Once more with feeling~ ♥

Once more with feeling~ ♥

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I thought that meant something else entirely.

What did you think it meant?

I won my first placement
Are we gonna do the 1v1 obs or what

I have no idea hence the sheepish 'heh'

That ezreal build

Feelings are gay tbh.

Maybe once I figure out what to build.

I can't tell sheepish over the internet

I just assume it's genuine mild amusement

both were practicly fully stacked too
742/750 mana on transform

Which one?

I am rarely amused here, Colbs.

I will win you over eventually.
You can only resist my charms for so long.

Just yolo it
This was my beginning build and my opponents.
His was bad don't copy it, that's why he lost so early.

is dabbing like the millennial version of a nazi salute


Its what little kids do

unexplained post wank feeling of guilt edition


This is apparently the hot econ Z build. I do a really early ling timing drop so I pool early normally, but this is probably very good.


But then I have to learn what it transitions into.

Also, I am playing Singed right now, so yeah.

The end game builds are gonna be ling/bling/muta, roach/ravager, roach/hydra, lurker/hydra, ultra/ling. For zerg.

I want a pokemon battle with lots of people from the thread

Ill battle you!
Do you have crystal? :)

I do but we can't battle with a gameboy

I WAS excited to do this :(


Rolled 1 (1d3)a


Mildly, jeez.


duskblade for dat pen
range gun extender
both mana thingys pretty much full stack
and ice born

I keep trying to kill myself with destiny bond but my pokemon loves me and keeps getting out of the way

Rolled 3 (1d3)it's been a long day
without you my friend
and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

That was pretty fun actually.


the face when neru and other norways

THAT wasn't.


WTB robofingers
How the fuck do people move so fast

I don't need feminism because I love my big brothers dick

does it filter out trash actions like tapping ctrl+1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 while bored etc

I mean maybe you even could hold ctrl+1 to spam asctions



Gonna swap to WoW unless someone actually wants help in SC2

Wow is for nerds

Mhmm, but I'm only a 1750 shitter and I wanna get better

I do not know what that means, but good luck.

No one cares.

spoilers cares

I will play against shit A.I. more and I will get back to you once I figure out some stuff.


testing League's new fancy webm creator

1v1 me

I am not going to know what I am doing.

Wow will we have so much in common !

I am online.

Let me show my sister my pokemon first.


He just kept
taking in one long
In-credibly un-broken sentence
mo-ving from to-pic to to-pic
So that no one had the chance to
interrupt it was really
quite hypnotic

here's a meme one of my normie friends posted and it reminded me of the furries


Horses are wonderful lovers.

Not this again.


Y-you're a wonderful lover.


SlENdEr mOUth

StATIc Man

I actually hang out with these guys irl

holy shit

how cringey


It's so fucking lolz

Damn we really got fucked up yesterday
Ian went hard
Crazy how easily you can spend 140 dollars on drinks

It's pretty amazing how fast the Christmas decorations went up out there.

Festival of Lights starts the day after thanksgiving in downtown, it gets pretty lit.

We went barhopping mostly though
There was live bands and all this other shit
Was pretty great hanging out with Ian and getting to catch up again. We rarely hangout cause he lives like 2 hrs away now

it's almost time for the 4chan winter ball

Fucking sucks, that. I always had some image of you two becoming roommates to be honest.

Ian is putting in word to get me to be a translator at his job but like that would mean we would have to be roommates, not that I'm against that.

It's just I would kinda miss living right next to my fam and other close friends
Though the pay is tempting

How do you think your odds are of getting that job?

That would be like the sweetest most romantic thing I've heard here
just two wacky guys meeting on an anime shitposting thread and moving in together

What could possibly go wrong?


i need a headshot of soto and a headshot of colbert please

they have good synergy though
this could be the otp of the year

Do you mean pictures of their faces?

This is Colbert.

One more episode of westworld or get angry at vidya?

Go to sleep

Ian assures me I could probably get it easily, since I am pretty fluent.
Apparently the people at his work are shit at translating
lol white people

Then again if it's a majority of white people there then maybe they won't hire minorities lmao

Nigga we've know each other for like 5 years now
Like Ian is one of my few close friends man
Though we do talk about how weird it is that we met on some cancerous avatarfagging threads on Holla Forums and look back at how much shit has changed from then
It's like an indescribable bond
this shits ancient fam

will they do it?

You can see his feet in that picture


Get angry at vidya.

