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Very nice




thought you'd appreciate it.


well that's not going to work. I like boobies.
especially small ones like that.

Fuck Taiga

worse than fucking Asuka


Fellate me.

don't make it gay.


It's a generic insult Cup, don't make it gay by implying it's anything more than that.


Good thing I could play all races and am willing to re-learn them.

actually it's not a generic insult. it's deeply rooted in the homophobia this country still has so much of deep down. the very fact that telling another male to "suck it" or "suck my dick" or "fellate me" is an insult is based on the fact that presumably, to the average straight male, the very thought of having a dick in their mouth is one of the best insults you can throw at them.

it's a generic insult

what are you, gay or something?

So, you're offended by the insult, or you're offended at the presumable homophobic connotations you're imagining.

Either way, it's an insult, and my final goal to insult you was realized.

You're the one that made me insult you on multiple levels.


a generic insult is non specific. "suck my dick" is specifically an insult for the reason I already stated.

that being said, all insults are completely meaningless. offense is taken, not given.

I'm not offended in the slightest. in spite of everything I said being accurate that doesn't change the fact that an insult means nothing. like I said to grim above, offense is not given, it's taken.

But you don't have the time, do you?


rip electro mouse
died in snot bubble

Offense is taken

Not given

go take a dick you homo

Doesn't really matter. I've clearly said my end goal was to insult you.

hi welam

He played like 10 games last night.

Hihi Grim!

literally what I said.

I'd love to.

y-you big bully! ugguuu

I meant to greentext it for like ironic meme purposes

Yup, gg, no re

go take one then

what's good nigra

so you disagree

I never stood a chance against such a master...

you offering?

I just got up lol

Mentally preparing to either bail out on visiting my Pops or going to visit my Pops iunno

What's up witchu?

Pfft. I don't have opinions.

I need this context.

Yes yes.

and now that you've won you're going to have your way with me

Or the skill.

They were under 13 minutes.

Yeah, sure.

You can make me a sandwich and bring me beer.

you need cock

well your pops likes you better than your mam right?
should be ok
I had a nice deluxe breakfast
thick cut bacon with eggs and toast

then I played some shitty mobas with a friend of a friend who gave up and went all emo with me
now I am angrily shitposting


classic itg grim

what is itg

what the fuck dude


Oh right, you want homo things.

Uhhh, you can wear a dress or whatever.




so forgetful lol


I don't know lol

That sounds good. I'm eating a swiss cheese sandwich.

So you're still getting rekt over your vidya? ;p

what the hell?

Yep yep.

Don't forget the chips.


Just learn Zerg, Blizzard loves them.

Nah man
I did fine

I was the angry dragon lady

everyone else not so much

then they fucking surrendered right as I got a triple kill

fucking pussies

I hate my short term memory

puuulease. of course I'm not gonna forget the chips, I know how to make a sandwich meal, geez.

But that is what Echo likes too.


i meant emotionally

I hate my memory in general. so good at remembering everything horrible, so bad at remembering anything else.

I need a bird.

Lost a lot of bets I see.

pfft no, I just know what goes well with sandwiches. I used to eat them a ton.

4 course sandwich meals with chips

Gourmet sandies, be impressed

Then pick Terran because they're the other one that's not Protoss

it's not the games
it's the people

well if you need to remember something important just fall on your face or something so youll remember it

Oh, well good.

I expect a good sandwich then.

I bet Cupcake kisses girls

DT rush not so effective anymore?

sure grim that makes a ton of sense

it'll be pretty damn good. do you like them cut in half diagonally or just across the middle like a crazy person?

eww. not in a long time at least.

Hi Mandy.

It's all the same to me :p



That is what I have been doing in Wings of Liberty. I miss cheesing with vultures and mines.

It is not much of a rush when it takes Neru forever to get them.

so even crazier than a crazy person. at least tell me you like pickles.

it's okay I did that a couple times, don't tell anyone

this dude is reservoir dogs screams like a girl

Did you see the Phoenix mine sacrifice VOD?

You'd scream like a girl if you got shot too I bet.


I am completely unaware of any SC2 content, so no.

