Burd and spider

burd and spider.

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get peeba


no...... we do not

Just you try it!!!!

what a shame, the purple lamborghini 1989 flip is not on youtube

oh cupcake, you blow hard!

here it is anyway.




I am so hungry rn
I can't wait to eat







I do not like cranberry sauce.


not even with turkey?

i cant say i do wither.... AAAAAH cant wait for xmas dinner though :3

well... for the 4th year running


christmas dinner is better if you fork out for a goose tbh fam

or a five bird

not at all.

sounds delicious

Happy Thanksgiving, yall.

man that's fukd

lobster is my fave :3

well it's gros.

ew :s

fuck sea weirdos

man im truly sickened scoot

that's a fancy ass thanksgiving food, yo.




no, for xmas...
i mean... its a dual or 4 meats... lobster and beef and turkey and something else.



yep, she was already pouring him a brimming glass of spiders

fuck your claw bug tastes

oh oh, well still fancy as fuck. you must be so rich.

whatcha doin



(Lewd Subtle)
she's in a boy body!
he's in a girl body!
they do things.........
they... feel stuff.


watching youtube. killing time until turkey day with the family. you?

you are

You are being mean here

Lobster isn't even worth the price tbh


waiting for food to be done
I am starved

why not go full ew and have wasps for dinner

That's what makes it hot.


Not really, the whole family put money together and we all have a big meal. theres alot of us if you consider I have my parents and 5 aunts/uncles with their spouses and children.

i am what?


wow, it survived the lava for a real long time tbh, nice

hey why dont you just go eat some churned titty liquid on a yeasty bed




I'm pretty hungry too actually. but if I eat now I'll be too full to fully enjoy thanksgiving dinner...

oh. gros. too much family is annoying. people are the worst.


black pudding isn't actually a pudding hunni, there is no sugar, it's a blood sausage

because i want?

yan brings up a good point. british food is frequently disgusting.

Get the dick out of your mouth then

It's still gross

i kno i was just uploading to see if it'd actually upload
im happy

What time are you eating at? Make something small.

does my bf think black pudding is a desert


in a few hours, so it would be best to not eat. I had a pickle, that should hold me.

it isn't, if i cut you'd drink my blood in a heartbeat and it would give you wood

Stop calling it pudding then


Just one pickle? That's, like, nothing though. I've got a few hours to go myself but I caved and made a peanut butter sandwich like 20 minutes ago.


Black pudding and haggis i love.

I barely ever eat these days so it really won't be hard. this is the first time I've felt actual hunger in days.

I'd probably take you to the bathroom and press something up against your cuts to stop the bleeding and scold you a little bit.

oh pls, implying this doesn't turn you on a little

it turns me on a lot, and it's my arm


Subsisting off your huge fatty buttcheeks, I'm not surprised

it does nothing but make me kinda sad.

nick like six months ago you wanted to cut my inner thighs so you could fuck me with the blood for lube


this tbh

Cumberland sausagges. Eggs. Bacon. Beans. Tomato. Hash browns. Beans. Haggis. Black Pudding and toast with some mushrooms.
Best breakfast


That is probably not a good thing.


im hungry...
brb going out for soem breakfast mcwrap hashbrown and egger sausage and apple juice

change your name from cupcake to badonkadonk

Doubtful, I happen to know that blood makes for incredibly shitty lube.

even if I did have a fetish for blood that image would be sad. cutting isn't sexy to me.

I really don't care about myself.

everything except the mushroom and haggis.

also you forgot lorne, potato scones, fried pancake, shit like that


tattie scone? never had that.

omg nick we talked about this at length and it got me preety damp

Who the fuck eats McDonald's for breakfast?
That stuff isn't even fit to feed my dog with.


What like spiritually damp?

I fucking love the sausage mcmuffin with egg.

I know. It's a bit upsetting.

like pantily damp

somehow you'll be okay, I'm sure.

How did that happen?

in the UK McDonalds actually use very high quality meat.

we ban that pink slime shit.

how do you think genius

Cup what is your secret life as Nicki Minaj like

Too many beans?

yan I'm going to fucking filter you so hard




beans a best tho

How can you be so sure?

I think you will be, too.

