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I made a thread !

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good to see you just fall back on something like this when you are wrong in even this way gil, I'm not mad at the game I just find it stupid that they wasted money and time on something pointless and didn't even think to make it skippable. again don't get involved in things, you just flail around and try to act like you're right in the end

Every aspect of the game doesn't need to appeal to you personally. If the target demographic enjoys a portion of it, it should probably be in the game. Would you like them to remove every aspect of the game a 1st grader couldn't understand? Probably not. Likewise, a 1st grader doesn't want you to remove every aspect you dislike, because they may like parts.

I was mistaken in the exact mechanics, but the sentiment is the same. It does serve a purpose in informing the player regarding their chance to catch a pokemon.

You are mad at a game having the same sort of mechanics as any gambling: draw out suspense so you keep playing.
You are mad at a video game for having a mechanic in it that makes it more fun and rewarding.

no I would like an option to skip pointless things because I am not a ten year old an I am also not riding nostalgia for it. I never said remove it entirely this just should be skippable like how you can turn off the battle animation

wew you really aren't too good at this, do you just try this hard over everything? people can discuss things without being mad gil, I know it's an insane idea for someone like you but it's true

That doesn't solve anything.

You don't want to eliminate the animation, but not the checks, because then you aren't providing feedback to player input.

If anything, they just need to implement rng bias so the rolls are more consistent.

Of course random numbers are still random, even if they're used in a larger check.

So while they can be used for that, you can also get really bad RNG and any ability to guess where your modified catch rate is would be lost.


uh why would I care about the checks themselves? they are the rng, I don't care ho the rng system works I just don't like having to watch a boring animation that serves no use to me


You're yelling about a game designed for children having fun aspects of it for both children and an older player base.

hello friend

Because, while it may not seem like it in the moment, it is far more annoying for the game to roll the same check for times, and not give you feedback on that.

Imagine if the health bars didn't drain when you attacked, or if there were no text showing critical hits.

Imagine if using a potion didn't play a noise.

The game would feel incomplete, because it's not giving you feedback to sometimes critical calculations.

yelling? quite nice how you assume audio of text, I literally swear all the time and call things retarded. do I have to be mad to use words now?

Then mail Nintendo and ask for the option. Things like cutscenes, travel time, having to level, etc can also be seen as pointless. They are in the game, and are forced upon you as a time sink in some cases. Again, not liking something doesn't invalidate it. I don't like that casinos take a rake when I play poker. That doesn't mean they shouldn't or that the rake is pointless.

if it becomes annoying sure I'll be in your boat for the checks too, again everyone seems to be missing the point this was all literally just about that I didn't want to watch the animation if it didn't serve the purpose I thought it did. are opinions not allowed here?

this isn't a very conclusive poll

most cutscenes are skippable, so bad example


reduce choices

Take your bets.

Of course not, it's the internet.
What made you think they were?

Honestly, the only purpose rolling four checks serves is to bias you against passing.

They should drop it to two, or add in RNG bias.
Just from a design standpoint.

Unless they want it to be needlessly annoying to catch new, or rare things.

Don't do it.

This is akin to 'He made a grammatical error, and therefore his entire argument is invalid.'
I haven't played SuMo, but I assume boat travel still has an associated time sink. Also, other points/plug in any other example.


if youre going across the road do the higher part of your arm

i want to die

series finale or continue beating a dead horse?

i bet i end up with a few superficial cuts

i wanna

if you wanted fun youd go lower

i know how to have fun

like I said I don't follow any of that and I probably will never notice the annoyance of multiple checks

there was no point to argue any other part of your post cause the rest was game mechanics, travelling and leveling up. those have core points for me to do in a game like get from point a to point b or to get stronger. the added reason I didn't bother is that this has zero to do with me disliking an animation that just wastes my time and wishing it was skippable, how you and gil change that into other things is just mind blowing

You can mash A to go through dialogue but you still have to watch the sprites/characters move during "story" sections like every other Pokemon game.

