Pls rember burd

pls rember burd.

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i want to forget


Rember happy days

i like to start shit with the furries because they do it with me unironically

Yeah, for sure.
I remember the mod voting drama and tried to imagine it at the time.
Love him and stuff, but Soto was one of the few with a 'no'

mgd is a toilet


Cuppy is tiem

Granted it's a very rare condition
But it won't matter how much salt you've had if you drink enough water to kill yourself.

fun fact: you can kill yourself with an inch of water. It's lethal
fun fact: 100% of people who drink water DIE.

if you fuck a goat ironically

you are STILL a goatfucker

welp, i'm a fursecuter lol



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i made a bowl of macaroni and ate all of it

The weak should fear the strong.

He could lead us to ruin. Or to prosperity.

You fucking stupid?




that's a cat

what went wrong here

MGD where

A glorious form of ruin, for sure.
It's all laughs till it's over.

the dude just came round for his thing, put a cartridge in it... and couldn't get it out. so now it's still at my house, in the cupboard, only now it's loaded.


George pls. Those are thought provoking and insightful critiques on human nature.
You just dont get it.

Yeah Moogs what are you a fucking half-wit?

An end worth if such a place.





was really proud of that, it was at a point i thought i would be back in the eating disorder clinic if i didn't manage to change things.

thanks for calling a victory over personal demons spam, you insensitive cunt

I can't imagine this place not-being.
But yes, that would be THE way to go.

so it's clear the mods have no idea what spam actually is

who hired these morons

Erin you literally spazzed out, demodded me, and had a panic attack when I banned Sci for the exact shit Moogs was doing.

how far are the goal posts for you

It would help all of us if it was gone really.

And you said it wasn't real spam

And that real spam was just people posting advertisements or links to other sites/boards and shit.

I was having a really nice night, but then I had to go to the bathroom to vomit, and everyone left, and I was fine afterwards, but nobody wants to just sit around in your house while you're being sick, so now i'm alone :c

Things are getting spicy.

on a related note i figured out why that coke from weeks ago made me sick

it wasn't bad coke, it's cause i took poppers at the same time

it just happened again


omg i have feet

i have felt fucking horrible for days


you just called a five star rated post an winner of the Gold Post Merit spam

you are patently incompetent

step down now


like, you guys know me, i am not respectful of the law, but this is by far and away the most illegal i have ever been 😶

a guy down the street from me has a van that says "zombie outbreak defence force" or something on it

i get what they are trying to do with the knife laws here, but it isn't working, if somebody wants to carry a knife as a weapon they will regardless of the law, but people who aren't violent can't carry a pen knife despite them being like the most versatile tool we have ever invented

now you're spamming by reposting my legitimate posts

you think you are above every law but i have new for you buddy

you are not

The weak should fear the strong.

you got new for me huh

The weak should wear the strong.



but really i did apologize to you yesterday erin for picking fights with you

lets be nice

The fear should weak the stong.

irony, thy name is george


Yo can we get a comment on this then?

Yan, should I catch this shiny male cutiefly or keep my chain going for my 4+IV female and hope she's shiny?

no. this is the last straw. today i'll be making a mod election script, and i feel like it's going to see use.

pick your fights carefully mugen.

Ivs dont matter with the new training according to ian.

i can't remember what yans talking about tbh

Because the last ellection was soooooo sucsessful.


Yo make me a mad btw if you doing this.

What's the use of NOT catching a shiny?

iirc, amy ran the last election, i can't remember how it went.

the last one i ran was indeed exceptionally successful, and if you recall, i won in a landslide.

my will be done.


They still matter a bit.
Hyper training doesn't actually change IVs, just masks them, so when you breed a pokemon, the original ivs are what pass down.

I'm not going to run Hidden Power on my Ribombee so IVs don't matter for me, and I'm just going to breed a max IV shiny so I don't have to hyper train it.

Because Hyper Training takes bottle caps which are a pain in the ass to collect.

I can bring the shiny rate down to something like 1/256 from ~1/4000

Catch them all, tho?

Amy was also demodded in like a week and you spazzed out and gave it to me. So this is all your fault that george is in power. J'acuse. J'ACUSE!


The people who say IVs don't matter, don't understand what Hyper Training is, or at least what it takes.

The people who say Hyper Training is a worthless mechanic don't understand why it was implemented.

