But I know a hero will come

But I know a hero will come

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i lost my train of thought




oh shit a legend

daggy boy


I wish they stayed gone.

best thread

there may be another

hey ban

Same difference.

hecking same


lol good times


Same what?

i love fat tiddy

heya teepee how goes chasing buffalo and shit

heya bardo, hows you

y-yeah good times..

is this a proto1 thread?

me TOO

enjoyinng me some civ i got to see my yunger friends tonight so that was fantastic how are you doing mi amigo

brb drink

oh we're posting in this one






make one from this image

i am a vegetarian

i would never chase a dying animal breed

you know i'm messing with you right?

i'm just glad you're here

flawless transition

I eat fear

You don't know what you're saying.

i thought grim v proto

choosing proto was a no brainer

no offense


no worries, I didn't see his thread

i'm just trying to be cool ;~:

i saw both and made a decision



Somebody once told me that prot was blood chan and idk how to take that

his was better


Gril that is broken engliush.


for you

oh you too?

ayy, but you live in a teepee right?
hows it going man

sounds fun! i'm goin ok, saturday so just chilling and shit, same ole same ole

what is she eating

fuck you cheesticks.

rifk my life was filled was war.

it was filled with killings

and it filled with drugs

ripped apart pizza sheesh grim

i k

nah the typing profile is all wrong

proto is his own thing

bloodchan is finally dead thank god



that sounds pretty lit

did georgie go to bed?

Somebody once told me that Flan and Luka were Alice2

A pizza slice

I'ts not y fault I'm not popular

i know!

looks like clothing

Or it's pantsu..

Oishii desu ne


you have pennsylvania making america great again
here is iowa

who the HECK told you that lol
I couldnt beleive it
flan maybe tbh but i doubt that

o-oh hi stocking

sup soto

naisu desu





same fucking page

He waved a terrible towel at a few Pittsburgh rallies; I should probably get a cap of that.

And GarEE did, lmao

ay gurl how u

This is my monthly check in. You people are still boring.

when i get really blacked out i always take jameson shots

it is a go to


hi fool!

thats pretty badass
My dad has a few terrible towels


who you playin tabletop with?

i donno a little tired



No, I'm not me, I'm someone else.

what pokeman should I catch?

I started the dumb owl because I don't want a cat with fists.

same, it's the only spirits i drink anymore.



like not even playing

hope life has been well
how are your art pieces

sorry for kicking you from my discord, I tried quitting, like seriously quitting so I tried burning my ties

lasted for a month :/

whatever you can get till you can catch them reliably.

the grass/bug one that theres a lot of porn of seems cool

looks like someone I dont know

Why? Your dad likes the Stillers even though he lives in Iowa?

You don't seem as drunk as you should be for this point of the night

where you been

It's fine. Everything is fine.

looks like some chilled asf indian cunt to me

mhm, jamesons and emu export. ritual my friend

give it time

glad to hear.
hey, do you do non-figure pottery? like bowls?

that would be me if you sent me some lsd

That is Buzzy pretending to be new again.

Not here.


so basic

I don't know which one you're talking about

thats my bitch

well most of myextendded family is from pennsyylvania
my grandparents live here though
my dad was born in florida then moved to pennsylvania then they all mvoed to iowa and thats where my family is

i likke the stillers
we dont have a pro football team here
but we do have one of the best college teams in the league

Oobles is a female guro

get a furret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I don't do pottery at all.

it's good that no one even remembers who buzzy was

holy shit how old are you


oh you did clay then?

but a lot more feminine

i hated buzzy


what's up with those roaches



dleete this

I have been 16 for five years.

Do you have Yuengling there? I think it's kind of a Pennsylvania thing but I'm not sure to what degree

Oh I was just blank linking you; didn't mean for the image to be specifically directed at you. How's ur spider

Do ur grandparents say words like "yins"



Yes, I work with clay, but that is different from pottery. Pottery is a specific type of work, clay is just a material.

