Some may say

Some may say
I'm wishing my days away

No way
And if it's the price I pay

Some say
Tomorrow's another day

You stay
I may as well pay

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Ban where are you getting these?

I don't feel special ed?


Corrupting her?

how the fuck do I add people on a ds ?

no difference.

Some may say "Kill yourself"

Haunter learns nightmare at lvl 61

oh, Gengu does too

I know some starters learned moves earlier if you didn't evolve them


no I said I feel like Lana was special ed instead of Mallow

Oh it was 61 not 51

Is that what i'm supposed to be looking at?

The pictures?

goggle and thats all that I have

home screen
near the top theres an orange smiley face

connect to the internet and then you can do it from there

Adding people doesn't actually make it easier to trade with them, really.

You still need to get them in your Festival Plaza.

'swhy I registered Cuckpake as one of my VIPs.

It's like that for all that evolve by level.

My point was that she wasn't my waifu, but my spirit animal.
She's basically a better me.


Also if you know where to get a Sneasel let me know.

Weavile is my favorite

Anyone wanna league on euw? no? okay..

most pokemon learn moves at a faster rate if you don't evolve them. there are also several pokemon that learn different moves if you don't evolve, but usually they aren't worth the trouble of raising a stage one pokemon that high, or they aren't even as good as what they will learn if they evolve.

trade pokemon, however, have always had the same moveset and rate of learning, because the incentive to evolve is purely for the stat increase. it's the same as with pokemon that evolve via happiness, although those generally gain even more moves to learn than their previous stage, so it's even more valuable to evolve them as soon as possible.

I was just pointing out that haunter and gengar have the same exact level up moveset. you could trade evolve right now and it would still learn nightmare at level 61.

Pokemon is the new thread killer.
mobas are for yesterday.

I should probably do that with you as well. I didn't even think to.

Mount Lanakila.

league is trash

ahh oke

i c

Sun Mount Lanakila
Moon Mount Lanakila


I just don't wanna farm IP solo it's boring as shit..
Playing the game in general is boring as shit if you're alone for first 2-3 games really.

This is correct.

good enough reason for me. I'll make sure to do that the next time I visit the plaza.


it will certainly not be soon, probably. I dunno.

which tree gives Leppa berries?
I need them for my ditto chaining.

route 2 one and route 3 one

*Playing the game in general is boring as shit.
That's all that needs to be said.

I think berries are random in the piles. then you use the island in poke whateveritscalled that lets you grow berries to get more of your favorite berries.


The piles definitely have drop tables, hence why I asked.

You need on to first plant in order to grow them in pokepelago.

Do you play NA

grim wants to fuck plant pokemon.

w/e nerd like I even care


Cupcake, have you heard Mimikyu's rap?


since when did Holla Forums turn into /sunandmoon/

I like that someone filled their boxes full of Mimikyu to get that Poke Pelago shot.

November 18th.

since today

soto my man

I'd say about the time sun and moon came out.

Sometimes, yeah.

it's only bearable because of the kawaii voice.


Get a better hobby, or at least get a job

Not you too Grim

Oh shit it's my waifu, Neko
How's it hanging bby?

I dunno how people like those games man

Wanna play there then?

getting sick of shitters and their stupid pokemon obsession

oh me too

odra's kids are so cute ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

isreal looks high

it's utter garbage

~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I bet you do that with Acerola.

Most people that play it now grew up playing it so it's a no-brainer to keep buying it n shit but I'm not sure it appeals to new players that much.


I played Red and Blue when they were new. Now I cannot fucking tolerate any of these games.

Are the IV/nature of the Greninja static?

Cupcake a butt


Dunno for fact though.

Wow just who do think I am?

everyone's a tsundere for cake.

Babbies first pokemon. Disgusting.


Someone who'd corrupt her poor soul?

I wanna be ur first pokemon uwu

I tsundere for no one

I caught up on monster girl the mango


I'm ignoring/fake filtering you now.

cool cool. I'm sure it's quite a bit further along than the show. I read a fair amount of it, but stopped bothering because I like the show more. and I'm pretty certain a second season is on the way.

