♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Inject it in my veins Edition

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dropbox.com/s/3d9l2xzg1067pvl/Fall - Iggy Sawdust.m4a?dl=0

i-i'll inject into your boy pussy >>1477823!



It gets triggered faster than an SJW in Russia.

it looks like chemical

Oh gee wish I was pure and sweet

Сука Блят

there's prolly thousand o chemicals in me, won't mind a lil more.


The only blowy things I like are turbochargers...

yuri is puri


I got a nosebleed again

why does this occur all of a sudden

that seems fair enough
as long as ur enjoying urself!


Oh yes, it's very good.

S2 is airing too

Did you snort coke lately


I was, but now there's paper in my nose

I'm not that amsterdam

tokai. please stop.


can i lick up the nosebleed

Yup, I'm getting constant notifications that a new episode is up, but I'm still behind myself.

It doesn't have the "I need to keep watching this" feel like PlasMem tho. Guess it's more like Keions a bit.

Well, I mean, maybe.


drugs are baaad
except alcohol
and caffeine

oh boo
did you get a nosebleed? stop looking at lewd things then sheesh

What about the Marijuanas

Oh no, not at all.

Not until the more recent episodes of season two at least.

that isn tyour avatar stop

Oh well, I'm gonna keep watching :3


bbut I don't look at lewd things.
only cute

I'd prolly be worse off, so nah



then why nose go bleed


I want to pat Reina


it suddenly happened lately


gib overwatch draw request

He's a part of an underground fight club.

sombra hacking mercy butt

All of them committing suicide.



what do u whant nerd

He's like post-Norton Angel Face.

the only fight I've been involved in consisted of my trying to break it up

itll be kay
it's okai now.

i for one welcome our sporticus overlord


Don't lie.
You have a repressed homosexual split personality that just beats people when you're "asleep".

I did scar both my little brothers by beating them.
but that was years ago


just stop

Americans just hold a tea/coffee cup in that "wrap both hands around it and not use the damn handle" way.

I drink cawfee with those curly straws

use both hands for stability


Drink from big mug

Best fetish.

metallic little cars to the head

Big mugs are comfy.

Tummies are pretty good yeah.

I have a christmas one I use all year around. Perfect size.

I think the worst I ever did to a sibling involved hitting them with a fireplace shovel.
They were physical altercations but most of those were just either of us pissed off, throwing a punch then swiftly walk away.

told ya

I have a chocolate milk mug that's never seen chocolate milk.

What a waste

I was an aggressive little shit as a kid, if they walked away I'd be hitting them anyway.

Cawfee, various insta-soups and more.

loco where is the picturte?

With brothers, there's a weird etiquette to violence.
Like you know what's allowed and where to draw lines because you wouldn't want it done to you.

"Borrowers will be shot, survivors will be shot again." -mug is the best mug.

'is not discord the phone dragon horse chicken?'-Neru 2015

what the fuck

I'm gonna go get ramen

pone dragon horse chicken

I used to use this saccharine mug filled with rainbow farts and that sort of diabetic sweetness look to it.
Someone had bought it as a gag gift.

At this time?

oh no there was no thought to that at all, I just dominated. like the alpha monkey.

I changed alright

probably showery stuff eh


*scuffles away*

I use either the aforementioned, or a mug with the orange chemical skull warning sign for "Toxic!"

I keep thinking I will swap bedstuff tomorrow and I get too tired to and it happens tomorrow instead and it has been two weeks and andI am starting to feel a bit icky

I was four years younger and I was still the more aggressive and violent one.
He could easily have kicked my ass when we were younger but once we were both teens it was more or less equal.
Funnily, my arms, legs, and chest are fairly scarred but not a single one came from our constant fights, just being a dumbass. He's got like three major scars from stitches from me.

neru youre a national treasure

I mostly just use homemade earthenware ones now. Not that I made but this kitschy artsy place in a small town.

my mug !!


this just reminds me how we're all just monkeys, causing each other physical harm because of our weird sense of hierarchy.

Got hungry and it's the quickest I have !

I got a bright red and an olive green mug by iittala, not really anything fancy other than being a homeland "design" product costing like 30$ a piece.
Got them as gifts though.

Is it big?

I think I'll have that as breakfast tomorrow.

It's just normal sized =w=
what do you drink in mug?

More or less.
People take it to that autistic degree of "no, bro, we're totally violent and need outs; the modern society is crippling us, lets go mug people" in the weirdest form. Anger and violence are human traits but not to whatever twisted degree that is.

I just like the unique aspect of them. They're uniform and random, mismatched. So when you just choose a cup at random you just sort of think about. It's weird to explain.

What the fuck?

Good morning.

I need to watch this show.


ye me on the right

hiii gogglses

I know where that snip is from


I might've been bad violent but it's not that I want people to suffer or anything.
it's just the dominance game. sure people might get hurt with that, but it's never the intention.

Hello Bard. How are you?

Coffee or tea most of the time.

There's really nothing unique with the design mugs that I have, people just usually buy them as gifts or get their favourite colours.

isnt that kuro from the one loli ecchi?

It reminded me of AlignmentYou!You!


I'm sorry i dont even know her name :(

now that you mention it you are probably right
esp with that : 3 face

What is esp?


