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That doesn't take much.
Even Arnold Schwarzenegger would.

That doesn't even make sense

Norman Reedus and the funky fetus edition

he kinda already has titties too after becoming an old man and losing his steroid body

just pretend magnemite has bolts and not screws and it makes sense


Or the fact Magnemite is literally three balls.

I am MORE THAN MY GENITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

that's magneton, but yeah that was what i was going for

the retard attached to them is less medically fascinating


also get on steam ian i need to talk to you in private

Discuss your private affairs here.


The furnace keeps repeating the numa numa chorus
I think it's the furnace anyways



I am offended.

you might not have noticed but I've stated I'm an idiot quite a bit lol



it turned off and I don't hear numa numa anymore
that was pretty strange
what are you doing here scan man


It's only because it's a slacker pokémon and you're slacking off instead of doing what you're supposed to.

ok daddy we'll cyber here from now on >///<

as long as you're aware i have no ill will towards you we're cool


You can't link yourself? What is this shit?

you know this is a one active thread board right

Enjoying the last hours of my day off the best I can, by listening to Louis Theroux documentaries and playing Stardew Valley VERY slowly.

Got a lot of new Hex lewds.

You're linking the same post I am.


I am even permabanned from Holla Forums now

the face when no spooky girl :/
when do you get a nother day off?

mhm and I have zero toward you, also you are a really good shot

post ban reason

darwin myon
what is lloyds avatar myon?


Fuck knows, this has been the first day of my day off in my house completely sober.
And all I did was sleep, eat and vidya.

I wasn't anti jew enough

no better way to spend it to be honest
what did you eat you filthy limey rat bastard

post the cap.


do you have any monkey family caps?


lol wat


I don't even like the song that much but I genuinely might buy this just because it's the first official Death Stranding merch

lol thanks man
i got placed low diamond this season
you seem to be competent at mercy

I asked around where I can get the best kebab in town.

I got the biggest kebab in town, a 1.5L bottle of coke and spinach and cheese.


remove kebab in enegland
one kebab at time


I am a slacker that is true.
I got some done, I am working on it right now.
I got distracted with niconico


Apparently someone recognized me from 4chan Holla Forums and thought I was trying to shill or something. It didn't make any fucking sense because I wan't even using my name

They are retarded over there

I can only fucking imagine what that shithole is like

*pats your head*

Be careful not to bump your head anymore

Lot of dudes screaming 'REEEEEEEEEE' at each other, then the smartest posts either the most funniest or smartest stuff about racial statistics


Is it weird that my reaction was "the red looks so cool and confident, I wish she was pegging me"?

No, since you just wanna get pegged regardless.

who were you accused of shilling for

Now is not the time for r18 MMDs!

got links to any good ones?

They were not r18!
I am not old enough to watch those yet.

Like is it actual conversation or literally just a bunch of autists screaming at each other? I wish the alt right would get their shit together. It could actually be something in today's political climate. Need more Jared Taylor

The jews apparently. I honestly don't know




what have you wrought upon us

A bit of both, really.
Just like any other shitposting place.
It died though.
But I liked it as I gave a visit when happenings happened.

It was just like any other place, really.

I don't, I don't watch those very often. A lot of them are sorta meh, don't do much for me. I dunno.

oh yeah me neither.


please chill

people are already mad

it hurts to live

Yes but I am telling the truth.
It is my advantage.


There is a moth out there called the Vampire Moth.

What it does it waits till things are asleep, like birds and people and stuff... sits on their faces and drinks their tears.

And plus, watching 'Gambling in Vegas' now, I sorta wanna go to Vegas with little money and just enjoy the resturants and entertainment and stuff

If only I was lucky enough to stay at the table long enough.

I know how old you are.


that was actually a little bit of an off day, usually I move around far more often as her from team mate to team mate

That one's ma favrite

Also, when did Grim come back? Did he officially scare off everything that he thought was a woman? That is usually when he comes back

Only physically. Don't mis-age me you don't know how I identify.




He has many. To which one are you referring?

Sorry I'll mind my... misagery.


So you did. What ever happened to that poor girl cookie?

does it hurt you as much as it hurts me

More, it seems.

what did I do

she fucked off after I #realtalked her on tc

im not sure just the main one i want to make a funny meme :/

nah grum is chill

You can use Mio from Nichijou.