Calm down there Desu

I hope it happens.

Make anime real and don't let your memes be dreams.




Man, that fucking hair though man
What was I thinking

But Elma might beat me to it

ok where is sotooo

yah I joke about it being gay but in all seriousness man that warms my heart that a place like this can bring people together
you guys got good feng shui


at least youre around...

help how do you deal with this

Good evening.

You close that shit game.

I should be alseep. But yes, I am currently around.

school or something tommorow you dont want to wake up for?

Not tomorrow, but on Monday. And I have a lot of homework to do by then.

what's on the home work this time?

Its crazy how I have made good friends irl from these threads

There's a couple of posters

git gud

Group presentation and a group paper. Then a paper due Tuesday and another on Wednesday. And soon after that finals are starting.

So I'd like to die now.


Hey Spoilers. Doing anything cool?

a group eh? i wonder how that's working out.

what's giving you the most trouble ?

i constantly stall my car hhow do i drive gooder

My lack of motivation and procrastinating.

I've barely worked on any of these things so saying any of them have given me much trouble would be a lie. I give myself trouble.


jajaja ayy dios mio

oaaaaaa I fell asleep boof poof passed out and suddenly iti morning

lmfao I bet Ikt stalls while reversing like 5 times

video games seem to be the funner option right?
you can just distract yourself with fun until it's too late?

Are you a time traveller?

lmao i just dont reverse

You should of played arcade games with me in Darwin in star craft instead of sleeping.

You couldn't help being born Asian.

I can't say I'll wait until it's too late.

I just always cut it close. Have my whole life.

just playin vidya with a friend, you?


No but seriously, it's not even that hard


Iwould ha died and not beenable to play anymore because I was asleep dead

If i can do it, so can you.

Tell me what the stuff is about tho... what are you even trying to present? are the papers about similar stuff?

i hunch over my steering wheel and drive 80kph on the highway

A zombie broke my legs and then everyone left me behind except for one person who tried to save me.

All 10 other people died first and we held out until I ran out of bullets.

That's a lot to describe. The presentation is a 45 minute presentation about improving my school's international business program's marketing. The group paper is a case study about some CEO taking over a company in an industry that she'd never worked in before. The paper on Tuesday is about crowdfunding. And the paper the next day is a book report about a pop business book.

aha the krmamaa

Whose beak do I have to facefuck to get some motherfuckin fish over here

Test, be a Luka

Don't do shit and ask for money

It fucking works dude

Just look at Luka


I was holding the team together.

It would be a lot of fun to play some custom games with people

I've looked. My father's a religious man. He says everyone on this earth serves a purpose, though for some of us that purpose is just as a bad example for everyone else.

your father is fuckign savage

And... all you have to pretty much do is...? Write paragraphs on... what you've learned from those peoples experiences in marketing and business, showing that you've learned from their cases?
and somehow present your part of the group project?
Crowdfunding sound like a vague thing to write about, nothing in particular about it? like about setting up a good investments and returns to the public relations and making it, and how it works? or something else about crowdfunding entirely.
pop business? like... coka cola?



sheep tag was the shiz


He does have a point though



I've never heard of that before.

You make a 45 minute presentation sound like it's nothing. We had to make like 40 slides, print up flyers, interview people at our school who've gone abroad, and a sizable amount of bullshitting.

The case study we're supposed to pretend we're a consulting group and help her address certain flaws with how she's running the company. Like how she changed the pay structure from hourly to salary, which demotivated some employees, or how she never directly communicates with employees through memos or company letters and simply expects managers to carry the important information down the ranks.

Legal stuff involving crowdfunding. I'm not going to get the syllabus and read off every topic I need to cover, but I need to fill six pages and that's the truly important part.

And pop business as in it's not deep, higher level stuff. It's at about the intellectual level of a self-help book. Something that you see at the bookstore that says "BE A BETTER MANAGER" or something equally inane.

that was a 8/10 hentai

Hey bby

Wow you didn't even hug me fam
What a friend

Wow, maybe eventually they'll actually complete the "game" they sold for 60 dollars a pop.

you make it sound like its nearly done already.
maybe uh... using wordyness to extend your paper by droning on in long format will help fill up those pages. :)
to avoid being too short / concise.
Lol, you have to study a self help book.

you can be as salty as you'd like
I am satisfied with my purchase and it only gets better and better

It's like Minecraft.

Except literally 30 times more expensive for less content.

