Lets all war over a monkey! down with society!

lets all war over a monkey! down with society!

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Literally the most retarded 3rd world bullshit I heard all year.

Monkey probably has some shitty little wooden pear or has a birthmark of some saint or something.

it has a bullet wound in the head already, it doesn't need much more

We need Karl Pilkington on this, bring back Monkey News.

oh nice, finally kicked that huh? I'm basically a full on alcoholic now myself. perhaps that revelation can give you some insight. I'd rather not talk about "how things are" if that's alright. at least not from my end.


no the war was over the monkey stealing some little girl's hi.... hijab? her thingy that those people get really butt hurt about, the monkey's owner was from another tribe so it was clearly a war crime. now shit is going straight fuckery

we should've just left ghadoofy alive and in charge

do something interesting, quick

how about you go fuck yourself

have you ever done anything interesting AM?

backed by science

nah. Get you some aripiprazole. It messes with your dopamine levels and makes you feel a little better.

A monkey attacked someone. All them over there are rar'in to kick each other's ass so it was the last straw.


why wouldn't you just cut off the little jellybean digits?

the only answer is genocide

hello spoilers

Are you an alcohol?

It's ribbed for your pleasure.

where da hood at

Mate I'm just chuffed that I found you after all these years! Devil's drink gotten you too huh? Happens to the best of us, it's a right cunt - dinnae worry about feeling like you've got to fill me in with what you've been up to, you've got your own shite to deal with, I understand all to well, that's okay. It's just nice seeing you again

heey bae, how was the movie?

it was alright. made me feel things I didn't want to feel. but whatever, I never know what's going to set me off these days. bleh.

sup with you?

it didn't so much get to me as I decided I wanted a hell of a lot more of it than I used to drink.

thanks for your understanding. it's nice to see you again as well. was wondering what happened to you, I'm really glad things have been going well for you.

im a bored

it would be more fun if you joined in~

I thought you'd never ask~

Oh that's fucking delicious.
I'm so fucking glad I live on this small island.

Is this real life?

War over a monkey.
Sounds like something I'd do.
I fucking love 3rd world buttthurt and bullshit.

I always call overloading dopamine 'Withdrawing from the bank'. Since you can only get out so much.

They have no hoods out here in the sticks. Maybe we should start a new one.

not a lot pretty bored, wanna play a few rounds of underwatch? might help you forget about your surprise magic feels bus ride

is it just fantasy?


next time lets get like 4 irls
6 is 2 sextreme

i also live in the BOONIES

yeah, alright. I just played a few but I could go for a few more. something to do in between swigs of vodka.

What are boonies?


The country; a rural area; the middle of nowhere

seeing other drink makes me want to drink

goodbye reality

peer pressure is best pressure

who are you anonymooous brit buddy

Just remember that you can beat it.

Didn't we have a wee falling out? Water under the bridge, but yeah I've missed you man. Nice folk like you are uncommon - really don't want to lose one of the few I know

I'm sorry things haven't been exactly going to plan for you

Oops there goes gravity


good boy!



Sounds riveting.

No one will ever make me drink for as long as I live.

Probably your nemesis.

was the name


yeah. that's what I tell myself to get through being awake at least.

I don't think we ended on any bad notes, I know there were ups and downs but I think most of that was because of the ole alcohol, so definitely not anything worth worrying about.

that's how it goes sometimes.

that's good. peer pressure is awful.

hello moshy.

that doesnt sounds too relaxing

Moshy do you have your fucking beard back yet!?!?!

Bored playing your boring game about an irrelevant continent?

emnimem lyrics

I fucking hate you sometimes.


I don't speak ebonics



Yasuo is my only rank 6 champion

I don't play him and i'm bad at him


Mind if I add you on steam? We can have a grand old blether about the old times and stuff. Stuff is cool.

that's becauase you's' jus a honkey ass cracka nigga

That would have made the movie tolerable.

Welcome back, Moshy-mosh.


I'm not on steam much, but feel free.


Turn on your leeg of lagends so you can watch me drunkenly attempt to play aram

I think the last one was 2-3 years ago? Can't remember.

