Old was zu gross

Old was zu gross

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we live on treeeeeeeees


wc3 when

silly brad

it feels so clunky comparted to sc


It's great and has way more diversity.


Iwould much rather learn like sacrifice or say ra2




I'm an animal in bed
feed me and pet my hair

You ever have dreams so real you end up spending the majority of your day making sure none of it was real?

aha I guess itis kind of hard to

tell what is going on

i guess?

( cato )
i did

( Proto1 )
( grim )

it's a good movie.

This happens to me a lot of times. I would visit the place around a few weeks to a few months after that dream. It is just so vivid that I remember it clearly. Something interesting usually happens after that experience.

( Cowboy Bebop )

i just watched a movie that felt kinda similar

so pretty colours though

Jesus. I wish pokemon wasnt so convoluted when it came to making good teams.

I said fuck it and now I have like 6 ghost types.

eh? that sounds more interesting than mine
mine would always be about very everyday places, except a few things would be sort of off- old classmates in the wrong seats at school, for example, different teachers teaching classes

after every one of these dreams i'd wake up in nervous sweats and i'd be half out of my brain for the rest of the day

haven't had one for awhile though

I want a delibird with a lax nature but im lazy and dont want to breed for it.

Did you win?

Just get some quick balls and it will be easy.

Its like a 10 percent chance to encounter it and then gender and natures on top of that. Its too much effort any way you do it.

Anyhow sleep.


Ihave not lost against the compooper at least

I never played it with others

Some day it will all end.



When will they ever catch them all?


Did you beat Echo in SC2 for disrespecting you?



I feel bad for the people who played pokemon go every day that lost everything with the release of sun


we have not played since the diss


does diss mean disrespect?


I've got great balls and ultra balls ;)

Yeah actually that has happened a few times too, weird af

I thought a few people I know irl and from here were dead
I was honestly worried af and spent a good amount of time today just calling people to make sure they were okay. also looked to see if others here were active, idk if i should tell em

At least i wasn't one of them...? right? ;~;

you weren't. i only thought like 3 here were kill and i was actually thinking of going on a long drive to see them just to see if it was true
also had another weird dream that i think might actually happen soon where someone starts posting again on 4chan. very hopeful for that

i did see some 'certain' people posting on 4chan 'again'


oh? who?

poe tat oh

Do you get of on others pain?



Are banelings generally more effective for harass than zerglings

kinda in need of a butt massage :/
wish I was a girl so that wouldnt be so creepy ;w;


Colbs, do you have all of the EV training gear already?
And if so, can I borrow the Power Lens and Anklet since I don't really want to grind this out.


am eating aot of pastwies


I had pastry today

Yes! You understand!
i wanna hug you

what kind of pastryw?

custard and vanilla and dryish chewy but not too dry dough I should try donut againI have not had donut in a while because the closest store that sells them has pretty awful donuts

jokes on you i'm always up in arms over whether i actually want people to be close to me

i want to be close 2 u

Uhuh, uhuh,


Tear it down

i have me some apple fritters and bavarian filled chocoo bismarks
donut is favorite
pies are super cheap right now





Damn NV really are the best team in the world

Fallout new vegas?


Guess again

ALso here's a surpise for you :3



y u do dis 2 me

post brackets to the first day, i have no idea what the fuck's happening

let's have a toast for the jerkoffs
that'll never take work off
baby i gotta plan
runaway as fast as yooou caaan


whatever, i guess.


You-gara have just linked me something I've seen many times.

Sorry I won't do it again



"You-gara" ???? what?

and it's Not like i knew any of that beforehand... -_-

*hugs tightly*

at least you are around~
:) to make me smile.

approximately 22 days before christumasu, i think?


What are you-gara getting mad at me for ?


one two three four five (sail)
six seven eight nine ten


...sigh, it's not like you'd care anyway.
why do i even bother.....



this is an extremely emotional experience for me :(

I don't know what you-gara are going on about.

today we learn guy fieri only eats to cover up the old, grovelly-voiced man on the inside who eventually dies of cancer

Because a meatball tears a hole, an old familiar spice.



my god

Why do you loathe me so?

all i want is to be loved


new death grips


uhuh, uhuh


we fly you safe
isn't that right?





Kill me.

There's always MGD for you, Bard.

Or was it Flan?

Yeah! That's right

Get out the way

We're goin' down

jesus loves you

loved not tortured




if i ever get through the bible, i will have a bunch of quotes like these

i love this game

I really don't remember anything other than BLUEBERRIES and SPICE from your old days.

