I made a thread :o

I made a thread :o

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starcraft looks cool

that is good maybe i should watch it so i can talk about it w/ u
what is ur favorite anime ever portugal-chan ?


howdy howdy~
long time no see everyone!

Get your own images.



What is a new thread?


wow u stole my meme

hope you get better.




who said it was your meme, nerdlord

I can't narrow it down to a single one, I really like Ergo Proxy and Meduka Meguca.
What about you?



Holy shit why does this exist.



today i learned that i can easily squat well over my bodyweight

fight me

That wasn't as gay as I thought it would be.

don't add desu on steam
the other day he invited me to dota 2 and then got off before i could even respond

h-hey j-j-j-jackson

1v1 me


I don't think you know how squats work....



it's your dick


my back hurts

i was pressing him into me



what's new pussycat
owo owo owo


spit into me daddy >///<

no i'm a gentle giant

So you were holding him up by a bear hug when you got all the way up?

What, is he 90 lbs?

ill have to watch those also
mine is flcl as lame as that is


It's a dick.

nothin much
just waiting for work
how about you yan


wanna trade history memes for owo memes then?

quit that

When no one want to talk to you

This bulge?


i have more history than owos i think

i think all the thirsty niggas are asleep


more than twice that, at easily a good couple of stone more lean body mass than me

me too
you like history? i'm decently autismo about it



Quit noticing my bulge!





Notice this bulge.


i used to be
lost interest when i started wanting to die

I never even bothered to google what is that about, but I hear it's quite good.

ur all niggerfaggots


wanting to die and actually doing it yourself are two vastly different things in my experience
in the meantime, why not try to enjoy things

i guess is muh subjective opinion



Apparently you don't just refight the same person in the champion match every time you re-do the E4.

Nope, because you're the Champ




Doesn't stop the other games from making you fight the same battle only bigger numbers.

But it's a nice touch, and I like it.

I got sun.

I don't have an actual team yet.


You guys are fuckin' weird sometimes.


I'm wondering if I should switch out that nigger Shiinotic for Lurantis, if I get a contrary one bred with Leaf Storm that'd be pretty great.




Draught/Sunny Day + Solar Blade, and just stop caring.
Bonus points if you swords dance into baton pass for the extra boost.

This place averages out as weird, yes.
But sometimes it's proper fuckin' weird.

That's such a standard set up, I want the contrary Leaf Storm spam, tripled Sp. Atk in three turns blasting a 130 bp move

idk what to do against terran at all

they keep spamming marines and tanks and Ican only deal with one of them

I guess.

you're both wrong, just use all magikarps and splash the world to death

I don't know the PvT matchup but zealots+stalkers with 2-3 sentries should win. Just pop the barrier thing.

I throw out Speed Boost Scolipede first and get in some Sword Dances, then Baton Pass to Magikarp holding a Focus Sash, he gets to 1 hp and the Flailing begins.

Solar Blade is cool as fuck though.
Lurantis needs a buff.

anything involving magikarp is just ten times better than the rest, hands down

Magic Crap sweep is a thing.

Bonus points if you can get in a rain dance, or drizzle, for the swift swim.

Oh, Speedboost Scoli, I should read.

I agree.

it is?


Those give me bad dreams at night.

Bewear and Mimikyu are cool as Hell tho ^^

jesus christ lmao

I like Ribombee more than I probably should, tbh.

There's more different versions of Magikarp sweeps, lol.

Is there even anything gud about Ribombee other than it kind of rhymes with Harambe?

it's glorious rin!

It has 124 speed and 95 SpAtk, learns quiver dance, and has Bug Buzz and Dazzling Gleam.

Say no more fam

ohhh I rarely build sentries

I hate terran so much

wow gee tho why am I lvl 70 with full squad and everybody else is 40 at best

Sentries are real gud

brb killing everyone because Sun doesn't get Striped Over the Knee Socks

Generally we call those 'thigh-highs'.

I don't speak your queermo cross-dressing language, I'm using official in-game names.

