♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Scoot Appreciation Thread Edition

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If your car is stopped and gets T-boned, do the front wheels move, and if so, what causes this and in which direction relative to the impact side?

...are u gonna stay awake today? *sniffles*

I beat rock band for the first time!

I just told you to give me it and I'd add you



i might be a dog
but I'm not ascared of no RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




helo exprosion

more please


you dont have a steam?

I do, I'm just not on it to add you right now

oh >~<

i'm bored... i wanna play games with people.

no reason to be sorry

teach me.... about yourself...

i have a game we can play
d it's called switch
the premise of the game is you take one finger, put it in your mouth and the other one goes in your asshole and when I says go, you switch




um, I'm an idiot so there is that

-runs away-

so you do anything? work or school or make stuff or like stuff like buy cool things or eat something that i dont eat?

lol a funny kat thingy?

Get thai'd
you're talking to a tourist who's everry move is among the purest


my daddy taught me that one

Your father, or just your daddy?



Metallica's new album Hardwired... to Self Destruct was released today. I've been waiting so long for Metallica to put out a decent album and today I was expecting that, but what I got instead was metal at it's absolute best. Hardwired... to Self Destruct is a 10/10 for me. The album sounds like old school Metallica from great albums such as Kill em All, Ride the Lighting, And Justice for All and Master of Puppets. They're back ladies and gentlemen!


hat are you up to this morning fortoon

Woke up here at friends. Been here since Friday. Gonna help hauling stuff today before I leave to go to the movies with my sis.



that sounds like a fun eventful day
missed out on some sleep, didnt get to bed til round 2 p.m and ended upr unning late to work at 4 so i didnt get in til 4 30 :/

Just enjoying my night I stayed up and played rock band and beat it
also my parents arent home so iM watching my puppy dogs

I think I mentioned my job before lad

Ooh, neat.
Cute puppies?

i dont know :(

you did? im gal.

did you want to play civ

pic related mein doggo
the other is a little tiny curly thing

yeah, small bookstore

That's a rather large dog, innit?



oh right, its all flooding back to me now :)
*hugs tight*


he's a decent sized pupper!!
Husky and Shar Pei mix!

here the subwoofer

Nice butt


So, how far is everyone in Sun and Moon?

get on

Sun and Moon?

Really? Doesn't look very Husky-ish.

Not playing yet.



getting sun this week so not anywhere yet

ye the only thing i can spot huskey ish is how his tail curls
he also has some lonesme huskey mannerisms and likes the cold even though he has a thin coat
def closer looking to a sharpie
do you have a dogger?

Thigh gap!

Pokemon Sun and Moon.
My trainer class is Spoiled Bitch.

It's the best.

Fair enough.
I finished the third island last night.
Am super enjoying it.

Also, see above, about the trainer class.


No. I don't like dogs, really.
Been attacked by one once, and can't be around them well since.
Not allowed pets anyway.

You can dress up the char, or is there char creation at the start?


Fair enough.

You pick one of 8 at the start, then can dress them up and change their clothes later.

You also don't have to wear the hat if you don't want to, I just really like that hat.

Ooh, that's pretty neat.
Did X/Y have that, too?

X/Y had the dress up.
But you had to wear a hat.

Also this one has a lot more options, or it feels like it at least, and your character doesn't become a disfigured chibi outside of specific situations.

Puffy vulva

Also, you can change the animations your character uses when sending out pokemon.

My character even sends her pokemon out like a well raised young woman, and I'm trying to unlock the animations to make her a total cunt when doing it.

Ooh, sounds good.
Icould play it when i'm home. A friend enabled my 3DS to play downloaded games.
I've only ever played a single game on it. I bought the 3DS solely to play Layton/PW.
Expensive joke. Wonder what I was thinking.

Sounds like fun, really.
You playing Sun or Moon, again?

Be careful, Nintendo's cracking down on pirating.

People had been getting complete system wide bans from network for playing Sun and Moon back before it was released.
I wouldn't take my chances that they can keep it up.

I'm playing Sun.

IMO: “In my opinion”
POS: “Parent over shoulder”
I freaked out on this bitch in the ring so hard that she died, and I don’t feel shit: “During an altercation in the underground fighting circuit, my opponent died and I experienced no remorse.”
ROFL: “Rolling on floor laughing”

Yeah, saw that. Pretty hilarious. Not just banned from Pokémon but from Nintendo? Hah.

puffy ikt peen


Why not?


can I battle the rin too? I already have cups and ytse lined up!

