Gobble appreciation thread 2.0

gobble appreciation thread 2.0
return of the gobble

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I'll gp you in the u. uwu

I don't tell anyone much of anything. It's much better this way.

ty squashie


also i double posted because my internet shit itself fuck i fucked up i fukn fucked up fuck fuck fuck

what am i to do then?

Doesn't really matter now, does it?

i'm not evil?


Is that a no?

It's fine, we can use it for the next one.

it's not you, it's me?




Alright, night then.

*hugs onto you tightly*
sleep well...
imm head out and nab some dinner.

People don't tend to be keen on open up if you make active efforts to pry.

Only in the proper tense.


rip tire-san

I bet Grinder-chan must be really tired after that.


fridge-kun had a huge girth

I just realized that tire-san was really wet.

and she had a gaping hole

I'm really wet

Well, I've done all I can, and I'm getting super tired, so I'm gonna head to bed now.
Love some of you guys.

Y'all is idiots

Better idiot than you, bitch.

Was I loved or hated ?

Sweet dreams ^^

You probably got loved

sleep well

Someone do something.

-does a thing-

Fucking radical.


strenk is for nerds who don't like fun

I don't like fun,.



I know because you use a shield.

Shields separate me from the riff raff.

Was someone doing something?

Shields only serve to engender passivity and teach you to hide behind them rather than roll or parry, the objectively more skillful and fun way to play the game.

I 2 hand Zwi and use grass crest.

Use tiny shield for parries instead.

No. Because I hate fun.

If that were true you'd still play mobas on a regular basis.


I only had one person to really play with anymore anyhow.


i prolly got hated


since rin isn't accommodating to me anymore... as she used to be years ago...

I use sorcery

was it u or nezumi that invited me to game?

Why do you think they would hate you?

Probs Nezumi

Sorcery is okay and makes for interesting/funny invasions.


good luck in ur solo games i guess.

*Judges you*

because how cold they are to me?

You're suppose to invite Luka because now they think you hate them because you didn't jump the chance to include them, Iam.

How selfish of you to not always want to play with them.

Yes, and what's the reason for that, I mean

I play ARAM alone unless someone invites me

ARAM is the only reason I would get back into LoL.

They found someone else to love?

If it's with the Moonlight Greatsword, you're a terrible human being.

I wonder if a thread Starbound server would be fun.





Guess I'll post fur porn.







welp that's my queue to go to bed

I'm twitching with excitement.


Why is that thing writing with its ass?


These are just animals in a panda suit

okay i'm leaving

Wait, no.
Who will I talk to?





I am honestly not sure what I'll do. There is nobody around tonight.

I need to sleep anyways, though.

Go to bed.
I'll put something on and sing to some tunes or something.

Ok, goodnight.

How does one go about wanting to die without killing herself
Just curious





Take enough drugs to make it to Narnia so you live forever.

The griffon was named Fubar.
That was why I liked it.
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

Oh right. The military jargon.
Kind of neat.



Let us fight.

fite club

Anybody want to watch Creepshow?

Okay, sure, but with less testosterone.

Playing Overwatch.

I got bummed on OW and quit for a bit.

that was quick

I get really nervous in 1v1 games because I usually play support classes.


sounds legit especially since two of the support heroes aren't in 1v1

I had a perfect round as 76. I stayed in the spawn and he didn't see me so I just lined up a head shot and burst and rocketed him.

poor guy

It was honestly luck.

yeah horrible luck for him


Awareness is a skill ^^

Now I'm bored and don't know what to do.

you have made mistakes

I'll just cap some images or play Pokemon or something.


This game is too easy.

pokemon is the best idea you gave there, unless the something is something better

The something is sleep.

Jesus, I think it's been months since I posted here.... I like the new captcha validation tho.

sleep is death

Something like that.
I can't sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time.



I know the feel I barely ever get any now

Greetings, you have not been around much as of late.

I tend to let my body sleep and such as it likes.
The cold keeps me up though. I need a blanket.

I moved.
I just got stable internet today. Plus not many people come here so I lurk if I'm home while I play games with George.

squish post chubby dicks

Oh yes, I had forgotten about you moving.
How are your new accommodations treating you?
Where did you move to anyway?

An apartment.
I'm just telling everyone it's in Iowa to make shit simple. And not bad. Though I have no money after rent, but I'll be back to normal the 6th. Until then I only have potatoes.

why don't you have any? silly


bleh, potatoes.
Is it far from your last place?
I dread paying rent, money issues are something i have yet to face.

I have a sheet and a thing wool blanket. Nothing much. My bed sits on the floor.

You get what you get.

I want to move East.
And it is worth the solitude.

yes daddy

you gotta get yourself at least a nice comforter, it'll fix you right up

Get me this pillow.

