Gobble appreciation thread ver 4

gobble appreciation thread ver 4
reember ttimes whem gobble lov u!

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i'm fucking blowing today THIS IS THE THREAD


ooble double posted a new thread AGAIN edition

Threads aren't the only thing you blow. :^)


allahu ackbar

O-only his...?

hi Rin

I got Bloodborne today

it's my first souls game

it's pretty fucking hard


I just have cups work mine



cup is good at that

Hey, Grim.

Congrats, I actually only have 1, and I haven't really played it.

Oh, okay,

I have it on steam and havent played it yet too


You guys are downies. Respond to my memes.


Who are you.

Play it with me.


that he is

Are you new?

his name is ban, he smells :^)

No I've used this name for many years.

Thats only what people call me here and its not actually one of the names I use.

ur smelly

I'm allergic to water.


I'm allergic to poison.
If I eat it I'll die.

that's a lie
you ARE water

And I'm slowly dying each day.

Same. I work at a water as well.

What do you mean by that?

dont you work at a water hole filled with sadness and child's pee

What do you do at it ?

Bed, Bye.

I allow people into the cesspool


Good night ^^


Are you a lifeguard? Is that what you're telling me?

i'm a Lifeguard and a WSI

Nice thing about DS1 is anyone still playing is a god.


no no
i work front desk and sign people up for programmes xd

I also do that.


it's great!

ok im going to bed nini


That sounds so gay.



Man, DS1 feels so different now, but it's still really good.


thought every sequel was a reskin of the og

Luka is still just a Dunsparce.

Mechanics change.
I feel like it became more open to new players as it went on.

1 still has the most challenges.

once muscle memory sets in you gotta pvp to keep evolving

True. Though it's odd how different dodging is.

Hello, peeps.

Rule of 2s

2 2






sexiest dog based pokemon?

Lycanroc is kind of my fave at the moment.

Was that you being mean the other morning?

Just powered out another challenge on Binding of Isaac.

Was a fun game. Though I didn't know what half the shit did.

if I didn't have this trip or my motoko trip, it wasn't me.

how was your day?

Hey Goggles, this is Gar, got my PC up and running.




hm. yea. I can see it.


nice to see yo around at night
finally got a day off?


I kind of want a dog team.
Lycanroc (MD), Arcanine, Mightyeana, and so on.

No, I am always off at 10.

points if they're functional

I'll make it work.

That's two trailers and I still know absolutely nothing about the game other than the fact that it will probably be pretty.

Whats this game ?

Whats with the danger noodles ?

There's a wiki thingy for that.

You've been known to user post I thought.

It was okay. How was yours.


theres a def horror aspect to it
I can't wait

also that fatman looks like del toro

It's kojima's death stranding
it's pretty enigmatic
here's trailer#1

it was also okay
I should have eaten healthier :s
chinese and pizza

it is del toro

points if they have backstories

and mads mikkelsen

I am not THAT into Pokemon.

Why is Daryl in this ?

the same reason and del toro are

for maximum hype/cameos

it looks like he wants to combine movie and videogame aspects super tight

Norman and Koji are lovers.

yea. guess pokemon are just tools to you. have you learned nothing from the anime?

As long as I throw the same Pikachu at a gym I'll win eventually regardless of type advantage or experience.

Also bikes deserve death.

Omega omega omega

he has described it as a scfi action game.

whats intriguing are the paranormal elements which seem to be prevalent. skeleton soldiers and old era weaponry mixed with scfi technology. baby dolls and del toro trying to hide with what may be the only living baby on earth from the post apocalyptic atmosphere

Is that Manaka?


you've done your research

are you going to buy it?

I just got my ps4 and like 3 new games, idk if I will

im not buying a ps4 for it


was i driving past the speed limit, officer? I didnt see the sign

love, not stats or types.
that's what makes you a true Pokemon Master.

omg speaking of eating unhealthily.. you just reminded me I have lo mein for midnight snack'ems :p

I plan to get a PS4 for MG Survive.


I don't love my sex toys.

oh ok


Just odd to see them.

I still have no idea what the gameplay is.

