Did i do this right

did i do this right

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The left always have claimed moral high-ground, despite playing endless identity politics and propagating lies and falsehoods and myths.
The right does shitty stuff too, but not to the same extent.
Trump is what they got for calling 1/2 of america racist sexist bigoted homophones who only have things because they are white or born into it instead of on their own merit.


i did it!!!!!!!!

What a shit thread.

About who ?


It's like people from 4chan like to gossip.


do that to me bard

here's a post, ooble

yah you on the right me on the left

mhm it's sad as fuck

gotta love politics

i am iowa chan

Is it snowing where you live?

It's alright, I'm going to have to suffer a lot of it come Thursday on thanksgiving. I was already told to hide my MAGA hat because it triggers people including my parents.

B-but i don't eat ass




fucking gross

it did some

lol good luck with that, sounds like it'll be a bit of a mess

cyan is perfect

Send some this way please!

It'll be fine, I will just pretend I am devastated by a woman not winning only due to sexism and the media rigging it for trump.

but but.... it'd be water by the time it arrived

best way to avoid the shit storm. heck some woman yelled at her like 8 year old son for voting trump in some mock election their class had. made him pack his shit up and go outside with a sign saying he was kicked out for voting trump at school. it's like wtf people

I live in a nest of leftism with family who all live off of the democratic kool-aid.
I should go back to my family in Texas.
Except for Texas sucks so no.



tabletop is fun



it does seem like it sucks at times but it can't be too horrible in texas

bard buy it so i can love u and play board games with u

Mostly it is a problem that it is too hot and gets no rain.
I love rain and hate the heat.


its just a physics sandbox with every board game ever made for free after the 20 dollar price for the game

is fun

Hell yea

what games do you play onit?

i mostly play monopoly and chess and pokemon master trainer and uno and stuff but it has infinite number of games


that is a fair reason not to like it then lol

I can hide from the liberals by staying in my room forever, but the heat is inescapable.

liberals are AWFUL

politics are awful


damn erin lookin like she could use some cock ; o

Your back's against the wall...



For some reason I was expecting him to just break into RULES OF NATURE

With the strength of a will and a cause

goodnight guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





nighty night oobley





invisble post

How are you?


I'm alright. Just playing some osrs for nostalgia boner and watching animes

it still says it's posting yet it's already posted and without the file.


reconstruct the webpage freshly by pressing Shift+F5

Listening to breaking benjamin and three days grace while stealing from peoples pockets in pink robes. This is the nostalgia boner I wanted, and didn't deserve.

What level are you?

OH MY GOD RAYMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52, I'm working on my range/granite maul pure.

in Rs3 i'm 95+combat at like level 135.

Am I in trouble



I think last I played years ago I was 120 something.

Also I wasn't allowed to use my mum's credit card to be a member.

cute kittens!

I just got my shit pushed in.

I started playing back in like late runescape classic days. Been sorta off and on for years since then.

My last log in before I started playing a few days ago was 897 days ago.

My dad wouldn't pay for my membership ever because he thought games would rot my brain out.



He didn't know about the drugs...

Doesn't sound very.

You're the one that owns REAL dildos!


I told you I don't!

I know you lied to me.

About having them or about not having them?


So which one is true?

You tell me.

I can't see past your deceit like I used too

nah he knew I got into that shit. luckily I have supportive family and I don't do that stuffs anymore, yay.

Smoke and mirrors my friend.

Weren't you talking about how demons are real and you saw them while you were tripping a few months ago? And there was the time you went out to collect all those shrooms.

so you have the kind that sticks to a mirror?

Thats pretty straight

gods not real

learn science




Demons are real though. And I collect mushrooms for fun, or possibly sell them if they are edible or psychedelic




It can't be proven with modern science but who is to say that modern science isn't one of satan's age old lies? Which according to the book of satanism it is because they teach astrology and science.

Metaphorical demons, sure but no. magic and demons and all that jazz does not exist. Just open up your daily newspaper.

I beleive in jazz



This just in!

Demons don't exist and faith/religion are all fallacies brought on to deceive you from not believing that everything started from nothing!

Don't forget those jazz hands, Bard.

Do u even Kabbalah

maybe one day someone will notice me...