There will always be violence in society and violent individuals. It's just weird when it's taken to the A Clockwork Orange level of saying that a relatively peaceful society is outright causing people to lash out because of some weird notion of animalistic behavior.
Like the whole fundamental problem with that alpha/dominant mindset that isn't really founded in anything. It just seems to strip all nuance in favor of convenient answers.

I always choose whatever's design is the most bizarre or appealing. They're the "artsy" type rather than just slogan and prints.




As long as they don't look crappy 5-year old made ones.

Don't buy 7.62X39, buy 5.56X45 5.56 is the most common manufactured round in the U.S. by far. It's the round (for the most part) used by all U.S. police and military forces.




even if that were true, people can just lash out in sports etc.
I've really had some punches at kickboxing class, I couldn't return them because I didn't feel that level of competitiveness etc.
that's pretty common nowadays

i don't think i've even seen a real wotsit or a monster munch in a decade

i'd rather
show her my cock


only a dirry russian usess 7.62X39

its all gonna go to your thighs



sorry about that goggles i had to run upstairs and let my puppy out and when i got back i missed it
I am doing okay I just just woke up really recently
waiting to see soe friends
are you doig much today/

i made you these earlier

pls bludgeon me

dropbox.com/s/rn302x39uuy4l2y/Wilson Art Project - Iggy Sawdust .m4a?dl=0

dropbox.com/s/3d9l2xzg1067pvl/Fall - Iggy Sawdust.m4a?dl=0

aw yisssss

They're like, manufacture defects in the best way to describe them. Handmade, weird paintings and glazings, and slightly oblong/misshapen. It's just one of those things that while you're drinking from it, you notice more of the faults in it.

It's weird how competitiveness is always linked with physical aggression throughout history and in sports but the modern era has pushed it mostly into non-aggressive, non-physical "competitions" that have the same fervor and vitriol. Just one of those things it'd be interesting to read the dynamic of that I admittedly never thought about until just now.

Kind of want a mug with the scream painting now.
Just because it would be disturbing as hell.

If I can find a reason to get out of bed maybe. otherwise I will probably just feel too lethargic.

I've never thought about it outside my own experience I'll admit.
I just wondered how some get so sad and aggressive over losing a football game whilst I did put the same effort into it but when losing didn't mind that much. though I only ran and avoided colliding into people unlike them.

oh yeah
this first one is really giving me a bludgeon
if you know what I am saying ? ; )


Someone used to have a phone case with that on the back and it always weirded me out because it always seemed to be facing me when they were around.

I am utterly guessing and probably wrong but I'm assuming most sports team related mania is just a type of tribalism and "us vs them" type thing where the team they like/is closest because an extension of themselves so when they win/lose, the fan feels like they did.

It's one hell of a disturbing painting.

might be
anytime I find a club football fan I ask why they support the teams if 90% of the team isn't even from the city they represent. they say they don't care and just want the the team to win, and if it's with hiring others they won't even mind. so maybe it's also a big factor of the I won part.

irly my state doesnt have a national league football team so I have to choose a diffrent one ;~:

It's just unsettling. Not like it inspires fear or dread but just looking at it just feels off. Then again, that's impressionism in a nutshell.

By extension, I think even politics falls under the same mindset. Where it's not even about ideology anymore or ever was but simply that's "them" and wrapped up so much into a moniker and group, not anything really core to the group itself.

I have a level 1 Eevee and I named it Cup.

Its gonna be a semen demon

some super local things are nice to support
they like having people watch.

could very much be.
a lot of just street wise interviews shows people don't really know what's going on, but they'll be out voting anyway with the vague assumptions that they have.

I think that painting is cute....

A whole lot of those distorted human beings in paintings do that.

Would you have sex with it?


Since I know nothing of Dutch politics I'll just use ours as examples. When Obama won his first term and when Trump recently won, there was more people wrapped up in the fact "I won/lost" because of their choice, completely missing the point of elections or democracy in and of itself.

Some of the bastard sexual themes to surrealism just disturb me on some level.

i had to get out of bed to let my puppy dog out but I AM ALREADY BACK IN IT uwu

no ned to get out of bed i think
especially with how cold it is :/

You mean the uneven triangular boobs they have?

I've got a horrible secret for you Erin, about those mix bags.

It's like the Venus Figures if you did a bunch of LSD where it's sexual and sexuality twisted into some form you really don't want to go Freudian over.

So Americans treat the elections more like a game match.


I left my window open last night because it SA bit hot. I woke up chilled and this blanket is keeping me safe from everything.

and scanner is here. RIP

i ned to know

*warm hug*

That's pretty much how I'd describe it too, with the addition of lovecraftian T-rexes having sex.

Thankyou *pets*

yeah that's what I thought.
it's in part here too.
people will vote more mainstream parties instead of new or small ones just because it has a better chance of winning. except the labour party at the moment is doing so significantly bad that the left shifted, so we might see a big change there.

everybpdy into goggles bed

I worked in a warehouse that packs all those crisps. We open up seperate bags, put them in a bucket and dump them in a hopper.

I've seen cunts pack those hoppers with their bare hands. The mixes are rejects.

rejects? what do yu mean? rejected in favour of wat?


I can't think of a time in any political situation where it wasn't treated like that. Not just America.

I really don't want to know those artists' actual views on women and/or phalluses.

