in the pony thread on Holla Forums but I always shit posted in random threads before that.

And I guess Silvally is just barely weaker than base 100, being base 95.

oh my god
i'm keeping this

Also, Shaymin was the base 100 Legendary for that generation. It's the usually small sucky legendary.
Arceus was/is base 120 in all stats.

same hue

does chickun still get posted?

also, the file should be smaller, i forgot to remove a bunch of the default includes i didn't use, there isn't actually like 15mb worth of my coding in there, lol

Kind of want a Minior.
I seem to like a lot of the new gen.

though you said minor

moment of horror

Good afternoon friends.

My point was more about Silvally than Arceus, actually.

As far as Serebii knows, Silvally's the closest we have to a base 100 anything.

Make sure to catch at least one of each !!!

Kind of considering it.
I want either a yellow one because it's my favorite color, or a dark blue one.


Every dog that fucked me was under 18.

I have four more to catch.
Plus the shiny one.

Are you me ?

Oh shit. Black is sick as fuck.
Might use that one if I can get my charm later and chain for it.

chickun stuff went viral man

this is a chickun i made in like 2013 in reverse images search, pages and pages of matches

idk, i think it's prolly a common story here

Get on

>When both your megas are kinda... eh...

Same, lol.
Chaining them is a bit harder than chaining a ditto, unfortunately.

I'm thinking of making it a tank or give it massive attack stats. That way I can either take a ton of hits until it breaks, or I can let it break and use Self Destruct and replace that with Explosion end game.

I'll maybe give it a band to survive the self KO maybe. If not then Acrobatics will be used.

Cosmic Power if I make it a tank.

Though, I really like this image.
Even if it's a worthless Mega.

i stopped checking a whiiile ago
will there ever be an incendia licks game


lol, /mlp/ probably have one, just ask

Why does Mega Abomasnow exist?


It exists purely for style points.

I mean, I'd like to catch one if it would stop going ISIS on me.


Quick Ball?

Why does Crab Yeti exist?


Why would I do that when dusk balls look better anyway?

I want a team with beast balls.

After I catch all my UBs, I might go through the pain and suffering of getting a Ditto in a beast ball for that exact purpose.

Wait no.
Ditto doesn't pass ball.
Fuck that.

so who are those two lesbos anyways?

Bless you, Rin.

UBs are all stupid looking.

brb snuggle doggo

Which two?

I agree, but they apparently aren't banned by VGC 2017 rules so I'm probably going to run at least one.

I left my jacket an hour and a half away at a friends house so I feel so naked without it now

The two you are always posting
They are from the new pokemon I think

I always just hope what I like is viable in some way.

I never do ACTUAL competitive. I just battle my brother.

I am on bnet


Lillie, and the female protagonist of SuMo.
People have taken to calling her Moon, or Luna, apparently.

Since you can have 6 battle teams now, I'll probably make one for actual competetive, and the rest just random ass things I want to try out when playing with friends.

I'll think about it.


Now we fight.

What happened to Satoshi

Damaged goods and a literal retard.

I have to go walk the dog

No wonder Rin seems to like them so much
Kinda a Tokai/Rin thing resemblance


I have time for 1 bout

When you're organizing your box, you can hit a button to switch to setting up battle teams, which are just teams of six you can choose to use when you're starting a battle.
You can have up to 6 per team.

No body really likes Satoshi, and he isn't in the game so...

Oh. Cool.

The whole demo was about him.

The most he's in the demo is as the unnamed sender of the Greninja you use.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

That was fast.

You killed all my workers and my whole army

Well half my workers

Go walk the dog.



Do it.

I do it because I love you

a true mod sim wouldn't care who gets banned tbh
or at least when this was made nobody gave 2 shitsfuck hiro

That is a lie.

And then she never came back

It's the truth.

pokemon killed animus

Holla Forums should have been euthanized long ago anyway.

thank god for that

Let's all go back to /aneki/.

no u dummy /animus2/ is the place fo sho

Pokemon saved animus

lets go establish a new general for ourselves on /pokemon/

Wouldn't you prefer /cale/, Sci?

why is this 404
what does this mean

Never mind.