Guess I better change my socks.

Jk, I'm wearing sandals.

You toe-sucking pervert

I wonder if I can stabilize enough from shitposting memes to post from a folder.

Nah, I just generally liked the sandals better than the runners.

I still wear the runners a lot if I'm running around mountains or something, then I'm rocking that ZR.

Fam it's all about matching up with that Skull Tank.

Gotta have that squat game.

Holy shit.
Sun actually doesn't have striped OTKs in any of the stores.



I just got black and white OTKs.
In Sun.

U jelli?

*black and white striped OTKs

pics or it didn't happen





Buy them off someone wearing them in the Festival Plaza.

It was 21 FC for me.


Btw, it has to be level 10 to even have that option.

And it picks a random piece that they're wearing.

I honestly just got lucky.

Wait wait. You're literally buying someone's used socks?
What the fuck, Japan?

I hate terran ;;

I think the way they explain it when you unlock the option is that you're just ordering it through them.


There was someone here who said they sent their socks to random people that asked and that made me remember that.
Fuck, what is wrong with people.

Safer to just assume everything.

It sucks that, because it knows self destruct, you can't tell what colour a Minior is before catching it.

Because that one tiny aesthetic difference matters tonnes.

This is why we breed

Breeding Minior just gives the colour of the Minior parent, apparently.


It's not actually a huge deal.
They'll bias using moves with an actual effect, and since I'm using Decidueye, that means they'll bias Ancient Power, if they have it, or something else that can actually hurt me.


Guys, I don't actually care about the Minior colours.
The only reason why I've caught more than 1 as is is because I'm levelling things while simultaneously trying to catch a ditto.

*at all


Public intoxication at fashion island

tryharding at pokemon is almost as autistic as drawing a comic about a sonic pikachu hybrid
end yourselves


You can do both.

hey guro
know wat else is tryhard
naming urself after japanese cartoon gore fetishes

I hate it

Get a colossus

Remember back when catching a transformed pokemon would catch the pokemon it was transformed into?

jesus christ



Play AI games repeatedly until your mechanics are better


I have no idea what you mean.

Team Skull was great.

I try but they get destroyed so fast even when I keep them backline

yeahhh but AI is the same problem

I actually won one

Do it more until you don't float resources

They truly were lovable idiots

you have to micro manage your units

you can't just him them fight by himself

you really shouldnt have

[meows sleepily]

Fuck off


What did I do~?

/rps and adds extra tildes to show it's yuri as fuck


It's Maddie!


Yuri af, yo.


What's up?

Penises make things extra lesbian.

Not a whole lot. Changed out my tonguerings to match my earrings lol

About to make a turkey pot pie cause I was an idiot and got turkey the same week as Thanksgiving lmao

What's up witchu?

My pee pee is pretty feminine if you ask me...

I thought "feminine penis" was just a meme.

I dunno. it's pretty small and doesn't do much *shrugs*

Kinda want to get a cute bow for it or something lol

it is kind of hard to spend resources when you get more than your buildings can make

even making more buildings is a struggle to spend it all because then there is the insta resource cap

Imean I guess I could spam stuff to enemy base but thatis reaching my limits of microing aaaa

Wait for your roommate and do that anime thing of wearing nothing but ribbons.
I'm sure it'll work out just fine.

Nahhh. I really don't like him like that.

And it was already a slightly awkward thing because I jokingly said "I feel like I should be wearing the maid outfit for this" while sweeping the floors. Then he was all like "I'd probably have to ask you to wash the dishes if that was the case heheh"



What is this insta resource cap you speak of?

hihi grommles

what's good babe

Nice, matching is always good (sometimes)

I went out with some coworkers for drinks after work, now just playing games and whatnot

Just chillin chillin. Trying to not be anxious about Turkey Day.

Anything new?

Nice. I was actually feeling like some Binding of Isaac soonish.

Sometimes? Idunno. These ones are the black ones and they match my super cute spider earrings :3

What could possibly go wrong?
See where it goes with him.