Ido not think I can do this much longer

I guess I can make do with Tabletop Simulator.


But you did nothing after that? I was there for that one? She cried and stuff and tried to get me to console her, but seeing as I don't have any emotions, that did not go very well

Do you even have money?



I have a bit of money.

fuck you I have a whole apple pie

no I blocked her after that
you're not a sociopath
stop trying so hard to be one

You-gara have a problem.

Jesus. This thread is in shambles.


LMAO look @ me I dontn FEEL haha I'm so EDgy
please like me

I know I am not a sociopath. I am told I am a severe narcissist who was broken as a child and no longer trusts people so I constantly keep up a barrier to not get attached to anything :D

Enough to blow 3k on a hand of BJ?

I like you

hey bard are you high all the time you're here

you're a manchild


durr tragic backstory

Maybe you're just on the spectrum and that's why you can't comprehend emotions.

I am beginning to suspect you unironically enjoy those videos.

Thanks for support me dad


The most I'd dare to lose is $75
I gotta tighten my belt as it is, getting xmas presents for my family.

Give me a picture of your elbow as repentence.

I agree


most of the time
I dont get high in the mornigs much anymore though so sometimes I drop in before work
Generally if Im in a bitchy mood I'm not


Thank god Neru stopped posting that shit.


I can't really into gambling, since it is a lot of money and so little time. I can spend £12 on HOURS on a videogame that I own.

Different strokes man. Can understand though, since I played Pokemon Blue and wanted a Polygon so bad on the slots.

Its not really tragic. I don't complain about it and kinda like to not have emotions or anything like that. I know I am luckier than 99% of people in this world

I mean, not really

Nah, I got that checked out first. I can understand them and fake them just fine. It is more that I just don't like getting emotionally attached to anyone

There is this asian poker game I can't remember the name of that we could play for hours on end and get free drinks with. The idea of the game is that it is really hard to win, but also hard to lose. You push most of the time


i think it's hilarious

Are you trying to figure out if I'm white or not?

Mordin-gara is Arabic.

the irony overflowed and warpped around

you bring it up

i c

I used to get high like twice a year lol

but these days I dont do any alcohol or drugs, since I'm on the fast track to success

can't let that shit slow you down, ya feel?

you say you dont complain about it but when asked about it you make it seem like the world is 100% at fault for your behavior

thats pretty childish

I wish to have the folder.

If it takes a while to play, then I'll be happy to play that.

How you even get comfy with slots when everything is moving so fast? What is this game called?



I was asked

It is the world's fault. I really couldn't control it. That said, I am fine with this outcome

pai gow poker is the name of the game I was talking about. It is a table game and I think I sat there for like 4 hours just getting drunk while only putting $100 on the line. Was a good time

French Shaco / le bonk is my new main


were you

Totes gonna do that one day.
Sounds like my kind of thing.
And then I'd forget about the table and just wander into the streets looking for a live show or something.

In a roundabout way, yes


yeah definateley it's good to be able to quit especially if a job requires it

im just glad i can get it so i t doesnt take money from my work paycheks

hey grim where are the stones? I assume not the second island

Bard, I have a question.
I don't know how to roll.
Would a pipe suffice? I don't often smoke weed.
Will I get like... 4-5 bowls out of a ten bag?

what do you mean by that

KoniKoni city on Akala island

Cutest pic I ever saw.

yessss I'm on the island then

aha Ihave been screenshotting random frames to get these just today

idk how to roll very well
Pipe will do
You can maybe get 2 bowls out of a ten bag
maybe one bowl if its a larger pipe
dont do it just 2 b a cool kid >:l

I want them all when you have concluded wasting your time like that.

Olivia has child bearing hips
would fugg

dont fuck with battletoads

there are hours upon hours of these videos

somebody in the world made these

with high quality CGI 3D models

Who is the audience that keeps perpetuating this horror?

It'll be healthier and cheaper than booze.
I only need to get high once and I'm done for the week.

But I guess I can't now since I need to like... fly straight soon.

I don't know if I want to sleep or not yet.

ahaa well the nutshack/bee movie/lazy town scene picked up some of it


My ears.