Dying is so easy that if you really wanted to you already would have. What you want is somebody to convince you that you have a reason to live. Nobody here can give that to you. You're namby-pampying around and hoping enough people say "don't do it, we love you".

You can't live or die because of what other people say or want. That's cowardice to put your life in somebody else's hands.

That's what you're doing now though.
That's what the animation is.

They could just as easily have it check once, or have some form of bias in the rng to make the checks more likely to succeed.
Heck, they could bypass the fourth check, and have three shakes be a capture, and your earlier perceptions wouldn't've changed at all.

Test, you should pull a Revy.


Figured as much.

say we remove the animation, the checks all still happen but instead of showing that it instantly breaks out or gets caught. do you notice their coding for the rng? it would just seem like basic rng regardless then

I can't help if that song pops into my head.

are you implying i'm not a coward or i should be ashamed of being a coward?


Then it just feels like nothing's ever getting caught.

And it never even feels like you're close.

Those 20 ultraballs you threw at mewtwo just feel wasted now.

The latter.

I really hated that game.


oh ok

I feel like that kid probably doesn't even play the game and his parent(s) asked him to do that just to post on the internet.
If so, great parenting.

I honestly could care less, they are an item in a game, it is no different to me if it breaks off the bat or after a few shakes the only problem I have is have to wait through the animation just to learn of the answer to a true or false question

You also neglected to provide the Kamuu is a slut option, which was more aggravating.

I've only met one squeaker on Overwatch thus far, thankfully. I'm sure there's more, but I haven't come across them.

i'm sorry i completely forgot about that
i should just kill myself right now

I played it over the holidays on a console with someone and there were a few pre-pubescent sounding kids that kept screaming "fag" and "nigger" as per usual.

Just from my psychology classes, I think if you were faced with that change, you'd very rapidly change your mind.

Yes, you're now skipping the animation, but without any feedback, it can feel like it somehow takes even more time.

You wouldn't be playing with kids if you were better.

Wasn't my account nor console and they had just bought the game.

I really doubt it but there's no way to learn cause god forbid they offer the choice, it's literally part of the battle but cutting out battle animation doesn't cut it out

Still going to mock ya.


I've been flamed in the voice chat once or twice, but I never respond to it so it's not that big of a deal.

Also I have a cat now.

If I'm not mistaken, it also doesn't disable the animations for paralysis, confusion, burn, freeze, attracted, poison, sleep, weather, etc..
Only the attack animations.

That one I don't know for sure, though, I usually just leave the animations on.

Is it a kitten or an older cat?

The worst was when a really nasally sounding girl said something over voice and it was pre-pubescent boys' voices just asking if it was really a girl. I have no idea why that's even a thing.

Is it really flaming when it's just underage kids screaming indiscriminately?


I do too but it seems just weird to leave some animation in when they could as easily give thee option to not have them

~5 months.

What hell did you find?

He was half starved. He seems to be very happy upon being fed.

i'm pretty tired
i might just sleep

i thought you were a dog person?


where did he come from that was starving him?

I am fond of all animals.
I don't even kill spiders.

From a design standpoint, those animations shouldn't be skipped anyway.

That may be for the best.

Too bad, it's cutest when they're little babby.

Was this a stray?

i see
well that's rather kind of you to take care of a kitten

i'll probably get something done before i sleep

Yeah. He was in the parking lot at work meowing up a storm.
Managed to grab him and he's all bones.

I was able to get a hold of my land lord and can hold off on rent 'till I get paid so I have the 475 I had put back for that to get him food so it should work out I guess. All my past pets were strays.

it's nice that your landlord is understanding
good luck with your cat

yeah I don't agree in any way

I got some rice to go with him once he's a bit fatter.

I have no idea how much a vet visit costs so I'm not sure if I should be suggesting you take him to one.


He's perked up a lot now that he's full.
He won't leave my lap or feet.

Basic exam for a stray with antibiotics and inoculations will be like $75-150ish max.