It's just one of those things I can kind of see why it happens but doesn't really make much sense to me on a personal level. My views are wholly unrepresented by political parties so the choice itself matters little and I vote based on what benefits me most or goes towards where I think government should be.

humans treat everything like a game
LIFE is a game

I always assumed they were high off anything that they could get, considering how the drugs were just herbs to treat diseases at the time.

I can't promise it won't be awkward :p

picasso was sexy

Most of this was late 1800s and early 1900s so yeah.
Morphine and cocaine were readily available.

nee nee

Because we all vote for very different reasons.
In America power has to be shifted within the parties, if Democrats elected Bernie you could really speak of significant ideological change, here we just vote in a different party altogether. however that shit only occurs when there's a general sense of change, otherwise people will just vote for their interest. my friends handicapped and wants to vote left solely because he's scared the right might give less disability money.


Dunno, just see them coming in a big blue bag.
But on the upside, they're in shitty mix brands, not the Walkers.

I never checked the packaging downstairs, but ok, it ain't horrible, we just repackage them but fuck... they used their bare hands.

Goodnight scoots


yeah thats kinda gross :/
at kfc we have the option to bread the chicken with no glovees but i usually use gloves
just doesnt feel good touching rawr chicken

I've been practicing you know~

How do you know?

Besides there were people like Van Gogh, cutting his ear off to gift it to a whore, but then again he was a bit nutters already.
And Louis Wain painting cats in psychedelic pictures due to allegedly having schizophrenia.

Sleep well Scoots.

The main benefit to the type of regressivism that's been happening is it at least exposes that no, we've not made progress and simply chose to say everything was fixed while remaining unaddressed. So the net result will actually be a shift further than it was before.

Well tomorrow, I got 6 pint cans of lager back home. Soon as I get there, drunk Civ?

This is the face that dragons fear to face.

oh well i mean not him the person but the stuff he did
i remember doing a report back in high school or maybe even middle school and it was hard to find information because the school kept blocking alot of stuff about him because it was too mature : /

To be fair, we didn't even properly define most mental illnesses well into the 1970s.

What should I vote next march

SGP, DENK, SP, PVV, PvdD can ophoepelen.
VVD is not managing well at all on the subject of privacy and surveillance.
PvdA can't get their shit together.
D66 is way too pro EU and seems to want to make NL a puppet state of Brussels.

Not sure about the rest.



I fucking love this little piece of shit


We'll see how it goes, I liked Bill Burr's item saying it switches from left to right all the time, not saying it's like a rule for politics but it appear a lot. after 4 years trump you might get another trump era or just the ol switcheroo

There's internal bullshit going on with the fetish model.

You love peices of shit?

The only issue I have is the further regressive it ends up, the way further left the next becomes to an extreme. And the following cycle will be an even more regressive than currently.
It's weird and why I hate extremes in politics because it just makes the opposition get even further away as some sort of weird counter.

This particular one

Primarina is bae

judging by his taste in mates i'd say ohhhh yeahhhhh

Oh well, thought you had some secret fetish about him.

Yeah, the good ol' stick-a-needle-in-the-brains for all purposes.

When I was small I used to save the chips that looked like hearts and give them to my mum.

So it's like that but you connect shit peices




Yeah, let's just scoop out part of it. That'll fix 'em up in a jiffy. Or just shock the shit out of it. What could go wrong?

I just used her in my Dragon trial.

Granted she is a fairy, but she still decimated it without breaking a sweat.

Nothing to talk about the good ol' bathtub of ice to calm them down.

Let's just bind them to a table with belts and let them flail about to let the crazy out.
They just need it out of their system.

Stuck working tomorrow but if our scheduels allign bro helll the fuck yeah

Not any more silly than trying to get the devil out of their system.

but it can only really do damage if other conditions are set right, like the economy in shambles etc.
if obama was a radical and he had no deadlock, expect extreme changes in the system because of 08.


I'll be in the morning, which could be your night.
So yeah.

Is your wife having a differing opinion?
Lock her in an asylum because she's obviously crazy.

He was in no shape or form extreme. He was utterly token Democrat: promote social issues for both beliefs and votes, increase government oversight where it's necessary and some where it kind of isn't, and slowly push things further progressive.

The closest to true radicals we've ever had as presidents were the Roosevelts and the public absolutely loved them and are considered our best presidents.


Or just burn them at the stake!

that's why I said if.
just taking an a hypothetical example.
though trump might be considered a radical, though that's a waiting game really.

I think I'll pick Mongolions this time.

I should also specify that Democrats use the government to promote industry in more or less state sanctioned markets that is generally detrimental to other countries. Republicans favor protection of those industries by less oversight and let markets and capitalism run amuck generally at more of a cost to domestic consumers. Neither is good for those markets.

God wills it.

That being said, many religions used that as the reason.

Do I have to catch it?

I really like this song.

I request a 3dsxl and Pokémon sun or moon for Christmas.

your view is only gonna come out there by chance or if you push it there.

santa is coming



I hope so

How is this place feeling that trump won?

Did half the members here commit suicide? I fucking hope so.

idc really


just be a good boy and he'll reward ya

yay trump

Nully, is that you?

It doesn't matter too much, glad he's keeping the under 26 and preexisting condition parts of Obamacare so I can keep up my shitty neet life.
Enjoying the liberals crying

N-Nully >/////


God Bless America.

What is a "Nully"?

How sad it was that he just didn't get rid of it...would've made you go out and get a damn JOB. My school is full of femfags whining and crying. It's really amusing honestly.