I only scream like a girl when singing falsetto or orgasm.

I'm gonna tell everyone.

have you never seen it before?

I...I don't...I have no words.

I see.


If you do I'll cry

And if I cry I can't get your christmas gift~

Apology accepted

I'm very picky.

I didn't do anything wrong.

It was pretty disgusting.

I like the part where steve buscemi has horrible teeth.

why would you get a homo like me anything you crazy person?

there's picky and then there is insanity. not liking pickles is the later.

You assumed my screaming gender omg

I can discern the rage.

Meh. I'm not particular on anything that's been brined.

Because sicko, you're a fucking friend


and that's insane!


The instant RQ with no gg

oh and you're right ducky, I bet I will like the harpymom. burd is best burd.

You know me, only the weirdest and best taste~

I'm the most insane, yep.

Mom monsters are best monsters


you can't see it but I'm rolling my eyes super hard

you don't have to be so proud of it.

well. papi. so. yeah no.

Is luck of the irish mandy?

You must teach me.

You should ask them

I dont have any animals rolling their eyes, so this will have to do.

Except Papi-mom is included in this. Check-mate

Yeah well, free sandwich and beer service.

Nah, I'm just me

Heya Everyone.

No. I would be embarrassed.

Mandy should post more. I miss him.

Suu *~*

no. very old friend from the pony threads.

papi mom can't beat papi, there's just no way.

who said free?!



Hello there, nice too meet you. ^^

Ah. How are ya cup?

The service is free.

I think you'll like her regardless.

Mermaid mom is weakest mom tho

It wasn't even me who did that!

likewise. you're from /lewd/ right?

same as always, squash. how are you?

I'll find a way to extract payment.

makes sense. she's the weakest of the bunch to begin with. the mermaid that is.

Mhm, that I am, that and from the Discord Bard invited me from.

Uh-huh, sure.

Alright i suppose. Living on my phone sucks. Cant wait to have internet on monday.

Where the fuck is SPIDER MOM THO

I know, but you are still better and have a vast game knowledge relative to me.

I bought the expansion.

cool cool.

I always find a way.

hopefully it gets set up fast and without complications.

I'm sure she's just a bit tied up for now.

The fact that she isn't doing the tying offends me greatly.

Well, the alcohol is on the high shelf. You won't be getting any of that.

I should've never gotten neru on bnet..

I guess so! How are you doing today?

tfw I was going to buy it for you

I'm suck at the game though

Do you hate your choice because she plays League less?

I hope so. Im out of space on my phone to save porn.

yeah well the joke had to work somehow.

I will get my own alcohol. with blackjack. and hookers.

every day for me is a meaningless slog to the next sleep. how about yourself?

Worst means sausage in Dutch.

truly your life is a tragic one.

I was not sure if you were serious. You can buy yourself something nice instead.

You cannot be worse than me, even though it would be the blind leading the blind.

isn't that "wurst"

lack of spider mom is no laughing matter, Cup.

This is serious

Not im my house you're not.

Im trying not to talk about whats actually bothering me.

I still have subtle for league.
Well that kinda died out too but I don't mind playing solo.
But no, that is not the reason.

Well, I've got a meeting with a therapist on Monday, so that should go well, I hope. Other then that, I'm just waiting till I get tired enough too fall asleep.

What is the reason?

maybe spider ate her mom.

alcohol for me is a deal breaker.

well I wasn't aware something was actually bothering you or I'd have been more sensitive.

this is a good place to pass the time, that's for sure.

Spider waifu wants no competition

Shame, I've loads.

Something is always bothering me. I just try not to get into it anymore. I wouldnt worry haha.

Well I'll look to pass the time here then, I've got about 3 more hours into me.

I thought we'd play a couple of games here and there not that there not that it would snowball.
I don't really enjoy it that much.
I originally wanted to play something else too.

That's German we don't speak about that language.

is spider your favorite?

you just said you weren't going to share!

yeah okay, me.

time melts away here pretty fast. I've been in and out all day while playing video games and watching anime and it's already been like 10 hours.

I don't want anything though ;;

We already know this fact.