You're so rude to me.


lemme slap you with my masterballs

good :3
just smashing on leftovers

Yeah it's unfortunate.
Can we play league

It's pretty well forward.

monstergirl moms best moms

Also rip me gotta go out to dinner I'll text you or something idk

My head hurts

I was about to lie down anyway because I've had a long hard day of sitting at the computer. see you, have a nice time at dinner.

You're the one who said that was the best part.

When I get back home.

I'm pretty sure Lillie become a dominatrix and beats Kukui when you leave, too.

When is that?

Lillie's travelling with you most of the game.

He probably just sniffs her panties and bed or something while he's railing your mom.

Sure, why not.

What I never said that!?! Do you really think the thread could be haunted.......?

you ever just want someone to beat the shit out of you



Cool. Pretty sure I've played with you before

Like in a sexy way?

Oh my god the threads are haunted ! !

Thats clearly some kind of evil spirit trying to make me look bad.

I would beat the shit out of loco

Nice back peddling.

I mean, the PC does a good job of getting in her bed like a creeper.

Yeah backs are pretty popular on the black market these days

But im being honest engines....

You can also creep on her books and makeup and stuff.

And read her diary in the post game.

I totally believe you.

yes but not the way u mean i dont think

Im so doki doki

She only has one daughter, the chubby one on the left
The one in the far right, the blonde one is my imouto

He always does lol

I never played the game boy ones

Damn son, Turkey and whatelse you stuffing your face with?
Getting all dolled up to go out with Ian and a couple of others to some festival of lights tonight

You meant back pedaling.
Were he back peddling he'd have a booming business in the Philippines

I played FireRed and Emerald a couple of times but never got invested enough to finish them.



make sure to tell colbs he's a shitlord


In the Philippines and other places in that region people are known to sell their organs for dirt cheap just so they can pay rent.


factual statement


it is in fact the peanut house

You ever wanted someone to just beat the shit out of you?

lloyd wanna e date?

post merry again

I'll consider it if you give me the dog-girl folder

u ass!

eye eye captain

Also have you heard Starboy yet?
the song "Secrets" is the best one in the album

We're going out for drink with a couple of other friends in downtown today




Be sure to steal his virginity in a dingy motel.

you never get tired of being big and in command and making people feel small and making a load of decisions and just think


I really wish my gf would grab a fucking baton and wail on me right now


I dont get the point of that image

The Weeknd came out with their Album "Starboy" earlier today
Listen to Secrets

Gotchu fam

i hope loco gets stabbed to death

so many images

w/e u are p 'kawaii' tho

I remember a lot of them being absolutely dreadful but still i like her

What's the most kawaii thing about me

Shit fam
Only 3 days left until I gotta buy Winrar since the trial runs out

thatmakes some of them even more amazeing tbh

He'll never be the same.
Probably because of the VD he'll invariably get.

only post the cute ones

My Owl has a vagina that Grim WANTS



well mostly u just kinda have like a moe(???) attitude i dont know if thats right i need to ask sensei what moe means
idk it's ur relaxed good-natured sarcasm i guess

what even is that doujin
Ive never read it but lol at the pepsi ewww it tastes so gross image

Thanks man

Oh rip

of course

The name is in this picture.


sho go~od

Soto tc when

I need to play less Metal Gear.


Gay thread.


Is that a call for one or is that calling this one so

Come work for me

I'll pay you wayyyyy better ^W^


No really that doggirl folder tho

The thread is gay.

Two different bosses?

Llyod, you can do better than sci.

It's never not gay.

Hell date an actual potatoe if thays youre thing.


kind of wish both squash and loco get stabbed to death


if it were a popular character id be fine w/ it but kazura is too close to me as a result of obscurity

Your penis is to short to wound me fatally.

keep going you've got a couple more



Now you've got three

I just woke up. Thats as far as i can be bothered to go on phone

Sadly not

Oh so you're a filthy HIPSTER

oh gee what has /mu/ to say?

best genre is MASH,

One of moogs favourites

I mean i can filter you like i have darwin if you keep it up b

Do you work nights?

n-no daddy

I do. I am at my moms though and passed on the couch.

n-no, sempai >.

