Smug burd

smug burd

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Yo yo, if you're dissin' Team Skull you'll be sorry
We'll Thrash you harder than Braviary
Deliverin' disses like gifts from Delibird
Yo you just got served

squash you can get both I think. I know for sure you can get smeargle really early on.

yeah. route 2 for smeargle.

and route 3 for delibird


doesn't look smug

shut ur mouth


upload our epic battles to ur youtube!

fug the cups

I didn't record anything

all epic footage of us all up in flames...

epics plays...

cup is not for fug.

cup is for all the fug my highlight for one of those last matches was chosen perfectly lol

There are a number of people here who have played TTRPGs before, right? Anyone ever play deadlands?

fucking lol. I wondered what happened to that soldier after he ulted.

that guy was pretty good. he had insane accuracy with the helix rocket. I lost almost every 1v1 against him. I'm still getting used to playing soldier more often.

woah strange voices in that clip



yeah he was pretty damn good, sucks for him and ana though I just happened across them just as their ults went together lol

lol yeah still getting used to the recording thing I guess it took in the audio from youtube too. I'll remember that next time

show me the youtube~

Happy Turkey Day everynyan~

happy turkey day to you too elms

I was not aware it was thanksgiving.

Hope you can all be thankful for something. I have to go, bye.

Im thankful for genocide


bye gogs

PnP games are for absolute rock bottom.
You're better than this.

I don't even have to cook anything either, just show up. Yay.

I'm happy all the redskins died and gave me this land.


That's always nice. I really wanted to make my clam casserole but I just ended up baking some cookies and getting a bottle ;3

What's wrong with them? Better than the roleplaying that goes on here I figure.

tfw all you are doing tomorrow is stealing cans of pumpkin to make some pie

*snuggles sleepily*

It had a period at the end so I imagined a bored monotone yay.


Britannians have nothing to be thankful for except that there is no revolt from the violent barbarians of the north


if you're tired hit the hay already, it must be getting late there

Not too bad.
I'm going to a family thing but I was weirdly invited to go to a friend's family's Thanksgiving thing...for some reason. Like, I'm not even sure why I would want to see her family try to not kill each other. I don't even want to do it with my own.

It's like, rock bottom escapism.
I always just assume any roleplaying her is ironic but it's way too autistic otherwise.

yeah... been up since 7 am?
and now its 11:23pm ?

What's wrong with escapism?

As in my own family.

then go to bed, of course

Not too much innately.
PnP just takes it to some bastardized extreme.

give me some happy lovey dovey feelz and stuff to help me out
please?~ ♥

Ooh, I'm going to a friends' place...

*shrugs* Idunno.

Luka stop begging people for cummies.

Maybe you've been scarred from some experience? In all of my experiences it's no more strange than reading a book/playing a video game. The GM can push it too far, but if you follow a setting already published or something, not really. At least in my experience.


ur lewd and naughty

I have zero idea on how to do that

It's a bit odd to me. They really wanted me to go and I'm kind of guessing it was so I could be their excuse to either not answer shit or get away.

I've never played one but I know plenty who have and it always ends in either disgust or shame for them.

Pure yuri kisses.

~ ~ ~

That isn't enough tildes.

Huh. Of the ~15 people I've played with no one has had an issue or known anyone who's had an issue to my knowledge.



I take that back.
There's one who enjoys it but they don't exactly have many friends otherwise.

Yeah, that's shitty tbh. Maybe just swing through for some desserts or something lol

I have a cock, yuri is impossible


tfw you look and act so meek in front of your friends that when they tell you to donate blood and say you can't because you smoked last night they think you're joking

Homemade pecan pie is the best thing during Thanksgiving.

That seems rather odd, just the extreme difference in our experiences.

I can't just spew out more now, it would be tacky.

That would be the joke.

M-meek uguuuuuuuuu


~You can do anything~


~So long as you believe~


Not tacky at all.

RIP Formatting
I tried

Hatsuuney meekuuu

yeah I have no idea what this joke is about, I don't pay attention to those things here unless it's time to call out the cuck. what's up test?

You can do it, Test.
I believe in you.

never had it :(

Fucking blasphemer.

I might grab a turkey on the way home from work


Luka e-dated a dude called Lucy who also pretended to be a girl on the internet like Luka does and they made sweet cyber "yuri" together.

