Ice cold winter thread

ice cold winter thread

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go to sleep if you're tired

hug me to sleep pls~

Fucking post something

I want to die

Don't you wanna be happy instead


How do I become happy tho?

Well yeah
You're dead
Gl feeling emotion


fryd ligger og venter på deg

Idk I don't have your desires

don't worry, i'll sort this out by next year
and I hope I don't feel like killing myself by then

whoa what is up with this thread and pure number IDs

If I ask you to luge right now would you be more inclined to say yes because you don't wanna reject me in public?

aaa yes but luge takes so long



Trick to getting 0% rejection rate is never asking anyone in the first place

the trick to 0% rejection rate is to never reject anyone

fair point

You just rejected me..

IlIllIlIlllIlIl Ρix: can I adc I got autofilled
Wafhien CodG: hum nop

rejected again
fucking chads

destroy your life
be a yes-man

Iam not very good at thisss



i'll eat a whole pizza 9" or mcdonalds for dinner?

Rolled 4, 3 = 7 (2d6)fuck forgot to roll
odds = pizza
even = mcdonalds
Anyways in the end I still lose.

9"s is a lot to take in yo, use lube

i'm biting the pillow don't worry.

smart man

ara ara ara

Why sleep when you can imbibe copious amounts of coffee?

I like cafifenen

And wet... it's been raining too much. Can't wait for spring again.

why sleep when you can redacted?



Although it does make for nice white-noise to fall asleep to if nothing else.


what's up user

[Redacted] with Lillie.


true story

when she asked to go with on the trial journey wew adorable

There's a screencap function, huh? That's useful.

Not too much. I just woke up not too long ago, and it's been such a long time since I've posted in any threads like these, so I figured I'd do just that.

How's your day been so far?

how are you doin spoils

hmm who are you?

It's been well I'm just watching some vids on youtube


You've yet to see her best line.

been better but that doesn't matter, how is the best neko?

what island does she say it on?


Just before you go to Poni Island.

I went by this name back when we still had threads over on 4chan's Holla Forums. It's so funny you posted that particular image when you did!

Still listening to that rain youtube video.... can't stop!

in the thumbnail of that pic her eyes look derpy but look more normal for anime when expanded, the heck is this sorcery rin!

In what form

I am lovely
just watching some stuff
not much goin on today

i remember you lol

inserted and injected everywhere at once

Is like the movie tuxedo but instead of being electrocuted, it's caffeine shots.

idk any of these hipster movie referneces you keep making

I'm a wizard.

It's one I watched when I was a kid. It had Jackie Chan in it.

I'd assume you'd have dubbed or subbed American movies over there?

good time to chill out then

can you pull coins from behind my ear?!

That's not magic, just a parlor trick.

Yeah, there's so many new(ish) people here now. It's hard to keep track of anyone. That, and I've always been bad at that kind of thing anyways.

I wish I had my image folder offhand-- weird not posting images like this. They're all on a flash drive still. Just gotta find it.

wellI do not actively hunt out hipster movies

Which rain youtube video @Yotsu

I am getting quite sleepy

did you have a lot?

Hello, new person.

I don't know much about you really. What kind of movies would you say you enjoy? Or maybe some examples.

you're a parlor trick!

maybe you should lay down while watching whatever?

i dun wanna sleep yet

monsters university
Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror
edenof the east

I'll parlor you in the trick.

I only know of the second one. It seems like you maybe like fantasy a lot more.

faaaair but if you're tired.....

this person is a good person

you can't make me!

this is a dictatorship! I can make you!

Something about her looks weird in that one.

do it then

Sir Billy

I have never heard of that. That is a movie, right?

beats norm

probably cause of when they capped it specifically, I know little about animation but I imagine there are some awkward in between frames that you can't notice easily without stopping it remember I am dumb as heck though so I might be wrong

please get some rest neko!

It's pretty great, you should try it.

Gotta be like., by a hair though.

no !

darn, now my feelings are hurt

why for?

my dictatorship failed, now the only options are ky myself or exile forever

no dying allowed

you want me to live in exile?!

I'll check it out!


god bless the polish


sleep well, neru

I got to Solair in DS1 before I slept.


what SL?


5. I picked thief and haven't leveled. I want to try going through with only a longbow and thief starter gear.

Are you collecting all the weapons in the first one now?

that works, though im SL1 pyromancer

feel like playing any time soon?

If you want to drop your sign at Solair.
I have a few hours before work, but I might just do one boss a day.

which solaire location?