But I might actually have team by then.

help tho


Still techstuff, or the peen jokes?

Tech stuff!

it'll take me a bit, this is my first actual try at this

ew no

Don't nuzlocke it with all the extra rules to make it harder. :^)

that was going to be my plan awhile back when I borrowed leaf green from my sister but then I decided to wait on a new pokemon to just play


i sad

You know I can't tech half-half-half-half as well as you.

Nah, I was watching someone play it the other night.
And he was Nuzlocking.

With item clause and grinding clause.

So he got to the first actual battle and lost his entire team.

wew that sounds horrible

I can always appreciate some third party insight though.

He was. Mad.

I probs never used whatever language you use, but I'll humor you.
What's the issue?



Language agnostic.


tl;dr: Input causes a feedback loop causing the car to fishtail out of control. How to separate user-caused input by self-caused input?

This is math*physics*programming
I cannot

tbh it's probably automotive engineering x control systems

But I know nothing about that kinda stuff.
I've never used C++ either.
Or any C, for that matter.

what about justsaying fukkit and turning the steeringweel rotates the car around its own axis and the driver has to figure out the rest

Ikt why do you hate me?

But I want to make it feel good!

Heck it could be written in GoLang for all I care, I need a method to get the thing I want.

Something something Remorseless Peenshowing, no?
Heyo, Soto.

I can't help here, it's totally out of my area of expertise.

No way, over that?
Like that's not even that bad

Sup Fortune, how's life?

AKA Remorseless.
Pretty good, though hella boring.
At friends, been here since Friday, but I'm still bored as fuck.
Don't have internet at home. Been like that for two weeks, but I hope it gets fixed soon. It might not.
Going to the movies with my sis this evening tho, which is pretty hype.
How ya doing?

I have a couple of remorse left in me so I wouldn't call myself remorseless

Oh shit internet moochin lmao
Naww but that sounds pretty chill though, at least youre kicking it with your buddy
Oh nice, you better dress nicely

Just got off work, just relaxin

I got invited because of the no-internet, yeah. Pretty neat. Glad they went out of their way to call me to invite me and shit.
I'm surprisingly comfortable with the way I look lately, at least when I put a bit of effort into my hair.
And it's not like my sis cares much. We got to the movies every so often. We went two weeks ago to Doc. Strange, and we're going to "Magical Beasts and where to find them" today.
What are your working times like nowadays?

That's nice though
At least you can shitpost and play vidya
I work Sat - Tue, 18:00 - 4:30
I'm doing 60 hrs this week cause of black friday/cyber monday

Oh, it's already time for that?
jesus what

Yeah we work 6 days a week/10 hr shifts for 2 weeks

We make like €755 a week
aint too bad


Holy shit. That's some nice money.
That's only a bit less what I get a month.
But I'm a NEET. rip
60 hours tho...

I thought you were a programmer Fortune. You're supposed to make like €1000 a week no?

I failed my education because of reasons, and am now a NEET.

Back on the horse then!

I am getting help/support/counseling, and they advise me to wait for an undetermined amount of time. I'm getting welfare...

yeah say goodbye to your social life
At least I still have you guys

no bullying



Genuinly thought he had shit going for him, also due to his absence and I recalled him camming from some internship or something.

nice afternoon

It's fucking boring being NEET. I hate getting welfare too, makes me feel like the bad part of society.
But no stress. Which is nice, I guess.


W-where are her pantsu

Can imagine

She's a slut, she probably never wears any

Schrodingers' Panties

Do programmers really earn that much tho?

oh wait
shower time


Be back later o....?

They're well paid here at least, particularly if have any experience with legacy systems or other older languages, since a lot of companies still run shit from the 90's or early 00's. Outdated as hell but hard to transfer to new systems. You can basically charge what you want.

Yea, I guess that makes sorta sense.
It'll be years before I can get a job now... bleh.

Tokai post bp


His ass ain't that good
Calm down fam

we all know I have the best ass here so calm your tits soto


Oh, nvm. Thought it was a reply to something else. Haven't seen the spoilered pic.
Not gonna.

do u have a steam?

Spoils pls

For sure man, we need to its been a while

it's just tracer in her olympic skin



why do you hate me ikt?

yes but later

the amount of squats I perform based solely on my job let alone when working out and riding my bike everywhere rather than dealing with cars means there's a chance I'm right. :^) a secret though cause no one will know for sure

lol youre not even at trap tho


u~u *sits on ur lap patiently*


wow sitting on your daddies lap is whorish now?

