Burd brain

burd brain.

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that just sounds like normal european life, honestly.


Continued excessive faggotry


that's the status quo around here.

i love u

tem skel

how upsetting.




A match made in heaven

I'll just be over here vomiting a whole bunch for a different, unrelated reason.

actually no not rly thats just what was in my heart in the moment

I don't belong here...an outcast from a group of outcasts...

everytime I see felix I just think of Nezi, is that bad?

still pretty upsetting.

no one belongs here, yet we come here all the same.

I don't know why that is, but I don't see why that would be bad.


I forgot.

I think i have a crush on nezi


how cute.




Killer clowns?

I regret beating the game.

if you let the music 4 tem skul play then it starts moaning "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

I wish I could.


among other things, yes.

I knew you would. why do you think I've been pacing myself?

oh, well that's cool.

get a grip

me too.


Not for any reason that pacing myself would have resolved.

oh? well that's interesting.

That's just silly.

reminder pokemon is for children and if u enjoy it u are a child

reminder that sci enjoys children. sexually.

like most things in europe, yes.

I enjoy it

tfw abused as a child and forever 6when 9/11 happened!!

I meant more like you.

did you get sun or moon?

I am a child, I agree.
Kill yourself sci

I was 12 when it happened.

don't be ridiculous. I'm the opposite of silly.

til: if I want sci to enjoy me sexually, I should play pokemon and enjoy it.

I just miss Lillie is all.


I love the pokemon movies

we all already knew you were a child based on a certain someone's interest in you.

i was jk... ^w^"""


never forget

1 like = 1 pray

You're utterly silly.

she'll always live on in your kokoro.

Sick meme

no. stop thinking everything is always about you. gosh.

jeez i didnt kno u were twice my age!


lol nice i did too

at a certain point it's not really a meme so much as a pattern.

you have no proof of this. slander will get you nowhere.

god damn u are old

You got me there.

thank goodness, too. means you have no interest in me.

yeah that's how age works.

who are you?

lol nice


You're very, very, very silly.


I will sue you for this defamation of character.

yuh it only makes sense

uh i would actually like to be w/ a girl whos a bit older than me

yo are you bald irl

oh, duh.

But why would they have to be mutually exclusive?

Depends on where.

I'm just way too old.

sure sci, sure.

my hair is thick, lush and nearly down to my waist.

they certainly don't have to be.

were you ever bald at one point?

I was born with hair, so I guess not.

But it's all true.

that will be for the cyber courts to decide.


i think it has to do w/ me having always needed an older sibling and not having one... :c

why the curiosity?

your tragic backstory has moved me to tears.


Who would believe a silly person?

I was telling bebop something about a pony poster. And I mistook you for him.

oh. alright.

I would never. which is why I know you are not to be trusted.

i love u again [hug]

le age is just a numbr

and there's the familiar taste of bile in my mouth again.

that's my favorite pick up line when I visit the local middle school.

Nobody's going to believe you.

why the hell not?!

pls e date me cupcake ;_ ; ill be good i swear

Because you're the silliest.

I really am going to vomit now.

i changed my mind




E-dating is degenerate

w/e ya big cheeseball

sci? i thought this was cuppers

It's all true, you're just trying to block that out of your mind.

so b it


you can tell it's me because it's a joke instead of legitimate weekday plans.

don't call me rude names. it's not polite.

my mind autofilters filthy lies like yours.

it was one of those "endearing names" dont sweat it

I don't want you to find me endearing.

It also lies to you, you're being delusional.

ah.. um

hi sd
bye sd

my mind only lies to me when it's for my own good.

when ur rly mean/dismissive like that it makes me love u more...

Hi Lenks.
Bye Lenks.

All the time?

nice try, but reverse psychology doesn't work on me.

it lies to me a lot. I vastly prefer that to it telling me the truth.

Do you happen to live inside a bubble?

im not trying anything thats how my heart reacts i wish it didnt

no. I'm living in a box.

living in a cardboard box.