Gara of the sands

Naruto is gay


rip thread ded with out me

ur the one saying gara all the time!?

Your sweedish, of course you're white. It's your wife's boyfriend that's not.

That doesn't mean I like watching that show-gara.



I'm not weird.

Teehee i'm also not gay x3




I guess itis the human teeth that makes it strange


The hands do not help.

What ?

Nani ?

Nanda kore wa ?

are you really not gay? :(




I'm whatever I feel like at the moment.


Nani sore ?




I just wanna groom my crops and bully people ;-;






Crops of what ?

Looking for a fan of undertale ;) ?

I don;t know if these things actually exist or not.

granny is sore?


where u run off to?

Thank god.

I mean

the budget that must have gone into these


I got naked and rubbed pine tar all over my body.

Then I washed it all off.

U can be SANS !

u can be dead

You-gara can never kill what I stand for.


if you do this gara shit in voice I'm going to throw you into a ditch

i'm just so cute-gara >~

after showers is it bad to just jump right into bed? since the bed stuff u've been sleeping in gets all over u again
opposed to showering right after u wake and fresh clothes in morning?

I changed my sheets yesterday

I always shower before bed so bed is always clean

I thought it was gonna be drugs.


Gotta build buildings to make medicines first~

but the stuff you've slept in gets all over ur clean body?
you can't sheets everyday tho... right?

bed is sterile
so i guess if you do it right like u do it kinda works?



go to sleep you are tired and cant link

first one for you

:c rip u didnt reply


Is this a game ?

this is amazing

Its better if you-gara put her whole body into the picture.

did you make this one?

no I saw it on etsy

I think itis sold by now


Stardew Valley.
Starting all over again.
Gonna try and get somewhere before Dota then bed.

Hi, Grim.


why don't you req another one?






How are you doing tonight?

Yes? Is there something I can help you with?


wanna league before I sleep



No I've just never met you before but I've heard a lot about you from pretty much everyone.

I am not


yeah you stuff an uncut vibrator in your butt

I bet it's got brown slime in the ridges by now

to have on your desk


I know how to keep my stuff clean unlike some people who posted theirs in the thread.

me on the right
cyan on the left

Not everyone is into shitty statues Grim

We can do a match, Luka can carry us.

The reality is no match for the rumors. I'm a pretty big letdown.


not everyone can afford to buy amazing pieces of art

Who is Cyan?
Will I ever geta OTP, Bard? ;w;

god i hope so

Just make your own.

Wanna luge


I mean people normally over exaggerate things but its nice to meet you Garee-gara.

cupcakes had like white fuzz on it

Who is Cyan tho?

pic related
it's cyan

I dont have a single artistic bone in my body

I dont think he used some of his in a while

Btw, is it any cool, that anime?

Do you want one?


I kinda doubt that.

Gomen Luka ranked is srs business



Did you even try.


if I play twitch we'll actually never lose

Does that mean I can go Draven?


get fucked

let me into your life...


Just wow.

it's too dangerous, I could never live with the guilt if you were hurt


let me into your life


I always liked that picture man.



The service or...

you're sheltering me? ;~;


the rat

even echo draws better than you grim

In DotA terms he's like drow with agh's and shadow blade

It's for the best


I'm obviously the best artist here.


that image is b euatiful

hairy arms


... when will you time for me?

Think again

Wow, that's weird as fuck, but I can dig it.
If you get Silveredge, does that mean two get 'Break' status?

I always liked Aghs and Lotus orb on Wraith King, basher, echo saber and stat boots.

Black King Bar is for pussies.
Real men get Lotus Orb.


you should try league of legends :)

Can't be bothered to download and relearn stuff.

Its just people getting mad

what can you be bothered with?
the same old games?
and never playing new games ever?
since you would have to learn them?

leaving you in ur boredem of old ded games?


MOBAS are an effort. MOBAs are a subscription more than anything, like Pepsi vs. Coke.

Nigga, don't tell me about 'same old games', I play more games than 3 of you cunts put together.

I never get mad and am the best league player here.

lotv is hard

I don't think I've seen you get mad YET


no subscription required!

It happens with some people.

Are you-gara gonna give me any names?