I just fry my own sausage and egg and make it at home ???

people in the UK be like "i wouldn't feed mcdonalds to my dog"

what the don't realise is that to change the general opinion of their food, mcdonalds here only use prime beef cuts from local farms, and a mcdonalds burger has better meat than you'll get in a burger from basically anywhere else, unless you have a butcher make you angus sirloin burgers by hand and watch im do it

yan play DaS2 with me

because eventually I'll die and you can just forget I existed.

qt confirmed mexican

its weird that americans dont eat beans on toast

mcdonalds a shit tho

just seems like an awful lot of work

that's the entire point

in the UK, it isn't, it's really high quality.

it's american mcdonalds where it's disgusting.

microwaving beans.... and toasting bread is hard work? jesus

As pessimistic as ever I see. I'll probably end up dying before you so I don't need to worry about that. :3

I don't want to open a whole can of beans just to get enough for one piece of toast you weirdo.

because of alwsa and consumer departments

i have never once had mcdonalds and actually enjoyed it

At least we don't call pulp "juicy bits"

not if my excessive drinking and insufficient nutrition has anything to say about it.

Cup let's be honest your booty says you get more than enough to eat

so the problem is not mcdonalds are shit, it's that you don't enjoy mcdonalds.

there we go.

I have been blessed/cursed with thicc thighs and booty regardless of how little or much I eat.

I have a weird thing about putting one part of my meal on another part.

Are you challenging me to a race to a slow death?

i've been eating sort of one meal every 3 days ish atm, but i don't drink at all, so it cancels out and im healthy


cupcake got booty? proof

oh it's you.

no, not at all. I just don't give a shit about my own health and it's bound to catch up with me. hopefully sooner than later.

I've been cursed with a supple, lithe body regardless of how little or much I eat, and/or exercise.

every time i have mcdonalds, i leave feeling hungry and slightly ill
i never have that problem with any other fast food companys shit


subtle booty

yeah I was holding off til I got my tg dinner
i got it now i'm so full


Sounds like you're doing great.

Miss me?

I can't exactly chastise you for that considering my bad habits.


you ate all that already? that was fast.

I bet rin looks like Ariel

or at best Natalie Mars


im ordering food now tho, so i will have eaten 2 days in a row, which i have been trained at length to believe is good

I genuinely don't know. it's not like we talk much.

you could if you wanted to, I just wouldn't care.

How the fuck did this get 60 views

I couldn't finish it all

cupcake post booty

I most likely won't be able to finish all mine either. we'll see.


Yeah post your butt in apple bottom jeans and boots wit da fur

What are you getting?

I was only teasing but I like your honesty.


Rolled 19 (1d100)Rolling


testing to see if Erin really filtered me

honesty is pretty easy when you've stopped caring about almost everything. every cloud has a silver lining, eh? I do enjoy your company on the rare occasion you decide to be around.

spicy chicken burger with cheese, salad, and mayo, and a can of bepis



plus there's always leftovers later

almost better than the actual dinner tbh. making thanksgiving sandwiches with leftovers is my favorite.

Rolled 12 (1d100)
This is probably the best I'll ever get from you so I'll take it.

btw if you go with post number you got zombie
That's breddy gud, would jelly/10

That's fairly sweet coming from someone who doesn't care about anything.

Doesn't sound bad at all. Enjoy your dinner.

kanye/bern 2020

Rolled 28 (1d100)
I guess so, but this board is slow enough that you can't really use post id for these things anymore.

when you've stopped caring about almost everything hyperbole is inevitable.

thank you.

i also got onion rings and garlaic dip for my side, and chips & cheese for my dog.

fucking pleb

I'm okay with that one.

unfortunately true

capital murder
capital letters
guess you catchin my vibe
but you can't fathom my cheddar

Make a Nao folder so I can steal all of the images from you.

I enjoy talking to you too regardless. Besides the obvious turkey what kind of other food do you normally have?

I've never been a fan of onion rings.

Y-you're going to eat a dog? I thought they only did that in Mexico.

The Grand Tour is everything I hoped for, and mor.e

I actually don't know the character or anime, and just have that one image.

nooooo, the food is for the dog to eat

my mother makes some pretty amazing mashed potatoes, so I assume those will be there. along with what is sure to be some delicious veggie dishes because my sister and brother are both vegetarians. and while I love meat way too much to ever give it up, some of the food they end up making is downright fantastic, so I get the best of everything. I'm also hoping for a nice green bean casserole. oh and of course smothering everything in gravy.

are you doing anything?