I should be heading to sleep two hours ago. Nini.

sleep well rin

I feel like I'll need to have a cat when I have my own place. Dogs are too active and get lonely and cooped up too easily. I like dogs more, but I'd hate to be a neglectful owner for a dog. Cat would be an okay replacement.

I guess it's up to Squash if he's going to do that, but if he intends to raise it he should be prepared to spend more than that anyway.

I dropped around 500 bucks on a cat who's eyes had to be removed. Was a very loving cat. Active as hell.

Cats are pretty self sufficient.

He can call around, too.
Just look up local vets and call them to see what it'd cost to ensure the stray has no parasite or infections and to get inoculated. That's pretty standard for strays.

See above. It's definitely best to just go ahead and get him cleaned up if you're going to get him.

i'm going to bed
i'll definitely wake up at some point tomorrow
relatively intact

Good night.

I'll take him in once I get paid. I have to cover a ticket and rent at least. Past that it's whatever. I'm mostly worried about worms and fleas. I don't think he has either though. His intestines seem ok, and I haven't seen a flea.

Fleas are gross for you but not too big of a concern healthwise for the cat. I meant worms, intestinal, heart or other roundworms, by the parasite part. Strays' poor diets usually mean they have some minor parasite problem and minor infections from fighting and/or abuse.

Well, he seems to be doing all right.
He wouldn't be this perky if he had heart worms. But I do plan to get him looked at.

Fair enough. Just one of those things that I've dealt with and is an easy and (for vet bills at least) fairly cheap fix.

I don't mind the reminder though.
It wouldn't be the first vet visit I've had. Won't be the last.

Kyle, check me for worms.



dead thread...


You ever wanted to fuck a dog and a fish at the same time?

I've got just thing for you..

I mean, I'll fuck a dog...

komekko tho


my boldore isn't evolving...


Shake your ass for daddy.


But would you fuck a fish ?

It evolves by trade.

trade me plz


Good dog.

Not any that frequent this place.

I'm bisexual, but ok.

Do you have sun or moon ?

I get it

only black.



don't have mine

Wait, wait, wait. What?


what happened?

Lost it

I've had a girlfriend.
Someone called me gay here once and I kind of ran with it.



and i spent all that time leveling it up from 25 to 50 hoping it would 'just evolve' too..


Wanna be my girlfriend?

b-but does she have a penis?

Now that Squash has come out I guess I can come out too.

I'm also bi

Pray away the gay.

I mean, I don't know how I can prove it, but I would.

No. Not when we fucked at least.

Have sex with a REAL girl and post it.

only way

You heard the man, Gilligan.
I need to fuck a real girl.

Bite the pillow.

lulu buffs when

Use that piece of wood they put in a horses mouth instead.

*Vayne buffs when

It would match my riding crop.

I lost it in 'nam. I only have a stoma.

I am an apache helicopter





you stick to your jhinn

Kick him in the ribs with your spurs while you rail him.


I bet Gilligan is a good lay.



Going to be in Overwatch so slow replies.

I wouldn't wear a fursuit.



aaa did solo rank reset too

because Imight be decaying

Not sure, I definitely didn't have to play 10 games


Man, this cat is chill as fuck.

Soloq rank is still up

New season starts in like 16 hours though.


Is this for Overwatch?
Or is it only up for 16 more hours?

Oh yeah, overwatch.

^ this is league

Yeah. Next season is up in a few hours.

Ah. I haven't kept up with that game in ages. I thought that was McCree you posted so I assumed OW.

bitch strats

No but thanks for reminding me, I haven't been keeping up with ow at all.
Don't wanna be rusty when I do the placements.

Still losing to Echo? :^)

I might wait for the whole thing to settle a bit before I do mine.

I want to hit high plat this season.

we only played the AI after the zerg derp

I didn't decay out of diamond

Iam banned from using DTs though

Is there a way to get Lycanroc to learn or an item to create sandstorms?