I honestly miss /aneki/
Holla Forums is shit now

v perplexing, rin
anyway goodnight my sweet ;)

Don't call me that.

Yeah, because we really need Luka to admin us.

Oh yeah I forgot that was a thing back then
Come on though, like don't you feel bad for him. Back then that was the closest thing to having a job he had lmao

No but /aneki/ was way more active back then
And Rin wasn't posting at the time too

Ah, good times

member aneki?

my sweet ;)

i member :D

I'm pretty sure this constitutes sexual abuse can we ban him.

Every time someone talks to me about Luka they never actually say they "like" them.
It's always something about pity or feeling sorry for them.

I don't care that that one was Ban, apparently.
I should pay more attention.

Don't call me that.

What do you want me to call you then, Daddy?

RinxSci OTP

Luka isn't likeable

You just usually feel sorry for them or laugh at them like you do in your head at retarded people in public causing a scene

You're the one that seems to like calling me that.

Her arms are fat as shit

i return

I mean, I would rather laugh at him, but I think if people maybe stopped interacting out of pity and ignored his dumb ass shit he might try to improve.

You told me to call you that a while back.

I don't remember that tbh

I don't blame you.
I only barely remember it myself.


That nigga is never gonna improve

He's like helpless dope addict tier
You just laugh at them and go on with your life knowing they will not make it past 5 years on their own

Makes me glad my lack of social ability is covered by my work ethic.


lonely :(

It isn't even that hard

You ready for Christmas?
19 more days till my bday ^W^

tbh i lied, i am too tired, gotta sleep fam

nini vy

I only vaguely remember asking something in general and you replying, and then it started there, and I've just been doing it on and off the entire time since.

I don't know. I'm working the day before and all the days right after.
Might just skip it.

I was probably feeling aggressive when I said it.

I'm gonna go to bed now, so see you fucks in the morning.




Hi hi Elma
How's life?

But its so holly jolly

Don't forget to pick up Magearna, Pokenerds

Pretty rad, Soto. Pretty rad.

How's about you~?

I need the money.


I found a shiny Ralts yesterday

Well that is a valid reason

I'll be sure to wish you a Merry Christmas

Same here, called off work cause it was slow today



I just don't want the ugly pokemon.

Nice. It was a day off here too. We got snow today and I took my first wipeout of the season haha

Hey there Squashems~ How goes it today?

Alright. Watching Ramsy and about to cook.

I might be unresponsive for 15 min.
Need to make dough.

wow work kind of blowd hi guys!!!!

Are you saying Magearna's ugly?

Awesome! I was just checking out that eggs benedict one earlier :p

It's kinda neat to see him not screaming at everyone lol


Shes looks like some shitty 5 nights at freddy's robot.

u just jelly

Oh whaaa?
Post snow pics

are you nearsighted or farsighted?

Or are you cool like me and have astigmatism and are nearsighted


It's not much... Kinda all frozeny slush now :(

Maybe I'll snap one if I sneak a cig ;3

give this to a talking gorilla and we've made winston then RIP mother and son that caused the death of harambe :^)

Well you get a bottle cap with it so you might as well get it anyway

u-uh how'd you know i wear glasses
i'm nearsighted
actually don't answer that unless it's on discord


this needs to be a thing

maybe one day

doin alright?

yeah, i'm ok, just kind of a shitty work day so i'm moping about in skyrim instead of socializing in discord
how about urself


add me on discord fam

Is it bad? I sorta imagined you as the type that hunches over your desk to look at the computer screen

Grim and I watched some last night. I'm on the crazy bakery lady one.

you add me butt i actually dont have ur discord lol


no, i sit pretty straight. i have a big screen because i'm blind but thats not the reason why eke

Fuck, just add Soto to the group.

I'll fuck you with my fist, squash daddy

I hope soon cause other m was shitty

wew lad

not doing 100% either but im tryin to keep positive

lets not talk about other m

I have a fisting fetish so you might want to rethink that.

that was my goal

better to be a positive perry than a negative nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah I completely forgot I was supposed to send you my name lol

I feel like everyone has a huge screen on their desktops nowadays
I gots a tiny one and an even tinier one

Wow you holding out on me daddy?