First. That's as far as I am.

so, at the bonfire on the bridge, next to the sun covenant statue?

I don't have that one shortcut open.
I'm right next to him.


youve got wulfs connectivity mod going, right?

I'm running entirely vanilla.

install wulfs connectivity mod, it makes connections a fuckton better

Alright I got it and it's picking up my game.

What is your ID?

it should mean you can see my sign now then

no need, itll still work via summon signs

Do I have to restart if I loaded it up while it was running?
I don't see anyone.

o wait i c u



restart the application and try again

did you died?

Anytime I have the connectivity thing running my internet freaks the fuck out.

Spend a night with a stupid man

how to turn on p c




I make the best bolognese in the world tho

Is that a euphemism?

No, nothing quite so clever

I need new shoes.


bo log na


Geta counts as shoes. sort of.

wow thats racist

i wear flip flops


Veigar support is fun


I'll make Neru play ADC Lulu

I see that emerging victorious does not interest you at all. Commendable.

I'll make you play AD Kassading

afternoon nerds


Karthus ONLY.

hello my child

Hi nerd.

Is it usually this dead here too?

kiss me



I have discovered today that good music makes chores seem extremely easy

I cleaned my entire house in 2 hours today

Nice work!

Thanks onee chan

Already been done countless times.


how to do this thing


Wits End/botrk memes

Trial of Titan

It's a boss fight to beat just his arm.

I want to take a vacation

With my Weavile I have become unstoppable.

weavile is my little brother's favorite pikaman


It was my favorite first.

that means you had shit taste first

This is me irl

Which one is me

This one

the crow is cramping my style tho

Whats your style ?

Dont fuck with the crow


When it evolved it destroyed the claw

no crow

I don't actually use one.

How to program

Pay an Asian kid. Get program.


describe and solve problems in a language a computer can understand



make pretty-configuration-frontend

I like its first form but it turns into an old lady bird when it evolves.

crows are dumb anyway

Can I pay Asians to do other things than program too?

They make really good porny cosplay models.

So I hear.

What other things do you have in mind?

I want to learn coding to make games like an rpg or somethig. What language would i use?

Sexual favors.



Just use RPG maker.

I am above gamer gate.

Only when they stop me from sleeping.

Those are ILLEGAL.

Well part of it is that i want to learn how to program while im at it.

all the time

Oh ignore that reply lood.

So you're just going to build the game engine from the ground up by yourself.

Too much work.

Eh. If i have to ill use rpg maker.
Anyhow back to work.


What, really? Why?

Can't ignore (You)'s

Prudish nonsense.

Learn Ruby and RPGM will be far more lenient on what you can do with it.

What if I bring them to Denmark?

You will be stabbed with a sword once they realize they are not in America.

Only at the time I actually wanna sleep.

Swords are illegal here, I don't think they'd be able to get their hands on one. Maybe a kitchen knife.



do you rly tho
do you rly

You can kill me now

Pretty shitty feel yeah.

Please stop posting with my waifu Vania.

The worst.

I will not.

I'll just steal all your images then.

You're not allowed to do that you dick.

Would generally fug most Miku's tho

Oops, I meant to quote you last reply.

I'll do it anyways. Do you even play the game?

Yes but I play as Shadowcraft mostly.

I was thinking the same thing about anything from Nekopara

how do you comfortably tell someone you're not ok with certain sexual things they want you to do to yourself


I've been too lazy to try and farm up new cards since the expansion came out so I've mostly stuck to arena. That might change though considering they made darkness packs the arena reward. Luna is probably my favorite to play there.

I've never played ranked before~♪

Why is there a flamboyantly gay music note at the end of that statement?

I don't know~♪

SD always links this

I'll shoot it so you can sleep better

Oh, I thought I brought something new and funny in. Lame.

go for it



who's this qt you're posting?

C++ classes

Visual Studio -_-

I am doing but it behaves unexpectedly ;_;

Its me, Vania~♪

and you think learning a new library from scratch won't have more unexpectedness?

keep at it. and keep track. don't randomly do stuff or you'll waste hours. keep track of what you try out and your learning will go way smoother :)

Me too!~

I'm the original though



replying to people is a thing you know~

blank posts and not-replying to me aren't really helping the thread, you know~


we've gotten to a point where doctors think they're smarter than parents...