She is from Charlotte. It was an okay show but far from anything special. The ending was pretty lame too.

Oh, I get it now. Are you talking about British chips or American chips though?

All of that sounds pretty tasty. I've got to go get ready here in a few minutes, I'm heading over to my parents house to eat with them and some of my other family. If my food doesn't turn out as good as yours sounds I'm coming over to steal some.

You really want me to make a folder for this girl, huh?



ikt post testicles

tfw ur bestfriend never asks to see your goose eggs

postem fgt

Pretty sure you seen

so primer is pretty cool


I guess you don't have much in common then

fine by me, feel free to stop by. have a good thanksgiving, [redacted].



when you bust a nut...

Happe me too thanksgiving


I miss this series


Busting a nut sounds rather painful






I will admit for something that kind of looks like a mechanical Loli the bird girls design is pretty cute

bust a gut

Now try the same search without the word cancer



That was amazing thank you

Busting a gut also sounds painful, both laughing and masturbation sound detrimental right now

emily I got a gtx 1060 with 6 gigs of video ram and 2 8 gig ram sticks for my computer.

that subreddit is magical


Did you get some thanksmetoogiving/black friday deals for that?

I got a cheap keyboard ordered.


I didn't expect you to actually do it but the cancer doesn't seem to be meant for anything besides insulting the person who sees it

oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

the items were on sale, yes. a graphics card like that can range from like 300-350 and I got it for 250, and the ram was only 80 bucks so I'm pretty pleased.

I'm that good.

Oooh, that's good. Enjoy high frames!



I mean... it wasn't an unreasonable request.

when i was 17 i almost died from septic shock. i used to play with wads of toilet paper in my ass after shitting and it felt good, but pieces built up inside over time. when they were flushing me out at the hospital i saw chunks floating in the clear tubes and got a really hard boner plus the water pressure almost made me cum. that's when i knew i loved hyperscat.

True but I feel like it defeated the purpose of the joke


Isla ;;

that harpy is best btw


I wasn't making a joke
I was pointing out that it was cancer

black AND transexual



Feels bad but also kinda good

That's obviously not african you mook

apparently it's good enough that it's "vr ready" which I take to be a good sign, even though I have no interest in vr. I'm pretty excited though. been years since I upgraded.

damn right she is

I'm not crying you're crying

I want a bird now.

You can play on high settings now without lag! :D

dark enough


What did everyone cook for thanksgiving?
I am making turkey and baked a cheesecake last night.

stop subconsciously admitting your attraction to grim

she does have big tits

most fake tits are big.
But they aren't nice.

im not a boob man anyway

I noticed.


Saying you like cocks.

I am disappoint, but not surprised.

Flat == Justice

well i do

im not a weeb




That is the joke though


I like his hair

Cancer isn't funny

You're kind of a weeb.
Especially when you go around saying shit like
"I love this weapon, it's SO~ anime"



Shinobu is arguably the best flat.


Fix your DS3 already.

I thought that was cute tbh.

honestly most games I played that was already the case. the 760 was surprisingly good, but this card is going to be like 200% better according to the little comparison thing, so I'm pretty excited.

it is anime

I'm not debating that, I'm just saying the way you fauned over it a little for being anime was cute.



super groove amazing dance of dog

My 3DS works fine mostly
the L button is messed up a bit, but that's it.

that was unintentional


Sure thing bunny.

hey moogs, you finished your sweet blood picture, right? can you post it for me? I wanted to save it when it was done.

I only have Pokemon and Fire Emblem Incest Waifus on 3DS.

I only really use mine for monster hunter.

this is super interesting

Tbh, is Lucina didn't want to fuck her brother, she shouldn't have let Robin be her mother.

That's really all there is to it.


thank you thank you. very nice.

Camilla is the best fucking killing yourself.

no p

I always just wanted to fuck Nowi but apparently you aren't allowed to fuck a manakete if you don't have a dick.






You posted all of mine.


I was really into the song in that game for some reason even though it's not that gud

that was all I had.

does that girl have down syndrome

spider pussy


Aren't both of those statistically male?

That is not the game I was referencing.
In either of my posts.

and that matters because?