Nothing's up, but I just know I'm not going to enjoy tomorrow because I can't fall asleep and I need to be up in the morning for turkey day shenanigans.


What the fuck was that guy's NAME

oh wew well at least he didn't get cucked too so there's at least a light side to that I guess simple insomnia?

Or was it

Too much caffeine.

Lucy aka gray?

No, the Australian guy.

Grey/Gray the New Zealand one became a girl then turned back into a guy or some shit.

It was lucy you faggot.

I wish I never talked in voice chat and people thought I was a girl.

sounds fun

wew bad move man bad move

It could not be helped.

This is markedly different from Luka's situation.

Well I could actually make people believe me.

Don't be a bigot.
He's totally a real girl.

You don't even have to try very here to find someone that will believe it.

yeah pretend to be a catholic school girl, at least one person will believe it :^)

Like you.

I assume everyone is a man because, well, there's been like four females and they always make it painfully obvious and attentionwhored by just posting themselves.

Like the first week I knew you, you assumed I was a trap and wanted to see pictures of me.

lmao shut up





neenee, Lexi.

Hahahahhahaha tsuchi that's hilarious

Is that about the Gray comment or calling Test "Lexi"?
I'm assuming the latter and sarcastically.


When's your holiday where your family gets together, eats food, and just makes increasingly passive aggressive comments while trying to not kill one another?

if a knife has no blade, it's essence is gone
so traps
many say they are gay, many say they are not gay
consider this, being gay is being attracted to an individual with the physical and psychological characteristics of a male
traps work as such, they constantly remove factors of the gender and sex alignments
but they still claim to be men
what they are doing is being logically inconsisten with aristotle's essence and his foundationalist logic


Least satisfying win yet

That would be Christmas. I cannot wait for the aforementioned. I get Christmas off this year so its a whiskey breakfast. I'll probably tell my uncle to "get fucked, skeletor" again. He is a wind up merchant and after a certain amount of time iy gets boring. He is also skinny as a rake. Hence the skeletor.


It's a random battle--the pokemon are randomized, levels between 75 and 85, movesets random with them all being considered 'useful' for the given mon and ability, items/EVs assigned to 'mons in a 'useful' way. Other than that standard smogon rules.

Actually it looks like for Sun+Moon all 'mons are 75

Fair enough.
I was assuming Eviolite Doublade which is decent.

[12:30AM] BetterMarcusBro: lol retard this is my lobby
[email protected] nigger

I tried making a friend and he said this and removed me.

You can get some shitty combos sometimes. Most of the time the 'mons are roughly useful, but there are times when they're choiced horribly or walls have life orbs.


Is Life Orb damage even still blockable by certain things?

Don't think so. But Skarmory or Blissey with life orb is just...bad.

Sheer Force + Life Orb apparently still negates the recoil from it.
For some reason I was thinking it was changed.

I guess you could put it on non-mega Steelix then.

I think I remember seeing some gimmick Ramparados and Landorus running it in BW.

Landorus I can see, but I like intimidate on him. Rampardous is just kinda a meh 'mon imo.

Ramparados is fairly shitty and fragile but I've seen some weird use of him that's just spamming speed boosts and swords dance to pass to him to make him decent but it's just altogether way too much when you can just pass to better shit.

Yea, sounds accurate.

Anyways, passing out to be up in a few hours.
Have fun.


Is anyone left?



i am dead on the inside

My father texted me on Tuesday to say that my stepmother's breast cancer has returned and metastasized. She has to begin chemo again immediately and probably undergo surgery. I haven't talked to him yet, I can't think of anything that I could say that wouldn't sound insincere.

And it's not that I'm uncaring. I care a lot, but for the first time in a long time I'm honestly at a loss for words.


Ban is a girl

ban is a magic bitch


Ah fuck, not this story


Is it just me, or does this girl... not look very intelligent?
Like the artist took just a tad more liberty with where someone's facial features could be than they should have.

Her right eye is a little off maybe. Fairly generic anime girl I'd say.

Lips-to-nose feel off, too.

That's an anime thing

Show me.

Never noticed before, and that doesn't mean it wouldn't bother me still.


Oh well

I expected more.

That was a lot of work an TOP tier material.