I will stay my hand. For now.

green day?

What does the /mu/ god say?

sensei!!! i have a question
what does moe mean

isnt it normal to feel a stronger personal connection to things u like if u feel like ur the only one who cares about it..?

passed what, a kidney stone? :3
You worked on Thanksgiving?


ok i can cook clean and draw thats it

same boss, same facility. I only picked up the second job because they were short staffed and now I'm being put there in place of other people entirely.

Nah. I have thursday to sunday off. Im just always tired.


I mean yeah, hipsters NORMALLY do feel that way

you have blessed your kouhai

Drink a red bull

Oh, das pretty lame.
On purpose?

They make me sick. I might be better when i eat more.

i guess im a hipster :( i rly didnt know that

Yeah, on purpose. Like, my main job makes 14.25 and in this one I make 11.40.

Ooh, das pretty petty, really.
Did ya complain?

Moe anime is basically cute

It's OK.
Everyone is a hipster for something.

Dude just eat desserts it's the day after thanksgiving
I have Strawberry Mash from yesterday shit's delicious

I sure did and all I got was a

I want to die

but what makes a moe character?? pls unpack moe so i can get

is that true?

I should have said eat better. I have not had much outside of holiday food the last month. I plan to start a better diet.


squash should be on a wet food diet for his coat

My word is bond.

start with getting v8s

The wet food is semen.

Bork bork

Is it a fun job, at least?


then i believe u

You're perfect

u shit

Healthy, no?

You better, lest you face deeper consequences.

Moe means "trash".

Ill just eat actual vegies.

Those are so fucking gross

im gonna hit the sack
sorry subtle pls think about moe for next time if thats okay *~*

psh im not doing it for u anyway
cya round lloyd

moe is best

It's okay. I don't like getting up at 7am tho, i'm really not a morning person.


Oh shit, damn I cant today I am gonna go out for drinks with Manny, Colbs, Daniel and a couple of others

Moe is literally "cute flaws"
perfect girls can't be moe

C Ya

fuckin' ouch.
I cannot do mornings at all.

Alright man, have fun,

moe = perfect

Youre kidding right

I literally want to die, It's all over man.

Anime is shit and too full of tropes to be attractive.

No, I never outgrew believing vegetables are gross.



says the vapid beastiality criminal

We can never talk again. My name has been dishonored.

Prove me wrong fam

what's the thing on the left for madhouse?

Tropes aren't inherently bad.

You're doing better than me, for what it's worth.
I'm being a NEET for at least half a year
no fun

Me or moe?

didnt madhouse do NGNL or was that Redline?

This is moe.

Anime abuses them too much though so for them it is.

Producers: Media Factory
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Madhouse


I'll swap.

this is moe

So true it hurts

b-but 7AM....


Awww yeah, I still got it

Was kinda getting scared I was becoming a normie for a sec there


I cant watch most anime anymore because it all just blends together now

Then i won.



Soto. Fear not.
You will never be a normie. I guarantee it.

nuuuuu know you wouldn't have money, right?

It even kinda looks like her.
Like, the resemblance is uncanny.


but it's my shame to bear

Neat ty.
Is that any good?

Good luck with your cross

Probably, I haven't seen it
Sorry ^^'

Guys, my pkmn team is going to be a Pyukumuku named Subaru, a Garbrodor named Emilia, a shiny ribombee named Ram, a Misdreavus named Betty, an Alola Ninetails named Puck, and a Solgaleo named actuallyPuck.

R8 my team.

Of course it'll be a Solgaleo with splash.

Gotta get them z-splash strats in.

It's a trinity knot, actually

I'm so sad.



hi post a good

This thing

Oh. Mandy told me about those once i think

only i win

a good

Maybe i'd have loving parents, at least?

They're neat i think

They are cool.

What is British Carbonara anyways?