It looks cool but the trailer doesn't show me anything except for zombies.

Pick a tank, i'm playing ashe

can't fight those midnight tasty treats :')

well he HAS been on discord a lot more


Oh and the danger noodles on everything


hype train is real fosho

Sorry, I don't play LoL anymore.

Is he in our Discord?

das cold.

I mean, I could. By like, sleeping, but...

iunno gotta get some weight on me for boobage ;3


Omega Omega Omega

You used to be cool!

If I had an actual Pokemon I'd want a Floatzel or Pangoro. I would love to float on the ocean on Floatzel's belly and just lounge.

itty bitty tiddy

The baby is gonna end up being a demon or something like that.


i can see some biblical apocalypse shit in this

mads is the Antichrist hunting the second coming

Manaka pls i love u

prinzy lambda alpha zeta gama

or have the last of humanity in it
or some secret power that surpasses metal gear


they say the more you touch them the more they grow

Theyve gone crazy

I thought it was gonna be something biblical when I saw the 5 people floating in the sky.

It not normal that its sitting in a pod of liquid with its eyes open wiggling around.

something is not normal about that baby

r u cray 2 ?

entertaining "if Pokemon were real" thoughts only ever lead to depression.

M-maybe I could be your manaka tonight, Soto~

Something something blood circulation I think.

Idunno, but I think I might have to do that ;3c

Not in the slightest

Do you love me or do you love one thing about me!?

Omega Omega!


kewl :)
*pat pat*


my friend's dad who works for nintendo said that when you die

you wake up in Pallet Town

I love the only thing that makes you Manaka

the dead skeleton soldiers roaming a destroyed earth with the black oil covering the land and mads like a sinful stain and the fleshy worms really ooze demonic invasion to me.

test tube baby is the return of christ and i bet walking dead guy will have to protect the baby or some shit

4 horsemen bosses

does anyone here play hots at all?

Honestly I'd rather wake up on the new game's island.
Shit is nice as hell.

Use to.


i played a bit during genjgi thingy
and i got good at ice lady ♥

In the whole 4 horse man thing isn't the devil on a 5th horse ?

I play but not with you ~ ♪

i would assume the 5th would be the anti christ

maybe mads is just death

he does quite literally have a flock of dead people on a leash

Is that a rocket in your pocket

my friend's dad said they're all connected via ships

Is that what the fucking danger noodles are ?


Is that a rocket in your pocket

How do you like the curves? I was talking about the bow.

whatever was connecting the dead people to mads

that is what i interpreted as a leash


because I want to inject you full of semen


That's a quite huge amount of semen

jk tho I love u makana

Is it only on the PS4 ?

a lullaby? -oh now it's doing guitar sounds.
sounds nice. :)

as far as i know

How can you say you love me when you never dress me in a skirt

If you keep listening you'll hear the omega omega omega

is it rare to get 8 votes on the card thing at end game?

ice lady..... jaina? if so she's a mage

I don't want to hurt your feelings but I wasn't asking for people to play with, I have a quite amazing team mate for it already lol the question was the one given to squash above

all this and more on the other side

Cause I love you for who you are

I don't think that was a thing when I played.

Oh boy.


3 minutes in and i don't hear it ;~;

Yeah! i'm a rly gud Jaina player

Well my sister just got one so I might steal it.


It almost like you dont care about me at all

Anyone want to duo ranked OW with me?

the best faceeeeeeee

Manaka pls

I love u



fair point, just curious at this point cause my partner in playing said it's equivalent to legendary votes in overwatch but I had no clue

if you're pffting over not asking you to play with me, sorry but I've had no interest if you want to believe something for yourself feel free though. if you're pffting over the 8 votes then that an easy upload away from showing it

jaina is decent enough, me and my friend were playing Cho and Gall. hilariously fun



8 votes ?

I don't even know what you're going on about anymore tbh


Which one is that ninja orc guy that turns into many.
mhm and i would be a decent jaina to you. :)

you dont mean it so dont

Lava crunch cakes

are my

squash real talk you have a problem


Multiple problems.