Looks like she's hating life

AX honestly gets too crowded by normies nowadays

Join up, nig.

lets burn all the copies of it

how does it getting crowded ruin it for the cute cosplayers? which those teen titans kinda are too like wouldn't they get more attention to their hard work? lol

inb4 Luka tries to join.


add me to the group

Don't add me to the group.

Luka is straight up banned.
They can't join.

Use your whole arm.

Will send on Steam.





im gonna just forget it happened through sheer force of willpower




Look at that.
I called it.


was in a call

now im not

ring ring

I wish I could, it made samus look like such a weak bitch rather than a complete badass


who is it


what did

Thanks fam ^W^

Like they really seem to like it cause they start getting really popular in the cosplay community

But then you need to consider the ratio of neckbeards and autists to normie looking people

Nice desu ne
You end up smoking that cigarette?

Obligatory "lonely :(".

me your pet kitty! ^ ^ meow

Wow, what a fag.

Most female cosplayers really do seem like the "small fish in a tiny pond" type thing where they're hugely popular for being...not hideous.

Oh, are George and Luka dating now?

you mean big fish in a tiny pond?

such a good pet

-scratches behind your ears-

i enjoy it

good one bro!

wew now that girl is great. also fair point! I would love to go to a big convention, it seems so nerdy as fuck but really fun

♥ *snuggles*
i just got home~

No. That implies they're somehow above average, not simply just the only one there.

I don't blame you.
I need to try and get my bitch in calls more.

where from


I'm not going to get much, am I?

so hows the weather hehe xd

God dammit

I couldn't find the picture of a Swedish guy sucking a brown dick to post a Mordin.

the grocery store. and just random walking around nothing happening outside as usual.

will u hav free time tonight for fun game or are u busy with plans tonight?

Yeah pretty much
Whatever works for them I guess

I just like meeting new people and getting drunk with new people
After years of doing the same thing it's pretty cool walking in the place acting like you fucking own the place and seeing a bunch of people you know

Oh shit its my fav poster :3

They're getting kinda pricey nowadays too lol
Would you ever cosplay?

what do you mean

i will be surprised if im up in another hour

The pic threw me off.

oh wait

thinkin of u


Those kind of attention whores just are so disgusting to me.
If they implode without eight dudes at a time trying to validate them, it's just kind of sad.

probably, would be less fun to not. I'd probably do something simple though cause not sure I could make some really extreme sort of costume

oh? ur sleepytired? that's okay ^ ^
*hugs* simple threading for you sounds about comfy then i guess~

I learned I can't get a pizza to cook right.



You just kind of wonder what Erik the Red is looking down and thinking.

youre being sweet

why whats wrong with you

Why live?

Too much salt.


youre worth it!


probably killing himself again

aw thank you

Say you're an Islamophile/black Muslim seeking political asylum in Sweden from the Trump administration.

Yeah. It tastes like shit.

He's thinking about sending a bunch of vikings to take out saxons

when do you think you'll wake up again?

I regret googling to figure out what this was.


I just ignore them or treat them like shit since all they want is for you to notice them and like kinda fawn over them
They are so annoying most of the time

Doing one from a series that is old and kinda unknown is great cause you find diehard fans that way

Is this a thing?

It's fucking disgusting
I've tried Kalles before

I'm not a huge fan of spreads tbh, only ones I really enjoy is like liver pate/liverwurst with crackers
Thats about it

i love that gif

oh? like what level of old are we talking?

need hats


Akira? Then again its popular for being a classic so maybe that's too mainstream

Leberwurst and American style Braunschweiger are both really good with just dark rye bread/crackers and a traditional stone ground mustard.


its good

comfy looking

hm I don't know a lot of old anime to be honest, does that princess mononoke thing count as old?

I think that is the saying. Tiny fish in a tiny pond doesn't actually say anything at all. Big fish in a tiny pond doesn't imply they're above average, it just implies that they're "good" only because there is no competition what so ever and that if they were dropped in the sea then they wouldn't get any attention anymore.

You had to google caviar?

ye need to prepare for winter

Wow this cunt totally ignored me


Do I go back and quote the posts or do I reply to these?

Be quiet and don't post.