Let's just say I'm warmly acquainted.

I have a goatee at present, if that counts.

I am already there.

I'll allow it.


I'll stop disturbing these threads

any more silly 3rd world shit going on?
Encyclopedia dramatica is down and I want a sort of rustic charm to my salt

Dude, why you up so early?
Are you nightshift too?

ill leave you on your wayy then

I'm 'technically' unemployed, that gives me a bit of free time

Now look what you've done, you've gotten me actually posting in this thread.

Thank you Clocky
What's new?

6AM is barely early once you get used to it.

Please don't ;-;

6am is bedtime to me.
But before, I'd never get up until 9pm, do remember waking up 5am to walk to work though.

Things here and there.
I had nothing else to do so I've decided to clean out my storage and sort through things.

How about yourself?

well that's good. it's horrible stuff.

anyone is welcome, in spite of what some might try to say.

ioh alrighti suppose well all be around
enjoy your time here


Delicious yordles. :3

It's an anime board, I don't know anything about anime, I've never watched an anime, I don't belong here.
I came here to track you down. In a non creepy but still kind of creepy way. I'll only be shitting up this board for maybe an hour or so more.

Maybe at this time of year.
Pretty hardcore like my teenage brother who sleeps all day when he's not in college.

At least it's some form of activity.

I've been trying to keep on top of depression over IRL issues and stuff.
Been needing to do a cleanout myself, maybe the extra cash could help towards a new desk and stuff.

It always has to do with the taste. Although I could maybe handle a cider again some day.

You're welcome. Any new music finds lately?

I could have a bunch of them for breakfast right now.

Whoops, I mean 9am.
Sorry. I'm still a bit woozy from a hangover.

oh please. the only thing anime about it is that we're the anime thread community from back in Holla Forums. it's where I went after the pony threads died. you don't need to know anything about anime. it's just a circlejerk like the pony threads.

smoking interests me zero.

I am sorry to hear you have been going through somethings. Maybe I'll talk with you over steam about it some time.

Share them. I am God damn hungry.

tfw you're too sad to stay hard

ohhh I've been getting kind of lazy
is just about all Ive been up to recently

What kind of stuff do you like?

Poor Oobles.

Sound, I think I'll stick to lurking on here though. I've honestly not a scooby what people are talking about on here

You're as sound as ever though.

all i wanted to do was jerk off and go to sleep
why has god forsaken me

Sounds like you need to spice things up

this is my friend...

Well maybe staying up until 6am is not a good idea~

I've been put off since forever. Not into tobacco or cannabis, although the latter I've had in cakes and stuff before.

I appreciate the concern, will try to be on Steam this evening. Haven't logged on as much in the last few weeks or so.

Maybe you need to eat more yordle~
Some day I could.

I've slowed down on dubstep over time, although I still listen to Youngsta's show every Tuesday. Been deviating into other stuff lately, including house, techno and wave.

I just am kind of laughing at you being in a call with Oobles and saying "I swear this doesn't usually happen".

Nah, now I have to because nighshift work.
This is my day off.


she's asleep
might be part of the issue lol

Still been busy playing tf2 often?

I would love to, but they are too adorable, so I forget.

it's about to get hot in here

eh. I'm just adept at faking it.

I like weed but I've never tried tobacco nor do I plan to.

Not as often lately. Defected to WoW for some time and enjoyed some of the endgame content as much as Wrath.
It's so damn choppy at 4K and wish I had a GTX 1080 to plough through it.
My sub runs out in 3 days, so I might have a break from it. Maybe I'll try to learn Terraria better, since it's something new to me.

Shameful. Perhaps you could share me yours.

Good girl. At least you have some standards~


What the fuck is this?

If it is with you, then it is okay.

Skitty wanted me to play Terraria with him. I have no idea what it is.

You're faking being sound? I don't believe that for a moment. Come on, Cake, you can't be this sound for over 4 years and claim to only be faking it! You've got a new community here, you think they like you only because of a facade?

Let Bard be your Oobles tonight.
Mom and dad will never know.

haha do you want to join too~?