I just wanty to cum inside manaka

yeah I'd back out too if I was trying to think someone wanted to play with me but in actuality were just asking a question. awkward as fuck time

samuro or something also I don't know if you have to be a decent jaina to me,I don't think she has much supportive ability lol I'm sure you could destroy the enemy well with her though. plus they gave her that cute chinese skin

but a bitch aint one

You're alright.


I only said something to try and make you get upset and I've clearly already gotten a reaction of some kind.

I don't need to argue with you when get yourself worked up on your own.

I'm not sure you know what worked up is, bae lol

she slow down enemy and support team by allowing them to kill enemy with help of her cc slows? and later on ice stuns?
yea it look nice.
i like playing her.

literal wan

Whatever you say, hotshot.

wan ?

before playing gall I was mostly going between lili and tyr myself, healing is quite easy in it

damage control much?


I have no damage to hide or control.

Its not like anything I've said is wrong.

you know, minus the part where you assume I wanted to play with you :^)

post more booty squishing

I enjoy this

I never assumed that I was just letting you know in advanced that I wasn't gonna play with you.

So yeah I still wasn't wrong, next.

Like I just said 3 posts ago

stop fighting

post ecchi instead


I can't stop fighting its the only way I can get hard anymore.


lol found this randomly

no one is fighting but him lol I think he really thought I was asking for him or others to play it with me



Come on Grim, I know you think hes retarded like I do.




not leashes

umbilical cords




Let the hate flow.

where were they connected to though


the belly button obv

his dick

is it nighttime yet in moon

q u a l i t y

Not until morning.

4h left for me

7for you

they seemed to be coming from behind him. perhaps from his spinal cord. its probably a way of controlling them directly

God i wish that were me

And then I gotta get the move teacher guy to give him Night Slash.

And that video always makes me feel sad for some reason

edge slash

there's not a lot of good ones out there of that pose seemingly


Edgy pokemon are the only ones worth keeping.

nope. from the belly button. they clearly retract beneath his kevlar.
as the camera pans up on the man carrying the baby, the cord is clearly hanging down from under his shirt

the wound on the baby doll's tummy (from a cesearian)
matches the same wound as the Walking Dead guy from the original trailer
also the fact he's crying deeply over the baby (because it's him/his own)

also the lingering shot on the baby and the man
also when else are babies kept in fluids (the womb obviously)

that man needs to protect his baby/self
Mads has four fully-grown babies and can control them


note the chin resembelance

Btw, you mean you wish you was the guy or gal?

*does that 2 u*

i can partially agree

except with the clearly beneath Kevlar and baby/self

look at their chins
obviously it's him


also from the original trailer
it's almost as if he had something removed from him

Why are you up 7am o.o

there is so much emphasis on the cords
and the last cord CLEARLY vanishes into his front

probably a similar method of control. before this trailer i figured it had to do with the suit their mascot character wore

Because nightshift

... what batshit insanity is this?



youre right

probably cost tens of thousands to make this trailer

no detail was unintentional~

( Spoilers )
the kewl white medic starcraft lady?





This is so erotic


ban gave me aids



Yeah, I'm a total keeper, me

cute shirt
what that pic behind u?

I feel like you would improve a lot if you lost weight and got a haircut

A snip of Kate Bush
Was took in my fam's house.
That's my sister's pjs

And stopped drinking so much.

And then there's the whole "batshit crazy" thing.

I can't lose the hair, but the weight might be cool to shift.

Whoa Test, go easy :c

Why not?!


kate bush look pretty

I lack chill.

eat chilli then


My family are a bit pissy about my hair.
Don't know fucking why.
And can't be arsed paying for a haircut.

At least, I THINK that's the picture you're on about.

Then like... what am I gonna do instead of drinking?

NOT drinking?

That's boring.

there's others?

We shared OUR aids*

I think so, I dunno, I don't spot things well.

It's alright people can appreciate straight-talk

..is this a northern thing?


why are u the way u are?


Let's just say the more north you go, the crazier people you see.

You see Erin?
She strayed up fought a guy for no reason.

They all look the same.