Convert to Islam, Soto.
It's the only way.
A Muslim Mexican would be shipped off instantly.

I'll do this soon, I'm trying to figure out a movie to watch but then I got distracted ranting about Ben Afflecks face.

I would have done better if I was able to answer the shit only straight and bi people could have.

it's cold here!

That's not caviar; it's salmon roe.

It's both fish eggs. They're not seperate words in swedish.

Can I watch with you?

Actually, caviar IS roe.

Caviar is salt cured sturgeon roe. Salmon roe is, well, salmon roe.

Why is Swedish Lobster so much more expensive than Murrican Lobster?

Shit was like 795/kg for some Svensk Hummer

pls no
I'd rather alluah akubar

Not today.

So you still had to google it even though it has "Kaviar" in the name?

Are you buying swedish lobster in america? Would probably be because it's imported or something then I guess? Or maybe they're slightly different species of lobsters.

Is this quiz like golf where you're trying to get a low number, or...?

I googled both because there would be no reason to know Swedish processed foods.


I have never looked it up prior so I didn't know what it was?
Why would I know anything about either if never presented with it?

kyle just confused Auschwitz with oshawott

Not even he is stupid enough to do this.

No, I'm talking about Goteborg
If you have ever been there
I just felt like 795 SEK/kg was expensive as shit

Do you rather prefer Pickled Herring or Mustard Herring when you drink schnapps?



i wish i knew

messmör is super nasty though. I tried it again at an adult age to see if it was just an age thing but it's still super nasty. I don't even know anyone who actually eats it, I just remember they had it at kindergarten.

But what was the point in looking it up in the first place?

I don't even know what oshawott is.

I've been there, did you go there?


I love being wrong.


I was debating on like jokingly sending you the address where I was staying at and be like "where u at fam" but then that would just be weird
I thought I had told you earlier this year I was gonna head over there with a friend of mine who goes every year for like a week

If someone has to look for this advice on the goddamn internet, the fuck is wrong with people?

gee thanks

Just what I need.



shuddup, Tsuchi :(

...i know. but...
i want to see it
i want to feel it, be reassured...
it's difficult to accept... when they choose me.. only occasionally?
why are they being so distant to me? i want them... but they only want me... some times? u_u
the distance and space... only makes me want to demand it more... so they don't just fade away.
...if i stopped demanding, and asking of them... they'd just...
fade away from me.
i don't want that.
...i know you like me. but i just don't want to lose you.

What did you do there?

What kind of personality would a person have where this is a thing?



Messmör tastes like Caramel, Salt, and Cheese

It's okay, Elma.
As long as you love you.

that works too

It definitely does not... Probably. It just tastes icky.


Getting there!

I felt pretty and confident today which was cool and unusual.

A pokemon.

i was dumbfounded
it took me a minute to decipher what he was trying to convey


He is perfect.


You do you.

I feel like we aren't quite sure which expression this is. You use this for too many different things.

Oh yeah. I'm not good at remembering the ones after gen 3.

Kinda wish I did buy a thicker coat/jacket tho
The fish market was nice

Kalles is better than Messmör tho
gräddädelost was my favorite one


Don't worry, I understand the expression perfectly keep using it.

Did you go to sweden just to try out different sandwich condiments?
Also I never did schnapps.

Lmao no I didn't go to Sweden you dumbass
I literally just watches some VICE video about some Swedish fags talking about the food in Gotenburg

Schnapps is alcohol lol
You make it sound like its a hard drug

You should change your name to Gullible

or Cocksock

I figured you didn't. It seemed awfully unlikely. And why would you go there instead of the capital?

And I know it's alcohol, but it's disgusting and they only ever have it when they eat crayfish which is also disgusting.


Why the latter?

peach schnapps is delicious you shut your whore mouth mordin

Crawfish tastes good though D:

You really aren't much of a drinker are you?
Jeez, what do you like?

Pretty self explanatory

Peach Schnapps, triple sec, and vodka are nice desu ne
Add in some OJ for extra oishiiness

peach schnapps with OJ is my familys traditional new years eve drink


Is it the same as ? Maybe we're referring to different things.

I don't like crustaceans.

