Can someone be my anime girlfriend in real life???

Can someone be my anime girlfriend in real life???

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pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
I think it's just that the other girls make her look like that.

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
The first season was alright though?

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
No. Let me have my 20s with hair.
By the time I'm in my 30s I won't care and I'll be jacked.

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
I'm not a huge Iida fan but damn, this is hot! get it, deku!

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
There's a lot of degenerates these days, I bet some one would pay you to burn patterns on them.

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Make it a true and realistic landscaping software perhaps? Things like skies with clouds and water/ocean/river patterns, not only a terrain heightmap generator... Don't know if it's possible though...

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
You may start dumping files. Dont be shy

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
I want melonpan to domesticate me

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Yea because unlike race cars your car probably doesn't get a new clutch after every race

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
the madman

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Oh sorry posted in wrong location. Please ignore

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
I do this all the time when I'm fapping but I'd feel too autistic if I actually wrote any of it down

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
You can try layering a blouse with a nice collar underneath it, or look for a removable collar secondhand.

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

The real problem is abandonment.

CyanogenMod is the only way.

It would be better is she were always a nugget

He's working on TiTS man.

I assume he's getting paid for it too, because his original site that hosted a LOT of his art, old and new, is down man.

Sucks ass, at least his FA is still around.

Senile yet stern wisdom, dementia-grandpa. Good call.

Want to go for night ride but snow is coming in pretty hard. Don't want a BMW rear ending me.
Enjoyed this last time I went for a ride:

My fucking sides. """Women's wrestling."""

Yes. Op.

In usa join the pgi it will set you up.

This. Philosophy's only good for knowing less and less yw

Dunno, thought it was a good time.


exactly what it's


Welp I've found a new fetish


short and cute

Red goes faster

These two didn't do it for me. Too boring.
Konami was fantastic though

that dude is jacked

Make a cucumber shaped rod with one end shaped like a mushroom

What's it like to be such a gigantic faggot?

the image you provided is blender not mudbox

what game, never seen a game that have such crappy UV's. are you sure you haven't unwrapped it by mistake?

I will never forgive her for not getting naked in Carol.

True. I guess it would be more accurate to say that no single instance in media contributed to people developing the fetish as much as the blueberry scene.

Not sure if you are trying to shill flashcarts or snes cartridges.

Pretty good, i like it.

Sadly this guy is partly correct. There's only so much you can do as a GM to make your players care about their characters. Pretty much, caring about their characters is the only job of the player.

There's still photoshop,, whatever you prefer. You know, filter effects and such.

I've never seen you though so I don't know.

This right here

shit i wanted to reply to that , not create new thread

Funny you say that, because it's from Tumblr.


I voted five times for Trump and with each passing day I regret my decision more and more. I must have been out of my mind.

He said he was going to bring jobs back. What a total lie. I still haven't found a job since he's become president-elect.

And back in November 8, climate change wasn't that big of an issue, but the globe has warmed up significantly since election day. I know that he's already denied global warming, but I'm completely dumbfounded that he appointed a global warming denier. It just doesn't make any sense.

Why did I think he was going to drain the swamp? He's an ogre. It's his swamp now. It upsets me greatly that all his appointees have either worked in Washington or at a corporation.

I don't know what I was thinking. It reminds me of how much I regretted my decision to vote for Brexit.


Dont know the fine details but Nikon's warranty is solid. The waterproofing on my pair failed so I sent them in and they sent me a brand new pair still in the box. My dad is a photographer who uses only Nikon and he has nothing but praise for Nikon and their warranty. They've repaired lenses for him for free before.

new thread

Subtle is my master !!!

woof woof

Yo gimme a copy of your insurance policy, chances are they're bullshitting you

I am well versed in legal language, I don't think they can delay you like that

Also make her

Fuk u

3 foot futa cock


where do i even find that
i just have a card that says new york state benefit ID and a wellcare card

tl;dr I've challenged my manager on a few exclusions in my insurance policy and won because I actually read the fucking thing

meow meow

Google it. This is how they exploit people that buy their shit, you're not supposed to actually read it

It is like you beating those bronze players because you read what your abilities do.




the healslut won't be your healslut~

ok buddy ill figure it out in the morning when im not all loopy just remind me or somethn

i wanna cuddle w/ her

Who told you my name?