*internalized chilli~*

I only drink on Friday and Saturday nights, myself, and then not every Friday or Saturday.

Got a therapist on it figuring that out though.

Like... what is it that particularly bothers you?

racist af

Once a week, alone, when I'm off.
It only looks like I'm constantly drunk because that's the only time I feel the need to post, that or hangover.

We all drink alone here.

What if I told you that I hate all races ?

except mine

Outta 1 to 10 how batshit insane would you say I am?


You're beaten out by multiple of the UK folk, like Amy and Erin.

So I guess you've got that going for you.


pull up and drive sideways into clyde davises driveway with a nine aimed straight to the face of his mate
Ending a pride parade with a sack of grenades jammed pack up inside of james space

I have a black friend

u are strange!
you have weird ideas about stuff... i dunno cultural differences maybe?
your way of things drastically different from the rest of the world? ._.

More North you go, crazier you go.
That's why Scoots is relatively normal.
And I'm a little odd.
And that's why Erin has a cage under her bed to keep her hot twinks.

I wasn't suposped to tell this to anybody but for the past 6 months I have actiually been posting from under Erins bed

Now i understand!

Neru is the most Northest!
ultra odd neru is~ ♥

Yeah, I think it is because I read weird shit, play too much vidya and drink a lot.

Probably due to upbringing, really.


If you hadn't said "relatively" I would have contested you calling Scoots normal.

I've been friends with him for years and will remind friends with him.

ur upbringing changes u
but the internet fixes you :)
vidya isn't bad.
but the super drinking is harmful! :o


I am bans black friend
wat is up niggas



me on the right u on the left


i trusted you with that photo...
you werent supposed to tell anybody about when we met up

Its much better when you don't get mad.

I never get mad

The drinking is like... a reset button for me.
I'll give it a try soon next week though, quitting the booze.

internet doesn't fix you but teaches a lot.
Helped me get a job though.
Learnt how to do slipknots.

I wasn't mad

just really on edge throughout the game

they shy was really on point first 30mins and cassy was rampaging

top was having trouble too



I was p surprised at the damages at the end

monkey and I shut down the snake really nicely

I can't seem to play that game without someone getting upset anymore.

Probably because only a small amount of my actual friends still play.

quitting cold turkey is wrong. you have to do it different.

internet is good.

its what makes you into a man/woman

if you can quit cold turkey you gain the ability to overcome a lot of other hardship in life

I just zone the toxicity out these days

not everyone can.

Its less of toxicity and more of everyone is a whiny bitch when things don't go the way they want.

If you can't play from behind then you don't deserve to win anything.

I'm not addicted.
I just drink because I have few hobbies and it is a bit of a laugh.

The cigarettes though.... fuck me...

and thats why we have strong and weak people

its really hard to come back when you're behind
esp in super low elo and higher elo

I dont blame them

I will play you from behind.



And impossible with some people that post here.

Oh em gee >~


I wanna have some 'fun' too


This is great.


Minus the voices
And video
Would be nice

You aren't allowed to have fun.


ah no tyrande the night elf and lili is the little panda girl

why not? :(

it hurts so much

even then it would be too much

No thanks..

I've got it on repeat

this almost sounds like Sail

here I am
Here I am
Feeling too sleepy


toofbrush nana



no seriously it almost does sail better than awolnation

up there with doubleswee

They are so happy even tho they're just gonna get cut into chips

They are so urban.


one, two, three four five
six, seven, eight Nine ten

Please no.





Darwin I live between Newport pier and hunington pier.


Neru please do it

You lie.

Do NOT cooperate with Subtle.

Remember that time I bought you star guardian lulu


team subtle!

I didn't lie

I have never performed any nice actions for you. However, you should still comply with my request.

( Spoilerz )
sylvannas is also a elf thingy?

We won aram! ♥

It wasn't hard.

Wanna see me kicking some guy in the face? ^^

look away darwin


at least i got to play my sona~

so it was all worth



The enemy team was kinda retarded though.

Yo this monkey singer has a much better range


Here's the first one, don't think I'll post the full fight though

The dad monkey is the same voice as the normal monkey.