You have been gone all evening leaving me destitute and alone.


Things to do at eventide. It was not a good time.

Sounds tiresome, I would complain that we have not touched based today, but we did early this afternoon.

You do not love me like he does.

You and I hardly know each other.

Which is why you do not make a good Darwin-substitute. I enjoy your company but I would not call us close.

Master is the first tier you can decay out of I'm pretty sure. Diamond only decays within the tier limits.

The day's events make it appear longer than it is.

I have barely been awake 11 hours, but it feels like the day has dragged on forever.

I would hope not.
I have had him filtered for a while now. It has been quite nice.

alla som inte dansar

Are you considering going to sleep earlier tonight?

I'm going to go get in bed for a while and play Pokemon until I fall asleep.

Hey Squash do you like Roller Coasters?

I was unaware you had him filtered, not that it really has anything to do with me.
My refusal to communicate outside of brief thread interactions makes it difficult for me to grow close to people, it is intentional though.


Maybe, I stayed up until 5 am yesterday.

Such is your burden again for no longer going to class.

Tomorrow I have no class, I shall sleep in maybe.


tfw no green

Color blind ?

I dislike doing that in the winter. The days being shorter make me feel like I am wasting the day by sleeping too much instead of wasting it in some other form.

I dislike daylight, so I don't mind sleeping through a good portion of it. It does tend to make me lose track of time a bit and lets me fall into a melancholic lull, but I kind of revel in that. Sitting around hating myself is not my healthiest of pastimes, I should find other hobbies.

nooo I hope not

I love winter dark morning rain


I kind of hope I do not die I have so many things I wish to do so many pastries to eat

You have cooking.

That is true, I do like doing that.
I want to make salmon, I'll have to speak with my mother about it tomorrow.


Shadowverse is a good game

itis what I thought tbh like I never experienced two colours people talked about looking the same to me when it was different for others

BUt now you know for sure.

with high probaiblitity

But what if my blue is pink for everyone else

your blue is amazing then

And yours is brown.

Jinx is a vampire loli in this game


This thread needs more vampire lolis.

I post one all the time.

You were posting Aoi's.

You have called and I have answered.

Isn't that a guy though?

sparkling in the sunlight

Hes never hear though and I like it.

It is a male.



Cute girl

Post more.

Hey threados

That is not a girl.

Succubus (male)

It is a cute girl♂

a girl is not complete without a dick

I am a cute girl without a penis, does that make me incomplete?

Girls are fruckin' gross.


Cute girls with or without a penis are still cute girls.

Penis = male

Only sometimes.

male can be both sex and gender

just having a penis doesn't make you male

see genderbread man



Gender isn't an idea


Describe your ideal penis.

midlife crisis at 20

Multiple posters seem to be ailed by this.

Let me go grab it from out of its box.

I will never hit my midlife crisis, because I will never turn 20.

This is cool



Describe your ideal penis

edible and made out of chocolate or pastry

Let me go grab it from out of its box..

ifthat is why some people are so


then it must be a pretty severus cases

You are quite weird too.

I will be 15 forever if you hug me every day.

is it midlifecryis-weird though

itis not at say swefosh-levels I think

I might be a few years too late for that.

Or am I?

No, you are peculiar. I do not think you would let me know you more to where I could see any midlife crises.

I'll always be 15 for you.


Why do you always blank post about Neko ?

I do not.

Yeah you do

Prove it.


One incident is hardly precedent for "always".

I'm not gonna go into other threads and link you.

Its not worth the effort.

I'd imagine finding things that don't exist would prove challenging work.

They exist.

They don't.

Prove it.

you guise argue like I would say married couple but idk if married couples argue a lot

Went through the last three threads.
No blank posts for Neko.

He just doesn't know how to express his feelings.

3 threads isn't a lot for saying you never do something.

No, but it proves I don't always.

No it doesn't.