I have both Cutiefly and Ribombee rn.

Yo make me mod.

This phone has tiny ass keys. Hard to type because i have big hands.

I think the re was a way to farm them. Im not sure though. I dont use hidden power either so masking them is fine for me.

Oh really? Damn.
That's pretty good. Some dedication.
I can't grind games for shit.
Except PoE, I guess.

so george being modded was my doing? so, even after i left, i was still calling the shots somehow? interesting, my power is greater than i could ever have imagined


that could probably work out

i like to think i do a good job

Who is George?
And seriously, who are the admin/mods?


you don't

No, using hidden power is why you'd want them masked.

My point was that hyper training isn't ideal for any mon you either don't want hidden power on, or intend to breed.
Since otherwise it's quicker and easier to just catch the parents and breed the perfect-stat child.

how so

Bebo is admin
George is Mugen.
Mugen is a mod, and Spoilers is a mod, and Idr who the third is.

you've now been spamming two threads in a row, and have been right here watching yourself do it, but haven't done anything about it

I think moogs does a good job.

how long should i be banned for erin

Erin is just mad because she's cold and her only warmth is a doggo
so from a freudian standpoint it makes sense that she would take out her buttfrustrations on furries

Ooh, okay.
I think it's telling that I didn't know who it was, means there's been no mod-manhunts, as far as I know.

You seem to think you are calling the shots with an impromptu mod ellection.

And good. I wand to be top mod. No other mods above me.

Like, maybe you can get 30 shards a day at the highest level of isle aphun, but that's still only one stat trained a day.

I can get more perfect iv'd children in just as much time.

Ah. Well i have a perfect floatzel on oras but it has a hacked ditto in its ancestry so i want to legit breed ine later. Would ut be worth it?


not long, like an hour or two, you're obviously a regular and the rules are flexible for corner stones of the community, but they can't bend out of existence, so SOMETHING should be done, however minor, for the sake of at least nodding to established protocol.

Rin make me a perfect female Sylveon


with pixilate
and black jack
and hookers

Furries cause me pain so i take my frustration out in doggos.

I like how much they simplified all this at least.



Because i am not the fucking poltergeist.

You've been mod, my point isn't that no one would make you mod, but that same person wouldn't ALSO make Soto/TP mod.
It requires two different kinds of people to do so, get me?

i seem to think nothing of the sort, for i talk through a hole in my lower back

maybe it speaks truth, maybe it just farts and shits, and gums all over cocks

I think you mean Pazuzu/Regan from the Exorcist you fucking retard

always has been

if a stranger came by they'd have the shit banned out off them for things regs get warnings and hour bans for

I maintain you have a warped view on what your posts are and what they seem like most days, but its whatever to me. I just would refrain from pointing fingers like you do.

You think i watch that shit?

different kinds of people?

You could take it up with bebop i guess. I am but a lowly poster. Not fit to lick boots.



why? i dont have a problem with it. it's the way it should be.

>tfw Not sure if feeling anxious is making me anxious.

Rember happy birb.

How dare you.
How fucking dare you.

I am above logic.

Also are we still talking about how much of a deep set bitch Moogs and the rest of the furries are?


People who would make Soto mod would not also make you mod.
People who would make you mod would not also make Soto mod.

It is entirely subjective. I dont think we promote a healthy posting atmosphere though and has lost us many people.

It'll probably be just as quick, and more efficient, to get the 4IV dittos to breed it.

Then you can reuse those dittos for anything else.

So no, hyper training might not be worth it in your case, just by virtue of how hard to come by bottle caps are.

What's in it for me?

You know what? Forget the sylveon.

I agree.

strange people...

Hes a regular so we can bend the rules.

cute married couple~ ♥

they were never worth keeping.
Good riddance.

Are we ever going to talk about what a brown-nosing fuck Scoots is for muh waifu

Hack mons can be detected and banned from what i hear though. I

When shall we be rid of you

Don't you agree, though?
Didn't mean to insult ya.

Marry me. Ill treat you right. I buy the wet dog food.

Who mentioned hacking ???

SOS chain is an in-game mechanic.

Friendship and the feeling of Generosity

I give Erin plenty of shit.
Why are you so worried for Yan?

What makes you think you should be so fortunate?

I'll think about it

No, i meam with the dittos. I got mixed up. I dont understand the new mechanics too well as i only just got off the first island.

you dont mean to... but...