But I don't think he bathes or brushes his teeth very often *gags*

I love how you have the one game you play lol


The fuck?
The fuck kind of person is your roommate?

Do I need more than one game??

Meh, it's a webcam selfie and I'm icky from after work... I take so many damn selfies now it's stupid lmao

I dunno. He's really nice and he's cool with the whole trans thing and I'm saving a metric shitton of money on rent so *shrugs*

studying hard!

had to pay 60 bucks for shitty application fees

I hate bureaucracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get rekt! :p


Do that dog thing where you take them in the backyard and squirt them down with the hose so they don't smell.

And possibly add flea shampoo to him.


I mean I would cause that would be hilarious, but it's like 30s

They're doing it in Dakota.
You'll be fine doing it.

I only want to see it if it looks good

Some will die in hot pursuit in fiery auto crashes.
Some will die in hot pursuit while sifting through my ashes.


okai so I won against hard ai after forever


My pikachu uses this pose.

my face when about to eat pastry

Just keep doing it

is it this ?



aaa it derped against my 3 cannons + sentry + stalkers and I all-inned it before it rebuilt and destroyed me like earlier

total cheese



If you 1v1 me in SC again I won't give up instantly.

maybe tomrow

You should play the arcade games.

They are much better than the actual game.

sheep tag

I like the spooky zombie missions.


I saw it somewhere and it amused me

whoaaa 08:00 I played starcraft all night

I suck diks

toobtbursh nana


This is why God will remain dead.


Fuck OFF

brb killing self after making one for each op


lewd cup

what? I would never.

I would


really makes you think doesn't it?

that meme is shit tier



I wonder how, I wonder why

1v1 me

nice reference

I try to avoid thinking as much as possible.

Too easy
I'm doing 2s right now though

exactly so just be lewd, silly pet

I didn't mean in that lmao I'd lose easily

I've never been lewd in my entire life~

I'm a trained fighter irl too
Although I'm bantamweight

Actually realistically flyweight if I were in shape



then we fix that

bring it, wet noodles in an olympic sized pool

How big are you?


can it even be fixed this late in life? maybe it's too late for me.

wew this got lewd rather fast man

oh I'll fix it, just takes a few weeks of punishment for you

entire weeks seems excessive.

1v1 in bed

I was trying to set up a meme though

das ghey


Too late

I don't know about you, but it seemed to fit quite well.

well there's breaks involved but yuh gotta train the cute pet well, bae

I shut that shit down like fuckin negan, memes are skulls to my bat

I don't even watch that show

well as long as you know what you're doing

Yes, I am aware of what you were going for there.
Somebody had to fix the situation though.

Is that pic the same 2hu char?

the point stands

oh I do!

If I understand the reference properly, I guess.

Yes it is.

Huh. I like that depiction a lot.



The artist primarily just draws Remilia, but I always keep forgetting which pictures I've already posted since there's so many from him and they all seem quite the same due to the pose, minus being the clothing, although there's always 2-3 variants of the same picture with different colours.

Hello Emputy.

How's Luka?



Hullo SD, how are you today?

Heya Bard.

bored and exhuasted.
jelous of all the people playing sun/moon pokemon... u_u

sigh... i guess i'll have to wait for the eventual Pokemon Eclipse & Earth

Link to page of artist?

Heya dag


hullo, how goes

Hi empty and daggy and luku

How goes it bard?

A bit tired, and about to leave in 20 mins.

Perhaps you should take a nap then?
I haven't played Pokemon games after Emerald, so not really a big fan anymore.


playing battlefieeld 1 how about you buddyu

Well I hope your day is fine SD, how is the cold and sore throat coming a long?

In pain, but I'll get over it, you know me.

Pretty good
Smashing some 2v2s in WoW right now.


hey bardo

I've never played! sounds fun, i think

I haven't felt it in a few days as much, although there's those random coughs every now and then, but that's life.

