Aight, let's do this!

Aight, let's do this!

Leftover turkey edition♥

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Ill stuff your turkey.

whis's father is a shota, it's weird

Do you people realize how difficult it is to find a turkey baster on Thanksgiving day???

There are none! NONE!

Spoiler alert x_x

Unless you mean Zen-chan.

I question what you were doing with a turkey baster.


Did you hear Mimikyu's Rap yet?

We needed to baste the turkey obviously.

Ended up using one of those flavor injector syringe-y things. It worked for what we needed and maybe even better so cause the injecty part^^

I'm going full retard lmao

why the fat porn

catch them for her

no bully

Rin stop showing everyone my rap video it....its was just for you....

I found the cartoony nature funny.


GET IT [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of those are pretty neat recipes, especially the ones where you're just injecting whole things inside it but those have all been roasts that I've eaten.

r u sure ur not sum sorta freak

Anime girls

I'm sure I've already caught it.

No matter what you call it, fat is still gross.

I am called spoilers, you should expect this
their family is cute as fuck though

I had not but god damn that's cute and I really want a mimikyu now

Mimikyu should be shared with all though.
He just wants some friends!

Poor guy...

Eh. I just jerk it to whatever.

you've been self-identifying as jaded for years.

Luka doesn't get why some people don't talk to them. probably feels somewhere between annoyed and rejected. but jaded just means it doesn't phase you. making fun of them or talking about them behind their back? jaded implies apathy. never go full tsuchi. especially since you're at least aware of better ways to deal.
being too jaded to care about being mean and being mean are the same thing to the person on the receiving end. honestly, you're smart enough to know that knowing it's not about you is one of the answers to being better and yea, even happier. superior too if you wanna go there.

I caught him and now he has lots of friends.

Hes very good for sitting in my first slot and tanking wild pokemon while I spam run.

chill out user


Try it

are you ashamed after

i am sometimes

that word is a good name
sleeping outside in the rain is nice btw, you guys should try it

I am aware that yes i could be acting better, but i am apathetic to how i treat people like luka. It also helps to vent by using someone like luka and again its not good but i have no respect for luka and do not wish them well.

Oh, like when you put like whole cloves of garlic in them? Yeah, that's pretty cool. I like making stuffed [x] mushrooms, peppers, burgers. Anything deserves an additional food inside it tbh lol

*shrugs* I just think Whis is the most darling. HUGE crush on him lol

Do you want to try the weebest card game of your life ?

Ilike this game

i got a tatoo on my tongue today
because i licc the taco

no its not

stop baiting people into hypothermia

And that's anyone else's problem how?

Never. I simply learn to enjoy it. I dont plan to bring some things to the bedroom but its just a cheeky wank and i know that.


I tried that old pokemon one on tabletop sim
so I'm kinda good for now
tell me about it tho


at least if Luka's reading this, she understands the sort of person you are~

Is it usually big hairy guys that draw this stuff or skinny guys that want big hairy guys

Did you give up on SC2?

fair enough

he has a point, being like the cuck gilgamesh is not something anyone wants to do

we see far more of him so ye so far he's been the best, can't say for sure about the others as I've only seen bits of them in comparison

I like making stuff peppers a lot, either poblanos, bell, or jalapenos.

Luka is too stupid to put that puzzle together, user~

Obviously only girls draw that.

I dont think its any one group.

boi is that drool

I think the fact its fantasy is what makes it ok for me.

the tatoo was surprisingly tasty

Because its fun and you might like it.



and smole tiddes

This is the "Grim" card

I have not met any women today that want a guy like dat

Yes which is why I used "usually"



do you have them in higher res my dude


Most artists dont show their face or body due to the arts stigma. It is honestly anyones guess.

Ill be your fantasy.

Dunno, don't watch the show lol

Peppers are the best. I love 'em.

There was some shitty movie/show with a plot about tongue tattoo drugs and now that's all I can think about.

Thank goodness.

I'm dilated bro i'm tripping taco b alls

then what do spoilers matter? if I tell you they are angels it doesn't really do much lol

i'm sad that i didn't make the strawpoll for dumbest poster
i dont even have a degree

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are pretty easy to make, too.

nvm I found them

im talking to my sister again

I like this one a lot

You are not winning that one.

I'm gonna say big guys that want other ones

Are you not about that size?

I did not know you had a sister.

Mass paranoia drug movies/shows are hilariously awful.
Like anytime Law and Order involves drugs. It's hilarious.