I think I'm gonna KO this male, shiny, Cutiefly.
And hope for a female.

The world revolves around me

I'm not worried I'm just commenting on how you literally echo whatever she goes after or white knight for her constantly fam
I have never seen you give Erin shit in my laifu

are we ever gonna talk about how you never stand up for me

fuck off, scoots actually cares about me and this board.

I care, erin. Not about this, but about something im sure.


What's the disadvantage of catching it?

I think you are being a tad egotistical right now fam.
Ive been thinking of quitting. But then ignored them thoughts knowing i'd just be back. a la Grim.


Nice try but I stood up for you just the other day.
I went m'lady and everything

I would love to quit, but this place fills a hole.

And tbh fam I don't think you need anyone to stand up for you on the internet like hahaha how the fuck is cyber bullying real nigga just turn off your screen ahahahaha

This entire time I hadn't made the decision.

The disadvantage to catching it was that I'd have to break my sos chain at 28.

I couldnt have put it more gayly and truthfully myself.


You fill my hole

((((''Miss Independent by NeYo Intensifiesfrom Yans speakers))))


A cat who takes a shit in the litter box one day out of the year is still a cat who shits everywhere.


But why do you want it as long as possible?
Does the shiny-chance keep increasing?

How's you?


today you've spent the whole day siding with the fucking furfags

i'm so done

You need to try a little harder to get me to actually bite.
This meme'ing is pretty weak.

Post butt.

my internet kept cutting out and now it won't come back

i think winter killed the memes

Yan loves us more.

U furst

he can fucking marry you for all i care




and now i have to go out in the horrible cold and go to the store ;-;

Sorry starfucks, I cant let you do that.
Proof that you are more bootylicious than cupcake.

As far as I know, yes, but I'm not in it for the shiny, really.

The longer the chain, the higher your chances of higher numbers of perfect IVs, and I hear chaining to somewhere between 30-40 all but guarantees you 3-4 perfect IVs.

It also raises the odds of the pokemon having hidden abilities, but I want my Ribombee to have Shield Dust, not the anti-para.

Wrap up well. Its colder than Neru's brain out there

No fighting

I mean you already replied like how many times
But yeah okay you're not biting because you say so.

If I'm siding with them it's because you're being a hypocrite and purposefully making inflammatory remarks to my friends.

That's very untrue.

Lexi pls

Do i need to give you a dowry or no?

Poor baby potato

But I do like how shiny ribombee looks better than regular, tbh, famalama.

Blast. You have boosted my ego. I am in shackles for you.

I think I know what IV's are... I didn't know there was a chance of failing.
I'm not even gonna pretend to know more than 10 pokémon abilities lol.

i need some pizza


a bit hungry for breakfast, since i woke up less than an hour ago.
today is black friday?
hmm... sales... hmm... i wonder waht's playing in the theatre tonight...
laundry is still going... u_u
should i drink this drink or that drink...
at least i have youtubes to watch...
sigh... another thread day as usual... hopefully things turn out better today maybe.


Maybe once i have covered my expenses we can work something out.


Holy shit, Shielddust is good.

Sweet Veil seems to be anti-sleep, not anti-para

I dont speak italian. Sorry.


IVs are inherent values.
They're a random number between 0 and 31 assigned to each stat of a pokemon on generation.
A higher number gives the pokemon more points in that stat.

and Hidden Power is based off your IVs.

Literally even worse.

Please what?


Why you posting with your real name?

Oooh. I had it confused with EV's, then?


EVs are effort values.
It's useful to think of them as "Stat EXP", as they go up as you fight wild pokemon, or train them with mechanics.

Fursecuttion intensifies

kiss my butt

Bully me daddy

I mean.
If you're offering.

threatening me with a good time?

n o

I guess I'll marry you since Erin wants to break up with me

brb killing self

You dont love me more so pass

ky yan

ky yan

btw, turns out mugen is genuinely hurt again

how in the fuck does that keep happening, you'd think he'd learn eventually

mash has feels?

Suck my dick Scoots
The only thing good about you is your objectively superior taste in women

like every fucking time i start joshing him his feels shatter like ice

it's uncanny

You seem more upset than anyone over this. Its ok to be sad erin.


has he brittle bone syndrome?

Erin pls


Wasn't that named Lexi and Rin.jpg at some point?

