Determined burd

determined burd.

always on top of your game~

mostly on top of you but that too!


just look athe flowers

even more so with the addition of ropes



I like ropes

that's good cause
this sort of stuff is fuuuun

I've been into bondage for far longer than I should have been. one of my earliest fetishes.



interesting! also that pic is another example of something fun to do to cups

what would that be?

your image here dork also why is it even when I turn off spoilered images it stays for one extra? so mean

I know but I was hoping you'd say it~

what? covering your face in cum? seems a little lewdly blunt, you really are a slut if you wanted that said! lewdo

[latches onto u]



all over, then of course as you said to rin and fort! filling as deep and as often as possible! it's obviously the rulees

well we wouldn't want to ignore the rules.

yawn t b h cupcake talk to me instead spoilers is like the most boring poster ever

says the one that likes breaking them just to be punished

go away.

I never said I was good!

i mean this says it all

don't you have a fire to go die in?

have u ever done heroin

but you make a good bitch so that's a thing! say, what are you up to bae?

just drinking at the moment. need more. not drunk enough.

im not gonna make fun of u :\ cmon

oh? would you like to go underwatching while you drink?

no I've never done fucking heroine.

actually I'm gonna pass for tonight, played a bunch earlier and kind of don't feel like any more. probably going to bed soon actually. tired...



that's fine I'll just go back to idle pokemastering lol on another note how was your thanksgiving?

oh okay then
no other hard drugs either?

nice tripcode!

fuck you i hate you die

meh, it was alright. felt kinda shitty out of nowhere, not sure why. but at this point I'm used to that.

I'd ask how yours was but yours was a few weeks ago, wasn't it?



the trip password is better than the code tbh

don't really do anything for it anyway but ye not the same day, as for today though it's been alright. got the pokemon game, playing it a bit burnt a small hole into my pants it's a give and take kind of day so far

how on earth did you manage to burn a hole in your pants?

damn thats crazy... seems like a large section of people who have been on these kindsa internet places for a long time have done plenty hard drugs. oh well i bet soto has used heroin i should ask him then

interesting %] gimme a hint


soto has probably done everything. the hardest thing I do is alcohol.

something was lit, something fell out of the lit thing and decided my pants was a fun place to land. I thought I got it fast enough but clearly I did not, it's meh though it might have been an old christmas gift but I literally only wear these at home to relax as they are way too big anyway

hmm...suspiciously vague...

it really isn't given I've mentioned it before but it is in this moment vague as fuck for the sake of suspense

Fucking christ. Phone internet is hell. I miss my computer internet.


well I'm super tired, so I'm going to lie down. but if I remember I'll bug you for details later. nini spoilers. try to sleep earlier than usual!

I'll give it a shot bae, sleep well.

Night slut.

at least getting yourself some decent rest?

How was your Turkey Day?



goodnight daddy! uwu

That that's off of my mind babe
I'm just going to enjoy my day

video game thing?

do u smoke?

God no.

Went to bass pro for dinner and saw the new potter film.


bard i love u

well sortof I guesss

Dont talk to him bard.

enjoy me pls

i dont like being told what to do
I was just going to ignore him but now i am kind of upset

jeez squash, why?

can i invite my friend? *nervous*

He wont give you cummies like i will.

Holiday shit.



blah that's a fair point, that sucks

Oh come on. That's not very much in the spirit of things. Hours of cooking, and worse, cleaning afterwards, and you didn't suffer through that with the rest of us? How many extended family members did you even see today?

i'm looking for good IDGAF trips and this one reminded me of you.

2. I will be seeing upwards of 30 this weekend.

i mean i looked it up and saw league of legends


that trip is gold

Is THAT a more Thanksgiving celebration? With turkey and cranberry sauce and green bean casserole?

wanna read a post i made explaining why thanksgiving is the worst holiday

Yes. We will be playing bridge and crow as well.


Not really.


laughing off my ass at the moment

"I hate thabksgiving because i cant fuck kids." - sci


Bass pro was lit though



Hey qt 3.14

thanksgiving is the worst holiday
like let me make this clear for you, dudes. first of all thanksgiving is set at the end of autumn, clearly the shittiest looking and feeling time of the year. dont get me wrong, autumn is cool at the start for maybe 3 weeks when the leaves are pretty, but after that it looks terrible and is generally garbage. secondly the celebration for thanksgiving is like nothing. what? a dinner? i thought that was a given for holidays but i guess thats all there is to thanksgiving huh. and sure if ur into football theres some football whatever going on but it has nothing to do w/ thanksgiving anyway so who cares? lastly even at the most fundamental level of what thanksgiving is supposed to be it's trash. the whole concept of the holiday is to remind u to be thankful for what u have…….. that is the most depressing concept for a holiday ive ever heard. like sure it's """good""" to be reminded to be thankful but nobody likes that it's not fun and it's depressing as fuck to be forced by this bottom-tier holiday to think about it.
so yea thanksgiving sucks

We have one out here. Best shopping experience ever. It's enormous and so fucking well decorated. It's like a museum, except the guns aren't antiques and you can buy them.