They are animated in game!

Could be.

There was a recent poll for the dumbest poster?

Mine was for the mostest biggests dumby face


Same girl


Hows that going

its 38 and raining outside
i was out there for nearly an hour just laying down on my deck. it was really nice/relaxing tbh

ur unibrow is dumbest face xD

shes out sarcasming me

Is that bad?

It was a joke considering your name rogl

Yum. Anything baconwrapped and anything jalapeno yumyum

@ grim

this is my favorite one

They have a rem and ram card too

ye I know

you should record the animations for me

he will be remembered

oh so you had shelter




I'm still getting fat off leftovers.


i didn't. i was in shorts and a shirt, no socks/shoes.

that's kinda weird bebo.

Its called "Remi and Rami"

I got all the animated cat girl cards

They give you A LOT of free cards when you start playing

I got like 60 packs and they each have like 8 cards in them

ye it's hard to tell cause at least 2 other people here actually watch the show, sorry elms

shes great

truly my sibling

pretty lit

What has you back in contact?



I think i'll pass.

The art and voices look nice and all. the story seems kinda interesting.... but i'm just not interested in the gameplay.


Can I get that hiker?

i've done it before and posted about it here in the past as well
im somewhat used to sleeping on rocks in the middle of the woods too though so yeah i guess

I didn't grab leftovers again this year specifically because of that.

Oh.. no worries.

Its WEEBstone

extended family member told me she wanted to get in contact

had been 10 years

so i gave her my number

Well that wasn't the word I used but sure uwu

Thats pretty cool. How long have you been talking?

still a fan of what you named the pics lol

few hours

I do not care for the euphemisms. No, I am the opposite. Gotta go again. Bye.

You should've just got pounds of turkey/ham.

But we were supposed to play league ;~;

you will use the 3d sprite




Im glad you are getting along with her. Always good to have family you can connect with.


lol thanks

I named them that when I was on a big rap/freestyling kick :p

Nah. I don't like being fat lol

yeah i can apparently curse when i talk to her too so thats a plus for me dont have to be filtered

2:29 AM - The Brown Recluse: puffy vulva?

when is a good studio going to pick up claymore and breathe some life back into it


Is she basically a girl you?


no she likes overwatch apparently

My question was never answered
none of them were

You're underweight so it's not like it's a real concern.

Once i have money i can get it for you and shit so you can play with her. And me ...


Is so damn puffy you want to poke it.

I was asleep!!
Also I hope you have a whole folder of her. I never bothered to crop all the caps.

after Beserk

if you flick it it'll spring right back at you

My thoughts are totally pure.. except when they're not.

I don't know how much I weigh but I have a bit of belly pudge now and I hate it.

if F4F made a Teresa/Clare statue, I'd buy it in a heartbeat

Then you will answer them now.
And this folder is large but I've yet to cull it for quality.

Eat away the feels of the pudgy stomach.


everyone should watch this

To answer your question, yes. The vulva is puffy.

I would also like to put in a request to have access to that folder for personal posting on random occasions.

Dammit Emma

i really dont want to play overwatch

Pretty sure it doesn't work like that, Tsuchi :(

[email protected]/* */

Ive kind of fallen out of it in favor of ds3 anyhow.

Only if you give my the hotgluing folder for occasional random enjoyment

well im sure farming for hours would do that to anyone

What your maximum spending limit ?

My car doesn't have Bluetooth and it drives me nuts because I also don't have a way to plug in and play music.

I'm gonna have to spend some money on this

Do like 100 crunches a day then.

Thats what i do in ds.

i think you should watch it too

You don't have a power outlet in your car?


On a single statue?

For a metroid piece I think ill max out at 1500 if it is the epitome, the magnum opus of the company

otherwise probably 400


Not one that can play music.

Damn that thing better have a fleshlight built in.

also should listen to this for reasons. the person who uploaded it has a neat avatar that kills me


Ew. Exercise lmao

That's why you get a radio transmitter

i like this evil kermit meme



its overdone @ this point

Conditions apply, see steam for details.

How arousing.


Im going to be a caster next.

puffy toyota



I just need a USB port and bluetooth.

I can get it for a few hundred i'm sure.

what good is it if you don't cum on it ?

werent you that already


springy subaru

fuck that thought even
how do people bring themselves to do such a horrifc act



Then drugs to never sleep and burn all the weight ever.