Ooh, alright.
In company right now. Am careful.

Actually talk this time tho.
How's your mic/headset?


i wanna sit on spoilers lap

not really but it's always a possibility, you never know. I could also become the firs person on mars though so take it how you will bae

I am much less on steam than discord so you should be happier from the discord add

did you just assume my gender punk?! senpai trump gonna nuke your ass!

fair enough, it's good not to open spoilered images in that case just to be safe


precious booty


Yea, for sure.
Though not everyone cares about spoilering in the first place.

What... is the point of putting dicks in front of someones scarf-covered eyes?

Gotcha! Wild Exeggcute has be caught!

It is time my friends.
Time to build.
The meme team.

do it?

i just want to cover all aspects... u_u
so that i don't lose you.
just in case...

Is it an Alolan one? Nice

wew lewd

true but thumbnails you can excuse to people cause you didn't make them there

I am not a clever person even I can lose me

lol rin ur such a nerd

i'll help?

I have nothing in the house to eat but FUCK I don't want to go outside in the cold

I suppose.
It was a nice olympian butt.

go get food fgt

you can try but I ain't sure it's a thing

very, adore that skin
I'm off to bed though night guys

Whoa, this 'late'?
Dayum man, nini.



at least i'll be around?

I know I know fuck

I got junk yesterday, cant again today

What's the 'o' stand for?!

omg becky look at that butt

That doujin destroyed my dick dude

what butt

arenot stores closed on sundays eithetawy

I don't even want to know how many you know at this point.
I've read a lot, but still inferiour numbers, probably.



You can, it's easy!




What does that even mean?

Only cool dutch people know

It's a secret.

Someone come make me a grilled cheese.



I am grilled cheese


Cute pics tho

Everything I post is cute


So far so good, yea.


There will never be an instance where I post something that is not cute.

What if empty post


Empty post?

That means I didn't post something cute, not that I posted something that's not cute.

Ooooooooh that way.

Did you or did you not leave the "a y y l m a o"?

This way?

I know right

Nah, there's one here open 24/7

It was COLD

*pat* I meant I understood.

Whatchu got?

I don't understand!

My post never sent! :O


Oh, the Discord chat? Left it months ago. I have everyone I was talking on it as friend tho.

But I do!

Just bread and toppings, nothing exciting tonight.

Then I have no reason to stay in that chat anymore.

I'm not sure why I left, but I guess I should have left you know. It's been so long that I can't remember what was going through my mind at the time.
Sorry yo.
How ya doing, though?

Ah, thought you'd go cook stuff.

add me pls ;~;

Nah got lazy. I might tomorrow and cook for a week or so

Ah, Monday again.

Maybe Kookbanaan bullied you?
or Veld

I'm just getting ready to sleep.

No reason for us to be in there, server is basically dead.

You doin' aite?

I'm gonna eat you (grilled cheese)

G-go easy on me...

b-but... you can still add me on discord... without needing a server.

Nah. I am unbullyable.
Wouldn't be here if I wasn't.

Yeah. About to go see a movie with my sister. Kinda hype.


Oh? What movie?

tfw not really hungry

Whatchu gonna see?

Magical Beasts and where to find them.
Harry Potter spinoff thingy.

it was good
main character is soo awkward tho

But it's dinner time.

Ou, have fun!

Make it not monday

Sounds neato.

Hmmm, time to go then. brb nom

Rewind to Friday night!

Ah damnit. I'm very prone to feeling embarassed for someoen else.

How's the you?

I read the book as a kid. It was this codex/encyclopedia thingie which just lists a lot of magical monsters with some anecdotes and stuff.

dont worry... you wont notice it, if you arent the observant type.
the movie is alright, not as quircky as it could be... a tad subtle
but it does an okay job of being a movie in HP universe
without all the harry potter.
it works.. and is kinda fun... and a little exciting.

Gonna go shower.


I didn't sleep well last night.

welp. Let's see what it's like.

Ah, that sucks. Ruins your entire day, no?
Good luck next night, I suppose!

Heading out!
See you all whenever I have internet again.

dont worry bout it~
at least you have a sister.


As of latest patch, elo has been removed from the game.


Even neater if you read it!



Bronze is hard kay.



no u


This post has been awarded a Gold Post Merit by an independent posting body and awarded five out of five stars by readers

Playing guiter is harder than I was told it would be.