That was s some inane bullshit and i only read the post name and stopped.

amerocans are weird

It is an amazing store. I fucked around at the shooting range for a bit.

I'm glad we have a pillar of normalcy like you to strive towards.

hi babe

hi other babe

i know right


Call me a good dog.

a plant fucking candy wrapper hoarder is the pillar of soul for normalcy

we the best

nerus a sweetheart u be nice to her

Thank god. Someone in this game finally said something about the prof not wearing a shirt.

:( test don't be mean........

who's a good dog???? you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think all these things americans do is something out of a ton of weed from indians back in the 1800s when america was made america today instead of america of yesterday



I can only hope your stupidity is a facade.


hello can you fix your sentence construction to something comprehensible?

Whats this


hi test
how was turkey day

well maybe they were on the weed idk about that, but what i do know is that the founders are the greatest men to ever live besides the ancient greek philosophers


Too much of a cluster of dots and lines. Go to bed cup



i understand that ty. so americans are yes?

I didn't sleep till 6 and had to wake up at 10, so the festivities were a fucking slog for me. Cooking and cleaning on zero energy. Went back for a nap by 4. Feeling refreshed now.

yesterday america became today america after weed bong party when they ran out of tea because somebody threw all the tea in sea

hey oobles did u finish my kazura or what

it is a ploy from the britbongs to make america weird and uncompetitive internationally while they werestill trying to colonialize the world

Haha so random!

failed ploy


i did most of the prep work yesterday and my sister helped me today so it wasnt too bad on my end
purposefully passed out on the couch after dinner to avoid the dishes lmao

shut up retard

but america is all weird now like weird letter clocks and thanksgiving and mcdonalds every few meters and inches only good for measuring weird stuff with and so full of memes a meme became president

Ah dammit, that reminds me I have to put the clean dishes away at some point.

You underestimate the power of meme magic.

i didnt ask u

letter clocks are u talking about roman numerals? it's not weird u just dont get it cuz ur a foreigner i think thats what it is. trust me we're the most normal country there is.

I wonder what life is like in Iceland.

Yan. I have all but 4 weapons from mobs and 2 boss and covenant weapons left. Im so bored

and a n y w a y none of that has to do with the brits scheme anyway what matters is we're the number one economy so they lose

thank god for the "the turkey made me sleepy" excuse

and your parents didn't ask for you to be born yet here you are



Hahahahahaha YOU RETARD Hahahahahahahaha

Isn't that what musk and porn are for?

that's about the age you like em right?

Ive jerked off so much though.

Bit younger.

ha ha v funny
but for real no i would prefer someone like 5 to 8 yrs older than me desu...

I named it squash

Butt y
Thats not a dog


Are you playing with a shield?

That's not a Rockruff tho
Or a Stoutland

Yeah. One that does weapon skills. Figured the extra protection would help.

cause I don't have a dog and calling it trump was too easy


see top

But the joke does not stick. I have no affiliations to ferrets. Mandy does though.

i wouldn't be cross if i found out sci was mortally wounded but survived to live out a life of agony

If only we were so blessed.

Mhmm, sup with you fam? How ya been?

I think we all know what it really looks like.

God that image... kek

lets play video games

it's furry and it's pokedex entry

been alright enough, not good though. how about you?


Shields engender passivity and detract from having fun in Dark Souls.
Try playing with a build that doesn't use a shield.

dude im so nice to u always what is this for?

u can do it

All the pokemon are pretty much furry.

pretty good, just doing day to day things. more girl problems?


We just got done playing.

I am only using it for soul of cinder. I cant parry him for shit so im making the trade. Ill be going back to a str or trying spells next respec.

just sayin'

you just up and left...
its been a whole over half an hour tho... :s

what else am i to do?



You dont get to judge me.

birds and bugs have fur all over?

nah just melancholic problems or at least that's what people keep calling it, I just call it shit feels

Furry is a blanket term for anthropomorphic creatures from the animal kingdom. Fur is not exclusive. Avians is the specific for birds in the culture.

Post the lewdest anime picture in existence and I'll play another aram.

probably not

you can talk to me about it if you'd like. you can always hit me up on steam. now why don'tcha go ahead and tell me about it

i could have posted smug anime lolis instead.
how am I supposed to keep you entertained?
I only have so much dry wit to go around and all I did for thanksgiving was eat a grilled cheese sandwich I made and be alone with my thoughts.