Good afternoon, how are you?

I don't want to get a job, I'm busy with school.

Make me.

Watch it, you.

It's you.

Lol get fucked Republitards

I'm just glad he doesn't wanna war with russia since putin would steamroll us europeans.
thank you for choosing good. he also wants assad to stay so that might mean less migrants comin our way.

make you.. a good boy?

That came out wrong. Ignore that request.

I think the vast majority are happy with the outcome.

Good boy!

I manage, and I'm probably way younger than you. Grow some balls dude.

Here to ERP me? Not interested.

He's also allowing Americans to feel patriotic once again, I feel. A symbol of winning over the establishment. Even if that isn't necessarily true. Also no problem! I mean, I didn't even vote, actually. Thank god fort he electoral vote.

Happy now. He hasn't taken office yet.

I guess the whip goes back in the closet again.

But he's really going to change the system by doing exactly what any other politician would!

I'm happy Ted Cruise is not in office.

Do not do this.

Settle down. I am just calling you Nully.

You're too weak to lift such a thing.

No thanks, I enjoy my lazy cushy life of failure, missed opportunity, and broken promises.

Any other politician wouldn't take a measly 1$ salary as the president.

That seems to be all you do.

The numbers null, or some other null?

Who's a good boy? :3

no matter who you supported, it did proof the genuine working of the system.

My frail arms can lift!
I can even do a handstand!!

His policy changes and conflicts of interest will make him far more money than the salary would.

I remember at some point calling you by that name annoyed you. I mean I can stop if it still bothers you. How have you been, anyway?




It's only cushy until it comes crumbling down on you. What then? Also what are you going to school for? Better be something real like science or math faggot!

The weird obscure indie game null.

No damn president was ever elected with a majority vote, damn it.

He's already rich as fuck, you mean. Regardless he's setting the bar here for what presidents should do.

It still does, but I am much better at not showing my cringy reactions to it. I have been okay. Very stable and junk too, it's great.

..but I can.
and do the flip flop

Computer science.
I will be dead at 30 or so, I can keep it from crumbling until then.

I waited six years to get a bowl of fruity pebbles and now that I have the cereal i'm out of lactose free milk. Life is a fucking disapointment

I was unaware you had been unstable at some point.

I am not even sure what a flip-flop is.

Why did you wait 6 years for something so easy to get?

I don't get why anyone would want pure democracy anyway.


when you do your arms on the ground and make the body go woosh and land on your legs

His rich and incredibly so but he's also not as rich as he claims.
It's really weird to be as wealthy as him and still insecure about how much you have.


Haven't seen you in a good while, how's life?

ohh yeah that one

Lactose intolerant?

The worm? Front flip? black flip?

I am literally crying because trump won.
I'm going to fucking kill myself, oh my god.
Fix this america, you cunts.

Hey, that's actually pretty nice. Any specific field or is it just the general stuff?

The moment I posted on this board I was a depressed fuck searching for a community to distract myself with.

Well, if you're on the right side, of course you'd want it!

How rich is he then? Will we ever know????

Very very good. I'm not being a little whiney bitch about things. It's been like that for almost a month, which is rare.

I'm LITERALLY shaking!!!

flippity flip
a show of my strong arms

Sounds good, so everything's in order?

I wouldn't even trust myself with that power.

It's considered 'candy' in Canada so they can only sell it in specialty stores.

I will kill you

The way his assets are spread out, you can only do rough estimates barring the full release of his tax documents and even those will have hidden amounts. Forbes' estimates vary wildly. He's still rich as fuck but it's just ever weirder that he's actually insecure that somehow it's inadequate.

Anyone here drunk?


Okay, I think I can better understand what situation you were in. Though I am glad you were able to come out of it.

I will just throw milk at you.
*points and laughs*


Just in general right now, I don't know what I want to do with my life. I'm only really getting a degree to make my mother proud of me, after that I have no plans. My current plan is to use my degree to become Darwin's sex slave / live in maid.

hihi moogy

hihi colbert kun


Flips are based more on leg strength.
Your arms only bear your weight to pivot briefly.

Well, no, my sexuality is still absolutely and utterly fucked. I need to pray the gay away or something here. It's suffering.

Neither would I. I'm always doubtful about everything. But other people aren't as hesitant to be selfish.

Every man has his insecurities. I know yours.

Well, not much has changed, to be completely honest. I'm just stable.

Isn't Darwin a slut or something? I heard he's dated like everyone here. Has a thing for kids too...wonder why he never took interest into me.

As for the whole sex slave thing, are you cute?

And it takes 6 years to get something from these stores?

Sup bae?

im not sure how im stll functioning

Its moments like these that remind me how fucking weird KissShot is.

No, we just got a candy store that sells it like last week, which is why I have it. It cost me 10$


You're still young, so it's understandable to feel all that confused.
Oh hell, now I sound like some sort of a psychologist.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

Well I hope your existence can be somewhat more bearable.

My crippling amounts of machismo.

No, I'm ugly it was just a joke.
I would make a poor maid too, I am not very tidy.
I have not really been around long enough to attest as to who he has dated outside of a few people.

Thats way to much

I think that "degenerate" is being nice.

that just means you need to drink more

ill be darwins maid

nuuuuu x.x i cant

but legs only go up and down

we can only hope its for the good

You do a backflip using your legs and core strength; your arms just bear your weight while your core tightens to turn you over from your legs' force.