Thick girls are pretty much the worst.



snug and then fug

we can find common ground even if u have shit taste trevor
for example elin might be gross ugly babies but they have thick thighs like a real woman so maybe u secretly actually like thicc

She has not used that in some time.

Spam link me again and I'll smack you

Once you say something agreeable again.

With your dick?

Your next line is

She was standing on the poll for the soul reason of having me look at her ass.

Its not my fault

Nice try, dude guy.

chubby girls can be really hot if they have cute faces and stuuufff



thick thighs save lives

I'm a trap

you can tell because I have a girl name

she a ll 2 thic

Who's the trap on the right bottom

its ok for u to think that but i disagree my good buddy

(Trying to get posting to work is a chore.... RIP)

I got like 6 inches of ass to get past before I get ot the hole

totsuka saika

good thing I got a good 6 inches to spare




Welcome back!


who is vylee
are they licky

Drunk post soon, fellow qt.

is it normal to be anxious of leaving the house after a comfy do-nothing weekend

it wont last long... i think some weird captcha is not loading and my posting time will expire for somereason :|

-oh yup... that was quick ;~;

posting like this sucks.

vylee is my gf

i feel something on my cheek?

she is nice to me~

yes very normal ^^

idk who they are either


hmm... the captcha frame only last a few seconds before the thingy expires...


oh ok

I'm a friend of Erin and I'm dating Ban

no IM dating ban !!!

We're all dating ban


ban is actually my boyf IRL

howdy new friend
i never met licky anyway even if u are that person so yeah hi

eh he he he he eh

Bard, open up the Holla Forums drinking game; I got 8 pint cans of lager and no will to live.

Who needs a bf/gf when you have honey nut cheerios and the Bee Movie ?




What's the drinking game?

It was a trick

I'm so glad I'm not on the dole.



Are you able to post now?

pssshhh so beat I'm not even included in this dumb drinking game, whoever made this sux dix nd cox

I swear to god if I see one more of those trolls...

he;s punishing me
make him stop

i made this
fuk u

Added rule.
When some poster complains he ain't on the list, take a drink

Do we have a problem?


Testing current posting systems
Please ignore

I fucking hate Trolls due to the fact they're not selling the toys in my toystore and we have to put them all on the canopy and make space for that worthless crap.

is that a troll?
i thought it was a tomato
like from veggie tales

so excludey, so mean

well then everyone drink!!!!!!!

Pleased to meet you

They made a movie about those plastic trolls. The "toys". These.


not really...

i have to create and incognito window just to make a reply.

and my (You)'s don't work anymore because i'm posting this convoluted way.

There's a website where you make a Troll version of yourself
Mm, I think I didn't save mine

Everytime someone complains about not being on the drinking list, take a drink.

Anytime someone begs for (You's), take a drink for every (You).


People buy those

Do a waterfall every time someone doesn't make a new thread when one is requested.


Do not.


The real life ones are creepy looking, these movie ones are just sorta ugly I think. I don't even know who is actually into Trolls enough to be hyped for the movie.

I have at least 5.

For some reasons those came up when I was trying to find troll toy porn


Post it



Aw I see
I hope your browser stops being annoying



something to do with this sites code...

what are you trying to tell me ?


This is very sad :(
Fallut 4 tugs at y hearstrings alot


Sorry I made a li- A joke.

Delete this.

Then why are you posting it ?

Thats all you-gara do anymore.

Because not everything is directed at you, cunt

Tell me how much you loved Duck Dynasty and I'll never post another troll again


You have no power over me.

I wish the world revolved more around me.



No one else does.

*well... *

I never lie.

It finished downloading, I'll play it tomorrow.

I do.

That was supposed to be spoiler ed

If you did, I would stop posting her.

You will eventually.

Goggles wishes the world revolved around me.


You just lied.

Not an outcome eventuated by your efforts.


I don't lie very often.

Only because I don't make a thing out of it.

[Afro intensifies]

You secretly love the trolls.

Luka I'm getting it now too, again

Only to me, apparently.

Subtle posting ==syndrome==

I'm not ready to admit it yet.

I don't remember ever lying to you about anything that was part of a serious conversation.

i have to open your post in an incognito window just to reply

Bard big-red text


You will be singing along with me soon.

a n g e r y

Well I suppose I do owe you a song, you sang to me several times.

The way excellent is put in there it ruins the fucking picture. Christ I hope that wasn't the original artist.

