Burd and friends

burd and friends.

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and also like I enjoy relentless bullying.

At least it's not lyrics.

it's possible, I think a few people like them wok together I know this artist has featured stuff with that shadman guy too

I highly doubt erio was rejected by smiles or perpetually pissed off, in fact the only one perpetually pissed off is you since all you do is act like an ass and better than everyone. I now understand why, you are pathetic and this is how you try to make yourself feel like a bigger man

Yeah, anal bullying.

well, yeah, duh.

bunch of perverts they are.

You pretended to be a girl, Eva.
What high ground are you even trying for at this point?

I mightttt toothbursh abd bed I read quite a lot today





That's also the only lyrics I can even remember from them.
His voice was annoying.

truly the most perverted! next to cups

you see the difference between us right now is I'm hitting you with reality you are still pretending I'm someone else because you can't do shit otherwise. you are the saddest person here and that includes sci, for the sake of yourself go get a life and stop getting cucked by dudes pretending to be girls online

Hm hm.


I have to choose whether I want to battle Red or Blue, and I'm in need of healing.

I fucking hate you, Blue.
Even when it isn't RBYFRLG you fucking find a way.

I love his voice so much nnnng

I dunno, these guys might give me a run for my money in the perversions category...

Keep pretending you're not Eva for some reason, I guess.
I cannot figure out why.

It's so goddamn high pitched.


Red's gotta be the harder battle, right?
'cause if I'm being forced to do this, I may go all in, right?

I miss him being on the office. I wish he hadn't left.

I know. it's lovely.

huehue all in huehue

Stop playing Pokemon.

sho goooood

Wanted to pursue other interests, I assume.

I'll show you all in.
All in dat pussay.

Really though, which do you think is harder?

maybe maybe not

you're the only one still claiming it, hell squash only did cause he was mad at me at the time and you probably believe that was anything more than him trying to get me to react to him spamming it makes you even more pathetic at this point to hang onto it


I had the Second...something and Silent Earth 3 CDs but I honestly cannot see why I liked them now. But I guess that's true of most music from when were like...9 or 10.


Everyone else has made the same comment calling you Eva.

the nerve of that guy

red I suppose.

my guess is they are probably the same though.

actually I was joking, there's no way these guys are more perverted than me.

in keeping secrets of silent earth III. it's their second album. very good one.

He's alright.

I prefer him when he's not the main point of interest.

The album with the green dragonfly was the first one I meant. All of their titles were weird as shit.

I like him in pretty much everything I've seen him in.


Btw, woke up now.

the first album of theirs had a greed dragonfly on it. that album is good but it's definitely their weakest one.

Even Evan almighty?



it was cute and funny, I will not apologize for liking that movie.


Yeah, I bought Silent Earth 3 around its release and wanted their first one and yeah, it sucked.
That was when mp3 players were "new" and I put them on one that could hold like...30 songs.

about three months now and the only one has been you, cuck maybe grow a pair and try to come up with something real, or did smiles steal your ability to have balls? I guess if I had a egirlboyfriendcucker and they had a bigger set than me I'd become a little bitch like you too


Well, you're not choosing the movies on movie night.

It's genuinely hilarious to see you try this hard.
I'm terribly sorry for you, Eva.

the good old days. I remember my brother saving up for like over a year to get an ipod. it was one of the old ass black and white screen brick ones. not first gen but definitely the first gen with a real scroll wheel on it. it was a beast, and only had 20 gigs of storage and that was unheard of at the time.

would you want me to not be one?

I mean I wouldn't bother to watch it again, but I enjoyed it when I did watch it, geez.



wew this is the best you've got? call me another person's name and call me a try hard, what's next are you going to 360 no scope me?

not at all, that would be boring as fuck

ismpsons is trash

my taste is objectively good to me.


The trick is finding someone with equally bad taste.

that's what I thought.

plus it'd be pretty lame for me to be as lewd as I am yet to not want you to be lewd too

I had a...third gen? one at first. The one where there were no buttons but everything was just soft touch: a wheel and four buttons above it.
Then I got a click wheel one then a video and finally a classic.

maybe the idea of corrupting an innocent gets you off.

oh, damn they made that many gens? yeah my brother had the first one with the iconic wheel. my first ever ipod was a mini, 2 gig. I ended up really liking it so when it broke I got a classic and then another classic after that one broke and then I've just used my phone ever since the last classic was destroyed in the car accident.

no I don't want to spend time with someone who has bad taste that's GROSS

aw the cuck got cucked out of the argument too, how sad I guess I should ignore him like his ex boyfriend smiles too now it's only fitting

yeah it's fun but it'd be forced innocence and way too easy to corrupt

be nice

I didn't mean for me, I just meant maybe you like the idea in general!

am i nice grim

be rice


unfortunately I have to. and it's the worst.