Is there a combination of two overwatch-girls where there's not a ton of fan-art for?
Pretty sure they're all shipped with any other girl, by now.


So does Neru sound normal when he types in his native tongue?

Slight difference but easily readable. Mordong is trickier.





Whats wrong with him?

Took me a while. Wouldn't have thought of it if...

...Is there anything I can call ya or something?

Swedish is much less alike than Danish/Norwegian, but still close enough.

Call me.....Nightpain.

That sounds like something I wouldn't be able to understand.

I only speak English and some german/japanese

They're stupid languages anyway.

Can you translate what the slut in your picture is saying?

I don't have that kind of power.

Guess I'll keep asking Emma for assistance of Japjap then.

Have you been asleep yet?

Nope~ ♪

What keeps you up, cutie?

I couldn't give a real reason other than I didn;t feel like sleeping..

That's fine :3 Just go when you're feeling tired enough.

Do you have anything to busy yourself with till then?

Not really but I have to do family stuff in the morning.

I think i'm gonna go sleep for like 4 hours

bye bye

See you.

here's a better story?

I have an easier time reading and understanding spoken norwegian than danish, but I live fairly close to the border so that makes sense. I've been to oslo about as many times as I've been to stockholm if not more.


I think both of those would hurt a lot so that's probably good

The manakete probably wouldn't hurt any more than a normal child.

am dragon, new phone who dis?

You're not a dragon.
I think you're just a rapist.


Which hurts a lot :c

I'm not hearing a denial.

But, as I've heard, is one of the most rewarding experiences.

I may have just tried to find a Skyrim mod to let me adopt a manakete child.

I'm in too deep.

Yeah but don't you think you'd rather have a cesarean?

nuh rape isn't even a fun thing in imagination, as much as like porn tries to play off this rape it until you break them to it thing with like netorare it really isn't that enticing. only animu can do that, I am not an animu character yet

To be honest, I don't think I would, if I didn't have to.

You can bet your ass that once we have the technology available to become animus, I'm gonna be a tiny little manakete girl.



Is that Uni and Nepgear?

In Fire Emblem they're dragons who've put all, or most, of their draconic essence into a dragon stone, so they can take human form.

I mostly just improperly use it to refer to half dragons.

Yeah, I would imagine so. I have issues telling uni and noire apart especially when it's sort of crudely drawn but it is much more likely that it'd be uni.

Especially given that she has a gun, and it's nepgear talking to her.

I was going to make a comment about how they're banging, but that's their sisters.
And Uni's a massive siscon.

i just want blood chan back

Hello everyone.

(psst smuggle me into that discord u were talking about)

Would you like a son or daughter? ^^

Uhh, sure thing. You can add me on steam and I can give it you there.

There's a Skyrim SE mod that'll give all your children the surname "Dovahkiir."
That's cute, why wasn't that vanilla?

If you're asking my preference, I'd rather a daughter for my first.
But It's not as if I'd euthanize sons until I had a daughter.

Too bad I don't have a womb for that to matter anyway.

good deal gimme a moment

Alrighty, take all the time you need.

operation successful!

cuuute dragon people sounds even more adorable than baby dragon pets

Same, though I can't pinpoint exactly why..

Seeing nice people with gender dysphoria like that makes me sad

Whoop! Go us! I think.

dude we make the best team lets get married

Whoah, that's going a little too fast for me. You should wine and dine me first before popping questions like that.

rejected again...

Like. Cute dragon people >>>>>>>>>>> dragon as a pet.

Don't get sad.
Soon we'll have the singularity, and none of that will matter anyway !!!

I hope.

N-no, not rejected. I just want someone to wine and dine me first.

this is true, especially if the dragon people can go back and forth between forms

The day when everyone can be digitized and machines rule, I will gladly present myself before our mechanical overlords.

Embrace the future, for the future will not embrace you.

Or are just dragon kemonomimi !!!
Nnnnng, cute girls with lizard horns and tails and wings.
This might be my fetish.

Spiritual fetish.
I don't get turned on by much.

truly a best fetish

Not sure how I feel about scales, tbh.

I honestly think those scales are a piece of clothing not her's specifically cause they are floating off of her quite a bit

Why is a blind girlfriend such an attractive prospect

In this case you're probably right, even regarding the ones around her neck.