Yeah, same.

I think tits cute-oh



Which Canadian is that ?

Your meme posting is getting out of control
I like it


2 many canada~


So, what am I gonna do with my soon to be found drunk powers this time?

post futa spooky girls




I agree it would be better without but it is still pretty cute as is imo

do drugs xD



booze is drugs.
Drugs enough.

Everyones asleep

post anime tiddies

How did you pick your name?

I'm not sure, It just kinda sounded right.

nuuuu ;~;


do you like drugs too or just alcohol?

I am pretty rugs at the moment my brother

Depends on the mood I'm in.
Mostly alcohol though.

You're always drugs, Bard

if you look at this imagae from just below the nips it looks like hes bending her legs back and standing over her -w-


Nope, I don't see it, I gotta drink more; I'll be on your level soon.

I've just been smoking a big weed all night, what's got you staying up so late? Almost 5am here

whenever I get drunk I wanna do drugs xD

Lol, what?
That's the LAST thing I'd do.
It'll ruin the drunkness

I uh
Think I might havea problem
I'm always up at 5 a.m :/

although its only 4 here though


I hope I triple post.

You must break out of your shell.

Post flat chests now

Flattest I can go

I need those it's getting ocld here

Wear more clothes

what shell?

noob, you don't know how to get turnt family

you are night owl style

I'm gonna stay up till the sun comes up probsly

You can go flatter

Like mostly just the clothes

Pic related what I think of clothes ;)

Cute name, cute person


I can't even see what is going on in there.

Me or the anime picture ?

Can you even get flatter than that ?

my clothes arent shell...

uh that's my dick?


Is that nemunemu

Guys. It's fucking TWO AM and I can NOT fall asleep.

Shoot yourself in the had, then you'll sleep forever

Thats exactly what they are though.

Wow same


Not saying it is small, just saying it is fucking dark in there.


Why is colbert bullying cooky

THIS SUCKS I have never had such a hard time sleeping in my life

Always does, always has. been here for like years and he's always been mean.


Someone give me had till I cu

he must be grumpy

I didn't type 1 letter.

Except when I gave you advice and I presume you ignored it

What did you do?



Be a girl?
Come join me on a discord and talk w/ me, or a tiny chat. I can't sleep and want to chat up a storm till I pass out

ty friendo

I've been staying up REALLY late lately.

Can I join in chat?
I want drunk chat.


well I have too I mean, who needs sleep? I just have to go to school in less then.. 4 hours..


almost 5:30 here, bed time for me, night night all

drunk chat is kind of funny actually, I'll set up a tc

Stop posting and lay in bed for 4 hours then


nini tenny

I'm on like 5 or 6 levels of irony right now.

I gave you good advice, regardless of how you took it


you are like a little babby
watch this



Yeah, but do you have hipster problem glasses?

If he wasn't culturekin I would bully the fuck out of SCANNER. He is so fucking cringey.




wha? like a sammich?

I don't even remember.

Scanner is my favorite britbog

And that's why you're a fucking pussy.
Everyone bullies me BUT YOU

And yet you still give me shit for it.

I don't think I do

You're not helping yourself.

Like a sammich :3 Or Piggy in blankets!


Because when I bully people its personal. You fucker.


I've already been laying, I wanna chat. I'm gonna make a tc

he is like an australian

Scoots is right though.
Exactly after 3 hours of waking up I immediately remember that thing I did which I don't want to remember like... 3 days ago.

And then I buy 8 cans of shit tier lager to wash away the constant shame of being me.

... I love you too, Scoots.

I just woke up and I can't stop yawning
Its like hiccups

wot did you do?

daddy i cummied

And by australian, you mean a gas sniffing abbo; right?

Are we okay?

come to my tc and chat.

ur brain needs air

You're like my best friend, yeah we're ok
even tho we don't talk but it's fine.

I haven't gone to sleep and I just fapped to 2d lolis

*takes a nap*

do you huff ga?

are you an abo?

Also FUCK OFF LIELIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It was ironic though

Biggest problem thought is that I'm pretty shit at my job and my manager is bitching at me that I ain't bailing cardboard fast enough, but 3 days ago I went to subway with him and tripped my tray and spilt all my coffee over his coat.

And then way before then I admitted to my work collegeuages I shoved a candle up my ass.