Hau is a shit rival but his music is jammin.

Post naked photos of your dog. Fastest way to my heart.

My dog doesn't have a penis so I don't think you'd be interested.

Its all the same.

no... I was uh using the word as literally furry not the fetish, squash. sorry

it's really just that I don't feel that happy or motivated, feels a lot like everything I do is wrong. stupid shit like that



That's highly inaccurate.

You have failed me.

Also you should cultivate a hobby. Could help.

Fine. Post your dick then.


Haven't you already seen that?

I cant keep track. I see so many peoples dicks here.

That isn't lewd in any way.


That must be so hard for you

I do have hobbies just no motivation to do them

it's the only good mercy, smug

My extremely generous offer has expired.

Its agony.

Well assuming your diet and sleep is good these days I'd recommend doing and eating your most favorite things. That and try to surround yourself with family or friends. At least around others you'd be hard pressed to continue moping around.


You might find something more fulfilling like a social group or travel.

i want moar~

I guess I'll see if I have anything on my phone.

Im kidding. Dont show me your dick.


Stop sending mixed signals then.

I am fickle.

Don't fickle fee my pickle pee or I'll pump a you right in your rum

again I have those just it's not a thing for me right now, it feels like a pain to do. I've more than tried

Give me soft.

I could not give more advice unless i knew more about your whole situation.

I'm not familiar with your homo canine slang.

Give me smooth. Give me silky.

I had mixed up the adjective.

Wait. The one from the first game said soft. I was right.


Warm and soft.

Ah. Its been ages.

I know, please don't worry about it. this sort of thing seems to come and go, I'll hopefully be rid of it sometime in the next few months

oh did you see the webm of when I cucked soldier and ana's ults?

off the bridge?

Snuggly was always lewd.

Apathy is a road to stagnintation.
I will simply say from experiance that it helps to enjoy each day as is if you can and leave it at that.

I miss him.

no reply ;_;
I'm gonna go play games, hit me up on steam if you're still feeling down.


I am on phone and cant be fucked to correct them.

I just want to play Let It Die.


I just wanted an excuse to post that mp4 because of the filename but I don't even know if you can watch it on your phone.


I have it. I didnt click it but am aware of what it is. I cant see file names either.

yeeee that was it

hm that is a good bit of advice actually, thanks squash you're a good guy

sorry looking back and forth between this game so I'm slow af and clearly missing things


And Bloodborne.

still watching that youtube channel in the background or something else tonight?

I am actually a terrible person, but it is not good to let people slip into depression or anything. So i will offer what help i can.

"Darwin hard at work.mp4"


This trip is awful.

I want that game.


I get this joke. Because its stupidly anime right?

Because it is desirable to a fault and ultimately damaging to players for introducing them to a universe which promotes style and gameplay over substance and plot.


nuh, spoopy stuff

you are not a terrible person, dork

The password is the real prize.

I am rather vindictive for little reason.

I still regret getting an Xbone over a PS4.

They are both bad.

Yes, but one has Bloodborne and Let It Die and The Last of Us.
The other has absolutely nothing I can't play on my PC and have a better experience.

what kinda spop?

i watched some creepy abandon location explorer random youtubers going thru creepy places just earlier today!

all people have flaws, I for one am not that bright


I suppose thats a good point

I dont think being smart is a big deal. Someone is always smarter. I know what i need. If you are content then you should be fine.

The last of us though

Bring me mah flail

Nu need 4 flail fadah

adorable hair merci bowcoup tray bein ceeblubay~

like creepypastas and such? ;~;
that might scare me!

ah can see tha flame, flickarin so

Iz juz migided ass

-coves ize-



-holds your hand-

fair point, still you are far from terrible

ye like those



Perspective is everything i suppose.

O i ok now

O wait i died again



-is ded-

comfort me like this pls


2 flam am becam 1


dlc over here are your dual scythes and titanite slab



I really don't get the Pocky thing.

I cant use them because george does. Im going to try and find the perfect stats for him later.

You know what would be a better use of your time?
Doing a psychological case study on Robbie Rotten.

I suppose you would die if you don't eat, but I fail to see what makes this fact clever enough to go on a shirt.



mhm, that it is

uh why?

It humorously justifies being overweight.

After keep calm shirts everything became fair game.

Maybe it's not as much of an ultimatum as you're making it seem. Maybe it's more like somebody pondering two things, like Shower or Grocery Shop, with an implied question mark. Would I rather eat right now, or die?

because it would be nice?
and i would be able to head off to sleep happy? ._.

When the tracking information says your parcel has been delivered to 'local post office' so you call them to see if you can pick it up but the old asian man on the phone is telling you that the package you got from a legitimate store is a scam because he can't find it.