Please analyze my sociological background.


You mean the chink that lies within it?

Dang dude. I know how you feel. I think I'd madke a good made. I can service people well, not to mention I'm obedient. Although the looks are definitely a problem...

I am good at cleaning, and a good cook. I just need the motivation to do it. I would imagine if it was more or less my job I could manage it, I've done janitorial work in the past and it wasn't so bad.

Hell if I know, but if I wanted to seem witty I'd throw in something mean.
But that's not how I roll.

Plans for today?

Now everyone will know my secret of actually being a 4 foot tall Korean.

I suck at cooking...and if I like the person or money is involved, I'm motivated enough!

Do it.

Do it right now you PUSSY.

It's night time. I have school tomorrow. My brother wrecked our car we got a week ago.

The illusion could only last for so long. I'm sorry, Gilga.

How would you make the world a better place?

I mean the strength of them doesn't get mentioned but they are apparently important enough in the process to be mentioned multiple times. the core muscles only even come into real use once you're already off the ground

bai threado

owh well
my legs are stronger anyway

But then I would do something you'd want me to do.
"I am not a number, I am a free man!"

nuke china

it is, but, you can't get it anywhere else. Guero's sending me a big bag for my birthday at least.

Is it?

In general?
Nuclear destruction.


kill myself

my bro

I came straight from the BMV, just got my licence. It starts storming and my brother takes the wheel and he fucking crashes not three hours after he was granted the privilege to drive.


D-don't bully me please, my feelings are really fragile, and I might cry...!

Kill all the niggers.

I am up and down on the idea of being so dependent on a person though.
Regardless I plan to live my life alone, people outside of the internet are unnecessary and more trouble than they're worth.

more suicide

Why would he do something like that?

Hive mind.


Oh, alright, I won't.

Are you gonna rape my boy Tristan?

My Napoleon complex is in shambles.

Most backflips are done without your arms even touching ground and simply used as counterbalances.
Gymnastic flips of feet, hands, feet, hands, etc are all about building up momentum with your legs and just maintaining the rotation with your core.
You use your arms but their strength isn't where the force comes from, unlike the vaulting horse which is the opposite: you use your arms for the force as leg as balances. It's not that their irrelevant but the force of the motions isn't coming from them.

I don't think it'd be rape. :(

Well from what I know its a pretty safe bet to say its not.

I have recently been fantasizing about the idea fo being with someone and just being a cute couple...would be really nice. I don't know. I really enjoy the idea of being dependent on someone emotionally, and also it'd be nice to have someone to call mine and just rub in people's faces, I guess...

I mean, I guess I technically already have that, really. He's just not "mine".

Because he's stupid.

...Bully me, faggot.

To St. Helena with you.


What kind of car was it? and what did he do to actually crash?

But that'd be mean.

It has it's appeal, but I do not want to get close enough with someone that I can entrust my well being to them. Though admittedly it's partially because I hate myself so much that I am convinced no one would even want me to be so close to them.
I like you, you're nice.



A shitty Saturn SL1 or whatever. From 2002. It was cheap and old and shitty and he broke it.
He just fucked up the front lights and hood really bad. Nothing super terrible but I can't drive it now...

I feel the exact same way. Maybe it's because I'm yougner and more optimistic, but I'm hoping maybe someone will have me feeling like they want me, and actually -like- me, even though I'm a total fucking ugly faggot, lol.

In either case, maybe try looking anyway. No point in not doing it, you might surprise yourself, or something.

They say lovers come from the most unseemly places! No one actually says this, it's just me saying it.


you can see them regretting their life choices just before it goes off lol I hope they got extra for being a part of that test

I'm just telling you what the wikihow, involving an actually muscular guy doing it, explains it if you think you know better than them then that's your thing

Think I can get cuddles from my new roommate when he comes home?

Do they call you tiny as a joke because you're really huge?

I can totally feel your frustrations. I bet it may take a while to get back into driving shape.

I used to get my hopes up, it was not worth it.
I satisfy my need for intimacy with shallow flirtations.


Well, they didn't really know what it would do to them, but they knew it wasn't going to be good.
Most died afterwards due to cancer.

To Auschwitz with you.

Is that intentional?

Yes. It's been like that for at least a month now.

Why even?

mhm it was a really dumb way to figure out what it might do to people buuuuut they agreed to it so regardless they did as they wished. probably was exciting at the very least to witness it up close like that

It's a very destructive cycle, you should know that.

Do you ever feel genuinely happy after that initial spark you get from getting "close" to someone for a few days?

I love this song.

Oy gavald.

Because Madeleine


Do people buy Nekopara for a reason other than fapping to cat girls?

You'd be sent for every reason under the sun: being a Jew, gay, and retarded. If only you were a communist you'd hit the gas chamber bingo.

But isn't that pronounced "Mad-e-lynn"?

the plot

It would have been one hell of a show to be there.

We all do.


You removed me from fb?

I am a proud supporter of communism, actually.

Though i am in no way gay or jewish...

The steam version is pure! They buy it for the memes.

At least you'll be drug behind a truck in a local corn field.

that's a cat

what went wrong here

The steam version can have the H-scenes put back in.

Not that I would know.