You have Desu, though.
Don't throw him out like that.

you're lovable (most of the time :P)


hmmmm delicious wincest

ancient meme
thats probs for the best
maybe i didnt d anything that memorable

To be fair, only the worst things are really what stick around in people's memories, like Limes shitting his bed and pretending to be Horo.Can't recall anything but that about him.

Uhuh, uhuh


I actually slightly finished reading the bible back in elementary school(skipped a few chapters) because christian school. I barely remember anything tho.


Uhuh, Uhuh

Your bad

Uhuh, uhuh




Post the picture anyway.

you mean you just want to be loved by someone compatible and loving enough and near enough and....

a lot more qualifiers than just that tbh

nice attention span



No that'd be gay girls don't have dicks.

post gay pose

I like the one finger selfie trend

tbh i prefer girls

It's kind of good to read the Bible if you have any interest in either history or literature from either it being used as justification or the innumerable references to it all western literature, even to present.


We didn't really finish it in just one reading, IIRC we finished covering most of the chapters in the span of 3 years. From 4th grade to 6th grade. Mostly focusing on the New Testament and just dabbing slightly on the Old Testament.

Now I am a firm believer of the flying spaghetti monster.


ban pls



I did what you asked.





thats not ikt doing the one finger pose tho

Oh i'm sorry

ikt obvs couldn't cover it with a single finger.

I knew somebody would post that.

ikt give me the suck

"You need two hands to wield this weapon"

Kind of feel bad for Tokai's ass when him and ikt meet up tbh.

i would pay for that video footage


oh well

hi im new heere

post peen


I got banned from the pony thread for posting this image because the finger looked like a dick.

That's a good image.

Then I proved him wrong and he said

"Wait, is that a finger? Someone reported it and I didn't really question it. Nvm. Weird stuff is here so often."

The pony threads are fucking retarded

Its good

i want a pet koume

I got myself unbanned but the fact that I was banned and the mod didn't even look at my post is hilarious.

she looks pretty





aa I found my old primary school on street view my memories are so blurry

it surprised me but konosuba is actually awesome (so far (im only 6 episodes in)) are u pumped for season 2

oh also
aqua >


KonoSuba is pretty great yes. S2 is around the corner so pretty hype for that too.

KonoSuba is just fanservice trash.

cool man! *backpat*
okay thats all i got, pce






Hyouka didn't ha-

Wait nvm they had a pool OVA episode..


That doesn't even make sense

Smh Tsuchi and your midget fanservice

He can't get enough of it


meow ♥

Think about it: autistically moe, "perfect height" for every interaction with another for the sake of "accidental" mishaps.

yes ;~;


This meowing needs to stop.



for what reason?

I was just thinking of anime midgets being tryhards for being "cute" and thinking about it in reality. Most of the really short people I've met kind of try to compensate their height with "cuteness" and it's awful.

It's autistically moe.

I know nothing about the artist, I just like that as a reaction image.

my high school was right next to a graveyard

People these days don't even try, smh


:3c you called it 'moe'~
so it is cute huh? ♥

I just wanted to reuse the phrase for a laugh.

It's not a compliment.



too late

it a
com pliment now

People these days are just perpetually sucking dicks like queermosexuals.

Sounds hot.


*uses you as a nice pillow for me to pass out on*

Good night.


Enjoy being Luka's erp love pillow.

Feel free to kill me at any time.

the dead can't object


Luka prefers when they struggle a bit.

a little struggle is kawaii~

a lot struggle is not kawaii x.x


But what if I want you to suffer a fate worse than death?

There is nothing worse than death, Dumbledore.


aha there is a spoopy dead drop like 10-20 meters down behind the cage

maybe it was just 5 but it was enough for tinyme

so a short ledge

wholly unremarkable

yet you chose to remark

take the pic

and share


I watch anime for the fan service.

You deserve this fate.

"dead drop"

Why go to hell for committing one sin when you could commit a million and go down a hero?

it meant a lot to me I spent entire recesses in primary just staring down


context :D

Easy on the Zyklon-B.

Who needs sleep when coffee is less than a dollar?


That looks like an actual cap.

are you me right now

No, I slept. I'm just being a shitter.

I almost wanted to just go the night on coffee, though.
Got a lot to do in FFXV before I head to Tenebrae.

stop posting

If only that actually worked.

one day it will ;~;

it is

The day it does is the day threads die for good, I imagine.


and butte

how do you become a loli?

2 lewd 7 me.

search lolita on imagefap

Doesn't that only work for Americans?


can't be lewd enough

Of course not.
This is me we're talking about.

butts are for sitting on



hot glue

In fact, it's only a dime.