Honestly Fire Emblem Conquest felt more like a puzzle game than a strategy rpg

She's wrong!

also gardy is 50/50 but yeah, primarina, being a starter pokemon, has only a 12.5% chance to be female.

shh don't tell anyone


Because, contrary to popular opinion, the dick does not make it better.

I haven't played Fates at all.
Because it's a bit daft to me to expect someone to buy two separate games to get the full story of one.

I wasn't sure about Gardy.


gonna have to disagree with you there. the dick absolutely makes it better.

Dick ALWAYS makes it better.

But you bought pokemon.

see, emily knows.

Is that a yes?

Remember back in Gen2 where pokemon sex was calculated in a way that made females unable to be as strong as males ever at all?



pokemon is 2 games with the same story but slightly different pokemon contained within.

fire emblem jew, er, I mean fates, is 2 games PLUS a third shorter game that costs like 100 dollars for all of it and you will not get the full story without playing all of them.

pokemon has never been like that.

of course

the ivs were part of the patriarchy back then

ha, I actually had that theory as well with the people I watched that anime with. I held fast to the idea that she was a trap.

and getting a shiny of the gender you wanted was pretty much impossible

didn't females have better defense and males had better attack

so it depended on how you played which sex would be better

Do I wanna go by car or bus tomorrow

Yeah, never.


Love you, moogs.

platinum was still the same game as the others, it did have more changes to it than normal but all the 3rd versions of those games did that. if you wanted to wait for it, that was your choice. you'd still not be missing out on anything close to the level you miss out on by not playing every piece of fire emblem jewfates.

It would be nice but I doubt it was given much thought in that regard.

well of course not, but it was amusing to think about.


love you too mandy

how was your day

your butts big anyways.




get table top sim

I do not have time to be on steam, I'm leaving soon to go to my parents'

Work was quick. Had a nice ride home. Now am drinking and smoking alone waiting for the pub to open up so I can drink and smoke with people.

How was yours?

IIRC you couldn't get a shiny female of any pokemon that was 7:1.

No, it solely based off the attack IV, and they were given the lower end of the spectrum.

If I wanted to waste $20 just to do something boring I'd buy you a pizza and ask how your day was.

stressing out over thanksgiving. want to just stay in my room

i'm not 100% sure that's correct.

y stres tho


super lame
have fun then

I literally just looked it up.

sorry, kitty.

I'm not 100% sure that's correct.

I'm not 100% sure your dick is correct.

i dont like being with most of my family

it's most disappointing

is okay

Can't you trade them in?

I'm 100% sure my dick is erect.

wait, no, it's not. shit.

I'm going to go see about making grilled cheese and a pumpkin pie.
We can play something later if you want.

later tho. maybe.

We can stay in our rooms together....

not in AMERICA


oh my

No homo.

okay then


fussy bunny

interdasting, i was lied to by that really important pokemon magazine thing that came out once a year

how did pokemon get away with being so sexist ;_;

women are literally exactly the same as males in every way. feminism taught me that.

never homo

eat me. i have no friends and the discord people apparently play pokemon board games and i dont like them very much either

and randoms suck at chess

It was just a really lazily implemented system at first.

I need feminism because why else would I make Tokai sandwiches.


Oh. I'll play chess with you, sure.
Let me just get my cheese toastie.

I've never done anything homo.....

you mean to say those two things are different?

bye bye. have a nice day everyone.



I wouldn't lie....

To tranny scum, at least.

its okay im pretty sure buttholes are the same between the sexes

Oh I have fucked a butthole or two....

how horrifying.

do we put those down yet? pretty sure we should be putting those down.

Will you put me down, sempai?

ugh, i need to go outside tomorrow.

need to go to the store, i ordered an ounce of hash that's getting dropped off tomorrow and i'm almost out of tobacco.

it's winter, i might die.

smelly slut


slutty smell

struggle snuggles?

then you know what youre in for

Aaaand, I'm spent.

bruce willis turns out to have been dead the whole time

what is this, a game for ants?

how long did it take you to crop that screenshot fam

snipping tool

I do?

Also you believed me, lawl

people lie on the internet?

I hope not!

anyway long story short buttholes feel pretty alright


lol Oh that part I was being honest.

im so confused


oh do tell

I thought I did before....

you did not

though you should

Does this have a sauce?


so how should you do unit groups?
4,5,6 for production, 7,(8) for upgrades, 9,0 for misc stuff like nexus/observers/etc and 1,2,3 for armies?