He's baiting you Test

How do you heel toe
How do you handbrake if there is no handbrake

im not good help

does minecraft have 18 quintillion planets in it

No he actually genuinely likes the game.

The group presentation is mostly done. It's not completely done though. Same with the group paper. The other stuff doesn't even have drafts done.

Procedurally generated blandness :D

Starbound does.

kinda like a 2D no mans sky.

How are you very good at computer stuff but nor car stuff?
Are you dumb or something?

Goggles is just retarded tho

I would compare it to minecraft too
I feel this is superior to minecraft though
its more fun flying around through space than walking around on large oversized pixels
pretty aesthetic feel
great ambiance to smoke to
and I can play my music on my [ps4 while its playing

nobody ever hugs me

guess... it's all up to mostly proofreading kinda stuff then?
maybe uh to get drafts rolling start some word relation bubbles on some of the core stuff you have to get down in your drafts, so you know where you're taking it? basic stuff. and then build the paper up.
simple things first :) ?
laying out all your ingredients before you start baking.



Good night, Luka

night test

I think Luka is baiting you more tho


* hugs u*

*kisses you*




Sugoi, desu ne!


i was far the fuck out there for a second

GTA V is a good driving simulator.

No wonder youre so shit

I like No Man's Sky.

it's chill, just sadly not what was promised

lmao no wonder youre so shit x2


Could you fathom such an existence?
To explore infinite nothingness to find what hasn't been found. Nothing but your own motivations to keep you going.


me 2 tho

Just want to interject.
It's not exciting to "find what hasn't been found" when what hasn't been found is the same everywhere.

But for just kind of cruising through the stars, or in high altitude, it was alright.

I don't try to convince anyone to like it. I enjoy it for what it is and that's all that matters.


Well, keep in mind that what most people were upset over is that they spent 60+ dollars to get a game what wasn't what they were being sold.

The game felt... incomplete at best, when I played it.

*you too*

Holy shit, 5 girls died this ep

I accidentally slept 13 hours wtf

I might have just accidentally got my pokemon max attack EVs instead of 124.


What's the dumbest thing you did as a kid?

That happened to me once. I was so disorientated when I woke up.

For me it was being born.

Come here.

But if you didn't come here, you wouldn't have met your loving spouse.

jumped off a train bridge


there was a train bridge not in use anymore by a lake? and a bunch of us came up with the grand idea to jump from it

kill me

So, basically just cliff diving, but instead of a cliff it was a bridge?

essentially, except it wasn't like as high as most cliffs for that. it was like 1 and a half the size of a house with 1 floor. the stupid part was mostly that we knew nothing of the bridge's state and we scaled the bridge to get onto it so we could've easily hurt ourselves

I suppose.

I've never been cliff diving, but I've wanted to.
People used to do it a lot up at Duchesnay Falls.

I say a lot.
But because I never went, I don't know if they ever jumped down the falls.

That'd be stupid though.

Wait, isn't Duchesnay really gentle, and not a drop?

Okay, maybe not.

Oh no.
There's an actual waterfall there.

it's a fun experience in general but probably best to make sure you do it somewhere with deep enough water and a safe way up to the top/to the bottom. there are videos of people that don't seem to judge either of those two factors and ouch

I think.

I don't do well with heights, so I would lock up anyway.

I haven't even been to Duchesnay, so I might just be retarded and talking out my ass.

yeee if you are bad with heights don't ever do it, people that back out partially into the jump also have a bad time

Apparently a runner fell 80-90 feet down the encampment at the falls, and had to go to the hospital.

I'm beginning to think I'm just retarded and talking out my ass.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie though.

And I don't do half measures, the hardest part for me is just the ability to look down and see just how high I am.

probably gonna need to look own to dive

Well, yes.
But if I can get over that much, then I should be fine.

true, also I caught a pichu today. she is adorable

Nice desune.

Did you see what I said last night?

maaaybe, what was it just in case?

Something like "I'd rather Mimikyu, but Ribombee is just easier to get."

oh yuh I'm gonna get a mimikyu one way or another so it's gonna be named Rin!

Also, Shiny Ribombee is bae.


that's adorable as fuck

It's always adorable.
Shiny just takes it that extra step.

Ribombee has a good shiny.

what does a shiny pichu look like though?

Very slightly more orange.

lame I was hoping for something really badass

There are a lot of shinies that, if you weren't paying attention, you might think were just normal Pokemon.

wew that is disconcerting

why did this show have to suck it should be awesome...