I'm pretty much just taking your word for it.

this community blankposts a ton tbh

second on the list is posting comments indirectoly or directly directed at people without linking

When thread is dead like right now linking seems like an unnecessary extra click.

Ihave yet to see somebody do both at once

Then go look for yourself if you doubt me, peasant.

I don't need to look because I already know you do it.



hold on I got this

actually I have seen it

pure image posts





Then don't doubt me, plebian.
I Yan, do not always blankpost for Neko.
You however, seem to love trifling in my affairs and painting my good name with slander quite often.

Posting invisible characters don't seem to work on here

I'll do the next best thing


­You can but only if you post an image with it.




God dammit

Nice knees faggot.



thick and juicy ♥~♥



u wipped

at least you have no expectation of sexual intimacy


[email protected]/* */ Jeremy Kyle helps someone find their dad but it turns out he's a horrid junkie and they'd have been better off without him

Because you would know.

do you~?

tbh that image reminds me of garee way too muh








I mean check this hot cybering fam
clearly i am rolling in it with my hot internet wife



me too ;_;


which base is that?

And good porn of him doesn't exist.

I made a whole folder of this faggot

He would be moetrash if he was a girl.
Literally the only thing interesting about him is that he has a penis.

holly willoughby got kittens yesterday :3c

where scoot

Thats pretty much all you need.

That's gay

it doesn't????


this is an injustice

link me some of the porn and I shall judge how bad it is




shes so happy it's adorable

man i wish she'd split me in half with her adorable little blonde cock

I would but I already gave it to neko because he's gay


Erin don't touch the kittens or the mother will eat them because your hands smell like greasy food

Also I sexually identify as a gay vampire.

holy shit This Morning is hardcore today

so far it's been child molestation and what to tell your kids to keep them safe and this woman who was in a car crash and has ptsd and has been weeping non stop, she is completely boken, fug

she has that major depressive/chronic fatigue syndrome look about her

shallow, sunken, hopeless eyes, hunched shoulders, flat, slightly longing affect

the kittens belong to the fuckable tv presenter babe, i can't touch them

Kittens.... pedos and PTSD

Bitch y u tryin' to make me jealous u kno ilu

She no longer looks like a hopeless, shaky, junkie. And almost looks fuckable.



holly's kittens!!!! IT FELL ASLEEP IN THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!

the REAL issues


she still looks a bit miserable

she's like "i feel like i could do anything" but it's not remotely believable, it's like she's lying or acting intentionally badly

This is why they are best morning show... Holly and Phil should be our overlords

pillip and holly national treasures

prides of the nation

Gino too is a lovely import

iK eep falling sleep send help

hfw kittens

he was rude about spaghetti in a mug

she can't wait to get home and pet the kittens

scoots make me a holly willoughby folder

god he was SO moody that morning wasnt he?

"Im a trained master chef" xD

and then proceeded to bastardize a cottage pie


😂 sassy italiano


damn it feels good to be UK




shiver me timbers oliver twist

oh shit google is scotland today

Please post in it !


fuck yeah

scotland day

now i forget what i wanted to google

You ever had like... school houses in your primary schools?

Like some Harry Potter shit but with saints?
Saint Andrew, George, Patrick and that dude no one cared about was our school houses.

race war when

tfw no scotland googs


back in primary school yea

named after rare scottish birds

tfw goggles isnt scottish


tfw u r alive


Green team always best team

Yeah, I was in Manor and Grange, top sets.

Watching webms of girls screaming Daddy

if only holly would call be daddy


tfw all the shit work I do gets taxed and pays your neetbux

I try I try


St.Patrick, which coincidentally where they put all the weirdos in.

my face when this


leave it holly

tfw my neetbux are also subject to tax and technically i pay my own neetbux

no i mean my face when my work is getting tafxed and i have to pay for all these neets


nobody should have to work tbh


snyway time for breakfast and skyrim before work

lataer tater

Oh right. I'm sorta salty because I know my next door neighbour is a waste of space and still lends money from his mum at the age of 40


Scanner you'd literally waste your money spent on taxes on more alcohol until you drunk yourself into a coma.