You're too young for politics null. You'll probably look back and cringe at being a proud communist

they call me tiny because i'm short you bully

mad'lynn yuh

it's just a spelling pun

backwards pun? i dunno

you told me to. this is my story and i'm sticking to it

oobles short but thiccc

mhm but imagine witnessing thee russian's nuke, that king of all bombs one



I think you've linked me this before.

Stop fapping to cat girls.

and i'm tall and skinny

me & oob should kiss on opposite day

Elma is a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never read nekopara.

To answer your original post, no, don't try to sleep with your roommate; it'll only make things weird.



Вы позорить нашу страну.

How tall are you?

there are better alternatives

cause you have like triple Q boops doll

I'm not a liar. I just get what I want.

There's a difference.

Rust belt fagbashing is your fate.

I don't wanna sleep with him. I just want cuddles

You don't have to read it to fap to it.

Like what?

something without the frame of a little girl

I don't know what that is...

Tzar bomba, they tested that once.

Most likely, but it never gets old.

tsar* bomba


oh right

a whole five foot nothing>>1478180

I don't think I want a T H I C C anything.

its good

Seems like it might be the logical end to it, not necessarily your expectation or desire, just that that's what'll happen.

Where they beat gays.
Because you're gay.

I feel that it is my duty to always read the words when I masturbate. Some middle aged Japanese guy took his time to write all of those "ah"s and coming up with compelling storylines that are very deep and complex. It would be a dishonor to his family if I just ignored his work.

and the video of it is spoopy

What a scary thing to know had existed.


have you seen the video of the test? wew

you brought up ass not me

I know ;3

Nice pic.

You totally know they've got more of those if not bigger.

Oh. I'd just get off to it.

Thats what plot is 90% of the time.

Can you read me a story?

Meme value through the roof.

Too bad there isn't much footage of it, but not like we can expect much from the USSR.

I always felt like this was the more scary part.

I can't even get out of bed right now. Too comfy.

Read me it from bed then.

don't wow me i'll bite ur ankles off

probably bigger by now, I mean I see little reason for them to have stopped

mhm also weeeeew that dead hand system basically the ultimate "flip the chess board" move to avoid losing lol

It's like... There's no reason to cause a global war.. but then again.. it's only be used in the event that they get rekt from a war.

It doesn't even need to be an ICBM. It could be a nuke sneaked into a city.




Go ahead and bite away.

I always found it funny, because it's exactly as they put it in Dr. Strangelove, the "Doomsday machine".


Is this where I roleplay some biting?


I guess

*bites kindly* lonely :(

I live in a destructive cycle.
I feel happiness sometimes, but I have kind of dulled my emotions over time. Extreme happiness just allows for extreme sadness.

i heard u talkin' shit
like i wouldn't found out

henlo trebler

*Yuris softy* :)

Don't we all?

Geez, you sound so edgy, but it's exactly something I'd say, so what can I judge...

You'll be happy if you let it, you know. Though it won't be constant, of course...just...more prevalent than it already is, I think.

yup though I have doubts anyone other than a middle eastern country or north korea would be stupid enough to start off nuking at this point

yeah would suck if it all went down that way but I don't blame russia for wanting to have a protective "clause" that basically warned people off trying to bomb them you nuke us we nuke you harder


*puffs vape*

oh god *cums* >~

*vapes ur cum*


This is disgusting.

In the event of high tensions and anger a full frontal lobe shut down and cause one to forget just how real such a global event would be. You are changing the face of humanity and the world. I think if someone was mad enough to press the button because he was angry, it would be your moral and ethical responsibility to draw your pistol and shoot them at the cost of your future in one way or another.

c-cum in my vape and make me smoke it >//////////



I am with you on that, there in fact was an error once in russia or america where the system said they got nuked and it was all on the guy commanding the place the nuke/s were then and he was all like "yeeeeeeah lets wait for confirmation before we start the end of the world over a computer" essentially lol pretty sure it was russia

the thought of that makes me want to actually vomit
mix some 20 nic into cum and vaping it
probably tastes like old pancake batter

It's not even a good meme...>>1478231

*pulls open my vape hole for you* I-in h-here daddy ^w^

Post Cyan and stop posting that ugly guy.

I am extra edgy when I am feeling negative.
I am not worried too much about things, I'll live my life alone and uneventful and if something changes that and makes things better that would be nice too. I just make sure to temper my expectations with everything, else I let myself be disappointed and hurt.

It was russia and it was a handful of times. I think they guy got int trouble for not following protocol or something.

Just a random mood swing, or did something happen? You remind me of a certain someone, honestly...but you don't seem to have the tough guy persona that the person I know tries to push...


this is some advanced shitposting

I hope my dirty tank is okay 4 u

well that fuckin sucks for him, save the world and get in trouble for it

it is good enough i am proud ty enjoy my cummies

*screws lid back on my vape and turns wattage up to 69*

ty for the squishy cummies daddy ^w^

Pure autism.

pet me

Pet yourself.

You don't need to be jealous

It does kind of suck but if you put a guy in a chair to do a specific job and he doesn't do it. then.. yeah.

*pets flan*


d-do you want some cummies too?~ uwu

Pretty sure they're not that similar.

fair point but they could have thanked him a little, he sure should've lost the job still though as that's just logical

Lets eiffel tower Null.


I was feeling pretty good earlier today. I got too excited about stuff earlier, so I tend to hit a low after.
I am not too much of a tough guy, most facades are too much of a pain to keep up.