Terraria is pretty fun when you have others to play. I recall having a blast with others though once you find those op items it's all really easy.


This place just sort of acknowledges he's kind of know he's a mopey shit at times and just lets him be with it.
I don't think it stops anyone from befriending him.

maybe you could be my girlfriend for tonight tsuchi

i'd pay to watch this


Just okay?~

You fight monsters, dig up the earth and build stuff. Someone suggested I get it and I did. Still don't know what the fuck to do, but I'm learning.

Heh, I'm sure I have a few who might be interested. Hopefully I can get those more easily when the time comes.

Bard's got the roleplaying game on lockdown.

I wish you good fortunes on your 2d adventures.


I am containing my delight.

I do not know if I want to learn that on top of SC 2.

I'm just reminding him how much he's worth. Very poorly. Years have passed.


My eyes
They fucking burn
And it is hilarious

hey now.

this isn't a new community. like I said, I don't want to get into the shit behind how I am now.



Well thank you :3
I've gotta go out for the day, so probably this evening.

Saving it for the right moment, I see~
Maybe it's not the best idea if you don't want to lose those years of mastery.



I already lost them. ;_;


That's not a public topic, Cake. I'd never mention that openly on a chan imageboard.

Create new ones, maybe? I might message you on Steam later anyway.

You're off? Farewell to you too

I'll see you then.

You too. I best get out of bed now.

Bye everyone

I thought you were leaving. All right, I will be around probably.


Well I'm leaving now. Maybe.

it's less that it's not a public topic, most people here know a fair amount, it's more that I don't feel like talking about it right now.




I'm not trying to dissuade you or tell you/him otherwise.
He's dropped the saccharine act but it doesn't seem to bother too many people and there's plenty who do the same.
I'm just kind of telling you to not worry about it as if it's grave or anything.

Cuppy you're a filthy degenerate and birds are disgusting, disease-ridden animals infested with parasites.

At least it's real.


Slime girls best monster girls.

We didid it.

wew lad the salt

night bae

You lost by playing WoW.
I'm terribly sorry, Eminem.

I thoroughly enjoy the game.


It's far too easy to annoy invaders in this game.

I am so sorry.

I may have played it briefly in 2006 and MMOs still don't really interest me.

I miss getting invaded in New Londo, disguising as a pot and waiting for them to give up.

gg man

I miss my taste in MMOs, sadly, I only dig mostly Singleplayer games now.

The genre isn't for everyone, and although the game is very different now than it was then, MMOs as a whole have a pretty specific audience I think.

You play too?

I just don't enjoy time sinks.
The only MMOs that ever really were "fun" was because there was just shit to do that wasn't generic or existed solely to grind out items/levels/time.

I literally just hide outside the church in the DLC in a corner that just keeps you out of sight and curl up and wait. I put on my Way of Blue thing so Blue Bros can be summoned and I spam dried fingers. Then I just tab out.

It's very sad to see a lot of things go.
I guess I kind of realised how useless some of it was to keep which is somewhat refreshing. But I also see how much things I still want to hold on to.

In the end I sneezed a lot and I had to wash my hands a few times.

sadly a few friends bugged me into it, I don't know half the shit I do in it but we beat that fat ass on normal

I'll leave after this, what happened to him? I know a lot changes in 3-4 years but he used to be such a cheery lad, nothing could really bring him down.

You gonna get sick.

MMOs will rapidly lose their appeal if you don't have a bunch of people to play with in my opinion, which leaves them pretty vulnerable. What kind of games do you play?

Yeah, they've struggled with that. There are fewer now, but they still exist. I normally don't do them, and suffer slightly as a result. Grinding takes a certain mindset though, and if you don't have it it's going to be dreaded rather than enjoyed--not something you want in a leisure game.

Nice. Class/faction?

Playing Sunless Sea now, more into my cheap indie games and stuff.

Sorta play Dota2 too.


I still need to buy/play 3.
I have SotFS on Steam but never bothered with it like I did on the console.