Nothingness is the highest reward of some religions, mostly eastern. In Christianity nothigness is dwelling in the lake of fire for eternity, or second death. Sure if you don't want to move on to a higher plane go ahead and cease to exist for all I care.


why haven't they possessed anyone since the invention of cell phone cameras? cause I'm imagining we'd have legit proven real videos of them by now in vertical shit view of course





Because it isn't something that surfaces itself for the world to see as it is very individualistic in nature. They don't want to be found out as they seek to prey or leech on weakness/fear. Only people who have experienced them can say this or that about it being real and we can't prove jack shit to someone who has no faith or constantly questions/doubts anything that isn't science or their belief system.



This seems unlikely.

The burden of proof always falls on whoever is making the batshit crazy claims.


Hey do you know if Blood-chan fucked off of the internet like she said she would? I've had her blocked.

gonna toss this out there but what is more fear inducing? some bitch that kicks loners in remote corners of buttfuckistan that can't fight back or get support? or the "demon" that possesses some reporter on live television and snaps their spine in multiple directions while doing a monologue about all their evil plans? to be fair neither is really spoopy but the point stands, it would create more fear and weakness from being none so because of this I am damn sure such things do not exist

how can someone prove their faith?

when I say demons exist I don't expect to prove anything. It is just me making a statement based on my beliefs.

I honestly don't give a dang hoot

wow I messed up the one part a bit
more fear and weakness from being known*

When the moon
hits your eye
like a hot
pizza pie
that's amore

I can believe the moon is a opening to Jesus' asshole but that doesn't make it true just because I believe it.

When you swim
in the creek
and an eel
bites your cheek
that's a moray


why? :c

When you do to many drugs and now you think you've gone to hell and seen demons

Keep reassuring yourself that, because it wont matter in the end for you right?

I'll continue to believe they do exist and live a non judgmental lifestyle. Why do people constantly bash the believer? Does it get a rise out of you?

How about all the proof linking mushrooms to religion?

Has it happened to you? Have you had auditory hallucinations whispering lucifer in your ear while seeing complete pattern grids of skeletons and shit for hours? I hate to admit it was kinda fun at the time.

I like playing with other people who all would rather not play with you, so I would end up playing with one person who doesn't even talk.

Not really my idea of a good time.

One is a fungus.
One is an abstract concept thought up to give people answers.

They are in no way shape or form related.

the face when that whore smiles ruined the possibility of their ever being a religious person being taken seriously here ever again


when will you ever have time for me?

it's not bashing it's called reality, you were doing drugs and for some reason believe the hallucinations your brain made were demons. if they were? they were literally and only your demons, a simple brain related thing

Don't try to guilt me.

linking mushrooms to peoples beliefs in religion and the origins of santa and whatnot.


What the fuck has this conversation even become

why arent you able to answer me clearly?

Apparently cumulative development isn't a thing and everything is just magical drug use.

Creeks are for hopping on rocks to take shortcuts.

Testing, just let it happen.


I think I saw someone posting that she actually did it but it's probably only a matter of time until she comes back.

She just needs to fully embrace the Great Whore as her true deity.

I already did. I said it's not likely we'll play games together because it would be boring to play with just you. And then I said don't try to guilt me into changing my mind on that.

Clear. As. Fucking. Crystal.

If they are only mine I guess others who believe and experienced the same things without being on drugs are all crazy too then.

I have friends who Ive had experiences with.

I live in a very old active house made in the 1950's. This chimney here goes to nowhere and runs through my room. The black crosses were already there when I moved in. I believe some very dark shit happened in this house and have witnessed a lot of shit not on the influence of drugs or even before I ever started doing drugs. I don't have a screw loose.

So if math is the lagunage of the uni vers

and the devel is the master of sinces

Math = devels language ?

Holy shit.

all i asked was, when will you have time for me.
there's no need to overcomplicate things... :|



Holy shit, somebody drew on your chimney.

How fucking magical.

You're retarded.

somebody drew schitzo black crosses on my 60+ year old chimney?

I can do the same thing with a sharpie

You warned us, Moogs, you warned us.

or when you or said friends were on drugs, maybe one of you drew it all.you sese it's hard to claim you know thee reality of something when your reality was a mess. after that? it's simple mass hysteria



You can draw black paint with a sharpie?

He broke my laptop my desktop and my phone all in the same month


why must some people be so difficult.

all i wanna do is play games with freinds..

is such a simple request so hard to do?