[Incites Drama at (You)]

you are not supposed to actually play just pretend too


That sounds doable.

Guitar is the most free instrument



Monstrata is srsbsns

Hey, I was pretty busy yesterday. Sorry that I was not around. I did not get home until around midnight.

But to be honest I found piano easier to learn than I am finding this.
I don't understand how some people can just pick something up for the first time and make it sound good right off the bat.


Do not get angry...

there is no need to be upset

aw yiss niggas

Grim sends his regards


where all the good people at?

Hunting items in DS3.

Arent you the only one who plays that though?

One of like 6. From here at least.

But, they are all away at the same time? Plus I mean... You arent a good poster. Sorry fam.

I think George is mad at me again and Yan only joins if he does.
I don't really ever play with QT.

So yeah, I'm alone today.

And I don't really think I am either.

Im only joshing you heh,
Well. People ey, I am thinking after lastnight todays episode that being a robot wouldnt be so bad.

brb soaking hands in milk. Them chillis are potent little blighters.

I'm not angry.

I slashed my wrists for nothing.


He means well.
I'm just worried he will get past the point of furious with me sometimes. If he decided I was not worth having around I would honestly be close to giving up on myself. He means the world to me.

No more.

No more what?

I get those worries. Familiar. But I bet that they are just going through what they usually do. Or what I can infer as their usual.
Singularity will be a blessing.

Scathing remarks.


"Good" is scathing? :3

He's mad because I forgave Grim and he's worried he's going to treat me like crap again. I don't like when I am put between people like this.


It's true though.


At the end of the day, I can see his perspective... But to be honest its not their place to tell you how to treat other people. I have been in numerous similar situations where ive launched myself into the defense of a friend and gotten in someones face because theyve beena dick to them and having them just go "oh well, its all kosher now" makes me a little aggro. But such is life.
Tbh I am still aggro to lesser degrees over specific people. I never forget beef. Tasty beef.
But, in reality, it is your decision whether or not you forgive someone their trespass and its then the mature thing to accomadate that.
Waka waka.
Its time to go full booze.

george will forgive. he is wired to worry and see the down side, but he cares about you.





She isn't wrong.

Yeah. I have a bad habit of not really being able to let go of friends no matter how hard we fight if I was friends before, but I can never get close to someone anymore if we fought before we were friends.

I know. I just want to avoid causing him grief.

Welp. This is another reason why I drink... -scrawls a number 56 on the list of reasons-

I think we've made good progress.
Most of my closest friends helped me through major hardships in my life.



Neru you can draw fast

Nah but thats what good friends do.
I know there are one or two here whove helped me in the worst of times. Love for them because im not an easy peach.

I'd have ditched my ass a long time ago if there had beena choice.



aha really

I over react too much.

You fucking quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueen



I'm basically Van Gogh


In this... the Queendom of the feggs

Requests reaching a whole new level.



new phone who dis

why do so many countries use red white and blue


good afternoon bubs

what a happy cat

Did you git gud yet?


Is it that time of the day already...

Nobody is gudder than I

i love cats

Something something hockey metaphors.
But I think the colors represent like freedom/loyalty/courage
It just looks good too.


he's such a fat little happy shit I love it

By virtue of everyone else being awful.

Did he just lose his entire army by not attack moving?



we lost our armies 4-6 times that game

opponent actually never attacked after this

I was looking for somebody to take control in replay and see whether an engage on base would have lead anywhere

i know
i use to have a fat cat but then she got old i miss her

this was my roomates cat

How the fuck did this last an hour?




Well game speed is like 1.4

das cute
I had a cat but it's dumb ass got run over.
still got a doggo.
he likes cats too

Oh, that is how.

rage kat

Oh, my God.


do you want the replay file

my opponent never
went into my half of the map

I was the only one trying to attack their base

they had spammed AA towers so I gave up on air units and started trying out various ground units

did it look like this ?

Is she love meme?

and it had flees

Neru get on

I am too ignorant about the game to provide any quality analysis. I just never had any 1v1 games go over 40 minutes, and even that was long.

Me too!

why was cat so dumb?

Analyze me

Post replay.

bought from an asian
prolly only knew how to be food

I only play against A.I. :^)

Do you lose to them?

you need to buy better cats
like this one



that's a shit cat


Loco confirmed for terrible taste

it is good cat you just have different cat tastes
what kind of cat do u like

*grabby hands*


luka please


hungry :(


Zerg is cheater.


Now I feel obligated to look at this.