My roaches are fine as well. So are my tarantulas, millipedes, and vinegaroon.

Which one?

not my dad but grandparents do
and snoot for nose
and uh

orange is pronounceced

i have disfavourable recollections of buzzy

So... I want to throw away some old stuff but some of that old stuff has a lot of sentimental value regardless of it use. This ranges from stuff like old hot wheels to Ps3 games/collector's editions to RC helicopters and small electronics.

I don't really know what to do.

That entire era was filled with horrible and bland faceless people
buzzy or wiz or fuckign treecko

'Gimme'-luka 2016

Apex predators.




I see

think about the last time you really played with/used them

keep some super seriously senti stuff, and just trash the rest

the less you hold off the easier it'll be



s-so kawaii

i do not undertand this

that game is hard

Do whatever it is so long as it's authentic and you're ready to enact the consequences.

The word you are looking for is ceramics.

Tell them how raidchan made you run the hell away/


You got another one? I just remember you posting a lot about one.

I think jagoff is my favorite Pittsburgh word

It's a kind of beer; I guess not. :3

Have you fapped to it yet?

I can't ;)

pennsylvania only has 3 things
punks skunks and elephant tusks

i love big vagina

it is

no bully !!

I have four. A B.albopilosum, an E.sp.Red, a G.pulchra, and an A.hentzi.

so true fam

stocking make animus great again

yeah...I like the glazes and stuff
if you did that stuff I'd totally order a custom piece from you

I haven't fapped to pokemon in a few weeks actually

got that JAV of ryuuko

I'm gonna topple you like that jenga block

I like Guro

She doesn't look anything like her

idunno mane

t-that's not your job

i like him too

Let there be light.

thats not the point
the point is her cute face and near perfect nips

i would vote for stocking for admin

cause he like does not give a fuck

that is an important quality i see in leaders

what are you implying here

Silly Bard.

What if I may be used in the future?

[nervous sweats]

Doesn't she have sort of funny teeth? Not that I saw it.

I don't see it

then throw it back into deep storage I guess.


i'm pretty feminine to start with grim

I love this little community of weirdos

mordin can you please leave you fucking slut

you are literally a pole that people sling cum at

Fuck with real niggas and die./

I don't have a kiln, nor the space for a kiln. Glazing requires kiln firing. You make the piece, fire it, then glaze it and fire it again. I'm not interested in glazing or anything of that sort. My sculpture pieces aren't about the object itself. They're only created in service to my memories and impressions. Apparitions, phantasms from the past.




have you ever noticed how sneaky cuckshit is

Instead of perceiving yourself as a role, and then acting in accordance to that role, perceive yourself as yourself and live authentically.

They're perfectly round and she has lil button nips

to each their own I guess



Oobles has that motherly aspect about her, though.
big reason why she's a keeper
don't you let that girl go

it's pretty as fuck though

thats understandable though
such enigma

2 brown

I guess there are those first two things but I don't remember seeing any elephant tusks recently.

A guess you got more. :3 I just remember it had a normal person name

Jeffrey or something?

Discord is screwing us on trade

he is like really sneaky

and no one knows anything about him or how old he is

but somehow people still get tricked into making him mod

hashtag truth for aussies


wat he do

we all know he's underaged or under 20

he hasn't abused his modship yet

what else to say

I didn't just notice I was a part of some of it.

Uh.. Hmm..

If it is done right, it is. I'm not a ceramicist in that sense. I only work with clay as a means to an end and am not about the exploration of what the material can do.

gimme da juice!!!

Eric, my B.albopilosum.


Do you not get what I am saying?