Yan. I am sad that you have nothing in your life anymore. But please. Calm those jimmies.

Hey Scoots get some new memes
And your own autistic internet princess girlfriend.

I have caught so many pokemon that it feels like I'm getting critical captures half the time.

I will do it

Lacy Greene is a coke/heroin fiend!

oh I thought you were scoots

I have quite a collection of internet princesses. GG fag.

I was about to get hurt.


To be fair, I guess I've done that exact same thing and thought Tokai was Theseius last week.

Paladin Scooter pls



You reminded me Yan, I need to redo my skyrim mods.
I havent tank'd or necromaged in too long.

Skyrim is dead to me.
I explored every nook and cranny and did every quest.

Although the mod where you become a Lich was really fun, and so is raising people you kill from the dead.

I've shown you my sword, The Fuckbringer right?

It happened when I was playing Skyrim.
You were there.

I do not think so. Reshare?

Sorry I don't phone post a lot lol

Its okay baby, you can make it up to me later

how's your daughter doing now?

Good, I imagine.
I'm not really in the mindset of the character right now.


sorry yan, I got pulled away from my computer by some real life bullshit. still wanna play?
Hang on, I'm grabbing my best poison recipe as well.


what is your mind set?

Yeah, that's the one I know.
Never EVtrained tho

loli is the best


One of the best poisons in the game imho

yeah yeah I know. so yes?

Agreed. Though it is always satisfying to console command Jarrin root.

You need to make this up to me

you want some?

i give ya some

I'm in the game, so like, get on if you want to play, yeah?

Alla tha' chit chat gonna getcha hurt

Gav-Yan deal
Gav-Yan wheel

My launcher keeps crashing so I guess fucking not.

well that sucks.

I'm so done with everything

brb killing self



snek coitus is better btw






My own.

It's ez now.
Apparently not as ez as horde training, but I never did that anyway.


tell me

I can't remember ever grinding for training past like a 3rd gym.
The first one in Black2 (or whichever had the Simsear/Pansear/Pansage things) was the one I had to train the most for, ever.
But that was a mod that made the gyms waaaay tougher.

Rin where's my sylveon


My Sylveon

Where is it

I just did ???

I rarely train.

I don't remember agreeing, but if you get pushy about it then even when I am breeding my eevees I won't make one for you.

the best kind, yes.

No you have to do what I say.

describe it?

not for the sexy.
Papi is cute.
But bird is not for lewd


No these are objectively the best kind

Slime > snek > spider > the rest.

Or I can just ignore you.
What are you going to do
internet bully me?

I want a Papi.

ikt I made boerenkool
am I Dutch now?

monster gays

I'll Gay your monster.

That's it.
Mimikyu's going on my team.

Post party

I have 4 ghost types and I don't care.


brb... running to mc d for a nice egger wrap

Download the loli and tidde monster game

Don't make the Luka play lewd games, yo.


So far I think I'm going with Ribombee, Toxapex because holy shit is it op, Mimikyu, and I dunno.

Kinda wanna figure it out and do as much as I can to it for tomorrow.



papi is for snug. and fug.

ur disgusting.

wrong, wrong, wrong.

tfw no snug n fug

Its not lewd

How can you not have one?

I wouldn't a monstergirl. 90% sure I wouldn't a girl 100% sure I wouldn't a guy
But I would snug the Papi, yes.

Anyone who doesn't run one is a monster, I am thoroughly convinced.

Fort play game, slow reply if any

Just a reminder that Mimikyu just wants a friend, and that is why it made a costume of Pikachu, the most well known, and adored pokemon in the entire franchise.

Those aren't auto lewd

I might get a shiny one.

too bad pikachu is fucking garbage

National 778
Mimikyu ミミッキュ (Mimikkyu)
The Disguise pokemon.

A lonely Pokémon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokémon. Its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.

If its neck is broken or its rag torn during an attack, it works through the night to patch it.

I'm definitely going to get a shiny one.

What game is it, then?

My Pikchu is pretty strong.


Buzzwole isn't legal in VGC format.

You read that right.
Mimikyu is literally so ugly that it gave someone a heart attack because they saw what it really looked like.

And all it wants is a friend.

Cheers out to Mimikyu, the most Holla Forums pokemon.

raichu is much better
pikachu is useless until you evolve it


Not ever since light orb was changed.
Pikachu is literally better than Raichu in every way because of it and everstone.