Broke. 8 cents till the 6th.

fair point, well um after the 6th?

Depends on how much my first full time check is.

Come west instead. I like west better than east.
Solitude does have it's advantages, are you living solo?

I have prospects out east.
And I am.

I am also going to head to my bed and try to warm up before I sleep.

Alright nini, see you around.

I bet neko would be a good gopher

Another thread.
Another No Show from Smiles.

He would be good at a lot of things.

like taking dick

she says "Speed!!!" ?

Or snorting various powder substances.

Or snorting various powdered narcotics and taking dick at the same time.

like mine


I love how this is secretly about Erin

I am speed

Yan, you are being fisheesush

i played as the dark one


nice SG jinx skin~

pew pew you carried! ♥


The master tier lee sin kept killing himself trying to get me.


she's like Eevee

you showed him!
i even got to ult him a few times!


And everyone knows evee is the cutest.


Vulpix and ninetails
pet them all

I flashed my mastery icon at him for maximum BM.

do you play pokemon?

adorable koume

soiunds like you had fun? :3

Not for the longest time. Handheld gaming no longer turns me on

what does nowadays? besides overwatch?

Skyrim, Rust and R2:TW and FIFA of course.

It was alright.

I miss skyrim.
shame my old save file is stuck on a console.

rome is kinda like civ?

keep me from falling asleep

someone post some nice things

What'cha thinking about right now?


Am bored.
What do?

What kinda things are nice?

Already seen that

Cute girls, cute boys, dank memes, video games.


Have you seen this series?

Anime tittes

Yeah, sort of. I always look at civ as a comicish look at the RTS genre

time for work, later wooka




good luck out there

She's a cutie

Your anime tiddies ?

The series of images. Outdated now I'm sure, but I like them.

founds her randomly on pixiv~

>_< i dont know!

Post anime tidies.

hug me~

That will be $3.95

whats next?

I eat ice cream and watch youtube stuff

i'm just sitting here watchign this:

and thinking about eating my sub.

did you know i watch almost all my youtube videos at 2x speed now?

damn dude
I got blue dreams

I still hate terran



What's wrong with terran?
Besides all terran player being total dipshits?

They lose to them is what is wrong.

Is that not enough?

idk what to do against marines marauders and mediflops

Templars and storm?

they always die before I get to storm tbh I click so awkwardly

You could play TvP against randoms and see how they respond to that unit composition.

PvT is a matchup I know nothing about

Void rays.
Void rays are the best.
Nothing counters void rays.

I'd imagine cyclops, sentries and stalkers beat bioballs late. Early, maybe chargelots? I'm not sure how long it takes to get charge. Archons would do well. Bioballs are slow without stim, so you can use the flying bullshit machines to make them stim at base a bunch and delay attacks. Not too sure though.

Oh, and disruptors. They will one shot everything in a bioball.

WoL meta.

shameful shameful


WoL makes it harder. Archons are best bet early I think, again I don't know how long it'll take to get them or chargelots before laser beams though.

You are being difficult.

fuck thors.

it would be like 60% tvt and 20-20 tvz/p

I'll play as T and go bio a few time if you want.

I will try to play it with you some other day and see if I can figure it out.

This is better, though. He will know what he is doing.

Just play terran.

wtf re you guys talking about

STICKING IT UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



stjärnkraft två

Angry Birds


I don't really have a problem with Terran I just dislike them, I understand them the least and their buildings look like shit.

Speak american you fuckin' terrorists.


스타 크래프트 2

Woooooow clever

Age of empires is funner.

when is why-senpai coming back
i miss him

who is kono mokoto

With the we wuz kings edition?

My girlfriend.

i liked that game... from what little i can remember of it anymore.

I love her, we all should play together more often~
she even called me luka!
do you tell her stuff about threads or something? ._.

Its good

When did they call you luka ?

we played one more together without you.
i was support the team as janna...
unfortunantely... the enemy always has a Brand for some reason... so it was a garen teed loss.
we tried tho...

speaking of supporting~
was my lulu helpful in making you happy? :)

I must of said your name in voice chat or something.

Its was helpful.

oh right in the end game lobby after we lost my janna game.
they called me luka~ before they logged off?

I don't know

were you in skype or somethign?
i didnt see you in any of the discord voice chats.

too bad my teemo couldnt help carry that one game before that tho ;~;





i'm all alone now.

so sleepy

*snuggles with you close*

they say that lil shit you be packin' just a toy

Every part of my body is a deadly weapon.

even your lady parts?

Even my boy hole.

oh my

are we talking about something as mundane as dedly farts

whippin' white girl, that's selena not gomez



facebook.com/100002092447980/videos/1179419292137808/ this happened

bedhuffs for everyone

huffs nana newus


Have you slept yet?


huh. that's actually really neat.