Uhh, I'm not sure where most of my time has gone to be honest. I've just spaced out for the most part.

I kind of need to pass out for a bit. Back later.

You can use it on someone special.

I said I wasn't going to pay you with it.

shower. maybe other stuff. bye bye.

if I knew I had forgotten. pretty good choice. I like all the choices they have for the main cast other than dullahan, which is just fucking weird. spider is good for me because of the bondage thing, obviously.

time has a tendency to get away from you like that, yeah.

silly old bear.

later, squashinator.

Yeah, I wish I was more productive, but in recent months I've lacked a lot of motivation, so I've just coasted through it, not doing much.

I'll buy him $30 worth of League skins

I do not think he has used the Jinx skin you gifted him.

Yeah, he hasn't been playing much. We did some ARAMs the other day though.

You could get him back on SC2.

But then he'd beat me.

thatis actually a comfy thing about starcraft games are so short

The longer ones are more entertaining to watch though

Dullahan is cute, in a childish 2edgy4u kinda way

I-is starcraft ez



If you're good at keeping track of multiple things at once while moving units around strategically then yes

I hope Subtle sees it.

I can't even move myself around without losing track of it all ;;

You're Korean so ya

He's at a taekwondo thing this weekend

he's actually staying with me this weekend

oh nice

Sounds like my exam papers. I have like 100.000 characters I need to write for 15th of december

He's so active. I wish he'd share a bit.

losing with 6 dragons sure feels fair.

wasit assassins

no, it was 2/13 adc and 3/11 katarina top the dream.
Felt like I was alone on the team
I got every single dragon, elder spawns, we have a chance to turn the game and noone even bothers to ward it.



In retrospect,
buying sc was a pretty dumb idea.

Aww. I'm not a hoe :(

How's it been?


Ithink I bought it to play worm wars with yttrium

teach me how to get good

It's been shit, but at least it's been interesting.

Should've waited for Emma.

I don't remember why I bought it.
I think I wanted to play ranked but you turned me off.
I wanted to do campaign too but it's bugged.

And with that im awake again.

I get supply blocked these days and I do not even know the units.

aaa the strategies I tried were not even that cheese compared to some of the stuff people do in ranked

it makes it fun to be honest

Yeah, me too

Too humiliating.

Losing is not fun.
Losing is never fun.

Such as ?

Didn't realize you had a problem with that.

I do not think I can even beat the A.I.

She likes to gloat.

have you tried ranked

what was cheesy that I did actually

It's not too shabby, m9. Just livin the Welma lyfe ^~^

Glad you're doing well~

Ah. Everyone left. Ill be back later i guess.

losing starcraft is usually fine with me because 1v1 andit was my fault and I did not have a team to blame and I could learn from it for next time somebody tries the same thing and I have a strange feeling of deja vu having posted this exact post before somewhere

Let's 2v2 vs AI

4v4 hard ai

Very well. Put on your carry pants.


Joke's on you, I'm not even wearing pants



Oh, yeah, that, right.

No not really, don't feel ready, I don't think my mutaspam is going to work on people that actually play the game.
How do you even ask.

What's Welma lyfe these days?
Something something change is better than a stereotype, even if for the worse so I don't complain.

It's probably better to lose because of yourself than someone else, at least there's a degree of control over that.
Still knowing you suck stings.

Wanna play ? I think I need a short break from the mmr grind.

Um, I don't know. Saving money for my stuff and trying to be cute when I go out and be social I suppose. Lots of shopping.

I have no idea where that second part was going lmao


sucking is the first step to not sucking unlessyou are korean and can skip the first step

No DT's allowed.

That was sounds casual af.

Casual like bad? What were you expecting?

Snorting coke off whores n' stuffs.

I don't do drugs anymore, thanks.



You fucking suck

I got worried during that first all-in.

With the roaches? I was getting off damage with the adepts


I have no idea what is going on in these games.

But we're winning

They are losing purposely to get us a higher difficulty A.I. and make us weep in shame.

1/2 of the 2v2 was against the hardest A.I already though.

Oh. Fucking shitters.