No dude just get a transmitter at best buy
I have one made by Monster

find me a fuckin' 2ds that's in stock and not used

Hybrid. Im going eithe full mage or pyro. Maybe a mix.

The New 3DS (small) is $99 everywhere.
It's the Mario themed one.

I do horrific acts every day.

I just wash my hands when i'm done.

y though

would be neat to see

it's also thoroughly, THOROUGHLY sold out
i've been on the notification list for when they're in stock since 12 last night and the two times they were they sold out before I could put my credit card info in

They're cheep cheep
And work really well if you get a good brand.

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

If i can get dougles staff or the man grub i could spec into faith or int and cast from that. Pyro scales from both or can be used as utility.

I'm still not sold.

A cheaper alternative that works just as well and that you could go buy like tomorrow with no trouble finding it doesn't sell you?

Thanks, Mr/Mrs Garrison.

fixed the crop

Miss is fine~

But what does it look like and how do I set it up ?

I meant, he had a sex change then became a dude again so I'm not really sure.

Bed. Bye.


transmitters basically tap into your radio frequency.
pick a station that your area isn't using for anything and is pretty much just static, say 104.9
put both the transmitter and your car radio to that frequency
plug the transmitter into your phone
and now you're playing music
mine also let's me talk on the phone hands-free



dude local stores got stocked with TEN per store
and amazon sold theirs early for like 1 hour on the 23

scalpers fucked you up bud

wait 1-2 weeks, get one for 120-130 and be thankful if you get one for even that price

make sure to check ebay


Yeah, but I meant for me lol

apparently my sister has a sister

you could also camp amazon with your cc details saved/set up on your clipboard

bebo some of these remixes I have never heard before

pretty neat/10



HA! Enjoy my limp girl-dick, Grom



Go get 'em, Elma.


very odd

lol *eh em*


Don't take it personal.

you could have bought it on the 23rd at best buy too guero

remember the shoprite delivers ps4 deal?

and the other ps4s going on sale yesterday?

should have been a dead giveaway everything was going earlier this year

That sounds pretty cool

How do I get one of the magic plugs ?

feels great tbh

there's one in stock in fucking kingston but i aint bout to take a 45 minute uber there and back
o well ill wait

Everything is personal here.

Do you have 2 sisters

hope you get one bub

I dont hotglue but I have a tenga flip zero and stuff

I'm lesser intoxicated so I do not take responsibility.

It would be more expensive for the Uber than it would be to just buy it not on sale.

I wish I had at least 1 friend that play Age of empires


Magic plugs?
The cigarette burner/power outlet in your car should be the only thing you need to make this work.

I regret nothing :^)

That's cause you haven't done anything lmao


her sister is not related to me

I was talking about the transmitter

Fiiiine. How are you Elma?

I actually play.

Ah. Thats a shame.

be nice to you-know-who when you-know-what happens.


I am well. I'm eating a turkey pot pie.

What's new with you?

wh- huh?

wait, did he tell you too??



Big families are nice.

Oh nothing much. Just sitting here and enjoying a beer while playing some Overwatch. I should probably head to bed since its almost 5 am.

Sounds enthralling~

dont let this be me in a few months time

in your opinion

What do you meannnn?

Who are you going to meet up and fuck?

you just plug the speaker end to your phone
everything you need cums with it

You know what I mean.

Swedish Fish, obv.

Well kinda, I've been enjoying myself so far. Oh well I'll see you another time.

Now I know you're joking.

I am.

Joking, that is. lol

I suppose.

Im glad fish fucked off finally.

Enjoy being eaten alive and worn as a coat.


Don't worry they won't come back here.

why not

Where did they go

I tried being nice to that guy and all I got was shit from him though it became more warranted when I later tried to make the majority happy by banning him

No, no, no. It's nothing like that yo.

Don't worry about that.


Enjoy Soto.

As long as they are gone


it's a nice win, hopefully it also helps them get a better grip on their life




May God have mercy on you.


I actually like this kind of thing suprisingly.


sebs, had yourself a decent turkey day?

sucks it doesnt work for me outside furry porn


no my family is shattered

my life is a lie

I still hail Satan so I'll be okay ^~^

My wife and I are gonna slaughter a goat soon actually.


Yeah. Also i have a weight set now.

if it is any consolation my life hasn't been amazing lately either, I hope things look up for you by christmas


a what


i dont really cherish family or holidays anyway though i have reconnected with one family member

im sorry your life isnt great either





Weight set. To work out.

it's alright, I sort of feel it's my fault so I probably deserve it. you have friends though, are they cherish-able?