I wish your heart would react by exploding.


Next you tell me that you've got your redacted in a box.

huh? no, this is bebop

laughed a little






oh shove it, dad

i agree :[

But why?

stop that.

I dunno, song lyrics just keep popping into my head.



I guess that happens to everyone every now and then.


Cup x Sci is pretty OTP tsun couple.

it happens to me a lot. I blame my dad.

but cupcake is a boy

I blame the radio.

I don't listen to the radio.

all we hear is, radio ga ga

So were all the other people you latched onto.

I'd rather be latched onto by a swamp's worth of mosquitoes and leeches.

You're his new Limes.

not blood chan !


I know limes, I do not know anyone's relation to limes in the context of this thread community. he contacted me during the period I was vanished and that was basically when we met.

I feel terribly sorry for you.
Honestly, you have my condolences.

Blood is a girl.
Sci made it so through he power of make believe.

zoe only liked me cuz i was underage :c



You missed his days of shitting in his own bed and pretending he was Holo the wolf irl.
Dude was just not right in the head.


seems to have gotten that out of his system.


Nobody likes you.


Not you, Cup.


who? dont be mean

no. it's true. I'll just go kys now

oh nvm

He was like the Sci before Sci.
His cousin Lemons was painfully normal so it was just weird.

Do a flip.

my heart likes u a little

Well, you know, video killed the radio star.

everything about this place is weird.

I wonder if Lime's has the same number.
I should try and text him.

And stream it.

knock it off.

see, now you're getting it!

I guess I'll just kill you on Sun/Moon.

There's a very few seemingly normal people and you just have to wonder what their major malfunction is to be here.

I have no idea, honestly.
I never really talked to him, just remember his more bizarre episodes.

if i do my heart rly will explode or so i think

you probably will, as I'm not going to put even the slightest bit of effort into building a proper team.

I'll build one team and be content.

You die tonight and wake up the main character of the last game you played.

Who are you?

How do I play this game without making my whole team ghost types?

I haven't seen a single ghost type I don't like

Phantump is cute as fuck but hes gonna be the same types as my owl

Mimiku is also needed and i already have a haunter


pokemon guy


Jesus Christ how horrifying.

that's way too much effort. I'll just use whatever six pokemon I feel like using at the time.

dragonborn. nice.

Put a vaporeon in your team.

next thing you know you'll start posting cute anime girls on the internet...OH SHIT

Time for work again.

good get out of here you filthy mutt.

last game i played is chess so good q

Don't die.

The Hunter.
I'm okay with this as long as I get three umbilical cords.

Posting cute anime girls on the internet isn't normal, but on Holla Forums it is.
Holla Forums, not even once.

why do u like that pos and not me ;_ ;

this place is truly the worst.

crawl into a pit and die in your own filth.


run a razor blade over your skin in progressively deeper strokes please.

Probably because he only molests dogs, not children.

Everyone ends up here sooner or later, this is the purgatory after all, no?

certainly doesn't hurt.

I was just musing about that, since I'm playing Pokemon Sun right now.
Guess I better get used to my giant sun kitten.

Enjoy your gorss scayl lizards.



that's as good an explanation for this place as any I can think of.

I whill. I whill enjoy it.

ive been so nice to u... :c ur a real jerk

i never molested anyone

i think my external broke somehow
it won't connect to the laptop
so i lost all my folders again
I just can't win

There goes a good arm and eye.

Isn't it fun though?

I wu-hill enjoy watching with my superior fantasy technology.

please throw yourself off the nearest tall building you can find thanks.

well that's a big pile of suck. maybe you should invest in dropbox paid version and get like a billion gigawats of storage or something.

fun is a buzzword and I'll thank you to stop using it.

yeah you would you freakin' nerd.

dont worry i wont give up on u so easily...

No fun allowed?

I want a red gyarados

please give up because life has certainly given up on you.

fun is strictly forbidden.