Raichu is ugly and doesn't have a hate or a Z-move


I lovehate you, Ban.
I keep listening to it.

I found the car keys pokemon


raichu is cuter too

I hate terran so much

Great, send them over, I locked mine in the car.

It's not my fault that Pikachu is all but completely better than Raichu.

Start playing them too.

Pikachu is the stupidest pokemon ever
if I ever saw one I would punt its stupid ass out of existence

Ooh, what?


I'm pretty sure they're the least popular race.


Not my fault you have shit taste in pokemon.

At least, afaik.

I didn't check the actual banlist, only the rule list, but it explicitly mentions the title legendaries, so I don't see why UBs would be missed by that.

Ugly and fat

You got it boss

they are all the fucking same

they are the most popular

just like you


Only proving me right here.
Also, regardless of how you feel about it, it doesn't change the fact that Pikachu is the most widely recognized and adored pokemon in the franchise.

and he's also the most garbage

B-but least in master

Said the one with shit tastes.

At this point, I'm just trying to bother Kit'n.


bans up




now I got a better taste ^^




Chaining Mimikyus is a pain.
I might just catch a standard one and then breed it so it's children become my team.

I'm doing it with a real Picachu and it feels wrong



Pikachu ja nai yo mimikyu da yo.




the bakaest

Obake ja nai Mimikyu da yo.

Tomodachi ni narou Mimikyu da yo.

aw yiss I love dark templar rush



this nugg tried to zerg rush me first

"Let's be friends, I'm Mimikyu!"


Don't cheese
Early lings is standard unless it was all-in

I think that's what it says, anyway.

I think more apt might actually be "It's Mimikyu"

fun fact

You really like that song.

It's really cute, and rather catchy.

How does he lose to that as Zerg?

wat song?


oh okai I see

why no cheese


DT cheesing another protoss too

it is only a matter of tim beforeit comes back to bite me

DT rush diamonds.
I dare you.

Zerg is the most delayed stealth detection; it it tier 2 instead of 1.5

When people get better at handling it you'll lose everytime, and then realize your actual mechanics are garbage

Iam silver it will be a while until that happens

I know

No you won't be able to stop.

You can stop early ling harass with an actual wall.

Neru, you do do this, right?

Don't do this, it's for nubs
Make a zealot
He will be a god

That is a slightly worse way, but that idea.

nnnn not exactly I should

I use pylons/cannons but thatis too slow and expensive tbh

Iwill try thanks

what wouldI do without you my greatest ally

I mean.
So's DT rushing, and wall off works better through games than a dedicated build.

Walling off your base is in now way for scrubs.

Isn't the wall basically required for any race that isn't Zerg these days?

Overlords no longer detect stealth?

One-base play is for nubs.

DTs can't get out though, still bad. A wall also signals cheese.

Most zerg place buildings to wall as well, but not ramps. Walling ramps totally is bad unless you're terran.

They require a lair tech upgrade into overseer first.

tbh I build a pylon outside their base and warp in the dt

I take back tier 2 thing
They changed Evo Chamber->Spore I think
Been too long

Proxy pylons can help a lot, but again full walls to me make it abundantly obvious DTs or air is coming.

are you above gold/plat though

Yup, according to TL it's pool->spore as of LotV

If I were ranked I would probably be, but it's been a few months

Watching this starcraft talk reminds me of when I first saw league talk

You're retarded if you think walling off your base means one base play.

Fuck most people even make a shitty wall at the first expansion

As far as I've ever known watching replays, and casts, a wall is fairly standard.


So much has changed since BW.

ahh that was adorable

considering getting into broodwarstuff tbh

Walling off your base just says "I know I have a slow race, so I'm going to add in a bit of security."

Mimikyu just wants a friend.
If you would deny him that you are literally the scum of the earth.

Let's all play War3.

No UD though.
UD's fucking op, and it's goddamn retarded.

echo would be all over that aha

i would befriend a kawaii mimikyu

Undead being OP as shit?

Or Salazzle?


well if you donot mind playing with someone on a dodgy windowse xp virtual machine with a dodgy russian wc3 version

and idk how to play wc3 even less than starcraft and the heores feel so derp

Guess I have a Golem now

this thing is rock/electric

its so fucking weird

I don't know why they thought a race was a good idea when it can shut down an entire base with 2 units, and repopulate faster than any other race even if you do drive the initial attack off.