Rub my testicles with your knee.
In like a kinda sexy way, but also slightly menacingly. As if it's nice that you're rubbing them, but you make it clear you could knee them at any given moment.

Which side do you want?


Did you ever think that just maybe we're supposed to be a little bit crazy?

And then ow became fun again

You guys are some serious degenerates.

N o.

Shut the fuck up, Mordin.

I see. Also yeah they are, got tired of acting all cutesy and shit, even though it was kinda fun for a while.

Do you have a knee fetish? Wouldn't I have to pull away to knee them anyway? Seems like it would be difficult to do so without momentum.

Kroni is not some pained, deep complex person, he's just a shitposter. You may be reading too much into it, he was like that in 2011 too.

I call the right ear then.



who is certain someone
let me know
inform me

Cutesy is fine sometimes, but doing any one thing consistently all the time is tiring. I am hungry, I should find something to much on. Alternatively I could just make dinner.

When you say shut up, it only makes me want to talk more.

Talk about something you actually know about, at least.

When I look back on it I realize how cringy I'm being when I do it.

What do you reckon you'll make?

it smells like ky jelly and regret in here

It's a poster on a different board. Some people here only know him because he came here and got banned for being insufferable.

I've known him for 5 years.

maybe but it's still spoopy as fuck, bro :c

Look at this shittalker.

The secret legendary 1 inch knee technique.
You must master it.
I have no fetishes, I am not some kind of deviant.

We are all cringy at some point or another.

I have some chicken breasts I can make. I was going to make a london broil, but the meat looks weird.

It was in regards to the rq.

Tell me about him, what is his favorite color?

You shitposted at him for five years. There's a difference.

Yes but I do it consistently. Also sounds nice! No idea what a london broil is. Just goes to show how retarded I am at cooking.

...I actually don't know this, sadly enough.

Scary yes but so is knowing that I will die in one way or another and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

It's a cheap cut of beef that you have to marinate over night to make it edible. Then you broil it to sear and slice thin. Good for sandwiches.

how did you let a rein battle end without hurting him?

If you don't enjoy it then why bother?


You've talked to him for a year with like a 6 months break, pretty sure he's just pulling your leg dude.

Because I love you and want you to love me back.
What is his favorite limb? Arms, or legs.

Ohhh, I see.

It's not blue, I know that. Also yep, I've talked with him privately and on a far batter bases than you have. The six month thing was due to me being a little nerd and overreacting, it actually didn't effect much at all...

Also I seriously doubt he's pulling my leg. I was cautious to make sure of it.

This just in:

His favourite colour is green.

I stood in the middle of the map emoting because I felt bad about winning 5-0
He kept saying nice shit throughout the game, no hint of salt, I just couldn't..


Do people have favourite limbs?

I just guessed the color. Most people like blue followed by red, it's a fairly safe assumption that someones favourite color is blue.

Blue is a shit tier colour.

I like purple!

I like arms because they have hands which are good for nibbling and holding.

Cooking is fun. What sorts of food do you eat usually?

16 weapons on Dark Souls 3 left.

I disagree but you're entitled to your opinion.

play something with me

Play something with Mugen.

Jesus you're slow.

Red is quite literally the best colour that exists.

Well, my favourite food is chicken salad, but I can't say I eat it too often...I guess the only thing I eat commonly is junk food, but my grandma cooks lots of things every day, so I actually get a lot of variety.

Today I had cranberry pork stuff.

I kind of want to just post for a bit.


Kinda miss being 12.

So you like red?

A lot of people seem to like to compliment women on their legs. I don't think I ever really felt aroused looking at someones legs before though, I dunno if I could relate. Arms and legs are just arms and legs to me I think.

thank god someone with personality is here

you never do

just say no



you don't need to be 12 to have a favorite colour.

Getting all the weapons isn't really all that hard.

that just seems more insulting though that you had to give it to him

it's awful in here man
what are you up to tonight/

Well, yes, but it's also just factually the best colour.


I didn't say it was. Just that I had 16 left.
It's just grindy.

that sounds good, I had pork chops to make this weekend, but someone seems to have eaten them already.

touch your soles to mine.


Ate lunch with mom and grandma today.
Moving in to my new place this week I hope.

Kiss, I did not reply to you so you may have this.

It was pretty gosh darn good. I'd rate it a good 9/10. Doesn't match my unbridled love for chicken salad though.

i swear you're always moving somewhere....
do you see them much?

Now and then. They were an hour north of me for a church function so they passed through and I was up there last night.

oh, yeah true.

Well what else what was I supposed to do..?
I did shoot some random firestrikes and charges..

Funny Music Meme.


I only took time for the rings really.
Just now collecting the rest.


This is what I need.

beat him 5 to 0

Thanks Kyle, that validates my existence.

I like chicken, salad is no good for me though.
I don't eat vegetables really.

I am glad.

Close enough.

I'll just do that next time I guess..

please dont sexualize the goat

I havent gotten to see my grandma i'm hoping to see her for thanksgiving uu

you got holiday plans?

im full of em

Why do you even bother anyway.
most of them are worthless.

Oh, no. It's not a salad with chicken in it, it's mainly chicken, actually.


I have to go see like 4 families for it.

Eh. I like having shit.