I have a Zoid wanna-be as a pet.

thank you.

I want a pet burd.

not a chance

i am very upset
i might know how to fix it but i gotta spend some money

Yeah yeah

That's horrible.

No you don't, they're loud and annoying.

like sjws :^)

spending money is literally the worst

not a bird. a burd.

everything here is horrible.


hey cupbae

who is the main character of starcraft tbh

hello spoilers. sleep well?

I guess I am horrible then.

well don't go feeling too special, we all are.

Probably Kerrigan or Raynor, tbh.

pet kitties are way better

not really but at least I have this week off, how are you doing?

That hurt my feelerinos.

Are you still playing?

So is losing all my shit
i literally just got done with ichigo mashimaro the other day

I have one of those.

same as always. didn't get much sleep last night, feeling tired but don't want to go to bed at 6pm.

feelings are for fags anyway.

true. hopefully it's not too expensive. lots of time and effort went into those...sorry neko. really sucks.

well we can go do other things on the bed instead

not like that

it's truly a pain

cupcake u should not be so negative

pomf =3

well I hope you can recover everything.

That's like telling me not to drink.

not right now no

oh I see

But feelings are nice.

you should go swallow a gallon of molten lead.

i still have my favorites uploaded
I'm getting one now for the time being

strongly disagree.


exacty! things like this image

alright, good. and of course I'll give you this papi folder when I finish capping. I did episode 5 today.

that looks like a good starting point.

more mavis pls

u shouldnt drink! at least not too much

i have a good feeling about this relationship

I believe that depends on the feelings though.

how many left?

I got a feebas

and $15 from a facebook class action lawsuit

its lit

well that'd not quite be the starting point but there's so much to do

you have great taste neko

tell me how to contact kanra

I have a good feeling about the idea of you being tied to a rock and tossed in the ocean.

the whole lot of them are horrid.

seven. I do one a day usually.

I can convey a message for you

that's so indecent!

There are good ones, if you look deep enough into your kokoro.

she is lovely
i love her design

7 more days


that no longer exists inside me.

I just found out that I was so exhausted when I got home at 15:30 that I forgot my keys in the door.

It's 19:50 now.

Now you're just being silly again.


Yo, you seem pretty good at collecting good pics
if you know what I mean

could you find me some quality Tsareena?

will do

seems dangerous


yes, that is how math works

die in a fire.

thank goodness you live in canada where locks are superfluous in the first place.

I would never.

is it? all the more fun to do to cups!

that she is, they did a grand job making her for those movies

that is too long :c

I imagine someone would just knock gently on his door and announce the key is still in it and apologize for even disturbing him to tell him such.

I would be nervous to stick my dick in a vampire's mouth tbh

I might do more if I feel like it. but you'll just have to be patient.

sure might take a bit but I can give it a shot

thanks grim ur the best!

u know i have a much greater capacity for love than u do for hate, u cant possibly win

"oh hey there I couldn't help but notice you left your key in the door there, eh? sorry to be a bother you have a good day now, eh?"

I know you're a borderline psychopath with delusions and mental instability to spare.

this comics pretty lewd tho

i have no idea what's going on


moved on from gardy already huh? you pervert.

theres nothing wrong with me mentally

if you keep being a brat you won't get the folder at all.


it's okay they got her all boozed up somehow first

she wanted to party, they gave her some booze apparently meant to geet people horny somehow

there's those delusions.

this is a wonderful webm

oh thank goodness, now it's all consensual.

Why do you lie to me so?

I would never!

You're a wonderful webm

tsareena isn't even that appealing you weirdo.

"I got some heroin if you want to go to the government clinic then Tim Horton's with me, eh?"

very consensual, obviously

ur a goofball

And again.

you're right they do really love their heroin up in canada LOL

which is good because that's the only way I like it. affirmative consent at every stage or else I just can't stay hard.