*kissu the forehead*

I love you scanner
that aint that bad

im breathing perfectly fine

good job
im proud of you

kemonomimi must be really ticklish

just listen to kpoop
also whos lielie

It is when you you need to stay in the job AFTER xmas

It was ironic

Who are you ?

You're Lielie because you lie by claiming your name isn't Lielie.

North Korean folk songs where

apparently Lielie

do i know you?

but you yawn to bring air to brain

dada orio
please join the tcc

Whats that ?

Hahahaha bing bong


w e w


If u can't figure out who I am from my posts so far then u need to get the dildo out of ur brain or something

This computer's microphone legitimately doesn't work.

mien either :/
I am just camming and typing
then cam and type
I'm gonna do it too






well it stopped already
i mustve been pretty tired when i woke up

a name i guess

whats soon

TC kills the thread

ples help

oh oh ok, good. I was gonna say y so tired.

-pets you-

U need to work on ur READING comprehension; luckily I did literature in college and I can help u out:

Neither of those things applies to my post


Cutie -hugs warmly-



;-; I do.. in like.. 3 hours.

You just want to hug yourself.




So sleep. :3 -runs my fingers through your hair-

Mislinking is a proud tradition.

I need happy day to get through this.
Enjoy the TC fam.
Please no shittalking me uwu

im talking shit about u haha

Tell me your internet history.



.o^o. I have been trying.. I gave up and came here. -oh sheet that's nice-

i love u scooty

Its still not letting me on. It'll be fine. The lord of light and leather will protect you kiddos.

Jade you should leave here and never return

This is out of genuine concern for your wellbeing, please

I want more Cooki!
Shut up colbs.
You fucking queer.



I think it's time to try again. ^^

You seem to like pets a lot. -keeps softly stroking your hair-

Erio stop perving on underaged girls


I'm not being lewd. :3

Bard is nice


Nothing really mattress

bc I do, but fine I'll go to bed..

is he being serious or what
bc I haven't been on in forever

That isn't what I meant.


Good girl.

Another victim of Erio's ambiguous promiscuity...

Make yourself

I dont kno ask him!!

Double overhead cam

go on steam now >.>

msg me on steam


Do you need medical assistance?

She will never recovering from the petting and affection that just took place.



Why does Erio get all the ass?


Like who are you and what hole did you crawl out of ?

mama erios butt

me on the left and you on the right


/mu/ related.
That's a drink.

♥ this is so cute ♥





silence of the lambs was a good movie

You know what I need to watch again?
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

If hyper light drifter had a happy part

I'm done being Tina.


I was just thinking of that movie not too long ago
pretty good one but i can hardly remember what happens int it thinking back
i can agree with that

all the things I wanted to do to you.....

Hyper Lighter Drifter would be if Dark Souls fucked a Zelda game, put it up for adoption and was looked after by a retro twin stick shooter.

I feel like not having a name right now.

You can still do those things.
Just get them to leave the mask on.

It was a good game and I enjoyed it.

What do you like to be called?

I liked it too, but I never completed it.

Any other games you enjoyed?


Go complete it.

2 drunk now, gonna have to start from the beginning again.

But now I'm on Stardew Valley; gonna build my dream farm... which is probably shit compared to others; but it does me well.

A farm without plants.

Or too many plants that I have to neglect other duties.

Like building relationships, building animal houses and what not.

Anti-social farmer.


grow W E E D

Lol why is /new/ being advertised at the top of every board?

Me on the right, bard on the left.


You're both arms ?

please save me i'm being choked by a madman

i'm gonna put on my superman costume and watch from the closet instead.


I want a GTA V SP DLC.

There is GTA V dlc?

post koume disgust face

Which face is that ?

MP lots. No SP.

the one that gives me a boner

I don't know that shit.
What is MP or SP?


I don't know which one that is.



Don't play enough GTA V, so I guess I ain't interested. ;w;

I want an discrete analog handbrake.


Well, that's the one that gives ME a boner.
K, I think I'm drunk now... let's work my magic.

What do I need to do?


Ok, ready to start streaming Space Station 13.
Anyone wanna mic chat with me to be my second dude?

Shove plants into the floor.


thats a lot of eye circles
did she crazy

No shes normal.


is she hungering for my cock


Seems unlikely



shes pretty hot
permission to fap?


Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation

Ok, gonna be streaming Space Station 13 now.

Anyone up for it?