I do but having fun with someone as lewd can be more fun in ways

Alcohol helps.

well I guess you would know you PERVERT

alcohol is literally the best thing


My last message from her was roughly 15 seconds ago but sure.
Getting cucked out of arguments is kind of your thing and I'd hate to steal it from you.

It is, yes.

Cheap alcohol is the worst.

4th gen, before the color. that was what my brother got.

not when you mix it.

wew is he ever on tilt

I would, slut


I guess.

They were awful but I was thankfully not the one buying them.
God bless smartphones and streaming making them worthless.

Its always grossed me out tbh

what a mean thing to say!

you wouldn't want to mix expensive stuff, that would be a waste. cheap alcohol literally exists to be mixed.

no fucking kidding.

Because of the jaundice?

Do you save every topic of someone being wrong.

I use middle shelf to mix, generally. Cheap stuff gives me headaches.


The show doesn't seem funny and the people who like it are dull and boring.

You were probably one of those faggots walking around with a tape deck Walkman.

Nah. He referenced like a few days later and I went back and capped it. All of my caps folder is random Google caps of either definitions or whatever.

shut up it is not trash

it's totally loving, don't be so silly

My haunter just puts them to sleep and then jams a nail in his head


It's funny for its time more so than it's current seasons or anything.
There wasn't really a show like it prior that had the type of social commentary.
You can dislike the show itself but it still was groundbreaking.

Or shit like this that's just funny.

I definitely go for stuff that is on the borderline of cheap and middle. about 20-30 bucks a bottle depending on what type of alcohol. vodka is generally cheaper than other kinds.

no, if you can believe it I actually used a minidisk player for a while. my dad gave me one and set up a thing to let me turn cds into minidisks. it was pretty cool except that mp3 players were like, already becoming a thing and were way smaller and better. still, it was fun.

mean is loving to me.

Truly an astounding battler

exactly my point, duh


I don't like anything clear unless it's mixed.

I don't always catch on to things fast


that's kind of what the clear liquors are for, yeah?

It might of been groundbreaking but its still garbage.

Nah, people still drink it straight.

I am so sorry.
Jesus, I'm sorry.

It's incredibly random shit that I can think of no logical reason I capped most of it.

This shit's old as fuck.

then he does this and eats a dream

weirdos do, yeah.

it's okay cups, you're still a cute pet

I know but the filename

bad tsuchi

I liked it just fine. I'm actually glad I grew up with stunted technology. makes me appreciate what I have now a lot more.

alright, gonna go see my third movie in three days. people really like taking me to the movies for some reason. back later.



have a good time, adorable

I save things with dumb names.

Don't stick your dick in the popcorn bucket.


how many of this do you want anyway?

I'm not gay but I fucked a trap

Traps are gay.

as many high quality ones as you can get

there shouldnt be too many rn

It told me it was a girl and it didn't have a penis anymore.

I'm not gay he was a catholic schoolgirl

I'll see how much I can manage then

I mean, you can make the case it's less gay but it's still gay.


Its not gay because they are a real girl.

yahhhhh I feel the same way

ooook I finished tootnbrush I will insert bed into me now nana


So, Cupcake.
His average level was 3-4 above mine.

And poke refresh affection is op.

jokes about the cuck

cups went to the movies

It's okay to be gay.


Hes not a CUCK he was fucking MAD SLUTS irl !


I bet, he's so BOSS he doesn't even need a LIFE

Nothing gay about liking girls.

I don't mind terribly much, I just figured he would be the only one who'd understand how much of a literal hero Goldfish was in that fight.

He ate literally 3 attacks that should have killed him.
In a row.

And that is why I won.

Image spoiler because one of my nicknames is technically a plot spoiler.

grats on your win!

If they have/had a dick, yeah, it's gay.

I am 100% undeserving of this win.
I used, like, 12-15 revives, and got so much rng luck.

You should watch this video and try to be more open minded.



a win is a win, rin. don't be silly!




Hes right you know.

Hey, I'm not complaining.
I'm still kind of...
Like, Goldfish took the same hit three fucking times in a row.
Like a hero.