I remember Lexi posted this all the time.


bard have you ever noticed how clockwork is always in the middle of any mod debate

but no one actually knows if he is 8 or 50


have you made any that represent vindication

i think she is the only thing that separates me from some horrible yet deserved Darwinian death

Did they really? Gross...that makes me not wanna post it.

he was never elected

get out you fucking uncle tome grim

uncloe tome fucker

I am a cute shota lolita vampire who is actually 800 so it's ok to drill my boy pussy even though I look like I'm 8.
I'll even moan and call you daddy.

so many apologists tonight

A ella le gusta la gasolina
Como le encanta la gasolina
A ella le gusta la gasolina
Como le encanta la gasolina

do you know who else were apologists? nazi germany

your weakness towards life is slightly understandable but still no excuse

you have your whole life ahead of you, if you self terminate I will wrench your fucking soul back into this world somehow and make you feel the pain for fucking up

No. I understand.



you apologist fuckers

Hello goodye I'm rather crazy
and I never thought I was crazy


I found a Pichu and it fucked my owl


Get a Magnemite at the trainer school nigga

/r/ing pichu x noctowl hentai fan fics

*Lifts skirt*
Grab my pussy.


Lmao that pokemon is GAY and STUPID!

sorry colbert i have not found a pokeman yet




No, they are all accusatory of the self. I perceive myself as inherently guilty.

Then what seems to be the problem?

Dogs don't have pussies. Everyone knows this.

The fuck is a Grubbin and what does it turn into?

im chillin'
finished clannad yesterday that was p sweet
sup wit u


Electric/Bug, insane special attack but slow as fuck and not bulky

i built a tavern for guero's skeleton
we in it

why did you watch clannad

i like worked and came home

watch after story

No problem. Just useful advice for another issue.

It looks cool.


starting to get triggered again


HE WILL NEVER WALK AGAIN ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




It is cool. Just not optimal

well what do you fucking want me to do

Every pocket-men from the third generation on has looked insanely stupid.


holy crap fool you're there too?

carpets got more shag than u ever have :*(

It's is useful advice for every situation.

it's like looking at mars

I'm gonna catch a male Yungooos and name it Trump.

"she likes meme?"

-Manaka asking about ooble


you dont see me shagging every single fucking ho out there

gotta get that quality


grim you made manaka quit cause you wanted to fuck him so hard

he even didn't tell you when he came back

and made you rage

and made him leave harder

lesson? don't be a homo

Man this show looks fucking awful.



..hahaha, hey Gweo we're just joking around! you knowww we dont rreally mean it, but seriously, marry her

lol, tbh i'd shag most if it was up for taking

it's hella true

have you talked to manaka since he ghosted the fuck outta you?

How does one make goals, then?



in japan far far away

too bad he came back :/

What goals? One only acts in accordance to the authentic self.

he came back but made grim rage more cause like he didn't tell him

A bird just growled at me TP

not surprising

Happy Friday ♥

nice rei

thats how you get syphilis


WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????!!!?!?!?!?!

i asked subtle-sensei to recommend the girliest anime to me and that was one of them
i envy u...

i will! and then isnt there a movie too?

no idea

y-you too

woah there buddy
slow your roll

subtle is a cuck



the movie is just the effects of clannad and clannad after story condensed into 2 hours for a quick cash grab
watch original and after story and if you REALLY REALLY REALLY love the story then watch the movie


yup. hey grim, how you been

mad goggles

i been oke

hows work life

This chick I was trying to get it in with in highschool showed me this song

that has no dick!!!!!!!!!

How's it been, Teeps?

Dag are you saving thumbnails?

At least shes not washing a window with her butt.

Wait just a minute...

does anyone have the manaka engrish quotes folder
i miss his old posts

really good elmers

kinda want to get more high

Elma is here?

they got some amusing stuff.

oh shut up

a nice rey rei at that

ah i see


They're talking right there.

Who are you, btw.

fool it rly is you!

so sad that they have to hide their love


I am me.


That is Flerb.

Tp i fixed my owl and he can walk again


tsuchi how you been man

there is no brake..

Who the heck is flerb?

[. . .]

There ya go! Friday night, biyotch!

I've got a big benefit bash to go to tomorrow so I'm hyped.