But in general.
I wouldn't want my daughter unable to feel my warmth when I'm carrying her up to bed because she fell asleep on the couch again.

My glasses !
I can't see a thing without my glasses !
Oh somebody please help me find my glasses !

Wasn't there one movie where someone destroyed her glasses while running away from something?

gives her the appeal of someone who needs more of your help than normal, in addition to the fact that she won't care about your physical flaws like most people would. and something about that vulnerability will be cute, as well as make you feel really good if you're the one she ends up trusting.

Also, for the record, even if you're truly blind, you usually have some kind of acute ability for recognition.

My vision isn't quite to the point where I'd just cling to your arm so I know where I'm walking.
Unless we're a thick underbrush, or something.

And even then

But I wanna go for Lasic and get my pilot wings, so what do I know?

it's adorable?

I think she just wears scales as like a callback to her people, like a good dragon girl


I forgot I had this picture.

hi spoilers. did you sleep at all?

about to but I need my pet there too of course :^)

but then you'd never get any sleep!


don't play dumb. that was a very obvious message.

lewding cups would be better anyway

not sure

but you need sleep!


Mabi has a new dragon and tail gachapons.

do I?

I know right

you do! I hear sleep has all kinds of benefits.

>If you hurt steve I'm coming after you


I want another digimon cyber sleuths game...



only if you bark like a good burd

lewd as fuck rin, jeez

but that doesn't even make sense!

it's not supposed to have to make sense, you're supposed to be a good pet and do as you're told



well if that's what it takes to get you to actually take care of yourself and sleep!

bark bark bark!


good boy! tomorrow I'll bug you for moooore! night you adorable burd, cups

needs more lewd

sleep well spoilers!


Gobble gobble gobble!

she looks like she's quite good at handling balls.

ur disgusting

Real blind people have those eyes that look like ghost eyes though.

Lusamine is disgusting.

So is sounding, for that matter.

Like you, right?


Cupcake, do I dress like Tohsaka and have none of my proficiencies apply, or wear my actual armour and not be a squishi mc squisherson?

fite me irl

It's worth note that wearing my actual armor will make me look like a noob.



I'm pretty good at it, yes.

obviously you dress like tohsaka. whoever that is.

What a slut.

call me more names.

I'm okay with that


yeah, go for it. that's cute.

If simon fucks this costume up, it's your fault.



Stupid slutty faggot bitch.


Wow, get a load of this perverted girl.

Of all the things to hot glue..

*get a load in


needs more cute girls..

How many dicks have you sucked?

in my life? like six I think. a few of those obviously many many times.

And online?

many many more.

Fucking disgusting..

nnf. judge me more, senpai.

Who here hass a hotglue fetish

I like hotgluing real things. one time I had someone visiting and had them make out with my trap ex while I jacked off and came on their faces. it was pretty nice.

i want daddy to hotglue my feet

Did you actually have sex with them after or

T-totally not me.

If you were smacked for every time I thought you were disgusting you would be a limp bruised broken body.


I have had sex with both of them, yes. not right after that specific event though, no.


this sounds like a good idea.


I elect myself to fulfill your request.
Also keep going.

Whelp, it wouldn't take long.

maybe you could make it take longer in spite of that.



God damnit, cupcake..

Needs more black pantyhose.


bare feet best feet tho


Yes but you're posting non-bare so I was correcting that.

here, just for you

Hol shiy rin don't

I want subtle to hotglue me !!!

It must either be bare or with black pantyhose. You cannot do both at once.

geez goggles be more picky



I can never tell when it's too far or you're thinking about someone else.

my dick disagrees

One at a time cup

That was actually just hot

why not both at once?

Well good, because that's what I was going for!

Your thing is weird.

I had a hotgluing folder once

What a wimp weaksauce fuck

But having sex would be a logical followup


If everyone's ok with it..

whoa lewd

I still have mine

I am okay with this.

Rin started it


buncha pervs.

Post something

Can't remember if the huffington is reputable

nothing is reputable if you dont want it to be

OK sure but actually

less and less so as time goes by. almost all news sources these days have such a heavy leaning bias that you can't really take what they say at face value. and huff po is one that has been known to twist information to push the narrative they want.



gross. I like milo but nothing else about that site is appealing.

'i like milo'


2 lewd.