Also, Hyper Training doesn't actually change anything.
I sets a flag that makes the game calculate your stats as if the IVs in question were maxed, but they stay what they were.
Meaning your Hidden Power won't change.

The shaved head is proof it's a real woman.

Yes hello

I heard that as well, that's really cool. Makes getting a good Hidden Power on a viable Pokemon waaaaaaaaay easier. I bred so many fucking Bulbasaur to get one with HP Fire, it was horrible

treat him well then, the cute little one did amazingly and deserves it

Are you saying women with cancer aren't real women?

Kill yourself

how are you doing bae?

The fact is has a penis is really what makes it a true woman, you bigot.

Not bad, not bad. You?

I agree.
Unfortunately it means that breeding passes down the old stats, but that's not actually a huge deal.

Since you're cutting out the stage where you're breeding for stats anyway.

He is a literal hero.

*breeding for perfect stats

I'm not a bigot.

With the Sun/Moon base stat changes, were any actually reduced or was it all just increases?

You blew those feminine penises in the name of heterosexuality, bro.

I'm alright enough, really excited to try pokemon out. is there anything I should know going in?

shall we erect a statue in his honor?

Way ahead of you.

But why?

Exactly, you just need to breed for HP. Soooooooooooo good

They just brought up a lot of shitty Pokemon, no drops from what I saw

Just know type matchups

It makes resetting for legendaries with good stats/nature so much quicker

But why do you need to carry really good stats when you can just beat the game and catch them all. Finding high stats and like a unnecessary thing just to extend game time

Don't nuzlocke blind.
Esp not with stupid rules like no non-held items in battle.

Some people like to play against other people in the game.

Oh, well I guess that night be a reason although everyone else will be doing the range thing and is just like a game where you give everyone both tier items and see who can hold it the longest.

Same thing *


Because you can play against other people online, nerd

I'm not a huge fan of Nuzlocke in general so

you're a good poke master rin, I'm proud of you

uuuuh liiiiike?

I knooooow

You're more of a nerd for knowing about Pokémon!

hey canadian DINKLEDONK do you live in ontario

That was the same as the XY base stat changes and I doubt they'd ever nerf anything, just raise everything else.

Come to think about it, wasn't sleep hit percentages the only thing that's ever been lowered?

It'd take too long to explain, just keep a type chart handy

Hey fuck you kid

I only ever enjoy it some times.

Mono-type runs are entertaining to try to do for me though.

The game tells you mostly, so it'll be quick to find out.
If you don't wanna fight other people in a highly competitive sense, then you probably won't have to worry too much more than that.

The game literally tells you.

Yeah, a lot of Pokemon still need love but it's a start. They lowered burn % damage from 12% per turn to 6% per turn, removed 10 accuracy from Thunder Wave and made it so it only halves your speed, not quarters it like it used to

I still want Flygon to not suck.


They gave it Dragon Dance this gen so... it's... not quite so sucky as before I guess?

grim, you around?

no, why do you ask bae?

can you show me where to find one, pleeease?

I wanna try to beat you and ytse and cups!


I'm going to bed now


I'm not gonna lie.
I hacked a Flygon in RSE to have it and just sweep with Earthquake but this was against friends and we knew any modifications we made.

How do I give my pikachu a hat?

thanks babe


I got that folder done, where would you like it?

has some questions about legal break allowances on 4, 5, and 8 hr shifts. I never take a break on a 5 hour shift, and apparently that's 'illegal' even though my work isn't unionized.

ye steam it

thanks in advance

Then it should be a decent Pokemon now

Goodnight, Rin.


It'll end up as mediocre at best but hey, better than nothing.

here you go bae

kay I'll hop on once mega uploads it and no problem it's kind of fun

With the nonsense that is Perfect Zygarde running around, it'll never see the light of day in the higher tiers unfortunately

Zygarde looks fucking retarded.

I read this, I'm just quite not understanding. By this definition anything more than 5 hours has to get a break, but anything under technically doesn't. This is what confuses me.

You're entitled a break and they can't force you to not take a break within your shift.

Okay, thank you. Sheesh. I got home and told my parents that I don't take a break on my five hour shifts and my mother fucking blew a gasket like "YOU HAVE TO! LOOK UP THE LAWS!" So I wanted to make sure so that she will stop.

It's a Megazord or whatever now

Thing is fucking broken tho, more than base 200 HP and fucking Thousand Arrows

Had leech life always had 80 power? ????????

It's the same thing in Australia. They can't make you work during your break.