Maybe if I get more drunk.

goddamn that ass
why not now

Afaik, everyone has their own.

Imean I am awkwarding it a lot with armies and accidentally move an observer I wished to keep in a place etc when trying to add more units to army groups andI just awkward

Embarrassing as fuck.

So it's more that you don't perform well.

such an exp waste smh


did you bottom?

It just is.


im sure i have something more embarrassing



Owo whats this


thought for a second you had dropped fish's trip

got me all excited for nothing

and fish, stop going to the fucking psych ward for attention, genuinely ill people actually need those beds.

i wish.

i ran a dictionary attack on it, but got nothin.

my dictionary is all lower case, need to make a better one.

I accidentally overdosed on thorazine after not sleeping for 3 days

I refuse to admit if I laughed at that.

and that merits a trip to the psych ward why

and why would one take an overdose of chlorpromazine for any reason other than attention, it's not going to kill you, it's just going to feel horrible

Cracking trips takes a long time. I got one of Fuji's almost. It was good enough to fool a few people.

I was going nuts and I thought it would help me sleep somehow

and I was only there for 3 days as a formality

I slept for the first day entirely because they filled me up with attivan and haldol after I left the ER, second day I talked to psych and told him I was just going bonkers from lack of sleep, and he understood and said "alright, we'll get you out of here tomorrow"

my trip is pretty easy tbh

dictionary attacks are instant, but obviously are rarely successful.

if we had continued to work on the elastatripper project, cracking any trip would have been a case of checking the database, but that's in dev hell i think


stop taking drugs you don't need and this wouldn't happen


no they are not

wow fish piss off

shitty part is I spent my 20th birthday doing nothing but sleeping in a psych hospital when I had multiple hookups lined up

who r u


then with the id's, it might only work to come into a thread when the person isn't in the thread to be convincing.

you are an idiot neru

a regex check against a dictionary file takes less than a second

it is essentially instant

i wrote a userscript that runs a dictionary attack on every tripcode as the posts appear for 4chan a while back, if it was anything short of instant to perception, it would have been horrible

wow amazing

where did your dictionary magically come from

wah wah wah im a psycho - fish

kill yourself

absolutely pleb tier

it's right fucking here


but where did it come from

it has been around since world4ch

generating one from scratch would also only take a few seconds though

your table is really tiny tbh and even if you have a table itis pretty much essentially useless if you are looking for a specific trip it is only good if you need to check many trips against common ones etcetc tbh

I wouldnt bother fag


but it has revealed many trips in my time, and when it did, it did so intantly in human perception

so fuck off with your standoffish contrariness you horrid little fern





why is it every time neru speaks to me he's just trying to piss me off

generate a database of tripcodes from that and we're talking

The person you were talking to.

oh your id changed


Was on phone.

Oh i see

tell me

H-happy indian genocide

tbh even a python tripper goes through your list in like 0.2 seconds

I love celebrating the day my people were slaughtered!
let us eat!

I took a shower....

tfw no 512GB ram


a fifth of a second

and you came here to say it isn't instant

thank you for demonstrating your own wrongness, no need to apologise or anything, that would be something you'd do if you weren't a contrary cunt

omfg tell me about you gay experience

aha you do not understand

it recreated your table in 0.2 seconds from scratch

Its tje same with holocaust day for me
Love it

So you're saying it made her table instantly.
And now could search it instantly.


so you came to say it isn't instant, which it obviously is, so you changed your argument to include the time it takes to generate the dictionary, which also only took a fifth of a second

just stop arguing with me, you put me in a bad mood



Ithought it was going to be the angry lady in the drivethrough tbh

"Oh, okay, you're right, but even a python script can do it faster than it takes a human to react to visual stimuli."

getting a blowjob from a turkey is a strange experience

Try not to be a sensi little bitch

neru is a genius tho

it's okay.

he was wrong, and now he's pretending like the conversation never happened.

we all see his burning cheeks, if he had any shame he'd apologise, let's just ignore him.


Imean my point was you have to generate it so
it is hardly instant

god i'm fucking mad now

maybe i'll leak some really embarrassing wish x darwin logs or something



and the second point that you did not even generate any sizable list at all like 20k is nothing tbqfhwys

Its funny because both wish and Darwin are nobodies

but what is instant?

and no, i did not have to generate it, like i said, mine is from world4ch days.

it's so old i beleive it's the same dictionary Shii used when he was a thing.