I am thankful that cake is so mentally disabled.

same :3c

What are you and the family doing on this fine day, Cuppers?

i like milo

eating food would be my guess. not sure when I'm going over to my parents' but it'll happen sooner or later.

id say triggered but you people have taken that from me too

I like (you)

'you people'

"You people"


*wakes up groggily*

sigh... what a depressing dream... -_-

people is generous



You weren't...oh, nvm, I forgot. You were living with your sibling as apposed to mom and dad's house.

it's easy to disregard everything about a group you don't like by dehumanizing them.

says you

Did you assume my species?

and I'm only living with him because he pays rent on time and I didn't have to vet him first.

I would never!


milo is christian

So I heard someone dissolved in Yellowstone yesterday

If only my siblings were so caring.

that's what they get for going outside.

mine isn't all that caring. I just know he's not going to murder me in my sleep.


stupid human.

will god let him into heaven for spitting or swallowing

Would you be afraid of me hurting you if we shared the same house?

not afraid of it, no.

Actually it happened while their sister was recording I and it happened earlier in the week but they won't release footage

link to whatever

You should be

silly. gays don't into heaven.

and yet I'm not.

that is the joke

i dont think i would want to see that anyway

It's a Trump world now. That makes me twice the bully I was before.

watch tho

That's laaame


I see no problem with this.

Yea not the most sympathetic source but humans are scum this should b nothing new

You and I would get along just fine.

is that milo yianopolis?

love milo.

we already knew this.

you're right. it's not new.

what is this supposed to prove

i dont understand how he can say his sexuality has no real basis on who he is but still say every gay person would be better if they were straight




I know, I just love reminding myself and daydreaming about it~

Time for me to get going. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat lotsa turkey

Have you heard gambino's new songs


what's going on?

no i haven't really listened to him since because the internet


behind the hair and dicks, he's just your average bigot.

gonna find the clip of him from yeaaars ago on Charlie Brooker, before his hair.

he's so abashed and awkward :3

Wanna hear one?
They're pretty dope

he apparently cant keep a point either

please... ive seen enough

I wanna see this


hey subtle what's going on

sure link one


get real furbabby

I'm seeing that "your name" film in a few hours so I'm pretty excite for that ^^

please refute what i said then

i wasn't paying enough attention, don't actually know what you said

why so standoffish though?


what's that about?

iunno im just nervous with the holiday and all im sorry

Romance/drama where a teen boy and girl swap bodies

it's alright friend, just make sure it doesn't happen again ye

sounds hot
is it an animu

im glad someone else sees it

but here is Milo talking about how they shouldnt legalize gay marriage


Yeah :3


._. woah... lewd

*snuggles with you for comfort*

I might have to check it out then



if you industrial cock inhalers think you can stump milo, why not skype him and try and debate him?

is that frightening for some reason?


he believes in Christianity

and he's a hypocrite

he's says a lot of stuff that's right, but a lot of stuff just because it's Right

so why not get him on skype and say that to him?

see if that's the argument that breaks him?

he jumps at the opportunity to dance all over your opinions fam

woah there


you wouldn't be here, you'd still be nursing a devastated bottom


what if i arranged a debate for you fags vs milo for like saturday on live stream?

would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?

Happy thanksgiving everyone

no it isn't this is scotland

boy ur dumb



no i refuse to see it


You're about a month and a half late.


American thanksgiving*
since you guys want to get technical

You can be thankful for something anyway lol

Hi kitty

we here in scotland the brave don't give thanks for anything

we not pussy fuqs

how are you doing today, lovely?

im thankful all those native americans died

we complain to customer support that whatever we get isn't good enough

like adults

Why even life?


Happy thanksgiving and shit.

Someone stream braveheart

why is macOS Sierra shit compared to OS X El Capitan

i feel like i've been trying to open a youtube tab for like five minutes but i'm stilll here


What'd you think


don't be racist, muslim rape sweed cunt


i don't really like when he sings
I would rather hear him rap

no i would not :(

what do i get for dinner scooter

how about NO lexi. How about that.

bangers and mash

na man fuq that

im thinkin pizza or some kind of fancy chicken burger

dat hot drum

oh I forgot, here in the states you just call it a "sausage in the mouth"

Doing fine

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

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new thread

new thread

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