See, that's funny cause she's a med-student to become a surgeon :p



the few whove kept me

Part of me wants to ask the obvious question but I will not let curiosity win.


i want you!

What's the obvious question?


lol thanks

I dont think ill ever be bara so i may as well be fit.


:) i mean it.

who wouldn't? you're a good guy you know

Like how that's supposed to even work.

i read that as bra

thank you

people that dont handle crazy



Which part?

I'm not very good but I really wanna play it sometimes.

Ill never be a bra.

sometimes i wish i was a tampon

I could help you sometim but i srill play aoe3.


or a diaper

is that fucking rockefeller



what the fuck did i just watch

On second thought, never mind.

hey erin I stole your hair

erin did it better


sometimes i want to be forced to wear a diaper and mess myself and have my daddy mock me and call me a diaper boy and force me to smell it



lol okay :P

i think it looks good actually

just need to tie it back

So, uh.. How's your therapy coming along?

need to set up another appointment

sigh... i took the plunge

and got GOTY

Fucking kill yourself you failed human ham beast.

lol clearly

I don't have an email trigger or anything I just dyed my hair tonight and wanted to photo whore for you

sounds fun

Looks like it


everyone is a little crazy lol

I have no words.

no its soros

Way to ruin everything.

Fuck off rapist.

enjoy it

i can joke


It wasn't!

I raped someone?

Trump won because of this

I wish i was a jock strap.

Fuck off. Nobody here wants you.

i wish i was god

Be my god.

I havent talked to elma in weeks

I don't really like tying my hair back. yeah my roots are brown cause I didn't bleach them before this.

substantiate your claims


once i decide to download it.
and i've gotta play the first two as well... looks like a long road ahead.

for now i'll just sit here and stare at my thread freinds patiently

Substantiate your existance you fail tranny.

Still laughing my ass off from when elma blew you off because you only want to fuck.

worship me

looks good tho

nah you dont need to play those

Dont i alreadt?

He looks like a fucking ketchup bottle.

Post butthole and dick.

do you?

I respect you more than most people.

thats not the same as worship


but isn't there like a whole back story thingy where he in prison for some king death... and other history about who or what he is in 1 & 2

I have trouble with anything past that.

you dont need to know it they bring it up if you can accept that he had had past experiences then you can move on easily


has had*

I have issues that make it hard for me to feel much in terms of love and such. I know who i love, but its hard for me to feel it anymore.

why do 1 & 2
even exist then... :|
i even spent the hdd space and time to download them to complete my colection bundle savings.

what has your god ever done for you

iunno why do any sequels get written with the intention of having new players join in

And just wait for someone to message you?
Why even?

I dont have one.

Because he wants to guilt them for not seeking him out specifically.


Prove you are worth my devotion.

It's bafflingly dense.
I wonder why anyone would do that or why anyone feels so entitled that he thinks friends will magically seek him out if he does nothing.

we should continue our crusade of the whole explorable map sometime~


i mean youve seen what ive got

my sister draws too omfg

we should. sorry ive been elsewhere


can anyone explain the base system btw

You are truely related.

it was fun~
i understand... things happened and holidays and junk appeared.
but it's all mostly done with now?


i knowwwwwwwwwww

as far as i know



you take your toothbrush

then your nana

then add some paste

and a little league shitposting
maybe some random irks about how you used to hate your old code to make yourself feel better about yourself

and bam

base neru

nonary is bauce

so like 18 in nonary (base 9) would be = 17 inn base 10 because the "tens" place is equal to 9.

24 in the same base would be = 22.

Tou have told her about me right

i dont intend to tell her everything right away

cappu for enhancing the base and additional pylons

Feeling pretty cozy today?
no anxietys?

oh right today's a friday?
oh right today's black friday.
know any good sales going on right now?


This hurts you, Shepard.

I know guero got fucked for the $99 Ds sales

I got my $230 ps4 yesterday and a bunch of games for 50+% off

probably tvs and such

am I missing out bigtime if I haven't played any of the games?

i wanna get a 3dsxlnew some day...

but it'll prolly be old news by the time i can ;~;

so maybe the switch is the future... u_u

its oke
pokemon stars for switch
and zelda

and maybe metroid!!!

You cant afford a fucking switch.

Something something $250 rumours.

Besides he was able to use his welfare on a gaming computer, wasn't he?

Kind of.