Not. Helping.

i do not have snow leopard but i have snow cat

woof woof arf arf :3 * cute puppy bouncing around on the carpet *

protip fastforward until you see a huge pile of 30-50 units start moving around then normal speed

then fastforward until it happens again

like 5-6 times

nothing happens otherwise other than expanding etc

fastforward as in seek

Ok I'll stop.

im ordering peeba, want in?

But you won the others. I would lose to A.I. too. Playing Wings of Liberty threw me off the other day because I was trying to make a Mothership Core early on.

This will be painful.


Play league with me for distracts.

I wish it would let me select the difficulty of A.I. instead of choosing it for me ;;


yes yes

lets make animus commune great again


Just a moment.

I thought you could.

i hear the middle east is pretty politically unstable right now

we could probably set up our own nation there like

Lets make memes dreams come true


WIiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

I dunno what this build order is.

I will wait patiently.

but none of us make for good soldiers.

we can do it inshallah
animus hotel incoming

Since when did everybody here start to play SC2?



Neru started so his boyfriends Echo and Darwin started.

And I patched it :^)

He could have killed you 7 minutes into this.



Hm okay. You seen the archon gamemode?

we can become soldiers.

everyone started playing SC2 and did not invite me
I am hurt


Oh, yeah. But then I have to pick the map.

Mhmm, it's nice.



Is it available even though you only have Wings?


Mhmm, you can change your expansion level in the options.

Obviously ladder would be dead though.


mine or

Animus horror story.


cause we monsters


all my frens are heathens too


we can make it a big ol ground, self sustaining.

i made a bowl of macaroni and ate all of it

how can i get in contact w/ kanra


Zerglings are cute af tbh

how can i get im contact w/ kanra

soz, haven't been eating recently, felt pretty good about myself, wanted to tell people

Pour maple syrup over an Izaya figurine to summon the Kanra.

you have to get a load of cliffnotes together and sacrifice them to john green in front of a mirror

is he on steam
what is his steam id

skype is also fine if u got it

proud barbarian

nmac and cheez that comfort food, s'all good famalamb

you know why they called barbarians?

cause they were barb-ecuers

I don't get it can u explain

no.... because when they spoke their language it sounded like they were saying "bar bar bar bar"
hence.... BAR-BAR-ians

Oh yeah, probably not too many on Wings playing. Rip


the mre you know


bar bar bar barbed wire

My keyboard distracts me.


How comes?



Oh, I never bothered downloading any of those programs for mine.

the HECK is a wind ensemble

i have this feeling im only watching this because kyoani moe

it's a load of fagots

It's on there already!

It's literally just underage girls blowing things.


I don't know, I have different pre-programmed systems on my M800 Apex.
But then again, who wants to play Snake on keyboard lights?



It's funny for 5 minutes, then you never touch that again.

I kinda wanna another keyboard, but only because to get MX Blues or something clicky.

I was going to write something about guro but i dont think it was in good taste...
this is his "one"
everybody gets one


hey that used to be me but irl

those were good times

I slipped and wiped out on the way to DnD today.
Spilt my coffee and everything.


how does it feel?


Just a bunch of useless gimmicks, although the colours are pretty nice.
I've been pretty happy with this so far, although I keep pressing the space bar by accident because it's so light.


those r ur fe3t?
they r nice ^ ^

oh my god yes

no worres

wait what?

just as planned

excuse me

Bitch, don't you patronize me.
I'm a pokemon master.


Looks good, all it needs is a washing machine

It only ever happens when I'm not playing any games though, so not that big of a loss.



i should thinks so....
god bless your gezunteit

Get a new keyboard!

IBM Model M is a good point to start with.

I don't know I thought we were saying luka quotes.

/g/ meme pls.

I love these so much




300 sc edition.

Don't you want biceps on your fingers?









man do i want to waste 24 episodes of my life watching moe girls blow on things

But I already do.

Never go full pedo.


then again i mean its not like it gets any worse if i do

What's oobles up to and who the HECK is oobles because I either forgot you or we never spoke.

Wait how

wow I didn't even mean it that way perv

okay senpai :3

can monday be moved to like

Just fucking drink bleach tokai OH MY FUCKING GOD

Because I lift with my fingers.

what show


whoever posted koume

this dommelsch beer tastes about the same

Hibike s1

If Subtle recommended it it should be okay right?

Maybe that's why your spacebar is easily triggered.

what is dommelsch??


screaming buttholes

Oh yes, it's very good.

S2 is airing too