No, I mean... once you're on either Dota or Leeg, you don't really leave anything else in terms of Mobas, unless you have real friends that can get you over there.

Think of it like getting a PS4 even though you have an Xbox. They both have the same fucking games but different consoles. A few differences here and there; can't really be bothered to invest time into a new moba.

exclusives tho...
some kewl stuff on each one.

I have been mad at Mordin and Kiss.

So my explanation still stands, righT?

Its a common theme when people get themselves killed they have to ping someone and shift the blame.

Mordin did that to me in aram and I WILL NEVER FOR GIVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no limits

or they ping their low-hp lane opponent
holy shit when people do that


It happens to me when they are doing something that gets them killed despite having been warned not to do that or that it could potentially result in a huge loss for us. If I die, I cannot really blame myself for it, but then I can get frustrated if, say, I am playing bot lane and we get four or five-manned in the laning phase and people are passively farming in the other lanes. I do not say anything in chat, though.

Your Condemn plays also cause this.

If I had enough prodding with closer friends, I WOULD get Leeg, I do have the installer... but... like I said, the day is not long enoufg.

how do i git gud at dota

I've seen pictures of you talking in all chat before.

Sometimes when someone does something really stupid I just hit S and watch them die.

I get pinged a lot when that happens but its pretty funny and I couldn't of helped them anyways.


They have been better recently

I do that to Luke when he does something stupid and then starts spamming the enemy missing ping at me.

I can recall a good one in which you were 1v1ing someone.

nicholas gace has saved so many movies that would otherwise have been trash

That's nice

Luke gets way to mad at the game and I have to tell him to calm down a lot in voice chat.


They should just CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley is the worst offender.

I talked to Garee today for the first time.


I would show you more good condems, but you hate me and won't play with me anymore.

Playing from behind is half the game.

did you fuck yet??

If he is back here, that means his life must not be going too well right now.

I have been playing mostly ARAMs, and you detest those.



You Dota2?
Fancy me joining? >:3


what do they prod u with instead? Overwatch?

That tends to be the case when people who have been absent for extended periods of time return here.


I came back because I needed to fulfill my posting addiction.

I came back because erio nagged me tbh
Ithought I was done when
b died

The site needs to be shut down; then we can be free.


Losing to backdoor top 3 worst LoL feelings



oh there was that mlpchan adventure too

This is why you wait for inhibitors to respond before you decide to baron with open nexus.



Back when you hated me.

but yeah that was retarded.

Pick your roles betch

If this place shut down I would just have to find another thread to force my way inside of.

Gay Backdoor LoL Slutss

Go to bed Subtle holy shit

was that real life my memories are all jumbly

Although I wonder if you still hate me sometimes.

You would have to type captchas if it is back in 4chan. Not worth it.

I woke up at 6am betch

Nobody likes you Darwin.

Maybe it was all someone else's dream.

Someone would just make a new website.

Like ponychan and mlpchan didn't exist at first


what the fuck

still better than keio

That's unusual, last I remember that when you used to go to bed :3

Subtle is my master and he loves me.

I dunno if I would trust that.


ngnl2 when

No he hates you too.

I mean the mods and admins on those websites are fucking awful so you probably shouldn't.

That does not mean I don't miss feeding with you.

ban is my master and he loves me !!!!!~

should i go to bed


She does NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starshine was the only cool one.

We will find the time one of these days.

Make your master happy every chance you get.

mhm :)

Don't talk ish about keijo

Yeah I slept at 7pm it was amazing

I do but I don't think I should be anyone's master ever again




Your just saying that because he was an underage boy in a dress.

Why were you his master in the first place? What the FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, wait, I did that too. ._.

Yes she does.

Check this out though

Certainly helped in his case.

Subtle ! Please be my master !

I just knew reading the reviews would be great.
"I'm not a pedo but there's nothing wrong with watching someone bang his adoptive literal kid brother no homo."


She just stated the contrary.

hopefully less rushed than the aniems


Well I helped put him in the dress.

baby pull me closer
in the bathtub with a toaster

Echo x Subtle is kind of OTP


don't b a cock


Did you just assume my gender ?

What I meant to type was

Did you-gara just assume my gender ?