I'm not sure I'm at liberty to say or if he'd want me to.
I'm wouldn't particularly say I'm a friend of his but I've know him for over four years now.
Life happened, I guess. I just worded the previous shit to clarify that he's just gloomy and mopey at times, not like he's making cries for help or whatever.

Good morning everyone.

2 is trash. It had good parts, but the levels were slopped together mostly.


I generally just prefer the type of MMOs that are more...action-adventure-esque where it's more about just doing fuck all while exploring and delving.
It's been so long since I've even really played one to remember which ones I definitively "liked" and almost always I played because someone asked me to.

Don't you look at me like that.

Yeah, and SotFS just added even weirder shit for faux-difficulty reasons.


Eh. 3's DLC wasn't much better.
It's just convoluted map layouts and ambushes from big ass enemies.

The boss was the only real good part.

DS1 did it all right.

I gotcha, thanks for letting me know - enjoy your threads, folks

Though as trash as 2 was I still put over 200 hours into it...

Looks kinda interesting, haven't heard of it before. I can't stand MOBAs for more than a little bit at a time though, I get sick of them too easily.

Ah, yeah. WoW is pretty fucking linear, I heard Blade and Soul was along those lines until the endgame grind. I think I like those more whilst leveling, but in my (albeit limited) experience they always have trash-tier endgames.


Pet me.


Hit him



bob saget when he was in full house looked like a skinny ted cruise

Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me Pet me

Haven't play 3 or its DLC to know.
Been kind of avoiding anything specific about it like I did with the second until playing it.

Let's kind of be honest here: I like 1 a lot and played it a metric shitload on the PS3 and 360.
That said, it had a fuckton of issues and broken items/builds. It's better than its sequel but it had a bunch of things objectively wrong that didn't make it not-fun to play.

Yeah, same.
I don't really like anything that's specifically about endgame.
It's just weirdly slanted pacing when that's the goal.


I have no idea why I linked your post twice to separate paragraphs of the response.

Veigar a cutie.

After you do that thing you were supposed to do.

I swear Ban used to talk way less.

It's almost as if saying nothing and blank posting at people is a bad way to start a conversation.

I won't say much then.

As for one I speak only on the DLC here. It was a very well done and pleasant to look at DLC that wasn't too fucking annoying, and had 2 of the best bosses to date. Not to mention it added a lot of new content from spells and weapons to a varied about of armor.

Yeah, WoW has decided that endgame is all that matters and pretty much streamlines/ignores leveling. A good bit of the experience is lost, but at least you get one decent part instead of two shitty ones.

I don't even know you.

Think of it as a Choose Your Own Adventure, with you desperately dodging cunts so you don't shit away 40 hours of progress and start all over again


Fight me in real life

you wont





S-She is all naked and shit.

Oh yeah. I'll agree.
2's DLC was "here's a themed area with a single boss, go kill it; yay you won" type thing.

I will admit that I enjoyed the awkward complexity of the first DS2 DLC.

The decent was harrowing to the point of insanity.

I guess that's kind of my preference over traditional RPG games over MMOs in general: path is better than the destination type bullshit.
It's just not fun to me to spend hours just getting the smallest trinkets in the goal of making your NUMBERS slightly higher.

But modestly hiding her most intimate bits.

I have a few cause there was that weird insta 100 thing and insta 90 thing



DS1 DLC = 10 bucks ~10 hours of game play
DS2 DLC = ~12 bucks a pop ~20 hours of game play
DS3 DLC = 15 bucks ~4 hours of game play

I decided tonight's theme is vampire lolis.

*hugs tight*

2's just feel obligatory.
Like they exist because they had to make DLC, not even in a cash grab way either.
Just..."this legally counts as DLC".


lewd as fuck

I feel like the times when a game simply came finished as is in box are long gone.
There are so many cosmetic add ons and silly expansions that are only there to increase general interest in the game and to generate revenue.

I also do not like "event" DLC.
Knowing that if I don't get a game from day one, or god forbid I don't preorder it I will never have everything it has to offer.