I am literally Satan now.

what i do

isn't ui the one that housed mental traps? if that's the case I wonder why it's instantly paranormal that someone drew satanic shit


yey mugen is here!

I was just remembering your comments from a few days ago about it coming back.


oh lol

danger is my middle name

A paint brush wont make it harder

sleepy again? ;~;

It isn't instantly paranormal. It is paranormal with all of the experiences that i've had here in this house which I can't prove anything of.

This is why I don't even want to talk about anything of the nature here. It is all just doubting or people being assholes. Just because you don't believe something doesn't mean it has to be a game of 20 questions or looking down on someone for their beliefs. I'm fucking done discussing any of it.

This is what happens when the patients run the asylum.

just mainly focused on youtube

get a fucking life you bullies.

well I try

u learned well

Now can you answer my question about Blood-chan? Pretty sure you had her added and talked to her frequently. :3

questions; have you had anyone come in to check the house for specific problems? shadows noises and so on can all be caused by very simple building choices. how much drugs have you done? at a point I would assume consistent usage causes permanent hallucinations of the audible and visual levels, essentially brain damage

me too~ ♥
chewing thorugh my 100+ subscritions i missed out on.



i had a ghost in my house too

it'd fondle my balls and pull on my nipples

Sorry for bringing it up

Call the wambulance.


Then I realized it was my own hand.
But it was my hand haunted by a spooky ghost.


The back of my fridge was leaking water the other day.

Satan had cut a hole in the water hose.



I remember my first haunting, it was even recorded!

What was the question?

Then I've probably had drain bramage since I was a young child because I have had experiences like it since I was younger and so have countless others.

Just blame everything on drug use right? I tested out of most of my proprietary college courses by the way, so if it is claimed that drug use gave me any damage wouldn't my memory or other functions be affected too? Why did I do so well in school even though I did tons of brain damaging cathinones and research chemicals?

Its ok, just annoying that people can't let other people think differently about things. It's like Nazi germany.

Sometimes one has to be bold and brash.

one time I shoved something up my ass and it made my pee pee tickle

is my ass haunted ?

that pic is adorable



Did the ice melt?

You may have the fires of hell in your butt.

Your ass is a hot spot stomping ground for spooks yea

as a child it was called your imagination, not brain damage. this is what it is now though en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallucinogen_persisting_perception_disorder


If we're all on the same page about some things progress can be made, imo.

You did it wrong

You're supposed to not link.

I can confirm hell is inside my ass

How do I stop it ?



It was supposed to be this pic but I'm laughing too hard right now.

again. You just claim it is a hallucination when there is a majority of people on this planet who believe that spirits or whatever fuck else exist.


everyone can believe that I cum hundred dollar bills, that does not make it true

Save more dumbass reaction images for me to steal from your folder.

It's called the money shot for a reason, baka.


tell that to porn cause I've yet to see dollar bills get shot all over a chick's face in the climax, not to mention the paper cuts when someone cums inside. the point is everyone at some point believes in something or other for whatever reason, we are allowed that. however reality is not based on opinion and belief, it's based on fact and all the boring stuff that does not change

Ui really needs to work on the skill of saying "EAT MY ASS!!!!!!!!" and moving on.

fucking kill yourself

I eat ass

Why does one have to bring logic into everything? It just makes one seem like a pretentious prick in real life. It's like having the most stale bland emotional slate possible. Like a buzzkillington talking about bridges in a bar full of people having fun.

tru, I'll use eat my shorts instead ot be more politically correct.

just keep your fantasy a fantasy

it doesn't make you a pretentious prick to bring reality into a conversation about reality




I'm just talking about in general, not only this conversation.

I'm pretty sure this was all about your issues with your persisting hallucinations that you believe are really demons not any other conversation but I guess the demons just stole the convo from us

Ray, shut up and kiss me.

I ended that a while ago.

I said I was done talking about it.



deciding what to post is so hard

Simply post everything

yeah them demons there

all my images into a single webm 60 fps

Ya caught me. I'm actually an impostor.

post it all? ♥

At extremely FAST SPEEDS





you're cute as heck

"I've seen every episode of Seinfeld"

Ihaev stuff to do to oday though so ithas to wati for like later this week

He's a literal anime.




Nani ?

same here

the sun is a mass of incandescant gas
a gigantic nuclear furnace

I've seen every episode of friends.