We need to wait for DeepMind to make harder A.I.

When I was in highschool I skipped classes one day to get drunk at a concert, I think the karma caught up with me this game in the form of my team.

At least the A.I. says gg before ragequitting.

But that is simply your typical League game.

Less bm than most players.

What was that F2 thing, though?

How can people be this bad though.
Save me.

No, am useless.

F2 selects all your army units.

You did that and moved them out so the marines at the Xel'naga towers moved away from them

Useless is still better than counterproductive.

Oh, I had not even noticed they were there. I have it bound to tilde.

They can be the same.

doing nothing beats feeding.

Have you not played with Luka?

It's a nice button but it makes me lazy with grouping units.
Then I press it and kill my warp prisms because dumb.

Yeah, it is more comfortable than going 1A2A3A4A.

But Luka got better at the game.

It should exclude warp prisms and observers though


Easy: stop building them.

who is still here that I like?

No, he really did.
I mean he's not amazing but last time I played with him he was better than I remembered.

But adept drops are so busted



I play with him periodically when Tristan invites him to ARAM, and every time I end up disappointed.

I should probably read what the units do at some point.


Normals are worse.

aram is almost as reddit as pornoking


At least you have control over normals.
Arams are literally; who has more poke autowins.
or whoever has sona.


Hi Grim


No, I mean he plays worse in them.


So just play normals with him.
Or you know, just don't play with him.

Ilike u too


He plays worse in normals than in ARAM.

I try not to.


Zealot - Charge at people
Stalker - Anti-air plus cool blinks
Sentry - Makes forcefields and shields
Adept - Cheap scouts and harass
High Templar - Energy sniping or dank AoE
Dark Templar - Invisible cheese with blink
Archon - Giant shield and nice AoE
Observer - Invisible detection
Warp Prism - Mobile pylon
Immortal - Tanky tank killer
Colossus - Hnng AoE
Disruptor - AoE ball attack thing
Phoenix - Picks things up, good against mutas
Oracle - Nice scout and probe harass
Void Ray - Good against bigger air units I guess
Tempest - Might be OP now
Carrier - Almost free units but they're shit

That is helpful. Thank you.

Dark templars have blinks now? What the fuck is this bullshit game?

areyou for real


Yes, it's fantastic.

I couldn't get out of bed.


Did any of you transgender whatever-the-fuck sexual shitty fungal rimjob degenerates kill yourselves yet because of Trump?
Hope so. That was the point to it.

Tri-gender Pyro fox*

Trump Heil

ignore filename

I just realized festival plaza missions are really easy and give you shittons of fc

I really want to find a way to get good plaza shops like the ones that sell you moomoomillks and such

Talk to people in your plaza and ask them if they'll recommend any, and see what you get.
To control it more you can try to VIP people off the internet.
I cbf, honestly.



He doesn't really give a shit about LGBTQWTF+ people.

Really signals the dusk of you special faggot snowflakes

Each and every day I bathe in the tears of evolutionary dead ends, fuckin' glorious

He won't give a fuck about 70% of the shit he said
He won't keep more than half of promises
Oh would ya look at that, I was right. Again. Told ya he will become a fuckin' softcore pussywhipped cunt as soon as he gets close to office.

Now I understand how to play.

This is why we can't have nice things.

It's not even that good

You are the one who tries to 6 pool.

It's more just mildly funny at this point to see the rationalizations of people and the disconnect surrounding it. He's doing token politician actions and there's this weird "but it's different when he does it" from supporters and detractors.

What is this pairing even

He will end up the same as everyone else. I wanted him to win so the whining neo-liberal pretense progressive sensitive cucks would shut the fuck up, but they don't.
GG, same shit, different asshole

It's still pretty annoying.


Politics in general is just everyone whining.
The last eight years have been whining that everything is going to Sharia Law under a Muslim president and that being white or male are somehow illegal now.


this game

Is that not standard.

how's your game going

If everyone would just shut the fuck up and finally focus on progress
Oh wait, no.
Nuclear holocuast is our only hope, some linked that to Trump but that won't happen too
I kinda feel sorry for the The Wall tho, wanted to take a picture with it

won just now, fucking hour long.

bless your soul

ill let you break however long you like

lmk when you're ready to go again

Relogging now.
Only need around 5 minutes for tea

You don't know the definition of pretty annoying until new siege tanks

You do that.
I love to drink [redacted].