Mhmm, I hear you. I enjoy both, but the elitist bits of the WoW community--where failing to use something that boosts your damage by about half a percent can be justification to no longer allow you to play--is rather extreme, and polarizing. Ever play CRPGs or classic JRPGs?

Mmm. Well I'm pretty willing to help others out with content, especially normal/heroic raids. I only play Ally though.

I hate the loli theme in that stuff. It'd be so much better if they were just normal.

just woke up. bored...
i want u to keep me company

I have two that are ally a hunter and a druid I wanted to name the druid Smoakweed but the friend was against that

I'm here in bread, sleep well?

That is usually my theme.
A good theme.

Games seem to be starting a trend I do hate in regards to "event" DLC: holiday themed shit that exists for no reason, some of which is free even.

DLC isn't innately a bad thing because most of it is stuff that wasn't ever going to end up made and put in the game to begin with. Stuff wasn't withheld just to make DLC in most cases at least.
I more just have disdain for it because it seems to be making true expansion packs a thing of the past in favor of smaller add-ons.

Literally all druids are potheads, so you should've just gone for it anyways. I have a blood at like 840, my lock at 885 that can carry and then sub 110s, with a mage at 103ish, a dh at 100 and a rdruid at 100.

witcher 3 has good dlc

i'm glad that at least you are around~
i slept okay i guess, but now im hungry!

I haven't played any retro style RPGs, no. But I have played RPGs from the 90s, some of which nearer to their release and others more recently.
Most of the shit flooding Steam that's just imitations of older RPGs as nostalgia bait are woeful.

I didn't like how they just reused smelter demon.

CD Projekt are stuck in the good parts of the past at least.

I don't really fuss over cosmetics like day one shit.
I mean, once a game is about out the door the arts and development section of a company is probably sitting on their asses. I always figured shit like pre order skins and other cosmetics like that were them just doing something with their free time pre launch.

I don't however approve of day one maps and shit. It divides the games community if you don't have that map, and is also just stupid if you had it ready for launch.

I dislike silly cosmetics in most games because it breaks immersion for me. I'd like an option to toggle off skins in general.

Yeah, it's horrid. Most of the games that seem to be something I'd like are released on handhelds, due to their prevalence in Japan I think. I'd love to play more Disgaea games, but don't want to emulate them.

I never made it past where you fight that pack of things out side the starting area.

It made sense though. Smelter was just a relic of the Old Iron Kings shit.
It's probably the same demon. Blue fire is hotter so turning red probably just means it lost a lot of power after losing and as time went on.

am hype for cyberpunk

discord link?

TF2 and MMOs have always had holiday stuff but it was just to keep people playing regardless and most of it either expired after the holiday ended or fit into the theme of the game to begin with.
It's just weird seeing all shooters and even single player RPGs get holiday shit for reasons unknown, none of which makes me feel inclined to play during those times just for it.
Trivial new content and skins is fine to prolong lengivity of the title; themed around holiday content just is dumb.

I honestly can't justify buying a Vita despite a few titles.
I can buy one but it's just one of those things where you'll hate the fact you even bought it than the cost itself.

Me too.
I just hope it's not Deus Ex: HR with more RPG elements.

Nah, I get that.
Holiday shit is rarely able to fit into the overall themes.


Yup. Especially for me as a poor college student.

wew lad

eat then

I'm a big boy. Feels good to do like 700k dps on Cenarius.

I'm 905
what are we talking about

dont stop dont stop were in love now

where have you been?

i'm not finding much... :\

epeen size

Oh makes sense.
In actuality you guys are nerds, talking openly about warcraft is gay

I can't into that shit really, never seems to work out

ah well I don't know

What do you raid as?

we should play games together.



So far a warlock and the destruction spec thing, 2dumb to demon

at some point

how can i get you to like me like you do cupcake?

no shoes

where did they go?


Demo is worse than destro in 90% of situations anyways, it just sims well. I play destro, so feel free to ask if you have questions.

Shoe fairy

tell me more about them

They take your socks off while you're trying to sleep and lick your feet.

Are you talking about me?

sounds lewd

If nothing else, at least you're a fairy alright.