Loving parent, yes.
Fortmom best mom.

its a non existant thing.
hence Gino's disgust,.


that's a pretty good good

Well, that explains it.
WW2 Italian food is kind of meh since that's what ended up as "true Italian" in America that isn't Italian-American food.

some of you guys need to chill the fuck out
don't take out your problems on other people, keep your bad shit to yourself or actually get help.
everyone here graduated high school now, right? why don't we all just act like it?it is kind of sad to see certain people who graduated before i was even in high school still act immature

maybe you guys need to smoke something or get fucked idk


You're a pretty good good.

also name names

they at least got their ged or whatever the equivalent is though??...
oh god, don't tell me some neets are actually stuck in limbo

Ay bruh no cookie shit call them niggas out if you real


education doesnt play a huge part.

I know people here who dont even have their ged and they are amazing

and some people who are pursuing their masters/doctorates that need some improvement

I'm one of the latter


Thanks, I try. You're not too bad good either!

Has KyoAni made a show that doesn't center around high school students?


names is a good start actually. def needs the fuck ;^)


eh it lets me assume they aren't 13 anymore and were at least somewhat prepared to be unleashed into the world.
i honestly thought everybody here at least had that, kinda surprised by this. i mean look at me. strip club and a bar next to my school, how was i supposed to fight temptations

they don't really have any reason to when people will always watch it and watch their stuff for what they're good at

I'm the worst good actually.

Apparently there's one.
About raccoons.

names is 17 you nigger

does she even post anymore

some people are in their mid 20s and still not ready my boy

it all depends on circumstances

ok i'll take ur mom u can have my job and my shitty mom

You're gonna do some damage if you're always tensing that same vein on your head :c

Not for a long time


It's legitimately disturbing.

Worst baka maybe yeah

I'm already broken.

Worst worst

someone's gonna give me their litter of litten so I'll trade you one for a baby owl.

really? i thought they were 18 now. also that is just barely cutting it tbh, i mean look at the other.
no, been gone for a while now.

yeah most of those people im talking about are mid 20s afaik. it still blows me away people didn't have a close bringing up like i did. thought i was getting everything in the world for free because le family name and hella money but nooo i just had to have someone throw mud in my face to see anything

Vegas Golden Knights

My LItten will never evolve into a cat with fists.

Maybe the cold made you brittle

hey man, I'd swap childhoods with you any day :^)

you can have physically abusive parents and ill take your slightly overbearing/distant ones

ill evolve one to that point and release it
need those pokedex entries


that clapback

Don't be silly.

i already have that though? i think the difference is just location and injuries that come from things.

I'd force it to live out the rest of its days in a boxes any from its family and friends.

I just talked to that rising star trainer where she brought up that really philosophical question asking if pokemon were conscious or not when in boxes. Really makes you think

well then

tbh it takes a really weird laugher to weird me after having heard vinny

I remember this that was great

They suffer when in balls too.

aha what game is it

did he legit forget about the respawnwhatever mechanic that was


sadness ensues

My lil bro lost his shit at that so hard rn
So fucking lolz dude

remember when skullgirls was a thing? and kon was a thing? hahahahahahahahaha

BlazBlue I think
He probably just thought it was BO3 when it was BO5

you 10 mins ago


how's that funny nig

kon will always be a thing

Token response.



My brain



Tumblr only recomends furry smut for me.


accidentally wrote a book about all the fucked up shit that has happened. i just gotta remember the good times...

Rember happy days

My Gengar has one shot everything hes faced so far.

Hes got like 50 Sp attack on my owl and the owl is 6 levels above him.


Pepperidge farm remembers

gengu is known for high speed and spA

starters are more balanced
this has always been the case





I remember when you would give me cummies.


nice try rin

What is this about btw

Haunter was my favorite pokemon when I was very young because of the episodes when ash fights Sabrina.

That birb has sick moves.
I want one.

I'm sure I've never done that.
Not even 100% sure what that means


those were scary

my fave as a kid was feraligatr
cuz mine was named killer and I beat the old silver with him

hanzowl's signature move is fucking sick

this game is hard
harder than sctarcraft

Cant ban the ban because ban a FUCKING FAGGOT

Did i cause it?