You're welcome.

i wanna play games tho ;~;
i wanna be with freinds tho...


love you dag you sickest of cunts

So it's going away? If so I'm glad.

I'm just in a lot of pain myself, but I'll be fine.

gross pain x.x , what's wrong?

alwyas da sickest moite ;p hows battlefield

I have IBD, so my bowels tend to inflame and when they do it's pretty painful, and I'm just currently dealing with that, but once that's gone I'll be fine. Thank you for asking. ^^

Is there like a multiplayer mode for those pokemon games nowadays?

I feel like it, yeah.
Are you taking your meds for it?

I am, but none of them really touch the pain, so I have to let it die down naturally which can normally take a long time, but I'll be fine soon.

I think it's fun.

ouch, sounds annoying and painful /;

it's probably to late for to start playin!

Do you at least have antibiotics for it?

i dunno... all i got is ancient old fashioned Pokemon Black.

It is, but I don't mind it. I've had it for sometime, so it's just the motions for me.

Oh no, antibiotics don't do anything for IBD, if I wanted it gone completely I'd have to have surgery.

just got finished setting up my emblem
it seems pretty fun so far :3
ahvent done online play though yet lol

Who is this dusty person.

I need to get going, bye everyone and have a good day.

Never heard of it.

Oh, would have thought since inflammation.
Hope it passes soon though.

who r u?

have a nice sleep.

It'll pass soon, thank you SD. I hope you have a nice day today. ^^


do u have a kewl avatar?

I think so Luka.

reallly nigga

it came out in 2010

mhm, i only get chronic nausea, i take maxolon for that. IBD sounds painful and painful.

my DANK ass emblem

It is, but never fear, I'll survive and continue like nothing happened.

I want to see~

woof woof.

I am from the old threads on the real chan. Never really posted here as much.

at least you have the right attitude, i think!


It's the only attitude I can have when I comes around. Just got to keep moving on and rolling with the punches.

i gotta think like that more bleh

Who are Ren and Empty?

It's not hard to do, just got to keep smiling.

Hi I'm Empty, nice to meet you, Bard sent me here.

Here see this.

Cool, nice background.


Ren is a very very old face

I guess I haven't met him.

I'm Test.

Where did he send you here from?

Hello Test, he sent me here from discord.

he's your generic e slut loser

k i l l m e



so you arent the cool smoking Ren i used to know.

Drive any cool cars recently?

Very common.

No, you will suffer with the rest of us.

Welcome. Better not turn out to be an oldfag with a new name.

we almost have a problem with it

Empty isnt from around here I can promiase that

Uuh, nope. Not an oldfag with a new name. Bard like he just said and promise that.

Thank you Bard. ^^


vtrue !

there's your proper av ;p

cool enough that's actually an emblem for battlefield 1 hahahaha

Aaah, I mess up, I meant and. Mistakes were made.

Very true indeed!


neat! i got some brownies from a mate, they're pretty good.. oi you still work at fried chicken heaven?

your av is cute

Thank you. ^^

that sounds great
special brownies?

and hell yeah I do
it's a easy job but d someones gotta do it

ofc silly, and aw nice, do you get cheap chicken?

well at work i get free chicken from kfc and free food from the taco bell side so that is supe r sick
and when im not at work i get a 10 percent discount :3

I'm bored
gib music

I stabbed Nezi like he wanted and I still didn't get a reply.

why even live?


we don't get taco bell here, do you get tasty tacos?


did i do it right ? ahahhhhahhhhh

Well it was nice talking to you all, but I'll be taking my leave. It was nice meeting you all. ^^


well they are okay
I eat them almost every day so they are a little old
we released a new burrito recently
the staekhouse burrito
it has steak, spicy queso, potato bites, i think rice, and som more than that ;3

nighty night empy
hoope you visit again sometimeu'

aww, seeya!





What is the ratio of Luka blankposts to real posts

i think it's negative actually

Dustyny seems pretty condescending.


he is

If only

Yeah, what Luka said

goood talk