*cat faces*

nothings lewd about hungry shoe fairies.

Best way to get close to yordles.

hungry? what does a shoes give them?


And the kokiri.


uuuuh I'm not sure you want that and it's not something that can be made to happen

I will! sleep well

But they all get one.


why not?


Tch, nanda sore ?

who is Nanda?
and why are they sore?

Go to bed!

My hands are cold, will you sit in my lap and warm them with your inner thighs?

Watashi wa anata o, hakai shimasu.

What are you hungry for?

Watashi wa anata o koroshite kurerudeshou.

Fat dick

Can you do anything about that?

who, me?

It's not even cold in Oregon.

Can I ? Probably

Have I ? Nope

It isn't warm.
Just do it, I want to rub your thighs.

I can't agree to these things! My heart belongs to someone else.

Why not?

Get lost KissShoot.

Mordins heart belongs to me and me alone.

O-oh my~
In bed?

Among others

cause it's a thing

Okay fine, can I get a goodbye hug? I need to go to the store then study or something.

Only if you promise to not get touchy. Don't get into trouble being out in the middle of the night either!

i want to be important to you too!


I will do my best to keep my hands in proper places.

Well find out, since I'm about to get out of bed.

What does that mean?


Good luck travelling to the store and back!

Uuuuummmm I don't know anymore.

I cannot go to the store, I forgot I can't eat right now.

Did you just want a hug? I'm gonna go to bed. Good night. Don't stay up to long.

planet coaster is p fucking sick

Don't fall asleep in the snow if you go to Sweden

What does she mean by this?

Except I need to figure out a way to get my cat out of my room so I can sleep in peace first.

What does she mean by this?

What does it do since it won't leave you in peace?

What does a cat face normally mean?

I will be up all night, nini

She sits in my underwear drawer and It's hard to get her out of there, but I can't leave her there because I can't sleep without closing my door and she always needs to run to the door to greet people when they come home so she'll be meowing at the door later.

I tricked her into leaving by taking out the cat food.

I am going for real now, good night.

How is everyone doing?
Should I order some food or actually make an effort to go to the shop?

I just got myself netflix but there ain't Adventure Time, fucking cancelled.


I sometimes use it when there are lewd undertones in my post.

Sleep tight.

adventure time is cool!

me irl >~

I haven't learned the art.

you have nice hair

Unfortunate. I will go brew coffee now.



You look like my hot flat chested classmate except with less curly hair.

you look good.

How should I take this?

up the bum bum jk 4
take it however you like









i miss test



The user that called you an idiot was test.




I am all knowing.


It's not that hard to press ctrl and f at the same time.


I didn't do that though ♪

Test vs. Nezumi

I'm a lover not a fighter.

love me~



moar pls~ ♥


love her~

BBC Entertainment





You forgot the air quotes around "Entertainment"

u know u want to~

Graham Norton is interviewing Eddie Redmayne, TAKEN, and Anna Kendrick

Would you do Eddie Redmayne?

nevermind. he's not that pretty.

yay Ana~

am i pretty?

With the lights off, I suppose.


aww test ur such a sweetheart

Welcome home, Testing.


Ooh. hwat.
and I was wrong.
it's a best-of compilation.


am i kawaii uguu

You make it sound like I just got back from somewhere. It's five in the morning.

ur not even kanra

if kanra were to show up right now id e-kiss him on the lips

am i kawaii

yes i said so

Prove it.

see "kawaii"
or do u mean prove ur cute

How does linking yourself do anything?

the letters u w u
sound just like how they are written

so saying uwu is just like how it sound

uwu you doubleu you

i get to feel more popular than i rly am at least

uh huh


Letters normally do that

thats a soft face i feel like i could beat that guy(?) up

hello my sweet how are you this evening~ ^.^


say these three letteer out loud and you'll understand: o w o & u w u

kill yourself, fam

Welcome home.


actually i do have a question tho
whats canada-chan up to these days

it's tru


minding her own business


My pride will not allow me to speak such things.

well whenever ur cybering next tell him to let me mind his business also . . .

how's it going love

woof woof

vegeta! your pride holding you back!

c'mon test luka is barking at ur feet, if ur a man u will claim her!