I'm original 2

HECK I just want to create a configuration utility using code I already have and the little shit crashes as soon as I add my fucking class which SOMEHOW makes ntdll.dll throw fucking exceptions and I'm not even calling any fucking code yet just adding this shit to that CLR project fucks up everything.

Fucking Qt is vague as fuck and doesn't seem to offer working guides on getting the fucking build environment correct for a static lib for Windows and fuck that IDE.

Fuck wrapping unmanaged code in managed C++, I don't have the patience to wrap 10 classes and a bunch more things I depend on.

Replying to people is so old hat.

Pls response

If I was a doctor I would probably think I know whats better than the parent.



lol wat



thats fine
lemme add it to my dex

I just beat the E4 hat

She's a slut


lmfgtfy new hat

*pat pat*

Not that bright tonight, are you?


Ok but I'll do it later after I eat.

you have no proof


Well, comparatively.

All this lewd of her is proof

Not that dim this morning, are you?

You're not even posting her anymore though

THIS is her


I'm a shining bastion of knowledge.

im being ironic i saw a documentary about autism and vaccines

This is good.

I am aware, her lewd is just not good enough to download

i leik pastels and mattes... they are prettyer
u sow the seeds of ur own dimise

The one finger selfie challenge is actually a thing

It's pretty cool

I thought you might be

The one I posted seemed pretty good.

yeah, can you do it? :^)

It's a little weird if you examine it

No point to color if you're not bright enough to see 'em.

I don't see it.

it's all logical. stitch by stitch. putting it together.

tooo bright... you're already blinding out all the colors into white.

Alas, poor Luka. A flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Icarus.... you're flying into the sun!


vroom vroom!

i'm watching ikyikts old fashion japan car vid thingy~

imma watch arrival movie in threatre tonight! :D

If anyone goes to heaven, tell God that I didn't like his idea about high humid conditions.

Boss called break early because his girlfriend went to break early.

Very spooky

The voices

good boss?

Yeah. He's pretty cool.
Fucks around a lot with the rest of us. Makes the day fun.




Team Skull is dank as fuck.


This is the most dangerous time for our planet | Stephen Hawking


Kind of want a Guzma folder actually.

Rolled 3 (1d3)e van gelion
some other shitty anime

best choice~

Top tier

Back to work.

why does time have to go by so slow

im having withdrawals

the game

Because the juju under the mountain isn't pleased.

every time i hear juju i think tak


Time to treat you all to a post gig scoot post.


i like scoots

she really wants his dick

D'aw, i like oobles, they post cuteness and doesn't afraid of anything


i see ur dumb video and i raise u mine

My panther was being a jerk earlier.
I was trying to pregig nap but he sat next to the bed and loudly kept meowing at me.
No nap for scoot.
I even fed the little chunk.

fake as hell


30seconds in and i thought exactly what the top comment is

u gotta love cat more

also i watched this im two min in and i'm so fucking uncomfortable

¡Oh boy, if you don't!

If I were the guy I would have gotten aggressive

get out of my face bitches

go bark up another tree kike

Wow you don't know a lot about Tak.

Look at how he ravenously steals my sandwich
The majestic winston

Hahahaha you fucking kashmeri twatter

i never actually watched much of it, i just kept seeing those commercials for it ALL the time

u would have been arrested xd have fun

absolutely stunning


I'm going to shit into your dinner and you're going to lap it up and compliment my special curry

Trully a savage beast.
Where is David Atten-Bro when you need him.

What if Oobles is just Scarlet irl

We both know that you shit in the street like all other browns. Dont lie

confirmed not

who is that
oh you mean scarlet, boo's friend... thing?

pop pop

It was A VIDEO GAME FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but isn;t scarlet the guy who bullied georgie
hold on im confirming with tristan

Why you on phone hoomen

Wait, scarlet bullies mrGG? That cunt!!!!




pet kitt


they bullied georgie

who is that?


some faggot

He received some pets.
As per the request

Wow what a 3 chinned piece of shit
Ni wonder boo wants to bone
Joji is nice :(

thank your mr babb




Das a big pussy to grab

big puss

Heavy breathing

I thought it was but wasn't sure lol oops

This conversation is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ni ni peeps




ye :^)



what the fuck is happening



also lemme see that weavile

I posted a picture of his avatar touching peoples dicks ?

?? ? ? ?? ?




but why

you tell me



I felt like it.

If you mean between Ban and I, then nothing in particular.

If you mean what I was freaking out about, then the game just threw me into combat with an Adamantoise and was like "Run. :3"

I tried to actually fight it, but doing a warp strike makes me fall far enough to take all my health in damage, so I runned like a bitch.