WELL somebody did

that doesn't contradict anything i said

you have nothing neru



I mean, technically nerus isn't wrong

on point one he was wrong, and nobody had ever contested him on point two, it was redundant.

his point was



we're both of impure blood and love celebrating the death of our kind!

This happened...

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

If anyone is going to celebrate it, it ought be us
My kitteh is under the tv

Unless you guys are super athletes, like my one friend, with 1/10s reaction speeds.

your cat is very nice

Tuxedo cat

well the overbearing issue is claiming 20k words is anything worthy of being called a table like qt has been saying

Literally no one said that.

Nyan nyan nyan nyan

the overbearing issue is that you're an argumentative little shit

cute pic

Your cat has a cute nose and chin, such interesting markings
i love it

He is such a good boy
14years yound as of last week


wow he is an old boy
do you give him at least 40 treats a day?

more pls

He gets so many treats
He gets double when he fetches a kill

thrust vectoring owns the sky

turns on a dime like a macrosszero


Erin I can't find my keys

where did you put them?

i've tried making one...
megane is the best.
i've just been distracted... forgetting to pick up where i left off.
megane by megurine luka is a lovely song too
i'm jelous people get to be megane's

I don't remember
have you seen them

i've seen everything

Have you seen kyle

Speaking as someone with glasses.
No you aren't.

Did you hide my keys

thrust vectoring owns the skies

People don't "get to" be meganne.
Unless they're those hipster cunts who decide it's the most amazing thing ever and wear false lenses in their glasses to try to look more educated than they are.

People do realize that that's more just insulting to people with vision problems, right?
You're essentially saying that their impairment is just a fashion statement.

...b-but glasses make you prettyer than normal humans

They aren't anything quite so magical.

They announce to the world that I'm useless without my accessory.

Strictly speaking, I'm not allowed to drive.
At all.

Not until I get my prescription updated.

People are saying Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny?

Why ?

actually i wear clear lenses because i am very self concious about the structure of my cheek bones and i feel much more confident when i have glasses to break up the outline of my face

so fuck you, implying i'm insulting people with vision impairments, my glasses help me cope with my body dysmorphic issues, issues that are much more restrictive than minor eyesight issues

Ape in shoes

I'm all but legally blind.

That is totally a minor eyesight issue.

youre opressing me stop wearing fake glass

how many times you been outside your house without glasses in say, the last five years?

for me, not once, i can't.

In the last five years?
Never once.
I need someone to lead me by the hand and do everything for me if I do.

Also, it was more a statement about the people who do it without reason.

Hey moogs, what's a good motorcycle related pick up line?

fuck off


at least they look nice to wear.... despite everything else...

i like this pic, im saving it.

oh.. you watched that weirdo's vid too?

blind people go to the store and stuff.

people with less serious vision impairments can lead a totally normal life without glasses, they're just helpful for reading and stuff.

me, i can't take my dog to my own back garden for a piss if i don't feel comfortable with being seen, which means wearing glasses.

I don't see shit without glasses or contacts.

People who only werglses for aesthetics re cancer

i dont know

I seriously can't find my keys.

in a similar fashion
for me...
the way i feel comfortable, is by wearing jackets.


If I ever lose my glasses, I'm basically a hazard to my own well being.

I've had people have to physically move me because I literally can't see where the road starts without them.


Don't fat people wear jackets to hide their body ?

a woman was recently granted the right to starve to death because of her dysmorphia

tell me when the last time a person was so troubled by blindness that they were granted the legal right to kill themself

Jackets are fashionable.


So you're velma

Anotexia does not equal "hurr muh face needs hipster glasses"

Anotexia even

you're dysmorphic because you're trying to be what you are not

They can be cool but fat people totally do wear them to hide their body.


Literally why phone

Eat clouds if you're anotexia

I wish.


Hey, 4chun.

I can see that thing well enough to beat its shit in.

Don't expect me to safely navigate anywhere that isn't within such a distance of my house.

what, beautiful?

that's fucking cold

last time i was in the eating disorder clinic for anorexia was about three years ago


Yo Rin.
How ya doin'?
Still playing Poké nonstop?