Hey, Fool. Long time no see~

thank gawd

naw just found all my old shit i saved on an external, so yeah i probably did.

get more high yo

Ok i'm posting one with a penis now


benefit bash?


Hello, yes. Okay then.


onee san



bretty gud/10

Yuppers! It's gonna be fun. It's a big party for a FtM.

You alright?



so i'm gonna smoke a joint

moogs should be admin

Tp I just beat the kauhnas son with my Pichu

nm nm Just chillin

what's new with you?

You're amazing

Not really, but thanks for asking.

The shading looks a bit inorganic. Like it's too clean and sharp.
Saying it constructively, not just to be picky.


Isn't it boring to stay sad all the time?


I wouldn't think its much a choice

but it is



Depends. Idunno.




I'm a boring person.

Of course it is a choice. I could always kill myself.


i lovep enis

I'm sorry, but you cannot be trusted as a source on anything other than utter nonsense

hey i like that ty

the harsher the lighting the sharper the shadow

it's just unfortunate that the fire didnt really push that as much as i had originally intended



already have

You have a choice to make definitive changes in your life to put yourself in better situations that will make your mood better.
Or you can just give into self-loathing and wallow in self-pity.
So yeah, there's kind of a choice.

shut up kid


and become an alcoholic, yuuup

because they feel good in my pp-p-p-p--p-p-p-pussy

not if your situation is unmaleable

"retardeddog has been added to your part"

i'm such a go trainer

super vampire?

I mean thats what they are made for I guess.

I'm admittedly not very artistic so take my criticisms with as little weight as you want.
I can't really think of what to call it but just where everything looks too uniform in color and lines. Like, the form is great but just one of those things in the details.

Hello I'm here to join the smiles meat club
i meet the requirements, of course
where do I sign up

whats a cool band u recently found

i thought u werent gay

it is true
sorry i am not gay

i love vagina but penis is good

bisexuals make me suspicious

Why aren't you gay? Whats wrong with you?

Nobody talk to Sci.

Or just like not use substances as an emotional crutch.

There's not a single person here whose life is utterly unchangeable.


haven't been listening to much new stuff lately tbh, just revisiting my library. wbu, what have you been listening to?

can that be proven?
how would YOU become happy?

i wish i had that sensibility before, yo

I'm fucking hungry

i havent been listening to music at all i got bored of it but before that happened i found that i rly liked james ferraro do u like james ferraro?

Tp i'm hungry


Me too.




Wanna go get dinner?

Pray do tell.
Whose life here is utterly unable to be improved?

I'm rather happy in my life.

How about Dorsia?

tacos sound good


I don't know what that is

They have a great sea urchin ceviche.

only listened to him now tbh, seems pretty good. chill


I would rather be authentic than happy. I only have the true sense of myself when I am unbearably unhappy. In my unhappiness I find my honesty. I am guilty, in my guilt there is truth.

i have a golden retriever and he is the sickest cunt out


Fool was the original topic here
but I don't knoww anything about anyone's life here but myself

I am unableto claim of ways how to improve their life with the resources they have available
as I beleive that some here are unable to find hapiness with what they have

marble surf listen to marble surf

dumb hipster

I've never eaten that but it looks good.



I was speaking entirely in generalities.
Fool is a miser and enjoys being a miser for reasons I don't wish to guess.

okie, thanks!

eat cats?

also is this tsuchi

which one is this

nope, one of my old cats that died used to sleep on him.

How can I be a miser if I don't have any money?


guero would be sad



Miser meaning someone miserable, though I think etymology of that is weird.

i just smoked out my liquor guy

such a good look. like dude has those weird ear gauges

ur fine

hey, how are you.

Hell Is overflowing.

Aug 31, 2004 - 9 posts - ‎7 authors
"when there is no more room in hell , the dead shall walk the earth"


p-pls no suspicioun

Apparently that's listed as an "obsolete" definition.