That is sad.

isn't it something like 1210 a month?

pokemon eclispe & earth
and yeah metriod.




I wonder if the ps4 is backwards compatible

such nice games!

I think in alberta unless you have a family you're taking care of you only get like half of

PS4 isn't backwards compatible at all.
All three games are BC on the Xboner.

That doesn't sound far off of fulltime at minimum wage


you're so awful
leave luka alone

minimum here is gonna be like 13 in 2017 then 15 an hour in 2018 so it might be a fair bit less

Tell me something I don't know

bullies with nothing better to do than pick on me and make assumptions...

Luka is shit and honestly needs to just stop.

I honestly should start posting the shit people say about luka from discord or something.

why don't you ignore it
he's not directly doin anything to you
I honestly feel sorry for him

I'm a girl trapped in a mans body.

please do not, it's not achieving much more than filling the thread with pointless stuff

Everyone one seems to oly pity him.

I knew that!

I am soooo tempted.

You can't really emulate the PS3 decently because of its cell processor.

Tel me something you don't know then.

I don't know anything that I don't know!

I must know everything then!

she sent me a nutshack meme

it's a free board so do as you please, I gave my opinion and that's the best I can do


*pat pat*

my sister

Wait can i post beastiality


pls no

wew my weakness

last guy I banned for posting pig porn got unbanned and the admin/mods in charge criticized my choice so ye you kind of can




I might run to town and get food.


its midnight

trump made eveerything great again squash, you have to remember that when you wonder if you're allowed to do something or not! lol

uh huh

I'm so cute and smart


24 hour gas station.

I have so much fucked up shit to post when i get home.


you dont get food at a gas station you get an sti


I get those anyway.

Daaamn Daniel, back at it again with the ancient memes.

A little E coli builds character.


Maybe if you tell yourself enough it will happen.


That's what I'm banking on!

Like how luka says hes a girl.

hehe xd

have fun, just keep away from the sci's type of porn, not like you'd have any of that anyway but yeah


Oh, it's you Chris-chan :3

How's it going?~

I'd love to be in canada right now. It's too hot.


But Darwin lives in California

Take Emma out for Poutine?

You dont know me. All my dogs are 18.

Say it 50 times a day and will probably happen.

thats just how things work

go swim you pasty nerd



I'm tired as shit and have two papers to do in the next two days, on top of making sure I'm ready for a group presentation on Monday.

I'm never going to get over my procrastinating.

Sup with you

I was going to copy and paste it 50x, but I didn't want to get memed on again.


It doesn't snow in California.

I'd ask but due to my lack of Canadosh, she'd be taking me out.

You must be thinking of Neru.


what's happening wishy

that's uh..... good? lol




She might get you kicked out of canada though like she did to GarEE in college.

Most dogs dont live past 15. Sooooo

Like, actually the same.

I haven't eaten a pastry in some time.

I don't really know why.

i ran out of related material

Darwin's love can only be earned by killing the competition.

That sounds really rough, how much school do you have left?
I know you'll manage somehow though :3

Not too much, it was a pretty quiet day today but at this point I'm just counting down the days until finals so I'm happy another week is over.

But he doesn't live near snow.

Kill me

I-I'm sorry, I have poor self-esteem...

Suicide pact?

I don't think thats true based off of what I've seen.

More like the exact opposite actually.

I am aware of this.

I am also aware of this. But I want to touch snow and snow is in Canada.


both of these look like shit

Because of my years spent working and not going to school I am a junior.

Finals are soon for me as well. See

I'm good at pretending to be things I'm not :^)

It's just frozen water. Just go smash an ice cube into tiny pieces.


Is this some canadian joke?

what are they about


Isn't that like twenty underage dudes?


bronze medal

i'm probably around an 8/10 though

A real bloodbath, aye.

RIP Fidel Castro? ;_;




Ahh, okies. What are you studying?

How do you eat popsicles?

What are what about? There were like 5 series in that image..

That's so shitty, if you're not a 10/10 it's not even worth it.


Those poor shotas.



I always try and leave room for improvement.



But how will you ever be perfect like me if you're always trying to improve?


Business Admin.

Yes please.

No not really.

Some will be mildly missed by some people.



Saying you're perfect is just another way of saying you've fallen into complacency.



Night night

Ouu, sounds pretty fancy :3

I'd love to but I don't think I'm allowed to die yet.

Get real, that's a sign of imperfection. I don't have those because I'm perfect.


I hope I do not accidentally die










You will not, stay determined.