Is that a yes?

what motivation
i steal all these from the interwebs

was that actually published in the real 16.5?

Just sit there in agony instead.

Feel free to call me a cunt on chat.

wats 16.5

is this some form of s&m play
blunts blunts blunts

tl dr


now just don't more


lewds of kirito and assuna going oomph oomph

how long am i stuck like this?
where are you going?!

2 hours of sleep
possibly lifting and stuff if i feel like i'm not going to fall asleep on the bike ride home today

let's do this

Until I wake up in like 9 hours.


Shouldn't she already know that she's older than him by this point?

I want a square 80's car and mount an addressable LED strip with high power LEDs as front lights.

This fucking website man is so sad

idk the specifics of sao
i just fap to it once in a while cuz its popular and has decent content

Fair enough.

still mor epixels than the ps4 amirite

Those webms tho

what webms

lmao you fucking noob
You don't even know the image you posted is actually from a high quality webm from a Pixiv god
There's like sadly only like 6 of them

lol i didnt know they where webms i thought they were gifs
and i know its from that one pixiv

Rolled 9 (1d9)
gimma da link
i forgot i even had it bookmarked
also i forget how to use pixiv and they updated it apparently

found the webms on /h/ lol

Who even is this newfag anyways?




do u use discord

no should i

yea sure i can get u into super secret clubs and stuff

kinda wary because who knows what kinda secret clubs you would be into

its so dramatic and it just dies

More booze later?
Or no?

the coolest ones ofc

whats up with that chick's eye
its like skin grew over it

she doesnt have a right eye
it's rly sad she cant spot trannies anymore...

This is a true story. About 8 years ago, my ex and I decided to go to the Buffalo zoo for a nice Sunday outing. Now, at this time in my life I was working out daily and was a pretty stocky guy. Towards the end of the day we ended up at the gorilla enclosure. There were about 30 people around watching the gorillas but I was the biggest male human. I stopped near the Silver back and decided to stare him down, don't ask why. After a short while the silverback noticed me staring at him and began to return the favor. After he saw that I wasn't backing down, he proceeded to throw some grass and stomp his feet. Seeing as how my feet were hidden from him and I didn't have grass to throw I decided to beat on my chest. Well let me tell you, something changed in his eye…. He stormed over to his selected female, dropped her panties and started to have the roughest doggy style gorilla sex the world has ever seen!!!! And all the while this was going on….. He was staring into my eyes while banging away… as if to say “these are my females”. And that is my first hand experience of what happens when you pound your chest at a silverback.

why was the gorilla wearing panties

Not the same person. Cap it.



people fell for this fallacy with alice iinfinity
not hard to fake


whose lielie

simon y garfunkel

I'm just meme-ing. I've known Lielie for years.


Who is it?

Replace your headlights


is lielie the guy bc thought was me

It's Lielie. I reached into the ether of purest autism and formed him from it.


6 pints, want more... but cba to travel to offlicense.>>1510018

whats the name from

One time like a year and a half ago we were talking about if I have a daughter, I might name her Lilith and call her "Lili" for short, and then clarified that it would be pronounced "Lilly." Then he said "Lielie" would be a nice pronunciation, so I told him to change his Skype name to that if he likes it, and he did for a while, and he was forever called "Lielie" after that.


thats such a sweet story ; w;

How? I just thought making him have a dumb name was funny. :3

why the fuck do you remember that

and why did you explain it like a story

you interrupted me midfap


it's what the japanese might call

stop jerking it off further just because
lillie is a cute loli

g m


feku real tip u should slow down w the masturbation


I have the memory of an alien supercomputer that's come to enslave humanity. And because it felt like a story while I was explaining it, so I memed it that way.

Do you want one? :3

I guess that's le subjective.

Let's be honest, knowing you, I probably don't want to know what you'd come up with for me.

what do you mean the last time i did it was 48 hours ago

subjepictive !

well it seems like u masturbate a lot just from talking to u for like three days so idk

Don't believe him, sci, he's masturbating right now.

erio's presence made me soft so i quit

Normally he has the opposite effect on people.

i should have known w the name lielie

lol gay
erios the most 'bro' poster ever

new thread please


Lielie is actually the kind of masochistic fuccboi who would love me in my dom lewd mode but I won't do that with him because that's GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you'd like it. ^^

Ok Googles!



I used to do that meme
You remember that pacha
there was also like 5 prometheus'