Nah, it used to have 20 but they buffed the shit out of it

If they're forcing you to not take a break, then yeah, it's in violation.
If you're just not taking a break because it's a small shift and you don't want to, they're supposed to encourage but I doubt they care.

Kind of glad they never made a Pokemon Z.

Bugs seem stronger

yee sorry I'm not exactly the most educated in this department

Yeah, it's the later. I eat before I eat and it's only five hours- Technically 4 1/2 because I'm supposed to cash out at the :30 mark.
The entire arguement is stupid but thank you for explaining it to me, government websites are shit.

it is all g my madoka man

Yeah, X and Y weren't great. Glad they put the effort into Sun/Moon

They are, much stronger. 2 of the UBs are bug type

ub ?????



Urban Bingo

If a shift is under 5, then you're not even entitled to a break, according to your government's site.

glad you got some advice though


The UB just look retarded.

Just going to wait for after christmas when people start selling their 3dsxl's and pokemons for really cheap.

Will people still care by then?

I'm sure some people will still be playing but there will be a great handful of rich kids who didn't like their gifts and want to resell them.

I do not think they would bother reselling them if they are wealthy. They can keep it to collect dust.

Someone feels left out :(

I am too old for Pokemon. :c

It's alright I guess. Kind of in a bleh mood, how bout urself?

Point and laugh at the loser with no money

But not anime

Dragon Ball is forever.


Some, yes. Some always do. I see the same thing every January-March since all the new games will be coming out next year and some parents won't be willing to put out money towards games for non events. So they sell their useless stuff for aa average but sturdy price.

Finally getting my shit together and cooking rice.
Let's hope I don't fuck this up.

How is Holla Forums?

about the same, though it's not a horrid night so it helps out a little

hard to fuck up rice

I just had some now actually

To me it is

Is that a problem Darwin ?

Oh jeez, it's blizzarding here. I hate the snow. yucky

Well... err..
I do fuck up simple things Grim.
Dunno if I should add sweetcorn too.

Why would anyone do this?

you will be ok friendo

Wut? I said it is.

I never sold any of my games.

Because curry and potatoes.

Fucking britbongers and their obsession with curry

That could of been taken as a sarcastic remark.

Its hard to tell on the internet

It is chinese curry though.
Totally different.

Neither did I which results in me having a box full of old games. I don't know if I should just throw away the cases and keep the CDs or maybe keep them all at the cost of storage space.

At least when it gives them diarrhea, they at least use a toilet.

oh? well this winter might be annoying as fuck for you then


RIP designated shitting street.

pls no

The Bombay Bends are too severe. Soon the whole city will be brown.

I am hoping I'm wrong but it sure doesn't seem it

My obsession with curry is dwarfed by my obsession with THICC BUTTS

I know where this is going.


Already is.
Why no pictures anymore?

But do you like the proper T H I C C level or just fatties?

is kanra gonna add me on steam

He didn't reply o:

Depends how I feel



why is this gif so fucking funny

But I like Dragon Ball.

Throw them away.

I mean London, not Bombay.
It's already brown town.

Just don't really feel like expending the minimal effort to keep using the same one.

what is his id i'll contact him directly

"better not tell you now"

I don't know these things though


because the big show got showed



Oh. It was just dirty and grey/black when I went there. It's okay though, I'm ready for their wall to be announced any day.
That's some real laziness. Impressive.

[. . .]

Britain is an island, they don't need a wall to keep them out, just to shoot the boats full of curries, Pakis and Bangladeshis.

I forgot

That would be the most reasonable thing to do but what If maybe in the distant future I become nostalgic or they're worth more or I pass down to children?

Walls don't hurt. Also if I learned anything about immigration in 9th grade geography it's that the proper term for the aforementioned is 'boat people' which has somehow become offensive in Aussie land.

You want kids? They are going to look at you like you are fucking retarded if you give them obsolete crap.

Boat people are indoniggers and other underdeveloped Asian shitholes flocking to Australia to be kept in concentration camps "temporary holdings".

Maybe if I sold them, then I would be more willing to part with them however online auctions take time and aren't guaranteed and stores will offer less then what it should be.

What? I think that kids are generally very interested for at least like five minutes.

Close enough.

You are so sentimental.

They were taught to be nice.

I suppose, but I'd like to think I'll teach my children to be nice someday.

Well, obs.

Now that's the real disgusting thing.

Some items mean a lot to me. I feel like I'm throwing away pieces of my past. I don't trust myself to remember things forever on memories alone.

ples no be disgusting

Plus hungover.
More disgusting now.