I hate terran

eh? new siege tanks ?

git gud

That's kind of the problem, though. Almost everything is regressive currently, based in some belief that not disadvantaging groups means you're discriminating against a majority when that's not really how anything works. So it sort of leaves it in the awkward state of people that either refuse to accept there's progress being made because they aren't benefiting disproportionately anymore or the people way too eager to just throw money at said minority groups without really addressing the issue.




I want one


have this instead

Only if [redacted] makes them.

Well this all means to nothing to me to be honest.
I still don't know stats or abilities of 70% of all units.
I wasn't kidding when I said I was new.
This isn't like Darwin or Dustyny bragging how shit their mechanics are, I have literally no idea what is going on.


This pic is really good

but only from the chest up

It's NeuroFunk

I have never heard this kind of music before

but I like it

I think darwin on sc2 is like going from league to dota or strife butyeah

As a Protoss you can't really do anything against a Terran until you can get Tempests because tanks are pretty good units now.

I guess the counter nerf to that was that Terran has a pretty shitty early game so you hope you harass enough to get a decent lead towards your Tempests.

The fat cow that works under blondie?

pretty much.

Good to know.
Might try that against neru in the near future.
She already hates terran.
Though it is my least played race and my apm is shit.
I'd be more motivated to learn the game properly if I didn't have a single person to play with not counting darwin.

So you only want to play against Darwin?

Yeah and we keep babbying them like that helps for shit. So, how the fuck would ya adress that issue? Without a civil war, you can't. Trump got cucked in days and even that ended up in rabid violence from the useless and the incompetent.

Yep, we are desperatly in need of mass genocide.


No, I just want more people to play with than Darwin and Neru

You can't ever fix an issue if you refuse to acknowledge it exists.
Equality is more about pragmatism than anything. If a group has legitimate complaints and discrimination against them, then everything will be twisted into justified.

Wicke needs Jenny Craig.

Oh, there are a ton of people on ladder :^)

I guess.

do not scroll past this post without watching video:

What a popular pose

I bought sc2 last year to play it with him but I don't have it installed. I also can't into RTS.

Here's another one


Is there a group with legitimate complaints? So far pragmatism only proved itself with street looting and shitty chanting.
I'm not an american tho so do tell

She didn't really seem that big to me.
A bit thick, maybe, but not, like, fat.

The upper range of healthy, I guess.


Racism and sexism still very much exist in any society in minor but still varying degrees of meaningful ways. So they can use it as an excuse to their benefit. It's neither nonexistent nor outright detrimental to those groups but exists in some form. It's the inch they can take a mile from because it exists in the first place.

It exists everywhere. You work too, you know people, as long as different kinds of those motherless knaves exist they will dislike the other for whatever the reason. Its better and much more simple to generalize so everyone goes with that, there is no answer.
So, your point is that no rational solution exists, aye?

Address whatever inequalities, perceived or real, there are so there's no real ability to even complain over so that not every molehill becomes a mountain that race/gender/sex/sexuality gets involved in. To be frank, so I can stop hearing about every group claiming to be disadvantaged and the weird denial groups of "I'm not racist/sexist/homophobic/etc but it's all them blacks/gays/women/etc fault for crying". Neither seem to be very rooted in reality most of the time.

yeah no

I will into SC2 again in like half an hour if you want.

The status quo you are implying used to exist until the faithful day of your very own election results. I know you are trying to stay objective but you must be aware that one side really fell on the other ass of that horse
The side which stopped crying beat the side which can't stop. So, what now?

Policies will be put in place that will invariably disproportionately affect groups that will give those groups even more room to use as justifications for their own actions.
In the modern information age that everything is on display in, the more you push against a group, no matter how minor, the more sympathy they'll get for their actions.

You're just furthering a rift between groups at that point.

What a night.