I'm awake but I shouldn't be.

Thats pretty much it

no >

deaf mute girl looks better in the manga




*surpasses you*

I'm on break, I ain't planning shit.

young deaf cute girl looks v good but older deaf cute girl looks kinda weird sometimes in the manga
do u have something against the anime version? i think she looks great

u call urself a man?

I was drinking and playing videogames but I am no longer drunk.


drink more

Hangout with us.

i don't know.


i rly like the face lines, like what she has in the manga, put over color in the anime i think it's v stylish

I pretty much only have rum left and thats icky.

i should watch it some day.

I'm going to bed. Night, Giggles.

i think it is not available yet though subtle told me it would be sometime in december that it is released

hey luka what are ur favorite romance animes ever??

Go to sleep you fuckin' loser.

better than nothin


I'm not gonna drink any more tonight.

I have to be up in the morning and driving.

i dont know.

im gonna go but pls think about it a little and get back to me if u will id rly love recs from u!



am I coool now ?




where have all the good people gone

sorry I had to jack off

Living a normal life hopefully.


at 4:30 in the morning?

What do I know? Its almost 2 pm here.

she pretty...

She is, I just made the folder.

i thought about it myself.
but i decided, nah. she's too precious to post with.

Perhaps, but I couldn't help it. I had to make it.

show me moar~ ♥


the feels.

shelter her, protect her...

It was a very touching video.

i want to know more about her
see more...

How to fight a cold

For me it's just green tea with honey.
And bed rest.

put ur dukes up and punch the cold

or just put a sweater on like a normal person... :P

let's get into a fist fight luka

no fist pls ;~;

We aren't talking about the low temperature, Theseius.

We're talking about the illness.


Its been chilly these past couple of days
How are you holding up?

got em

yo dawg, dat soo ill, dat so sick, gr8 stuff




*paws at ur tail*

We have snow.
At the end of November.
Like we should.

And I'm a tiny little thing, so it's really cold.
I kinda missed it.

how lewd
luka you slut


how what?

Who all is awake?

Almost got turned on there for a bit

This isn't a Magby !?!?



Nihilego, actually.

Ah. Nobody in my crew is up.

yo got a crew?


no ego? wow... what a strange thingy to call a poke mon!



neat i guess eheh

bleh i cbfed doing much i was just trying to start a conversation but i might pass out soon

i'm jelous...
they get to play it, and i dont.

oh, there's a new game out right? bleh i kinda wanna play it but the only pokemon game i played was fire red

Sorry. I just woke up and am kind of out of it myself.

Should sleep.

Sun and Moon. It's Hawaii based.
My brother bought me Sun yesterday.

this new one is called

and it's hawaii theme

and it looks super good and 3D
and cute lovable story

aw i might check it out, my friend got me a 3ds but im lazzy, i might get into some pokez

sun is best choice

Don't get consumed by competitive BS.

I've played like 15 min of it. Might binge it over the holiday when I don't have internet.

Get it.
it's pretty much the most worth while game for that.

Sun is sun themed and hawaii islands are sunny and it matches the game
and the dog ultimate pokemon version exclusive is kewler

you won't have internet?


No. I'm moving today. I have yet to set up for new internet. I might be gone for upwards of a week.

It's Nihilego.
And it's an Ultra Beast.
And also a parasite.

It infests people and makes them do things.
Also, according to Moon Dex, apparently sometimes it can be seen acting like a young girl ???


that sucks, your presence will be missed

I'm missing, like, 24 Zygardes.
Where the fuck...

:D a jellyfish girl?????

rawr lion is strong too i guess :3

I plan to just sleep most of it away.

When you look at it, it does kind of look like a young girl's hair, wearing a bonnet.

a trick of the lighting as they say!

and their sure must be a tona light in hawaii type islands!

still, hopefully it's a decent time for you anyway

I'm sure it will be.
I might get a game or two to pass the time on Steam.

this episode was normal and not lewd.

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