What should I play? Sunless Sea or Plague Inc?


shit people in shit thread

Why? Most of the alola 'mons I've seen so far aren't terrible. The lion legendary one seems to be bugged, or a description is inaccurate, but other than that.



Alola mons?
I mean I'm just gonna get more horrible the longer I heal myself.


lol whatever man you're gay or something go lick some wieners

Go suck a Muslim's chode.


ayy grim, i got myself gone did got kicked out, leaving tomorrows

fuck man
it finally happened

tell the deets



no deets, i obvioysly got kicked out for no reasin, i din do duffin wrong


That's some scary specific fan-art. Like, why that npc?

Anyone got any audio for me whilst I play games?
Not music, more like background noise.
Plus my stomach and throat feels messed up.

Like your parents or what?



just play this at 10%.



I'm asking if your parents kicked you out or kicked out of what.

Drug related, no biggie

Kicked out of mom and her boyfriends house, theyre mad i'm not converting to islam

Become roomies with one of the other Swedes, not the underage pedo one.

nothing harder than ganja righ?

i'm moving into a two room apartment soon



I got to be in a cop car tonight.

Allah bless Sweden.


Did they finally arrest you for your crimes against humanity?

Dead headlight.

It wouldn't be humanity they were against.

But headlights are so easy to replace.

He would probably get electrocuted trying to do that.

Not always.
Some require you to remove the whole goddamn assembly.

Wow, that fucking sucks.
What a shitty thing to get pulled over for.
That's like getting pulled over for littering.

... do we count as hoomins?

I know nothing about cars.

Well he was nice. Helped me figure out where to go to update my license and everything.

Oh, well that's ok.
You know what I think?
He was coming off his shift and needed to kill time.

I do that in the toy store, talk to customers and recommend games so I don't get yanked off to a silly duty.

Gud välsigna

nothing bundt cakes

you can deer hunt with a truck.

I was thankful.
My tag expired so I got a small fine, but I'm not worried about it.

But how?

Even then, should be relatively simple. Maybe not on those ones with the pop-up headlights.


If there is a way, he will find it.

I mean if you leave the car running or something and touch everything while not being grounded, maybe. That'd be quite the feat.

Darwin's just a prick.
I haven't had a brush with death in ages.

That's cool.
I'm hungover so I may be a little mean.

Cars are expensive. ;w;

It's alright.

How many have you had though?

Well, I've tried to kill myself 3 times, was electrocuted once, almost drowned 4, almost ran over a few times, nearly impaled and crushed, burned, and nearly fell to my death 4 times now, and almost drank myself to death on a 5th of Vodka in 30 min the other day.

He is very dumb like that.

I feel like Dar~dar was pretty justified then.

I see that now.

Darwin isn't exactly my friend.

I am convinced that he is immortal.

How do I get rid of this mouldy throat feeling?
Milk? Coffee?

Confirmed, Okami is actually Dio


I feel like being immortal would be pretty horrifying.

No idea.

He is a prick and calls me stupid all the time.
It's why I dislike him now. So I take it he's biased.

Seems rather miserable.

I call you stupid because you are, not because I dislike you.

If you were not stupid, it would be obvious. :3

Fucking savage.

Yeah, it'd be horrible I think.

I'm going to be honest.
I just want you to leave me alone from now on.

Although it would be marginally better if you stopped aging past a certain point.

When Darwin and Squash broke up it cut me deep inside.....this was the only way I knew to escape the pain.....

Whar are those egg things on that knee? ._.

I just dislike how so many of my close friends honestly don't respect me much.
It's caused me so much insecurity.

I assumed that was a part of it. But yeah, I can't imagine keeping the will to live after a couple hundred years.

This is the petty fucking drama I come for.


Those are fingers...

I don't know you enough to say anything.

Remember me, OP?

It's petty from an outside perspective, but considering I don't have many real friends when I lose one here it hits pretty hard and when I get treated like shit I get depressed and I'm not exactly happy anymore. I honestly have considered just jumping off the deep end lately.


Oh thank god.

lol hi dusty

No, it's fucking petty as hell. And hilarious.

Do your homework faggot

I wonder how those vampire lolis manage in my Chinese cartoons.

I already apologized to him, but he keeps it going.


tfw I should actually do my Spanish hw

You'll notice I was not the one that started it.

No, I mean from before when I had apologized.

I feel so fucking ill right now, jesus.

You have done it many times.
I do not wish to continue it so I just would rather you and I not associate much.

Look at the kind of people I have to play with.