Oh that was apparently aimed at me squash

maybe not this time, squash


Im lost

no one person did it. it was just something i started to realize a while ago and started to help myself with certain things.
if anybody feels the least bit guilty about it then maybe that says something.

I don't think so

are you sure?

here is ehug incase you are feeling lonely



Grim is just on her period. Nothing new.

I never feel guilty about drama.

did you beat Red?

lonely :(

what if you dont have a dick

You and scoots having it out?

Kinda need to pipe down grim tbh




Must suck to get one wordless reply.
Poor luka. Unloved.

Don't bully luka. That isn't nice.


Is that what that birb is called?

I mean.
Not with that attitude.

Its funny though.


touch tha rainbow

I banned him from my discord because he was bullying people in it
he isn't actually mad since we're talking fine in yours


touch a dick

Discords kill friendships.

I thought that was hamster smama at first

American Woodcock.

-touches u-

it doesnt matter if its discord or skype or w/e program we use


If you classify that as "bullying" then you need to stop menstrating tbh.
What are you, 3?

Oh yeah i forgot you're a "girl"

lol nice meme

Kinda wanna do that to him just so I dont have to hear him go on about Pokemon
Shits annoying af

Too much effort

Its all meme to me

maybe guilt was the wrong word but im unsure why you would think its about you unless you felt like there would be reason for it, which says something

I bet you know all about American Woodcocks. :^)

You are stinky


I think with unspecific responses directed at nobody in particular its normal to wonder because people get mad over nothing here so without clarity it legit could be at anyone.

at this point you are asking to be slapped

is this what you want

makes me feel uncomfortable


imma bite you

I am not discussing this any further



Pm me the deets

im calling u a dick


fite me irl

how do i prove it without showing my body

I was going to go for a round two, but decided the better of it.

Either use a period or dont. Stay consistent.

this is my true fear


I realized afterwards the ban message probably doesn't have a period.
Get off my dick.


good girl


at least i can admit that i'm a dick and i'm not like "ooh, boo, i'm the nicest person around"

No. Small mistakes must be exploited and made large. How dare you fuck up on the internet.


Boo is a retard.


His mother should have raised him better when she had the chance.

his mother should have gotten an abortion

Fun little anecdote.

I've heard "get off my dick" from girls more than guys.

I'm so vile.
I deserve to be banned.


I considered putting a period just for you, Squash.

I try to be nice
keyword try

I don't think you're actually a dick

woah watch those hard R's

That's one of the lowest things I've seen posted. Ever.
What the fuck, dude..


I want to be part of this meme but the characters are a bitch to find on this phone.

i dont think you are either i'm just trying to create drama that doesnt exist winky face




grim is a first class creep and a hippocrates


Im proud of it honestly.

I dont even want to post anymore after reading that


Show me your room

That should be good enough, right?
Or at least your closet full of girl clothes WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST..............)

Im not pulling punches with boo. He legit makes me sick. Sue me.

I voted for cawfee.

i voted for cawfee

uh i mean
i could j-
actually hold on one moment

he makes me sick too but that was a little far for 'public' board

nothing to do.

anything good on sale today?

I have no filters betwen here and discord really.

Holy shit.
Whoever did that, I love you.

this is a christian image board, wtf squash



ironically this white chick that wants to fuck to get back at her bf is called Emma


wish so slutty



No sass

did you tell her the bf would still have fucked the better catch

I voted Rin..


Like seriously. If boo tries to come back im not holding back.


But why sempai




the only pic of my room i have is of my posters

I'm trying a new tsundere approach


What does bebop smiling at you have to do with anything?

How cute.

refresh your tab and look at

o i c e

i didnt make it to the strawpoll

I should make a new list this weekend.

is ok

Gonna tell her to act Canadian when we fuck so I can get the full experience


Nigga Im trying to fuck her not drive her more towards suicide than she already is

Then youre a guy

easy as that

After I got to the first sci, I started struggling to remember names.