I am giung to hit Chicago

I forgo basic comforts, not because I am unwilling to spend money on them, but because I perceive myself as wholly undeserving of such things.

The exact definition of a miser is someone who hoards money.

yeah like advanced gauges

dude is chill tho

hit me up when you're here i will always have acouch

I am going to hurt you.


dont worry other than ur sexuality u are mostly fine except ur kind of a flirty creepy but also u do drawings which impresses me
better than not having made an impression maybe i hope

Fairly decent.
Finally caught up on sleep at least.

Miserable itself means financially poor in the literal sense but English isn't exactly static.

rifk I am very close to you.

oh no

let's chill

i like to draw


getting drank on a saturday, i remember talking to you a few times, my memories shit. been a while anyways.

tp do you have steam or skype or someshit

even better


yes it is cool... oh and another thing GUERO more like GARBO get w/ luka instead she's available and a cute girl

Miserable means wretchedly unhappy.

listening to memory surf now, is like spacy gospel lol, pre good

no i stopped signing in sorry dags

i only post once a week anymore


naw is k yo, when do you usually post /;

I'm drinking as well, albeit just beer. You?
My posting is generally lessened lately, I think.
Been a while, yeah.

Miser, a poor person, became miserable because assumedly all poor people in horrible living conditions are unhappy. Miserable is the adjective form of miser which has became its own word and meaning unrelated to its origin.
That's what I meant. Which is common for most of the English language.

nailed it

How to waste an hour?

I got food

dates off

Meet up and drink with Dags.

Misers are rich people who refuse to spend money and instead hoard it. A poor person is not a miser because they are not hoarding money. They simply don't have money.

Once a month.


pretend you are 18 or older


I'm 19

guero is infinateley better than sci will ever be

gogs is on the otherside of the country

is oobles kira?

still hella confused

Is Emma.

stop confusing people.

shut up you

i'm fucking oobles nigga

hello thre sexy

but like before that

Or am I?


I cannot help it.


i would lol if it turned out that cuckshit was like 30

i was no one before that i came here as oobles???


see this

you are roleplaying

so bloodchan?

arabia FEARS me


I assumed miser was simply poor and equated it with misery and miserable. Cursory looking up shows I'm wrong.

Ride a kangaroo to his abbo hut and huff gas with him and kill the evil white man.

im glad u like it!

not at all! she is a sweet girl! give her a chance!

stay bitter dr eggman

It's a fat Canadian girl Guero knows from some game that he invited here.

it's ok i understand your mental retardation from (probably) fetal alcohol syndrome but please try to understand that i was brought here and i am oobles and i hvae a real vagina

im jk u are kind of all right but i rly want luka to find her soulmate ;_ ;

wow that's rude i'm actually normal weight HELLO?

bc has a real vagaina

somebody be my daddy and get me planet coaster

oh guero is somehow related?

this is terribly surprising

yes!!!!!! i love vsgina

I just assume you're fat because you post fat chicks all the time.
So yeah, you're fat.

Jesus christ.

Yeah, that's wrong.

we vajonas brothers

it's my preference. ;_;

hi clocky


English and its etymology is a giant clusterfuck.

yes u told me that already

come visit me you already know my address stalker

evil white bugger ain't no good

yahs, thanks for introducing, i'll check some more stuff out

luka will find some adequate lesbian love who doesn't also like dick

Hello Oobly

I only found that out through coincidence.

Just send him off to one of Australia's many internment camps for the boat people.

i know i have drink
i go to bed now goodnight!!!!!!!!!

j-just like i found you UWU

hi goggles!!! goodnigfht googless!!


if test had a more open mind they might be married now why test why

eh i gotta go, my phone lags on 8ch so i'll seeyas all later, keep safe and shit

I'm pretty sure he'll never find a lesbian that like dudes.