Sorry if I confused anyone

Thanks, I was a bit cnfusedd there

Good taste dictates that he should never wear one again. The first time was amusing enough.

My bad

I know I told him to go into his moms room and get it but I can hardly remember what actually happened.

I was young

Jesus fucking Christ.
All of the reviews on MAL are so damn cringeworthy and creepy.

It comes naturally with anime

I only persuaded him to post feet.

I don't remember you posting at all.

It's this really weird obsession and belief that the show and characters must end how they want and other creepy shit.
It makes no sense and just weirds me out.

I did not have this name until around February 2012. Before that I posted anonymously and occasionally through green text only.


Oh, dear Lord in heaven.

well I quit in 2013 so thats probably why

Subtle is for vanilla. Vanilla!

Are they writing their own interpretations of the endings or what is going on?

Wasn't it the trip Bern used?



I remember when he was gonna drink bleach so he could go to the pony world and be with pinkie pie.

Like "I don't think that's what that character would do" or other type of fanfic shit where the headcanon is more important than what the writer himself says/wrote.

You did not stay in Holla Forums either from what I recall.

My more common name, I should say.


When the split happened I left to the other boards.

Mike gave himself a pinkie pie tulpa and it was telling him to kill himself so they could be together.

I never went outside the bfriends-thread tbh but I saw some pretty dodgy stuff in the catalog whenI tried to find it

That sounds wildly annoying.

That doesn't answer my question!


I don't remember seeing you once in the thread i'm from.

whichthread was that

god i want a tulpa who loves me

I disliked the /mlp/ Holla Forumsread; it was too slow.

It was his, yes.

Neru was there circa 2013.


I started in it when it was actually on Holla Forums

All about those ksg shit threads.

rest in peace b freinds anime people threads... ;~;

But it was full of young boys.

I wasn't even the youngest and I was underage

A shame he just bailed, Bern was pretty cool.

oh babse

is one of the others I remember

and some really really grumpy person

and a discordposter I think

and mikey

the rest are no memories gone poof

well except darwaing but




The thread is full of new people now and all of them are losers.

I mean, there's been dozens of "girls" that got outed as being dudes and still kept posting.
He probably left to just leave.

You see losers
I call them 'incubators'

new people 9 out of 10 times are insufferable

yeah bern even stuck aroudn a little after that didnt he?

I worded that poorly.
As in he just was wanting an excuse to stop posting and that was good enough.

pix tulpa when

Am I new?

Yeah I had that thought too.

Not that I recall.
The second it came out, he removed everyone and left.
Or at least that's how I remember it because someone started asking me about it since I hadn't been posting.


Let's be honest: posting does nothing really beneficial for anyone.

no pls, listen to /x/, for your own safety; and stop making tulpas.

I wasn't talking about this thread.

I got a bass guitar and 2010 mac laptop in 2012

You've been here for over four goddamn years.

From the weird Gypsy person, right?

Chiri and Gypsy

I'm new

Those are like... my favourite pair of nutjobs.

nice to meet you
I'm Bard I think you and me are gonna become really good friends :p

Both of them were/are weird as shit.
Chiri just ever used to post how everyone is envious of him being homeless and living off collecting cans and jealous that he was the biggest girl to ever girl.
Dude is just fucked in the head.

I really don't know why I return tbh
And yeah it's awful.

I am aware~! :3

You're probably not even new but I drink so much that I constantly forget regular posters so I have to keep everyone's name on a sticky note to remind me.

But hey, hello spooky poster.

I don't feel like Gypsy was that weird
We talked alot for a few years
He seemed personality wise alot like TP
and in thread he was basically johnny

Are you-gara sure about that ?

What kind of game are you-gara playing at here?

Yes, spooky is my name.....and nothing else....


the face when pottermore says you're a dirty hufflepuff

I think so
I am everybodys best friend! well most people anyways :p i love everybody unconditionally

Boredom, same as anyone else.

All I ever remember about Gypsy was him being constantly coked out and incoherent.

Advise moving over to a thread my computer doesn't crash on.


love u too



How are you? And I KNOW your name is something different but I can't remember.


!!! We're so different!!!!

What is this

Not sure if I want to grind OW or Pokemon.