This will make you feel better





Maybe being a magical loli helps.
And you clearly have to apologize harder. Calling someone stupid is a grave offense punishable by death.


Elma, did you add me on FB?

I was playing Dota2 last night and had to learn Russian to explain 'I'm drunk, fuck off, speak a bit of English'

People are the worse.

Yes. I figured maybe it would be smoother to try and be friendly with you on a different platform.

You can ignore it if you'd like though.

You're taking classes?

I appreciate the gesture, but I politely decline.
I'm not comfortable having FB anymore as it.
I only use it to talk to my mother to save on texts.

people are bad and good


Well, not yet. I'm going for my bakery/business stuff and pharmacy tech stuff.

Alright then.

He does

My apologies if I have been crass with you lately.

I do not have any motivation to comply.

Well, you have to live as a female; that in itself is horrid.

Oh I member

No worries. I tend to instigate things :p

Then I shall simply cease interactions should it persist into something worse.

I have noticed. I have been trying not to take it the wrong way.


I can't imagine it, so I can't comment on that being better or worse. It does seem quite horrifying though.

/pat pats


How was your day and such?

I'm quitting drinking forever, fuck this gay earth. ;-;

Cupcake! 4 years man.

What the fuck ?

Not too bad. Roommate cooked me breakfast to cure my hangover, then we went to get some groceries and then we watched that Miss Perigine's Peculiar Children movie or whatever it's called.

hbu besides all this e-drama?

I know you will read everything anyway~

All right, I think he got bored. Back in a bit.

I'm moving tomorrow. I elected to take a day off and do that. I am considering a second job to fill my time as well.

I think I'll just filter you then.

not worth stopping.

no clue. Don't even know where to start in deciphering it.

You move a lot.

And work a lot too.

What's up with that?

Buh bye.

Spooky scary skelingtons

Not worth living either.

It's the only time I feel like I'm doing something with my life.
I don't have any real prospects and zero confidence in myself to learn a trade of any kind. As for moving I'm just lonely. I move to where I have friends and have to leave again for a myriad of reasons. I'm just trying to find where I am happy and able to be myself anymore.

Also be warned I will probably be somewhat sappy for a bit. I am not exactly happy anymore.

I will give you advice one of my old and now deceased friends gave me:

No matter how many times or how far away you move, you cannot run from yourself.

It gets better, Kyle.

I mean, it didn't get better for him I guess. But like. There's wisdom in that for sure.


I'm simply biding my time.
I have someone I am trying my best to be with down the road. I am hoping to find solace in being with him.

I dunno.

But for what? It seems like your goal is dependence on another.

Not dependence. I am wholly capable of taking care of myself. Just rather I want to be with someone. I don't like being alone. And he and I have grown fond of each other. Knowing that my hard work now will pay off and get me where I'm going keeps me in motion.

Then you should be happy!

It's complicated.
I have not been happy in a while.
I have been content mostly.

I feel like happy is a constant.
If that makes sense.

Happiness is not a constant whatsoever. Otherwise we wouldn't be miserable all the time trying to acquire it, silly.

If anything it's fleeting.
I'm sure I'll get there eventually. Hopefully this move brings me some joy.

Well you better start.

This is what we needed

this is what we wanted

this is good

Also I am generally less abrasive on Steam if you ever want to talk there, Elma.
Though if I'm in game then I won't be very responsive.

Make it happen. Hope leads to nothing but disappointment.

Brave 2 when?

hey hey, yeah long time. what's up? how'd you find me?

I never watched the first one.

I have been doing pretty well lately in terms of goal fulfillment.
It's simply the emotional things I lack.

I will keep that in mind. Though I only ever get on Steam if I play Binding of Isaac and then exit just as quickly.

That's the hard stuff...

only if you decipher this one for me

I am also working on getting the body I always wanted. I feel like it would be nice to be a bit bigger. Not fat though.

The best way to give birth to a new baby is to drop it on its head the second it comes out.

It was SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I imagine it's like bloodhounds following the stank.

Are you sure you didn't have a crush on the little red haired girl?

Mutual friends. Also your trip says "Cupcake", it helped. Things are good, far less "wet" hint hint. Sorted myself out. What about you, bud? Years it's been.

This world is too ratchet for me
I must leave
Where are the exits, pls?

wait libya is having infighting over a monkey? wew lad


oh nice, finally kicked that huh? I'm basically a full on alcoholic now myself. perhaps that revelation can give you some insight. I'd rather not talk about "how things are" if that's alright. at least not from my end.