I'll take a lot of pictures of the mountain I was fighting later.




i like this pic

wrong chinpokemon







pls tell






FYI for Pokenerds

just got this yesterday

wow you can afford a phone



*yawns* Boring bait.


I use a moko case on mine :D


i have the same as you?


yeah you didn't know?

I imported mine from the UK for like 600 when it came out

hai ruka

mine was only $7 on amazon!
and incredibly it only took one night to ship to me, coulour me surpised! it arrived soooo fast... i was expecting it to take a week.

wow! you're alive still~♥

how're u?

Work work work

the dual tpu cases are mad cheap but mad good

lemme see your home screen

It's okay, I'm just trying to self insert myself into a conversation.




Hi Guro

I'm good
how are you


wow that isnt even Why


Wats a tpu? . _.



are you eating well? ♥

ok :|

i'm at peace listing to a youtube podcast thingy of some poeple, while i wait for movie theatre.

ex dee


a kind of plastic

god bless

Luka cant afford a phone oobles. The government can.

luka has a 700 dollar phone bro

y r u blessing god? ._. randomly...

it feels strong at least. and will survive any drops

and best of all this new case makes it feel less vulnerable and fragile feeling like the metal is soo smooth it could slip out of my fingers...
now finally it's safe ♥

Well enough, I suppose

Jesus fucking christ. Are they fucking retar...oh wait. Nevermind.

At least my computer is better than Luka's

That's all that matters

what do u eat? "flavour is the spice of life" ?

Fuck you Soto

*pets nice fox lady wolf girl*

no im telling god to bless you

thats good

Luka cant go a thread without talking about food.

Anyhow last break over. Home in 2 hours.

Evening, Luka


Luka can't go a thread without being a complete dumbass

i use chrome cause it sync with my desktop! :o
and u use FF since it sync with ur computers browser stuff similary too?

doesn't leaving the N thingy on drian ur battery a bit more than without it turned it on?


how've you been doing?


what u been up to?

I use firefox for normal browsing

chrome has all my porn on it, it's on another screen lol

no it doesn't

I use it to turn off my alarm

Mostly food



a loooooooot of work

and now trying to find a game to play


you use the N thingy for stuff around your house?

how goes it buddy



which game?



For shame.

Good, this week wasn't too horrible at work. You?

I have no idea, that's the problem



hi desu

u can do that strange nintendo console exclusive amiibo figures thingy with ur phone??? ._.


show me

yeah bro

amiibos use nfc :D

how you doing laddy


what for?

how's it going?

Show you what?

games u like

im okiii how are you 2 ?

why the face?

it's just an nfc id you can register in the alarm clock app

doing well

what did you cook for dinner my boi

I'm mostly looking for a mmo to play with someone

I got burned out of EVE

been playing much vidya recently?

hey slut

low quality bait for low quality person



i dunno that nerdy stuff.

sounds kewl maybe ._.

mmos burn you out. try different games.




I need to watch that

come with me

I might go for the witcher

but I want to play with people!

too late i'm going to it in 45 minutes.

play borderlands 2 with people
or uh witcher for a deep game
or uh overwatch to play with people
or maybe Civ V / IV with people or urself...


I know my kind, so I'm allowed to :^)

Also that Passengers movie later this month.

now overwatch is a good possibility

that's good man
idk if you heard yet but ive almost got enough money for a new car
just waiting on my buddy mike to find me one

nice tiddy grab

whatever you say
I totally believe you

I hadn't heard, that's awesome dude

Hi, Ian~

tonsa peoples and tonsa characters~

what kinda car you looking for.



Welcome home



yus, that's the point!


when wil u do it?

Oh I assumed you got off work

Did you have work today?

got led into a treasure trove of these after finding the image of mercy and pharah as these two lol

you best, slut

awwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yeah, I'm home from work. Got a few things at the grocery store too.


Hah. You wish.

they get progressively more lewd. so how has your day been grim?

just will have to break you into one then, clearly


it's been aiite
I beat the E4, got Titanfall2

I have so much backlog in games its not even funny

I need to stop buying them

You think you have it in you?

Yeah, just need to update


I get the same way sometimes, then I go for a couple or more months of trying to trudge through them all lol



hmmm, I don't see it!


this is the first time it's happened to me I am panicking

do I have you on battlenet?

Woo! Got any interesting stuff?

yup. cato 1630