Speaking of neetbux, me and the other night cretins was talking about how shit being on welfare is.

A fellow cretin said that one guy was on the dole for long that he became a dole advisor.

I have a theory that every dole advisor you see was actually on the dole for so long, they become the dole.


It is the only way I tolerate your company
jk, love you really, it is the only wholesome habit I have

OH, and another point.
Best £10 a week spent since internet.



Hey Dags.
Bad day?

hey scans, kinda, just another day but really. How you been man?

finally got two days off.
Chillin' with my mum watch stand up comedy and drinking coffee to stay up in the day

nice nice, what comedians? you don't get weekends off? fuck that must suck

oh look

Then how else are we gonna have fancy laptops, lager and MEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEATMEAT

Kevin Hart, Joe Rogan, all sorts.
Weekends are most busy because gotta restock.

Some people only get a day off after 13 nights straight in work.

I used to be on 14/7 off for little bit, but 14 days is the max you can work here before needing a rostered day off.



I think a lot of people left the toystore because the managers were a bunch of snide cunts, BUT, that just means more secure job for me.

I dealt with worse. The only problem is, soon as xmas is over, we'll get barely any hours.

Do you guys ever wear shoes or sockies for a long time and then your feet get really hot and you push them against your legs? .///.


Getting the shoes off is the most orgasmic thing ever

tfw no cuddly bf/gf to rub warm feeties with

Ido not wear clingy shoes inside lke a total chimp

my fett are almost always cold too


shoes inside make me cringe


I mean hi.


im so sorry

what's up

Dunno if I should sleep or not.
Either make the most of my time with my family or enjoy dream

My name is Bard. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and destroy a certain someone

ILike cold just not too cold

Hasn't that person already been destroyed?





did they actually put a fucking mandatory encryption backdoor clause in that new spying bill?

Shut the fuck up, cunt.

YAH nah get fucked mate

Don't forget, Bard.
I'm coming for you

You fucking sad meme.

feels great living in heartland damerica

sgeddi cat?

Feels great coming that you tried to come in a new community and got ignored because everyone noticed how AUTISTIC you are.


i wish the managers would trust my judgement a little more when I tell them they need more chicken
If I dont make it before I tear my tables down, then in stead of getting to make a rack of chicken thats actually good in th comfort ooof a heated kitchen I have to go and make it in the freezer, hunched over, so it takes longer and without water, so the bread doesnt stick as well
I had to make 3 racks of chicken after i tore down tonight it was super lame
I even told the manager they would probably need some
Whats up with you guys tonight

you' sound pretty buttfrustrated
I never had any trouble getting attention there though
just not a very enjoyable community


why, do you miss me? what brings you here tonight

Some managers are dumb cunts.
They just want their shit done and don't care how.
No understanding of front line work.

the lack of intresting stuff going in that shit community

goodluck finding that






i laughed
thank you

I'm here because I can't get drunk and need a top up on social stuff so this is the best I can do.

Plus, cool people are here

not drinking tonight?

happy social stuff is going on rn

Sorry dudes, gonna sleep after visiting a few ports on this game, so, pre-emptive nini

No, since with family.
I will be tomorrow though.
Your tonight is my morning so... yeah... better buckle yo pants for that one.

Only gonna get better.


enjoy your night bud


Is squish still around?

I literally just woke up if you're referring to me.

Unfortunately, Lycanroc can't learn sandstorm in either of its forms.

You have ruined my day, my week, and my life.

He also doesn't have sand stream as an ability in either form, but I'm assuming you wanted sandstorm because of it's sand rush ability.


Yeah. The extra DEF boost would have been nice as well. I might find a Pokemon that can use sand storm and can switch out with little issue.

Squash am I a fuccboi?

Kind of.

If you have to ask, I have some bad news for you.

How heavy do you think a real world approximation of this car would be?

Think a beginner driver would be able to handle it?