Guero post more T H I C C

Kinda makes me miss Chii, ya know?

I'm no bully

oh god no
schnapps here is a sweet light liquor
that akvavit shit is like poison

you post so much loli garbage i forget you even like patrician thiccness

So do you only eat chicken and beef?
Must get boring though
Why can't you be normal and like not a picky eater?

I like it all
Well, except for animals, I ain't about that life

You remind me of a good friend whos super into T H I C C

Maybe I'm vegan.

Fat is gross.

It obviously conveys my perennial joviality.

That version of the song is beginning to grow on me.

I honestly don't even find skinny bitches attractive for the most part
I like some fat ass thighs


Get your bad life choices out of here lol
You're not going to get your proper nutrients fam
How will you achieve your dream trap body?

Just like in food
A small or sometimes good amount of fat in it will make it 100 times better

Yes, me too, though the flowers still scare me a bit.

Well you know I wish to save the earth and stuff. Meat is murder.


My personality

cut my life into pieces



It's pretty weird having slept with a couple of fatties
Like there's ups and downs
It's crazy how loud those clap sounds can get when you're thrusting away at some fatty

Oh is this like an actual legit reason why you wanna be a vegan?
Like don't get me wrong that is a decent reason as to why you'd want to

Yeah it's murder but that's just life fam
Besides those cute animals are fucking delicious



If someone wants to be a vegan then it's cause they obviously haven't had Ramen before

Ironically my taste in women used to be short skinny chicks so I've mostly fooled around with that type. Back when I actually had a social life. Only been with two who were arguably thicc at best

I've had T H I C C overload before
Its not nice



I woke bed up



don't want to

post nudes

idk if waking up is good thing

it's good when you do though~




moderate dick

moderate dick as well


14 inches

I bet you have a fat vag


stop ur dick is now smol

HELL yeah


I say hello, you-gara say goodbye.


e n d i t n o w

I-I'm a size 9 ;~;

my right shoe also has all the shoelaces on and my left ones have one hole lower



End what ?

I have the shiny charm now and I'm in a 348 ally chain



cute pic

You-gara aren't worthy.

Just more dick.

what are you some kinda pedo


yeah i've only gotten 3 pussy



I said no.


Those fucking things could one shot test

more everything

except Tim Horton's
She beats me there

I lost count
My friend owns 12 cats
Shes like kinda crazy but its cool getting stoned with her and playing with all her cats

DONT STEAL MY MEME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wish i had cats


He could fit inside one of them lmao



life is pain

I need a hug

-cums in hand-

-wipes it on u-


Not during christmas. Our cat has already broken two of my Mother's favorite ornaments.


My best friends gf wiped his cum on me once.

Wearing my remi sweater for the first time in months

Smells like Tide

nostalgic as fuck

I dont want to know

You already know.

Subtle ! Rub your feet on me Please !!!



I bet she wouldn't wipe cum on me.

what is with your fascination of cum wiping


I mean come on he does butt stuff

pretty sure he's the embodiment of a napkin and is used to it

i'm more of a victim

not fascinated


And with Grim gone i'm suddenly very bored.


gonna go pastries now ta =w=


ay monica wus gud nigguhs


Do u like undertale ?

Its a neat little indie game


How's it hanging fam?

tru tru

it's all gud monica
sheet, nuttin happen bruh



Keep doing it

Bully the shit out of Ban

You need to shut the hell up

Oh hey Ban 2.0


I'll drink you under the table

Gragas says that

What is a Gragas?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?


You're a dicklicker, aren't you?

Who the fuck is Gar and how are they me ?


You can lick mine though

GAREE IS NOT A HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut up Ban

SHUT UP BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


there we go

WOW TWO POSTS WHAT A RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shut up. All I'm interested in is drinking every single brain cell away, I don't care about anything else.


Whoa calm down there fam ^W^

bbys first insult lmao

The one that used to date Cupcake.

I remember when I dated Cupcake

He dominated the shit out of me

i miss cupcake ;~;

Ban confirmed GarEE

Cupcake and GarEE were OTP.

I didn't actually date Cupcake though.

Didn't he have a wife though ?


not Cupcake you fucking retard

Ban kys already


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She probably left him.