I'm a baka, senpaiiiiii

she needs to say sorry alot... and and and you can say you are zamBONING her



I don't even want to talk.
I'm gonna go hatch eggs.

de la bump

we are not baka bakafaces tbh


I wish Subtle would actually do something about his hair tbh



What if he has?


You already know that nigga hasnt done shit with his hair
His sense of fashion is so bad, let alone his hair styling skills

I bet Sobo could rock a sick pompadour.

You might be



I bumped my achilles into the leg of my markus

Okay, Sempai, I'm sorry for being a little shit.
Please give me hugs and pat me on the head now.

wow thats fuckin rude i wish i had a penis

some days im the cat
others im the hot dogs

I have never tried

The way I comb my hair is like a mini wannabe pompadour
If only I would put in more effort

Did I hurt your feelers?

Dogs are pretty hot.

My dick just broke the zipper on my pants.

Gladly ><

No since it's not true
But it's annoying..

Good night you heartless savages


Too many Acerola nudie pics?


Subtle has a gr8 sense of fashion.

Someone fucking talk to luka before they die from lack of attention. Fuck.

Just ban him from all Discords tbh.

Delet this hoyl shit


Hes not allowed in mine. I told him he cant do that shit where he tries to gwt pitty because he wont just play when people are and tries to guilt us into specifficaly inviting him.

Why hug me?


I didn't think it'd be that easy.


Okay, Boo.

I find the "in the voice chat but never saying anything" the weirder part of all that.

They talked now and then but mostly just the shit they do here.

He means actually talking, which obviously Luka doesn't do.

Don't think that's mildly mean, Squash?


It's weird to be in a voice chat if you're not going to actually voice.

I know.

Not really. I told them not to and they knew what would happen.

So are you trying to troll or?

I mean if you at least talk in text and shit its fine.

No. See my reply to him. I figured it was give. He doesnt talk in voice but uses text.

its ok luka you can stay in my discord

Yeah stay in his discord.

...sigh, i guess some enjoy making a fuss about me. w/e


Squish thinks his lack of patience justifies him being an asshole

You don't really want to make people feel shit.

Lika you legit try to make people feel guilty for only talking to you sometimes.
Stop being a privileged twat.

funny animals are funny


I dont particularly feel bad doing it.

That's still off to me.
I've played games with people and they'll join a party in a group they're not even playing with to just sit in the chat and not say anything.
It's just weird as shit.

So nothing new

You see it Squash

you see who you're beginning to sound like

Some days im too tired to interact so to a point i get it, but yeah i see what ya mean.

I don't look at lewd things.

No not really. I am far too jaded from being here to care about many people.

You can draw parrallels between people easily so implying i sound like someone doesnt really bother me.

she looks cute
who she?

name names

warm birb snuggles

Shes a ghost trainer from the new pokemon.


i'm jealous.

Ghost Trial Captain in SuMo

the only good version of that is cups when he is posting papi as well

Get Shadowverse on steam

it has lots of cute girls in it and its free

im drawing her

since you're always saying you're too jaded to know better, or care to be better:

"that's no excuse"

and the parallel being drawn is with Tsuchi. He can't help how crusty he is. some part of him probably doesn't want to be anymore. it's too late for him, but not for you Squsah. you can change your ways. and doing so will probably pay you back tenfold.

I've got 4 ghost types on my team and I can't seem to stop catching more.

p h o x

There is a difference to being a crusty turd to everyone and being selective. Luka actively tries to guilt people who do not constantly talk to them. And people have outwardly spoken about it. Its shallow of them to do so and is why i no longer care to be nice to them.

I am not jaded past the point of people who matter to me as i have much patiance and affection for people like george or mandy and so on. I simply dont care to cultivate lukas bullshit.

lol more Luka drama.

Can I make the new thread now?

why do I feel there is a shit ton of porn for this?



now that's just adorable


im not feeling it. it's just not... for me. *shugs*

what makes this generic mobile-like card app game special even... :|

I'm a fox.