Ikt mad because they've tiny asian hands

what's your point youre trying to get at? :|
i like them because they are warm and comfortable in the cold months.
soft cozy jacket.
and they look cool to wear.

I was under the impression that you're built like a twig though.

I won't go to the mall without my vision because people are fucking careless and regardless of how much caution I take people will literally run me over and not think twice about it.

Not non-stop, I took a break.

I've basically done everything, and all the rest is catching things and training teams, but those aren't as fun.

I am.
I implying fat people don't hide their fat.

My point has already been made.

Shame rin doesnt break their glasses and accidentally a freeway

i dont get it.

Also how can rotund people hide their fat... literally impossible

I had a friend in highschool and he always wore a jacket even if it was 100 degrees outside because he wanted to hide his fat.

I think he stopped hiding it once he started play football and realised he can kinda just stomp the other kids.

Yea, makes sense.
I guess the story of any non-dungeon Pokémon game isn't very long.
Still. How's you?

grant them the legal right to obese to death

Probably because you live in canada and wearing a jacket is more practical than here.

You make me sad :(

I always wear several layers, because I'm uncomfortable with the idea that people can see my bare skin.

It's why I don't wear shorts, or skirts, even though I have fucking amazing legs.


I'm doing alright, I guess, and yourself?


i make me sad too

pls comfort me mr. california

I've found that most white people can have nice legs if they just shave.

I don't comfort people after what happened with Misha.

9 hour speedrun?
I'm pretty good. Just got home from a friend. Nice day. Some gaming and some MTG at a local gamestore. Was fun.'
Home and bored now, as usual.
Up to anything, now that you completed Poké?

i am also dysmorphic about my legs cause they have icky skin.

my doctor gave me this enormous moisturiser pump on prescription to try help me feel better about them, but it's super thick and disgusting.

also got a prescription for moisturising bath oil but the pharma didn't have it and i never took back the IOU note.

I started replaying it 3 days ago.
I'm not even gonna get anywhere close to that route.
Read today that in the original beta version, rather than cutting her hair during the Shizune route, Misha kills herself... but in the good end, you say that you might name a kid after her...


The only reason I did that route was because I wanted to fuck Misha.

I got my way

Ah diprobase

it's sick isn't it

super thick

leaves you so horribly sticky

Did it make ya happy, though?

Only ever administered it


Me irl as a child

Just something I heard from several streams I've been watching.
Nice desune.

I dunno, I might play more skyrim, or something.
Maybe just straight up start over.

I dunno.

Pokemon in five days tho.

I've made women jealous over mine.
Someone refused to believe me when I said they were.

aw, that's nice of you.


But hey thats how everything is.

Not a fan of creams personally
Horrible layer


I can't remember that route at all, really.
Or any route well.
But I'm pretty sure it wasn't a good experience at all.

I'm gonna need some kind of proof here.

Final Fantasy, mbad.
Brain went afk.

If Tokai gets on, y'can ask him.

The route is fine and doesn't really have any sad parts.

Just don't cheat on your girlfriend like I did.

I will have lost interest by then.


in my house it means having more dog hair on you than the dog

What is happening to FF in 5 days, then?

Goddamn Hisao has no sublety.
He shoulda comforted Misha, but not... ya know.
I'm pretty sure there's a fine line between comforting a friend in need and full on sex.

Doggo bow wow

Sucks to be you then, no?

FFXV gets released.

KS taught me that no, no there is not.
Because the line is glaringly obvious.

We're talking about KS.
Fuckin' hell. Shizune is the worst route in any VN. Also worst girl.
XV, huh?
Is it another MMO?

The dick was all she needed.

I mean I don't honestly care one way or another.


I'm pretty sure it didn't help her, though.


It wasn't good, but worst route definitely goes to Rin.
It was so poorly written, and all the choices were the same fucking thing, and had no context clues whatsoever as to what they should mean.

No, no it is not.

I forgot what I was going to write.


I know I really disliked Rin's.
But I can't remember it well, at all.
KS was my first VN. It's been bloody years.



Truly a majestic species.

Comfy cat

Comfiest cat

new pls?



this is too fucking funny

New wen


ook I think it works

Loco shittest

i just did the poop i first became aware of on saturaday

Are you playing?

Designated shit street





we were a few minyoots ago