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gonna rename this picture

leave goggles alone. Goggles doesn't stink or nothing like that!

Goggles is nice and good

What do I do with these ?

Seinfeld is one of my favorite anime.

So all jews should be sent into the sun?


Goggles stinks

I smelled his butt

pushing daisies






hey there I'm daisies




Neru what do you think of Bart's plan of sending the jews into the sun?

make a wish on that star?

So mean, bard.

You never answered my question

you would have to make it like bicycle powered and put pennies on sticks in front of the bicycle because of how much energy it requires tbh

You love it
now gimme some suga gurl


neru pls love me!

to be fair as a kid I did think that was a thing, too much disney and the like. I blame my older sister

I tryyy


I did; I directed you to the post I was talking about for the second time after that and then gave up.


How about some Mister Donut?

Also Neru only loves me and no one else.

oh you did.

Blood-chan hasn't spoke to me in a while. I haven't been around much lately as i've been doing real life things.

clearly it can be disproven with hard scientifical facts, right? how dumb kids are. We should poit at them and laugh.

not really, kids are more than allowed to live in their fantasy. that would be most of the reason why a lot of adults then say they wish they were a child again, when it was easier this is never going to go your way, you believe in demons and aren't a child so just stop trying

no neru loves ME


are you paying?


B-But Neru loves me too. ;_;

You can't even tell when I'm just messing around.

*shares tasty pastrys with my love neru*
u r awesum


It's all just pretending leading up to a massive bait that keeps on hooking.

No its ONLY ME

Shut up, I hate you.

I know what is going to be said next too.

Not if i Hate yiou more hmph!!

tbh fam it's hard to tell when you act this way seriously at other times


Sure why not.

I was just wondering if she's even been online, since she said for months that she'd quit the internet forever after the election, and some dumbass named Squidge was here recently wondering where she want.

That's the thing. I'm never serious, even if I come off that way. I even state I don't give a shit about anything here quite frequently.


what is her steam name?

a date it is then ~ `~

that's not what it ends up coming off as most of the time, I'm also not the only one in the boat that thinks this. you'd probably do yourself a favor just to chill it out a fraction

Ikarous, last I checked


A date!? I never agreed to this!

[x] doubt

then expect most people to have trouble seeing you as anything different



not on my list, must have changed the name

Like I said I don't care.

I really only care about the people who aren't those people anyway. This isn't real life and I won't ever treat it that way. It is why i escape here in the first place to be unfiltered.



dang I remember that day

I miss that guy

same here
last i talked to him was lsat halloween

whatever you say

motorcycle accident?

gypsy was a cunt and had zero redeeming qualities.

Those images he posted were okay.

I mix up johnny and gypsy a bit tbh


I don't know who Gypsy is.

Gypsy gave me a free mac

Weird dude.
Weirder than me.
Very cool though.

That image killed me

Do I have some redeeming qualities?

VERY weird then


I do not remember anything other than the images.

magic is a useful skill.

for the longest time i thought they were the same dude

Big dick.


I got so many of these

Yeah, and I think Johnny is legit schitz.
Since they left, I had to double down on the crazy just to fill the void.

your penis is huge

Then what are the images?

The Johnny flower guy ?

Something is probably wrong with his brain.

Go on...


Charlie Immer paintings, I think.

He spent his childhood catching serpents that lie within mirrors so he could sell them on and pay the internet bill.

Angry mirror snakes.

wanna tie up megumin and tickle her until she starts crying

why stop there?

Thats just like adult adventure time.


I do not see the similarity, but I have hardly watched that.

Wanna make outlandish, batshit insane lies about posters because I;m stressed as fuck being here at my mum;s

make them up about someone who isn't even here. Then we can all go along with it later.

speaking about that did you hear about Rins disgusting club foot?


Me too but the art style is similar in some ways.

Like everything looks like its made of candy

Yeah, he had to get it straightened with a block of wood, since couldn't afford healthcare

Was walking with wooden blocks for sandals everyday.

Erin has a cage built under her bed.

That sounds terrible.

I prefer salt, cause i'm salty asf.

who is innit?

how are some people tickle and some people not



i'm a little embarassed to admit it
but I've always wanted erin to lock me up in the cage under her bed and spit on me


next she'll claim she wasn't asking for it in court.

who si in the cage under her bed?


Saved for a very special person.

Maybe a little asian person, I dunno


Eurobeat tho

Bard... no.