I've legit left games because my opponent was UD.

You can get a gengar if you make a haunter SOS.

Age of mythology

Age of empires

But I already have a hunter with the right nature and moves he needs to nightmare people.

Just thought I'd share.

They aren't that strong, every other race has a way to counter them though they grow kinda faster than other races.
I always loved the house/turret mechanic, that was amazing.

age of empires with the we wuz kangs expansion

This was a common wall. This one is for two-base play, but it's still bad and for bad players.

I mean, sure you can send a probe or two out. It's still extremely inefficient to not be able to transfer workers or respond to attacks, and a terrible move.


The error in thinking is that the races play at different speeds.

My only real issue is that there actually isn't a proper counter to mass wyrms.

It's stupid, they hit splash and everything is affected by their breath, and it lasts long enough that one wyrm can effectively lock two or three production structures on its own.

Wyrms aside though, yeah, UD's fine.

i want to pat aoba

thank ya di yo

Which is a good expansion

Wyrms are way late, slow to produce, slow movement speed, and high capacity cost, you can't stack too many and they take forever to.
So if you just rush a regular army you can definitely out enemy before wyrms can take you out, or at least that's how I remember it..

I do not remember walls being used in 1 for protoss. You could block entrances with some buildings, but you needed zealots and maybe a probe to complete the defense, otherwise you would have to kill one of your own structures to get out.

This is still the case. They are bad because they prevent movement without killing one of you own buildings. Terran can move their buildings and raise/lower supply depots, so it is okay for them to build walls. Zerg can do spine/spore walls because they can also move those.


that looks so different from my game

I lost

what is the issue with just blocking with a zealot + buildings and move the zealot?

let me guess they were terran


really nice and gave me advice

You don't understand at all.

You aren't blocking yourself off


Memory serves, they're 385/120/7 with 65, and are T4.
For reference, Dryads, which to what I've noticed have been a large part of NElf dps, are 135/60/3 with 30, and are T2.

So if they're playing somewhat competently for a wyrm build, they can be getting their first wyrm as your army is readying.

Which is all they need, because that slow is lethal.
Bears can soak a bit of damage, and have rejuve, which helps offset it, but you still have to sacrifice a large part of your dps with birds of hyps if you want to be able to take out wyrms, or use twice the resources to make riders if you want to be competent about it.

You can do it I guess.
But your robo has to be at natural instead of main, and transfer will be slowed.

Just look up pro games to understand. You can do the zealot thing or a half-wall, but they are still generally not used. You restrict your own movement just as much, which means drops/air harass will be much to taxing and prevents further expansion.

You don't even have to.
Mineral walk and probes get through fine anyway.

*birds or hyps

I've watched a lot of pro games and I've played a lot.

I watch husky cast games for fun like 3 years ago

mineral walk?

Workers will go through units if you just click on the mineral line.

help i dont undestand

Then you should know they don't wall, unless husky was really that retarded. He's bad, but I don't know how bad.

Your robotics bay should probably go at your natural if you do the zealot block, otherwise immortals will have a very hard time responding to an attack on your nat/third.

Also, hyppogriffs are fucking useless for anything that isn't turning them into riders.

And Birds just...

I guess they're okay...?
Kind of?

You get faerie fire and cyclone, but both of those aren't nearly as good as dryab slow poison.

Robo = Robotics Bay
Mineral Walk = when you tell a worker to harvest minerals, they will move through other units to do it.

I literally watched pros do it for years.

Ii na

If Lion King were Pokemon

Kakuna Matata.

By the way do we have official names for Gen7 protags yet?

Or are people still assuming it'll be Sun and Moon?



If I cry but nobody sees or hears it did I cry?

They have fallen HEAVILY out of favor. Watch recent games. The loss in map control and response time is not worth it. A loose/half-wall at a natural is more accepted, but at the main is pretty much suicide.

i need more space

From a tourney a couple days ago. This is the most wally toss get. Note that the ramp is totally clear--this is because you will literally get ass fucked by lings otherwise.

I literally already said its common for people to half-wall at the natural.

Are you reading what I say?

RIP that shot didn't show the ramp. Here's the minimap since I'm too lazy to find an actual shot.