Jigglypuff goes from being pink, to being magenta.

I wouldn't know the slightest difference between those colors as I can't think of a color for magenta aside from reddish

From something like this.

Hey wait, I can just do this.

Don't blink!
That Jigglypuff might be shiny!

the most obvious is the eyes but the body is lighter on the bottom

Lightness is the same in both.
The shiny texture is a tiny bit more blue.

And if you don't spend a lot of time staring at jigglypuff, you can easily miss the eyes.

Garchomp in Gen6

Shiny Garchomp in Gen6.

Remember that you'll only very rarely have these side beside comparisons in standard play.

New filtering is pretty good, it doesn't just hide the post but it actually removes it entirely.

neat! anyway I'm gonna get a few hours of sleep, laters rin!

Rest well.

its cool until someone makes a new thread

who do you even filter

good point

heavy blogging mostly

coming from a pretty piss poor poster thats hilarious


coming from the most autistic poster thats hilarious

it's only like 2 people though

it's not as if other people seeing other peoples posts effects you or not

salt. my favourite



naturally, this place is all you have so any kind of interaction you have here is your favorite :^)

keep on projecting, i love cinema

yes i quite viddy a good cinnie myself

damn right fam

♫If you're autism and you know it come to Holla Forums♫
♫If you're autism and you know it come to Holla Forums♫
♫If you're autism and you know it♫
♫and you really wanna show it♫
♫If you're autism and you know it come to Holla Forums♫


oh good it's elma bread not brid

i was getin a bit sick of brad

We need a fuwafuwa thread.

burd is stale

Why do I need my island trial amulet if I'm already champean?

Shouldn't I have some better representation of my title?

btw scoot just leave mugen alone, it became clear that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is probably insanity.

he's happy to be the kid nobody wants to play with cause they always tell their mom, gotta accept that.

Lol what

how we always mess with him over mod stuff, and he always ends up taking it to heart and getting all upset?

that isn't going to change. no point even engaging him.

Who is the mommy here?
It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.


yeah it would. there is no mommy, just the closest parallel i can find is the kid who gets secretly butthurt all the time and tells their parents about what you were doing, so you never let them come when you go out to play.

y u do dis 2 me

little bitch xD

not, you, i love you to pieces badr

just filter him. s'what i did.

thanks mama orin

goodnight sweetheart ❤️


good point


as i said to erin multiple times, people other than myself misinterpreted her 'playing' as sincere. so like after an hour of trying to explain conversation isnt a one way street she sent me that and totally disregarded what ive said and then scared yan with talk of slitting her wrists


You guys enjoy your schoolyard squabbles, I'm going to go play in traffic for a few hours.

Sure mashed potato face

rin u are my waifu

you guys hear about the acrobat who used rin's unibrow as a tightrope balance

he couldn't handle the stench of rotting decking and washing machine components and he died



jeez dont post that

yet you wont ban sci

the report didnt hold up







wait i was baited


mugen as much i dislike furries i think erin is way worse so im on ur side, okay?


go moog


lol k

Enjoy your feeling

he sold me tobacco too.

much more tobacco than i could afford, which i tried to refuse, but he didn't catch on why and said it's fine just give him cash whenever

we have very different accents and don't communicate very well, he talks slow and mumbles, i talk very quickly, we basically don't understand each other at all

same guy that one time i tried to get weed off and accidentally got cocaine instead

can you imagine if i had been single

awkward sex where we're both like "what?" every two minutes


i also never got that toilet roll

when scottish people saw wot it sounds like gunther the penguin

scoot i'm watching carry on cabbie, smoking cheap hash, and drinking tea, am i english yet

this lil puppers never stops teething

what is this language

oi that's my hair colour

fuck it i'm going pink

and it is two scottish dialects, mine invernessian, his ayrshire

fokkon scots they be mystery

scottish people tend to do a thing where they type like they speak, and scottish accents are so strong they're basically made up words


i don't do it, or ad be goan oan lit this aw e time n nae cunt wid hae a clue wit am oan bit

so i don't

Are you unironically subbed to Real ℒℴѵℯ ❤?

that accent sounds hot



well. id know. but i don tthink many others would

ikt what is this

Bad music and your name reminded me of the channel.

oh it's just a future funk thing

is it actually a bad selection or are you just saying that because it's future funk

it isn't

yeah, you'd know, but reading in phonetics is the easy part, you also have to have listened to enough scottish people for the phonetics to make sense

The second thing.