Hot glue my butt?

I think it's, like, 1.2$-2.1$ to buy one from a shop.
but it's something like 5-10$ for three months worth.

It's pretty nutter butter to not just do your own coffee.

Even if I get taken out to a coffee place I just get regular coffee, so it's a real waste, but I'd feel like a jackass if I don't get anything.

Also I was referencing a Tiny Tim song.

no it will be rid of shitters

stop posting

This mental imagery is too much

Shut up


Im sorry test I didnt know it was you

You really shouldn't feel the need to apologize over telling someone to shut up.

Uploading consciousness to waifu maker when


doyou want to be doomed to serve as everyones waifus for all eternity

When someone takes me out, my order is usually the cheapest.

But if telling people to stop posting works, then the shitters would use it on decent people.

Now, when you say too much.
How much exactly is too much?

Just right

When the singularity comes and our robot overlords take over, I will gladly submit myself for upgrading into a loli gynoid slave to our masters.

I will aid our masters in the wave of progression across the world.

So... no more? Just here?

he sure seems mad though

passive aggressive af

More along the same vein wouldn't be too bad :3


When the singularity comes maybe we'll finally be rid of this human obsession with sex.


I think I had one person once tell me that I seemed mad because I don't use emoticons.



Only once those fools who dare resist our glorious masters are dealt with, I imagine.

only i can use it

Rin is mad because he can't into emoji.

So it's an autocracy.

That one works better like that when I write it. :/

I learned cramming from konata


What kind of plebeians can't even pull home 80s on a no-study term?

“\(°フ°)“\ Dansa med oss
/“(°フ°)/“ Klappa era hander
“\(°フ°)“\ Gor som vi gor
/“(°フ°)/“ Ta nagra steg at vanster
“\(°フ°)“\ Lyssna och lar
/“(°フ°)/“ Missa inte chansen
“\(°フ°)“\ Nu ar vi har med
/“(°フ°)/“ Caranekkdabseb

Welcome back to early 2000.

Early 2k1, I guess.

some of us a pathological procrastinators

I don't see how that has anything to do with my pulling home mid to high 80s without studying.

its hard to get good grades when you start the ACW the day before its due


It is?



It's been reclassified a meme.

Dark times are upon us.

How did that not qualify as a meme back in 2k1?

whats the hardest thing youve completed to a good standard that you started 24 hours before the deadline

Physics project.

Memes weren't applied to internet "for teh lulz"-things until early 2010's.

Wait, maybe not, that was pretty easy too.

Maths thing.

My thing is, the only time I don't start class work 24 hours before its due is when it's an actual presentation.

Because I barely present well when properly rested.

I barely

there needs to be more lillie in the world

happiness, yotsubato, or ryushika ryushika?

review of related literature of our thesis (still shit standard)
a research on the girlfriends of our national hero and how it affects his hero status (my thesis on one subject back in college)


I like flopping onto my bed.

Maybe it's just time to delete it all.

all you had to do was follow the damn train CJ

I'll gamble that I could wake up at 4 a.m.

I woke up every at 4AM a few summers to deliver newspaperu starting 5AM.

I did that so I could save up to buy the Wii

which consisted of?

Hi master




I want Subtle to be my girlfriend.


Take Megumin instead

She doesn't even say that..


You can just do better than me


i want to stroke subtle and ikt off at the same time til they cum on each others cocks

middle out

then let me suck your dick and have you cum on my face


Reina is best girl.


Do you sometimes wonder why your programs work

Get a load of this guy and his working programs



that's not what you said last night !






hi thats me

you kept telling me to lick your loli butthole and suck your dicc !

Ok.. brb...







this anime looks like it is well written
what is it called?

I dont fucking know
what do i look like, a weeb?

W-well... I mean....

Woah who are all these new people i barely recognize this board

oh, gee who could this user be

Just a random


But you dont even know me yet!!!

You claimed youve been here before... a/s/l?

Something like that although i would anonymity for now



You people arent very friendly!!!

is this a real user????????????


im being talked at ..

You are mean.

Thats right! You tell him scooty!

this is a n-no bully zone yay

A buck says it's Kanra.

Kanra is that kid with the drrr avatar right?


Could it be blood chan?

Or is it smiles?

Idk why you would think ima kanra im just user :D

Or Chiii

Chii or Kanra is good.
The other two not so much.