I'm gonna stop now

Never stop, onii chan owo

It seems more people around here just argue for the sake of being right than.

Should I try to chain a munchlax into a Snorlax?

Or should I just ignore munchlaxes for now and instead use the MD one to ditto chain?


But I must

I argue for the sake of being proven wrong.


i argue for the sake of being punished daddy uwu

You get a three.

They do not wall-in, which was what was being advocated for. It is bad. They may put up half walls at naturals/thirds, but never wall-in. As seen here I'm aware and for chokes with half walls. I'm against actual walls. They are bad.

I'm not moving any goalposts, you're the one who defended actual walls by posting in response to
If you're gonna try to claim I'm not reading, read yourself :^)
wew lad I'm done

I just googled recent tourney ZvP games; I don't watch them.

Is the actual second reference link.

Everyone hates Draven

No you don't

hey bambi. /flirts

You win, good job.

*pins a gold star on your chest*

Draven Support*

I must

This bothers me..

but it is an actual gif.

As in the animated one where they're bashing their head on the table.

Out of?

I like that image.

Why play Draven support when you can play Teemo support?

By the way, Luvdisk are 70% encounter rate on Route 9 fishing, with a... 5?% chance of holding a heart scale.

Happy farming.



Shit, 50% on the heartscale.

ok but you shouldn't because it hurts my feelings.

Lloyd confirmed gay ???

Smokin' broccoli to the stem~

Gimme yo
Gimme yo
Gimme yo attention baby

Of course, Route 9 has a weird fishing spot, but that's beside the point.


Don't stand so, Don't stand so
Don't stand so close to me.

oh *flips hair and sun catches smile making it gleam*
didn't notice you there

I'm a feelings destroyer.

Also, route 9 fishing encounters includes 5% for Corsola, which can call for help from a Mareanie.

Mareanie might KO your corsola though, IIRC they are aggressive to her.

Brocolistem can be really nice tho


Doesn't flow.

Whoa, level 10?


More like

"Ohh, it's dinner."

dont forget melemele sea



The retarded little sea cucumber thing is gr8.

Waht happens if the Corsola dies? Nothing special?


Mareanie and Toxapex are known for eating a corsola's... horns? head things.

In their defense, it doesn't hurt the corsola, and they gro back, but it does really freak them out.

Also Toxapex leave trails of corsola bits along the sea floor.

That's actually 20% chance with special fishing, 1% otherwise.

Route 9 doesn't use special fishing.


Thank you for voicing your well thought out opinion on the matter.

We appreciate the feedback and will adjust our posts accordingly.

It becomes dinner.

I don't think Mareanie can SOS chain.

If it can, then it's super rare for it to.

Also this.

You can reset bubbly fishing spots really easy in the sea by the profs house, since they reset everytime you re enter the area and its 4 steps away

same spot always, right there

I traded my almola for a mareanie on gts though

Das brutal.

Well... naturally, I guess.

So you'll just be fighting that thing, then? Alright.

The experienced feeling destroyers have levels

Mareanie has a 0 call rate


I always love those types of Pokemon: the ones that don't evolve, serve no purpose, and have nothing good about them.
They're just more fun to use.

Which retarded seacucumber?

Yeah, I know, that's where I got mine.

If you have shit rng though, special fishing might just completely forsake you there, and if so it's better to just go to Route 9.

At least you can farm heart scales at the same time.

If you're coaxing a Corsola to SOS then you're probably hunting Mareanie anyway.

Well, thanks.



whats the rate on route 9?

no problem

you should go on steam more

Yeah, makes sense.


5% of all fishing encounters are Corsola.
70% are luvdisk.

It seems to have a high return of items as well.émon)


ouh okay

It's one of the Pokemon you're supposed to feel bad for.
Because it's food.

For the uninitiated, FEAR is a pokemon with a focus sash, endeavor, and quick attack, at a rediculously low level.

They endeavor first round, which you will undoubtedly speed to match your HP to theirs.
Since they're underlevelled, you'll probably knock them to nothing, and proc the focus sash leaving them at 1.

Then they quick attack, which is a priority 1 move, and deal at least 1 damage to you.

I feel bad for Mimikyu. He just wants a friend.

It's like the NEET of Pokemon

Is this canon the most useless pokémon?