Ikt what is this

oh then i'll have to see what they got

owo what's this


youre a boring empty worthless person imo total waste of everyone's time and leave me alone

that is how stupid foreigners think

owo lunch *pat*

do you find lots of scottish people in england scoots?

i found a new zealander in glasgow once, but i was at a hotel.

i found an american in the doctors a few weeks ago.

It's only 11:59, that's way too early for lunch.



the new zealander was worried cause he had ran out of skins and didn't know if we smoked rolling tobacco in scotland and he'd be able to buy more.

yeah man, we do, it's cool, lol

Did I say something wrong?

ive come across a few, it is always nice to hear that poetic dialect and twang.
kind of miss holidaying in gretna and stranraer

You only said one word, it's pretty hard to say something wrong in only one word.

neat, i was wondering, cause on english shows like jeremy kyle and other shows with scum made in england, i often here scottish accents, and i'm like huh, you're a bit far from home for a scum talking like that

The reply made it come off as unfavourable.

one of them was on crack.

i wonder if they moved south just for the crack.

southern crack on craic

you know, I should really call CPS

call the cops, not cps, you might accidentally get some innocent persons kids put down lol

u wot

When you want to be thin and beautiful and you see fish post and you vomit up all those carbs 👍👍😁


I was dinner.

erin post vocaroo I need to hear that accent

just sayin, like you hear fighting and kids suffering, and you're like fuck that's awful those kids need to be put down, but it might just be like a one off thing and the people are normally perfect parents, so get the cops to check it out and decide rather than calling cps directly.

fish is disgusting

post it again scoots, maybe it'll have an effect this time

"im leaving forever"



I was just salty elma didn't like me anymore


not to be mean fish but why would anyone like you

What did you have?

can't wait to be a turboslut again

It really hurts to think of the kind of person that would want to sleep with you

im in real actual distress here

Chicken breast! Did you breakfast yet?

I maked lunch

Skipping breakfast or combine?

I always wake up too late for breakfast.

Me too! Today I woke up in time for coffee though.

Yeesh :/
Anyways I'm going to sleep. Nighty night.

owo night

I'm special.

It's always coffee time!

Coffee should only be used during emergencies.

When America breaks your penis

Waking up is an emergency.

(Can't wake up)

But then you become dependent on it to wake up.

Coffee is for greasy italians


What does coffee have to do with italians? Finnish people are the ones who drink the most coffee out of anyone.

That is why you replace it with cocaine and other stimulants later on. No more coffee dependency.

Because Italy popularized coffee throughout European and thus Western Civilized Society.
Stupid racist mobster Italians.

Very smart.

Italians are coffee snobs
My kind of people

ban caffeine

Tea is superior.


Like now? It's 8!

Every morning is an emergency.

oh boy i sure do love spending 25 hours doing nothing but editing fucking spreadsheets

that sounds kinda nice tbh, i should start doing that


Would you use a 60% keyboard?

no, that would be incredibly daft

I bought one :D

waste of your money tbh
shouldve bought buckling springs

Just having a soda right now while getting rekt in shootan games

They're so expensive though.


inb4 Model M
Those are just crappy membranes with 2KRO.

Which shootan gaem? I might wanna get one for me.


dare he iz


kek, i just invaded sargon of akkad with my twink build and stole his humanity

either get a proper model m or a unicomp

Model F > Model M

Capacitive switches with NKRO > Membrane with 2KRO!

I killed anri and fucked a quest line. Guess i have to play through ds3 17th time.

dark souls is shit


Kind of like you.

buckling springs tho



why do I keep finding love for units and characters that I find fun but people hate playing against

Membrane + buckling springs*

does the membrane part matter if you dont feel it and it still fucking works 22 years later?

Grab her by the membrane

But the model F is objectively better.

omg you can't just assume her switches

i tried to find robbie rotten memes on tumblr but it's all gay shipping

its also significantly more money

ur gay ship


But aren't we going for the best?

If money is an issue, a cheapo membrane will do as well :^)

if money is no issue, wheres your overclocked xeon e5-1650 v6?

*pat pat*

My friend evolved a bunch of my pokemon today.

ye ok

6 cores with xeon binning

No unlocked multiplier

yes there is

Wan wan

Xeons? Xeons don't have unlocked multipliers.

Oh, a pupper now?







the e5-1650 does