Have a good sleep.




nini oobs

love ya dags

Language is a clusterfuck.

dags why is clockwork such a whore

he makes your based country look bad

ban stop it

you're such a dork
holu shit

yeah thats probably accurate

test isn't pure enough

goodnight my love

The languages that have governing bodies tend to be less of clusterfucks at least.

well he can fake it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are tsuchi and fool fighting about politics?

kinda close to cumming

When is Guero going to get his Canadian visa to slam dunk Ooble's overweight vagoo?

mouf swolllen

English has a governing body?

Some time after the next Canadian anime con


No. Most of the Romance languages do, as well as Asiatic ones.

already got one dawg
probably earlier but by the latest, may

but it is annoying dont u hate it?

why do guero and beebop only show up when threads get weird

Since you can't have your guns in Canadia, is she moving to the US when you get married or are you going to give them up?

They are the orchestrates of the weird.

i think they are the ones who make threads get weird

oh guero you dog >/w/

I'm just following my heart >~

I wasn't aware that French had a governing body. Or that Korean did. Or Italian or any other language for that matter, with the exception of the languages spoken in very oppressive dictatorships.

yes i was implying that as well

they are both gun toting pedophiles


Correlation does not imply causation

slow your roll there romeo
haven't thought that far ahead
plus, the canadian border aint even that strict im sure i can get some guns over

;____ ; if u rly mean that
then i cant muster the will to try and stop u

It's been a pleasure talking to some of you. bye.

shut up kid

oh yeah TP as a registered pissbaby how do you feel about shillary losing the election

I honestly have no idea who they are other than their auxiliary association with you.

bye cuck

havea great night gogs

I'm happy you understand.


oh shit luka is here


not much to expand on internet history wise, tbh
no former circlejerks to speak of
she's just a canadian shitposter who i brought to the thread from a discord
she draws and plays vidya

English also has a governing body, but it is not a natural language in that the governing body exerts control over it to remove ambiguity and complexity.

roleplay gives u a strong and warm embrace


Fair enough.

There's no governing body of English.
It's entirely dictated by usage.


i'm a real special type of asshole

i have heard numinous weir af fucking pathetic things you have done

things you have given money to

fuck you please die for real

Also, aren't Esperanto and Interlingua like the only ones that aren't natural languages and they aren't even used.

that got messed but the energy was there


wat he do? You sure you aren't mixing guero up with guro?

are you sure about that
i think you've gone senile in your old age
i dont make any money to be throwing around

the energy was never there
you lost your edge a long time ago lol

i was close but i'm also not sober at all

i still think tp has me confused with like two or maybe three other old user posters

guero is guro ma boi

TP x Guero seems pretty OTP ngl.

someone mentioned smiles earlier so where is smiles btw

hey where has smiles been bring her back here

dont worry about it, i totally felt ur energy! u got this dude!

smiles got cucked to death

But that's wrong. The regulatory bodies of languages like French and such are not there to "regulate" as it were. They're there just to study the evolution of the language overtime. English is regulated in the sense that it is a controlled language, where certain words are added or removed as far as acceptability of the word is concerned. English is considered a controlled language, whereas the languages like French and such are considered natural languages.

iI thoguht that was what ghosties name was

there is a guro?

why hasn't that edgy faggot been banned



ghostie is isla now

some rabid trap

by who

hey, enough!


I am prtty convinced that was ghosties old name
thank god they have left

lol boy do i love seeing cuck jesus freaks like smiles get called the fuck out

ew wtf that is old

There are four auxiliary languages. Esperanto, Ido, Lojban, and Volapuk, they are all natural languages, but are also different in that they're completely manufactured. It's a weird category..

new thread pls

u leave her alone

Variants of English are (like that weird Swiss based one) but English by and large is dictated by trends.
The only force of what's "right" is loose consensus of professors, academics, and usage.
There's no entity that exists that exerts any control or direction of it.

There is no standard English, every form of English is a controlled form of English.

This concludes my monthly posting.

byebye fool!

mama im comkiibg ome