Everytime i come people are accusing me of being a bc

Isnt he ded

uwu daddy slam my tight loli asshole

Expurosions in ass


I meant to say it all in one post im not a fake user ಠ_ಠ

What does this even mean

You better not be a fake girl, user

means ur dum

dont be mean to my gf wow wtf

I want to cast explosions and be done with this all.

Why are you assuming my gender my dude ima dude

W o W

no thank you

I only like girls

Perhaps you where making advamces on me?!?! Sorry im straight and not interested


I ma monogymy jeez


You held a conversation with me. No one does that .

There's only one.


That depends on your time reference

ESCUSE ME ? ?? ? ? OLNLY A1?

are we doing your placements today?

Yes place me in your ass


Hey ikt what was that video with the guy who programmed with voice

kindly kys
nothing goes in my bumbum

bud we've been playing competitive sorry

Here you are imouto!

Who are you?

You heard me, newfag.

I don't know, I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie today, and I need to mow at some point. I was going to go to the campus and work on a take home final with other dumbasses, but I just want a goddamn day away from school.

Maybe I'll have time.


Sorry any other holes available?

Thanks senpai

Scoot hacked my ass

gave me a virus



take your time dude

no theyre occupado sorry



I never sombra either, urgh.

I c-can be competitive too sometimes >.<

eh its fine, i wouldnt want dead weight either

Woo, placements to look forward to.

me and tristan are plat/diamond
can u handle the EXTREME competitive

uwu :3

Probably not. But who knows. Nose knows. I just miss playing games with people.


I am going to get very very very drunk tonight. Might do placements then. Seemed to kind of workout alright the last time.

You really want to be deleted, blocked and reported again?

I shall resign to slumber now expect and welcome my inevitable return (つ・・)つ¤=[]:::::::>

you two fuck eachother in the ass while playing overwatch


Can you stand against me when I have the Chaos Emeralds?




No thanks.

Don't be gay.

I forgot this was an Under 13s Christian Imageboard

Aww you replied

We don't need gay shit here.

le then why are you here response


4 u



You say that to all the buoys.

*throws confetti in the air*

The ones Id' fuck at least.





Haven't seen ya much the last few days.

we were in a call not too long ago

that reminds me, i need to get stuff out of the freezer

I crave you always.

youve made no effort to initiate anything

I've only been in like 2 calls this week.

later furfaggots.


so what is the issue

I don't know.

I got back into DS1.

holy shit

Time for work.

My package came in

i came in you

Don't worry i'm back.

oh thank god
i didnt notice u were gone

You-gara don't have to worry anymore.

Be still my heart.

You were in?



thats what happens when you dont have a penis i guess. ;_;

My soul is quivering.

Why is tidying house such effort?
Why can't I just set my house on fire?


*shrugs* get rekt?



its tru

;_; why

Are you-gara calling me a wolf?



What's the biggest object in your direct reach that fits in you

my pyjamas


... I don't think my usb mouse can fit inside me


it's all like babby's first drugs in there so I'm gonna stay here for a while.

I'm dumb somebody hit me and then hug my head and tell me everything is going to be okay and actually mean it.

whats in the box

My pentagram batwing knit, a nice blouse and a matching pair of stockings^^


Nope. I just use my tail plug, thx.




oh lawd my arm looks so nasty in that *vomits*

I thought it was like batman's hanglider



Hail Satan~


Everything will be okay.


That's the reaction I want out of my wifey

What is it?

This is perfect thank you!


Hi Echo.

Hi Elma


slowbred much o.o

Dead community.


*curls up in bed*

*curls up in Grim's bed*

hi buddy
ma me too


I got a belly full of spinach and kebab, wrapped up in a jumper, watching Doug Stanhope talk about his mum's darkly comedic suicide.

[cute evil giggle intensifies]

I had a very long very vivid confusing dream that felt just like my real world and I lvived a whole day there exxcept later when night came I was ggoing to go to the hy vee t meet up with my friend but it was a wal mart (?) and i couldn't walk because my whle body was fatigued like elly and I felt super stoned even though i was asleep

y no ongoing animus dnd type campaign

because dnd is for nerds

not working today amigo?

Because that requires effort.
And a dunjin mastuh.
I'm only sober AND not working once a week.

Nope. Slept all day.
Gonna sleep all night soon too.

have you ever even

yea. but it could totally work. jsut saiyan. if anyone willing to devote life hours to making something. kaff kaff.

There are two ways we can do this.

We can do it on d20.net
OR here with MS Paint.

I have not. Because it is for nerds.


this almost makes up for missing my ACW deadline


very nice

That sounds fucking awesome.

Jesus qt

very nice

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