It's getting near that time guys. Are you getting excited? fuggggggg XDDD :^)

it's like everybody wants me to not havea good time ;~:


I wanna drink myself half to death and stick my dick in a big bowl of pudding, but sometimes niggas gotta hold you back cuz you ain't got no chill

Well.. I mean.. I dunno. If you really want that. Why would I stop you.

tbh you want cages in the basement not under your bed

please see

i'd like it better if it was you > // /

Actually I don't care.

Eurobeat does make me restless.

well i do

In some places, there aren't a lot of basements. Places where they have earthquakes and stuff.

and stuff.

No Cis November
No Jew January
No Muslim March

How many times do I have to tell you? Do not say, "and stuff." Just say, "There are whores here."

What is it that you care about?

no nigger november*



and stuffs

aaa I see


I care about Bard.

england and russia down
America is the only hostile nation left and then I can live with france the arabs the persioans and the mongols in peace


Well now. I wasn't expecting such news.



pick one

it's cool they fear my massive and powrful army

and stuffs is one of my favourite words and stuffs

You're dead to me.

and stuffs ♥


I know. I have to use it when I pretend to be you in other places. Nana~

aha nanas =w=







Gonna get it anyway though.


R U N N I N G I N T H E 9 0 S


Is it still rape if she pins you down and does her thing while you scream NO

fully erect. I'vegottagodosomething

i'd be screaming yes


sad panda



*Curb your enthusiasm theme*




tbh I like jarjar he is kyoot

what did she mean by this?

Whoa thats kicking wizard brah

I'm indifferent to Jarjar

CNN isn't bias

everything they say is 100% true

they just put a slant on it

Trump one the election because the russians hacked the election


Hillary has worked SUPER HARD for everything shes ever won!

I'm with her !

By the way don't open this post

You can only know what's in that email if CNN reads it to you


I'm not gonna reply to your redneck bible tumping posts.



I'll thump a bible with a FLAMING TORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tfw her slogan is all about her rather than america

Server me or be crushed by my army of fembots.

*puffs weed vape*

"i'm really feeling the bern man"

That's because she's an obvious sociopath

Find me the Devils bible... writtin by that guy who sold his sole to write it all in one go.

Jews invented christianity

Neru knows all about the jews



i wanna finish watching this season of jojo soon.

vote for Hillary or you're a bad hombre


Heres a nice and cute song for u :)

Fucking white-lash ruining my black america


i dont like metal

Is something wrong with your hearing devices?

Ban needs to be rounded up with the other liberals and forced to help build the WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




you're on the left and i'm on the right



One time this Green Party bitch came to my college because she was supposed to give a speech about leadership because she's some sort of leader but all she did was talk about racism and stuff and I forever hated the Green Party after that

Her name was Rosa Clemente and I'm glad she's been suffering after the election


Do I want to watch this Hentai

I wanna touch Cyans butt

my face right now at the moment

yes you should


model a fake butt out of 20kg latex

i wanna tug on her curls

How do I make a butt of latex ?

*touches butt*

She probably spends a lot of time on it
that would be rude

stop that

no ideaaa


*doesn't stop and touches ruffly*



she was always a slut and if you ever thought different then you were either new or delusional

it hurt

I wanted to

I need to pat cat.

I could smell her sin but I didn't have proof

instinct alone is all the proof a man should need
i honestly don't understand how somebody can think they were the only side nigga when they new they were doing that shit. i guess when i read that "cucks are on the rise" on facebook earlier it was true

also i want some ping pong pizaz

Yeah I learn again and again that I should just listen to instinct and faggots who talk about logic and evidence can eat my ASS!!!!!!!!!!1

Is this your way of saying you're a pedo


but it's gay!

do it then

l8er m8

Are you saying gay is wrong ?

Gay is okay !

brb im gonna stuff my face with food

no it's immoral and wrong

oh let me join

when it kicks in and saves your life you'll prob use it over everything else, even if it seems wrong
what ever do you mean?

you okay?

Is the cuck who posted that stuff about Smiles cheating still alive, by the way? Last time he was here he implied he was going to kill himself but that was probably bullshit

I know some people here know him from other boards

No means yes and yes means yes.

i hope usui is dead


you need to be taught not to rape

what makes you ask

The Holla Forums allegations involving that place are about babies and toddlers and stuff; I haven't even seen evidence of girls older than like ten being involved

You FUCKING PEDO!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS BAN THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess you haven't seen him, then.