I keep sleeping for like 10-11 hours a day. have some of mine.

You should, Loverly.
Maybe sleeping with Cupcake would help.

They actually put lights and plexiglass under the overlay across the top so it can glow green.

can we exchange it through sex? this would at least distract me plus be hot

you're not wrong on both accounts soon though

This is otp right here.

ah, was wondering about that. I just skipped to the end to see the finished product. very neat.

I guess if there's no other way!

those two are quite cute

it must be done, can we also celebrate every holiday ever by lewd stuff?

I actually enjoy watching the clips of them making it.

Just like you and cupcake.

is there other ways to celebrate holidays?

I don't have enough attention span for that

You sure don't.
I bet you didn't even realize that last one wasn't a Lillie!

this is not wrong

you see, that's the perfect mindset!

of course I did. alola vulpix is one of my favorite pokemon. so pretty.

thank goodness because it's the only one I've got

Feeling any better?

You ruined it.
I was making a joke.
And you ruined it.

gomen gomen



well that and being adorable as fuck

a little bit, just trying my best to let it slip from my mind at least for the night


this is a lie


You'd think you were burning a hole through my clothes with your eyes, the way you stare.


goodness. my new gpu is able to find like 10x as many trips per second as my old one. over 250m a second.

you wish, perv.

this is a truth

I'm not the slut here.
The only one I'd want to see that isn't here.




ded thred

ded community


ded boner

Live boner live.

sthers this guy whos uh
gets lost in ireland and uh
the middle of the nigth so hes looking for some sign of life
he sees up on the hill a little house with lights on so he follows this lng fence up to the tp of the hill and he realizes it's a pub

the pub is completely empty except for the barman
so , he goes up to the bar and he says uh
pint of guinneas please
and the barman says certainly sir, pint of guinnes
as he's pouring it, he says
did you notice that ence as you come up?

The man says, why yes I did, Followed it up here actually, rather nice fence

The barman says, I made that myself. But do they call me Jones the fencemaker?Noooo

the fellow keeps drinking his drink and some time passes and the bartender asks
Do you like this bar? Southern mahogany. I made that

the fellow responds, very nice bar sir, you made that yourself? fantastic

bartender responds, and do they call me Jones the barmaker?Noooooo

he asks, what do you think of that guinness? Do you think I pulled it well? Do they call me Jones the guinness puller? hmm..?

you fuck one goat...

oh no

i did a thing

lewd af

The art is pretty though.

it sure is but I have doubts that matters much to you, lewdo


needs more

(cont. from yesterday)
No but really Rin your legs are gross

just got off work ^W^

Most of them don't have particularly attractive art styles, or are a bit much for me.

Soto, you haven't even seen my legs, you tool.

You're a guy tho lol
Calm down Rin

This is fucking hilarious to me.


they are pokemon porn aren't they? it happens to the characters of that stuff everytime

I am calm ???

It's so fucking great.
Tl of runes is something like "White, eh?"

You mean, like, of them with pokemon?
Because most things so far are her with Satoshi, Luna, or her brother.

I need a sub folder dedicated to OTP.

Also a folder dedicated to her just spraying things with repels.

Can it be canon that repel is basically pepper spray if used on people?

Can't wait for the doujins fam

Also you aren't calm if you're using 3 question marks ^W^


wait who the fuck is a satoshi?

Ash's jp name.

I've been watching the anime in jp way too much recently, apparently.

I've honestly stopped shitposting so much recently
Does this mean I have finally calmed down?

The fights in the anime are pretty lit
I fucking hate his face now tho

Voice recognition password required.
What does it mean when this song plays?

didn't he get hooked by that last girl that cut her hair and stole a kiss?

Become autismo incarnate, and put jp shitpost spam to shame!

The anime fights are actually kinda great.

I'm not sure they're technically official in canon.


I'm actually satisfied with how they animated Dynamic Full Flame.

And also the autist dance before it.

Kinda triggered me that you had to translate that
Nah, I sorta like the normie life
Like everyone at work thinks a normal, well mannered young man and I think I should just ditch this community and like keep it that way

I think you're just a little too much of a Pokemon fan tbh
Like on the autism spectrum

well /a/ sure thought so

You should.
Being normal's actually kind of alright sometimes.

And, dude, if I'd be more surprised if I'm not on the autism spectrum.

Didn't /a/ also think the same thing about Ash and Misty?
And Misty and Brock?
And Ash and Brock?
And Ash and May?
And Ash and Dawn?
And Ash and Iris?
And Jessie and James?
I'm actually, like, 80% sure James is gay.

rin give legjob



But that's lewd. .///.
And you'll just make a mess of them.



I promise I'll clean up .///.

I...... wasn't around for that stuff, well minus like the last two ash couples misty had a nice outfit though