I am dumb, I had forgotten what chicken salad was.
I like tuna salad a lot which is similar.
Salt, pepper, mayo, whole grain mustard, and paprika makes for a tasty mix.

oh with hard boiled eggs mixed in I forgot that>>1478332

Also vegetables are the SHIT.

It's seriously a wonder why I'm so fat when I prefer a 2:1 ratio of vegetables and meat.

I hate tuna, so tuna salad is a no go for me...but all the other salads are yum. Like bean and potato salad. 10/10. I do enjoy tuna casserole, though.

All this talk about food is making me hungry...

Eggz r nasrty.

Chicken is good, I eat a lot of chicken and turkey. I am a big seafood fan so tuna in most forms I devour.
Potatoes r nasty

good, let the bully flow through you

I'm fukin rirsh u fuk i am ltry a potato!!!!

No but yeah I love seafood too. Salmon and shrimp are fucking amazing. Love it.

But whenever I'm being a bully I get shit fo rit.

We have good fresh salmon where I live, though it's a bit pricey to make on the regular.
My favorite is scallops, but shrimp is top tier too.

what kind of shit do you get for it?

I've never had scallops, nor the pleasure of having fresh salmon. It's bought at a store, and it's alright, but a bit sketchy in all honesty.

Also what do you have against potatoes. I must know immediately. Are you telling me you couldn't eat a potato raw?

Emma, Echo wants to know where you are.

They taste awful and make me gag. I literally cannot swallow them.
The only way I can eat them is thinly sliced and deep fried into thin french fries.

What are we frowning about?

Wow really...? Not even potato soup...? Or potato chips?

Although honestly even I dislike potato chips if they aren't flavoured. Also I guess it kinda makes sense because you don't like vegetables, do you?

I once knew a guy who enjoyed the taste of artificial fruit, but hated actual, real fruit.


She is not here anyway.

I missed your reply and thought you ignored me.
My ire was misplaced, forgive me Master I will make it up to you in private I promise.

Oh, I can do potato chips as they qualify under the thinly sliced and deep fried category. I had forgotten about those.
I dislike almost all vegetables, I pretty much will only eat peas in the pod and raw, once they are out of the pod they suck. And corn on the cob, but once it is off the cob it sucks.
I'm picky


You are the one making it weird.

Oh, good, I see...I've had peas, they're cool, and I love corn on the cob...used to hate corn, though. Not sure why. Also make me food god damnit, you're making me hungry...

So How's Avery doing?

He is playing Janna. There are only degrees of how boring it is.

I sincerely regret it.

I would be happy to make you dinner, cooking for others is what is fun about it.



Raadd, that'd be pretty sweet. Also you should teach me how to cook. I'll need it because I'm becoming a waifu.

I will not, there needs to be less competition in waifu jobs for me not more.

I forgive you this time. Maybe the following occurrence too.

What? Why are you Neruing me?



Janna can be pretty fun.


why do board games hate me


Solution: just don't play Pokemon.


And you should see what she can do with Jhinn.

Board games suck anyway

Except Operation.

Because it's the only way Gilligan can ever be in someone.

I quite enjoy monopoly.

Including operation

Calm down.

I do like denying ults, like Jhin ult, but I would rather play something else.

Fucking end your life. Holy shit.





Oh yeah that's neat, but I meant more in a sense of synergy
she adds ad with the shield and that + his passive is pretty broke.

I only ever played it once but it was pretty fun.

I used to love scrabble and yhatzee as a kid. Dice rolling was fun as fuck.

Only if you help me drink my tea.

I dunno what he wanted.

But can she go top lane?

It takes forever and is boring.

You are a kid.

It's three hours of objectively nothing interesting happening.

It is time to stop.

I'm a fucking adult you faggot.

If I can make Draven sup I can make Janna top.
Just build ad and go nuts.

Make up your own rules, that's where it's at.


He's in love with me and just missed me is all.

Why must you lie?


How am I lying? 16 is age of conset, literally an adult queermo.

Maybe he wanted to talk about hockey.

I didn't watch hockey today.

How the hell do you have time for hockey between all the anime?

Wanna touch sticks?

Grille-poisson, post la méga saucisse de votre petit ami s'il vous plaît


I can only watch anime while I'm in my bed, it's not like I watch it 24/7 :3


League isn't very hard

I'm like 7 minutes in, but wtf is this week's Dragon Ball Super?

God blew up time and then started playing with himself.

This is so stupid



At least we are gonna get an episode about Yamcha.



Made me laugh in the middle of a shootout.


I uh..... weren't the left claiming they were the good side?

They have always been the bad guys.

tbh fam I think both are but they sure were the main one trying to claim moral superiority, the right just seemed to want to do whatever regardless of moral standpoints to "make america great again". that's beyond the point though I'm more concerned that these people rather hope the country dies for picking the other candidate instead of hoping they were wrong and the winner does good

And they got mad about Trump saying he might not accept Hillary winning but when he won they literally started rioting and saying "not my president"

i love you!

new >:

The left always have claimed moral high-ground, despite playing endless identity politics and propagating lies and falsehoods and myths.
The right does shitty stuff too, but not to the same extent.
Trump is what they got for calling 1/2 of america racist sexist bigoted homophones who only have things because they are white or born into it instead of on their own merit.

ya, my mom doesnt know about my fetish for women in pretty underwear

mhm it's sad as fuck