Ori's burst rly hurt me tho ;~;

when'd she get sooo OP?

and that Maplh was lulzy

I probably can't even download it off FB..


I would intentionally walk into their abilities range to BM emote at them and then I would walk away at full hp with a kill.

what kind of gathering is this?

I got this big retard today

they must be soooo tilted after our team sidestepped all those fail ults!

Really? How tall do you think?
Competition open to all university clubs in the country, so the competitors have to be students

banshee, sylvanas is a blood elf I think that was killed by the lich king then rezzed as a banshee queen thing by said killer

Iam done

I quit

why is lich soooo tanky? ;~;

170 pounds

You are cruel, Neru.


:3 So far off!

I wanna kill myself.

That phone was taking a selfie

what are these

why is everyone so small here ?

r u big?

so smol

cause he needs to be, he's not even too amazing in hots but if you mean lore wise? it's cause his sword frostmourne noms on souls and made him really strong over time fun fact in I think warcraft 3? arthas after taking up the sword kills his own father patricide is always fun

yeah he's huge~





not lore wise...

since i haven't really ever played any Warcraft games...

but that's kewl i guess?

6 foot giant tall guy?

cute pic

I'm 6'3 and 240 pounds of MEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That dino is wearing a fedora

woah... ur heavy

His arms are so short he can't even tip

I'm not that good at the game compared to my friend, want me to ask him later about dealing with arthas for you?

where from

That was the best cutscene in WC3

This one is too, you'll like it

fuck yeah it was

I lied.

Cave in the ice mountain

we live on land
and play with sand
you can not find us anymore



Ancient Egyptians




red hair lady!

uh... maybe another time.
We should play together sometime tho~

Ithink this is a money laundering network tbh

these videos erased the past year from my memories

* cringes *


maybe at some point

Suffer, beast.

I haven't gone into the desert yet but flygon is probably the coolest dragon.

I'm guessing you haven't played the game, though.

I like tyrannitar and haxorus
even if they arent true drags

good night my dude

why would you guess that? also the destruction of dallyrama was pretty neat





lol that guy wasn't speaking english

hopefully you are feeling happyer today? than previous days? :\

Haxorus is a dragon type though.



okaty i voted

not really but it's chill to pretend and yeah if I remember that's supposed to be demonic in the warcraft games not wow though I think they may have changed it in that

Was just guessing cause you didn't seem sure which game Arthas killed his father in. Thought maybe you'd only heard of it and not played it.

Vote for something else.

Like, Arthas was only in WC3 at all so it seems like a fair assumption on my part.

did you play a ton of WoW ?


no just bad memory played too many games to remember specific details of the older ones, I don't know if I told you specifically but I grew up with less money than I live with now so I played mostly old games gave to me by my sister. warcraft was one of them, though I guess she never got through them herself

nah only got dragged into it by a friend a couple years back. now it's just a neat time waster with said friend at times probably not worth the 15 a month but if I get to chill with a friend more it's not too much

freinds are good
lotsa things are better with freinds~

at least u got tonsa games nowadays to play with people.

I wouldn't say tons lol

There's ones you want?

titanfall 2 looks neat but pretty sure minus the price tag the bigger issue is origins, that spoopy deformed inbred child of steam and..... the devil I guess

pew pew... mechs

yeah. origin. but i think if you set it up lightly it will still uh run pretty alright. sandboxed in it's own little corner.

i mean like i have titanfall 2 right now..... but installing 50 GB sounds like a pain... for a shooter game that might fall off after one week.

what would I be like if I grew up watching stufflike this


Joined ISIS and exploded already


what are some thigns you have, that make you happy nowadays?

That spike puff looked so mad before it got the treat.


This technique is applicable to humans as well

at this moment? not a whole lot for those reasons stated the other day

adorable lol

i hope things clear up in time...
*hugs tight for a while*

Anything helping distract you these days? like uh HoTs or something?



I guess?

perfect version! thanks

are you gajeel?

Its me, Vania.

I posted gajeel before

What should we do now?

no clue

Make a new thread already ya dingus

*snuggles sleepily*

there you go ya nerd