3 words


you're a pedophile.

what do you want from me?!

she evolves when she learns how to stomp your balls

Especially Toronto's mayor.

how mean!

oh my


ha, I remember that. that dude was the best. they should have made him the PM

guess you'd better behave then.

:100: :okay_hand:

That's the best part, I don't know.

:fire: :fire: :fire: :joy:

Don't tease the small Neko.

i can try

youre incredible


but he likes it.

how cruel.

for your sake I hope so.

you're abhorrent.

I honestly just think of Canada as Trailer Park Boys now.

I fucking love that show

How cruel.

you have to be cruel to be kind.

you best consent at every stage, by making muffled noises against the gag

mhm, magical booze is the best booze

my nigga

hey it's the e cuck :^)

It would be pretty crazy if I knew.


I'll do my best!

there's no need to start something up...

youll come around

I'm not into the whole stomp part but I'm into taming a bratty Tsareena~

what would be so crazy about that?

I'd sooner put a bullet in my head.

you are a degenerate.

this stuff sounds great
I would like some magical booze


Nah, I know plenty who are kind who aren't cruel.

I'm cruel without kindness. Grey areas and whatnot.


I can kind of see Rin's shed being the set of an episode.

Whoa, whoa. Watch the n-bombs.

Because I never really know.

Oh hey, it's Eva.

cruel kindness drew me near and held me close.

you almost expect bubbles to pop out of it with an army of kittens in a shopping cart or something.

same. knowing things is for dorks.

we'll see

it's really easy all it takes is a firm smack to the ass, out comes muffled noises. perfectly fair

don't we all lol

wew such a grand retort, it almost not at all makes up for smiles cucking the fuck out of you online

That's a queer name for a guy.

a basic action/reaction scenario, yeah

it's lyrics you dip.

Takes way too much effort to know things.

I put a lot of time and energy into avoiding effort at all costs.

No wonder it was so gay.

That takes some effort.

We now know Rin's true calling.

I think you should probably get out more and stop flirting endlessly with Cupcake if you think something online has any meaning.

ye that is what it was

tell what?

I mean, it's mostly Queen he quotes so it's literally gay.


flirting is perfectly fine, e dating is fine too if you are so inclined. however you got cucked, the guy that acts better than everyone online :^)

I tryyyyy but so much to do and so sleepy right now

this screencap still makes me laugh

no you shh.

I feel like she'd make a fine addition to the show.

is the artist on this one "incase?"


not true. I quote a wide variety of things.'

I'm not watching this long ass webm you fag.


I understand.

Naturally. Bamboo says the silliest shit.


he's so fucking adorable I don't know how he does it

very well.

no, it's sinner or silly girl whichever of the two names they like to go by

I'll repeat myself here: if you think something online with a person means anything, you should probably get out more and make real friends.

Because he's 120 pounds soaking wet and unironically wears nurses scrubs "Because they fit better"

It's mostly Queen.

you, mr so much better than everyone here, got cucked by an athiest dude pretending to be a catholic schoolgirl. there is nothing sadder

looks a lot like incase's artwork. but then I've seen a few other artists with a similar feel...

well isn't he a nurse? I thought the scrubs were unisex.



Womans scrubs have an extra pocket, plus are pink/floral pattern.

they also did the mercy art I showed you before


goodness. what a fag. I always knew he was a total sissy.

maybe incase works for sinnercomics?

it's worth it

I sincerely doubt it. but I guess I'll never know.

More ammo to assault him with.

was the game as awful as it felt playing it if you even managed to get past the first 10 minyoots

it's almost like he gives that out intentionally because he likes to be bullied or something.

Everything about that statement is wrong which I'm guessing you got from one of the people that was perpetually pissed off at them for being rejected.

Fuck you, I'm lazy.
I'm not going to just go look through the catalog to see which songs are in the OPs you made.

if you're talking about thread ops then coheed and cambria lyrics has to be the winner by a mile.

Female scrubs have a tie around the stomach to make them look slimmer, too.

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He enjoys relentless bullying like you enjoy receiving 'hmmms'