The one who made a bunch of drama about Smiles cheating.

thank god for that

I'm white and a male so I can't help it.

I never saw any of this, what is this crazy talk

i bet you have a small dick
you could rape an ant and they wouldn't even feel it

he's fine

idk, just felt like a thing i should do

wait really? yeah, fuck those guys then. they can all burn

Its like a large clit that just happens to be in the shape of a penis.


How're you? ^^

Also you should post Kuroneko from OreImo

You never even heard about it? I guess you were gone that month, lol

Haven't you seen the weird pictures from their Instagram like "German baby for sale" that Holla Forums posted? Lol

Don't ever feel obliged to interact with me

give me dem deets

And my ass is haunted.

Tell me about your cat girl life.

nah, all i saw was them doing weird shit like putting pizza on their dicks and talking about killing people lol


some cuck came in thread trying to warn tsuchi saying smiles was cheating on him, only tsuchi knew and he was fucking sluts irl and all smiles was doing was cybering niggas lmao

I've planned to post her since the beginning pmuch i just never got around to it

i lay around and watch animu and play vidya all day

gilgamesh was actually e dating smiles? wew lad

What happens if someone yanks your tail ?

it comes out

Weird, I didn't see such things

He showed up and posted caps of Smiles cybering him at Tsuchi (since she and Tsuchi were e-dating) and Smiles hasn't posted since then. She's pretty bad at cybering by the way

You should start :3

I have a small folder already
just no caps

I miss what.cd fukkkkkkk

yeah. they both seemed to sort of latch onto each other in thread but her more than him ironically.
oh also the cuck posted chat logs like it mattered. it was funny because he got turned down and was told "you just don't turn me on :|" when he asked why she didn't like him lmao
the guy should have realized what was going onoh wait he did and said this has happened like 7 times now

thinking about it, thats why they were freaking out about the specifically child sized coffins. huh..
also a torture/refrigeration room
i naturally find things about death it seems


oh my god this is real, that guy that acts like he is above everyone here was e dating some dude? and he got cucked? WEW

*pulls fluffy tail*

wait Bard is it you or Sci who like wu tang clan?

anybody who acts that way is usually doing it because lack of confidence irl or some other problems closely related

it's actually a plug

Neru has a program that autocaps anime but then of course you'd have to sift through what it produces to find the ones of her

Or does this mean the program is no more?

I guess I just naturally saw the stuff Holla Forums posted about babies being supposedly for sale and little girls' wrists weirdly duct taped to tables

He's full of shit in general

probably sci
i dig liquid swords but not into wu tang or any of the other solo dudes

So you want me to keep pulling?

I can't even this is hilarious

I knew this ahead of time but I really didn't expect such a thing as this lol

this is such great fun to learn of, brightens up the night a little

it does not autocap anime tbh it just converts every frame to a png

like 20-30k images for a normal animu

nah but i actually saw it on twitter and Holla Forums first. i don't go to Holla Forums often.
if they posted that shit on instagram i expect them to be on some lists already

awww ok

goggles was doing it with smiles too and when he found out he was doing it to some other guy he was told to keep it all a secret and that she was just trying to let the other guy off
i know im forgetting some other stuff too but it'll come back eventually, not sure how much you care though.

He's pretty pathetic behind the scenes, but that's another story

I'm no story teller

You found that more efficient than just skipping through and manually capping? :3

the little details aren't as entertaining tbh

no need to be, I've more than seen the picture now lol

ayy lmao wait are you the dude who gave me that non non biyori folder before? i had a folder that was literally just that for every episode

yeahhhh because some stuff only lasts for a single frame and I planned to make gifs too

but Iam only like 25% through and havenot worked on it for OWOW years

I fell asleep and found league and found better stuff to do with my tim

nooo Ihave never given anyone a folder the closest thing is when I gave dewgong like 300 random images

aw oh well
also they all have been sent pictures of smiles before but none of them will agree that the girl they got sent in the pics is the same anywhere else so she's just a huge fakerrrrr
reminder that christian sluts will always be sluts and don't see anything wrong with fucking 12 guys then sucking Gods dick every Sunday to repent


i like doing it my way cause that doesn't happen

put it back
it's the source of my power

Make a different one.