Such a weird thing

Thrown pokeballs no longer strike the pokemon to capture it but slowpoketails are now a delicacy again

ok nintendo ?

I'm on steam quite a lot, actually. it's just not the steam that I used to talk to people.

How the Pokedex entries for it are written are terrible.
"When its neck breaks" and doesn't clarify it's talking about the stick, not its actual neck.

There's better for the NEET of pokemon.

Fomantis spends all day sleeping, and absorbing the light of the sun.
And spend all night looking for a better place to sleep.


And calling the costume just a rag. ;~;7

That's what my friend called it too, lol

There's a lot of "useless" Pokemon like that over the series' length.
It's kind of intentional. They're low on the food chain just like real life.

The Ash-Greninja, do I just have to play the shitty demo once to get it to transfer?

After the first time the demo saves, talk to the professor to transfer it.

oh, okay

Now I finally know Dunsparce' purpose.

I'm just really anti social. you've known me a long time, you know this.

You shut your whore mouth.
Dunsparce is great and I'm not just saying that because I spent hours in every GSC game just trying to catch one.

iirc the method of capturing a pokemon was to peg it with a pokeball then itll begin the capture process

now the pokeball opens in front of the pokemon instead

But, slowpoke tails are a delicacy again?

Also, that fucking hitchiker.
Do you have the original image behind it, and I'm not just asking because it's lillie?

lol, poor you.
I really don't know shit about it, because I can't muster any interest

Where's the move deleter again?
Melemele pokemon center?

that doesn't make it suck any less, ya goof

naughty rin

yes, they are
one of the people in the masalada places talks about it

Hau'oli City on melemele

Did people say that the move relearner relearned event moves?
Is that actually a thing, or am I about to fuck up my event munchlax because its moves are totally worth keeping?

Also Lillie is best. Get off my dick, everyone gets one.

Fort play game
back later

the only reason you even think you want me around to talk to more is because I'm not

it can relearn moves taught at lower AND higher level.

idt event moves included

it's okay
the porn of her is good

Mallow is my favorite so far
shes cute and she loves to cook~

oh right

Mallow felt a bit special ed to me, but she's definitely wife material.

Lana's basically my spirit animal.

Who is even the "girl" in BT x Cupcake?




every post he makes

I'm pleasantly surprised to find that filters don't even have stubs anymore

That show is terrible.

I don't use them

bambi you stop this right now.

All second bests.

Hmm? I don't follow.

Edgelord Butler.

Acerola's great, but she's more a little sister than a waifu.

The show is an abomination and noncanon.

and that's just okay

She can be both

She doesn't seem like my sisters.

I think I watched a whole three episodes with someone and just wanted to strangle them for suggesting it.

who do you have filtered

I just didn't feel that kind of draw to her.

She's just way too adorable.

they sure take dts seriously around here

lana's the one that felt special ed to me LOL

haven't seen her yet

The young Tsuchi
I guess this website deleted filters from before because I had it before already

How far are you?


add this to your filter list to make the thread instantly better (you)

that's prolly a wise decision

about to battle the second island's kahuna

I went back to melemele to catch bagon and some others I missed on my first run

That would be justified.

You're a wise decision


I also like to start shit with furries...

like polygamous families :3

Are there always 20 free champions in the preseason or is this how many freebies there are per week now

Middle school comebacks here we come
Furries stay away; you have cooties

I don't?

Dude, she's like mentally 7 and tells the worst fucking jokes.
She's basically me as a pokemon waifu.

I wouldn't want to corrupt that.

To be honest I got over dragon types after faries came out.

I need someone to trade with once I level my haunter to 51 that won't steal my badass Gengar.

you don't what

yeah, I don't like her face either

But thats the best part.

why lvl 51?
certain move it learns?

I'll trade mine with you and trade it back if you want

Grim is bad at pokemon

Just go full Homer Simpson and strangle everyone.

Thats when it learns Nightmare if i'm remembering correctly.


that doesn't really make sense. trade pokemon have no downside to evolving the instant you can, I can't think of a single one that doesn't learn the exact same moves at the exact same rate. the only difference really is appearance and base stats.

that being said, haunter is way cooler than gengar so maybe he just wants to use one for a while first.

new thread

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I never competitively battle
I'm more of a collector

oh that girl looks pretty raggy
I wonder what her personality is like

dont spoil it

that's cool

yeah I gotchu

you want to add me now?