Just call back until you get a different old Asian man and then order some Chinese food.


It fails.

Let's bring back bra burning, but for dumb t-shirts instead.

Considering only those two options seems as silly as TATTOOS ON FUR

You can dye hair you know. And if you ask me, those are the only two things worth considering at any given point. Right now I'm in my eating phase, as are we all.

And then you step outside and realise it was under your door mat for some reason.

Small package.

No bully.

Whatchu got

I'm going to try and sleep rather than torture myself with this thread.

I can't though, this is the internet. the best I can do is this *pet*



There you go~
now youre getting the hang of it ♥

don't be tsun
i will never love you


I never really understood why that somehow considered "liberating".
It'd be like going commando: it's just more uncomfortable that way.

Enjoy manga!

It's like liberating yourself from the shackles of seatbelts. You fascist pigs wouldn't understand.

I see people making the legitimate argument of "the gubbermint can't tell me to wear seatbelts" and really wonder how they haven't won a Darwin Award yet.

I don't think Darwin would give those people awards. Darwin would just play League of Legends or something boring like that instead. I wish he gave out awards.

why I need 4 hours for 42 questions (open book) I'll never know

It's so that retards can't complain about not having enough time.

yeah not really

Just give the fucking cummies already.

you first, nerd

That's not very yuri.


Im Biggie Cheese

Your brother Chucky is a fucking scumbag.

it's really not that bad that I'm not, jeez

You came from my boy hole.


i believe you can


what a fag


The funniest thing about "patricians" is they're not real. They're just hipsters from 4chan who trick themselves into thinking they're superior for liking obscure music.

Probably because they can't come up with any other reason to love themselves.

I'm not angry at them, they're just funny. They found a way to combine fundamentalism and music and that's pretty hilarious. Like a special ed kid who gets mad when you don't like the candy they do.




wat is wrong/

Theme song too catchy.


hahaha yeah

Why is combining fundamentalism and music hilarious?


whats hilarious is that that makes no sense


Because love is the real battlefield

i'm done
i give up
there is nothing left to do but cry

I like that you all just have fun on here



nobody likes you sci go away

unfitting music to game is pretty dank

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Shadowverse is such a weeb game but I love being a loli necromancer

And its free so download it and 1v1 me

Michael Here

it's nice being aa little girl huh? .//.


Fight me and my zombie horde.


Its a card game but its cool

its free so you might as well try it


What in Davy Jones’ locker did ye just bark at me, ye scurvy bilgerat? I’ll have ye know I be the meanest cutthroat on the seven seas, and I’ve led numerous raids on fishing villages, and raped over 300 wenches. I be trained in hit-and-run pillaging and be the deadliest with a pistol of all the captains on the high seas. Ye be nothing to me but another source o’ swag. I’ll have yer guts for garters and keel haul ye like never been done before, hear me true. You think ye can hide behind your newfangled computing device? Think twice on that, scallywag. As we parley I be contacting my secret network o’ pirates across the sea and yer port is being tracked right now so ye better prepare for the typhoon, weevil. The kind o’ monsoon that’ll wipe ye off the map. You’re sharkbait, fool. I can sail anywhere, in any waters, and can kill ye in o’er seven hundred ways, and that be just with me hook and fist. Not only do I be top o’ the line with a cutlass, but I have an entire pirate fleet at my beck and call and I’ll damned sure use it all to wipe yer arse off o’ the world, ye dog. If only ye had had the foresight to know what devilish wrath your jibe was about to incur, ye might have belayed the comment. But ye couldn’t, ye didn’t, and now ye’ll pay the ultimate toll, you buffoon. I’ll shit fury all over ye and ye’ll drown in the depths o’ it. You’re fish food now.

I wonder what this could be a reference to


I'd cum inside Spoilers if he wasn't Eva tbh


shut up

soto have u used heroin

Play a weeaboo card game with me


bby pls
I'd pump you full of hot milk



die faggot

damn... oh well

I uh thanks?



You would win anyway.

that means I like the picture

But I would be winning with a friend instead of losing to strangers.

i ce

post more lewd neputnia

thats mine

Fap before school or nah?

Can't sleep
send help

"Secrets" from The Weekends album Starboy is honestly the best song from this album that just came out today btw

the rest are meh

I don't want to


fap at school

I have done that a few times but it is more convenient here because I have my porn with me.

so tired...

Print out some porn and put it in your fanny pack.


riveting tale


You haven't had a fap at work?


I mean

riveting tale

wts no

Who would ever do that
whats wrong with you

I'll draw it for you in MS paint

I recall reading an article recently where 2 out of every 5 they asked have had a fap while either at work or school.



linking you gusie to a new thradv befcore some nugg fukks it up by making a new threaad instead of a old thread